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Section 1: Main section of mostly obscure collectibles.

All LP's in this section are stereo original pressings unless otherwise stated. Grading is visual only. I wish I had time to listen to everything before listing it, but unfortunately that is impossible.

Remember, grading is DISC/COVER!!!  


All prices in this color have been marked down. There will be no multiple-purchase discounts given on these items unless the total sale is around $15,000, and then only about a 5% discount will be given on blue-priced items.



So many of you call or email and ask "WHAT'S NEW"? Since my brain cells are an endangered species, it is not within my capacity to remember everything that we have recently added. The site has gotten so massive, it has become a chore for most people to look at every single item again and again and try to remember if they saw it last month when they checked through the site in its entirety. So I have come up with an idea to help alleviate your frustrations with this problem. All items newly listed or previously listed items with new copies added within a certain time will have the artist's name displayed in a certain color listed below.

All new listings from January, 2013 thru June, 2013 will have the artist name in this color.

All new listings from July, 2013 thru December, 2013 will have the artist name in this color.




A.J.-Last Song First Side-Black Walnut(U.S., '73,M/M,SIS) $150.

A PARADISE IS BORN-Same-TTS(Germany, '80,M/M) $250.

AARON SPACE-Same-Warner(Canada, '72)-Straight forward hard guitar rocker with some excellent hooks. (M-/M-,COH) $150.

ABBA-see Hep Stars

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MICK ABRAHAMS-go to Records Around the World section

MIGUEL ABUELO/NADA-Same-Moshe Naim(France, '73)-French only issue of Argentinian prog/psych beast with the rare insert. (M-/M-, FO, WIN) $600

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ACE-go to Records Around the World section

ACHE-Green Man-Philips(Germany, '71)-Rare Danish organ/fuzz progressive. (M-/M-,FO) $250.

ACID SYMPHONY-Same-private(U.S., '69)-Lysergic folk masterpiece; one yellow, one green, and one purple disc with inserts and inner sleeves. This copy is in amazing condition compared to the usual ones found. (M-/M-/M-M-,WIS,WIN) $800.

ACME SAUSAGE CO.-Same-private(Canada, '72,M/M,FO) $200.

ACME THUNDER-Let's All Get Naked-Rox(U.S., '78)-Blues/psych based guitar rock with Harvey Mandel, the Aliotta Brothers, and John Jeremiah. (M-/M-) $90.

ACROBAT-Same-T.M.I.(U.S., '72)-Nice rural rocker reminiscent of early America in parts. (M-/M-,CON) $15.

ACTION-The Ultimate Action-Edsel(U.K., '80)-Iconic freakbeat band's compilation of their great singles, future Mighty Baby. (M-/EX+,MO) $45.

ACTION-see Mighty Baby

AEROSMITH-go to Records Around the World section

AFFINITY-Same-Vertigo(U.K./Singapore, '70)-I've done some research on this Vertigo oddity pressing of this rare and legendary British progressive masterpiece. Both labels have the small Vertigo swirl logo in the 12 o'clock position (smaller swirl than on the German labels and GEMA is nowhere in sight). It has the U.K. Vertigo swirl inner bag, and most importantly machine-stamped matrices as opposed to the hand-scratched matrix numbers on the Singapore-pressed Vertigo albums. The album sound quality is of a higher nature than both the German and Far East pressings, much akin to the U.K. pressings. Then I was finally told that there was some years ago a warehouse find in England of some similar-looking Vertigo labels of various Vertigo titles that were special U.K. pressings for release in Singapore and the Far East. So here is a scarce chance to own one of these unusual British Vertigo pressings. (M-/EX+,FO) $500.

AFFINITY-Same-Paramount(U.S., '70)-Top-notch U.K. progressive band at a fraction of the price of the Vertigo issue. Linda Hoyle's magical vocals. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX-,FO,CON,SRW,WOC,WOL) $90.

AFTER TEA-Same-Jolly(Italy, '70)-Megarare Italian-only-cover issue of the self-titled Dutch album on Negram. (EX+/EX+) $500.

AFTER THE FIRE-Signs of Change-Rapid(U.K., '78)-Rare mid-'70's longer-tracks prog private. (M/EX,WIN) $150.

AFTON-First Day of Summer-Lark(U.S., '72,M/M-,SIS) $600 (SOLD) or (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW,SPS) $450.

AGAMENON-Todos Rien de Mi-Explosion(Spain, '75)-Heavy fuzz drenched prog/psych with female vocals. (M-/EX+,STABC) $1000.

AGAPE-Gospel Hard Rock-Mark(U.S., '71)-Californian heavy blues/psych, Christian lyrics, some great fuzz parts. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW) $325 or (M-/EX-,STNC,SPS,HRW) $225.

AGAPE-Victims of Tradition-Renrut(U.S., '73)-Their second and much rarer album. (M-/EX+,STNC) $500.

AGUATURBIA-Same-Arena(Chile, '70)-Amazing heavy psych featuring backwards fuzz leads and baneful femme vocals. Borderline impossible finding this monster rarity in the condition of the first copy here offered. (M-/M-) - $3000 or (VG-/EX-, TIC,STNBC) $250

AGUAVIVA-Cada Vez Mas Cerca-Accion(Chile, '72)-Tiny press of breezy, flowing psych/rock with male/female vocals in English and Spanish; fuzz, organ, and lots of effects like Neptune's Empire but better. (M-/EX+,FO) $250.   

AIRBORNE-Same-Tiger Lily(U.S., '76,M-/M-,CC) $100 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX-,COH,RW,SPS,SSTNC) $60.

AIRLORD-Clockwork Revenge-Infinity(Australia, '77,M-/M-,FO,SPS) $125.

EDIP AKBAYRAM-Same-Sayan(Turkey, '70)-Impossibly rare first album in impossible perfect play condition. (M-/EX,SRW) $1500.

EDIP AKBAYRAM/DOSTLAR-E Nedir ne Degildir?-Burc Plakcilik(Turkey, '72)-Megarare Middle Eastern psych on a par with the legendary Erkin Koray. Traditional instruments blend with distorted fuzz guitar. For more affordable introductions to this genre of music, see the prog/psych 45's section for a great selection of Turkish singles including non-LP stuff. First copy offered here is the limited gatefold. (EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,FO) $1250 or (EX/FC EX+,BC EX-,SRWBC) $750.

AKIDO-Same-Mercury(U.S., '72,M/M,FO,SIS,COH) $75.

ALACRAN-Same-Epic(Brazil, '71)-Rare West Coast style psych with a subtle Latin flair. Unknown So. American press of below LP. (EX+/EX,WOBC,STABC) $250.

ALACRAN-Same-private(Spain, '71,EX+/EX+,STIL) $500 or (EX-/EX+,PL,SPS,STIC) $250. 

EL ALAMO-Malos Pensamientos-Decibel(Peru, '71)-After hearing the first song you will think to yourself, "These guys just ripped off Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. I hope the rest of the songs aren't this lame." Guess what---you got your wish. Ultrarare progressive psych with over-the-top fuzz leads throughout, mystical vocals mostly in English, and just the right amount of Latin vibe. The first copy contains the never-before-seen poster. Second copy has writing inside gatefold. (M-/EX+,FO) $1250 or (S1 EX+,S2 EX/EX,FO) $600.

ALBATROSS-A Breath of Fresh Air-Reprise(Australia, '73)-Essentially the third Tamam Shud LP; stunning progressive rarity. (M-/FC EX,BC VG+,FO,STNC,SRW,TIC) $125.

ALBATROSS-Same-Anvil(U.S., '77)-Accomplished U.S. prog; different band to the above. (M/M,SIS) $500.

ALBERO MOTORE-Il Grande Gioco-Intingo(Italy, '74)-Blend of Italian progressive and classic rock. (M-/M-,WIS) $250.

ALCATRAZZ-see Yngwie Malmsteen

GORDON ALEXANDER-Gordon's Buster-Columbia(U.S., '68,M-/M-) $40. 


ALEXIS-Same-MCA(U.S., '77)-Straight heavy rock. (SS,CC) $5.

ALIAS-go to Records Around the World section

ALICE COOPER-go to Records Around the World section

ALIOTTA HAYNES JEREMIAH-Slippin' Away-Little Foot(U.S., '77)-Local Chicago folkrock trio with good harmonies and a wasted feel throughout. (M-/M-,SPS) $20 or (M-/M-,CC,SPS) $18.

ALIOTTA HAYNES JEREMIAH-Lake Shore Drive-Big Foot(U.S., '78,M-/FC M-,BC EX,RWBC) $40.


ALKATRAZ-Doing a Moonlight-Rockfield(U.K., '76)-Solid dual guitar-driven adult oriented rock (AOR). (M/M-) $20.

ALL SAVED FREAK BAND-Brainwashed-Rock the World Enterprises(U.S., '74)-As far as obscure private label acts go, prolific West Coast communal hippie-rockers. (M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,WIS,COH,SRW,WOC) $300.

ALL SAVED FREAK BAND-My Poor Generation-Rock the World Enterprises(U.S., '76,M/M-) $350.

ALL SAVED FREAK BAND-For Christians, Elves and Lovers-Rock the World Enterprises(U.S., '76,M/M-,WIN) $350 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX-,WIN,SPS,RW) $175. 

CHAD ALLAN/EXPRESSIONS-Hey Ho(What You Do to Me)-Quality(Canada, '66,S1 EX,S2 M-/M-,MO,COH) $125.        

DAVIE ALLAN/ARROWS-Cycle Delic Sounds-Tower(U.S., '68,M/M-,COH) $125.


KEITH ALLISON-go to Records Around the World section

ALLMAN BROS.-see Hour Glass

ALLMAN BROS.-go to Records Around the World section

ALLUSIONS-Same-Parlophone(Australia, '67)-Killer Oz beat, nice fuzz parts. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,PSTIL,SRWBC) $225 or (M-/FC M-,BC EX,SRWBC,STNBC) $200. 

ALMA DA TERRA-Same-private(Brazil, '82,M/M-,WIN) $90.

ALMENDRA-Muchacha Ojos de Papel-RCA(Argentina, '80,M-/EX,RWBC) $60.

ALMENDRA-see Color Humano

ALMENDRA-see Pescado Rabioso

ALPHA CENTAURI-Same-Salt(Canada, '77)-Dedicated to and in the same style as "the late Tommy Bolin". Heavy AOR with flashy Bolin-like guitar. (M-/M-,WIN) $250.

ALPHA OMEGA-A Life-Oros(Switzerland, '77)-Rare 2-LP set. (M-/M-/EX+,FO,WIN,SRW) $450.

ALRUNE ROD-Alrune Rock-Sonet(Denmark, '73,M-/EX,FO,SSTNC,SRWBC) $250.

ALRUNE ROD-Spredt For Vinden-Mandragora(Denmark, '73,EX+/EX,FO,STIBC,TIC) $135.

ALRUNE ROD-4 Vejs-Mandragora(Holland, '74,EX/EX,RW) $75.

ALTA TENSION-Same-RCA(Argentina, '70)-Psychedelic rock. (M-/EX,MO,SRWBC) $500.

AMAZIAH-Straight Talker-Tunesmith(Canada, '74)-Polished blistering hardrock. (SS) $250.

AMAZIAH-Straight Talker-Sonrise(U.K., '74)-Much rarer British press. (M-/EX) $350.

AMBER ROUTE-Snail Headed Victrolas-Coriolis(U.S., '80)-Rare synthesizer/guitar private reminiscent of the melodic albums by Tangerine Dream. (M-/M-,SIS) $70.

AMBER ROUTE-Ghost Tracks-Coriolis(U.S., '83,M-/M,SIS) $90.

AMBOY DUKES-Same-Mainstream(Japan, '68)-Totally unique to Japan group pic cover with a nice photocopy of the obi included. (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,TSTNC,SPS)-$700.

AMBOY DUKES-Same-Mainstream(U.S., '68,M-/FC M-,BC EX+,COH,SRWBC) $175 or (M-/EX+,SRW,WOBC)-$140.

AMBOY DUKES-Journey to the Center of the Mind-Mainstream(Japan, '68)-Totally unique to Japan group picture cover, same as on the other Japanese LP listed only a smaller pic. (M-/EX,WLP,TIC,TOC)-$700.

AMBOY DUKES-Journey to the Center of the Mind-Mainstream(U.S., '68,M-/M,SIS,XOL) $190.

AMBOY DUKES-Migration-Mainstream(Canada, '68,M-/EX+,SRW) $95.

AMBOY DUKES-Migration-Mainstream(U.S., '68,M-/FC M-,BC EX,CON,TIBC,WOBC) $150 or (M-/EX+,WOL,SPS,STNC) $120 or (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,RW,WOL) $75.  

AMBOY DUKES-Journeys and Migrations-Mainstream(U.S., '74)-Two album set. (M/M/EX,FO,WLP,RW,STIC) $40.

(AMBOY DUKES)GODFREY DANIEL-Take a Sad Song...-Atlantic(U.S., '72,SS,CON) $10 or (M-/M-,CC) $7.

AMBROSE-Bust Your Nose-Arc(U.S., '78)-Gritty hardrock private, was around, now isn't. (SS) $225.

AMBROSE SLADE-Ballzy-Fontana(U.S., '69)-Musically in no way like their later Slade incarnation, but great psych on a level with the amazing Open Mind and Pussy. (SS) $250.

(AMBROSE)SLADE-Nobody's Fool-Warner(U.S., '76)-Rare promo label with an unplayed disc. (M/M-,PL) $60.

AMBROSIA-go to Records Around the World section

AME SON-Catalyse-Byg(France, '69)-Guitar and flute-laiden prog; pre-Gong. (M/M-,FO) $150 or (M-/M-,FO) $140.

AME SON-Catalyse-Metronome(Germany, '69,M-/M-,FO,COH) $160.

AMENOPHIS-Same-private(Germany, '83,M-/EX+) $75.

AMERICAN BLUES-see Moving Sidewalks


AMERICAN BLUES EXCHANGE-Blueprints-Tayl(U.S., '69)-Megarare private issue of bluesy stoned garage/psych; loads of fun for fuzz guitar lovers. (M-/M,SIS) $1200.

AMERICAN FLYER-go to Records Around the World section

AMERICAN TEARS-Tear Gas-Columbia(U.S., '75)-Formerly Valhalla, heavy symphonic progressive. (SS) $28 or (M-/EX,WIS,TIC,TOC,CC,SRW) $15.

AMERICAN TEARS-Powerhouse-Columbia(U.S., '77,SS,CC) $20.

AMIGOS-see Grupo Amigos

AMIGOS DE MARIA-Rock-Odeon(Chile, '73)-Wild heavy South American guitar psych. (M-/FC EX,BC M-) $800. 

AMON DUUL II-Yeti-Liberty(U.K., '70)-Rare British press of legendary Kraut/psych band. (M-/M-/FC EX+,BC M-,FO,SPS,SRW) $300.

AMON DUUL II-Dance of the Lemmings-U.A.(U.S., '71,M/M/EX,FO,RW) $50.

AMON DUUL-Disaster-BASF(Germany, '72)-Super unplayed copy of this 1972 first-time-issue of these 1969 recordings. (M/M/M,FO) $250.

(AMON DUUL)UTOPIA-Same-U.A.(Germany, '73)-Unplayed copy by this ex-Amon Duul Krautrock group. (M/M-,FO) $150.

EL AMOR-En Vivo-Capitol(Mexico, '71)-The best and rarest of their three albums. Live set with three long songs on each side of jammin' heavy fuzz rock. (M-/EX,SPS,SRW) $700.

AMPHYRITE-Same-private(France, '70)-One of the few truly great French heavy progressive psych albums and, by the way, it's mega-rare. (M/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC) $2500.

ANAK BAYAN-Same-A&W International(Philippines, '77)-Heavy progressive guitar monster six years in the making. Recordings from 1971-1973 finally gathered together and remastered in 1977. Choice quality stuff here and seldom found in such amazing condition. (M-/M-) $1750.

JON ANDERSON-go to Records Around the World section


SAVIA ANDINA-Lo Mejor de...-CBS(Peru, '78)-Haunting, mesmerizing Peruvian Indian folk. (M-/M-) $40.

ANDREW-Woops-private(Iceland, '74)-Before Icecross it was Andrew; heavy psych with howling fuzz guitar. (M/M-,WIN) $750.

ANDROMEDA-see Atomic Rooster

ANDROMEDA-see Skin Alley

(ANDROMEDA)HARD STUFF-Bulletproof-Purple(U.K., '72,M-/M-,FO) $150.

ANDROMEDA-Same-Vogue(Germany, '70)-Different band from the above U.K. Andromeda; early Krautrock dominated by heavy organ. (M-/M-,FO) $600.

ANGE-Guet Apens-Philips (France, '78,M-/M,WIS) $30.

ANGEL-go to Records Around the World section

ANIMALS-Wild Animals-Decca(Holland, '66)-Super rare Dutch-only album with a great unique color band pic. (S1 EX,S2 EX+/EX,MO,STIBC) $200.

ANIMALS-The Dangerous Christmas of Red Riding Hood(US, '64)-The good news here is that this is probably the rarest Animals album in the world; the bad news is that there is only one song by the Animals on the disc (the-nowhere-else-available "We're Gonna Howl Tonight", check it out on YouTube). From the soundtrack for the television special of the same name as the album title and also starring Liza Minelli and Vic Damone, this song was recorded as the Wolf Pack (the minions in the TV special of the Big Bad Wolf) with a great pic of the band on the back cover in character wearing their pointy wolf ears. (M/EX+,MO,SIS,SRW) $200.

ANIMALS-go to Records Around the World section for many more listings

ANTOINE/LES PROBLEMES-Same-Vogue(Holland, '66)-One of the few really great French freakbeat albums. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC) $150.


ANTORCHA-Anarquismo-private(Mexico, '71)-This is probably one of the rarest albums from Mexico because, not only was it a private press, but its title means "anarchy", and I have been told it was not only illegal to sell but also to own. This disc is chock full of dogmatic leftist spoken ramblings interspersed with the heavy psych of a band called Antorcha. The only reason this is set-sale at this price and not a four-digit auction item is just that; that the entire album is not Antorcha. Nonetheless a great item. (M-/EX+,WIN,STNC,SRWBC) $600 or (EX/EX-,STNC,TIC) $225.

AORTA-Same-Columbia(U.S, '68,M-/FC EX+,BC M-,FO,SRW) $90.

AORTA-2-Happy Tiger(U.S., '70)-Hardly ever seen second album by rural prog/psych crew. (M-/EX+,SRW) $100.

APES OF WRATH-Same-private(U.S., '82,M/M,SIS) $100.

APHRODITE'S CHILD-Best of...-Mercury(Germany, '75,M-/M,FO) $60.


APOCALYPSE-see Churchill's

APOCALYPSIS-Same-Minos(Greece, '80)-Organ/mellotron based Italian sounding prog. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,SRWBC) $250.

APOCALYPSIS-No-Minos(Greece, '81,M/M-) $125.

APOLLO-Same-Blue Master (Finland, '70)-Monster progressive significant for being one of the first of this style to emerge from Finland. Music ranges from total fuzz freak-outs to orchestrated ballads; pre-Kalevala members. (M-/EX+,FO) $1250.

CARMINE APPICE-go to Records Around the World section

APPLE-Lets the Good Times Roll-private(U.S., '73,M-/FC EX+,BC M-) $40 or (EX/EX,RW) $25. 

APRIL WINE-go to Records Around the World section

APRYL FOOL-see Funny Company

LOS APSON-Satisfaccion-Eco(U.S., '66)-One of the better Mexican garage rock bands. (M/M,SIS) $200.

LOS APSON-En Ritmo!-Eco(U.S., '66,M-/EX+,SRW) $150.

LOS APSON-Nuevos Exitos!-Eco(Mexico, '75,S1 EX+,S2 M-/M,SIS) $50.

LOS APSON-16 Exitos-Eco(Mexico, '83,M-/M-) $30.

AQUELARRE-Candiles-Trova(Argentina, '72)-Very rare first press red label gatefold cover of blistering So. American guitar psych. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $300.

AQUELARRE-Brumas-Talent(Argentina, '74)-Original disc in second press cover. (EX+/M-,FO) $75.

AQUELARRE-Brumas-Microfon(Argentina, '74)-1985 press of So. American prog. (M-/M-,FO) $40.

ARAGON-Don't Bring the Rain-private(Australia, '88)-Recent mini-press progressive masterpiece from downunda with longish tracks and an almost 16 minute track with movingly expressive vocals. (M/M-) $60.

ARBUCKLE-Same-Musicor(U.S., '72)-Hippie rock with some smooth harmonies. (S1 M-,S2 EX/FC EX,BC VG+,FO,STNC,FSPS,TOBC) $15.

ARC-see Various "Extremes"

ARCADE-It's Time-Umi(U.S., '79,M-/M-) $40.

ARCO IRIS-Same-RCA(Argentina, '81,M-/EX) $50.

ARGENT-go to Records Around the World section

(ARK)UPSETTERS-Blues with a View-Bluetone(U.S., '90,M/M) $40.

ARKANGEL-Warrior-Joyeuse Garde(U.S., '80)-Prog rock with a religious bent and medieval influences housed in a stunning warrior sleeve. (M-/EX,WIN,SRW) $100.

ARKTIS-Same-private(Germany, '73)-Only a couple of hundred of these originally pressed; heavy underground psych; but even more interesting is that the first copy rather than the plain white cover has the group-made custom die-cut cover with a great inset black & white photo of the band. The second copy has the plain white cover. (M/M-) $1250 (SOLD) or (M) $600.

ARMADILLO TEXAS-Huch!-private(Germany, '78)-Rare psych underground with wild rhythms, acid guitar, and screaming sax. (M-/EX,WIN) $150.

ARMAGEDDON-Same-Amos(U.S., '69)-Not the Keith Relf band nor the below German band (spelled differently), but a Cream-influenced psych  group from California. (M-/G,SPS,TIC,WSTNC) $30.

ARMAGGEDON-Same-Kuckuck(Germany, '72)-Different band from the above (even spelled differently); heavy German underground progressive beast. (M-/M-) $800.


ART-Supernatural Fairy Tales-Island(U.K., '67)-Brilliant pre-Spooky Tooth pop/psych/freakbeat; super rare first-press textured pink-eye labels. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,MO,TIBC) $1000.

ART-Supernatural Fairy Tales-Island(U.K., '75)-Palm tree label, rare mono '70's press. (M-/EX+,MO) $125.

ARTCANE-Odyssee-Philips(France, '77)-Excellent guitar psych. (M/M-,FO) $250. 

ARTWOODS-Same-Spark(U.K., '73)-Unplayed copy of 1965 and 1966 recordings by this blues/psych r&b/garage outfit with pre-Deep Purple and pre-Bluesbreakers members. (M/M-) $150.   

ARTWOODS-see Magic Muscle

ASSASSIN OF SILENCE-Same-Neurological(U.S., '79)-Garagey psych weirdness with spooky feel throughout. Nice guitar interspersed with keyboards and spacey effects. (M-/EX+,WIN,SRW) $90.

ASSASSIN OF SILENCE-Phaze Shifter-Neurological(U.S., '80,SS) $100.



ASTRONAUTS-Competition Coupe-RCA(U.S., '64,S1 M-,S2 EX/EX+,SPS) $80.

ASTRONAUTS-Go...Go...Go!!!-RCA(U.S., '65,M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW) $40.

ASYLUM CHOIR-go to Records Around the World section

ATILA-The Beginning of the End-private(Spain, '75)-Legendary psychedelic heavy progressive with extended tracks and ferocious guitar/organ leads. (M-/M-) $1250.

ATILA-Intencion-BASF(Spain, '76)-To my ears, their even better second album. (M-/M-,FO) $650 or (S1 M-,S2 EX/M-,FO) $500.

ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION-go to Records Around the World section

ATLANTICS-Live at the Nite-Lite-Hashish(U.S., '71)-One of the best lounge acts ever. Super rare, great label name, cool wah-wah guitar, and autographed by the pretty little vocalist with the big voice. Unheard-of condition. (M-/M-,AUTO) $300 or (VG++/EX,RW,XOL) $90.

ATLANTIS-It's Getting Better!-Vertigo(U.S., '73)-German swirl copies of this album by this relatively prolific Krautrock band sell for around $150; I would argue that these U.S. swirl copies are much rarer. (M-/M-) $75.

ATLANTIS PHILHARMONIC-Same-Dharma(U.S., '74)-Keys weave in and out of masterful rhythm changes; one of the best U.S. prog albums ever. (M-/M-) $125 or (S1 EX,S2 M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,WOC,TIC) $70.

ATOMIC ROOSTER-Death Walks Behind You-B&C(U.K., '70)-Heavy progressive outfit; ex-Andromeda. (M-/EX,FO,SRW) $190.

ATOMIC ROOSTER-In Hearing of...-Elektra(U.S., '71,M/M-,FO,CC) $40.

ATOMIC ROOSTER-Made in England-Dawn(U.K., '72)-Green denim sleeve with the outer plastic bag and insert. (M-/M-,WIN) $250.

ATOMSKO SKLONISTE-Infarkt-RTV(Yugoslavia, '78)-In custom box with large booklet. (M-/M-,WIN) $125.

ATOMSKO SKLONISTE-U Vremenu Horoskopa-RTV(Yugoslavia, '79,S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-,FO) $75.

ATTILA(w/Billy Joel)-go to Records Around the World section

AU GO-GO SINGERS-They Call Us the...-Roulette(U.S., '64,M/M-,MO,STABC) $200.

AUDIENCE-Same-Polydor(U.K., '69)-Immediately withdrawn first LP of top-drawer Brit prog. Fragile cover is usually whipped, not this one. (M-/M-) $600.

AUDIENCE-Same-Polydor(France, '69)-This French issue has a gorgeous laminated cover. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+) $250.

AUDIENCE-Friend's Friend's Friend-Famous Charisma(U.K., '70,M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO) $125.


BRIAN AUGER/TRINITY-Definitely What!...-Atco(U.S., '69,EX/EX-,FO,RW,SPS) $12.


AUGUST-Same-Nise Sound(U.S., '67)-Call me crazy, but this is as good to me as the similarly-styled Bachs LP and just as rare. (M-/M,SIS) $2500.

AUGUSTWOLF-Same-private(U.S., '79,M/M,SIS,WIS) $50.

AULD TRIANGLE-Same-Castle(U.K., '78,M-/M-) $50.

AUM-BLUESVIBE - Sire (U.S., '69) - rarer first album of heavy progressive blues. (M-/FC  EX + PSTAC, SRW, TIC, STNBC) $95

AUNT MARY-Same-Polydor(Canada, '71)-Norwegian psych band. (EX+/EX+,COH,SRW) $250.

AUTOSALVAGE-Same-RCA(U.S., '68)-Sought after, demented jangly electric psych. (M/EX,SRW,STABC) $100 (SOLD) or (EX/EX-,RW,CC,SPS) $45.

AUTUMN PEOPLE-Same-Soundtech(U.S., '76)-Underrated prog/psych with layers of guitar, keyboards, and mellotron housed in a great textured gatefold cover. (M-/EX+,FO,STNC) $290.

AVALANCHE-Perseverance Kills our Game-Starlet(Holland, '78)-Hellishly rare micro-label release of gushing  fuzz guitar folk/psych; mixture of dreamy folk and full blown extended guitar jammers. (M-/EX,TIC) $800.

AVE ROCK-Same-Promusica(Argentina, '74,EX+/EX,FO,SRW,STNBC) $400.

AVENUE-Same-III Cheers!(U.K., '80,S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX-,WIN,TIC,STNBC) $150.

AZTECS-Live at the Ad-Lib Club of London-World Artists(U.S., '64)-Raucous rave-up live set from band purportedly pre-Human Beinz. Photo of the Beatles in top corner of front cover quoting them as saying, "The best club we've ever been in." (M-/EX+) $75.

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B.F. TRIKE-Same-Rockadelic(U.S., '89)-Recorded in 1971, you'd never know this heavy psych band had members from the rural psych oriented Hickory Wind. Already a big time collectible. (M/M) $400.

B-G SYSTEM-Funny Love Affair-Ex Libris(Switzerland, '69)-One of the top exploitation psych albums ever. (M-/M-) $250.

BZN-The Bastard-Negram(Holland, '70)-One of the best Dutch progressive rock albums. (M-/M-) $500.

BABA JAGA-Memorial Ceremony-private(Germany, '84)-Rough garagey guitars with low-tech keyboards. (M-/M-) $150.

BABY-Where Did All the Money Go?-Chelsea(U.S., '76,SS) $20.

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BABY ROCKER-Young and Mean-AVI(U.S., '77)-Coupla straight rockers thrown in but the meat of this little known obscurity is the heavy progressive majority with flaming leads and complex keys. (M-/M-,SIS) $75.

BABYLON-Same-Mehum(U.S., '77,M-/M-) $150.

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BACHDENKEL-Stalingrad-Initial Recording Co.(U.K., '77,M-/M-,WIN) $150.

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BAD BOYS-Best of...-Style(Italy, '66)-Top o' the heap r&b freakbeat. Once again, thanks to the great durable old vinyl these things were pressed on, the second copy plays perfectly and the third plays with only minimal crackle during one song. As to the first copy listed, what can I say. It is damn near impossible finding a copy with a M- disc, but to have the super fragile cover in this condition is unheard of. Ladies and gentlemen, how can anyone be sure (there could be an old warehouse with 4 boxes of pristine new copies stashed away somewhere in the Ukraine), but I can say with 90% certainty that this is in a group of probably the top 3 or 4 copies on the planet. (M-/M-,MO) $1500 or (EX/EX-,MO,SPS,SSTNC) $300 or (S1 EX-,S2 EX/VG++,MO,RW) $200.


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JOAN BAEZ-go to Records Around the World section

BAG-Real-Decca(U.S., '68)-Good psoul/psych. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,WLP,SRW,TIC) $50.

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BAKER GURVITZ ARMY-go to Records Around the World section

BAKERTRAIN-Delay-Dureco Benelux(Holland, '84,M-/M-) $50.

BAKERY-Rock Mass for Love-Astor(Australia, '71)-Accomplished guitar/organ progsters hook up with a jazz ensemble for a live musical mass performed at a cathedral before 6000 fans/worshippers. (M-/M-) $250 or (M-/EX+,STAC,SRW) $200.

JOHN BALDRY-go to Records Around the World section

MARCIA BALL-see Freda & the Firedogs

JESSE BALLARD BAND-Livin' Like Fire-Full Moon(Germany, '76,EX/VG+,FO,AUTO,TIC,RW) $60. 

IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO-Same-Il Rock(Italy, '90)-Split album shared with RDM (Il Rovescio Della Medaglia) features music from 1972 and 1973 by these 2 great Italian prog bands. (M-/FC M-,BC EX) $40.   


BANANA-Musica Para Que Baile la Juventud-Exitos(U.S., '68)-Argentine pop/rock band's U.S. release sung in Spanish. (SS) $20.

BANCHEE-Same-Atlantic(U.S., '69)-The first copy has a wonderful unplayed disc of rare major label acid psych complete with the seldom-seen insert. (M/M-,WIN) $150 or (M-/FC VG, BC EX-, FSPS, HRW, TOC, TSTNC, COH, STIC, TIBC) $60

BANCHEE-Thinkin'-Polydor(U.S., '71)-Second, heavier, and rarer of their two albums. (M-/M-) $200.

BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO-Same-Dischi Ricordi(Italy, '72)-Complex prog. (M-/M-,FO,STIBC) $150.

BAND-go to Records Around the World section

BAND OF LIGHT-Total Union-Warner(Australia, '73)-Bluesy progressive with former Kahvas Jute members. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $300 or (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,FO) $290.

BANDA DE LOS CORAZONES SOLITARIOS-Beatlemania-Belter(U.S., '80,M/M,SIS) $40.

BANDOLERO-Same-Eclipse(U.S., '73)-Outlaw looking Puerto Rican bad boys playing a heavy fuzz guitar psych style and sung mostly in English. (M/M,SIS) $500.

BANG-Same-Capitol(U.S., '72)-Unplayed copy of wonderful American hard rock; minor foxing on back cover. (M/FC M-,BC EX+,STNBC) $90.

BANG-Mother/Bow to the King-Capitol(U.S., '72,M-/M-,FO,SPS) $90. 

BANGOR FLYING CIRCUS-Same-Dunhill(U.S., '69)-Keyboard/guitar based psych threesome. (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,SRW) $35.

BAR-KAYS-Black Rock-Volt(U.S., '71)-Unplayed album and the title says it all; consummate soul/funk/psych/rock. (M/EX,SRW) $40.

BARBARELLA-Same-Artist(Denmark, '75,M-/EX-,RW,SSTNC,STIBC) $150.

BARBARIANS-Same-Laurie(U.S., '66)-Classic punk. Stereo copies of this are soooo rare. I've seen easily over 100 copies of this record and only four have been stereo, two of which are here. (SS) $500 (SOLD) or (VG/EX-,COH,STNC,SRW,TIC) $40 or (M-/M-,MO) $300 or (M-/M-,MO,COH) $275.

BARBARIANS-Same-Rhino(U.S., '79)-Same songs as the original LP but with the bonus song "Moulty"; totally unique cover to the Laurie issue. (SS/FC M-,BC EX,WSTNBC) $50 or (M/FC M-,BC EX,SPS,TIBC) $40.

LOS BARBAROS-Same-Odeon(Argentina, '70,S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-) $125.

BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST-Once Again-Harvest(U.K., '71)-Well-known British progsters; no EMI box on the label and with the Harvest inner bag. (M-/EX+,FO,XOL) $100.

BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST-Everyone Is Everybody Else-Polydor(U.S., '74,SS,CC) $15 or (M-/EX,CC,SRW) $8.

BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST-Time Honoured Ghosts-Polydor(U.S., '75,SS,CC) $15.

BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST-Octoberon-MCA(U.S., '76)-Embossed cover. (SS,CC) $12.

BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST-Same-MFP(Belgium, '82)-Unplayed album of songs released from 1968 to 1973 housed in a gorgeous unique group picture cover. (M/M-)-$30.

PETER BARDENS-Write My Name in the Dust-Verve(U.S., '71)-Heavy progressive blues by ex-Them keyboardist assisted by a more famous Peter (Green) playing some amazing blues leads. (M/M-,PSTIBC) $50 or (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,CC,SRW)-$38.

BARDS-The Moses' Lake Recordings-Gear Fab(U.S., '02)-Superb garage punk from 1969. (SS) $30.

JOHNNY BARNES-The J.B. Story-Nightcrawler(U.S., '80)-Hard, flashy guitar. (SS) $20 or (M-/M-) $15 or (M-/EX+) $12.

BARONS-Same-Solar(U.S., '71,M-/EX,RW) $60.

BARONS-By Request-Solar(U.S., '72)-Texas band doing good covers of material by Ten Years After, Buffalo Springfield, CCR, etc. (M-/EX+,SRW) $65 or (VG++,disc only) $10.

BARONS-Same-Baron(U.S., '75,M-/EX,RW,SSTNC) $40.

LA BARRA DE CHOCOLATE-Same-Music Hall(Argentina, '76)-Latin garage psych with snakey fuzz, wah-wah guitar throughout, sung in native tongue. (M-/M-,SPS) $250 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+) $150.

ELIZABETH BARRACLOUGH-Same-Bearsville(U.S., '78,M-/M-,PSTAC) $25.

BASEMENT FLOOR-Greatest Hits, Vol. 1-Eastern(U.S., '83,EX+/EX-,RW,WOC) $60.

AL BASIM-Revival-private(U.S., '79)-One of the '70's rarest U.S. albums; blend of progressive and folk rock with some psych elements and a jazzy moment or two. Al was an Iranian student living in Denver, Colorado who made the foolish blunder of recording with some Jewish musicians. When he returned to Iran with what remained of this small 300 press in the midst of the Islamic revolution, his fellow ever-so-tolerant Muslims executed him because of his previous Jewish associations and destroyed all the remaining copies of his already all-too-rare album. And the American lame-stream media would have you believe the United States is the evil intolerant country, HHHHHHHHHHMMMMMM. (M/M-) $600.

BASTARD-Back to the Nature-Nova(Germany, '77)-Flash guitar hardrock. (M/M-) $25.

BASTARD-Tearing Nights-Straud(Germany, '78,M/M-) $15.

JAVIER BATIZ-Coming Home-Star(Mexico, '71)-See below description. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-) $150.

JAVIER BATIZ-Same-Dimsa(Mexico, '72)-A rare find from this era in this condition from south of the border. Great electric blues album sung in English. (SS) $150.

BATS-Turn You On-CBS(So. Africa, '69)-Primarily beat cover band here doing a killer version of Gun's "Race with the Devil". (EX-/VG+,STABC,STIL) $100.

BATS-From South Africa-CBS(Argentina, '70,S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX,TIC,SRW,PSTABC,PSTAL) $100.

BATTERED WIVES-Same-Bomb(Canada, '78)-Politically incorrect group name (when you could still get away with crap like that) appropriately pressed on blood red vinyl. Straight forward punch-to-the-gut rock 'n' roll. (M/M-,WIS) $15.

SKIP BATTIN-see Evergreen Blueshoes

BAUMSTAM-On Tour-BMF(Germany, '72)-Heavy fuzz underground progressive psych in the original plastic bag. (M/M) $600.

BEACH BOYS-see Flame(s)

BEACH BOYS-see Spring

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BEACON STREET UNION-Eyes of the...-MGM(U.S., '68)-Impressive Bosstown psych, getting scarce. (M-/M-,FO,WOL) $90.

BEACON STREET UNION-The Clown Died in Marvin Gardens-MGM(U.S., '68,M-/FC EX+,BC M-,XOL,SRW) $80.


BEAT BOYS-Same-RCA(Brazil, '68)-South American garage/beat sung in Portuguese with the disc in unheard-of condition. (M-/EX,MO,TIC,SSTNC,STABC,WOBC) $275.

BEAT CLUB INTERNATIONAL-Same-Perl Serie(Germany, '70)-Not beat at all, but heavy bluesy progressive/psych with lotsa fuzz/organ leads. (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,RW,XOC) $600 or (EX+/EX-,TIC) $450.

(BEAT 4)El Degeneresis-Same-RCA(Chile, '71)-So. American rock opera with stinging Beat 4 instrumentation on most cuts. (EX-/EX+,MO) $375.

BEAT GROUP-see Studio G

BEAT INCORPORATED-Same-Swe Disc(Sweden, '64,EX/EX+,TOC) $200.

BEATLES click here

BEATLES REVIVAL BAND-see Beatles, click here for Beatles

BEATS-see Liverpool Beats under Beatles, click here for Beatles

BEAU BRUMMELS-go to Records Around the World section

(BEAU BRUMMELS)Ron Elliott-The Candlestickmaker-WB(U.S., '69)-Misty magical-forest folk/psych by ex-Beau Brummels founder. (M-/M-,WLP,STIL) $100.

BEAUREGARDE-Same-F Empire(U.S., '69)-Primitive low-fi blues psych with a young Greg Sage on guitar. (M/M,SIS) $350.

BEAVER & KRAUSE-Gandharva-Warner(U.S., '71,SS,COH) $25 or (M-/EX+,SRW) $15.

BEAVERS-Viva!-King(Japan, '68)-This band was known as the Japanese Yardbirds simply because of their covers of a couple of YB songs on this their one and only album. Side one is primarily original fuzz pounders. This LP is rare anyway, but nearly impossible in this condition with the obi. (M-/M-,FO,OBI) $2500.  

BE-BOP DELUXE-Axe Victim-Harvest(U.K., '74,M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $35.

BE-BOP DELUXE-Live! In the Air Age-Harvest(U.S., '77)-Contains bonus white vinyl 12". (M/M/M-) $20.

BE-BOP DELUXE-see Bill Nelson

BECAUSE I AM-Same-private(U.S., '73)-Rare 2-LP set. (M-/M-/FC EX-,BC EX,FO,SPS,RW,TIC) $250.

JEFF BECK-Truth-Epic(U.S., '68)-Super rare MONO WHITE LABEL PROMO in beautiful condition. (M-/EX+,MO,WLP,PSTABC,SRW) $250.

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TOM BEE-Color Me Red-Mother Earth(U.S., '79,M-/M-) $150.

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BEE'S KNEES-Pure Honey-Derrick(U.S., '79)-Drifty soft rock; guitars, sax, harmonies. (M-/EX,WIS,SRW,WOBC) $50.

BEEFEATERS-Same-Sonet(Denmark, '67)-Beautifully clean copy of Danish guitar driven garage/soul/beat sounds with mix of covers and originals. (M-/M-) $450.

BEGGARS OPERA-Act One-Vertigo(Germany, '70)-Unplayed Vertigo swirl of well-known Krautrock band's first album. (M/M,FO,STAL) $200.

BEGGARS OPERA-Get Your Dog Off Me-Vertigo(Germany, '73)-Their fourth album; starship label press. (M/M) $40.

BEGGARS OPERA-Sagittary-Jupiter(Germany, '74)-Well known Krautrockers' fifth LP; this album and the one above are both perfect old-store-stock copies. (M/M) $60.

ULF BEJERSTRAND-Krossade Drommar-private(Sweden, '77)-Excellent hard guitar rocker in plain white cover with stamped info; tiny press. Label pictures a female dropping trou flashing a "full moon". (M-/EX,XOC,STIC,SSTNC) $125.

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IRIS BELL ADVENTURE-Live at the Rubaiyat-Rubaiyat(U.S., '69,M-/M-) $75.

MAGGIE BELL-Suicide Sal-Swan Song(U.S., '75)-The female Rod Stewart, ex-Stone the Crows. (SS,CON) $15.

BELL & ARC-see Skip Bifferty

BELLAPHON-Firefly-Made in Japan(Japan, '87,M-/M-) $50.

LOS BELMONT'S-Lo Mejor de...-Dimsa(Mexico, '68,M-/FC EX+,BC M-,MO,COH,SRW) $150.

LOS BELMONT'S-La Carta-Dimsa(Mexico, '73)-Best of album. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,MO,COH) $100.

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OSCAR BENTON BLUES BAND-Feel So Good-Decca(Holland, '68)-Dutch blue-eyed blues. (M-/M-) $150.

OSCAR BENTON BLUES BAND-Best of...-Decca(Holland, '76,M-/EX+) $30.

BEOWULF-A Musical Epic-Daffodil(Canada, '74,M-/M-/M-,FO,WIN,COH) $25.

BEOWULF-Slice of Life-Morrhythm(U.S., '80)-As stated on the cover "High Energy Rock"; not metal but very heavy. (SS) $30.

ERIC BERGMAN-see Patron Saints

BERMUDA TRIANGLE-Same-Winter Solstice(U.S., '77)-Rare U.S. folk/psych. (M-/M,SIS) $700.

SCOTT BERRY-Morning Glory-Tiger Lily(U.S., '76)-Rare progressive funk/rock/jazz on the super obscure Tiger Lily tax-scam subsidiary label to Roulette Records; best song being "Pinky the Dealer" which is good funky hard rock. Total album is a weird hodge-podge of '70's sounds; the best moments as a result of studio pro backing emulating  UK sound library albums melding into funky Latin style rhythmic jamming. Smoking fuzz wah-wah guitar funk grooves, heavy clavinet, and organ based boogie take this album's song lineup from good to bad to the good kind of bad which combined with the rarity status of the LP and the songs that truly shine make this well worth the asking price. (M-/EX,SRW,SPS) 150.

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BEYOND-Music and...-Tuhlottesound(U.S., '78)-Accomplished hard rocker. (M/M,SIS) $200.

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BIG LOST RAINBOW-Same-private(U.S., '73)-Sought after melodic acid progressive folk album with lots of flute, inspired guitar, and a gentle laid-back, stoned atmosphere. I assume it has the inserts within the paste-on and numbered  rear and silk screened front sealed cover. (SS) $600.

BIG STAR-3rd-PVC(U.S., '78)-Least well distributed and rarest from this great rock band believed by many to be the only '70's band still making listenable rock 'n' roll. (SS) $300. 

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BIG STAR-see Alex Chilton

BIG STAR-see Box Tops

BILLION DOLLAR BABIES-go to Records Around the World section

BINTANGS-Blues on the Ceiling-Decca(Germany, '69)-Super Dutch blues rockers, rare German press with 2 different cuts from the Dutch LP. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX+,STIL) $200.

BIRDWATCHERS-Same-Florida Rock(U.S., '80,M/M-,WIN) $75.

BIRTH CONTROL-Same-Famous Charisma(U.K., '71)-Fantastic unplayed copy of prolific Krautrock band's second album, pink scroll label. (M/EX+,SRW) $200.

BIRTH CONTROL-Operation-Ohr(Germany, '71)-Tremendous unplayed first-press copy (556.015) of this legendary Krautrock LP. (M/M-,FO) $350.

BIRTH CONTROL-see Dirk Steffens

BIRTH CONTROL-see Tollhouse

BISCUIT DAVIS-Playing on the Moon-Flying Dutchman(U.S., '73)-Grateful Dead influenced. (M-/M-,FO,CON) $25.

ELVIN BISHOP GROUP-Same-Fillmore(U.S., '69,M-/M-) $30 or (M-/FC EX,BC M-,XOL,RW) $12.

ELVIN BISHOP GROUP-Feel It!-Fillmore(U.S., '70,M-/M-,XOL) $30 or (S1 EX,S2 M-/EX-,HRW) $5. 

ELVIN BISHOP-The Best of...-Epic(U.S., '75,SS) $18.

BITTER BLOOD STREET THEATRE-Vol. 2-Vetco(U.S., '78,M/M-) $125.

BITTER SWEET-A Feeling You Can't Hide...-Serenity(U.S., '77,M-/M-,WIS,CC) $75.

ANNA BLACK-Meet...-Epic(U.S., '68,M-/M,SIS) $50.

BYRON BLACK-Living Objects-Broken(U.S., '82,M-/M-) $150.

TERRY BLACK-The Black Plague-Arc(Canada, '66)-Very rare garage guitar beat rocker. (EX+/EX+,MO,SRW,STNBC) $300.

(TERRY BLACK)TERENCE-An Eye for an Ear-Decca(U.S., '69)-Vastly underrated album of which half is throw-away, and the other half is wonderful fuzz-psych guitar. (SS,COH) $30.

BLACK COFFEE-Step over the Threshold-Melodia(U.S.S.R., '89,M-/M-) $40.

BLACK DIAMONDS-A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix-Alshire(U.S., '71,M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW) $200.

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BLACK PEARL-Same-Atlantic(U.S., '69)-Underrated heavy psych with lysergic leads. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,PSTIC,TIC,SRWBC) $38 or (M/EX,SRW,WOC) $35.

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BLACK SPIRIT-Same-Brutkasten(Germany, '78)-Savage loud Italian heavy progressive only available in German press on this collectible label. (M-/M-,FO) $2000.

BLACK WIDOW-III-CBS(U.K., '72)-Third and last album by these Satanic progressive stalwarts. (M-/M-,WIS) $225.

BLACK WIDOW-see Pesky Gee

BLACKBIRDS-Touch of Music-Opp(Germany, '71)-Major Kraut progressive/psych piece. (M-/M-) $250.

JOHNNY BLACKBURN/MARY LAUREN-Echoes of Love's Reality-private(U.S., '81)-This is not the album that is for sale but only the 16-page insert booklet for those who own the album without the booklet and want to complete the package. (M-) $50.

(BLACKFEATHER)DUCK-Laid-Warner(Australia, '72)-Ballsy burnt-out vocals and unique arrangements showcase this seldom-seen LP of cover songs by these  ex-Blackfeather boys. (M-/EX+,FO) $300 or (M-/FC EX,BC VG++,FO,SRW,STNBC) $240.

(BLACKFEATHER)JOHN ROBINSON-Pity for the Victim-Infinity(Australia, '74)-Wild guitar rock from axeman who plied his trade with Blackfeather and Duck. (M/EX+,FO,SRW) $150.


J.D. BLACKFOOT-The Ultimate Prophecy-Mercury(U.S., '70)-Blistering guitar psych; unplayed copy with the rare insert, near perfect overall. (M/M-,SIS,WIN,COH) $225.

J.D. BLACKFOOT-The Song of Crazy Horse-Fantasy(U.S., '74)-Guitar loaded rural rock. (M-/EX,WIN,PL,SRW,TIC) $35.

BLACKHORSE-Same-DSDA(U.S., '77)-Texas kick-ass rock 'n' roll. (M-/EX,RW) $90.

BLACKJACK-go to Records Around the World section

BLACKTHORN-Same-Homespun(U.K., '76)-Beautiful electric folk. (M-/M-) $300.

BLACKTHORN-II-W.H.M.(U.K., '79)-Fantastic electric folk; super condition for this rare fragile-covered white-labeled first pressing. (M-/M-) $750.

BLACKWOOD APOLOGY-House of Leather-Fontana(U.S., '69)-Pop/psych with fuzz guitar and dreamy organ from Minnesota. (M-/VG++,FO,YLP,SRW,TIC) $50.

BLAST FURNACE-Same-Polydor(Denmark, '71)-Monster heavy prog, one of the best and rarest of the Scandinavian scene. (M-/M-,WIS) $1250.

BLAZERS-Store Bought-Cream of the Crop(U.S., '78)-Guitar boogie rockers. (M-/EX+,SRW) $70.

BLERTA-Wild Man-Bus(New Zealand, '76,M-/EX+,WIN,SPS) $70. 

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BLISS-Same-Canyon(U.S., '68)-Heavy West Coast psych. (M-/EX+,SRW,STNBC) $500 (SOLD) or (M-/FC VG++,BC EX+,HRW,SPS) $400.

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BLONDE ON BLONDE-Contrasts-Janus(U.S., '69)-Well-known U.K. heavy proggers. (M-/EX-,FO,COH,SSTNC,SRWBC,SHC) $70.

BLONDE ON BLONDE-Rebirth-Ember(U.K., '70,M-/M-,FO) $250 (SOLD) or (EX +/ EX, FO,SRW,SPS,TIBC) $125

BLONDE ON BLONDE-Reflections on a Life-Ember(U.K., '71,M-/FC M-,BC EX,FO,XOBC) $275.

BLONDE ON BLONDE-see Crystal Suspension

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BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS-go to Records Around the World section 

MIKE BLOOMFIELD-go to Records Around the World section

BLOOMSBURY PEOPLE-Same-MGM(U.S., '70)-Tribal hippie psych/rock; the first vehicle musically speaking for Sigmund Snopek III. (M-/EX,YLP, WIN,PSTIBC,RW) $50 or (M-/EX-,YLP,WIN,PSTIBC,RW) $40.


BLOPS-Same-Pena de los Parra(Chile, '72)-Magical progressive folk/psych in incredible condition for this part of the world. (M-/EX+,FO) $800.

BLOSSOM TOES-see B.B. Blunder (at the top of the "B" section)

LINDSAY BLUE-Love All Life-private(Australia, '75)-For the spacey keyboard lover in you, formerly of Tamam Shud. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC) $225.

BLUE BEARD-Same-Durium(Italy, '71)-British heavy progressive psychster's sole album and in Italian-only press. (M-/M-,FO) $650.

BLUE BIRDS-Same-Polydor(Greece, '72)-Rarest of the Greek mega-rarities with only 300 copies pressed. Male/female vocal led folk-psych to flower-psych all with an acid vibe accentuated with guitars that are sometimes heavy, sometimes mellow acoustic, and sometimes bursting with snarling electric fuzz. This package contains the gimmix cover, lyric sheet, and poster. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX-,WIN,RW,STNC) $1750.

BLUE BLOOD-Same-Sonet(U.K., '70)-Another white-boy blues-boom piece, not electrified like most of the better known big ones, relying more on harmonica and real blues roots feel. (S1 EX,S2 M-/VG++,SPS,TOC) $125.

LOS BLUE CAPS-Cuando Te Miro-Odeon(Argentina, '70)-Fabulous unplayed copy of garage rock band from Paraguay who spent the major part of their musical career in Argentina; nice mix of rockers and ballads. (M/M-) $250.

LOS BLUE CAPS-Volveras Mi Amor...-Odeon(Argentina, '72,M-/M-) $75.

BLUE CATS-The Best of Beat-Starles(Germany, '69,M-/FC EX-,BC EX,TIC,SRW,TOC,STAC) $75.

BLUE CHEER-Vincebus Eruptum-Philips(U.S., '68)-Both copies have the rare first press cover with "Augustus Stanley Owsley III" (the father of L.S.D.) written in full on the back. (M-/M-,XOL) $100 or (M-/M-) $100.

BLUE CHEER-Outsideinside-Philips(U.S., '68)-With the fold-open gimmix cover. (S1 EX,S2 EX+/M-,FO) $50.

BLUE CHEER-New! Improved!-Philips(U.S., '69,M-/M-)-$90 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX+,SRW) $50 or (EX+/EX,RW,SPS) $20.

BLUE CHEER-Same-Philips(U.S., '70,M-/M-,COH) $90 or (S1 EX,S2 EX+/VG+,HRW,SSTNC,SPS) $20.

BLUE CHEER-The Original Human Being-Philips(U.S., '71,M/FC M-,BC EX+,COH,SRWBC) $95 or (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC) $95.

BLUE CHEER-Oh! Pleasant Hope-Philips(U.S., '71,M/M-,COH) $100 or (M-/EX+,WLP,DJTS,SRW) $150.



(BLUE CHEER)SILVER METRE-Same-National General(U.S., '70,SS,FO,COH) $90.

(BLUE CHEER)LEIGH STEPHENS-Red Weather-Philips(U.S., '69)-First solo album of heavy guitar psych by Blue Cheer axeman. (M/M-,COH) $130 or (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW) $100 or (EX/VG,COH,TOC,SPS,XOL,HRW,SSTNC) $25 or (M-/EX-,WLP,FSPS) $150.

BLUE EFFECT-A Benefit of Radim Hladik-Supraphon-(Czechoslavakia, '74)-Heavy progressive blues rock. Was around but never see this offered in the last few years. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-,STIBC,WOL) $50.

BLUE MAX-Limited Edition-Solar(Canada, '77)-Rare heavy psych power trio, unknown to most. Has slight warp that does not affect play. (SS) $500 or (M/M,SIS) $500.

BLUE RIDGE-Same-private(U.S., '74)-Garagey blues/psych, only 100 made with leads flashing in every direction. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX,RW) $800.

BLUE RIDGE RANGERS-go to Records Around the World section

BLUE THINGS-Same-RCA(U.S., '66)-Classic folk/psych masterpiece. (M-/M-) $350 or (M-/EX+,SPS) $275.

(BLUE THINGS)VAL STOECKLEIN-Grey Life-Dot(U.S., '68,M-/M-,PSTIBC) $20 or (M-/EX-,SRW,WOC,COH) $15.

BLUES CREATION-Demon & Eleven Children-Denon(Japan, '71)-Top of the heap heavy blues psych with wild creeping guitar and demonic vocals. (M-/EX-,FO,AUTO,WIN,SPS,TOC) $1000.

BLUES CREATION w/CARMEN MAKI-Same-Blow Up(Japan, '71)-This is their third and final album under the name of Blues Creation and the 1975 re-release of their excruciatingly rare 4-years-earlier gatefold press on Denon. As before, amazing heavy progressive psych at around 20% the cost of what you would expect to pay for the 1971 pressing. (M-/M-,WIN) $175.

(BLUES)CREATION-Same-Express(Japan, '75)-Solid bluesy heavy rock; their first album after dropping Blues as the start of the group's name. This has the notorious cover of young Japanese boys urinating. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,WIN,COH,TIC) $60.

(BLUES)CREATION-Pure Electric Soul-Express(Japan, '77)-Tremendous unplayed copy with the obi and more of the same superb heavy blues/rock. Another cover featuring naked Japanese boys; makes you wonder what these guys were into. (M/M-,OBI,WIN,COH) $125.

(BLUES CREATION)CARMEN MAKI/OZ-Japanese title unknown-Kitty(Japan, '76,M-/M-,WIN) $400. 

(BLUES)CREATION-Super Rock...-Express(Japan, '78)-Their jazz/rock period. (M/M-,COH,WIN) $15.

(BLUES)CREATION-see Pappalardi, Felix

BLUES GOES ON-Same-private(Germany, '75)-Tough-score bluesy psych. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-,FO,SPS) $250.

BLUES HARVEST-New Moan Hey-Foggy Mountain(U.S., '70,M/M) $150.

BLUES IMAGE-Something to Say-Illusion(U.S., '77,M-/EX+,SRW) $250.

BLUES IMAGE-Leavin' My Troubles Behind-Illusion(U.S., '77,M/M,SIS) $275.

BLUES IMAGE-Ride Captain Ride-Illusion(U.S., '77,SS) $300 or (M/M,SIS) $275.

BLUES IMAGE-Can't You Believe in Forever-Illusion(U.S., '77,SS) $300.

BLUES IMAGE-Clean Love-Illusion(U.S., '77,SS) $300 or (M/M,SIS) $275.

BLUES IMAGE-go to Records Around the World section for more listings

BLUES MAGOOS-Psychedelic Lollipop-Mercury(U.S., '66)-Last copy is mono disc in promo-stamped stereo cover. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX,MO,RW,TIBC) $65 or (M-/EX-,MO,PSTABC,SRW,WSTNBC,TIL) $65.

BLUES MAGOOS-Electric Comic Book-Mercury(U.S., '67)-It is unknown whether the sealed copy contains the comic book. (SS,MO,COH) $250 or (EX/EX,MO,COH,RW) $30.

BLUES PILZ-Journey to Somewhere-Rock Port(Germany, '82,M-/M-) $50.

BLUES PROJECT-go to Records Around the World section

BLUES SECTION-Once More for the Road-Love(Finland, '68)-Actually I believe this is a '70's release of material from 1967-68 by these blues/psych virtuosos with sneering guitars and howling sax. (M-/M-) $100.

BLUES TRAIN-Same-Condor(U.S., '69)-Garagey bluesrock with raunchy guitar blasts and gruff vocals, a real rare keeper. (M-/M-) $500.

BLUESET-Same-KMB(Sweden, '74)-Loud acid guitars abound; killer heavy blues/psych with long extended songs. (M-/M-) $900 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC EX,BC M-,TIC,TSTNC) $650.

BLUESOUNDS-Black-X(Germany, '81,M-/M-,WIS) $75. 

COLIN BLUNSTONE-go to Records Around the World section

BOAZ-Three of a Kind-Blue Moon(U.S., '78)-Beautiful unplayed album of underground blues prog/psych some of which has that gloriously dark early '70's vibe. (M/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC) $450.

BOBBY & LAURIE-Same-Go!!(Australia, '65)-Rare garage rave-up beat. (M-/FC EX,BC M-,MO,STIC) $175.

BOBBY & LAURIE-Hitch Hiker-Parlophone(Australia, '66)-Even rarer second effort. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,MO,STABC,STIL) $300 or (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,MO,SRWBC,STNBC) $200.

BOFFALONGO-Same-UA(U.S., '69)-Heavy rocker with wild dual guitar/organ battles. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW,PSTAC) $25.

BOGARD BLUES BAND-Still Hooked on Blues-private(Belgium, '76)-Only 300 press. (M-/M-) $200 or (M-/FC M-,BC EX,SRWBC,STNBC,SSTNBC) $150. 

KAREL BOGARD-From Dusk Until Dawn-Dwarf(Belgium, '76,S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX,WIN,RW,STIBC) $100.

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(BOHEMIAN VENDETTA)DUST BOWL CLEMENTINE-Same-Roulette(U.S., '70)-Former Bohemian Vendetta lead guitarist. (M-/EX+,WLP.PSTABC,SRW) $75.

BOKAJ RETSIEM-Psychedelic Underground-FASS(Germany, '69)-Psych exploitation gem with loads of guitars and keys going from Eastern influences to blues. (VG/VG+,TOC,STNBC) $18.

TOMMY BOLIN-go to Records Around the World section

BOLINE-Same-Karma Music(Denmark, '82,M-/EX+) $30. 

MICHAEL BOLTON-go to Records Around the World section

BILLY BOND/la PESADA-Tontos-Music Hall(Argentina, '72)-Effects, wah-wah, fuzz gets heavier and crazier the farther into the grooves you go. The second copy is  M- throughout except for a small blemish that clicks for 20 seconds at the beginning of side 2. (M-/EX+,FO) $300 or (S1 M-,S2 EX/EX,FO,TOBC) $200 or (EX/VG+,FO,TIC,TOC,STIC) $150.

BILLY BOND/la PESADA-Lo Mas Pesado de la Pesada-Music Hall(Argentina, '79)-Best of package. (M-/M-,WLP) $75.

BILLY BOND/la PESADA-Lo Mas Pesado de la Pesada-Sazam(Argentina, '82)-This is essentially the same album as the above but adding 3 more songs and eliminating "La Marcha de San Lorenzo". (M-/M-) $40.  

GRAHAM BOND-Holy Magick-Vertigo(U.K., '70)-Swirl label. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $325.

GRAHAM BOND-Bond in America-Philips(U.K., '71,M-/M-) $75.  

GRAHAM BOND-see Sweet Pain

MARS BONFIRE-go to Records Around the World section

BONGLOADS OF RIGHTEOUS BOO-Trailer Full of Smoke-Twisted Village(U.S., '92)-173 pressed. (M/M) $100. 

SEAN BONNIWELL-see Music Machine

BOOBY TRAP-Women-Bomby(Greece, '83,M-/EX,FO,STIC) $125 or (M-/EX,FO,SRW) $125.

BOOMERANG-Same-RCA(U.S., '71)-Heavy progressive psych album featuring the keyboardist from Vanilla Fudge. (M-/M-) $125.

BOOT HILL PRESERVATION SOCIETY-Let's All Rock Together-Chapter 1(U.K., '72,M-/EX+) $75.

EMMANUEL BOOZ-Alice's Restaurant-Barclay(France, '70,M/EX,SPS) $150.

BORDERSONG-go to Records Around the World section

BOREALIS-Sons of the Sea-Audat(Canada, '72)-Super rare progressive/psych with great keyboards/fuzz guitar interplay. (M-/EX+,SRW) $700.


EDUARDO BORT-Same-Movie Play(Spain, '75)-Heavy progressive icon with raucous guitar and mellotron passages. (M-/M-,FO) $550.

EDUARDO BORT-see Ramoncin y WC?

BOSTON-go to Records Around the World section

LINDSAY BOURKE-see Lindsay Blue

DAVID BOWIE-Same-Deram(U.S., '67,M-/EX,COH,SRW,SPS) $200.

DAVID BOWIE-Man of Words, Man of Music-Mercury(U.S., '69,M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $200 (SOLD) or (S1 EX+,S2 EX/VG,WLP,FO,STAC,STAL,RW,TIC,SPS,WOBC) $125.

DAVID BOWIE-The Man Who Sold the World-Mercury(U.S., '71)-Absolute original. (M/EX-,HRW) $60. 

DAVID BOWIE-go to Records Around the World section for more listings

ALAN BOWN-Stretching Out-Island(U.K., '71,M/EX+,FO,SRWBC) $35.

ALAN BOWN-see Jonesy

ANDY BOWN-Gone to My Head!-Mercury(U.S., '72,M-/EX,COH,TIC) $15.

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BOX TOPS-see Big Star

BOX TOPS-see Alex Chilton

BOXER-Below the Belt-Virgin(U.S., '75)-Great British heavy rock. (SS) $18.

BOXER-Absolutely-Columbia(Canada, '77)-Solid rock quintet featuring Mike Patto, Tim Bogert, and Chris Stainton. (SS,COH) $18.

BOYCE/HART-go to Records Around the World section

BOYS-Same-International(Germany, '65,M/M-,COH) $75 or (M-/EX+,COH) $70.

PAUL BRADY-see Andy Irvine

PETER BRAIN/BRAIN TRICK-E.E.G.-Able(Canada, '78,M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $20.

BRAIN POLICE-Same-Victor(Japan, '73)-Fourth LP by this prolific Japanese guitar oriented group. (M-/M-,FO) $150.

BRAIN POLICE-Same-Rockadelic(U.S., '97)-Reissue of 1968 psych monster from San Diego in wonderful die-cut cover. Would normally only go in the reissue section, but this is the green vinyl press of which only 50 exist. (M/M,WIN) $100.

BRAINBOX-Same-Capitol(U.S., '70)-Heavy blues/psych with Tullish flute outbursts; first copy has never been played. (M/FC EX,BC M-,PH,RW) $30 or (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,PH,RW) $25-.

BRAINBOX-The Best of...-Imperial(Holland, '71,M-/EX,TIC,STNBC,RWBC) $35.

BRAM STOKER-Heavy Rock Spectacular-Windmill(U.K., '72)-Awesome loud heavy guitar psych. (M-/M-) $250.

BRAN-Hedfan-Sain(U.K., '76)-Super rare Welsh electric psychedelia. (M-/EX+,SRWBC) $800.

BRANDYWINE-Aged-Brunswick(U.S., '69)-Accomplished AOR band with strong harmonies and flashy guitar. (M-/FC VG++,BC EX,WLP,TOC,HRW) $10.

BRAT-Same-private(U.S., '71)-Only 50 pressed of this one-sided LP in plain cover. Four originals and two covers ("Nazz Are Blue" and "Kids Are Alright"). The band was formerly known as The Gnarly Beast, and only 3 copies are known to exist today. (M-) $1200.

BRAVE NEW WORLD-Impressions on Reading Huxley-Vertigo(Germany, '72)-Super unplayed swirl label copy of concept album drawing on a wide range of different genres and musical forms resulting in a combination of medieval folk music, electronics, progressive jazz, and psychedelic Krautrock; lots of flute work, strange percussion and sound effects. (M/M,FO) $1250.

LOS BRAVOS-go to Records Around the World section

BRAZILIAN BITLES-Vol. II-Polydor(Brazil, '67)-Tough South American garage/beat. (S1 EX,S2 EX+/FC EX+,BC M-,WLP,WOC,PSTABC,XOL) $400.


BREAD, LOVE & DREAMS-Same-London(U.S., '69)-British folk trio. (M-/EX,RW,PSTIBC,SPS) $80.

BREAD, LOVE & DREAMS-The Strange Tale of Captain Shannon and the Hunchback from Gigha-Decca(U.K., '70)-Now the lineup is down to a duo, and even more absolutely amazing English folk. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-) $375.

BREAKAWAYS-Album Two-H.M.V.(New Zealand, '67)-Rude, raw, and raucous garage freakbeat (6 out of 6 discs on the Pokora rarity scale and also receiving his "Masterpiece of Music" designation); their better, second, and final album and much rarer than the first. (M-/EX,MO,WOBC,STIBC,STABC) $3000 or (S1 EX-,S2 EX+/EX,MO,WOBC,STIBC,STABC) $1250.

BRETHREN-Moment of Truth-Tiffany(U.S., '71)-Good rural rock sporting some accomplished axe work. (SS,COH) $75.

PAUL BRETT-Earth Birth-RCA(U.K., '77)-Unplayed copy by well-known British prog/psych head. (M/EX) $50.

PAUL BRETT-Interlife-RCA(U.S., '78,M/FC EX+,BC M-,PSTABC,SRW)-$15.

BREWER & SHIPLEY-go to Records Around the World section

BREWERS DROOP-Opening Time-RCA(U.K., '72)-More traditional electric blues with boogie guitar, harmonica, and a sparse occasional horn. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $60.

BRIDGES-Fakkeltog-private(Norway, '79)-"Heavily Doors influenced psychedelic album full of acid- rock leads and a vocalist that sounds very much like Jim Morrison. Released in 1979, and having no proper distribution, the band managed to sell just a handful of copies to local record stores and the album was swept under the carpet of oblivion, making it one of the top rarities of Scandinavia." (M-/M-) $2000.

BRIDGES-Tradewinds-private(U.S., '78)-Rare private press of rural communal hippy folk/psych. (M-/M-,WIN) $400.

BRIGG-Same-SSP(U.S., '73)-Melodic hardrock/psych three-piece with a tranced atmosphere, lysergic leads, and zoned vox. (M/M,SIS) $750.

(BRIGG)HYBRID ICE-Same-"A" Street(U.S., '82,M-/EX,SRW) $125.

BRINCOS-Lo Mejor de...-Dicesa(Spain, '78,M-/EX,RW) $50.


BRINSLEY SCHWARZ-go to Records Around the World section

BRITISH LIONS-go to Records Around the World section

BRITISH MODBEATS-Mod Is...-Red Leaf(Canada, '67)-Great Merseybeat and freak beat sounds from this wild Canadian bunch; cover of them in their flowered over-exaggerated bell-bottom trousers is a must see. (M-/EX+,MO,SRW) $400 or (EX/EX,MO,SRW,SPS,STNBC) $200.

VICKI BRITTON-...Alive!-VBR(U.S., '76)-Dallas fem who pulls off a credible version of "Me and Bobby McGee". That says a lot. (M-/M-) $50 or (EX/EX,AUTO,STNC,SRWBC) $30.

DAVID BROMBERG-see David Santo

BRONCO-Ace of Sunlight-Island(U.K., '71)-Fine pastoral rock, some songs in a hardrock direction. (M/M-,FO) $75.band

ELKIE BROOKS-go to Records Around the World section

TERRY BROOKS/STRANGE-Raw Power-Outer Galaxie(U.S., '76,SS,AUTO) $150.

TERRY BROOKS/STRANGE-To Earth with Love-Star People(U.S., '80)-Fuzz wah-wah psych guitars rule, green wax. (M-/EX+,SRW) $40.

BROTHER FOX/TAR BABY-Same-Oracle(U.S., '69)-Rarer small label press of this hard guitar album with fuzz and phasing. (M-/M-,WLP,FO) $125 (SOLD) or (EX+/VG+,FO,WLP, TOC,WOC,HRW) $40.

BROTHERHOOD-Stavia-private(U.S., '72)-Monster psych/rock. (M-/M-) $700.

BROTHERHOOD(ex-Paul Revere/Raiders)-go to Records Around the World section

EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND-Sing Brother Sing-Harvest(U.K., '70)-No EMI logos on the labels (also contains the rare insert) of this the first press copy of their second album and to me their best; acid/blues/psych with a sinister menace tossed in to give an occasional spooky vibe. (M-/M-,FO,WIN) $190.

EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND-Same-Harvest(U.K., '71)-Unplayed copy of album by prolific Brit prog/psych band; no EMI logo on side-1 label. (M/EX+,FO,SRW) $90.

ARTHUR BROWN-Requiem-Republic(U.S., '82)-Theatrical rocker who had the hit "Fire" so many years ago recorded this progressive, new-wave synthesizer weirdness while hanging in Austin. I guess he settled there out of guilt after cancelling a concert I had third row center seats to there in 1969. (M-/M-,WIN) $18.

(ARTHUR BROWN)KINGDOM COME-Same-Polydor(U.K., '72)-Pristine unplayed album by this heavy progressive band featuring blistering lead guitar and Arthur Brown's commandingly powerful vocals. (M/M-) $250.

JERRY BROWN/BEYOND-Once upon a Train-Criminal(U.S., '80)-Recorded in the mid '70's. A lilting magical tone instrumentally and vocally but with rushes of guitar leads. (EX+/EX+,SRW) $80.

PETE BROWN/PIBLOKTO-...the Art School Dance Goes on Forever-Harvest(U.K., '70)-All his albums are underground/progressive classics; no EMI logo on the labels. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,FO) $450.

PETE BROWN/PIBLOKTO-Thousands on a Raft-Harvest(U.K., '70)-No EMI logo on the labels. (M-/M-,FO) $600.

PETE BROWN/IAN LYNN-Party in the Rain-International(U.K., '82,M-/EX+,WIN) $150.

RAY BROWN/WHISPERS-Same-Leedon(Australia, '65,M-/EX+,MO) $350.

RAY BROWN/WHISPERS-Headin' for the Top-Calendar(Australia, '65,M-/EX+) $350.

RAY BROWN/WHISPERS-Hits & Brass Leedon(Australia, '66,M-/EX,MO,RWBC,XOL) $250.

RAY BROWN/WHISPERS-Same Old Song...-Festival(Australia, '67,M-/EX+) $250.

RAY BROWN/MOONSTONE-Mad House-Festival(Australia, '71,M-/EX+) $250.   

JACKSON BROWNE-go to Records Around the World section

CHARLES BROWNING-A Choirboy's Lament-SRI(U.S., '72)-Quality US folk/psych with 12-string guitar, fretless bass, tablas, synth, and the other usual acoustic suspects. (M-/EX,RW,SPS) $75.

BROWNSVILLE STATION-A Night on the Town-Big Tree(U.S., '72,SS/EX+,SRW) $45.

BROWNSVILLE STATION-Motor City Connection-Big Tree(U.S., '75)-Detroit hard boogie rock bad boys. With a group member nicknamed "H-Bomb" you know what to expect. (M/EX,WIS,COH) $20.

BROWNSVILLE STATION-Same-Private Stock(U.S., '77)-Contains their huge FM hit "Martian Boogie". (SS,CON) $40 or (M-/M-) $30.

(BROWNSVILLE STATION)CUB KODA/POINTS-Same-Baron(U.S., '79)-Red wax. (M/M-) $10.

JACK BRUCE-go to Records Around the World section


BUBBLE PUPPY-A Gathering of Promises-IA(U.S., '69)-Well-known heavy guitar psych. Two members from Corpus Christi (my hometown), one was in the legendary '60's punk band the Bad Seeds. First copy has the scarce sticker on the shrink. (M/M,SIS) $250.

(BUBBLE PUPPY)DEMIAN-Same-ABC(Japan, '71)-Super rare issue with Japanese-only group cover. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-) $750.

(BUBBLE PUPPY)SIRIUS-Rising-Elcric Flow(U.S., '79)-The two guitarists from the above band, heavy guitar psych. (SS,CC) $200 or (M-/EX+,SRW) $125.

BUBBLES-Raw and Unreleased-Groovie(U.S., '10)-Beat band from Brazil that went on to form the legendary psych group A Bolha. This album contains their only released single from 1966, unreleased studio tracks recorded from 1966 to 1969, and the rare and fantastic first single recorded as A Bolha from 1971. (SS,WIN) $50.

BUCCANEER-Same-Blunderbuss(U.S., '80)-Formerly Primevil on the 700 West label in the same musical direction. Rarer second press in black cover containing the two 45's. (SS,FO) $250.

ROY BUCHANAN-Buch and the Snake Stretchers-Bioya(U.S., '72)-Privately released first album in the burlap bag from one of the guitar greats. (M-/M-) $300.

BUCKINGHAM/NICKS-go to Records Around the World section 

BUCKINGHAMS-Kind of a Drag-USA(U.S., '67)-Here is the record for which I searched 30 years. This is the one with " I'm a Man" which is in the top three versions of this song I've ever heard. This album is unbelievably rare. (EX+/EX+,MO,SRW) $750.

BUCKINGHAMS-go to Records Around the World section for more titles

BUDGIE-Same-MCA(U.K., '71,M-/M-) $50.

BUDGIE-Same-Kapp(U.S., '71)-Rarer U.S. issue of this crunching U.K. heavy with killer extra cut. This copy has some promo inserts. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,WIN,PSTIBC,TIBC) $125. 

BUDGIE-Squawk-Kapp(U.S., '72,M-/FC VG++,BC EX,RW) $35.

BUDGIE-Never Turn Your Back on a Friend-MCA(U.K., '73)-Rare black label first press and this beauty is unplayed. (M/M-,FO) $190.

BUDGIE-Power Supply-Active(U.K., '80,M/M,WIN) $90.

BUDGIE-Nightflight-RCA(U.K., '81)-Incredible pristine unplayed copy of tough-to-find first press matrix stamps; A-1U, B-1U. (M/M) $60.

BUDGIE-Deliver Us from Evil-Attic(Canada, '82,SS,CON) $25.

BUDKA SUFLERA-Czas Czekania...-Polton(Poland, '84,M-/EX,SRW,STNBC) $40.

BUFFALO-Only Want You for Your Body-Vertigo(Australia, '74)-Legendary over-the-top blistering hard rock; has the rare insert. (M-/M-,FO,WIN) $400.

BUFFALO-Mother's Choice-Vertigo(Australia, '75)-Tremendous slide guitar on this relentless hardrock burner. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $190.

BUFFALO-see Count Bishops

(BUFFALO)KARL TAYLOR-Taylor Maid-Polydor(Australia, '76)-Rare solo effort by ex-Buffalo guitarist displaying some of that thunderous guitar popularized by his former mates. Lamination peel on both covers. (M-/EX+) $150 or (M-/EX,STIC) $140.

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD-go to Records Around the World section for more titles


BUFFOONS-Lookin' Ahead-Imperial(Holland, '67,M-/M-,TIL) $100.

JIMMY BUFFETT-Down to Earth-Barnaby(U.S., '70,M-/FC EX+,BC EX,CC,XOC,RWBC) $300.

JIMMY BUFFETT-High Cumberland Jubilee-Barnaby(U.S., '72,SS,COH) $75.

BUGGS-see Beatles, click here for Beatles

BULL-It's a Rock 'n' Roll World-Wheels(U.S., '78,M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,WIS,SRW) $140.

BULL-see Pittman Band, Ray

BULL ANGUS-Same-Mercury(U.S., '70)-Knockout, blasting heavy psych. (M-/FC EX+,BC EX-,FO,SRW,COH,TIBC) $90. 

BULLFROG-Same-Annuit Coeptis(U.S., '76)-German heavies. (M-/EX,PL,FREE punch,PSTIC,RW) $25 or (M-/VG,RW,WOBC,TIC,COH) $12.

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(TERRY)/BUNNYS-Let's Go Terry!-King(Japan, '67)-Great Japanese group sounds beat. (M-/M-,FO) $300.

(TERRY)/BUNNYS-Let's Go Classics-King(Japan, '67)-Like the Ventures doing classical favorites. (M-/M-,FO,OBI) $300 or (EX+/EX+,FO) $175.

WILBURN BURCHETTE-Music of the Godhead-Burchette Brothers(U.S., '75,SS) $175.

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BURLESQUE-Acupuncture-Arista(U.K., '77,M/M) $50.

BURNIN' RAIN-Ritual Medicine Show-Rockadelic(U.S., '96,M/M) $75.

BURNING CANDLE-Same-Steyrer(Germany, '81,M-/M-) $40.

JERRY BUSCH-The Demo Tapes-private(U.S., '76)-Super rare heavy progressive hard rock from Ohio with slashing guitars. (M-/EX+,WIN,SPS) $400.

JERRY BUSCH GROUP-City Boy-Midwife(U.S., '80,M-/EX+,WIN,SRW) $80.

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STAN BUSH-Same-Columbia(U.S., '83,M/EX+,WIS,PSTABC) $25.

BUSHES-Assorted Shrubbery-Growth(U.S., '68,M-/M-) $400.

BUTLER-Same-Family(New Zealand, '73)-In the top five rarest from the Oz/N.Z. scene with a '60's subculture feel. Three covers, rest originals, great guitar throughout. (M-/EX,RW) $750 or (M-/VG++,RW) $600.

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GUS BUZBEE-Pioneer-Wooden Studios(U.S., '82)-Hard progressive with a wonderful psychy guitar snaking in and out. (M/EX,WIS,SPS,SRW) $40.

JOE BYRD-see United States of America

BYRDS-Mr. Tambourine Man-Columbia(U.S., '65)-Amazing and nearly impossible condition for these 3 early Byrds albums listed here, and from the looks of the print codes on the rear covers, I am 99% sure these packages contain "360 Sound" labels. However if you would like to ask any specific questions about these items, please email or call. (SS) $300.

BYRDS-Turn! Turn! Turn!-Columbia(U.S., '65,SS) $300, see above description

BYRDS-Fifth Dimension-Columbia(U.S., '66,SS) $300, see above description

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CABALLO VAPOR-Same-Disc Jockey(Argentina, '73)-Tremendous South American heavy guitar blues/psych; never seen, especially in this condition. (M-/EX+,TOC) $1200.

CACTUS-Restrictions-Atco(U.S., '71,M-/EX+,SRW) $40 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC VG++,BC EX,XOL,STNC,TIC,SPS,SRW) $15.

CACTUS-'Ot 'n' Sweaty-Atco(U.S., '72,M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $40 or (EX/EX-,FO,CON,SRW,TIC,STIBC) $10.


CAIN-A Pound of Flesh-ASI(U.S., '75)-Heavy guitar rock. (M/M-,CC) $250.

JOHN CALE-see Velvet Underground

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I CALIFFI-Cosi Ti Amo-Rifi(Italy, '69)-Opens with 12 clicks otherwise... (M-/M-,FO,WIN) $175.

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CALIFORNIA POPPY PICKERS-Today's Chart Busters-Alshire(U.S., '69,M/EX+,SPS) $30.

CALIFORNIA POPPY PICKERS-Hair/Aquarius-Alshire(U.S., '69,S1 EX,S2 VG++/M-,SIS,SHC) $10 or (VG+/EX+,WOC,STNBC) $5.

CALLIOPE-Steamed-Buddah(U.S., '68,SS,COH) $50.

(CALLIOPE)DANNY O'KEEFE-Same-Cotillion(U.S., '70,SS,FO,CON) $12.

ROBERT CALVERT-Captain Lockhead and the Starfighters-UA(U.K., '74)-Embossed cover. (M/M-,FO,WIN,WIS,SPS) $100.

ROBERT CALVERT-Lucky Leif and the Longships-UA(U.K., '75,M/M,FO) $100.

I CAMALEONTI-Che Aereo Stupendo...la Speranza-CBS(Italy, '76,M-/M-,FO,WIS) $150.

CAMEL-Same-MCA(U.K., '73)-Well-known progsters. (M/M) $40.

CAMEL-Nude-Decca(U.K., '81,M/M,FO) $18.

LOS CAMISAS NEGRAS-Mas Rock-Musart(U.S., '74)-Twangy '60's sounding guitar rock. (M-/EX,RW,PSTABC) $150.

CAN-Soon Over Babaluma-UA(U.S., '75,M-/EX+,SRW,CC) $40.

CANAAN-Same-Dovetail(U.K., '73,M-/FC M-,BC EX+,STIBC) $125.

CANAAN-Out of the Wilderness-Myrrh(U.K., '76,M-/M-) $125.

CANDLE-Same-Greene Bottle(U.S., '72,M-/EX+,FO,COH) $40.

CANDYMEN-Same-ABC(U.S., '67,SS,COH) $40.

CANDYMEN-...Bring You Candy Power-ABC(U.S., '68,SS,COH) $90.

CANNABIS-Joint Effort-Amphion Seahorse(U.S., '72)-Who would've thought with this group name you'd have a rural hippie psych jammer here? (M-/VG++,RW,TIC) $400.

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CANNED ROCK-Live-private(U.K., '79,M-/FC EX,BC M-,WIN,WIS,AUTO,TIC) $70 or (EX+/EX,WIS,RW) $60.

FRANCES CANNON/ET'S-The Singing Psychic-private(U.S., '87)-Given psychic and levitation abilities after being hit by a truck in 1979 (too bad it didn't improve her singing voice) far beyond the powers of mortal men, disguised as a mild mannered fortune telling lounge singer, faster than a speeding poltergeist, her voice can stop a powerful locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in her mind, Frances puts her inane predictions to music. (M/M,SIS) $150.

MIGUEL CANTILO Y GRUPO SUR-Same-Trova(Argentina, '75)-Incredible hard psych with a slight folk flavor; amazing dual guitars and certainly one of the best Argentine albums of the time, tough to score in this condition. (M-/M-,FO) $500. 

CAPABILITY BROWN-Voice-Passport(U.S., '74,SS,FO) $15.

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CAPRAS-see Gents Inc.

TONY CAPSTICK-see Hedgehog Pie

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BAND-Safe as Milk-Buddah(U.S., '67)-Mega rare MONO white label promo. (M-/EX+,WLP,MO,SRW,SHC) $600.

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BAND-Trout Mask Replica-Straight(U.S., '69)-According to the last "Goldmine Price Guide" I saw, this pressing with the catalog number STS-1053 on the label was considered "unreleased?". Well, we all know how prone to inaccuracies this book has been, but this must be pretty rare, so...  . (S1 EX+,S2 EX-/M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $400.

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BAND-Trout Mask Replica-Reprise(U.S., '69)-Actually has a Straight label but with the Reprise catalog number. (M-/M-/EX-,FO,HRW) $25.

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CARAVAN-Same-Verve Forecast (U.S., '69)-First album by this famous British prog crew housed in the great "pillars" cover. (M-/EX+,SRW,STNBC) $175.

CARAVAN-In the Land of Grey and Pink-Deram (U.K., '71)-Rare original brown/white label from this well-known and prolific prog band. (M-/M-,FO,XOL) $200.

CARAVAN-Waterloo Lily-London(U.S., '72,M/M-,FO,PH,PSTAC) $40. 

CARAVAN-Cunning Stunts-BTM(U.S., '75,SS,CC) $25.

CARDEILHAC-Same-DBR(Switzerland, '72)-Perfect unplayed copy of heavy fuzzed-out hard prog. (M/M-) $1000.

CARDINALI BROTHERS-More Than Lunch-Windi(U.S., '71)-Underrated lysergic folk/rock on the same label as Creation of Sunlight. (M-/M,SIS) $400.

LYNN CAREY-see C.K. Strong

LYNN CAREY-see Mama Lion

LYNN CAREY-see Neil Merryweather

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FRANKIE CARR'S ALL NATURAL BAND-Same-Tribute(U.S., '77)-Former Tea Company (200 made), recorded in the '60's but released in the '70's. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC VG++,BC EX,SRW,XOC,STABC,STNBC) $450.

MARTIN CARTHY-Crown of Horn-Topic(U.K., '76,M/M) $75.

CARTOON-Same-12 Tone(U.S., '82)-Avant-gardish prog similar to Univers Zero. (SS) $40.

CARTOONE-Same-Atlantic(U.S., '69)-Featuring Jimmy Page. (SS,FO,COH) $25. 

CASA DAS MAQUINAS-Casa de Rock-Som Livre(Brazil, '76)-Entering their hardrock phase in a ballzy way. (M-/EX,WIN) $160.   

CASHMAN VAQUERO BAND-In Memory of Berry Oakley-Walnut West(U.S., '76,M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,WIS,SRW) $250 or (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,WIS,SSTNC,RW) $225.

CASSIDY-Same-Fly By Nite(U.S., '77)-Mystical floating melodic rock with great fantasy roaming-minstrel cover. (M-/EX,RW,XOBC) $50.

CASUALS-Same-private(U.S., '81)-Recorded live in San Francisco and loaded for bear with long extended  blues jams replete with full ammunition clips of guitar/harmonica exchanges. Private looking cover with pasted stickers. (M-/EX+,WIN,COH,SSTNC) $250.

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CATALINA-Live from the Chi Chi Club-Avalon(U.S., '70)-Late '60's early '70's cheezy voice and pretty good guitar dominate this rare West Coast sleazy bar rock cover album. (M-/VG++,AUTO,RW,SSTNC) $100.

CATCH-Same-Dot(U.S., '69)-One song is VG. (EX/VG++,HRW,SPS) $5.

CATHARSIS-Same-Gamma(Canada, '74,S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $30.

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FABIO CELI/GLI INFERMIERI-Follia-Studio 7(Italy, '73)-This psychedelic prog/rock gem was recorded in 1969 but not released until several years later because of its controversial lyrics featuring roaring keyboards, fuzz guitar, and over-the-top vocals. (EX+/M-,FO) $650.

CENTAURUS-Same-Azra(U.S., '78)-Zeppelinesque U.S. heavy. (SS) $100 or (M/M-) $85 or (M/EX+) $50 or (SS,picture disc) $30.

CENTURIONS-For All Mankind-Praise(Canada, '65)-Christian garage/folk. (M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,SRW,TIC) $75.

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CHAIN-Australian Rhythm and Blues-RCA(Australia, '87,M-/EX+,SPS,SRW) $50.

(CHAIN)PHIL MANNING-I Wish There Was a Way-Mushroom(Australia, '74)-Lead guitarist/vocalist. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,RWBC) $75.

(CHAIN)MATT TAYLOR-Music-Mushroom(Australia, '74,M-/M-,FO) $100.

(CHAIN)MATT TAYLOR-Old New Intuitive-Mushroom(Australia, '75,M-/M-,FO) $100.

(CHAIN)MATT TAYLOR BAND-Always Land on Your Feet-Forever(Australia, '78,M-/M-) $75.

(CHAIN)MATT TAYLOR/PHIL MANNING BAND-Oz Blues-Full Moon(Australia, '81,M-/EX+,WIS) $65. 

CHAIND-Same-private(U.S., '72)-Ultra-rare double live set of seedy psychedelic blues; long jams, all killers. (M-/M-/EX,FO,RW,STNBC) $1250.

(CHAIND)PETER M. KLIMES-Same-private(U.S., '74)-Two years on and now with a definite rural twang. (M-/M-) $300. 

DAVID CHALMERS-Primeval Road-Same Old(U.S., '76)-Better-than-average psychedelic rock albums. This copy has the songs "Houston" and " Snow White Horse". (M-/M-,FO) $250.

DAVID CHALMERS-Primeval Road-River(U.S., '76)-This copy replaces the above two songs with "Dear Friends". (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,FO,SRW,SSTNC) $150.

DAVID CHALMERS-Looking for Water-River(U.S., '77,M-/M,SIS) $200.    

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LOU CHAMPAGNE SYSTEM-No Visible Means-Pterodactyl(Canada, '84,M-/M,SIS,WIS) $40.

CHAMPION-Same-Uranus(Canada, '77,M-/M-) $50.

LES CHANCELIERS-Same-Citation(Canada, '66)-Mostly beat/pop, but the two Beatles' covers along with "Mickey's Monkey" and one great punked-out original are worth the price of admission. Probably Canadian legend Mike Pagliaro's first album, sung in French for the most part. (M-/EX,SRW,WSTNBC,TIBC) $150.

CHANGES-Images to Remember-private(Switzerland, '84)-Small press dramatic symphonic progressive. (M/M-) $150.


CHAPIN BROTHERS-Chapin Music-Rock Land(U.S., '66,M/M-,FO) $150.

CHARACTER-Same-Crank(U.S., '81,M/M,SIS) $50.

CHARGE-Same-Fresh Air(U.K., '74)-I do not believe this is any relation at all to the above. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-) $50.

CHARIOT-Same-National General(U.S., '69)-Demand exceeds supply on this blues-laced hard psych trio. (M-/M-,CON) $250.

CHARLATANS-Same-Philips(U.S., '69)-West Coast psych pioneers; one of the original bands to emerge from the bay area in the late '60's; rural vibe. (SS,COH) $350.

CHARLEE-see Influence, see Walter Rossi

CHARLIE-No Second Chance-Janus(U.S., '77,SS,CC) $4.

CHARLIE-Lines-Janus(U.S., '78,SS,CC) $4.

GARY CHARLSON-Real Live Gary-Titan(U.S., '81)-Great live power pop. (SS) $20.

CHARMER-Your Presence Requested-Illusion(U.S., '77)-Super rare tax-loss scam label LP;  top-notch blazing guitar psych from Mike Pinera; actually recorded in the early '70's. (M/M,SIS) $900.

DAVE CHASTAIN BAND-Rockin' Roulette-Rumble(U.S., '80)-Scarce blistering southern rocker. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC) $75.

CHINGA CHAVIN-Country Porn-private(U.S., '76)-Title tells the story. Has the classic "Okie from Muskogee" parody "Asshole from El Paso". Cover features a beautiful bare-breasted cowgirl and toilet-seat guitar. (SS,FO) $30 or (M-/EX+,FO) $15.

LOS CHAVOZ-Same-Gas(U.S., '73,M-/EX+,FO,COH,SRW) $100.

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SHINKI CHEN-see Golden Cups

CHEROKEE-Same-ABC(U.S., '71)-Good rural Poco-types. (M-/M-,FO) $20.

CHEROKEES-Here Come...-W&G(Australia, '65,M-/FC EX-,BC EX,MO,TOC,WOC,SRW,STABC) $750.

CHEROKEES-Oh Monah-Go(Australia, '66,M-/FC EX,BC EX+,MO,STIC,SRWBC) $600.

CHICAGO-go to Records Around the World section

CHICKEN AND THE EGG-Word of Mouth-Gramex(U.S., '74,EX+/EX,TIBC,STNC) $400. 

CHICKEN SHACK-Forty Blue Fingers...-Epic(U.S., '68)-Big name British blues boom band's first album; super rare MONO white label promo. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC M-,BC EX+,WLP,MO,STIC,PSTABC) $250.

CHICKEN SHACK-Imagination Lady-Deram(U.S., '72,M-/EX+,FO,SRW,SPS) $40 or (VG+/EX-,FO,SPS,STNC,TIC) $3.

CHICKEN SHACK-The Creeper-Eurodisc(France, '78,M-/FC EX,BC M-,TIC) $30.

CHICKEN SHACK-39 Bars-Ride On(Germany, '86,M-/EX+,SSTNC) $25.  

CHICO MAGNETIC BAND-Same-Vogue(France, '70)-Insanely rare King-Tut's-tomb status psych/funk album; perfect except for miniscule tear on the back cover and some slight foxing at the rear. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,TIBC,STNBC) $1400.

LOS CHIJUAS-Same-Trebol(Mexico, '69)-Smooth garage beat/soft psych mega-rare second album. (M-/M-,PL,PSTABC) $500.

LOS CHIJUAS-Vol. 2-Trebol(Mexico, '70)-In reality, their third. (M-/M-) $500.

CHIKKIN-Which Came First?-Egg(Canada, '78)-White wax. (M-/EX,PH,WIS,SRW) $40.

CHIL-Rhubarby Feeling-private(Switzerland, '70)-Perfect copy of totally vanished folk/psych with fuzz and effects; a scant 200 pressed. (M/M) $750.

CHILD-Same-Jubilee(U.S., '69)-Fuzz guitar/organ dominated heavy psych, undiscovered sleeper here. (M-/EX,FO,SRW,TIC) $125.

CHILLIWACK-Same-Sire(U.S., '74,SS,COH) $8.

CHILLIWACK-Rockerbox-Sire(U.S., '75,SS,COH) $8.

CHILLUM-see Second Hand

ALEX CHILTON-Like Flies on Sherbert-Aura(U.K., '80)-Nice unplayed copy of second and still rare press of 1979 LP on Peabody Records (but selling for 1/2 or less of the one-year previous original) by this former-Box Tops former-Big Star power pop deity. (M/M) $125. 

CHINA-go to Records Around the World section

CHINESE PUZZLE-Inside/Outside-Rebus(U.S., '80)-Quirky rhythm changes on the whole bordering on new wave. (SS) $40 or (M/M,SIS) $35.

CHIPMUNKS-see Beatles, click here for Beatles

CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND-No Way Out-Tower(U.S., '67)-To me the Holy Grail of West Coast psychedelia, all three albums are masterpieces; first copy is the rarer mono issue. (EX-/EX,MO,SRW,TIC,WOBC) $300 or (M-/EX+,WSTNC) $600.

CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND-One Step Beyond-Tower(U.S., '69)-Early counterfeit so close to the original in appearance. (M-/M-) $75.

CHRISMA-Hibernation-Polydor(Italy, '79)-Male/female spacey acid/new wave duo, pressed on clear wax. (M/M-,WIS) $60.

CHRISTIAN-Same-Can-Base(Canada, '72)-Heavy rural rock with some good guitar moves. (S1 EX,S2 M-/EX,FO,WOL,TIC) $50.

LOU CHRISTIE-go to Records Around the World section 

(SPIRIT OF)CHRISTMAS-Lies to Live By-Daffodil(Canada, '74)-Hard guitar psych. (M-/M-,FO,WIN,PH) $500.

CHRISTMAS-see Reign Ghost

CHRISTOPHER-What'cha Gonna Do?-Chris-tee(U.S., '68)-Incredible unplayed copy; only 100 pressed so obviously mighty rare, West Coast somewhat bluesy hard guitar psych with furious fuzz attacks. (M/M-) $7500.

CHROME-3rd from the Sun-Siren(U.S., '77,M/M,SIS,WIS) $50.

CHURCHILL'S-Same-Hed Arzi(Israel, '69)-This has got to be in the TOP 10 of worldwide heavy psych albums both in musical content and (especially in this condition) rarity. (M-/M-) $6000.

CHURCHILL'S-see Jericho

(CHURCHILL'S)APOCALYPSE-Same-CBS(Israel, '72)-Still virtually unknown psychedelic progressive post-Churchill's offering; some amazing fuzz guitar excursions. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+) $600.

(CHURCHILL'S)APOCALYPSE-Same-Embassy(Israel, '72)-Later pressing. (M/M-) $500 (SOLD) or (EX/FC VG++, BC M-,HRW,SSTNC) $50

CHYLD-Conception-New Renaissance(U.S., '88)-Pennsylvanian hardrock band. (M-/M-,WIN,CC) $20 or (M-/EX,WIN,CC,TIC) $18.

CINDERELLA-Same-Spectacular(Germany, '90)-Danish heavy blues rock trio recorded in 1970; unplayed copy. (M/M) $175.

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CIRITH UNGOL-Frost and Fire-Liquid Flames(U.S., '81)-Rare private metal; sealed copy should contain the insert. (SS) $150.

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CITY BLUES CONNECTION-No. 1-private(Germany, '79,M-/EX-) $60.

C.K. STRONG-see Mama Lion

LOS CLANERS-Para la Gente Joven-Philips(Chile, '66,S1 EX,S2 M-/EX,STIC,WOBC,PSTIL,WOL,TIL) $300.

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GENE CLARK-...with the Gosdin Brothers-Columbia (U.S., '67,S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX+,TIC,SRWBC) $125.

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CLARK/HUTCHINSON-A=MH2-Sire(U.S., '69)-Rare stateside pressing of this great British prog piece. (M/M) $90.

ALLAN CLARKE-go to Records Around the World section

LES CLASSELS-En Spectacle-Trans Canada(Canada, '67)-White-haired beat rockers doing about 1/2 covers and 1/2 originals; plays perfectly. (EX+/EX+,SRW,MO) $60.

DAVID CLAYTON-THOMAS/SHAYS A GO GO-Same-Roman(Canada, '65)-Yes, this is the same guy of Blood, Sweat, and Tears fame. No, this is not the similar horn saturated drivel. What this is is stinging fuzz guitar freakbeat with a bluesy lean to it because of his soulful vocal style. A great blend of styles, and a great album. Ask to hear, and I'll happily play some for you. (S1 EX+,S2 EX/EX+,MO,SRW) $250 or (EX/FC EX+,BC EX,MO,SRW,XOBC) $225.

CLEAR LIGHT-Same-Elektra(U.S., '67)-Totally magical and unheralded electric folk/rock/psych approaching, or should I dare, equalling the brilliance of bands like the Byrds, Love, Lollipop Shoppe. Need more be said. The first copy offered here is immaculate and unplayed. (M/M-,WIS) $125 or (M-/EX+,SRW,STIL) $50.

CLEARLIGHT-Forever Blowing Bubbles-Virgin(U.K., '75,M-/M-) $75.

CLEARLIGHT-see Delired Cameleon Family

DUNCAN CLEARY-see Euphoria Brothers

CLICKER-Same-Hemisphere(U.S., '73)-Excellent heavy progressive (some softer pastoral moments) with some really furious fret-work. (M-/VG++,RW,XOL,SPS,TIBC) $80.


CLIMAX (CHICAGO) BLUES BAND-Tightly Knit-Sire(U.S., '71,M-/EX+,WLP,CC) $30.

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COBRA-First Strike-Epic(U.S., '83,M/M-,WIS,PSTABC) $25.

RICCARDO COCCIANTE-Mu-RCA(Italy, '72)-1978 second press. (M-/M-) $50.

COCHISE-Same-UA(U.K., '70,M-/M-,FO) $100.

COCHISE-Swallow Tales-Liberty(U.K., '71,M-/EX,XOL) $30.

COCHISE-Swallow Tales-UA(U.S., '71)-British rock band with recognizable names (Mick Grabham, B.J. Cole). This U.S. press has an extra cut from the U.K. release which to me is the best song, a killer version of Buddy Holly's ''Love's Made a Fool of You" with an amazing pedal steel guitar lead. (SS,CON) $25.

(COCHISE)MICK GRABHAM-Mick the Lad-UA(U.K., '72,M/EX+,SRW) $50.

STEVIE COCHRAN-No Need to Worry-private(U.S., '83)-A genuine '80's rarity of only 100 pressed, heavy guitar rocker with over-the-top fuzz and '70's vibe issued as a promo only. Sticker pasted on a blank cover. (M-/M,SIS) $750 or (M-/EX,RW) $600.

COCHRANE-Hang on to Your Resistance-Daffodil(Canada, '74)-Pre-Red Rider in a rural mood. (SS,CON) $30.

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COCKPIT-Same-Pink Elephant(Holland, '72,M-/FC M-,BC EX+,MO,TIBC) $100.

LA COFRADIA DE LA FLOR SOLAR-Same-Microfon(Argentina, '71)-Heavy blues psych with flaming guitar leads courtesy of Kubero Diaz. Hey guitar fans, see below solo album for more screaming axe action. (M-/EX,FO,SHC,TOBC,TIBC) $1000. 

(LA COFRADIA DE LA FLOR SOLAR)KUBERO DIAZ/la PESADA-Same-Music Hall(Argentina, '73,M-/EX+,FO) $500.

COINCIDENCE-Same-Disques Tromblas(France, '76,M-/M,SIS,WIN,STIL) $150.

COLLECTORS-Grass and Wild Strawberries-Warner(U.S., '69,M-/EX,FO,RW,SPS) $90.


COLOR HUMANO-Same-Microfon(Argentina, '72)-Their first album of South American heavy blues/psych with ties to Almendra and Pescado Rabioso; slight foxing on the cover of the first copy. (EX+/EX+,FO,STNC,SPS) $200 or (EX+/EX-,FO,TIC,SPS,WSTNC,RWBC) $125.

COLOR HUMANO-Same-Talent(Argentina, '72)-1985 second pressing of above album. (M-/EX,FO,SRW,WOBC) $60.

COLOR HUMANO-see Almendra

(COLOURED BALLS)LOBBY LOYDE-Same-Calendar(Australia, '74)-Legendary Oz heavy progressive/psych guitarist, driving force behind Coloured Balls. (M-/M-) $200.

(COLOURED BALLS)LOBBY LOYDE-Obsecration-Rainbird(Australia, '76,M-/M-,FO,WIS) $250 or (M-/M-,FO) $175.

(COLOURED BALLS)LOBBY LOYDE-Live with Dubs-Mushroom(Australia, '80,M-/EX+,WIS,SSTNC,SRW) $300.

(COLOURED BALLS)MANDU-To the Shores of His Heaven-Image(Australia, '74,M-/M-,FO) $100.

COLOURS-Same-Century(U.S., '69)-Texas folk with male/female harmonies doing covers of Dylan, Beau Brummels, and Stills on legendary label. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX+,SRW) $250.

COLOURS-Same-Dot(U.S., '68)-Cool pop/psych with Pepperish tunes and occasional fuzz guitar flashes featuring future Clapton henchman Carl Radle. (SS,COH) $90 or (M-/EX+,COH) $50.

RAY COLUMBUS-...Album-Impact(New Zealand, '65,EX/EX-,SPS,TIC) $100.

RAY COLUMBUS/INVADERS-Till We Kissed-Philips(New Zealand, '66,M-/M-) $200.

RAY COLUMBUS-Hit Tracks-Polydor(New Zealand, '68,EX+/VG++,SRW) $100.

RAY COLUMBUS-Jangles, Spangles & Banners-Family(New Zealand, '72,EX+/VG++,RW,TIC,WOBC,SSTNBC) $75.

COLWELL-WINFIELD BLUES BAND-Cold Wind Blues-Verve Forecast(U.S., '68,M-/M) $60.

COLWELL-WINFIELD/FRIENDS-Live Bust-Za-zoo(U.S., '71)-Very rare live private press with paste-on front and back covers of gutsy white-boy blues. (M/EX+,SPS) $300.

COMPANION-On the Line-Sleepy Eye(U.S., '77,SS) $250.

COMPANION-Mr. Head Live-Akashic(U.S., '80)-California rural outlaw guitar sounds. (SS) $200 or (M/M,SIS) $175.

COMPANY CAINE-Dr. Chop-Lamington(Australia, '75)-Rare (only 500 made) of heavy bluesy prog with some truly amazing guitar work. (M-/EX+,WIN) $250.

BOBBY COMSTOCK/COUNTS-Out of Sight-Ascot(U.S., '66,M-/EX+,SRW) $35.

COMUS-To Keep from Crying-Virgin(U.K., '74)-Sounds like the Chipmunks do progressive folk. (M-/EX+,SRW,STIBC) $225.

CONDITION GREEN-Mixed Up-Viento(Japan, '79,M-/EX,OBI,WIN,SRW,STNC) $100 (SOLD) or (M-/EX-,SPS) $60. 

CONEXION NO. 5-Same-RCA(Chile, '69)-Good cover band. Of the 389 artists covering "Hey Joe", their version is #112 putting them in the top third, not bad. Disclaimer: figures used are only an approximation. (M-/EX+,MO,STIBC) $100.

CONNEXION-Same-RCA(Canada, '75)-Screaming fuzz-soaked guitar number never letting up from first groove to last. (M-/EX+,SRW) $200.

CONNIVENCE-Same-Kebec Disc(Canada, '77,M/M,SIS) $40.

CONNIVENCE-III-Amplitude(Canada, '84,M-/M-) $25.

ROBERT CONNOLLY-Plateau-Tube(Canada, '78)-Top notch prog/psych showing off his guitar prowess in long-song format. (SS) $75.

CONROY-London's Underground-Berry(U.K., '72)-Super rare tiny press of great U.K. exploitation psych rumored to have a Hawkwind connection; holy grail of library issues. This copy has the laminated cover and the orange/white labels. (M-/M-,TIL) $600.

CONROY-London's Underground-Berry(U.K., '72)-Slightly later press of the above album with different non-laminated cover and solid orange labels. (M-/M-) $350.

CONROY-London's Underground No. 2-Berry(U.K., '75)-Their second album; not exactly the psychedelic beast that is their first album, but mainly with a psych/funk edge and also including a killer prog/rock track and a lovely prog/folk piece. (M-/M-) $120.

CON'S COMBO-Same-Odeon(Argentina, '65)-Swedish band seeks fame and fortune in So. America. (S1 EX,S2 EX+/FC EX+,BC EX,MO,SRW,STIL,WOBC,STABC) $225.

CONTINUUM-Autumn Grass-RCA(U.K., '71,M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $200.

CONTRAST-A Very Good Year-private(U.K., '72,M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SPS,WOBC) $400. 

RY COODER-go to Records Around the World section

RY COODER-see Rolling Stones "Jamming with Edward"

COOKIN' MAMA-see Oasis

RITA COOLIDGE-go to Records Around the World section

ALICE COOPER-see Richard Wagner

ALICE COOPER-go to Records Around the World section

JEFF COOPER/STONED WINGS-Tribute to Jimi Hendrix-Europa(Germany, '70)-One of the best Hendrix sound-a-likes, superb guitar. (EX+/EX) $35.

RUTH COPELAND-Self Portrait-Invictus(U.S., '70,M-/EX,RW,SPS) $75.

RUTH COPELAND-I Am What I Am-Invictus(France, '72)-Ballsy female vocalist backed by the wild psychedelic guitar of Parliament/Funkadelic in beautiful laminated cover. (M/M-) $200.

RUTH COPELAND-I Am What I Am-Invictus(U.S., '72)-Same LP as above but in great triple gatefold cover. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW,PH) $200 or (S1 EX,S2 M-/ EX,FO,PH,RW) $75.

CORKSCREW-For Openers-Highway(U.K., '79,M/M,SIS) $75.


CORPORATION-Same-Capitol(U.S., '69)-Fantastic unplayed copy of yet another unheralded at the time of its release Capitol pysch album (like Gandalf, Koala, Euphoria, etc.); the highlight of this disc being the side-long full-blown lysergic instrumental version of John Coltrane's "India". (M/M-) $175.

CORPORATION-Get on our Swing-Age of Aquarius(U.S., '69)-After their above debut album on Capitol flopped in the all-important sales category and they were dropped from the label, Corporation took the garage/psych material from this album which was to be their second Capitol release and put out this private label ditty; very tasty fuzz guitar parts. (M/M,SIS) $125.


LOS CORVETS-Same-Orion(U.S., '66,M-/EX-,MO,RW,STNC) $75.

COSA NOSTRA-Same-Raff(Mexico, '71,M-/EX+,FO,SRW,SPS) $300.

(COSA NOSTRA)COSSA NOSTRA-Same-Raff(Mexico, '73)-Second album. (M-/M-) $250.

COSMIC DEALER-go back to homepage and click onto the re-issue section

COSMIC MICHAEL-After a While-Bliss(U.S., '70,M-/EX+,TIC) $550.

COSMOS FACTORY-A Journey with...-Express(Japan, '75)-Wonderful unplayed copy of Eastern progressive with guitar and synthesizer ranging from heavy to mellow, but for the most part much heavier than their super rare first album. (M/M-,WIN) $150.

COSMOS FACTORY-Black Hole-Express(Japan, '76,M-/M-,WIN) $85.

GAL COSTA-Gal-Philips(Brazil, '69)-This album would be amazing if only for her wailing vocals, but there is sooooo much more to hear with the varied musical styles. Side one begins with what I would call a scat/blues type song, cut two is Middle Eastern in nature, song three is psychedelic blues, the fourth number is Latin salsa, and the final piece on side one sounds as if it was from the big band era. Side two is just as diverse, and all the songs on this album except one have devastating wah wah/fuzz leads. She and her band had me loving musical styles I never thought I would ever care for. The disc is in great visual condition but with noisy So. American vinyl, and the cover is strong EX/EX+ for the most part except for tears and feathering along the opening edge. If you are not familiar with this album but love gritty female vocals and psychedelic sounds, this one's for you. (EX+/VG++,TIC) $175.

COTO EN PEL-Holocaust-Nevada(Spain, '78,M-/M-,FO) $250.

COUCHOIS-Same-Warner(U.S., '79,S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX+,PSTABC,WIS,SRW) $15.

COUNT-I'm a Star-Carrere(France, '78)-Fuzzy, reverby leads, psych revival. (M-/M-,FO) $50.

COUNT BISHOPS-Same-Chiswick(U.K., '77)-Ex-members of Buffalo rock hard. (M/M) $25.

(COUNT)BISHOPS-Cross Cuts-Chiswick(U.K., '79)-More of the above. (M/M) $20.

COUNT FIVE-go to Records Around the World section

COUNTERPOINT-Same-private(U.S., '82)-Little known hard prog private press from this hellish town of Tulsa in the even more abysmal state of Oklahoma where I currently live and will probably be stuck in until the day I die; good record though. (M-/EX+,SRW) $90.

COUNTRY JOE/FISH-go to Records Around the World section

COUNTS-I Whistle for My Baby-Amadeo(Austria, '66,M-/EX+,SPS,STABC) $100.

COVEN-Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls-Mercury(U.S., '69)-Rare hard psych; totally shameful center spread of naked black mass sacrifice (you must be 21 or older to try this at home). (M-/M-,FO,XOL) $300.  

DAVID COVERDALE-go to Records Around the World section

COXON'S ARMY-see Pat Benatar

COYOTE-Same-Chariot(U.S., '73)-Different (little-known and underrated) band from above; rural Dead-a-likes with some surprising and brilliant early '70's U.K. progressive moments scattered within. (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,TIC,SRW,STNBC) $400.

CRABBY APPLETON-Same-Elektra(U.S., '70)-Pretty straight FM rockers featuring Michael Fennelly. (SS,CC) $50.

CRABBY APPLETON-Rotten to the Core-Elektra(U.S., '71,SS,CC) $50.

CRAWDADDYS-...Express-Voxx(U.S. , '79)-Neo-garage beat punkers sounding more like 1965-66 than bands they cover: Them, Stones, Pretty Things, etc. (SS,MO) $30 or (M/M-,MO) $25.

CRAWLER-go to Records Around the World section

CRAZY HORSE-go to Records Around the World section

CRAZY PEOPLE-Bedlam-Condor(U.S., '68)-Johnny Kitchen's first vinyl effort a year prior to the Victims of Chance, and this lives up to the group name and title. Demented psychedelic meanderings, long experimental excursions, and good rocking fuzz guitar parts make quite a diverse musical experience. (M-/EX,RW) $250.

(CRAZY PEOPLE)VICTIMS OF CHANCE-Same-Crestview(U.S., '69)-Super unplayed copy of Johnny Kitchen's next effort after being released from the musical asylum that was the Crazy People. This too is psychotic freak-out madness, and while not as rare as the Crazy People LP, this is becoming very scarce. Don't get me wrong, this is quite musical for the most part and not just mindless noise, but they do lapse occasionally into the world of experimentation. (M/M-,SIS) $150.

PAPA JOHN CREACH-go to Records Around the World section

CREAM-go to Records Around the World section

CREATION-We Are Paintermen-Sonet(Sweden, '67)-Amazing British heavy popsike; super rare Swedish pressing with great unique different band pic on the back cover. (S1 M-,S2 EX/FC EX+,BC M-,TIC,SPS) $650.

CREATION-The Best of the...-Pop(Germany, '68,M-/EX+,SRWBC) $450.

CREATION(Japanese band)-see Blues Creation

CREATION(Japanese band)-see Pappalardi, Felix

CREED-Same-Asylum(U.S., '78,M-/M-,WLP) $25.

CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL-go to Records Around the World section


CREME/GODLEY-go to Records Around the World section

CRESSIDA-Asylum-Vertigo(U.K., '71)-All-time British progressive masterpiece, much rarer than their first LP. (M-/M-,FO) $1250.

CRISTAL-Formatia-Electrecord(Romania, '84,M-/EX+) $75.

CRITTERS-go to Records Around the World section

DAVID CROSBY-go to Records Around the World section 

CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG-go to Records Around the World section 

CROSS and ROSS-see T.2.

CROSS COUNTRY-Same-Atco(U.S., '73)-Cool breeze Poco-styled rural rock. (M-/M-,FO,CON) $18.

CROSSCUT SAW-Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know-private(U.S., '75,M-/EX,RW) $150. 

CROSSRODE-Same-Strawberry Jam-(U.S., '80)-Hot early '70's sounding roadhouse twin guitar Southern rock. Only a few 100 pressed. (SS) $200.

CROW-Best of...-Amaret(U.S., '72,SS,CC) $50.

CROWBAR-...Classics-Daffodil(Canada, '72,M-/M-,FO,COH) $60.

CROWFOOT-Same-Paramount(U.S., '70)-Rural rock featuring the guitar of Russell DaShiell. (SS,COH) $75.

CROWFOOT-Find the Sun-ABC(U.S., '71,SS,COH) $75.

CRUCIBLE-see Various "Extremes"

CRUSADERS-Make a Joyful Noise with Drums and Guitars-Tower(U.S., '66,M-/M,SIS,COH) $125 or (M-/EX+,SPS,SRWBC) $90.

CRYAN' SHAMES-go to Records Around the World section

CRYSTAL HAZE-Same-private(U.S., '77)-Super rare (only 100 made) of heavy progressive LP in a plain white cover with info sticker on shrink adding to its obscure look. Superb guitar. (M/M,SIS) $1250.

CRYSTALAUGUR-Terranaut-Warped(Singapore, '72)-Monster basement psych from U.S. ex-patriots in the Far East. (M-/EX+) $1500.

CRYSTALIZED MOVEMENTS-Mind Disaster-Twisted Village(U.S., '83)-Only 130 made of this full-bore acid psych guitar blast. (M-/M-) $250.

CRYSTALIZED MOVEMENTS-Dog, Tree, Satellite Seers-Twisted Village(U.S., '87)-Ditto musically of above LP. (M-/M-) $150.

CUBY/BLIZZARDS-Soul-Philips(Germany, '67)-Dutch band playing the best in white-boy blues. All these are fine bluesrock LP's. Edge warp that's barely audible on S1. I have five turntables. This plays great on four but jumps a bit on the fifth for some reason. Any problems, send it back, no questions asked. (M-/EX,TOC) $90.

CUBY/BLIZZARDS-Trippin' Thru a Midnight Blues-Philips(Holland, '68,M-/M-) $90 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-) $80.

CUBY/BLIZZARDS-Live-Philips(U.S., '68,M-/M-) $60.

CUBY/BLIZZARDS-Appleknockers Flophouse-Philips(Holland, '69,M-/FC M-,BC EX,FO,COH,TIBC) $200. 

CUBY/BLIZZARDS-King of the World-Philips(U.S., '70,M/S1 M-,S2 EX,RWBC) $50 or (M-/EX-,COH,RW,TOC) $25 or (S1 EX,S2 M-/VG+,COH,HRW,SPS) $15.

CUBY/BLIZZARDS-Afscheids Concert-Philips(Holland, '74,M-/M-,MO) $75.

CUCHARADA-El Limpiabotas Que Queria Ser Torero-Chapa Discos(Spain, '79)-Solid progressive LP. (M-/M-,FO,WIS) $75 or (S1 EX,S2 M-/M-,FO) $35.

CUERDA FLOJA-Same-private(Mexico, '88,M-/M-) $250.

CULLOWHEE-One More Song-private(U.S., '80,M-/M-,WIS) $40.

CURLY CURVE-Forgotten Tapes-Okotopia(Germany, '81)-Heavy prog Kraut-rock with ferocious leads and gruff vocals. Private release, comes in a seamless handmade cover with stickers and stamps. (M/EX,TOBC) $90.

(CURVED AIR)DARRYL WAY'S WOLF-Saturation Point-Deram(U.K., '73,M/M) $50.

VINNIE CUSANO-go to Records Around the World section

CYCLE-Same-Tamarac(Canada, '70)-Mesmerizing soft garage/psych. (M-/EX+,COH,SRW) $400.

CYCLE-Magic Music-Tamarac(Canada, '73,M-/EX+,SPS,SRW) $350.

CYRKLE-go to Records Around the World section

CZERWONO CZARNI-Z Archiwum Polskiego Beatu-Muza(Poland, '67)-Later press. (M-/EX+) $50.

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D.R.S./FRIENDS-From Me to You-Safari(U.S., '70,SS) $300.

DADDY COOL-Daddy Who?-Wizard(Australia, '75)-'50's sounding rock. (M/M-,WIS) $15.

DADDY LONGLEGS-Oakdown Farm-Vertigo(U.K., '71)-Rural rock that hits your pleasant zone; great swirl issue. (M-/EX+,FO,TOC,SRWBC) $250.

DALLAS-Casualty of Love-private(U.S., '79)-I still haven't reached the goal yet so what follows is the deal from the previous list. First let me say this is a Texas band doing some pretty twisted prog/psych originals and covering songs by Neil Young and the Byrds. Private looking b&w cover. Not a monster but has some outstanding guitar licks. The band member I spoke with couldn't remember exactly, but he thinks somewhere in the neighborhood of a 500 press. I bought all the copies that remained which was around 150 or so several years back. Through trades and the last catalog I've decreased that supply to significantly under 100 pieces. So here's the deal for this catalog. Whoever buys the 100th remaining copy since this deal started will win a sealed copy of Windflower (see this catalog for description)-a $300 value at least. Now this is much better than a raffle for a prize 'cause with a raffle all you have is a worthless ticket if you lose. Here you will have a quality little album for very little money. All are sealed copies and I'll price them at $18 each if you buy 1 to 3 copies, $15 each if you buy 4 to 9 copies, or $12 each if you buy 10 or more. Dealers take note. I'll announce the winner in my next catalog or continue the deal if 100 are not sold through this list. Good Luck! By the way, no questions will be answered as to how many have been sold at anytime. I'll keep a record of which copies I sell to whom, and I will supply that information to whomever wants it after the Windflower has been won to preserve the integrity of this offer.

DAMNATION OF ADAM BLESSING-Same-UA(U.S., '69)-Heavy psych with lysergic leads, stoned/treated vocals; one of the major label greats. (M-/EX+,SRW,CC) $90 or (M-/EX-,RW,SPS,TIC,WOC) $60. 

DAMNATION(OF ADAM BLESSING)-Which Is the Justice, Which Is the Thief-UA(U.S., '71,M/M-,FO) $90.

DANDELION-L'amour et la Haine-private(France, '81)-Early '70's Floydian style psych to glam/punk with heavy effects-drenched guitars. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX,WOC,SPS) $750.

PETER DARING-Same-Moon(U.S., '81,M-/EX,RW,STNBC) $75.

DARIUS-Same-Chartmaker(U.S., '69)-Essential example of real people electric folk psychedelia backed by Goldenrod. (M-/EX-,RW,TIBC) $850.


DAS-Nonchalant-Sir Reel(U.S., '85,M-/M-,WIS) $50.

DAVID-Same-Sound Canada(Canada, '68)-Mellow psych with some stunning guitars in a laid-back atmosphere; lovely male/female vocals. (M-/M-,COH) $400. 

DAVID & JONATHAN-go to Records Around the World section

ALUN DAVIES-go to Records Around the World section

JESSE DAVIS-Same-Atco(U.S., '70)-Unheralded amazing American Indian studio guitarist. Played with most of the biggies of his time. (M-/EX,SPS,SRW) $50.


MICHAEL DAVIS-Day and Night-Southern Sound(U.S., '83,M-/FC EX+,BC M-,WIS,SRW) $75.

SPENCER DAVIS GROUP-Funky-Date(U.S., '70)-Immediately withdrawn and rarely seen. (M/EX-,HRW,CC,STNBC) $250.

SPENCER DAVIS GROUP-go to Records Around the World section for more selections

DAY BLINDNESS-Same-Studio 10(U.S., '69)-Scarce organ/fuzz guitar psych. (SS) $350. 


DAYBREAK-A Celebration of the Individual...-Dome(U.S., '74)-School project sounding more late '60's West Coast hippie psych and folk than mid-'70's. Contains two posters and fold-out lyric booklet with local advertisers who supported the project, really rare. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,WIN,SPS,SRW) $750. 

DAYS-Bacchus Is Back-Sonet(Denmark, '75,M-/VG++,FO,TIC,XOL) $100. 

DAYS-Days '77-Sonet(Denmark, '77)-Die-cut cover. (M-/M-) $100.

DE LUXE BLUES BAND-Urban De Luxe-Appaloosa(Italy, '83,M-/M-,CC) $60.

DEAF-Alpha-Black Rills(Canada, '94)-Former members of Shiver recorded in 1970. (M/M-) $70.

DEAR MR. TIME-Grandfather-A Square Record(U.K., '70)-Homemade sounding progressive private ranging from softer popsike to a harder bluesy style. Low tech pressing. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-) $450.

DEDIKATION-Same-Philips(New Zealand, '69)-Megarare fuzz, phased beast from beneath; sure they're all covers, but how they breathe fire into some stale old stuff. (M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,SRW) $500 or (VG+/VG+,TOC,XOC,STABC) $125.

DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICH-go to Records Around the World section

(DAVE DEE)DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICH-go to Records Around the World section

(JOHNNY VALLONS)/DEE JAYS-Non-Stop Show at Kingside-Swe Disc(Sweden, '64,EX/FC EX,BC EX+,MO,TIC) $300.

DEE JAYS-Same-Polydor(Sweden, '66)-U.K. garage ravers only releasing their albums in Sweden and chock full of soulful vocals and ringing guitars; these albums are not easy to find. (S1 EX-,S2 EX/EX,MO,WOL) $400.

DEEP FEELING-Pretty Colours-Sunbeam(U.K., '09)-From the infancy of psychedelia blooms this collection of tunes previously unreleased on vinyl featuring future players  from Traffic (Jim Capaldi), Family (Poli Palmer), and Spooky Tooth and Mott the Hoople (Luther Grosvenor). (SS,FO)-$30.

DEEP PURPLE-Shades of...-Parlophone(U.K., '68)-Rare original yellow/black Parlophone labels and the earliest possible matrix numbers; so close to M-. (EX++/EX++,WOBC) $900.

DEEP PURPLE-go to Records Around the World section for more selections

DEEP PURPLE-see Artwoods

DEEP PURPLE-see Murasaki

DEEP RIVER BAND-Rocks-Erect(U.S., '81,SS,CC) $75.

DEER-In the Works-Street Sweeper(U.S., '80,SS) $100 or (M-/M-) $90.

DEER-Deer Crossing-Street Sweeper(U.S., '81,M-/EX+,SRW) $75.

DEER-Deer Me-Street Sweeper(U.S., '82,M/M-,SIS) $90.

DEERFIELD-Nil Desperandum-Flat Rock(U.S., '71)-Texas rural psych LP centered around some impressive guitar. (SS) $200.

DEFENDERS-Looking at You-Sonet(Denmark, '66)-Rarely seen second album of beat/poprock with some really good guitar on some tracks. (EX/FC EX+,BC EX,SPS,TIBC) $150.


DELANEY & BONNIE-go to Records Around the World section

LOS DELFINES-see Opus Alfa

I DELFINI-Same-Disco C.D.B.(Italy, '65)-Rare first album. (M-/M-) $500.

DEMIAN-see Bubble Puppy

DEMON THOR-Written in the Sky-UA(Germany, '74)-Majestic progressive, heavy on the guitar and mellotron somewhat like Spring. (M-/EX,FO,SRW) $75.

DENIM-Same-Epic(U.S., '77,SS) $8.

DEPARTURE-Same-Baby Grand(U.S., '77)-Band-influenced rural rock, black & white cover version. (M-/M-) $50.

DEREK/DOMINOS-go to Records Around the World section

RICK DERRINGER-go to Records Around the World section

DESERT RAT-Home from the Front-Champagne(Australia, '78)-Man, those guys from downunder sure know how to do HARD ROCK right. (M-/EX+,WIS) $50.

DESIGN-Same-Epic(U.S., '71,M-/M-,SIS,CC) $20.

DETECTIVE-Same-Swan Song(U.S., '77)-Bad Co. discoveries with Michael Des Barres. (SS,CON) $8.

DETECTIVE-It Takes One to Know One-Swan Song(U.S., '77)-As above. (SS,CON) $8.

DETROIT-Same-private(U.S., '79,M/M,SIS) $350 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC VG+,BC EX-,STIC,RW,TIC,WOBC) $180.

DETROIT(WHEELS)-go to Records Around the World section

DEVIANTS-Disposable-Sire(U.S., '69)-Scarce U.S. pressing of iconic British underground/psych. (M-/EX+,FO,PSTAC,SRW) $175 or (S1 EX,S2 VG+/EX-,FO,SPS,RW) $25

DEVILED HAM-I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night-Super K(U.S., '68)-Good psych LP with killer version of title track. (M/M-,COH) $60.

DEVIL'S  WALL-Same-private(U.S., '71)-Three-song acetate with Free's "I'll Be Creepin' ", Wishbone Ash's "Jail Bait", and the Stones' "Brown Sugar"; plain cover. (EX) $300.

DEVO-go to Records Around the World section 

DIAMOND REO-Dirty Diamonds-Kama Sutra(U.S., '76)-In-your-face hard R 'n' R. (M-/EX+,SIS) $20. 

DIAMOND REO-Ruff Cuts-First American(U.S., '79,SS) $15.

DIANA EXPRESS-Same-Balkanton(Bulgaria, '78,M-/M-) $250.

DIAS DE BLUES-see Opus Alfa

KUBERO DIAZ-see La Cofradia de la Flor Solar

DICKENS-Royal Incarnation-President(France, '70)-This album is the  trifecta of rarities. First of all, there were simply very few of these pressed. Second, the condition is an amazing coup. Third and  finally, brilliant heavy psych albums from France (a country known more for its progressive music scene) are few and far between. (M-/EX+) $1500.

DIES IRAE-First-Pilz(Germany, '71)-Wondrous unplayed disc of heavy progressive blues/rock with use of fuzz guitar, harmonica, lyrics, and song titles inspired by early Black Sabbath. (M/M-,FO) $500.

LES DIFFERENTS-Same-Disque Monde(Canada, '65,EX-/FC EX,BC EX+,MO,WOC,SRWBC) $400.

DILIAU-Same-Gwerin(U.K., '79,M-/EX+) $175.

DILLARD & CLARK-go to Records Around the World section

DILLINGER-Don't Lie to the Band-Daffodil(Canada, '76)-Northern Tullish rock with a good interplay of guitar and flute. (M-/EX+,FO,WIN,COH) $50.

DINO, DESI & BILLY-go to Records Around the World section


DIONYSOS-Le Prince Croule-Zodiaque(Canada, '72,S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-,FO) $275.

DIONYSOS-Same-Deram(Canada, '76,M-/EX,RW,XOC,XOL) $125.

DIRTY ANGELS-Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye-Private Stock(U.S., '76,SS,CON) $10.

DIRTY BLUES BAND-Same-Bluesway(U.S., '67)-Group's name says it all; down and dirty electric blues with ties to Misunderstood and Juicy Lucy. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,COH,SRW) $100.

DIRTY TRICKS-Same-Polydor(U.K., '75)-First and best by hard rockin' crew, no U.S. release. (M/M) $150. 

DIRTY TRICKS-Night Man-Polydor(U.S., '76,SS,CC) $5.

DIRTY TRICKS-Hit & Run-Polydor(U.S., '77,SS,CC) $5.

DISCIPLE-Come and See Us as We Are!-Avco Embassy (U.S., '70)-Nifty acid pop/psych. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW,SPS) $130 or (M-/EX+,PSTIC,CC,SRW) $125.

FRED DIXON/FRIDAY AFTERNOON-Same-Banff(Canada, '67,M-/M-,SIS,COH) $200.

DOBBS-Lives-Livingroom Artists(U.S., '80,M-/M,WIN) $200.

DOCTOR DOWNTRIP-see Burning Plague

DR. FEELGOOD-Down by the Jetty-UA(U.K., '75)-The best in British pub rock. (M/M,MO) $90.

DR. FEELGOOD-Malpractice-Columbia(U.S., '75,SS) $20 or (M/EX+,WLP,DJTS,PSTABC,SRW) $20.

DR. FEELGOOD-Stupidity-UA(U.K., '76,M/M-,SRW) $40.

DR. FEELGOOD-Be Seeing You-UA(U.K., '77,M/M-) $40.

DR. FEELGOOD-Sneakin' Suspicion-Columbia(U.S., '77,SS) $20.

DR. FEELGOOD-Private Practice-UA(U.K., '78,M/M,WIS) $40.

DR. FEELGOOD-As it Happens-UA(U.K., '79,M/M,WIS) $40.

DR. FEELGOOD-Let it Roll-UA(U.K., '79,M/M) $40.

DR. FEELGOOD-A Case of the Shakes-UA(U.K., '80,M/M,WIS) $40.

DOG SOLDIER-Same-UA(U.S., '75)-Excellent heavy prog featuring Keef Hartley and Miller Anderson. (SS,COH) $40 or (SS/FC EX,BC EX+,COH,SRW,TIC) $25.

DOGWATCH-Penfriend-Bridge House(U.K., '79)-Excellent prog rock LP. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX-,SSTNC,SRW) $125.

DOKE BROTHERS BAND-Same-Polecat Creek(U.S., '81,M-/M-) $150.

LOS DOLTONS-Vol. II-Sono Radio(Peru, '67,EX+/M-,MO) $250.

DOM SMUTSIGA HUNDARNA-Framtiden Rusaremot Dig-Nacksving(Sweden, '83, 'M-/EX+) $25.

DON/GOODTIMES-Where the Action Is!!-Wand(U.S., '66,M-/EX,MO,STAC,SPS,STNBC,SRWBC) $50.

DON/GOODTIMES-So Good-Epic(U.S., '67)-Northwest rock. (SS,MO,COH,SHC) $35.

DON/GOODTIMES-Goodtime Rock 'n' Roll-Piccadilly(U.S., '80,EX+/VG+,SRW,CC,TIC) $25.

DONOVAN-go to Records Around the World section

DONZELLA-Same-Decca(France, '76,M-/M-) $100.

DOORS-Open the Doors for the Doors-S*R International(Germany, '68)-Rare German-only bookclub pressing with amazing unique group color pic. (M-/M-) $300.

DOORS-go to Records Around the World section for more titles

DOORS-see Lament for the Lizard King 

DOWN FROM NOTHING-Same-private(U.S., '70)-Loose, breezy, jazzy prog/psych with nice guitar, keys, sax interplay; forerunner of Pound "Odd Man Out" LP. This one is really rare! (M-/EX+,TIC,SPS) $800 or (EX/VG++,TIC) $350.

(DOWN FROM NOTHING)POUND-Odd Man Out-private(U.S., '74,M-/M-) $350.

DOWNCHILD-But I'm on the Guest List!-Attic(Canada, '82)-One-sided promo only recorded live at the El Macombo. (M-/FC EX-,BC M-,PL,TIC) $50.

DOWNLINERS SECT-The Sect-Columbia(U.K., '64)-Garage r 'n' b/beat legends; couple of light scuffs, that do nothing otherwise perfect. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,MO,TIBC) $500.

DOWNLINERS SECT-The Birth of Suave-Hangman(U.K., '91,M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SPS) $50.

DOWNPOUR-Flyaway-Philo(U.S., '78,M-/EX,WIN,CC,SRW,SPS) $25.

DOWNTRIP-see Burning Plague


DRAGON-Scented Gardens of the Blind-Vertigo(Australia, '75)-Oz refined progressive. (M-/M-) $500.

DRAGONFLY(U.S. band)-go back to homepage and click onto the re-issue section

DRAGONSFIRE-Rising Phoenix-Belltree(U.K., '82)-Evolving from the traditional folk group Spinning Wheel, this album contains all original material. Progressive folk with lovely female/male vocals and harmonies with magical sounds produced by various instruments. (M/M-,WIN) $125.

STEVE DRAKE-Cold Sweat-Odyssey(U.S., '76,M-/EX-,SRW,SPS,STNBC,XOBC) $750.

DRAMA-Same-Philips(Holland, '72)-Outstanding unplayed copy of this amazing Dutch progressive/psych masterpiece. (M/M-) $900.

DREAM(Norway)-see Min Bul

DREAM-Living in a Dream-Dreamusic, Ltd.(U.S., '79)-Soft West Coast sounding psych with flute and pleasant guitars. (M-/M-,SIS,WIN) $300.

DRILLIN' OF THE ROCK-see Brother T. & Family

I DRIVE-go back to homepage and click onto the re-issue section

DRUGI NACIN-Same-RTB(Yugoslavia, '75)-Blistering fuzz leads, soaring flute, and tough vocals crown this Eastern European prog beast; so tuff to find in this condition. (M-/M-,FO) $150 or (M-/EX+,FO,TIC,STIBC) $100.

DRUIDS OF STONEHENGE-Creation-Uni(U.S., '68)-This album has done a vanishing act lately taking with it its fuzz lead/organ trade-offs and snarling vocals. (M-/FC EX+,BC EX-,SRW,SPS,TIBC) $550 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX,SRW,COH) $450.

D'SWOONER'S-Plays R&B Golden Hits-Philips(Japan, '68,M-/FC EX,BC M-,FO,WIN,TIC) $300 or (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,FO,WIN,SRWBC,SPS) $300

D'SWOONER'S-Portrait of...-Philips(Japan, '68,M-/M-,FO,WIN) $500.

DUCK-see Blackfeather

DUCKS DELUXE-Don't Mind Rockin' Tonite-RCA(U.S., '78)-Along with Dr. Feelgood, the cream of British pub rock. (SS,CON) $10.

RICK DUFAY-Tender Loving Abuse-Polydor(U.S., '80,M-/EX+,WIN,PSTABC) $25.

DUG DUG'S-Same-RCA Camden(Mexico, '76)-Second press of their ungodly heavy psych mind-fry first LP with "Lost in My World". If you're gonna own one Dug Dug's LP, this has to be the one. (M-/M-,SIS) $275 or (M-/M-) $250 or (M-/EX+,PSTAC,PSTAL,STNC) $225.

DUG DUG'S-El Loco-RCA Camden(Mexico, '78)-Rocked-out heavy psych third LP, over half sung in English. (M-/M-) $250 or (M-/EX+,PSTAC) $225 or (EX+/EX,SRW,STNC) $150 or (EX-/EX-,SRW,TOC) $75.

FRANK DUMIN-Another Dawn-Avant Garde(U.S., '70)-Inciteful folk/rock album by ex-seminary student whose harmones got the better of him. Record plays perfectly throughout except for some ticks on the first cut on side one looking to be due to a pressing flaw. (M-/M) $125.

JOHN DUMMER BLUES BAND-Try Me One More Time-Philips(U.K., '73,M-/M-) $200.



SIMON DUPREE & the BIG SOUND-go to Records Around the World section

DUST-Hard Attack-Kama Sutra(U.S., '72)-Single pocket cover press, pre-Ramones. (SS) $25.

DUST-go to Records Around the World section for more listings 

DUST-Same-Myrrh(U.S., '72)-No connection to the above band; West Coast Christian folk/psych. (M-/M,SIS) $75.

DUST BOWL CLEMENTINE-see Bohemian Vendetta

JACQUES DUTRONC-Same-Vogue(France, '69,EX/EX,FO,TOC,TSTNC) $75.

BOB DYLAN-go to Records Around the World section

DYNASTIE CRISIS-Same-Harvest(France, '72)-Full-blown prog with haunting voices, acid guitar, flutes, and keys. (M-/M-,STIBC) $90.

DZAMBLE-Z Archiwum Polskiego Beatu-Muza(Poland, '87,M-/M-) $15.

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EAGLE-Come Under Nancy's Tent-Janus(U.S., '70)-Essentially the third Beacon Street Union album. (M/FC EX+,BC M-,CC,SRW) $100.

EAGLES-see Shiloh

EAGLES-go to Records Around the World section

EARTH AND FIRE-Song of the Marching Children-Polydor(Holland, '72,S1 M-,S2 EX/EX+,FO) $65. 

EARTH AND FIRE-To the World of the Future-Polydor(Germany, '75)-Dutch prog icons. (M/M-) $30 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+,SRW,COH) $20.

EARTH FREE-Conjerti, Morreale & Dibley-Sundance(U.S., '72)-Titling their album the same as the last names of the three group members is where the lack of innovation and inspiration ends with this intriguing acoustic/electric folk/psych album. Bass and drums give the music a more rock feel. (M/M,SIS) $300.

EARTH OPERA-Same-private(U.S., '75)-Private press drivin' straight ahead hardrock with tuff rhythm section, hot guitars, and orginal tunes. (EX+/EX,RW) $50.

EARTH QUAKE-Same-A&M(U.S., '71)-Northern California hardrock. (SS,CON) $30.

EARTH QUAKE-Rocking the World-Beserkley(U.S., '75,SS) $6.

EARTH QUAKE-8.5-Beserkley(U.S., '76,SS,FO) $6.

EARTH QUAKE-Leveled-Beserkley(SS,77,SS,CC) $6.

EARTHEN VESSEL-Everlasting Life-NRS(U.S., '71)-Rarity-wise we're talking Mystic Siva and Haymarket Square realms; small-label pressing of brilliant guitar/organ dominated fuzz psych with male/female voices. (M-/EX,RW) $2500.

EARTHSHINE-Symbiosis?...-private(U.S., '84,M-/FC EX+,BC M-) $200.

EAST OF EDEN-SNAFU-Deram(U.S., '70)-Prolific U.K. progressive band. (M/FC M-,BC EX,RWBC) $75.

EAST OF EDEN-Same-Harvest(U.S., '71)-Third LP. (VG++/EX) $15.

EAST OF EDEN-Here We Go Again...-EMI(Germany, '76,SS) $30.

EAST SIDE KIDS-The Tiger and the Lamb-Uni(U.S., '68)-Underrated subdued hippie-pop with creative songs featuring some excellent fuzz guitar, backwards guitar, etc. (M-/EX+,COH) $60.

EAST WIND-Follow the Wind-private(U.S., '76)-Heavy rock one-sided, five-song acetate-only. Cover is Strawberry Alarm Clock "World in a Sea Shell" with East Wind stickers on front and back. (EX+/VG,STIC,FSPS,RW,XOBC) $1500.

EASY CHAIR-see Jeff Simmons

EASY STEAM-To Be Alive-Conglomerated Music(U.S., '76)-Melodic prog rock in homemade looking cover. (M-/EX,SRW,WIN) $75 or (M-/EX,SRW) $60.

EASYBEATS-see Stevie Wright

EASYBEATS-go to Records Around the World section

ECLECTIC MOUSE-Everything I've Got-Capitol(U.S., '70,M-/M-,FO) $40.

ECLIPSE-Same-CBS(Canada, '76)-Guitar prog from north of the border with extended tracks. (M/M-,WIS,WIN) $50 or (M/EX,COH) $35.

ECLIPSE-Night and Day-Direction(Canada, '77,M-/M-,SIS,COH) $30.

ECLIPSE-Same-Third Avenue(U.S., '83)-Heavy guitar private in cool fantasy art cover. (SS) $90 or (M-/M,SIS,WIS) $75.

TOM ED-Same-Tomorrow(U.S., '77)-Competent pop/rock on highly collectable tax-loss-scam label. (M/M,SIS) $30.

EDEN-Same-Total(Canada, '76)-Well-done progressive similar to Pentacle from France. (SS) $75 or (M-/M,SIS) $65.

EDEN'S CHILDREN-Sure Looks Real-ABC(U.S., '68)-Super unplayed disc (only opened to check record) of psych trio's second LP with songs drenched in heavy fuzz guitar. (M/M-,FO,COH) $100.

EDEN'S REBELS-Same-Esync(U.S., '85)-Four songs, 12". (M-/VG++,RW,WOC) $15.

EDGE-Same-Nose(U.S., '70)-Blistering West Coast heavy fuzzy psych. (SS,FO) $250.

GRAEME EDGE BAND-go to Records Around the World section

DAVE EDMUNDS-go to Records Around the World section

ROBERT EDWIN-With Joy-Fortress(U.S., '74,M-/EX,SPS,SRW,SSTNC) $30.

EGO ON THE ROCKS-Acid in Wonderland-Jupiter(Germany, '81,M-/M-,FO,STIC) $100.   

EIK-see Icecross

EIRE APPARENT-Same-Buddah(U.S., '69)-Great Irish psych band produced by Jimi Hendrix. (M/M-,COH) $125.

EKSEN TRICK BRICK BAND-Sky Story-private(U.K., '78)-Superb progressive folk/rock. (M-/EX+,WIN) $290.

EKSEPTION-3-Philips(Germany, '70,M-/FC EX+,BC M-,FO,TIC) $30.

EL CAMPO JADES-The 13th Song-Golden Eagle(U.S., '67,M-/M-) $100. 

ELDERBERRY JAK-Long Overdue-Electric Fox(U.S., '70)-Half heavy progressive/psych, half a dreamier Capitol's Gandalf-like feel. (M-/M-) $150.

ELECTRIC BANANA-go to Records Around the World section

ELECTRIC BLUES-Still Going Strong!-private(Holland, '79)-Bluesrock monster with burning leads, howling harmonica, and growling vocals. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,TIC) $500.

ELECTRIC EELS-Same-Geffenburg(U.S., '80)-Hardrock(not metal)with wild guitars soloing all over and a beautiful color fantasy cover. Seen in some lists in the high $200's. (M-/M-) $150 or (M-/EX,SRW,SPS) $125.

ELECTRIC FIREBIRDS-Dance Party Time-Crown(U.S., '69,M/M-,SIS) $75 or (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,HRW) $30.

ELECTRIC FLAG-go to Records Around the World section

ELECTRIC FUNERAL-The Wild Performance 1970-Vandisk(Switzerland, '91)-Recorded in 1970, this previously unreleased album is heavy underground psych with raw crude fuzz blasts all over its grooves; only 200 pressed. (M/M,SIS) $150.

ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA-go to Records Around the World section

ELECTRIC PRUNES-Same-Reprise(U.S., '67)-Very scarce mono press, but as with about 90% of these, milky looking, crackly sounding vinyl. (M-/EX,MO,SRW) $50

ELECTRIC PRUNES-Underground-Reprise(U.S., '67)-Both have the tri-color label. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC) $95 or (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,COH) $95.

ELECTRIC PRUNES-go to Records Around the World section for more titles  


ELECTRONIC HOLE-see Beat of the Earth 

ELEPHANT-Same-Moonwathcer(U.S., '74)-Original press of melodic pastoral West Coast guitar rocker later issued on Big Tree. (S1 M-,S2 EX/VG++,RW,TOC,CC,PIH,PSTIBC) $75.

ELEPHANT'S MEMORY-Same-Apple(U.S., '72)-Produced by John and Yoko (SS) $100.

ELEPHANT'S MEMORY-Angels Forever-RCA(U.S., '74,SS,CON) $20.

ELF-Same-Epic(U.S., '72,SS,CC) $125.

ELF-L.A. 59-MGM(U.S., '74,SS,CC) $100.

ELI-Chained to a Dream-Nautilus(U.S., '78)-Florida flash guitar heavy symphonic prog with good use of keys. (SS) $75.

ELIAS HULK-Unchained-Young Blood(Australia, '70,M-/FC M-,BC EX,RWBC) $750.

ELIAS HULK-see Magic Muscle

ELIZABETH-Same-Vanguard(Canada, '68)-Mellow period psycher with some excellent guitar interludes. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,WLP,COH,STABC) $100.

ELLIE POP-Same-Mainstream(U.S., '68)-The perfect popsike album; every song is a winner. (M/FC EX+,BC M-,COH) $250.

RON ELLIOTT-see Beau Brummels

STEVE ELLIS/STARFIRES-Steve Ellis Song Book-IGL(U.S., '67,S1 EX-,S2 EX/FC EX+,BC M-,MO,SRW) $750.

ELMER CITY RAMBLING DOGS-Same-Dog Dirt(U.S., '75)-Underappreciated Dead-like rural guitar psych. (SS) $40.

ELOY-see Ego on the Rocks

EMBALO R-Same-Som/Maior(Brazil, '67)-Beat band doing an original or two but for the most part covering well known tunes. This LP and the following are in great shape for their point of orgin in the world. (M-/M-,WLP,PSTAC) $50.

EMBALO R-Vol. 2-Som/Maior(Brazil, '68)-Much better second album with occasional outbursts of fuzz and some horns covering a song by the mighty Los Shakers. (M-/M-,WLP,PSTAC) $90.

EMBRYO-Bad Heads and Bad Cats-April(Germany, '75,M-/EX,RW) $50.

EMERALD CITY-Waiting for the Dawn-Hippopotamus(Canada, '76)-Little known psych power trio. (M/M,SIS) $250 or (M-/M-) $225.

EMERALD WEB-Dragon Wings and Wizard Tales-Stargate(U.S., '79)-Magical crystalline chimes, synthesizer, flute pieces suitable for treasure questing, dragon slaying, or simply falling down a hobbit hole. (M-/EX+,WIN,SRW) $250.

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER-go to Records Around the World section 

END-see Tucky Buzzard

SCOTT ENGEL-go to Records Around the World section

ENID-In the Region of the Summer Stars-Buk(U.S., '76)-Masterful progressive gem. (SS,CC) $40 or (M-/EX+,CC,SRW) $20.

ENIGMA-Same-Epic(Mexico, '72,EX/EX,FO,RW) $500.

ENIGMA-Same-CBS(Mexico, '72)-Second press of above mega-rare first album, this one has the single pocket cover. (M-/M-,SIS,WIN) $200.

ENIGMA-Same-private(Mexico, '72)-South of the border guitar orgy, second album. (M-/EX+) $275.

ENIGMA-Duro Y Pesado-private(Mexico, '73,M-/EX,TSTNC) $200.

ENIGMA-Golpe Maestro-private(Mexico, '76,M-/FC VG+,BC EX+,WOC) $125.

ENIGMA-En Vivo!!-private(Mexico, '77,EX+/EX+,STIC) $125.

ENIGMA-Sin Registro-private(Mexico, '79,M-/EX+,WIN,SRW) $150.

JOHN ENTWISTLE-go to Records Around the World section

EPIDAURUS-Earthly Paradise-private(Germany, '77)-Ultrarare underground prog with multi-layered keys, long tracks, mucho mellotron, and haunting female vocals. (M-/M-) $600.

EPITAPH-Same-Polydor(Germany, '71)-First album of heavy guitar prog lengthy jams; super unplayed copy. (M/M) $300.

EPITAPH-Outside the Law-Billingsgate(U.S., '74,SS,FO) $50.

EQUILIBRIO VITAL-Same-Color(Venezuela, '83)-Heavy progressive jewel you'll swear from its sound is an early '70's release, only 500 pressed. (M-/M-,FO) $400.

EQUILIBRIO VITAL-Kazmor-Color(Venezuela, '84)-Second and last effort, just as great and just as rare as their first. (M/M-,FO) $400.

EQUINOX-Hard Rock-Boulevard(U.K., '73)-See album title; ten years ago this was a dime a dozen, now I haven't seen one up for grabs in years. (M/M-) $200.

EQUIPE 84-Raccolta di Successi-Dischi Ricordi(Italy, '71,M-/M-) $100.

ERGO SUM-Mexico-Theleme(France, '71)-Heavy progressive with manic playing and a vocalist sounding like Roger Chapman. No throw-away stuff here. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,FO,SPS,TIBC) $625.

ERIC QUINCY TATE-Can't Keep a Good Band Down-EQT(U.S., '77)-Private album of bluesy rural Southern burners recorded live in Augusta, GA. (EX+/EX+,WOC,SSTNC) $150.

ROCKY ERICKSON-see Thirteenth Floor Elevators

EROC-Zwei-Brain(Germany, '76)-Green label. (M-/M-,FO,STIBC) $50.

ERSEN-2-Sahinler(Turkey, '78)-Wicked fuzz wah-wah guitars, mystical harem-girl magic-carpet rhythms. Amazing Eastern folk/psych, one of the top artists from over there along with Koray, Uch Hurel, and Akbayram. Plays nearly perfect. For a more affordable introduction to this style of psych, check out the nice selection of Turkish singles in the prog/psych 45's section, non-LP items available. (S1 EX-,S2 EX/EX-,RW) $600.

ERSEN-Anadolu Pop-Oscar(Turkey, '78,EX-/EX,FO,AUTO) $200. 

ERSEN-Same-Erenler(Turkey, '79,S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX-,FO,RW,SPS) $500.

ETC.-Is the Name of the Band-Windi(U.S., '76)-Label-mates of Merkin offering up a breezy brand of West Coast rock. (SS) $100 or (M-/EX,RW) $60.

ETERNITY-Beyond the End...-Narco(U.S., '71)-Electronic madness totally unrelated to the following band. (M-/EX,RW) $50.  

ETERNITY-Same-Band of Gold(U.S., '81)-'70's sounding dual guitar hard psych private. (EX+/FC EX,BC M-,RW,SPS) $300.

ETHOS-Open Up-Capitol(U.S., '77)-Intense progressive with impassioned vocals, fiery leads, and thick keys, very European sounding; the rarer of their two. (SS,COH) $50.

LES ETOILES-see Mega's

EUBIE HAYVE-Same-Eubet(U.S., '85,M-/EX,WOL,WOC) $30. 

EUPHORIA BROTHERS-Same-Twain(U.S., '72)-Split album with the rural guitar sounds of the Euphoria Brothers taking all of side one. Second side features two songs each by Duncan Cleary, Michael Leonhardt, and Sweet Air. Weed burnin' churner by Cleary and phased fuzz/effects psycher by Sweet Air are the album's highlights. Plain white cover. (EX+) $750.   

EVERGREEN BLUES-7 Do Eleven-Mercury(U.S., '68,M-/EX+,SRW) $20 or (EX+/VG,WLP,FSPS,WOC,HRW,PSTABC) $8.


EVERGREEN BLUESHOES-Same-Amos(U.S., '68)-Rural folk/psych with Skip Battin later of the Byrds. (SS,CC,FO) $100.

EVERY MOTHER'S SON-go to Records Around the World section

EVERYDAY PEOPLE-Born Too Soon-United Music World(U.S., '76,S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX+,SPS) $250.

EVERYHEAD-A Rock Opera-Stanza(U.S., '75)-Double album. (M-/M-/EX+,FO,WIN,SRW) $90.

EVOLUCION-Same-Magneto(Mexico, '75)-Fuzz/phased Latin psych sung in English with ripping leads that literally shred the vinyl. Unknown and rare. (M-/EX,RW,TOC) $500.

EXCENTRIQUES-Same-RCA(Canada, '65)-Beat band doing rockers and ballad originals along with some ambitious Beach Boys covers. Much rarer than J.B./Playboys on the same label. (S1 M-,S2 EX/M,MO,SIS) $100.

EXCEPTION-Exceptional...-President(U.K., '69)-Good blues boomer. (M-/M-) $300.

EXKURSIONS-Same-private(U.S, '71)-Chicago heavy fuzz, wah-wah guitar psych trio. (M/M) $150.

(EXKURSIONS)MIKE JOHNSON-The Last Battle-Creative Sound(U.S., '72,S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX,BC EX+,RW) $90.

(EXKURSIONS)MIKE JOHNSON-Lord Doctor-Freedom Light(U.S., '72,M-/EX+,SRW) $100. 

(EXKURSIONS)MIKE & KAREN-Happy and Alive-Freedom Light(U.S., '72,S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SPS,SRWBC) $100. 

(EXKURSIONS)MIKE JOHNSON-The Artist/The Riddle-Newpax(U.S., '76,M/M,SIS,WIN) $75.

(EXKURSIONS)MIKE JOHNSON-The Velvet Prince-Hartsong(U.S., '78)-Reprint of 1973 LP with one different song. (M/M,SIS) $75.

(EYES)PUPILS-A Tribute to the Rolling Stones-Wing(U.K., '66,M-/FC EX+,BC EX,TIC,STNBC,WOBC) $250. 

EYES-New Gods-World Theatre(U.S., '77)-Heavy underground psych and only 200 made. (M-/M-) $750.

(EYES)TODD CLARK-Into the Vision-T.M.I.(U.S., '84)-Founding force behind psych private Eyes LP here with synthesizer effects prog/psych effort. (M-/M-) $100. 

EYES OF BLUE-Crossroads of Time-Mercury(U.S., '68,M/M-,GLP) $150 or (M/EX,RW,SPS) $90 or (M-/VG++,RW,COH,SPS,TOC) $50.


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FABLE-Same-R & T(U.K., '73)-Laminated cover version of rural melodic prog. (M-/EX+,FO) $75.

FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS-go to Records Around the World section

FACES-see I Am

FACES-go to Records Around the World section

FAINE JADE-Introspection: ...-RSVP(U.S., '67)-This album was in the first wave of U.S. private garage psych albums ever discovered way back in the '70's and is still one of  the very best. (M-/M-) $900.

FAIRFIELD SKY-Same-OR(U.S., '96)-This 1973 Procol Harum-style LP is not in the re-issue section because only one original copy (acetate-only) exists and will be with me for eternity. Band's actual name was Fairfield "Ski" but changed to "Sky" for this limited 500 release. Chilling organ/guitar blends dominate the heavier parts. (M/M) $75.

FAIRPORT CONVENTION-Full House-A&M(U.S., '70)-Legendary U.K. electric folk band. (SS,FO,CON) $75.

FAITH-Same-Brown Bag(U.S., '73)-Rare Earth-style heavy rock originally released under the name Limousine. (SS,CC) $15.

FAITH BAND-Rock'n Romance-Mercury(U.S., '78,SS,CC) $4.

FAITH BAND-Face to Face-Mercury(U.S., '79,SS,CC) $4.

MARIANNE FAITHFUL-go to Records Around the World section

FAITHFUL BREATH-Fading Beauty-FB(Germany, '77)-Blue cover. (M/EX+,SRW,STIBC,STIL) $200.

FALLEN ANGEL-Tough Times-private(U.S., '76)-Edgy rock and R'n'B from the left coast. (M-/M-) $25.

FALLING MIRROR-The Storming of the Loft-WB(So. Africa, '80,M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,COH,SRW,TIC) $50.

FAMILY-go to Records Around the World section

FAMILY-see Deep Feeling

MERRELL FANKHAUSER/HMS BOUNTY-Things-Shamley(U.S., '69)-Middle Eastern to West Coast melodic fuzz/psych perfect in every way. Blows away his big dollar private Fapardokly. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,COH,RW) $250.

(MERRELL FANKHAUSER)FAPARDOKLY-Same-UIP(U.S., '66)-Breezy psych classic. (M-/M-,MO) $600.

(MERRELL FANKHAUSER)MU-Same-CAS(U.S., '72)-Drug-induced relaxed atmosphere with awe-inspiring guitar leads; amazing West Coast psych album. Seemingly rarer slightly later press on the CAS label. (M-/M-,SIS) $500.

(MERRELL FANKHAUSER)MU-Same-UA(U.K., '74)-Same album as above released in England two years later. (S1 EX,S2 M-/EX+,WIN,WIS) $75. 

FANTASTIC BAGGYS-Tell 'em I'm Surfin'-Imperial(U.S., '64)-Super rare STEREO white label promo of great surf album. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,WLP) $300.

FANTASY-Smok'em if You Got'em-Fantasy(U.S., '79)-Private rural rocker. (M-/FC VG+,BC EX+,RW) $15.

FAPARDOKLY-see Fankhauser

FAR OUT-Warpigs-Nuclear(Denmark, '82)-Different band from the Japanese group; heavy psychedelic progressive rock. (M/M-,WIN) $400.

FARM BAND-see Tennessee Farm Band

FARMYARD-see Taylor

FASTBUCK-Same-Jet(U.S., '76)-Straight forward British hard rockers. (SS,COH) $25.

FAT-Same-RCA(U.S., '70)-Rural heavy rock burner. (M-/M-,SIS,CC,CON) $125.

FAT CHANCE-Same-RCA(U.S., '72)-One of the better horn rockers. (M-/EX-,RW,DJTS) $12.

FAT MATTRESS-go to Records Around the World section

FATHER & MAD SON-Same-Philips(Japan, '71)-Unknown LP of father and son combining to do songs from both generations (mostly the son's). English vocals and backed by Flied Egg. (EX+/EX+,FO,WIN,SRW) $450.

FATWATER-Same-MGM(U.S., '69)-Femme voocals driven. California bluesy rock with raw fuzz leads and cheezy organ. (M-/EX+,TIC,SRWBC) $50 or (M-/EX,RW) $45.

FEATHER-Friends-Columbia(U.S., '70)-FM style rural rock. (SS,CC) $12.

FEATHER-Same-Magic(U.S., '78)-Barband doing Southern Allman-style rock to folk. (M-/M-,WIN) $50 or (EX+/EX,WIN,RW) $35.

FEDERAL DUCK-Same-Musicor(U.S., '70,S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,COH,SRWBC) $150.

JULIE FELIX-Same-London(U.S., '64)-Female folkie doing originals and a couple Dylan covers and a couple Guthrie covers. (EX/VG++,WLP,PSTIC,STIL,STIBC,SRW,STNC,MO) $12.

FELIX HARP-First of...-WWM(U.S., '76)-Over-produced soft FM rock with good harmonies, a mostly rural feel, and occasional guitar outbursts. (M-/EX,PL,FO,RW) $20.

FELIX HARP-Dear-Guinness(U.S., '77)-Somewhat harder edged than their other two offerings. (M-/M-,CC) $40.

FELL FROM THE SUN-see Rain Parade

FELT-Same-Nasco(U.S., '70)-Superb bluesy/psych private and getting hideously rare. (M/EX,COH,SRW,SSTNBC) $850.

FEMININE COMPLEX-Livin' Love-Athena(U.S., '68)-Female psychsploitation. (M/M-,COH) $225.

ANDY FERNBACH-If You Miss Your Connexion-Liberty(U.K., '69)-Groundhogs connected Brit blues boom rarity. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+) $350.

FEVER TREE-go to Records Around the World section

FEVERS-Same-SRB(S. Korea, '79)-Garage/psych sounding 12 to 15 years out of date which to my ears is just fine; twang and fuzz guitars, Farfisa organ, and breathy moody vocals. (SS/EX+) $225 or (M-/M-) $225 or (M-/EX+) $175 or (S1 EX,S2 EX+/EX,SRW) $100.



MICHAEL FIELDS-Kings & Queens-private(U.S., '76)-Privately pressed double album in plain white cover with paste-on sticker. Undiscovered treasure of rural and blues/psych with whirling organ, frenzied guitar, and wacked vocals. (M-/M-/EX,RW) $1250.

FIFTH ESTATE-Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead-Jubilee(U.S., '67)-While side two is for the most part cotton candy pop, side one has some punkish tunes with some nice fuzz. (EX/FC EX,BC M-,SRW,WOC) $15.

FIFTH FLIGHT-Into Smoke Tree Village-Century(U.S.,  '70)-One of those delightful garage/psych jewels that this label is famous for. All covers but one killer original. (EX/FC EX,BC EX+,SRW) $400. 

FILET OF SOUL-Freedom-Monoquid(U.S., '68)-Very rare basement R&B hard psych. (SS) $500.

FINDERS KEEPERS-Stained Glass Sun-Bonus(So. Africa, '68)-Terrific guitar based garage psych with all original songs. This is an ultra-rare advance copy with the amazing live group psych cover shrunk down to about 3/4 size and pasted on a plain flap-back cover with an accompanying South African industry anti-piracy letter insert. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,WIN,SPS,WOBC) $750. 

FINE ART-Same-Good(U.S., '78)-Good private released solid hard psych/rock band sounding somewhat vocally like the Pretenders. (SS) $50 or (EX+/EX+,SRW) $35.

EMMETT FINLEY-Same-Poison Ring(U.S., '74)-Moody organ/guitar rural psych on tough-to-find label. (M-/EX,WLP,SRW) $90.

FIRE ESCAPE-Psychotic Reaction-GNP Crescendo(U.S., '67)-Music and most of the lyrics custom made for an altered state of consciousness experience. They cover two songs by label-mates the Seeds and the song "Love Special Delivery" should tell you where their heads are at. (M-/M-) $190. 

FIREBALLS-go to Records Around the World section

FIREPOINT-Same-Spark(U.K., '69,M-/M-) $150.

FIRST FRIDAY-Same-Webster's Last Word(U.S., '69)-Backwoods local blues/psych with ferocious leads, moody organ, and snakey sax. (SS) $1000 or (M/M,SIS) $1000.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS-Swinging London-Saga(U.K., '67,M-/FC EX+,BC EX-,TIC,HRWBC,STIBC) $100.

JIM FISHER BAND-Local Legend-private(U.S., '88,M-/M-) $75.

KEVIN FISHER-The First of Fisher-P. Pan(U.S., '77)-Very rare private prog/psych with orchestra and guitar swapping off dramatic passages. (M-/EX+,AUTO,SRW) $150.

FISHERMAN'S WALKBAND-Suerte?-private(Germany, '81)-Furious guitar/sax prog. (M/M-) $75.

FIST-Round One-private(Canada, '79)-Band's very rare first heavy progressive album, seen for much more. (M-/M-) $40.

FIVE AMERICANS-go to Records Around the World section

FIVE BY FIVE-Next Exit-Paula(U.S., '69)-Garage band sounds with piercing fuzz attacks. (M-/EX,COH,SPS,TIC,SRWBC) $50.

FIVE DAY RAIN-Same-private(U.K., '71)-Test pressing of only 25 copies in plain cover. (EX-) $4000.

FIVE MAN ELECTRICAL BAND-go to Records Around the World section

FLAMES-Burning Soul!-Rave(South Africa, '80)-Rare re-release of late '60's album featuring Ricky Fataar of the Beach Boys. (M-/EX+) $100.

FLAMES-Soulfire!!-Rave(South Africa, '80,M-/EX,RW) $85.

FLAMIN' GROOVIES-Flamingo-Kama Sutra(U.S., '70)-In my opinion, the best power pop band ever. (SS,FO)-$250 or (SS) $60.

FLAMIN' GROOVIES-Teenage Head-Kama Sutra(U.S., '71)-Most likely blue label sealed copy. (SS,CON) $75 or (M/M-,SIS,CON) $60.

FLAMIN' GROOVIES-go to Records Around the World section for more selections

FLAMING YOUTH-go to Records Around the World section

FLAMINGO-Same-Supraphon(Czechoslavakia, '70)-R 'n' B, beat-pop band doing some originals, mostly covers; wonderful wah-wah snakes through "Chain of Fools". (EX-/VG+,SRW,TIC,SPS) $50.

FLAP-Same-Flap(U.S., '78)-Very rare halcyon days Japanese folk/psych with appropriately placed fuzz intrusions. (M-/M-,WIN) $400 or (M-/EX+,SSTNC) $350.

FLASH-Same-Sovereign(U.S., '72)-Peter Banks' first post-Yes prog band. (SS,FO,COH) $40.

FLASH/DYNAMICS-Same-Tico(U.S., '71,M/M-,SIS,COH) $90.

FLASH CADILLAC/CONTINENTAL KIDS-Same-Epic(U.S., '72)-'50's revival band. (SS) $10.

FLAT EARTH SOCIETY-Waleeco-Fleetwood(U.S., '68)-Young teens lay down some dreamy prog/psych with gentle vocals, effects, fuzz, and backwards parts. (S1 EX,S2 EX-/FC EX+,BC EX,RWBC) $375.

FLEETWOOD MAC-go to Records Around the World section

FLIED EGG-Dr. Siegel's Fried Egg Shooting Machine-Vertigo(Japan, '72)-Post-Strawberry Path wrecking ball heavy progressive; slashing leads, roaring organ, and howling vocals; not an easy score as this is an absolutely perfect copy. (M/M,FO) $425.

FLIED EGG-Goodbye-Vertigo(Japan, '72)-Their second and last album. (M-/M-,FO) $325.

FLIED EGG-see Father & Mad Son

FLIGHT-Same-Capitol(U.S., '75)-Stratified guitar, mellotron, organ complex progressive; along with Ethos, some of the best from west of the Atlantic. (SS,COH) $30 or (M/EX+,PH) $20.

FLIGHT-Incredible Journey-Capitol(U.S., '76,SS,COH) $40.


LOS FLIPPERS-Psicodelicias-Zeida(Columbia, '67)-One of the best and rarest albums from South America. More psychedelic than their first excellent beat album. (EX/EX+,WOL) $1000.

FLO & EDDIE-go to Records Around the World section

FLOCK-Same-Columbia(U.S., '69,EX+/EX+,SRW) $20.

FLOCK-Inside Out-Mercury(U.S., '75,SS,CC) $8.

FLOOD-Rise of...-Maple(U.S., '72)-Mind-bending megarare psych great with fuzz guitar and a real laidback feel. (SS) $1500.

FLOOR-1st Floor-Philips(Denmark, '67)-Get past the sappy opening song and anyone into Koobas, Apple, and Open Mind will be doing double-takes upon hearing this for the first time. Phased vocals and backwards guitar make this a swingin' London flower popsike winner. (M-/M-) $500.

FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND-Anywhere-Philips(Japan, '70)-One of Japan's top five totally over-the-top fuzzed-out psych rockers. (M-/M-,FO) $1000.

FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND-Satori-GRT(Canada, '71)-Heavy progressive rock with a strong Middle Eastern feel. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+,FO,COH,SPS) $150 (SOLD) or (S1 EX+, S2 EX-/EX, FO, RW,WOBC) $50

FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND-Made in Japan-Atlantic(Japan, '72)-Original box with obi and 2 inserts. (M-/M-,OBI) $500.

FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND-Make Up-Atlantic(Japan, '73)-Double album set of heavy progressive rock; both copies with the simulated leather bag in EX condition. (M-/M-/M,FO,WIN) $400 or (M-/M-/FC EX+,BC M-,FO,WIN,TIC,SPS) $350.

(FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND)Y.U.Y.A. 1815KC-Rock 'n' Roll Broad'casting Station-Atlantic(Japan, '73)-Lotsa interest in the M- copy from the last catalog especially from back in Japan. This is Yuya Uchida's solo album where he rocks through some old standards like Lennon did on "Rock 'n' Roll" plus a few originals. Incredible rock 'n' roll guitar all over the place by this leader of Flowers (pre-Flower Travellin' Band) and the producer of FTB. Nice die-cut cover. (M-/M-,FO,SPS) $100 or (EX+/EX,FO,TIC) $65.

FLOWERS-see Toshi Ichiyanagi

FLUDD-On!-Daffodil(Canada, '72)-Heavy guitar ripper, slashing leads abound, housed in beautiful red foil cover. (SS,FO) $225 or (M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $125 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX,FO,SRW,WOC) $75

FLUDD-Same-Warner(U.S., '72,M-/FC EX+,BC EX,SRW) $40.

FLUDD-Great Expectations-Attic(Canada, '75,M/FC EX,BC M-,COH,SRW) $40.

FLUFF-Same-Roulette(U.S., '72)-Superior semi-major-label psych obscurity with a beautiful fantasy art cover. (M-/FC VG+,BC EX,HRW,FSPS)-$50.

FLY BY NIGHT-Zoo Road-Maniac(U.S., '80)-Guitar charged hardrock, vicious leads all over. (M-/M-,WIN) $90 or (M-/EX+,XOBC) $75.

FLYING BURRITO BROS.-go to Records Around the World section

FLYING CIRCUS-Gypsy Road-Warner(Australia, '73)-Smooth-flowing rural rock with nice guitars. (S1 M-,S2 EX/M-) $50.

FLYING CIRCUS-Same-W.R.C.(Australia, '78)-Record club issue. (M-/EX+,SRW) $75.  

FLYING MACHINE-Same-Janus(U.S., '69)-Pop sounds from the band that backed James Taylor. (M-/EX+,CC,STNC) $10.

FLYWHEEL-Same-Central Sound(U.S., '77)-Hard psych with blazing leads and stoned vocals limited to a 500 press. (SS) $200 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M,SIS) $150 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC EX,BC M-,RW) $130.

FOCUS-Moving Waves-Sire(U.S., '72,SS,CON) $75 or (EX+/EX-,CON) $20.

FOCUS-3-Sire(U.S., '72)-Gimmix cover, 2-LP set. (SS) $75 or (M/M/M-,CC) $60.

FOCUS-In and Out of...-Sire(U.S., '73,M-/VG++,SRW,SSTNC,TIC,TSTNC) $25.

FOCUS-Mother...-Atco(U.S., '75,SS,CON) $30.

FOCUS-Ship of Memories-Sire(U.S., '77,SS,CON) $30.


JOHN FOGERTY-go to Records Around the World section

TOM FOGERTY-go to Records Around the World section

FOGHAT-go to Records Around the World section

WAYNE FONTANA/MINDBENDERS-go to Records Around the World section

FOOD-Forever is a Dream-Capitol(U.S., '69)-Period piece '60's tripped-out soft psych much like label-mates Common People. (M-/EX+,PH) $300.

FOOD BRAIN-Social Gathering-Polydor(Japan, '70)-Heavy guitar progressive with Hiro Yanagida and Shinki Chen of Speed, Glue & Shinki. (M-/M-,FO,WIN) $1500.

A FOOT IN COLD WATER-Footprints 2-Daffodil(Canada, '83,M/EX+,SRW) $30.

A FOOT IN COLD WATER-...or All Around Us-Elektra(U.S., '74)-Tremendous Canadian heavy rock. (M/M-,WLP,PSTIC) $25.


FORCE-Same-Doom(U.S., '91)-Different band from above. Female vocals, gritty hardrock leaning just a tad towards metal. (M/M,SIS) $50.

NEAL FORD/FANATICS-go to Records Around the World section

FORMULA 3-see Radius

FORT MUDGE MEMORIAL DUMP-Same-Mercury(U.S., '70)-Another of the most requested albums from the last catalog. Heavy West Coast psych with male/female vox; were it a private, it'd go for hundreds. (M-/EX,FO,SRW,COH) $160.

FORTUNE TELLER-Inner City Scream-RMT(U.S., '68)-Raw garage fuzz/psych. (M-/M,SIS) $600.

FORTUNES-go to Records Around the World section 

49th PARALLEL-Same-Maverick(U.S., '68)-Essential legendary garage psych, snotty feel. (M-/EX+,PL,PSTIC,SRW) $500.

FORUM QUORUM-Same-Decca(U.S., '68)-Garage psych/punk. (SS,COH) $90.

BAMBI FOSSATI-see Garybaldi

FOUNTAINHEAD-Live-Toad's(U.S., '81)-Live set from hardrock crew. (SS/EX+,SRW) $40 or (M-/EX,SRW) $30.

451 DEGREES-Same-Intercan(Canada, '80,SS) $60 or (M-/EX+,WIS,SRW) $40.

FOUR LEVELS OF EXISTENCE-Same-Venus(Greece, '75)-Howling acid guitar heavy psych; rarest of the Greek psych scene and most assuredly one of the rarest Euro-psych LP's. (M-/M) $3000 or (M-/FC EX+,BC M-) $2800.

FOURMYULA-Same-HMV(New Zealand, '68)-First album, stinging beat rocker. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC) $250. 

FOURMYULA-Alive-HMV(New Zealand, '73)-Heavy prog key/guitar band in a live performance. (M-/EX,XOBC,TOBC) $125.

KIM FOWLEY-Born to Be Wild-Imperial(U.S., '68,M-/EX,RW,STNBC) $90.

KIM FOWLEY-see Contact

FOX-San Francisco Session-RG (Switzerland, '10)-West coast psych band from the early '70's evolving from Day Blindness (different band from below). (M/M,FO) $40.

FOX-Same-Ariola(U.S., '75)-Rural progressive with breathy female vocals. (M/EX,PH,WIS) $15.

FOXFIRE-Good to Go-private(Germany, '80)-Rare second album by German hardrock outfit. (M-/EX+,AUTO,TIBC) $100.

PETER FRAMPTON-go to Records Around the World section

FRAMUS FIVE-Blues in Soul-Supraphon(Czechoslovakia, '71)-Title describes this live set by these rebels in communism. (EX/M-) $100.

ALAN FRANKLIN EXPLOSION-The Blues Climax-Horne(U.S., '70)-Frenzied blues/psych jams with manic vocals and over-the-top guitar riffs. (M-/M-) $325. 

ALAN FRANKLIN-Come Home Baby-Aladdin(U.S., '79)-Rare second LP by Florida boogie-blues guy. (SS) $60 or (M-/EX,XOC,SRW) $30.

ANDY FRASER-go to Records Around the World section

FRATERNITY-Flaming Galah-RCA(Australia, '72)-Hard bluesy prog/psych with piercing leads, churning organ, and a pre-AC/DC Bon Scott on vocals. (M-/EX+,FO) $450.

FRATERNITY OF MAN-Same-ABC(U.S., '68)-Hippie psych. (SS,COH) $75 or (M-/EX-,SPS,STNC,RW) $35.


FRECKLEFACE-Same-Bobo(Belgium, '72)-Bluesrock creeper that's one of the rarest albums from Western Europe. Beefheart-like vocals and strong guitar/harmonica interplay. (S1 M-,S2 EX/EX-,RW,STNC) $400.

JOHN FRED/PLAYBOY BAND-go to Records Around the World section

FREDA/FIREDOGS-Same-Big Wheel(U.S., '79)-Super country/blues/rock recorded live in Austin, TX and featuring Doug Sahm and Marcia Ball. (M-/EX+,STNC) $175. 

FREDDIE/DREAMERS-go to Records Around the World section

FREE-go to Records Around the World section  

FREE ACTION INC.-Plays Rock & Blues-Help!(Italy, '70)-Freakout psych, prog, rock, blues. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,TIC) $700.

FREE POP ELECTRONIC CONCEPT-A New Exciting Experience-Palette(Holland, '69)-Screaming fuzz leads, insane go-go organ, mind-altering electronic psych effects, and pretty much still at a bargain price. (M-/M-) $250. 

FREEDOM EXPRESS-Brings Fresh Air-Fresh Start(U.S., '75)-Rural to funky to folkie to boogie quartet relying on a hot guitar. (M-/EX+,SRW) $140.

FREEDOM'S CHILDREN-Astra-Parlophone(So. Africa, '70)-The absolute best of the So. African heavy psychedelic rock offerings, and damn near impossible to find a disc in this condition; has to be one of the best-playing copies on the planet. The cover is in nice nick also but has some lamination peel. (M-/EX,FO) $3000.

(FREEDOM'S CHILDREN)JULIAN LAXTON BAND-Celebration-Jo'Burg(So. Africa, '77,EX+/EX-,FO,WIS,SRW,TIC) $150.

SMITHFIELD FREEMAN-Sick E-Seaman(U.S., '79)-Heavy underground progressive artrock with some psych and even early Gothic parts before they were popular. This album was obviously influenced by early '70's British prog bands like Nice and Second Hand with thoughtfully formulated melodies, plenty of dazzling keys, loud sharp guitar infusions, and multiple sound effects; was sealed but opened to check. (M/M,SIS,WIN) $200. 

FREEZE BAND-Same-Vista(U.S., '78)-Long song dual guitar progressive jammers drifting effortlessly from rural, to Southern, to jazz and then funk styles. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX,BC M-,RW) $125.

FREIGHT TRAIN-Just the Beginning-Fly by Nite(U.S., '71)-Heavy bluesrock. (M-/M,SIS) $150.

FRENCH LICK-Glider-Fric Frac(U.S., '76)-Euro-style guitar based prog with plain cover and insert. (M-,WIN) $125.

FRESH-Out of Borstal-RCA(U.S., '70)-Newly released ex-prisoners of England's infamous Borstal celebrate their freedom by recording this album sounding like the Stones' "Honky Tonk Women" and the Beatles' "Baby You're a Rich Man" era. (SS,CC) $25.

FRESH BLUEBERRY PANCAKE-Heavy-private(U.S., '70)-Only 50 made of this gargantuan heavy psych power trio beast of an LP with the plain white cover and stickers. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,STNC) $7000.

KINKY FRIEDMAN-go to Records Around the World section

TERRY FRIEND/FRIENDS-Come the Day-Tramp(U.K., '77)-Super rare (apparently only 200 pressed) with labels that are hand-pasted to add to that obscure look. Ex-Stonefield Tramp playing electric folk/rock/psych ranging from the dreamy to the rockin'. (M/M-) $500.

FRINGE BENEFIT-Same-Capricorn(U.S., '77)-Polished heavy AOR. (SS) $20.

FROLK HAVEN-At the Apex of High-private(U.S., '72)-Young Stuart Copeland on drums. (M/M,SIS) $450. 

STEVEN FROMHOLZ-go to Records Around the World section

FROST-Frost Music-Vanguard(U.S., '69)-Hardrock. (SS,CC) $25.

FROST-Rock and Roll Music-Vanguard(U.S., '69,SS,CC) $25.

MAX FROST/TROOPERS-Shape of Things to Come-Tower(U.S., '68,M-/M-) $125.

FRUMMOX-go to Records Around the World section

FRUMPY-see Kravetz

FRUTOS DEL PAIS-Y Volar...Y Volar-Asfona(Chile, '74)-Melodic soft psych. (VG+/EX) $250.

FUGITIVES-On the Run-Justice(U.S., '67,M-/EX+,SPS,SRW) $500.

FUGS-Same-ESP-Disk(U.S., '67)-B&W cover with pictures straight across on back. (M-/EX+,SRW) $75.

FUGS-Virgin Fugs-ESP-Disk(U.S., '67)-"For Adult Minds Only" is printed on cover. (M-/EX+,SRW) $75.

FUGS-Tenderness Junction-Reprise(U.S., '67)-The rarest of the Reprise albums. (VG++/VG+,FO,HRW,WOC,TOC) $20.

FUGS-Golden Filth-Reprise(U.S., '70,M-/M-) $50.

(FUGS)ED SANDERS-Sanders' Truckstop-Reprise(U.S., '69,M-/FC M-,BC EX+,WLP,SRWBC) $100.

(FUGS)ED SANDERS-Beer Cans on the Moon-Reprise(U.S., '72,M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,WLP,RW,CC,TIC) $50.

FULL MOON-Same-Montagne(U.S., '80)-Rare private blistering dual guitar rock. (M-/VG++,WIS,WOL,HRW,COH) $300.

BOBBY FULLER FOUR-KRLA King of the Wheels-Mustang(U.S., '65,M-/FC EX+,BC M-,MO,SRW) $125 or (M-/EX-,MO,RW,TOC) $90.

BOBBY FULLER FOUR-I Fought the Law-Mustang(U.S., '66,M-/FC M-,BC EX+,MO,STNBC,STABC) $75 or (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,STNBC) $150 or (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,STIBC) $150. 

CRAIG FULLER-go to Records Around the World section

RAY FULLER BAND-Same-Blue Ash(U.S., '82)-Deluxe blues rock. (SS) $30.

FUNKADELIC-see Copeland, Ruth

FUNKADELIC-see Parliament

FUNNY COMPANY-Funny Farm-Elektra(Japan, '73)-Second album by great AOR hard guitar rockers; ex-Apryl Fool. (M/M-,FO,OBI,WIN) $90.

MIKE FURBER/BOWERY BOYS-Just a Poor Boy-Kommotion(Australia, '66)-Songs play virtually perfect with rare crackle between songs. (EX-/M-) $700.

FUSE-Same-Epic(U.S., '70,M-/M-,XOL) $250 (SOLD) or (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,SSTNC,RW,PSTABC,XOBC) $125.

FUSIOON-Same-BP(Spain, '74)-Crocodile cover. (M-/M-) $250.

FYRE-Pyromancy-Stone Post(U.S., '77)-Rare Oklahoma hardrock band. (M-/M-) $100.

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CLAUDIO GABIS-Same-Talent(Argentina, '74)-Former guitarist for Manal; heavy blues psych. (M-/EX,TIBC) $250.

GABRIEL BONDAGE-Another Trip to Earth-Dharma(U.S., '77)-Getting scarce, available in red or white vinyl, your choice. (SS,CC) $25.

GALAXY-Nature's Clear Well-Import(U.S., '78)-German band doing complex progressive rock. (S1 EX-,S2 M-/EX,SRW,COH) $15.

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GALLIARD-Strange Pleasure by...-Deram Nova(U.K., '69)-Increasingly pursued British prog rock. (M-/M-) $600.

GAME-Long Hot Summer-Evolution(U.S., '70)-Nice guitar-dominated rock with a rural lean to it. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,FO,COH,RW,SPS) $15.

GANDALF THE GREY-The Grey Wizard Am I-private(U.S., '72)-Absolutely magical folk/psych masterpiece with ear-piercing fuzz leads; but what else would you expect from a wizard! Autographed on the shrink wrap. (M-/M,SIS,AUTO) $1300.

(GANDALF THE GREY)WIZARD-Same-private(U.S., '87,M/M,SIS) $150.


(ELMER GANTRY)VELVET OPERA-Ride a Hustler's Dream-CBS(U.K., '69)-Hard to unearth these days second album with no Elmer Gantry. (EX/EX,SPS,SRWBC) $120.

GANTS-Road Runner-Liberty(U.S., '65,EX/FC M-,BC EX,MO,XOBC,STIBC,STIL) $25. 

GANTS-...Galore-Liberty(U.S., '66,M-/EX,MO,TIC,SRW) $40.

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GARFIELD-Strange Streets-Mercury(U.S., '76)-Melodic pastoral prog with warbly, lilting vocals. (M/FC EX,BC M-,RW,STIBC) $18 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/ EX,WLP,SRW,SPS,STIBC) $15.

ART GARFUNKEL-go to Records Around the World section

GALE GARNETT/GENTLE REIGN-Sausalito Heliport-Columbia(U.S., '69)-West Coast psych with female vocals. (SS,SHC) $60.

GARRICK-Hardcore/Soft Touch-private(U.S., '80)-Rock tunes/ballads as the title would imply; good guitar throughout. (M/M,SIS,WIN) $50.

(GARYBALDI)BAMBIBANDA E MELODIE-Same-Fonit(Italy, '74)-Super heavy guitar progressive, post-Garybaldi. (M-/M-) $1000 or (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC) $950.

(BAMBI FOSSATI &)GARYBALDI-Same-Artis(Italy, '90,M/M-) $60.

GASS-Juju-Polydor(U.K., '70)-Jazzy prog with a helping hand from Peter Green. (M-/M-) $225.

LOS GATOS-Same-RCA(Chile, '68)-Quality South American beat. (EX+/EX-,XOC,STIC) $100.

LOS GATOS-Seremos Amigos-Vik(Argentina, '69,EX/FC EX-,BC EX,SPS,TIC,WOBC) $75.

LOS GATOS SALVAJES-Same-Music Hall(Argentina, '65)-Fantastic So. American garage raver; possibly the finest copy on the planet. (M-/M-,WLP,MO,XOL) $600.

GATSBY-Life Goes On-Maxfield(U.S., '77)-Primitive mainly covers band (two originals) underground hardrock and heavy prog. (EX+/EX,AUTO,WIN,RW) $50.

GEDO-Live-Union(Japan, '74,M/M-,WIN) $200.

GEEZA-Streetlife-Laser(France, '77)-Heavy rockers sounding quite a bit like fellow Aussies Buffalo. (M-/EX+) $75.

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GENTS INC./CAPRAS-Two Faces-Falcon(Germany, '69)-Split garage/beat album with Gents Inc. being the better of the two bands. (M-/M-,SPS) $200.

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WINSTON GEORGE-Any Direction-Ergo(Canada, '73)-Fragile psychy folkrock with a dreamy garage feel, spacey organ, gentle vocals, and mostly acoustic guitar with occasional electric fuzz outbursts. (M-/M-) $300.

GEORGIA PROPHETS-Fever-Custom 8(U.S., '71)-About 1/2 and 1/2 originals mixed with covers, but it's the covers that are the standout killers. What they do with "Down by the River" you must hear. (EX/EX+) $225 or (EX/EX-,SPS,TIC) $175.

GERMAN BLUE FLAMES-Same-Ariola(Germany, '65,M-/EX-,MO,RW) $300.

GERMAN OAK-Same-Bunker(Germany, '72)-Doomy progressive beast; psychotic vocals, snarling vicious guitar attacks, and roaring organ. (M-/EX+) $900.

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GHOST-When You're Dead One Second-Columbia(Italy, '70)-Rare Italian press of U.K. psych. (M-/EX,WOBC,STABC,SRWBC) $500.

GHOST RIDERS-Same-Anthem(U.S., '81)-Rural West Coast psych Grateful Dead acolytes produced by Barry Melton of Country Joe & the Fish. (SS) $75 or (M/FC EX,BC M-) $40.

GIANTKILLER-The Alternative-Star Song(U.S., ' 80)-Heavy Christian rock with wild guitar, doesn't surface much. (M-/EX+) $100.

GIANTKILLER-Valley of Decision-Star Song(U.S., '81,M/M-) $75.

GIANTKILLER-Fire Coming Down-Ears and Eyes(U.S., '84,M-/M,WIN) $75. 

GILA-Free Electric Rock Session-Second Battle(Germany, '10)-Although issued on this legendary reissue label, this is not an actual reissue but never before released tapes of a live concert from February 26, 1972 in Koln, Germany. (M-/M-) $50.

GILES, GILES & FRIPP-The Cheerful Insanity of...-Deram(U.K., '68)-Silver/blue label. (M-/M-) $125. 

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GINGER-Same-Cheap Swank(U.S., '73)-Upon the death of their lead singer Bob Edwards the band released this tribute album with live and studio material featuring Bob on side one and songs of reflection written and recorded in Bob's memory on side 2. Megarare with primitive homemade look of beautiful black & white psychedelic paste-on cover and three inserts. Musically an at-first-listen organ-based rural psych feast but with an ever-present lead guitar buzzing away (under-mixed similar to the Hunger LP) and trippy effects. (M/M,WIN) $900.

GLASS HARP-It Makes Me Glad-Decca(U.S., '72)-Fragile soft psych for the most part (occasional heavy moments) with excellent songs and stunning electric leads. (EX-/EX-,HRW) $25.

(GLASS HARP)PHIL KEAGGY-Emerging-New Song(U.S., '77)-Lead guitarist for fore-listed major label progressive/psych band. (M-/EX-,RW) $25.

(GLASS HARP)PHIL KEAGGY-Underground-Nissi(U.S., '83,M-/EX,WIS,SRW,STIC) $18.

GLITTERHOUSE-Color Blind-Dynovoice(U.S., '68)-Pop/psych in neat silver foil cover. (M-/VG++,SPS) $15.

GLOOMYS-Daybreak-Columbia(Germany, '68,M-/M-,STAL) $150.

GLORY-Same-Avalanche(U.S., '73)-Ex-Damnation of Adam Blessing hardrock. (M-/EX,CC) $25.

GLORY-A Meat Music Sampler-Texas Revolution(U.S., '74)-Something's going down with this local Texas rural basement blues/psych private. I had tons of people ask for the re-issue of this last list and almost as many say they'd love to have an original. Well here's your chance. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC) $700.

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GODDO-Same-Fatcat(Canada, '77)-Hardrock. (M/M,FO) $20.

GODDO-Who Cares-Polydor(Canada, '78,M/M) $25.

GODDO-An Act of...-Polydor(Canada, '79,M/M) $15.

GODDO-Best Seat in the House-Attic(Canada, '81)-Scarce double live set. (M-/M-/EX+,FO,TIC) $25.

GODFREY DANIEL-see Amboy Dukes

GODLEY/CREME-go to Records Around the World section

GODS-Genesis-Columbia(U.K., '68)-One of those few must-have items everyone into the roots of British psych needs; if you do not have this LP, you must stop collecting immediately until you get one. This particular copy is not only the ultra-rare mono issue but is also a promo and in amazing condition. (M-/M-,MO,PSTIL) $1500.

BARRY GOLDBERG REUNION-Same-Buddah(U.S., '68)-Great psychy blues with snakey slide guitar and moaning harp. (SS,COH) $75.

GOLDEN CUPS-Super Live Session-Capitol(Japan, '69)-Fourth album and as the title makes no bones about, a killer live recording. RED WAX first pressing featuring a young Shinki Chen on guitar. (M-/M-,FO,WIN) $500.

GOLDEN CUPS-Best of the...-Capitol(Japan, '69)-Has the very rare obi. (M-/EX-,FO,OBI,SPS,SRW) $300.

GOLDEN CUPS-History of the Golden Cups-Capitol(Japan, '69)-Double album set with the embossed cover and booklet insert. (M-/M-/M-,FO,WIN) $300.

GOLDEN DRAGON-Same-private(U.S., '81)-Heavy psychedelic rock in a plain white cover. (M-) $1000.

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GOLDTONES-Same-La Brea(U.S., '65)-Frat cover band. (M/M-,SPS) $150.

GOLIATH-Same-CBS(U.K., '70)-If this was a Vertigo release, it would be touted as highly as and step-by-step with Linda Hoyle and Affinity. FANTASTIC UNPLAYED DISC of this primarily heavy progressive British band which also ventures into the realms of jazz and blues with a foray into one song with an eastern flair. Overlooked for many years, it is now getting richly deserved collector attention; soaring in price over the past year so get it now before it soars even more. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-) $500.

GOLIATH-Hot Rock & Thunder-Bridges(U.S., '76)-Different band from above, split styles of low tech progressive and heavy ripper aggressive. First copy listed is unplayed. (M/M,SIS) $75 or (M-/M-) $60.

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IAN GOMM-Summer Holiday-Albion(U.K., '78)-Former Brinsley Schwarz guitarist. (M-/M-,FO) $25.

GONE TO EARTH-Folk in Hell-Probe Plus(U.S., '86)-Electric guitar/fiddle based band reminiscent of U.K. Mushroom, Shiva's Headband, and Flock. (M-/M-) $50.

GONG-Time Is the Key-Arista(U.S., '79)-Prolific purveyors of experimental progressive jazz craziness. (M/M-,PSTIC,CC) $25.

GONG-see Ame Son

WALLY GONZALEZ-see Juan de la Cruz

GOOD EARTH-It's Hard Rock and All That-Saga(U.K., '68,M-/EX,SRWBC,WOBC) $100.

GOOD EARTH/FIRST IMPRESSION-Swinging London-Saga(U.K., '68)-Split album, title says it all. (EX+/M-,STIC) $75.

GOOD OLD BOYS-go to Records Around the World section

GOOD RATS-Same-Kapp(U.S., '68)-Snotty East Coast punky hardrock. (M-/EX,FO,COH,RW) $60.

GOOD RATS-Ratcity in Blue-Platinum(U.S., '76,SS,CON) $40.

STEVE GOODMAN-Same-Buddah(U.S., '71,SS,CON) $10.

STEVE GOODMAN-Somebody Else's Troubles-Buddah(U.S., '72,SS,CON) $10 or (M-/M-) $8.

GOODTHUNDER-Same-Elektra(U.S., '72)-Quirky hard prog with rapier leads, churning organ. (SS) $60.

GOODTHUNDER-see James Cahoon Lindsay Band

GORDI-Covek-RTV(Yugoslavia, '76)-Loud heavy progressive with explosive drumming, frenzied guitar/key interweavings, and sung in native tongue. Haven't seen this offered for awhile. (M-/M-,FO,SPS) $175.

BILLY GORDON/BLUE ROCKERS-Psychotic Revolution-private(U.S., '86)-Small press of lawless East Coast barroom sounds with weed-burnin' snarly guitars. (SS) $60.

GRAHAM GOULDMAN-go to Records Around the World section

MICK GRABHAM-see Cochise

GRACED LIGHTNING-The Graced Lightning Side-private(U.S., '75)-Killer heavy prog with superb loud guitars; rare one-sided private issue with seldom-seen packet containing six inserts. (M-/M-,WIN) $600.

GRACEFUL HEAD-Same-Excelsior(U.S., '76,M-/M-) $750. 

GRAND FUNK-go to Records Around the World section

GRANDFATHER-see Dear Mr. Time

GRANDMA'S ROCKERS-Homemade Apple Pie and Yankee Ingenuity-Fredlo(U.S., '67)-Side 1 plays M- while side 2 plays a strong EX to mostly M-. A whopping six discs and a personal fave in the Pokora guide. (EX-/FC EX-,BC VG+,SRW,TOC,TIBC,WOBC) $1250.

GRANMAX-A Ninth Alive-Pacific(U.S., '76)-Powerful hardrock pressed on white vinyl. (SS) $60.

GRAPES OF RATHE-Glory-Tarus(U.S., '69)-Amazing album from a country not known to produce much quality popsike. (M-/M-) $1500.

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GRATEFUL DEAD-go to Records Around the World section

(GRAVE)A&M TWO GENERATIONS-Hemo-Sound Record(Germany, '78)-Superb unplayed disc copy of German hard rock containing the rare gold sticker. This copy has the rarer (however legitimate) paste-on second cover which graphically is identical to the original cover but constructed by the band members when the supply of discs pressed on this private label exceeded the number of record covers printed; not an uncommon occurrence for those day. (M/M,WIN) $400.

GRAVENITES/CIPOLLINA BAND-go to Records Around the World section

GREASE BAND-go to Records Around the World section

GREAT AMERICAN DREAM-Home and Free-Audifex(U.S., '75)-Excellent rural/blues rock with smokin' leads housed in a generic "advance reviewer copy" cover. (M-/EX,RW) $250. 

GREAT JONES-All Bowed Down!-Tonsil(U.S., '70)-Underrated rural rock trio with blazing guitar leads. (SS) $60.

GREAT SOCIETY-go to Records Around the World section

GREAT WHITE-Out of the Night-Aegean(U.S., '82)-Private first one-sided mini-LP by future famous hard rockers. (SS) $100 or (M/M,SIS,WIN) $90.


GREEK FOUNTAIN RIVER FRONT BAND-...Takes Requests-Montel(U.S., '65)-Very rare garage rock; you never see this one up for grabs. (M-/EX+,MO,SRW) $150.

NORMAN GREENBAUM-go to Records Around the World section

GREENWOOD, CURLEE & CLYDE-One Time, One Place-private(U.S., '72)-Communal progressive folk/psych. (M-/M-,WIN) $400. 

CAROL GRIMES/DELIVERY-Fools Meeting-Philips (Germany, '70)-Perfect copy of highly esteemed British progressive blues. (M/M,FO) $300.

GRIMMS-Rockin' Duck-Antilles(U.S., '76)-Zany British humour mixed musically with country/prog/Irish folk/reggae performed by the Rutles' Neil Innes and Mike McGear (Paul's brother) and Roger McGough. (M/M) $15. 

GRIN-go to Records Around the World section

GRINDERSWITCH-Honest to Goodness-Capricorn(U.S., '74)-Southern rockers. (SS,CC) $25.

GRINDERSWITCH-Pullin' Together-Capricorn(U.S., '76,SS,CON) $25.

GROBSCHNITT-Same-Brain(Germany, '72)-Splendid unplayed green Brain copy of this band's first Krautrock offering. (M/M-,FO,SPS) $200.

GROBSCHNITT-Rockpommel's Land-Brain(Germany, '77)-Well-known prog band, unplayed copy. (M/M,FO) $50.

GROOP-Same-CBS(Australia, '66)-First and scarcest by Aussie beat band who later became the Twilights. (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,MO,WOBC,STNBC) $225.

GROOP-Woman You're Breaking Me-CBS(Australia, '67,M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SSTNBC) $275. 

GROUNDHOGS-Blues Obituary-Imperial(U.S., '69,M/M) $100.

GROUNDHOGS-Thank Christ for the Bomb-Liberty(U.S., '70,M/M-,FO) $80.

GROUNDHOGS-Who Will Save the World?-UA(U.S., '72)-Gimmix cover. (S1 EX,S2 M-/EX,FO,SRW) $20.


GROUNDHOGS-Live a Leeds-Akarma(Italy, '99)-Great live album recorded in 1971. (SS,FO) $25.

GROUNDHOGS-go to Records Around the World section for more selections

GROUNDSTAR-Forced Landing-Stellar(U.S., '80)-Heavy guitar-based prog private; I like this alot. Opens with a very clever Star Trek parody. (SS) $100 or (M-/EX+) $70.

GROUP 1850-Paradise Now-Discofoon(Holland, '68)-Absolutely classic mind-twisting psych sounding very much like that of early Pink Floyd. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,WOBC) $300.

GROUP 1850-Live-Orange(Holland, '75,M-/M-) $100.

(GROUP 1850)PETER SJARDIN-Sjardin's Terrible Surprise-Black Hole(Holland, '81,M-/EX,WIN,SRW) $50.

GROUP 1850-see Subterraneans

GROUP INERANE-Guitars from Agadez-Sublime Frequencies(U.S., '07)-Limited pressing of only 1000 copies and already out of print; this band from Niger comprised of two guitars and drums employing guitars like you've  never heard them used before. (M-/M-,FO) $60.

GROUP THERAPY-People Get Ready...-RCA(U.S., '68)-Psoul/psych. (EX+/EX+,PSTABC,SRW) $25.

PACO GRUEXXO-Same-Audiosunn(Mexico, '75)-So far unknown heavy blues/psych from Mexico with amazing killer phased, echoed guitar leads. Wait till a few of these babies escape to the outer world, everybody'll want on! (M-/M-,FO) $700.

GRUPA 220-Nasi Dani-Jugoton(Yugoslavia, '68)-When making your short list of the top 5 Eastern European psych rarities, this album HAS to be on there somewhere. The extremely fragile cover is in more than acceptable condition as is the disc. In fact, I have searched between 2 and 3 decades for a better copy than this one, and so far this is the best I have ever seen. (EX/VG++) $750.    

GRUPO AMIGOS-Paloma Mensajera-Mag(Peru, '73)-Soft psychedelia sporting floating guitar leads with a few rave-up rockers thrown in. (M-/EX+) $500.

GRUPO CIRUELA-Regreso al Origen-Raff(Mexico, '73,M-/EX+,SIS,COH,SPS,STIC) $750 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX,SPS,COH) $500.

EL GRUPO DE GASTON-Same-Parlophone(Argentina, '69,S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+) $500.

GRYPHON-Raindance-Transatlantic(U.K., '75)-Well known for their pastoral progressive style. (M-/M-) $40.

GUDIBRALLAN-Uti Var Hage-Silence(Sweden, '71,M-/M-) $200.

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GUITAR ENSEMBLE-You-N-You-private(U.S., '71)-Christian oriented folk/rock with a psychy underground edge. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW) $175 or (S1 EX+,S2 EX/EX,RW,TIC) $90.

THE GUITAR FAMILY-Same-KPM(U.K., '70)-Lovely album of acoustic guitar folk from this venerable library label. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,XOBC) $75.

GULLIVER-go to Records Around the World section

GULLIVER'S TRAVELS-Same-Instant(U.K., '68)-Rare concept project, swinging London-Pepperish sound aided by Andrew Oldham and Mike D'Abo. (M-/FC EX,BC M-,MO) $350.

GUN-go to Records Around the World section

GUN HILL ROAD-First Stop-Mercury(U.S., '71)-Chapinesque story songs. (M-/M-,DJTS) $20.

GUN HILL ROAD-Same-Kama Sutra(U.S., '72,SS,COH) $15 or (M-/M-,CON) $12.

GYPSY-Brenda & the Rattlesnake-U.A.(U.K., '72)-Of the many bands with this name, I believe the only one from England; boffo West Coast pop/psych with the group-pic inner sleeve. (EX/FC EX-,BC EX,WIS,SRW,TIC) $30.

GYPSY-The Goddess-Velvet Sky(U.S., '87)-Hendrix-inspired heavy guitar trio. (SS) $100 or (M-/M-,WIN) $75.

GYPSY MOTH-Same-private(U.S., '91)-Originally recorded in 1985 and less than 100 made; trippy, drugged-out doomy hard fuzz acid psych. (M/M) $100. 

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H.P. LOVECRAFT-II-Philips(U.S., '68,S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX-,BC EX+,FO,SRW,COH,TIC) $35 or (S1 EX-,S2 EX/VG++,FO,SPS,RW,TIC) $20.

H.P. LOVECRAFT-go to Records Around the World section for more listings

H.Y. SLEDGE-Bootleg Music-SSS International(U.S., '69)-Unknown psych outfit with dominant swirling organ, laced with biting fuzz leads. (SS) $100 or (M-/M-,XOL) $75 or (S1 EX,S2 M-/EX,RW,COH) $40

HACKENSACK-Up the Hard Way-Polydor(U.K., '74)-Heavy blues/rock. (M-/M-,WIS) $300.

HAIRBAND-Band on the Wagon-Bell(U.K., '69)-Very rare LP of English heavy prog/psych with wonderful stinging guitar parts. If this didn't have the horns mixed in, you couldn't touch this for less than four figures. (M-/M-) $500.

(HAIRY CHAPTER)CHAPARALL ELECTRIC SOUND INC.-Electric Sound for Dancing-Maritim(Germany, '69)-Rare primitive underground heavy Krautrock; pre-Hairy Chapter. (M-/EX,TOC,SHC,SRWBC) was $400--now $250.

KENNY HAKANSSON-Springlek-Silence(Sweden, '78)-Scandinavian guitar virtuoso. (M-/EX+,SRW) $50.

KENNY HAKANSSON-Beno's Ben-Silence(Sweden, '81,M-/M-,WIS) $50 or (M-/EX+,WIS,SRW,STIC) $45.

KENNY HAKANSSON-see Kebnekaise

HALFBREED-Same-UA(U.K., '75)-Backwoods West Coast bluesy rock, all the right moves with the fantastic turntable gimmix cover. (M-/EX+,FO,WOBC) $75 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC VG++,BC EX-,FO,TIC) $50.

HALL & OATES-go to Records Around the World section

PETER MICHAEL HAMEL-Hamel-Vertigo(Germany, '73)-Double swirl set of his spaced-out, meditative first album with tremendous psych cover. (M-/M-/EX,FO) $290.

MIKE HANOPOL-see Juan de la Cruz

HA'PENNYS-Love Is Not the Same-Fersch(U.S., '68)-Ace garage private. (M-/EX,MO,RW) $500.

HAPPENINGS FOUR-Magical Happening Tour-Capitol(Japan, '68)-Flower power/psych from the early efforts of Kuni Kawachi. First press on RED WAX. (M-/M-,FO,WIN,STIL) $1000.

HAPPENINGS FOUR-Classical Elegance Baroque 'n' Roll-Capitol(Japan, '69)-RED WAX first press. (M-/M-FO) $1000.

HAPPENINGS FOUR-see Kuni Kawachi 

HAPPY THE MAN-Same-Arista(U.S., '77)-Some of the best Canterbury-style prog from these shores. (M/EX+,WIS) $25.

HAPSHASH/COLOURED COAT-Western Flyer-Imperial(U.S., '69)-Cajun underground hippie folk/psych jugband progressive blues (with effects). Bizarre masterpiece. (M-/M-,SIS) $75.

HARD STUFF-see Andromeda

HARD TIMES-Blew Mind-Imperial(U.S., '68)-Another album of major label jangly garage punk/pop. Great version of "Fortune Teller". (S1 VG+,S2 EX/VG,HRW,SPS,WOC,TIC) $10 or (M-/EX,MO,RW,WOL) $50.

HARDWATER-Same-Capitol(U.S., '68)-One of those getting-rarer-by-the-day late '60's Capitol psych albums. (SS,PH) $150.

HARIMAU-title in Japanese-Liberty(Japan, '74)-Rare first album by Japanese band with the reputation of being the Eastern Uriah Heep. (M-/M-,WLP,WIN) $125 or (M-/M-,WIN) $100.

HARIMAU-title in Japanese-Liberty(Japan, '75)-Equally rare second and final album. (M-/EX,WIN,SRW) $90. 

HARLIS-Same-Sky(Germany, '76)-Post-Jane hard rock. (M/M) $30.

HARLIS-Night Meets the Day-Sky(Germany, '77,M/M) $25.

RAY HARLOWE/GYP FOX-First Rays-Water Wheel(U.S., '78)-Grateful Dead study in rural rock. (SS) $150 or (M/M,SIS) $140. 

FELIX HARP-Time to Give-Guinness(U.S., '77,SS,CC) $25 or (M/M,SIS,CC) $20

JESSE HARPER-Same-private(U.K., '69)-Here it is!!! Another Cold Sun "Dark Shadows" level acetate-only item. Only 2 copies known to exist. This is deity-status Hendrix-inspired heavy acid guitar psych. Human Instinct related. Acetate surface is chipped or corroded about 6 revolutions into both sides causing loud pops; otherwise visually as graded and playing much stronger for the most part. Laminated acetate-style generic cover not mentioning the artist. Not an exaggeration to say this is most likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. (EX-/FC M-,BC EX,XOBC) $15,000.    

EMMY LOU HARRIS-go to Records Around the World section

DON HARRISON BAND-go to Records Around the World section 

GEORGE HARRISON-see Beatles, click here for Beatles

MIKE HARRISON-go to Records Around the World section

MICKEY HART-go to Records Around the World section

HARTFORD BABY GRANDE-Same-Columbia(Canada, '71)-Procol Harum sounds. (M-/EX+,FO,SPS) $250.

KEEF HARTLEY BAND-The Time Is Near...-Deram(U.S., '70,M-/EX,FO,RW) $30.

KEEF HARTLEY BAND-Overdog-Deram(U.S., '72,EX+/M-,FO) $25.

KEEF HARTLEY BAND-Seventy Second Brave-Deram(U.S., '73,EX+/FC EX,BC EX-,RW) $15.

KEEF HARTLEY-see Artwoods

HARVEST FLIGHT-One Way-Destiny(U.S., '71)-Christian psych trio. First copy is the very rare first press showing four different photos of the band on the back cover. (M-/M-,WIS) $300 or (SS) $150.

HARVESTER-see International Harvest

SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND-Penthouse Tapes-Vertigo(U.K., '76)-First pressing with insert and custom inner sleeve. (SS,WIS,WIN) $250.  


SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND(w/o Alex)-Fourplay-Mountain(U.K., '77)-All these by post-Tear Gas heavy rockers. (M/M,WIS) $40.

JIMMIE HASKELL-California '99-ABC(U.S., '71)-Musical saga about life in California after the 'big-one'. Cover is a great fold out map of the U.S. in 1999 depicting the Great Florida Desert, the Great Plains as the 'Marijuana and Insect Corridor', and California with a huge San Joaquin Bay formed by an 11.7 quake in '84. Whew, glad it's only an album. (M-/VG++,WLP,WIS,SPS,SSTNC) $15 or (EX,WIS,disc only) $2.

HASSLES-go to Records Around the World section

RICHIE HAVENS-go to Records Around the World section

HAWKLORDS-Same-Charisma(U.K., '78)-Ltd. edition 12" single on gray wax. (M/M-) $12.

HAWKWIND-Doremi Fasol Latido-UA(U.S., '73,S1 M-,S2 EX+/VG++,WIS,CC) $10.

HAWKWIND-Hall of the Mountain Grill-UA(U.S., '74,SS,CC) $20.

HAWKWIND-see Conroy

HAWKWIND-see Magic Muscle

HAYSTACKS BALBOA-Same-Polydor(U.S., '70)-Getting scarce is this gutsy hard psych timepiece. (M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,RW,COH,STNBC) $175.

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HAYWARD/LODGE-go to Records Around the World section

HAZE-C'est la Vie-Gabadon(U.K., '84)-Keyboard driven progressive private released in classy custom-printed plastic cover with thick cardboard information insert. (M-/M-,WIN) $50.  

HEAD EAST-go to Records Around the World section

HEAD OVER HEELS-Same-Capitol(U.S., '71)-Another of those on this label that have completely disappeared, heavy psych threesome with some of the most omni-present fuzz guitar assaults imaginable. (M-/M-,PH,XOL) $250. 

HEAD SHOP-Same-Epic(U.S., '69)-Demented psych, a musical lobotomy with wasted vocals, distorted leads, and tons of effects. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC) $250 or (M-/EX+,SRWBC,PSTABC) $190 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,COH,RW) $120 or (S1 EX, S2 M-/FC VG++, BC EX, COH,SRW,TIC) $40

HEADBAND-Rock Garden-Key(New Zealand, '75)-Underdogs related rural prog with soaring guitar and wailing violin. (M-/EX-,TIC,SRW,SSTNC) $200.

HEADS IN THE SKY-Same-Illuminated(Canada, '82)-Melodic progressive psych ranging from the idyllic to the heavy. (SS) $50.

HEADSTONE-Still Looking-Starr(U.S., '74)-Original banded copy of hard psych trio. (M-/M-,SIS) $475.

HEART-go to Records Around the World section

HEARTBREAKERS-go to Records Around the World section

HEARTS AND FLOWERS-Now Is the Time for...-Capitol(U.S., '67)-First album by superb country folk/rockers. (M-/M-) $125.

HEARTS AND FLOWERS-Of Horses, Kids, and Forgotten Women-Capitol(U.S., '68)-Superb unplayed copy of their much rarer second album. (M/M-) $275.

HEATHER BLACK-Same-American Playboy(U.S., '74)-Live hardrock double LP Texas barband. (M/M/M,SIS) $125.

HEAVY BALLOON-32,000 Pound...-Elephant(U.S., '69)-Acid psych outfit firing fuzz leads and an occasional screeching violin outburst. (M-/M-,WLP,XOL) $250.

(HEAVY BALLOON)LOVE IS A HEART ON-Same-Heavy(U.S., '70)-Heavy fuzz blues with X-rated lyrics. Essentially the second Heavy Balloon album. (M-/M,SIS,WIN) $100.

HEAVY METAL KIDS-Same-Atco(U.S., '74,SS,CON) $25.

(HEAVY METAL)KIDS-Anvil Chorus-Atco(Canada, '75,SS,CON) $25.

HEAVY SOUL-Same-Peace(U.S., '90)-Really rare first pressing (100 copies) of heavy guitar acid psych with a '70's sound in the paste-on color cover. (M/M,WIN) $150.

HEAVY THE WORLD-Reunion-Imaginary Pirate(U.S., '87)-Very scarce double album private press with paste-on front and back cover. (M/M/M-) $100.

(HEDGEHOG PIE)TONY CAPSTICK-His Round-Rubber(U.K., '71)-Traditional folk with acoustic instumentation and strong vocals. (EX+/EX) $150.

HELP-Second Coming-Decca(U.S., '71)-Rarer (and heavier) second album; splendid guitar psych. (EX/EX-,PSTIBC,SRW,TOBC,WOBC) $75.

HELP YOURSELF-Same-Liberty(U.K., '71)-Legendary West Coast style guitar psych/rural progsters' first, rarest, and best. (M/M-) $320.

HELP YOURSELF-The Return of Ken Whaley-UA(U.K., '73,SS) $200.

HELPFUL SOUL-A Thousand and One Nights-Victor(Japan, '70)-Second album by heavy psych icons. Soundtrack album contains some of the usual orchestrated movie background pablum, but their stuff is maniacal acid soaked fuzz rippers of the highest echelon. First copy listed has the ultra-rare obi and booklet. (M-/M-,FO,OBI,WIN) $600 or (M-/M-,FO,WIN,SPS) $400.

(HEMLOCK)MILLER ANDERSON-Bright City-Deram(U.S., '71)-In the same style as Hemlock; excellent guitar. (M-/M-,PH,PSTIC,WIS) $160 or (EX+/EX,PH,PSTIC,SPS,TIC) $90.

BUGS HENDERSON GROUP-At Last-Armadillo(U.S., '78)-Laser-charged high energy electric bluesrock guitar orgy recorded live at the legendary Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, TX. Ex-Nitzinger. (SS) $60 or (M-/EX+,SRW) $40 or (M-/EX,SRW,CC) $35.

JIMI HENDRIX-go to Records Around the World section

JIMI HENDRIX-see Live Experience Band

DON HENLEY-see Shiloh

PAT HENRY/DIABLOS AZULES-Sound Soul-Odeon(Chile, '70)-Excellent South American beat cover band; rare enough that it has yet to make it to a Pokora book. Some smokin' guitar leads lurk herein. (S1 EX+,S2 EX/FC VG++,BC EX,WOC,STNC,TIBC) $400.

HENRY TREE-Electric Holy Man-Mainstream(U.S., '68)-Sacred label Christian rural psych; getting rare also. (M-/EX,SPS,SRW) $100.

JUDY HENSKE/JERRY YESTER-Farewell Aldebaran-Straight(U.S., '68)-Tremendous folk/psych album by under-rated folkie and the Zal Yanovsky replacement in Lovin' Spoonful. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $125.

KEN HENSLEY-go to Records Around the World section

HEP STARS-We and Our Cadillac-Olga(Sweden, '65)-Along with Ola/Janglers, the most prolific Swedish beat group; impeccable condition for this pre-Abba band. (M-/M-,MO) $300.

HEP STARS-...on Stage-Olga(Sweden, '65,VG++/M-,MO)-$50.

HEP STARS-...Basta Del 1-EMI(Sweden, '80)-Scarce hits package. (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,SRW) $25. 

HERD-Paradise Lost-Fontana(U.K., '67,M/FC M-,BC EX+,STNBC) $150.

HERD-go to Records Around the World section

HERE COMES EVERYBODY-Same-Cab(U.S., '74)-Garagey hard-rockin' crew with a Stones feel, even performing a side-long mini-rock opera. (M/M-,CC) $60 or (M-/M-) $60 or (M-/EX) $50.

HERMAN'S HERMITS-go to Records Around the World section


BENNY HESTER-Benny...-VMI(U.S., '72)-Rural loner vibe with shimmering guitar, aerial vocals, and orchestrated parts. (M/M-, FO,WLP,SPS) $100.


DAN HICKS/HIS HOT LICKS-Where's the Money?-Blue Thumb(U.S., '71)-In gimmix cover. (M-/EX+,FO,WIS,SRW) $18 or (S1 VG++,S2 VG+/VG+,FO,WIS,RW) $4.

DAN HICKS/HIS HOT LICKS-Striking it Rich-Blue Thumb(U.S., '72)-In gimmix cover. (EX/EX,FO,WIS,SRW) $16.

DAN HICKS/HIS HOT LICKS-Last Train to Hicksville-Blue Thumb(U.S., '73,M-/EX,WIS,RW) $13.

HIFI'S-Snakes and Hifi's-Star Club(Germany, '67)-Rare Euro-popsike. (M-/EX-,TIC,TOC,WOBC,SSTNBC) $200.

HIGH COUNTRY-Dreams-Warner(U.S., '72)-Hippie bluegrass ramblings with Youngbloods connection. (SS,CC) $20.

HIGH SPEED & THE AFFLICTED MAN-Get Stoned Easy-Bonk(U.K., '82)-Wow!!!!! I didn't think records like this existed except from the '60's and early '70's. This record is known only by a handful of collectors and even dealers. Finally reaching the magical 20+ years collector-item status, a phenomenal fuzz, wah wah, feedback guitar psych beast. Never offered (it's just that freakin' rare and released in micro-quantity) and a must for all into this genre of music. (M-/EX+,SRW,SSTNC) $900.        

HIGH TIDE-see Paisley's Band, Ronnie

HIGH TREASON-Same-Abbott(U.S., '72)-Underground West Coast bluesy hippie psych. (M-/M-,FO) $200.


STEVE HILLAGE-go to Records Around the World section

HITMAKERS Same Sonet (Denmark, '66) - Red Label original or swirling organ garage/beat (EX/M-) $175

LOS HITTERS-Same-Primovox(U.S., '66)-U.S. press of good Mexican garage band. (M-/M-,MO) $200 or (EX/EX,MO,RW) $100.

HLJ'OMAR-see Trubrot  

HOBBITS-Down to Middle Earth-Decca(U.S., '67)-Much rarer and better first album, pure soft psych with great effects and songs as opposed to their wimpier second, plus it's a rare mono. (M-/EX,WLP,MO,SPS,STIC,STABC) $90.

TODD HOBIN BAND-Same-Aries(U.S., '78)-Straight forward AOR dude. (M-/EX,WIN,RW) $15 or (EX/VG,HRW,SPS) $7.

ROB HOEKE RHYTHM & BLUES GROUP-Save Our Souls-Philips(Germany, '67)-Prolific Dutch r'n'b/beat group. (EX+/EX+) $75. 

RAY HOFF/OFFBEATS-Same-Clarion(Australia, '66)-Savagely raw garage beat in the best Pretty Things legacy. Plays super clean. (EX/EX,MO,SPS,SRW) $500.

HOG HEAVEN-go to Records Around the World section

HOLE IN THE WALL-Same-Sonet(Norway, '72)-Rare as hell rural electric folk/psych with strong vocals and some flamin' guitar; has a perfect disc except for two spots with some odd little marks that cause a total of about 25 light ticks. (EX+/M-) $575.

HOLLIES-Stop! Stop! Stop!-Capitol(Canada, '66,M-/FC M-,BC EX+,MO) $150 or (EX-/EX,MO,WOC,TOBC,WOL,TIL) $25.

HOLLIES-Stay with the...-Parlophone(U.K., '64)-This is the very first pressing ever of this LP of which only a few 100 copies were ever made before changes were forever completed to the cover and labels. It has the large mono print on the upper front right cover (changed to smaller print after the first press), credits "What Kind of Girl Are You" to Capehart & Campbell on the label and the cover (changed to Charles on later pressings), and credits "Talkin' 'Bout You" to Charles on the label and the cover (changed to Berry with the title also changed to "I'm Talking About You" on later pressings). (M-/EX,MO,SRWBC) $200.

HOLLIES-Same-Parlophone(Sweden, '65)-Awesome fully laminated cover with unique color group pic on the front and a unique b&w live pic on rear. (S1 EX-,S2 VG+/FC EX,BC EX+) $100.

HOLLIES-Here I Go Again-Imperial(U.S., '64,S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-,MO) $250.

HOLLIES-Bus Stop-Imperial (U.S., '66,SS,MO)-$100 or (M-/EX-,MO,HRW) $20.

HOLLIES-go to Records Around the World section for more listings

HOLLINS & STARR-Sidewalks Talking-Ovation(U.S., '70)-Psychedelic/folk and offbeat pop with some amazing guitar in certain spots. (M-/M-,WLP,PSTIBC) $75.

HOLLYROCK-Legalize Freedom-Life & Death(U.S., '87)-Classy heavy rocker with flashy guitarist Honey Davis. (EX+/EX+,XOL) $25.

HOLLYWOOD  BRATS-Same-Cherry Red(U.K., '80)-Rumored to have been recorded in 1973, rare New York Dolls-styled glam/punk/rock. (M-/M-) $125. 

HOLLYWOOD STARS- Stars-Same-Arista (U.S., '77) - Power Pop (SS,COH) $6

JAKE HOLMES-The Above Ground Sounds of...-Tower(U.S., '67)-Both albums are prime examples of first-rate acid psych with fuzz drenched outbursts, dreamy vocals, and backwards parts. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,TOC,SRW,SPS) $75.

MICHAEL HOLMES-Morning Glory-Versatile(U.S., '77)-Rare and seldom-seen funk/rock from this little-known New York tax-scam label. (M-/M-,SIS) $150.

HOLOCAUST-The Nightcomers-Phoenix(U.K., '81)-Guitars a-blazing very scarce N.W.O.B.H.M., band later changed its name to Hologram because of negative WWII connotations. (M/M) $40.

HOLY GHOST RECEPTION COMMITTEE: #9-Songs for Liturgical Worship-Paulist Press(U.S., '69)-Jangly Christian folk/psych rarity. (M-/M-,SIS,WIS) $500. 

HOLY GHOST RECEPTION COMMITTEE: #9-The Torchbearers-Paulist Press(U.S., '69)-Amazing second album of Christian Byrdsy garage/psych. (M-/M-) $700.

HOLY MACKEREL-Same-private(U.K., '73)-Powerful private acetate-only follow-up album to their CBS release from the previous year. This was reissued on Tenth Planet under the title of "Closer to Heaven". Great heavy rock with sprinklings of psych, blues, and rural elements. Plays great for an acetate. (EX-/EX-) $2500. 

HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS-The Moray Eels Eat the...-Elektra(U.S., '68)-Weird psych full of effects and bizarre tracks. (EX-/FC VG++,BC EX,SRW,TIC) $12.

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HOME-The Alchemist-CBS(U.K., '73)-Top drawer progressive with amazing guitar work by Laurie Wisefield later of Wishbone Ash. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $150.

HOMER/DONT'S-Shindig-Palacio(Venezuela, '65)-Terrific and megarare beat album whose members will soon become Ladies W.C. (EX/EX+,MO,SSTNC,TIBC) $500.

MISAKO HONJOH-Trigger-Continental(Japan, '83)-Female fronted hardrock in the Pat Benatar style. (M/M-,OBI,WIN) $50.

MISAKO HONJOH-Trampling Down-Continental(Japan, '84,M/M-,OBI,WIN) $50.  

HONK-Five Summer Stories-Granite(U.S., '72)-Original press of soundtrack album to the best surf film ever, partly because of these excellent rural West Coast style laid-back sounds. (M-/FC EX,BC M-,SRW,STNC,STIL) $50.

HONK-Same-20th Century(U.S., '73)-Follow-up in slightly jazzier vein. (SS) $25.

HOODOO RHYTHM DEVILS-What the Kids Want-Blue Thumb(U.S., '73)-Reminding me of Little Feat. (SS,CC) $25.

HOOK-go to Records Around the World section

JOHN LEE HOOKER-see Groundhogs

HOOKFOOT-Headlines-DJM(U.K., '75)-Excellent 2-LP set rural rock with Caleb Quaye. (SS,FO) $75 or (M-/M-/FC M-,BC EX,FO,TOBC) $50.

HOOTERS-go to Records Around the World section

HOPE-Same-A&M(Canada, '72,S1 EX-,S2 EX+/FC EX+,BC EX,WLP,FO,SRWBC) $50.

HOPE-Same-A&M(U.S., '72)-The third rarest piece on this label offers up an LP of rural Christian psych with a real stoned magical vibe. Seen this for over $300 on some lists. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX,BC EX-,WLP,FO,COH,XOL,STIC,XOC,SRWBC) $70.

MARY HOPKIN-go to Records Around the World section

NICKY HOPKINS-No More Changes-Mercury(U.S., '75)-Legendary keyboard session man. (SS,CO) $15 or (M-/EX+,SRW) $10.

NICKY HOPKINS-see Rolling Stones "Jamming with Edward"

HOPNEY-Ends and Means-Illusion(U.S., '77,SS) $500 or (M-/M-,SIS) $500.

HOPNEY-Perils of Love-Illusion(U.S., '77,M-/M-,SIS) $600.

HOPNEY-Cosmic Rockout-Illusion(U.S., '77)-Bluesy hard psych with only micro-number of copies still around; this one seemingly the most sought after. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,RWBC) $600.

HORSE-Same-RCA(U.K., '70)-Heavy progressive/psych ripper with satanic vocals and buzzsaw leads that hardly surfaces anymore in British press. (M-/M-) $1250.

HOSANNA-In the Morning-Diversified Media(U.S., '73)-Rural Christian psych with acidy dual guitar leads. (SS) $500.

HOT POTATO-Same-private(U.K., '74)-Two guys, two guitars, excellent folk piece. All original tunes and obscure looking silk-screened cover. Occasional fuzz with a psychy edge. (M-/M-) $500.

HOT TUNA-go to Records Around the World section

JIMMY HOTZ-Beyond the Crystal Sea-Vision(U.S., '79)-Heavy guitar synthesizer prog with longish songs. The second copy is autographed by him on the inner sleeve. (M/M,FO) $200 or (M-/EX-,FO,RW) $125.

HOU-LOPS-C'est Chip-Apex(Canada, '66)-Prolific beat group also known as Les Tetes Blanches. (EX-/EX+,MO,SRW) $90.

HOU-LOPS-Off-Apex(Canada, '66,M-/EX+,MO,SRW) $175.

HOU-LOPS-Same-Canusa(Canada, '68,EX-/FC EX,BC VG++,MO,SRW,CC,TIBC,SSTNL) $60.

HOU-LOPS-see Tetes Blanches

HOUNDS-Unleashed-Columbia(U.S., '78)-Hard and heavy. (SS,COH) $5.

HOUR GLASS-Power of Love-Liberty(U.S., '68)-Future Allman Brothers. (SS) $150.

DIXON HOUSE BAND- Fighting Alone- Infinity(U.S., '79)- Scarce guitar/organ oriented heavy rock (SS,CC) $20 or S1M-S2 EX+M-, CC) $40

HOUSTON-Same-Yo Tuesday(Canada, '70)-Canadian disc in a U.S. cover; not sure but I think all came that way from up north. Oh yeah, gentle rural pop rock. (S1 M-,S2 EX/FC EX-,BC EX,RW,TOC,SSTNC,PSTABC) $15. 

HOUSTON FEARLESS - Same Imperial (U.S., '69)- Nifty garage/pop; dynamite cover of Buffalo Springfield's "Mr. Soul" (SS) $150

HOUSTON'S NATURAL GASS- Same- Crazy Cajun (U.S., '78) Recorded in the late '60's, gritty blues rock with gutsy vocals, smokin' fuzz, wah-wah leads and pumping organ (SS) $125

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HUMAN BEINZ-Nobody But Me-Gateway(U.S., '68)-Split album with a group called the Mammals to capitalize on the success of their big hit. (M-/EX+,SRW,STIC) $90.

HUMAN BEINZ-go to Records Around the World section for more listings

HUMAN INSTINCT-Stoned Guitar-AIR(New Zealand, '70)-Once again the best-play copy imaginable, title says it all. (M-/EX,RW) $1000.

HUMAN INSTINCT-see Jesse Harper

HUMANIST ADVENT CONCEPT-Invasion-Reveal(Canada, '79)-Progressive fuzz psych with intricate guitar/keys interplay. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,AUTO,SRW,STIC) $75.

HUMANIST ADVENT CONCEPT-Supra Surge-Reveal(Canada, '80,M-/M,SIS,FO) $75.

HUMBLE PIE-go to Records Around the World section

100% PROOF-see One Hundred % Proof 

HUNGARIA-Koncert a Marson-Qualiton(Hungary, '69)-Pretty good garage punk and early psych from Eastern Europe, nice use of fuzz and sitar. (M-/EX) $175.


HUNT-Same-GRT(Canada, '77)-Rare first LP by hard progsters. (M/M) $50.

HUNT-Back on the...-Visa(U.S., '80,SS,CON) $15.

SAM HUNT/MAMMAL-Beware the Man-Red Rat(New Zealand, '74)-Heavy psych to ballzy blues to gentle folk. Buried private obscurity that isn't offered very often. (M-/EX+) $500.

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CORNELL HURD BAND-Doing That Unholy Roll-Behemoth(U.S., '80)-Straight-ahead, get down, boogie rock 'n' roll. (SS) $15 or (M-/M-,WIN) $12.

HUSTLER-High Street-A&M(U.S., '74)-Loud hard rockers. (SS,CON) $30.

HUSTLER-Play Loud-A&M(U.S., '75,M-/EX+,COH) $25.

HYBRID ICE-see Brigg

HYBRIDE-Ca n'a Pas D'Importance-private(France, '77)-Furious guitar rock. (M/M-,FO) $200.

HYDE-Same-Quality(Canada, '69)-Essentially the second Rockadrome album. (M-/M-,COH) $500. 

HYDRA-Land of Money-Capricorn(U.S., '75)-Skynyrd-like Southern rock. (SS,COH) $25.

HYPSTRZ-Hypstrization!-Voxx(U.S., '80)-Album rocks through the '60's garage punk classics by Chocolate Watch Band, Syndicate of Sound, Music Machine, etc. Real snotty, real hyp, real boss. (SS) $20.

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I AM-1 A.M.-private(U.S., '72)-Songs either inspired by or a tribute to Meher Baba. Two songs penned by Billy Nichols and two more by Pete Townshend with gentle first side acoustics and an electric side 2 with some nice guitar parts. Musical contributions, also,  from the likes of Ian McLagan and Ronnie Lane of the Small Faces. (M-/M-,WIN) $300.

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I.H.S. BAND-The Answer-Forrest Green(U.S., '80)-West Coast style Christian guitar psych. (SS) $80 or (M/M,SIS) $80.

I POOH-see Pooh

I.Q.-Nine in a Pond Is Here-Super Tortured Artists(U.K., '85)-Private press 2-LP set of symphonic progressive mixed with weird psych effects. Plain white cover with insert. (M-/M-/M-,WIN) $150. 

JANIS IAN-go to Records Around the World section

IAN SHELTER-Same-Pegosus(U.S., '79,M-/M-,SIS) $90. 

ICE-Melting Your Mind-Bonny(U.S., '72)-Folk/psych to spacey acid guitar psych, lilting male/female vocals, and gentle harmonies. (M-/M,SIS) $300.   

ICE-Saga of the Ice King-Storm(U.K., '79)-Totally disappeared heavy progressive, very rare. Dual guitar, powerful vocals, rhythm changes, sounds early '70's. (M-/M-,WIN) $600 or (M-/EX+,WIN) $500.

ICE-Opus 1-private(Germany, '80)-Only 200 pressed of early '70's style progressive, symphonic to heavy in nature with lavish organs and searing guitar leads. Headed for ultrararity status. (M-/M-) $500.

ICECROSS-see Andrew

ICECROSS-see Svanfridur

(ICECROSS)PELICAN-Uppteknir-A.A.(Iceland, '74)-Previous Icecross members' progressive effort. (S1 EX+,S2 EX/EX) $165.

TOSHI ICHIYANAGI-Opera from the Works of...-End(Japan, '69)-Double album picture disc set in beautiful gatefold cover with the awesome color inner pages attached. Music combines tripped-out psychedelic fuzz soundscapes and collage of weird electronics. (M-/M-/M-,FO,WIN) $1500.  

ICONOCLASTA-Rock Progressivo-Phoenix(Mexico, '84)-Title sums it up. (M/M,SIS) $50.

ID-Big Time Operators-Spin(Australia, '67)-Classic soul/beat from downunda. (M-/EX,MO,SSTNBC) $300.

ID-The Inner Sounds of the...-RCA(U.S., '67)-Demented garage psych with effects. (M-/M-) $100.

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IGRA STAKLENIH PERLI-Same-RTB(Yugoslavia, '79)-Tremendous heavy/spacey Floydian psych with acid effects and masterful leads. (M-/M-) $150 or (EX/EX+,STIBC) $75.

IGRA STAKLENIH PERLI-Soft Explosion Live-Kalemegdan Disk(Germany, '91,M/M,WIS,WIN) $40.

IGRA STAKLENIH PERLI-Inner Flow-Kalemegdan Disk(Germany, '91,M/M,WIS,WIN) $40.

IGUANA-The Winds of Alamar-Quadratrak(U.S., '75)-Rare private issue guitar/fiddle rural rockers with the rare insert. (M-/M-,WIN) $300.

ILL WIND-Flashes-ABC(U.S., '68)-West Coast psych behemoth, still in affordable range with soaring female vocals and blistering guitar assaults. (M-/EX+,SRW) $190 or (M-/EX,RW,WOBC) $125 or (M-/EX-,HRW,COH,SPS) $100.

ILLES-Illesek es Pofonok...-Pepita(Hungary, '72)-Third album with cool gimmix pop-up cover. (M-/EX+,FO,TIC) $110.

ILLES-Human Rights-Pepita(Hungary, '73)-Rare fourth album. (M-/EX-,SRW,TSTNC) $150.

ILLES-Add a Kezed-Pepita(Hungary, '74)-Scarce album sung in native tongue of styles ranging from popsike to folk to progressive. (M-/M-) $125 or (M-/EX+,TIC) $110.

ILLUSION-go to Records Around the World section

ILOUS & DECUYPER-Same-Flamophone(France, '72)-Tremendous folk/pop album by duo heavily influenced by the Beatles, CSN&Y, and Joni Mitchell. (M-/M-,FO) $250.

IMAGINE-Images, Clear Skies and Rainbows-Light Horse(U.S., '80)-Bluesy heavy guitar rocker. (M/M,SIS) $150.  

IMPECCABLE-Live on the Rox-GBC(U.S., '79,SS) $175 or (M-/M-) $150. 

LOS "IN"-El "Toque" de Hoy-CBS(Argentina, '66)-So. American beat cover band in unusually clean condition. (M-/M-,MO,PSTABC,PSTAL) $300.

LOS "IN"-...Action!!-CBS(Argentina, '67)-2nd album. (EX+/EX,MO,RW,PSTABC,PSTAL) $250.

IN-SECT-A-Sides-W&G(Australia, '65)-Brilliant rave-up in the proud tradition of the Yardbirds. Autographed by the entire band. (M-/EX,AUTO,SPS) $1000 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX-,AUTO,RW,SPS) $800.  

INCREDIBLE HOG-Same-Carnaby(Spain, '73)-Rare Spanish copy with far superior cover to any other country. (M-/EX+) $475.

INCREDIBLE STRING BAND-Changing Horses-Elektra(U.S., '69,M-/FC EX,BC EX+,FO,PSTIC,RW) $20.

INCUBUS-To the Devil a Daughter...-Guardian(U.K., '83)-Not metal, simply one of the most solid hardrock albums from the '80's. (M-/VG++,TIC) $100. 

INDEXI-Same-Jugoton(Yugoslavia, '74)-Brilliant debut album by heavy progsters. (M-/EX+,SRW,STIBC) $100.

INFLUENCE-Same-ABC(U.S., '68)-Early appearance by Walter Rossi, Canadian guitar virtuoso. (M-/EX+,COH,SRW) $75.

INFLUENCE-see Walter Rossi, see Charlee

DERYLL INMAN-Electric Skyway-LA(U.S., '77)-Skinny little black dude, upside-down strung Fender Strat, Marshall amp, wild acid fuzz guitar leads in long songs; reminds me of some guy from the '60's but can't quite put my finger on it. (M-/M-) $200.  

INSECT TRUST-Same-Capitol(U.S., '68)-Rarer first. (M-/EX+,FO,COH,SRW) $100.

INSIGHT-Same-private(U.S., '78)-What a contrast musically between two sides of the same album. First side is folky, jazzy, pop piano dominated. Second side is burning guitar heavy progressive. Only copy I've ever seen offered. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX-,AUTO,SPS,SRW,WOC,SSTNC) $750. 

INSTANT WEEKEND-Same-Cheshire Swan(U.S., '78)-Obscure private of backwoods Dead-like head jams. (SS) $100.

INSTINCTS-Loving Sandwich-private(U.S., '67)-Split album; as horrible as is the side with the group called the Maiyeros, the side with the Instincts is amazingly brilliant. Snotty teenage-angst vocals and awesome fuzz drenched guitar and organ blistering garage/punk. (M-/M-,MO) $900. 

INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER-Hemat-Decibel(Sweden, '70)-Mighty rare underground commune acid psych, second album. (M-/M-) $250.

INVADERS-On the Right Track-Justice(U.S., '66)-Garage punk. (M-/EX+,MO,SPS) $300.

INVADERS-New Image-Rave(So. Africa, '69)-Garage/beat/pop with a few killer fuzz cuts. Totally unrelated to the above U.S. band. (M-/M-) $150.

INVISIBLE-Same-Talent(Argentina, '74)-Rare first album by Italian style progressive band; contains the megarare bonus single in M- condition. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC EX+,BC M-) $250.

LOS IRACUNDOS-Con Palabras...-Vik(Argentina, '67)-Good South American beat. (M-/EX+,MO) $150.

LOS IRACUNDOS-La Juventud-RCA(Argentina, '68)-Much poppier than the above album, but you can hear 3 good garage/beat numbers if you wade through some of the schlock. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,MO,SHC,TOC) $50.

IRAKLIS-Se Allous Kosmous-EMI(Greece, '76)-Double LP set with the original labels; expanded tracks somewhat like the progressive biggies from the Italian scene. (M-/M-/M-,FO) $750.

IRIS-2-Electrecord(Romania, '84)-I still can't believe that such polished, stunning hardrock was born in what at the time was one of the most isolated, repressive societies in the world. A real tribute to the spirit of man and his music. (M-/M-) $100.

IROLT-Kattekwea-Philips(Holland, '77)-Underrated Dutch folk with self-penned tunes and male/female vox. (M-/M-,WIN) $125.

IRON BUTTERFLY-go to Records Around the World section

IRON LUNG-High Bail-KDR(U.S., '75)-Garage/psych/blues with snarling, raw leads and downer vocals. (M-/M-) $800. 

IRON MAIDEN-go to Records Around the World section

IRONHORSE-go to Records Around the World section

ANDY IRVINE/PAUL BRADY-Same-Mulligan(Ireland, '76)-Brilliant Celtic folk masterpiece. (M-/EX,SRW,TOBC,STIBC) $90.

ISOLATION-Same-Fanny(Belgium, '95)-Actually the rare (500 press) and long-deleted reissue of the demo-only U.K. released psych/folk masterpiece. (M/M) $175. 

IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY-go to Records Around the World section

ITZIAR-Same-Xoxoa(Spain, '79)-Magical Basque folk album, beautiful female vocals, contains the rare insert. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,WIN,SSTNBC) $425.


IVAR AVENUE REUNION-see Neil Merryweather

IVEYS-go to Records Around the World section

IVORY-Same-Tetragrammaton(U.S., '68)-Dynamite West Coast psych sleeper with soaring female vocals, acid fuzz, and swirling organ. (M-/EX+, WLP,PSTIC,SRW) $100.

IXT ADUX-Brainstorm-Madame(U.S., '82)-Heavy prog ranging from violent raging outbursts to avant-garde. (SS) $90 or (M-/EX+,WIN) $75.

IZVIR-Same-RTV Ljubljana(Yugoslavia, '77)-Excellent and wonderfully performed jazz/rock with strong funk and progressive rock influences; dual electric guitar and various keyboards such as clavinet, organ, and electric piano. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX,RW) $350.

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J.B./PLAYBOYS-Same-RCA(Canada, '66)-Solid beat LP of mostly originals. (M-/M-) $250 or (EX-/FC EX+,BC EX,SRW,STNBC) $60 or (EX+/EX,MO,SRW,TIC) $75 or (EX/EX-,MO,WOC,SRW,SSTNC) $55 or (EX-/EX-,MO,RW,WOC) $40.

J.D. BLACKFOOT-see Blackfoot, J.D.

J.P.T. SCARE BAND-Rape of Titan's Sirens-Monster(U.S., '99)-Limited press of 500 from 1974-76 recording sessions; power trio playing long songs crammed with lysergic fuzz guitar. (M/M) $75.

JSD BAND-Travelling Days-Warner(U.S., '73)-What was Warner Bros. thinking releasing this in the U.S.? Tremendous Irish folkrock way ahead of its time for U.S. tastes. (SS,CC) $20.

J. TEAL BAND-Cooks-Mother Cleo(U.S., '77)-Basement pot-drenched late-night stoner vibe from fast and furious guitar boogie rockers; haven't seen one up for grabs in a while. (SS) $400.

JA BLUEZY-At the Delta Lady-private(U.S., '80)-Disappearing heavy blues/psych with tons of guitar action. (SS) $250.

JACKAL-Awake-Periwinkle(Canada, '70)-Gold medal heavy progressive classic, blistering acid leads and churning organ. (M-/M,SIS) $650.

JACKS-Vacant World-Express(Japan, '68)-Later press, but still very rare. (M-/M-,WIN) $300.  

JACKS-...Greatest Hits-Express(Japan, '72)-Far Eastern soft psych. (M-/M-,FO) $400 or (EX-/VG++,FO,SPS,RW,TIBC) $90.

JADE-Crossfire-Gem Stone(U.S., '80)-Rare hard and heavy psych. (M-/FC VG++,BC EX+,RW,WOC,SPS) $300.

JADE WARRIOR-Released-Vertigo(U.S., '71)-Second album by prolific post-July English progsters, rare stateside swirl label. (M-/M-,FO) $150.

JADE WARRIOR-Last Autumn's Dream-Vertigo(U.S., '72)-Super unplayed disc of another rare U.S. Vertigo swirl. (M/M-,FO) $150. 

JADE WARRIOR-Waves-Island(U.S., '75,M/EX+,WIS,CON) $15.

JADE WARRIOR-Kites-Island(U.S., '76,M/M-) $15.

JADE WARRIOR-Way of the Sun-Antilles(U.S., '78,M/M,SIS) $15.  

CHRIS JAGGER-Same-Asylum(U.S., '73)-Mick's younger brother's brief foray into rock 'n' roll glory; well-written self-pinned (all but one) Shelter People-styled rockers. Picture of him on back looks like what you'd imagine if Mick and Keith had a son. (SS,CC) $30.

CHRIS JAGGER-The Adventures of Valentine Vox the Ventriloquist-Asylum(U.S., '74,SS,CON) $20.

MICK JAGGER-see Rolling Stones, click here for Rolling Stones

JAIL-You Can Help Me-Harvest(Germany, '76)-Solid straight-atcha guitar/sax rock. (M-/EX,STIC) $50.

STEVE JAM-Songs of a Songwriter-private(U.S., '75)-Tiny press of only 200 copies out of Tustin, CA from this cut-above-the-rest singer/songwriter styled tunesmith but with full backing of electric & acoustic guitars, electric & acoustic pianos, Hammond organ, electric bass, congas, and drums. A real special find if your ears lean towards this style of music. Only seen one sold via the popsike check (but as you know there may have been dozens sold but not reported to that website) and that copy was in much lesser condition. (M-/M-) $400.  

JAMES GANG-see Mandala

JAMES GANG-go to Records Around the World section

ELMORE JAMES-To Know a Man-Blue Horizon(U.K., '69)-Mighty tough to find double disc set on collectible label from blues classic slide guitar master. (M-/M-/FC EX+,BC EX,FO,TIBC) $200.

MICHAEL JAMES-Runaway World-private(U.S., '78)-Heavy astral prog/psych with stoned lyrics, spacey effects, and wacked slashing fuzz leads. (SS) $375 or (M-/M,SIS) $350.

TOMMY JAMES/SHONDELLS-go to Records Around the World section

JAN & DEAN-go to Records Around the World section

JANE-Together-Brain(Germany, '72)-Amazing unplayed copy, first in a long line of great Krautrock releases with screaming guitar leads on the original green Brain labels. (M/M,FO) $150.

JANE-Fire, Water, Earth & Air-Brain(Germany, '76)-Incredibly another unplayed copy, and also the much scarcer green Brain labels of which only a few were made before switching over to the new orange Brain label. (M/M-,FO) $90.  

JANE-Age of Madness-Bomb(Canada, '78)-German hardrock on red wax. (M/M) $30.

JANUARY TYME-see Tyme, January

JANUS-Al Maestrale-private(Italy, '77)-From an original press of only 1000 copies,  this is one of only 200 copies that survived a fire which destroyed the remainder. Fuzz guitar heavy progressive mixed with flute-mellowed folk bits. Because of the fragility of the cover, this TOP COPY is an absurdly rare item. (M-/M-) $1000.

JARVIS STREET REVUE- Mr. Oil Man- Columbia (Canada, '70) Acid psych monster (M-EX+, FO,COH,RSW) $1200

JASPER WRATH-Same-Sunflower(U.S., '71)-Vanishing West Coast guitar/organ dominated psych. (M-/EX,WIN,RW,COH) $150.

JAY/AMERICANS-go to Records Around the World section

JAY/TECHNIQUES-go to Records Around the World section

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - go to Records Around the World section

JEFFERSON STARSHIP - go to Records Around the World section

JELLYBREAD-First Slice-Blue Horizon(U.S., '70)-British blues-boom. (M-/EX,WLP,RW,CON) $35.

JELLYBREAD-Sixty-Five Parkway-Blue Horizon(U.K., '70,M-/EX,SRW,STIC,STIL) $160.

WAYLON JENNINGS-go to Records Around the World section

JERICHO-Same-A&M(U.K., '72)-Israeli heavy guitar psych blaster; former members of the legendary mega-rarity the Churchill's. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX,SRW) $500.

JERICHO-see Churchill's 

JERICHO JONES - see Churchill's

JERUSALEM-Warrior-Myrrh(U.K., '82)-Christian hardrock from the Isles. (M-/VG+,WIN,RW) $35.

JET-Same-Pacific Arts(U.S., '79)-Guitar AOR. (M-/M-,WIS,CC) $25.

JETHRO TULL-go to Records Around the World section

JIGSAW PUZZLE BAND-First-private(Germany, '80)-Deutschland's answer to the Southern rock explosion. (M/M-) $75 or (M-/M-) $70.  

JIMMY/RACKETS-Same-Elite(Germany, '65)-Ravin' rockers doing mainly covers. (M-/M-) $150 or (EX/EX+,MO,TIC,XOBC) $75.

JO JO GUNNE-go to Records Around the World section

LOS JOCKERS-Nueva Sociedad-RCA(Chile, '67)-Great South American freakbeat/fuzz rocker, mix of classic covers and originals. Has many hairlines, nothing deep, plays great except for about 3 skips at the start of the second side due to what could be a tiny incense burn mark. No extra charge for this defect issuing a powerful counter-culture statement from this era. (S1 EX-,S2 VG+/EX+,MO,WOBC) $125

BILLY JOEL-go to Records Around the World section

ELTON JOHN-go to Records Around the World section

JOHN STREET ROCKETS-Rock and Roll the Hard Way-Confidential(U.S., '79)-Step into a bar on the cross-country turnpike in any state and these guys'll be on stage while the beer bottles are flyin' and cue sticks are breakin'. (M-/EX+,WOBC,SPS) $75 or (M-/EX,RW) $65.

JOHNNY/BLUE BEATS-Smile!-Winsor(U.S., '68)-Chicano band doing a good mix of Merseybeat, fuzz psych, and Latin numbers. Strange history here, they got their start playing English clubs in 1962 and ended up college students in Ogden, Utah when this album was recorded. (M-/EX+,SRW) $150 or (M-/EX,RW,WOL) $125.

JOHNNY, LOUIS, & CHAR-Free Spirit-See-Saw(Japan, '79)-Wild live set sung mostly in English featuring long songs that allow for some brilliant extended guitar solos. Plays perfect except for a small scratch on the last song of the first side that causes 16 ticks. (M-/M-,WIS) $100.

JOHN'S CHILDREN-Orgasm-White Whale(U.S., '69)-Tremendous mod-psych only released in the U.S. and featuring a pre-T.Rex Marc Bolan. (M-/FC EX,BC M-,SRW) $450. 

MIKE JOHNSON-see Exkursions

WILKO JOHNSON-Solid Senders-Virgin(U.K., '78)-First class pub rock. (M/M) $25.

WILKO JOHNSON-Ice on the Mortorway-Carrere(U.K., '80,M/M,WIS) $20.

DAVEY JOHNSTONE-go to Records Around the World section

JOKERS-Spider 8-Reward(Belgium, '70)-Very obscure '60's instrumental exploitation psych. (M-/M-) $100.

JOKERS-Same-Fading Sunshine(Spain, '11)-Limited edition of 500 copies of one of Iran's few heavy underground bands from the early 1970's. After hearing bands like MC5 and Cream on a visit to the U.K., in 1972 they recorded this heavy psychedelic blues album in their garage using only a reel-to-reel tape recorder and a couple of microphones. Loaded with heavy fuzz, loud wah-wah guitars, and screaming vocals, the album sounds unlike any rock band unearthed from Iran so far. (SS) $75.

JONAS & EINAR-Gypsy Queen-Parlophone(Sweden, '72)-Psych/folk from Iceland, progressive touches like Jethro Tull. Once sold in the $800 range and will again once the modest score is a distant memory. (M-/M-,FO,WIN) $500.

BRIAN JONES-see Rolling Stones, click here for Rolling Stones

DAVY JONES-go to Records Around the World section

PAUL JONES-go to Records Around the World section

JONESY-Growing-Dawn(U.K., '73)-Crimson-style melodic prog. (M-/EX,FO,SRW,STIC) $150.

JANIS JOPLIN-go to Records Around the World section

JOSEFUS-Same-Mainstream(U.S., '70)-Legendary heavy Texas psych. (M/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC) $350 or (M-/EX+,SRW,COH) $300. 

JOSEPH-Stoned Age Man-Scepter(U.S., '70)-All-but-extinct loud organ/guitar psych LP. (M/M-,SIS,COH) $275 or (M-/M-,PSTIC) $250.

JOSHUA-God Spoke...and Said "Lead My People"-Impact(U.S., '73)-Rare religious rock with flamin' leads and bluesy vocals, this sucker cooks. (M-/M-) $450.

JOVE-Sweeter Song-Pax(U.S., '74)-This album, pressed on white wax with grey splashes (second copy black vinyl), is all over the place musically. We gotcha protest rock, garage rock, rural rock, and a couple of more styles simply too difficult to identify. (M-/M,SIS,WIN,COH) $50 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/ EX+,XOC) $35.   

(JOY OF COOKING)TONI & TERRY-Cross-Country-Capitol(U.S., '73,M-/M-,PH) $15.


JOY UNLIMITED-Butterflies-BASF(U.S., '72)-Stilled progressive/psych with lavish arrangements, effects, loud guitars, horns, etc. (M-/EX+,FO,CON,SRW) $25.

JOYFUL NOISE-Electric Gospel-Noise(U.S., '72)-Christian psych with snakey wah wah/fuzz guitar leads; cool vibe. Very few pressed and certainly no relation to other bands with the same name. (S1 EX+,S2 EX/EX+,TIBC) $400. 

JUAN DE LA CRUZ-Himig Natin-Sunshine(Philippines, '73,M-/EX+,SRW,SSTNC) $1250.

JUAN DE LA CRUZ-Super Session-Sunshine(Philippines, '76,S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX-,RW,TIC) $700.

JUAN DE LA CRUZ-Manila Concert 1973-Gina(Italy, '77)-Killer live concert released by a small Italian label; only 99 copies pressed. (M/M) $200.

(JUAN DE LA CRUZ)WALLY GONZALEZ-Wally on the Road-Blackgold(Philippines, '78)-Basically your perfect-play copy of brain-blowing guitar psych by Juan de la Cruz axeman. (M-/VG++,HRW) $1100.

(JUAN DE LA CRUZ)MIKE HANOPOL-Buhay Musikero-Jem(Philippines, '77)-By light years the rarest and best Mike Hanopol LP; an insanely good album. This is essentially a Juan de la Cruz album as it has both the awesome Wally Gonzalez on guitar and Edmund Fortuno on drums. Rare albums from the Philippines just don't easily pop up with discs in this kind of condition. I have been blessed with my good fortune in acquiring these superb condition Juan de la Cruz, Wally Gonzalez, and Mike Hanopol albums. (EX+/EX,TIC,TOC,STIBC,SPS) $900.

(JUAN DE LA CRUZ)MIKE HANOPOL-Awiting Pilipino-Blackgold(Philippines, '77,M-/M-,SIS,COH) $200.

(JUAN DE LA CRUZ)MIKE HANOPOL-Hanopol-Blackgold(Philippines, '80,M-/EX+,SRW,SPS) $150 or (VG+/VG+,SPS,TIC,TSTNC) $25.

JUAREZ-Same-Decca(U.S., '70)-Dreamy rural West Coast hippie Mama's & Papa's feel. (SS,COH,WSTNC) $25. 

JUDAS PRIEST-go to Records Around the World section

JUICY LUCY-see Ray Owen

JULIAN'S TREATMENT-A Time Before This-Young Blood(Germany, '70)-Prog/psych double LP concept album. (M-/M-/M-,FO) $600.

JULIUS VICTOR-From the Nest-AJP(U.S., '70)-Rare and seldom ever offered organ/guitar lead prog/psych. (M-/M-,FO,PL,PSTIC) $350.  

JULY-Same-Epic(U.S., '69)-Bizarre classic British Pepperish toy-town popsike. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC VG+,BC EX,HRW,TOC,WOBC) $375.

JULY-see Jade Warrior

JUNIOR'S EYES-Same-A&M(U.S., '69)-U.S. release of heavy British psych with rural touches. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC EX,BC M-,SPS,SRW) $75.

JUPITER-Multiple Choice-Jupiter(U.S., '80)-Strong power trio; punky attitude ranging from hardrock with psych moves to folkrock. (M-/EX,RW,WOBC) $100.

MICKEY JUPP-see Legend

JUST FRIENDS-Same-Holy Hole(Belgium, '79)-300 made of delicate folk/psych with alternating male/female vocals. (M-/M-,WIN) $100.



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KAHVAS JUTE-see Band of Light

KAIL-see T. Kail at beginning of "T" section

KAIPA-Solo-Decca(Sweden, '78)-Prog with lush arrangements and majestic keys. (EX+/M-) $100.

KAJANUS PICKETT-Hi Ho Silver! Signpost(U.K., '72)-Rare rural progressive with well-crafted songs and strong harmonies in nice gimmix cover. (M-/EX+,FO) $120 or (M-/EX-,FO,TIC,TOC,XOBC) $90.

KAJANUS PICKETT-Hi Ho Silver!-MCA(U.S., '73)-Much more affordable stateside release of the above album. (S1 M-,S2 EX/VG++,PSTIBC,RW,CC,SPS) $30.

KALEVALA-People No Names-Finnlevy(Finland, '72)-Hard prog with growling vocals and lightning leads. (M-/M-,FO) $1750.

KALLABASH CORP-Same-Uncle Bill(U.S., '73)-Drifty psych with floating guitars. (M-/EX+,SRW) $125 or (M-/EX,SRW,SPS) $100 or (S1 M-,S2 EX/EX-,RW,SPS) $70.

(KANGAROO)JOHN HALL-Action-Columbia(U.S., '70)-Former member of above band showing some of its brillance in a more rural direction. (SS,CC) $25.

KANNIBAL KOMIX-Same-Colossus(U.S. '70)-Obscure outing on label that also brought you Maypole and Shocking Blue. Tunes ranging from soulish to prog/psych with good guitar leads. (M-/FC EX,BC M-,FO,PL,XOL) $35 or (M-/EX+,FO,SSTNBC,TIBC) $35.

PAUL KANTNER-go to Records Around the World section

KAPLAN BROTHERS-Nightbird-Quinton(U.S., '78)-In the loungy real-people freakzone; piano, flutes, and synthesizers in the Grudzien realms. (M-/FC VG++,BC EX,RW,SPS,TIC,TOC) $400.

KAPUTTER HAMSTER-Same-PA(Germany, '74)-Amazing unplayed copy; only 200 pressed of guitar soaked underground progressive private; fuzz acid leads galore. (M/M,WIN) $1200.

KASPER-Hammered-Lark Ellen(U.S., '76)-Heavy Southern barband stoner. (SS) $150.

PETER KAUKONEN-Black Kangaroo-Grunt(U.S., '72,M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,WIS,SRWBC) $75.

JOHN KAY-see Sparrow 

JOHN KAY-go to Records Around the World section

HOWARD KAYLAN-go to Records Around the World section

KUNI KAWACHI/FRIENDS-Kirikyogen-London(Japan, '70)-Backed by Flower Travellin' Band (the friends) this LP is as good or better than any one of theirs and rarer than "Anywhere". Distorted demonic guitar leads, pounding rhythm section, and native-tongue vocals that wail. (M-/EX,WIN) $1000.

KUNI KAWACHI-see Happenings Four

ERIC KAZ-go to Records Around the World section

KEBNEKAISE-Elefanten-Silence(Sweden, '77)-Wasted psych with lysergic leads, transcendental violin, and a pastoral folk twist. (M/M-) $60.

KEBNEKAISE-see Kenny Hakansson 

SPEEDY KEEN-go to Records Around the World section

KEITH-go to Records Around the World section

KEITH & DONNA-go to Records Around the World section

JOHNNY KENDALL/HERALDS-On the Move-RCA Camden(Germany, '65)-Super rare Dutch savage garage beat issued only in Germany and in unheard-of condition. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+,STIBC) $600 (SOLD) or (S1 EX,S2 EX-/VG++,TIC,TOC) $250.

KENSINGTON MARKET-Aardvark-Warner(U.S., '69)-Mostly short-song format progressive/psych until the last song, the mind-blowing "Dorian". (S1 M-,S2 EX/FC VG+,BC EX,FO,COH,SSTNC,RW,TIC) $30.

KENTUCKY COLONELS-go to Records Around the World section 

KEYMEN-Live-Goldust(U.S., '66)-New Mexico soul/punk frat rockers. (M/M,SIS) $100.

KID MURPHY BAND-Music Jail-Out(Germany, '92)-Private small-press 5-LP box set of heavy prog/psych jams recorded from 1978 to 1983. Killer guitars abound and has all the inserts. Has some tape tears on only one side of the box lid otherwise extremely clean. (M-/M-/M-/M-/M-/EX+,WIN,TIC) $250.

KING-Same-private(U.S., '80)-Super rare private hardrock progressive with smokin' guitar and elvish femme vocals. (M/M) $250.

CAROLE KING-go to Records Around the World section

KING CRIMSON-go to Records Around the World section

KING GEORGE DISCOVERY-Same-Haparanda(Germany, '69)-Scandinavian rarity that is pre-Life psoul/psych with scathing fuzz leads and a strong '60's vibe throughout. A good one for sure and a tough score as an unplayed copy. (M/M-) $175.

KING PEACH-Fair Warning-Flying High(U.S., '80)-Obscure Texas private heavy bluesy rural progressive. (S1 EX,S2 M-/EX-,RW,SSTNC,WOBC) $35.

KINGDOM COME-see Arthur Brown

KINGFISH-go to Records Around the World section

KINGSMEN-go to Records Around the World section

KINKS-go to Records Around the World section

KIRBY-Composition-Hot Wax(U.K., '78)-Really rare album by ex-Stretch front man, features Deep Purple's Ian Paice on drums. Long well-written songs with excellent guitar playing throughout. (M-/EX+,WIS) $750.

DANNY KIRWIN-go to Records Around the World section

KISS-go to Records Around the World section

KIT KATS-The Very Best of the...-Virtue(U.S., '67)-Great garage rocker. (M/M,SIS) $150.


KLUBS-Midnight Love Cycle-Tenth Planet(U.K., '99)-Rare 12-song comp of British beat band's 1967-1969 songs; #60 of 1000 limited copies. (M-/M-)-$75.

KNICKERBOCKERS-Sing and Sync Along with Lloyd Thaxton-Challenge(U.S., '65)-Rare first album pressed in "trick-track". All songs on both sides start at the beginning of the disc and track side by side with the other songs to the dead wax. What song you hear depends on where you place your tone arm down around the perimeter of the disc. WEIRD!!! (M-/M-,MO) $300. 

KNICKERBOCKERS-Jerk and Twine Time-Line(Germany, '65)-Late '70's reissue of below rarity. (M/M) $25.

KNICKERBOCKERS-Jerk and Twine Time-Challenge(U.S., '65)-Rarest of their 3 on Challenge. Looks rough but plays really sweet. (VG/EX-,MO,RW,WOBC) $150.

KNICKERBOCKERS-Lies-Challenge(U.S., '66,M-/M-,MO) $125 or (M-/EX,MO,SPS,TIC,SRW) $75.

TERRY KNIGHT/PACK-go to Records Around the World section

KNIGHTS-On the Road-Ace(U.S., '66)-Also known as the Hermon Knights, this garage/frat album is rare. (VG+/EX,MO,SRW,FSPS) $200.

KENNY KNOWLES-Just Some Fun!-Big Look(U.S., '84)-Twanging, chiming guitar rock with Bill Hill guesting on bass and guitar. (M/M,SIS) $50. 

KOALA-Same-Capitol(U.S., '69)-One of those items from this label that's done a total disappearing act, raw hard psych with savage fuzz leads. (SS,FREE punch,FO) $500 (SOLD) or (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,FO,SRW) $325.

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KOPPERFIELD-Tales Untold-Kopperdisc(U.S., '74)-Top-notch heavy LP with tons of roaring keys and blistering guitar. (SS) $900.

ERKIN KORAY-Same-Istanbul(Turkey, '73)-Unbelievably rare, unbelievably brilliant first album of Middle Eastern progressive/folk/psych; this is the flagship album for Turkish psych. These early Koray albums conjure images of genies on flying carpets soaring over minaret-spired mosques and a scimitar wielding Sinbad battling through a teeming bazaar of carpet hawkers and snake charmers. Perfect mixture of Middle Eastern ethnic folk and searing acid fuzz. This was traded to me as a M- piece across the board. Disc lives up to this claim, but the cover falls short. Actually, the same cover that was used in Pokora's 6-disc rarity listing of this album in 1001 Record Collector Dreams. For more affordable introductions to this genre, see the selection of Turkish singles in the prog/psych 45's section. Some non-LP items available. (M-/EX,RW,SPS) $2500. 

ERKIN KORAY-Elektronik Turkuler-Dogan(Turkey, '74)-Possibly unique near-perfect copy of his second album of heavy Middle Eastern prog. For more affordable introductions to this genre, see the selection of Turkish singles in the prog/psych 45's section. Some non-LP items available. (M-/M-,FO) $2000.

ERKIN KORAY-2-Dogan(Turkey, '75)-Follow-up and seemingly even less-seen than predecessor "Elektronik Turkuler" and the sequel "Tutkusu". The second copy offered here is the second cover issue. Apparently towards the end of this album's run, the record label ran out of original covers (a not uncommon occurrence back then) but had a surplus of discs. The label must have also had a surplus of covers for the previous LP "Elektronic Turkuler". They "professionally" removed the front half of the gatefold of the "...Turkuler" album covers and then attached a factory sticker with all the titles from "2"  to the green side of the front of the remaining portion of the "Elektronic Turkuler" covers. Despite many small marks, the second copy plays an amazingly clean EX for the most part. For more affordable introductions to this genre, see the selection of Turkish singles in the prog/psych 45's section. Some non-LP items available. (EX-/FC EX,BC EX-,SPS,SSTNBC,TIBC) $250 or (VG++/VG++,SRW) $125.

ERKIN KORAY-Tutkusu-Kervan(Turkey, '76)-Once again full-on Turkish heavy prog/psych with wild fuzz and backwards leads and weird effects mixed with traditional instruments. First copy is without a doubt the cleanest copy on the planet. For more affordable introductions to this genre, see the selection of Turkish singles in the prog/psych 45's section. Some non-LP items available. (M-/M-,FO) $1250 or (S1 M-,BC EX+/EX-,FO,RW) $400.

ERKIN KORAY-Ceylan-Emre(Turkey, '77,M-/FC EX,BC EX+,SSTNC,SRW) $750  (SOLD) or (EX/EX-,WOL,SRW,SPS) $200.

ERKIN KORAY-Benden Sana-Kotas(Turkey, '78,EX+/EX+,SRW) $750 (SOLD) or (S1 EX-,S2 EX/EX,RW) $200.

KOSKA-Bihozkadak-Xoxoa(Spain, '79)-Heavy Basque acid guitar prog/psych. (M-/EX+,FO,WIN) $475.

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ROLAND KOVAC NEW SET-The Master Said-Selected Sound(Germany, '71)-Upper rung long tracks exploitation psych. This is their rarest; organ/guitar domination with totally lysergic feel. (M-/M-) $1000.

ROLAND KOVAC NEW SET-Love That-Selected Sound(Germany, '72)-As good as the above and about 90% as rare. (M-/M-) $800.

ROLAND KOVAC/ORF BIG BAND-King Size-Selected Sound(Germany, '74)-Fifth or six (not sure) rare release by this band that only did these library style albums of "radio television film advertising backgrounds". This one is full of horns more typifying the funky style of the mid-seventies, but also still flashing that firey guitar that so dominates their first 3 albums. (M-/EX) $75.

KRACKER-Same-Primo(U.S., '78)-Guitar boogie, silver foil covers. (SS) $50 or (EX/VG+,TIBC,RW) $30.

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KRAVETZ-Same-Vertigo(Germany, '72)-Monster ex-Frumpy German Krautrock featuring Udo Lindenberg on first press swirl label, super rare. (M-/EX,SRW,STIC) $500.

KRIS KRINGLE-Sodom-Kool(Brazil, '71)-First pressing of rare micro-label heavy progressive/psych. (EX/VG++,FO,SPS,TIC) $150.

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KRYSTALS-Same-Fourmost(Canada, '68)-Rare beat/pop. (EX+/EX-,RW,WOC) $190. 

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YASUMI NO KUNI-Same-URG(Japan, '72)-I hope I have the artist's name correct. Amazing and unknown folk/psych to heavy garage/psych; fuzz leads, flute, even marimba. (M-/M-,FO) $400. 

ROBB KUNKEL-Abyss-Tumbleweed(U.S., '73)-Recently much-hyped acid folk/rock and the rarest on this quality little label with only a total of 500 pressed. (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,STAL,STAC,COH,SRW) $100.

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L.A. JETS-see James Cahoon Lindsay Band

LA DE DA's-Find Us a Way-Philips(New Zealand, '67)-Tuff beat with stinging guitar and Farfisa issued in the thickest cover you ever held. Less garage, more psych than their first. (M-/EX,MO,STNC,WOBC) $550.

LA DE DA's-Rock and Roll Sandwich-EMI(Australia, '73)-Monster heavy blues/psych. (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,FO,RWBC) $250.

(LA DE DA's)KEVIN BORICH-Lonely One-Image(Australia, '77)-Solo album by the La De Da's great guitarist; cover is perfect except for the totally intact drawn-up lamination. (M-/EX+,WIS) $40.

LADIES W.C.-Same-Souvenir(Venezuela, '69)-Legendary heavy acid psych, here is the colored vinyl version. (EX/EX,SPS,TSTNC,SRW) $2000. 

LADIES W.C.-see Homer and the Dont's

LADY-Same-Vertigo(Germany, '76)-Up-and-coming rarity; hard guitar rocker. (M/M) $100.

LADY CHASER-Same-private(U.S., '81)-Mainly a rural progressive feel, stunning fantasy cover art. (M/M,SIS,WIN) $50.

LAFAUCI-Same-Uncle Meat(U.S., '78)-Wasted guitar, wasted vocal, vinyl not wasted in pressing this raunchy hardrock winner from the heart of Cajun country. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+) $150.

LAGHONIA-Glue-Mag(Peru, '70)-Best condition disc you'll ever see of this So. American heavy psych mind-fryer. For years this LP was unknown to exist as psych-hounds gleefully tripped to their second album below, believing it to be the band's only offering. (M-/EX,RW) $2500. 

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OSSIE LAINE SHOW-Maddox 2-Edigsa(Spain, '69)-U.K. band only released in Spain; savage r 'n' b/beat. Future Greatest Show on Earth. (M-/EX,SPS,TIBC) $225.

LAMENT FOR THE LIZARD KING-Same-Perception Enterprises(U.S., '81)-Tenth anniversary tribute of Morrison's passing; only almost 12 minutes of music, but a pretty good Doors sound-alike nonetheless. (M-/M-) $50. 

LANDSLIDE-Two Sided Fantasy-Capitol(U.S., '72)-Heavy blues guitar psych and as rare as any on this label. (SS) $300.

ROBBIE LANE/DISCIPLES-It's a Happening-Capitol(Canada, '66)-Rare beat/pop from the frozen north; these types of albums rarely turn up in this condition. (SS,MO) $250 or (M-/M-,MO) $200.

RONNIE LANE-see Small Faces, Faces, and Rolling Stones, click here for Rolling Stones

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JESSE LANKFORD-see Houston's Natural Gass

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(LARRY'S)REBELS-Madrigal-Impact(New Zealand, '68,EX+/EX,STNC,STIC) $125. 

LAST-L.A. Explosion!-Bomp(U.S., '79)-Cult neo-psych California Sunset Strip revivalists. (SS) $30 or (M/M-,SIS) $25.

LAST NIKLE-Same-Mainstream(U.S., '68)-Legendary label's BS&T-style entry trying vainly to live up to its name and offer something mainstream to the mindless AM masses. (SS,COH,SHC) $90.

LAST WORDS-Same-Atco(U.S., '68)-Interesting band playing originals and covers by the Who and the Raiders. Good guitar throughout and they do for the Beatles' "No Reply" what Vanilla Fudge did for the Supremes' "Y.K.M.H.O.". (SS,COH) $50 or (M-/M-) $35.

LAURELIE-Same-Triangle(Belgium, '70)-Heavy prog and some impressive psychedelia mixed in with a slight jazz flavor. (M-/M-) $1000.

JULIAN LAXTON BAND-see Freedom's Children

LAZER BAND-When the Manslayers Jam-Erect(U.S., '80)-Power pop. (M-/VG++,XOC,SRW,SPS) $25.

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LEAFHOUND-see Black Cat Bones

FAUSTO LEALI/E I SUOI NOVELTY-Same-Rifi(Italy, '66)-Good beat/pop. (EX+/EX-,MO) $75.

LEAVES-go to Records Around the World section

LECTRIC MUSIC REVOLUTION-Same-Marathon(Canada, '68)-Probably the best-play copy ever of amazing garage psych in the Rockadrome rarity zone. (M-/EX+,COH,SRW) $800 or (EX+/EX,COH,TIC) $600.

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DINAH LEE-Introducing...-Viking(New Zealand, '65)-Beat/raver by the Sheila (Oz slang for chick) voted Australia Miss Mod 1964. (EX-/FC M-,BC EX-, STNBC,TIBC,TOBC) $50.

LEE KINGS-Bingo-RCA(Sweden, '66)-Great jangly Merseybeat, tough to find album. (EX+/FC EX-,BC EX,TIC) $150.

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LEGEND-Same-Megaphone(U.S., '69)-This has got to be the all-time most common name for a rock band. These labelmates of the mighty Dragonfly play a polished Farfisa/fuzz based garage punk. (M-/VG++,HRW,TIC,TOC) $275.

LEGEND-Same-Bell(U.S., '69)-Mickey Jupp progressive/psych band's U.S. release. (M/M,SIS) $250 or (M-/M-,CON) $200.

LEGEND-Same-Vertigo(Germany, '70)-Legendary "red boot" album by Jupp's barroom boys. (M-/EX,FO) $125.

LEGEND-Death in the Nursey-Workshop(U.K., '82)-Inspired heavy progressive with deafening guitar outbursts. (M-/EX,WIN) $100.

LEGGAT-Illuminations-Capitol(Canada, '82)-Double album by former bassist, guitarist, vocalist from A Foot in Cold Water. (M-/M-/EX+) $150.

LEGS DIAMOND-Same-Mercury(U.S., '77,M-/FC M-,BC EX+,PSTABC,WIN,SRWBC) $40. 

LEGS DIAMOND-Fire Power-Cream(U.S., '78)-Popular hard rockers. (SS,COH) $40.

LEIGH ASHFORD-Kinfolk-RCA(U.S., '71)-Canadian band doing a funky brand of progressive/psych with some very nice guitar work. The band took its name from a Robin-Hood-like 16th century British prostitute who screwed the rich and gave the proceeds to the era's starving musicians. Quite scarce in a neat gatefold gimmix cover. (SS,FO,CON) $90.

LELAND-Live at Mabuhay Gardens-Contempt(U.S., '77)-Oriental axe master's frenzied live loud guitar orgy, his rarest. (M-/FC EX,BC EX-,MO,RW) $250.

LEMON DROPS-In the Springtime!-Guerssen(Spain, '12)-Legendary Chicago area band equally gifted in writing and performing both fuzzed-out garage/psych rockers and lighter flower power tracks all recorded from 1966 to 1968. (M/M,SIS) $30.

(LEMON PIPERS)RAM JAM-Portrait...-Epic(U.S., '78)-AOR hardrock incarnation of above band. (SS,CC) $20.

JOHN LENNON-see Beatles, click here for Beatles

LENO-Mas Madera-Chapa Discos(Spain, '80)-Good guitar/synth hardrock sung in Spanish. (M-/EX+,SRWBC) $35. 

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LET'S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER-Same-Arc(Canada, '66)-Companion piece to "Please Feed the Animals". Here they cover 7 Stones' tunes and one each by Spencer Davis, Dave Dee, Small Faces, Troggs, and Yardbirds. These are great cover versions and both albums are very rare. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,MO,SRW,COH) $200 or (VG-/EX+,MO,SRW) $30.

LET'S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER-see Please Feed the Animals

LEVEE CAMP MOAN-Same-County Recording Service(U.K., '69)-Super rare private psychedelic blues/rock with insert front and back sleeve slicks. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-,IS) $3000.

LEVIATHAN-Same-Mach(U.S., '74)-Heavy prog with loads of flute, mellotrons, and guitars. (SS,CC) $125.

MARK LEVY-Leviathan: In the Heart of the Beast-New Clear(U.S., '80)-Soft country folk LP with bluesy and jazzy parts. Anti-nuke protest album with homemade fantasy art cover. (M/M-,WIN,SRW) $90.

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JIMMY LEWIS/CHECKERS-Yeah, Right-Bomp-(U.S., '79)-Good power pop mixed with a healthy shot of good ol' '60's rock'n'roll. (SS) $15 or (M/M-,SIS) $12.

LEW LEWIS REFORMER-Save the Wail-Stiff(U.K., '79)-Barroom boogie frenzy with the lead instrument during the breaks being one howlin' harmonica. (M/M) $20.

LEWIS AND CLARK EXPEDITION-Same-RCA Victor(U.K., '67)-Nice laminated cover press of American good time folk/pop band. (S1 M-,S2 EX/EX,STIL,MO,TIC,SSTNBC) $40.

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JEFF LIBERMAN-Solitude Within-Librah(U.S., '75)-His second album chock full of psychy songs running over with loud wah-wah/fuzz guitar. (M-/EX+,SRW,STNC) $350.   

JEFF LIBERMAN-Synergy-Librah(U.S., '78)-Last and rarest, haven't seen this in a list in ages. Magical vibe fuzz, wah-wah fest; beautiful moody mystical atmosphere. This is a magnificent unplayed copy.  (M/M,SIS,WIN) $500.

LIBRETTOS-Let's Go-HMV(New Zealand, '65)-Super rare beat LP; seems I recall a tale of a collector pulling a gun on someone who owned this album because the owner refused to sell it to him, UNBELIEVABLE. (M-/EX,MO,TIC,TOC) $800. 

LIC-Just a Taste-Big Dog(U.S., '79)-Hard & heavy Houstonians. (M-/M-,WIN) $150.

LIFE-Same-Odeon(Sweden, '71)-Killer prog LP with burning fuzz leads and wild keyboards. This is the super-rare English vocals version; you see 10 of the Swedish vocals version for every one of these. (M-/M-,FO) $1750.

LIFE-see Resan

LIGHTNING-see Litter

LILAC ANGELS-Hard to Be Free-Harvest(Germany, '78)-Hard blues/rock. (M/M) $40.

LILY-V.C.U.-Bellaphon(Germany, '73)-Superb unplayed copy of Krautrock gem. (M/M-) $300.

LIMELIGHT-Same-Future Earth(U.K., '80)-Getting rare black cover original heavy prog with awesome guitar/organ duels. (M-/M-) $75.

PHILAMORE LINCOLN-go to Records Around the World section

(LINCOLN STREET EXIT)XIT-Entrance-Canyon(U.S., '74)-Awesome psych album by the guys who brought you Lincoln Street Exit on Mainstream. (M/M,SIS,WIS) $400.

(LINCOLN STREET EXIT)XIT-Drums Across the Atlantic-Warrior(U.S., '81)-Great live psych album recorded in Europe. (M-/M-,WIN) $150.


STEVE LINNEGAR'S SNAKESHED-Music for Shogun-Music Team(So. Africa, '83)-Progressive Floydian psych with trippy vocals and stunning guitar leads. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX,BC EX+,SSTNC) $250.

LION-Same-Little Wing(U.S., '82)-Aggressive pomp/rock similar to Styx and Head East released on a small private label totally unrelated to the German reissue label of the same name; rare and excellent in-your-face no-nonsense straight forward rocker. (M-/EX+,WSTNC) $150.

LIONS-Many Sides of...-Carosello(Italy, '65)-Scandinavian freak/beat garage greats, super condition disc. (M-/EX,SHC,TIC) $450.

LISLE-Smile with Lisle-Bronco(Canada, '72)-Charming cover album of rural rock. (EX+/FC VG++,BC EX,STAL,RW,TIC,WOC) $30.

LITE STORM-Warning-Beverly Hills(U.S., '69)-Low-tech psych with swirling organ and fuzz guitars. (M-/EX,RW,XOBC) $190 or (M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,PL,PSTAC,RW,TIC) $175.

(LITTER)LIGHTNING-Same-P.I.P.(U.S., '71)-Lead guitarist is Zip Caplan from the first two Litter albums. (M-/M-) $150 or (M-/EX+,WOBC,SRW) $90.

KEN LITTLE-Solo-Dharma(U.S., '73)-Prog/psych with strong guitar leads all over the disc (Harvey Mandel wielding the axe), leaning toward rural blues and folk in some places. A very underrated album. (SS) $90 or (M/M,SIS) $75.

LITTLE BOB STORY-High Time-Arcane(France, '76)-Fast and furious pub rock. (SS) $20.

LITTLE BOB STORY-Same-Crypto(France, '77,M/M) $20.

LITTLE BOB STORY-Off the Rails-Chiswick(U.K., '77,M/M) $20.

LITTLE BOY BLUES-In the Woodland of Weir-Fontana(U.S., '67)-Scarce major label psych/garage fuzz feast. (SS,COH) $150.

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LITTLE JOHN-Up and Down-Epic(U.S., '70)-BS&T rock with some excellent guitar. (SS,CC) $10.

LIVE EXPERIENCE BAND-Jimi Hendrix Portrait-Ken(Germany, '70)-These guys wasted little time in pumping out a barrage of hastily recorded although excellently rendered tribute albums. This double album has great covers of Jimi's standards but also originals done in the style of the dusky psych-meister. (M-/M-/M-,FO) $100 or (M-/M-/EX,FO,SRW,WOBC) $90.

LIVE EXPERIENCE BAND-Jimi Hendrix Portrait-Ken(Germany, '70)-This is the same album as the one above, ALMOST. Side 2 of the first disc is mispressed. It has a different matrix number in the trail-off (711 as opposed to the 712 it should have). Instead of the 4 songs that appear on the above version, there are 3 great original instrumentals, I assume, from a scrapped release. What a pleasant surprise these were when I first discovered the mistake. (M-/M-/M-,FO) $140.

LIVE EXPERIENCE BAND-Tribute to Jimi Hendrix-Ken(Germany, '70)-All originals in the Jimi-groove on this one. (M-/FC EX,BC M-,TIC) $110.

LIVE EXPERIENCE BAND-Tribute to Jimi Hendrix, Vol. 2-Broadway(Italy, '71,M-/EX,TIC,RWBC) $110.

LIVERBIRDS-Star Club Show 4-Fontana(Spain, '65)-One of the first all girl beat groups, good one. (M-/EX,XOBC,SRWBC) $300.

LIVERPOOL BEATS-see Beatles, click here for Beatles

LIVERPOOL FIVE-go to Records Around the World section

LIVERPOOL SCENE-Amazing Adventures of the...-RCA(U.S., '69)-Experimental rock to fragile folk/psych. (SS,FO,CC) $25 or (VG++/VG++,FO,HRW) $3.

LIVIN' BLUES-Rocking at the Tweed Mill-Philips(Canada, '72)-Rarest by these heavy Dutch bluesrock icons. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,FO, PSTAL,PSTIC, PSTABC,WOC) $90.

LIVIN' BLUES-Hell's Session-Philips(Holland, '69)-Later press of great debut album. (M/M) $75.

LIVIN' BLUES-Wang Dang Doodle-Philips(Holland, '70)-Nederbeat series issue of outstanding bluesboom band. (M/M-) $75.

LIVIN' BLUES-Ram Jam Josey-Ariola(Holland, '73,M-/FC M-,BC EX+,TIBC) $200.

LIVIN' BLUES-Live '75-Ariola(Holland, '75)-Amazing unplayed copy. (M/M-) $250.

LIVIN' BLUES-Blue Breeze-Ariola(Holland, '76)-A perfect still sealed original. (SS) $300 or (M-/M-,WIS) $225.

LIZARD-In Concert-private(Switzerland, '81)-Menacing long-tracks progressive with guitar, keys, and sax similar to Van der Graaf Generator. (M-/M-/M-, FO,WIN) $350. 

IAN LLOYD-go to Records Around the World section

DICKIE LOADER/BLUE JEANS-Groovy Kinda Sounds-Parlophone(So. Africa, '67)-Prolific South African beat/rock band. (M-/EX,MO,AUTO) $175.

LOADING ZONE-Same-RCA(U.S., '68)-Iconic West Coast psychedelic soul rock band. (SS,CC) $80 or (M/M-,COH) $60.

LOCH NESS-Same-private(Mexico, '88)-Extended tracks of loud fuzzed progressive psych, this instrumental guitar/bass/drums trio features the amazing guitarist Edgar Anaya who is disappointingly unknown, underrated, or underappreciated. For whatever the reason, with guitar licks laid down like this dude does it, coupled with the scarceness of these 2 albums, they should be flying off the shelves at twice these prices. (M/M,SIS) $150.

LOCH NESS-Same-private(Mexico, '90)-Their incredible second album. (M/M,FO,SIS,WIS) $150.

LOS LOCOS DEL RITMO-Mas Rock-Compas(U.S., '81)-Mexican '60's rock & roll cover band. Way above average. (SS) $75 or (M/M,SIS,COH) $60.

LOCUST-Playgue-Annuit Coeptis(U.S., '76)-Organ/guitar based prog with dramatic moves. (SS) $30 or (M-/EX,CON,RW) $20.

LODESTONE-Same-Lodestone(U.S., '81)-'70's sounding dual guitar ear-splitting hardrock. (SS) $125 or (M-/M-) $110.

JOHN LODGE-go to Records Around the World section

NILS LOFGREN-go to Records Around the World section

LA LOGIA SARABANDA-Same-Rex/Gas(Mexico, '73)-Hot Peruvian funkadelics. (M-/EX+,FO) $150.

JACKIE LOMAX-Is This What You Want?-Apple(U.S., '69)-The worthwhile parts of this album of which there are quite a few are very Badfinger influenced. (SS) $90 or (M-/EX,RW,XOL) $30.

JACKIE LOMAX-Three-Warner(U.S., '72,SS,CON) $25.

JACKIE LOMAX-see Heavy Jelly


LONE STAR-Vuelve el Rock-H.M.V.(Spain, '68)-Third album by Spanish beat group. (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,MO,TOC,XOBC,SRWBC) $150.

LONE STAR-Es Largo el Camino...-Unic(Spain, '72)-Heavy progressive loud guitar metamorphosis. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,SPS) $200.

LONE STAR-En Directo...-Selector(Spain, '77,M-/FC M-,BC EX,SRWBC) $100.

LONE STAR-Oveja Negra-Circulo(Spain, '79,EX/M-) $50.

LONE STAR-Same-Columbia(U.S., '76)-Solid AOR heavy rock. Unrelated to the above Spanish group. (SS) $40.

ROY LONEY-go to Records Around the World section

ALEXANDER LONGRIFLE-Spirits-P.I.N.T.O.(U.S., '78)-Native American Elvis emulator (not impersonator) in dress and vocal style backed by a band that can really rock. (M-/EX,SRW,STNC) $35.

LORDS-Some Folks by the Lords-Hor Zu(Germany, '66)-In my opinion, their rarest. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC VG++,BC EX,SPS,TSTNC,TIC,SRWBC) $125.

LORDS-Good Side of June-Columbia(Germany, '67)-By this their fourth album, they've moved from pure beat to some popsike. (M-/M-) $200.

(NEW)LORDS-Same-Columbia(Germany, '71)-Now into their latter-day heavy psych phase. (M-/M-) $150. 

LOST & FOUND-Everybody's Here-IA(U.S., '68)-TX psych in the best Elevators' style. (SS) $300. 

LOST NATION-Paradise Lost-Rare Earth(U.S., '70)-Organ based heavy prog; tasty guitar added to spice. (M-/M-) $90.

LOTHAR/HAND PEOPLE-Presenting-Capitol(U.S., '68)--Sythesizer rock pioneers. (M/M-,PH) $125 or (M-/EX,FREE punch,TIC,SRW) $100.

LOUIE/LOVERS-Rise-Epic(U.S., '70)-Electric rural and folkrock from Cal-Mex band in the Sir Doug mold. (EX+/VG++,HRW) $15.

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LOVE IS A HEART ON-see Heavy Balloon

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LOVIN' SPOONFUL-go to Records Around the World section

LOVIN' SPOONFUL-see Henske/Yester

LOVING AWARENESS-Same-More Love(Holland, '77)-Rural pop rock, contains the large poster. (M/M,FO) $25.


LOBBY LOYDE-see Coloured Balls

CHRIS LUCEY-Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest-Surrey(U.S., '67)-Amazing electric folk/psych; spacey back-up and effects with dreamy vocals. (M-/M) $400.

LUCIFER-Same-Gallo(U.S., '71)-Tremendously rare heavy rock with furious leads and rugged vocals. (M-/M-) $1000.

LUCIFER'S FRIEND-I'm Just a Rock 'n' Roll Singer-Billingsgate(U.S., '74)-Well-known hard rockers. (SS) $25.

LUCIFER'S FRIEND-Where the Groupies Killed the Blues-Passport(U.S., 75,SS,COH) $25.

LUCIFER'S FRIEND-Mind Exploding-Janus(U.S., '76,SS,CC) $20.

LUCIFER'S FRIEND-Sneak Me In-Elektra(U.S., '80,SS) $15.

LUCIFER'S FRIEND-see Electric Food

LUIGI ANA DA BOYS-Feeling the Ceiling-Criminal(U.K., '78)-Could be a missing early-period Wishbone Ash album from the harmonizing dual guitars. Was told only 50 or so were made. Plain cover with taped-on info sheet. Polished, accomplished sound quality and playing as opposed to its crude private appearance. (M-/M-) $1500. 

LUMBEE-Overdose-Radnor(U.S., '70)-Quite rare underrated, undervalued late-night stoner bluesy psycher. If only for the record this is rare enough, but this copy also contains the drug game in perfect condition about scoring dope, pregnant chicks, getting busted, and tripping through the '60's. Rule number one, "No one who intends to stay straight may play". (SS/EX+,SRW) $250 or (M/FC EX,BC EX+,SRW,TIC) $175.

LYD-Same-Fanny(U.S., '70)-Here's a rare reissue of only 400 pieces from 1992 on the Belgian Fanny label, and unless you are lucky enough to own the one-of-a-kind acetate-only original, you must settle for one of these babies. Recorded in the U.S. at Pat Boone's studio in Hollywood 1970, this is a totally killer drugged out piece of wax loaded with fuzzy, crunchy guitars. The packaging is a generic white sleeve with unglued front and rear cover slicks on the first copy (#203 of 400), glued front and rear cover slicks on the second copy (#328 of 400), and an unglued front cover slick with the Fanny Isolation LP cover on the third copy. (M/M-) $150 or (M/M-) $130 or (M/M-) $85.

LYNYRD SKYNYRD-go to Records Around the World section

JOHN LYONS/BLUE DIAMONDS-Light in the Lowlands-TNT(U.S., '79)-Rural folk/psych with emotive mournful Dylanesque vocals and mostly acoustic guitar, some bass, no drums. (M/M,SIS) $200.

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MC5-Back in the USA-Atlantic(U.S., '70,M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW) $75 or (EX+/EX,RW,XOL) $45.

MC5-High Time-Atlantic(U.S., '71,M-/EX,FO,SRWBC,CON) $60.

M.P.D. LIMITED-The Best of...-Go!!(Australia, '65)-Amazing condition for this killer Oz moody beat rarity. (M-/M-,MO) $600.

MAC MURROUGH-Same-Polydor(Ireland, '74)-Monster rare, monster killer acid folk/psych LP with the uber-rare insert in the uber-fragile sleeve. (M-/EX,WIN,STNC,SRW) $700.

MACK-Rock & Becs-Zodiac(Canada, '74)-Hardrock guitar frenzy. (M/M-,SIS,CON) $300.

LOS MACS-Go Go/22-RCA(Chile, '66)-Rare first LP is a garage/beat cranker. Second copy listed here of this 19-song live album looks only VG+ but plays a strong EX to M-, all guitar dominated. (EX+/M-,MO) $400 or (VG+/EX+,MO,STABC) $150.

LOS MACS-Same-RCA(Chile, '68)-One of the best South American garage/punk, popsike, folkrock bands. This is their fourth and final album with excellent originals and covers; a Beatles' medley of "I'm Looking Thru You" and "No Reply", the Stones' "Connection", and an unusual medley pairing of the Supremes' "Stop, in the Name of Love" and Manfred Manns' "Semi-Detached Suburban Mr. James". Great jangly and punky guitar rockers. (M-/M-,MO) $500 (SOLD) or (EX+/FC EX,BC EX+,MO,TIC) $300.

MAD FABLES-Get Off-Magic(U.S., '77)-"Dead" influenced extended rural acid psych jams. (M/M,SIS) $400.

MAD RIVER-Paradise Bar and Grill-Capitol(U.S., '69)-West Coast sounding rural psych gem. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,PH,TOC) $225 or (M-/EX,SPS) $125.

MADCATS-Same-Skyline(Canada, '78)-Hardrock pressed on yellow vinyl and housed in a gimmix cover. (M/M,WIS) $25.

MADCATS-Same-Buddah(U.S., '79)-Heavy AOR, kinda reminds me of Styx. U.S. press of above album. (M-/EX+,CC) $15.

MADDER LAKE-Still Point-Mushroom(Australia, '73)-Accomplished progressive outfit with superb guitar/organ interplay. (M-/M-,FO,SPS) $250.

MADDER LAKE-Butterfly Farm-Mushroom(Australia, '74,M-/M-,FO) $250.

MADRIGAL-Same-SSS International(U.S., '71)-Nice baroque minstrel art cover sheltering seldom seen progressive album with some psychy guitar flashes. (SS) $60.

MAGI-Win or Lose-private(U.S., '72)-Raging hardrock, howling vocals and blistering guitar. (M-/M-,SIS) $750 (SOLD) or (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,AUTO,SSTNC,TIBC) $550.

MAGIC-see Magic Mountain

MAGIC LANTERNS-Shame Shame-Atlantic(U.S., '69)-Many people dispute the fact that this album sports a pre-Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne. Are they blind? Look at the guy in the background on the rear cover which also credits a Mike "Oz" Osborne. No 'u' in the last name, but hey. (SS,COH) $50.

MAGIC MIXTURE-go back to homepage and click onto the re-issue section

MAGIC MOUNTAIN-Same-private(U.S., '68)-Organ based garage popsike. Listed in 4001 Record Collector Dreams  as simply "Magic" but actual name is Magic Mountain. (EX/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC,WOL) $200.

MAGIC MUSCLE - The Pipe, the Roar, the Grid-5 Hours Back(U.K., '88)-This 1971 band sounds amazingly like Hawkwind because, of all things, it has a couple of Hawkwind members plus members of Elias Hulk, Artwoods, Crazy World of Arthur Brown, and Third Ear Band; contains the 4-page booklet. (M-/EX,WIN) $60.

MAGICAL POWER MAKO-Music from Heaven-Marquee Moon(Japan, '82)-Rarest of their albums limited to 500 pressed. Private look with insert cover, unpeeled sticker, and classy embossed metallic label. All their albums are soaring fuzz guitar mind-melters in the best Crimson/Faust/Heldon tradition. (M-/M-,WIN) $350.

MAGNA CARTA-Seasons-Dunhill(U.S., '70)-British folk/psych classic. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,FO,COH) $20.

MAGNETON-Rock Express-Electrecord(Romania, '77)-Guitar dominated straight rock; not bad at all from such a repressive country at that time. (M-/ EX+,SRW) $40.

MAGNUM-II-Jet(U.K., '79)-Solid British hardrock, no metal. (M/M-,WIS) $25.

MAGNUM-Marauder-Jet(U.K., '80,M/M) $25.

MAGUIRE-Same-private(U.S., '84)-Boss 6-song mini-LP from the Springsteen school of vocalizing. (M/M,SIS) $20.

MAHOGANY RUSH-Maxoom-20th Century(U.S., '73)-Hendrix-inspired guitar psych. (M-/EX,RW) $35.

MAHOGANY RUSH-Child of the Novelty-20th Century(U.S., '74,M-/M-,FO,PL,PSTIBC) $40 or (M-/EX+,FO,SRWBC) $30 or (M-/EX,FO,WOC,SRWBC) $28.

MAINHORSE-go to Records Around the World section

MAINLAND-Exposure-Christy(U.K., '79)-Stellar guitar, mellotron, synth hardrock; very scarce indeed. (M-/M-,AUTO) $150.

MAJIC SHIP-Same-Bel-Ami(U.S., '70)-Brain twisting monstrous heavy guitar psych with cataclysmic fuzz wah-wah attacks. (M-/EX+,SRW,SPS) $1500.

CARMEN MAKI-see Blues Creation

(YNGWIE MALMSTEEN)ALCATRAZZ-Live Sentence-Rocshire(U.S., '84)-Heavy guitar rock specialist. (SS,CC) $18.

(MAMA LION)C.K. STRONG-Same-Epic(U.S., '69)-Extraordinary heavy psychedelic/blues/rock album. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW) $90.

MAMMALS-see Human Beinz

MAN-Same-Columbia(U.S., '69)-Totally unrelated to all the releases below by the great U.K. progressive outfit. This Man is lead by Denny Belline and Richard Supa. (M-/EX+,SRW) $30.

MAN-Same-Liberty(U.K., '71)-Impressive unplayed copy of organ/guitar driven heavy progressive psych; long jams anointed them as the Welch Grateful Dead. Their many later albums evolved into a more bluesy, rural progressive style. (M/M,FO) $200.

MAN-Be Good to Yourself at Least Once a Day-UA(U.S., '73)-Great gatefold gimmix cover. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW,CC) $25.

MAN-Back into the Future-UA(U.S., '73,SS,FO,CC) $25.

MAN-Rhinos, Winos, and Lunatics-UA(U.S., '74,SS,FO,CC) $18.

MAN-Slow Motion-UA(U.S., '75,SS,CC) $15.

MAN-Welch Connection-MCA(U.S., '76,SS,CC) $20.

(MAN)CLIVE JOHN-You Always Know Where You Stand with a Buzzard-UA(U.K., '75,M/EX,SPS) $30.

(MAN)DEKE LEONARD-Kamikaze-UA(U.S., '74,SS,COH) $10 or (M/EX,FO,CC,SRW,TOBC) $6.

MANAL-Reunion-CBS(Argentina, '81)-Later album by heavy rockers with Alejandro Medina and guitara suprema de Claudio Gabis. (M-/M-,FO) $60 or (EX+/M-,FO,XOBC) $50.

MANDALA-Soul Crusade-Atlantic(U.S., '68)-Personnel consists of Dominic Troiano and Roy Kenner, both future members of the James Gang. (M-/BC EX,FC EX+,FO,SRW) $40. 

HARVEY MANDEL-Cristo Redentor-Philips(U.S., '68)-Guitar virtuoso who did a brief stint with Canned Heat. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,COH,RWBC) $60.

HARVEY MANDEL-Righteous-Philips(U.S., '69,M-/EX+,WIN,SRW) $60 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX-,HRW) $25.

HARVEY MANDEL-Games Guitars Play-Philips(U.S., '69,M-/FC EX,BC EX+,SRW,TIC) $40 or (M-/EX,RW,SPS) $35.

HARVEY MANDEL-The Snake-Janus(U.S., '72,M-/M-,CC) $40.

HARVEY MANDEL-Shangrenade-Janus(U.S., '73,SS,CC) $50.

HARVEY MANDEL-Feel the Sound-Janus(U.S., '74,SS,CC) $50 or (M/M-,YLP) $40.

HARVEY MANDEL-see Acme Thunder

MANDRAKE GARDEN-Picturesque-private(Australia, '89)-Ultra-limited press, I've heard anywhere from 100 to 200, of full-bore early '70's sounding heavy progressive with slashing leads. Second copy is perfect except for 10 light ticks to begin side 2. (M/M,WIN) $200 or (S1 M,S2 EX+/M,WIN) $150.

MANDRAKE MEMORIAL-Same-Poppy(U.S., '68)-Dreamy psych classic; super-rare mono. (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,MO,PSTIC,PL,SRW) $300.

MANILLA ROAD-Metal-Roadster(U.S., '82)-Pristine unplayed disc; see description below. (M/M-,WIS) $150.

MANILLA ROAD-Crystal Logic-Roadster(U.S., '83)-Metal power trio with crunching riffs and sizzling guitar; the first copy is an unplayed beauty. (M/M-,WIS) $250 or (M-/EX,RW) $125.

MANFRED MANN-go to Records Around the World section

TERRY MANNING-Home Sweet Home-Enterprise(U.S., '69)-Heavy/garage/fuzz/psych/blues long songs of gravel-voiced, steam-enigine freight-train harmonica, guitar ramblings with the show-stopper being his knockout 10 minute version of George Harrison's "Savoy Truffle". (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-,SIS,COH) $150.

MAQUINA-Funciona-Apolo(Spain, '81)-Microreleased third and final album by Spanish progsters with one side-long song per side in flimsiest cover imaginable. (M-/EX+,SRW) $250.

MARCUS-Same-UA(U.S., '76)-Killer heavy rock. (SS,COH) $30.

MARCUS-From the House of Trax-private(U.S., '78)-Top notch psych with the legendary paste-on cover. Echoed, phased, and filtered vox and guitar; a real mind-blower. No connection to other Marcus listings. (M-/M-) $650.

ROBERT MARCUS-Same-Ankh(U.S., '74)-Local press from my home town Corpus Christi; an easy going album with strings and some horns but also fuzz and wah-wah bursts and loads of keys. Members of Kubla Khan and the Zakary Thaks contribute. (SS) was $300--now $200.

MARIA CAFRA-Same-Jem(Philippines, '78)-Philippino brain-frying heavy rock in the best tradition of the other big ones from this island nation. (M/EX-,SRW,TIC) $400 or (M-/EX-,RW,STIBC) $375

MARIAH-Same-UA(U.S., '76)-Dual guitar/keyboards hardrock outfit. (SS,COH) $18.

(MARIANI)ELECTROMAGNETS-Same-EGM(U.S., '75)-Red cover version of Eric Johnson's follow-up LP. (SS) $125 or (M/M) $120.

MARIANUS-Visions from out of the Blue-Jupiter(U.S., '81)-Seldom seen guitar/organ based progressive. First copy contains a bonus single. (M/M,WIN) $100 or (M-/EX+,WIS,WSTNBC) $75 or (M-/EX,WIS,TIC) $60.

MARINER-see Murasaki

BOB MARKLEY-see West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

BEN MARKUS-Nocturn Gate-Ooze(U.K., '83)-Straight ahead guitar rock often closing in on pubrock. (M-/M-) $75 or (M-/EX) $60. 

MARMALADE-Reflections of the...-Decca(Germany, '70,S1 EX+,S2 EX/M-) $40.

MARMALADE-Best of the...-Epic(U.S., '70,M-/EX+,SRW,CC) $25.

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DEWEY MARTIN-go to Records Around the World section

MARTIN CIRCUS-Acte II-Vogue(France, '71)-Quite scarce double album with complex arrangements in a Traffic/Tull direction. (M/M/EX+,FO,WIN) $75.

MASCOTS-Ellpee-Decca(Sweden, '66,S1 EX+,S2 EX/EX+) $225.

MASKED MARAUDERS-Same-Deity(U.S., '69)-First super-group album with members of the Beatles and the Stones and Mr. Robert Zimmerman; YEAH, RIGHT! A great hoax nonetheless rivaling Paul is dead. You must read the hilarious liner notes which outright tell you, "Do not be fooled by gossip and idle rumors. In a world of Sham, The Masked Marauders are truly the genuine article." (SS,COH,CC) $30 or (M/FC EX,BC EX+,WLP,RW) $20 or (M-/VG+,RW,COH,SPS,WIN,WSTNC) $10.

DAVE MASON-go to Records Around the World section

MASON PROFFIT-Wanted!-Happy Tiger(U.S., '70)-Great West Coast rural rock with thrilling harmonies and a slight psych vibe. (M/M,FO,SIS) $25 or (M-/M-,FO) $20 or (EX-/EX,FO,WSTNC) $6.

MASON PROFFIT-Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream-Ampex(U.S., '71,M-/EX,RW) $12.

MASON PROFFIT-Rockfish Crossing-Warner(U.S., '72,M/EX+,FO,TIC,CC) $10.

MASON PROFFIT-Come & Gone-Warner(U.S., '73,M/M/EX,FO,CC,TIC) $10.

MASTER'S APPRENTICES-Same-Astor(Australia, '67)-Original label issue of megarare snotty garage/punk ripper; this is usually whipped when it seldom surfaces at all and this copy is autographed by Jim Keays. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,MO,AUTO) $1100.

(MASTER'S APPRENTICES)JIM KEAYS-The Boy from the Stars-EMI(Australia, '74)-Spacey heavy progressive concept album with axe assistance from Lobby Lloyd and Phil Manning. (M-/EX,FO,WIN,WOC,SRW) $125.

(MASTER'S APPRENTICES)JIM KEAYS-Red on the Meter-Rumor(Australia, '83)-Vocalist/drummer and along with Doug Ford primary song writer Master's Apprentices. (M-/EX,SSTNC) $50.

MATCHMAKERS-Bubble Gum a Go Go-Chapter One(U.K., '71)-Rare British pressing with different cuts from the Scandinavian issue. (M-/M-) $250. 

MATERIA GRIS-Ohperra Vida de Beto-Harvest(Argentina, '72)-Progressive underground concept album with well-crafted songs and vicious guitar parts. (M-/EX+,FO) $1000.

IAN MATTHEWS-If You Saw Thro' My Eyes-Vertigo(U.S., '70)-Along with his Matthews Southern Comfort, outstanding rural progressive with smoothe vocals and excellent guitars. (SS,FO,COH) $50.

IAN MATTHEWS-Spot of Interference-RSO(U.S., '80/M/M,WLP,PSTABC) $8. 

(IAN MATTHEWS)HI FI-Moods for Mallards-First American(U.S., '82)-Heavier AOR style featuring Pavlov's Dog's David Surkamp. (M-/M-,WIS) $20.

IAN MATTHEWS-see Plainsong

MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT-Later That Same Year-Decca(U.S., '71,M-/FC EX,BC M-,RW,CC) $15.

MILT MATTHEWS INC-Same-Commonwealth United(U.S., '72,S1 M-,S2 EX/FC EX+,BC M-,PSTIC,SRW) $100.

MAUDS-Hold On-Mercury(U.S., '67,M-/FC M-,BC EX+,PSTABC,SPS,SRWBC) $25.

MAX WEBSTER-go to Records Around the World section 

MAXIMILLIAN-Same-ABC(U.S., '69)-Heavy psych trio; awesome fuzz wah-wah leads & fuzz bass. (M-/EX,FO,RW) $150 or (M-/EX-,FO,RW,XOC,SPS,COH) $140.

MAY BLITZ-Same-Vertigo(Germany, '70)-Nice swirl original. (EX/M-,FO) $150.

MAY BLITZ-The 2nd of May-Vertigo(U.K., '71)-Tremendous heavy prog with blistering guitar assaults; slightly later press with smaller B-side logo. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $600.

JOHN MAYALL-see Artwoods

JOHN MAYALL-see Groundhogs

JOHN MAYALL-see Sweet Pain

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MAYPOLE-Same-Colossus(U.S., '70,M-/M-) $250.

MAZANTI-Philosopher-private(U.S., '79)-Megarare hard psych with loud fuzz outbursts and Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)-like vocals. (M/M,SIS) $550 or (M-/M,SIS) $500.

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PAUL McCARTNEY-see Beatles, click here for Beatles

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(McCULLY WORKSHOP)THE KINGS OF ROK-Same-WB(So. Africa, '82)-Narrated rock opera, essentially the last McCully Workshop album. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,COH) $150.

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MIKE McGEAR-see Beatles, click here for Beatles

McGOUGH & McGEAR-see Mike McGear under Beatles, click here for Beatles

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McGUINNESS FLINT-Same-Capitol(U.S., '70)-Former members of Manfred Mann and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers doing gentle rural progressive rock with a folky vibe. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,FO,RW) $15.


BARRY McGUIRE-go to Records Around the World section

(McKAY)RAY PIERLE-Time and Money-private(U.S., '80,M/M,SIS) $300.

(McKAY)RAY PIERLE-Rhythm of the Highway-private(U.S., '81,M-/M) $200.

McKENDREE SPRING-Same-MCA(U.S., '73)-Second press of original '69 release of impassioned progressive folk with strong vocals and frantic violin. (SS) $10.


McKENNA MENDELSON MAINLINE-Same-Paragon(Canada, '69)-Rare heavy blues psych with sneering blistering fuzz leads and growling vocals. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC) $400 or (M-/FC EX+,BC EX-,STAL,RWBC,XOBC) $300.

(McKENNA MENDELSON)MAINLINE-Canada Our Home and Native Land-GRT(Canada, '71)-Blues with guttural vocals and slide guitar. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX+,SRW) $80.

SCOTT McKENZIE-go to Records Around the World section

JOHN McLAUGHLIN-Devotion-Douglas(U.S., '72)-Top o' the heap jazz/rock guitarist here backed by Buddy Miles on drums. (EX/EX,FO,TIC) $40.

ME & THE OTHERS-see New Nadir

MEADE RIVER-see John Gilbert

MEATLOAF-go to Records Around the World section

MECKI MARK MEN-Same-Limelight(U.S., '68)-Avant electronic Swedish acid psych. (S1 EX+,S2 EX/VG+,FO,RW,TIC) $30.

MEDICINE HEAD-Dark Side of the Moon-Dandelion(U.K., '72)-Bluesy prog with Keith Relf; this is their rarest. (S1 EX,S2 M-/FC EX,BC M-,TIC) $100.

MEGA'S-Meganique-Dankers(Holland, '68)-Rare Dutch beat/pop doing some covers. Excellent guitar on S1. (M-/EX+) $100.

MEGATON YE YE-see Micky/los Tonys

MELODY-Come Fly with Me-Tapioca(France, '75)-Symphonic prog outfit with elaborately arranged songs. (M-/EX+,CON,SPS,SRWBC,XOL) $75.

MELOFIN-Ivan Tale-Sky Spy Studio(U.S., '84)-Drifty private progressive folk/rock with that warm-hearth feel that'll calm the most savage day; nice snakey leads thrown in. (M/FC M-,BC EX,SIS,WIS,STNBC) $150. 

BARRY MELTON-go to Records Around the World section

TINA & DAVID MELTZER-New Songs for Kids-Folkways(U.S., '84)-Now appearing straight from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, Sesame Street, and the likes. Some songs from Mr. Peabody's way-back machine and 1969 recording sessions from their unreleased CBS album. (M/M,SIS,WIN) $250.

MEMPHIS-Same-Souvenir(Venezuela, '69)-Label mate of the mighty Ladies W.C. and just as rare. Part originals and part covers ranging from flower-power psych to over-the-top frenzied guitar charged psych ravers. (M/M-,COH) $1500. 

MERCURY BLUE-Same-Flaming Sapphire(U.S., '83)-Left coast loud guitar hardrock with some spacey synth moves thrown in. (SS) $200 or (M/M,SIS) $190.

MERCURY MAGIC-Same-Hughestone (U.S., '80)-Rural progressive rock with superb guitar/flute/sax interplay. Has both inserts. (M-/EX+,WIN) $200. 

MERKIN-Music from Merkin Manor-Windi(U.S., '69)-Near the pinnacle of West Coast psych ultra-rarities; beautiful floating harmonies and stunning guitar enveloped within wonderfully written songs. (M/M-) $1200.

MAX MERRITT/METEORS-Same-RCA(Australia, '70,S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-,WOC) $75.

MERRY-GO-ROUND-Same-A&M(U.S., '67)-Merseybeat and Byrdsish folkrock with the McCartneyesque vocals of Emitt Rhodes; one of my favorite albums. (M-/EX+,COH,SRW) $100.

(MERRY-GO-ROUND)EMITT RHODES-The American Dream-A&M(U.S., '70,EX+/FC EX-,BC EX+,RW,WOC,SPS) $75.

(MERRY-GO-ROUND)EMITT RHODES-Same-Dunhill(U.S., '70,SS,FO,COH) $30 or (M-/EX+,WLP,FO,XOL,PSTAC) $20 or (M-/EX+,FO,SRW,COH) $20.

(MERRY-GO-ROUND)EMITT RHODES-Mirror-Dunhill(U.S., '71,M/EX,FO,RW) $15.

NEIL MERRYWEATHER, JOHN RICHARDSON & BOERS-Same-Kent(U.S., '70)-Heavy bluesy rock with lots of organ that roars and guitar that screams. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW,XOL) $125 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,FO,RW,COH) $75.

NEIL MERRYWEATHER-Kryptonite-Mercury(U.S., '75)-Any project either Neil Merryweather or Lynn Carey attach their names to, you can be assured will be high energy wah-wah, fuzz guitar dosed hardrock or bluesrock. Neil Merryweather also played on the Heavy Cruiser and Mama Lion LP's. (SS,CC) $20.

(MERRYWEATHER/CAREY)IVAR AVENUE REUNION-Same-RCA(U.S., '70)-With Lynn Carey (of Mama Lion & C.K. Strong), Barry Goldberg, and Charlie Musselwhite. (SS,CON,CC) $30.

MERRYWEATHER & CAREY-Vacuum Cleaner-RCA(US., '71,SS,CON) $75.



MERSEYBEATS-Same-Fontana(U.K., '64)-Classic raving beat stomper. (EX+/VG++,MO,SPS,TOC,TIC) $190.

MERSEYBEATS-Liverpool a Go Go-Arc(Canada, '65)-Canadian beat cover band, no relation to the above group; excellent covers, however. (M-/M-,MO) $200.

MERSEYBEATS-Super Hits from England-Arc(Canada, '67,M-/EX+,MO,SRW) $125 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC EX+,BC M-,MO,TIC) $100.

LES MERSEY'S-Le Premier-DSP(Canada, '67)-Good beat album sung in Francais. Top condition for this rare item. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,MO,SRW,XOC) $250.

MESMERIZING EYE-Psychedelia; A Musical Light Show by the...-Smash(U.S., '67)-Strange, stoned acid psych similar to Deep. (M/M,MO,SIS,COH) $250 or (M-/EX+,MO,COH,SPS) $190.

METERS-Cissy Strut-Island(U.S., '74)-Musical melding of rock and New Orleans funeral dirge strut. (M/EX+,SRW) $50.

METERS-Trick Bag-Reprise(U.S., '76,M-/EX+,COH,SRW)-$70 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,SRW) $50.

METERS-New Directions-Warner(U.S., '77)-Contains promo bio pack. (M-/EX,SSTNC,TIC,SRWBC,WOBC) $70.

METROPOL GRUP-Din Nou Impreuna-Electrecord(Romania, '84)-Much like label-mate Magneton, see above description. (EX+/M-) $35.

MEXICAN BLOOD-Streets of Laredo-Crazy Cajun(U.S., '78)-Garage/psych, organ cries and guitar fuzzes and twangs. (SS) $80.

AUGIE MEYERS-go to Records Around the World section

MICHAELANGELO-One Voice Many-Columbia(U.S., '71)-This is not the rare Michaelangelo, but rather West Coast sounding folkrock/psych with shimmering vocals, nice use of autoharp, and biting guitar leads. (M-/M-) $75 or (M-/VG,RW,TOC,STIC,TIBC,SPS) $30.

MICHAELANGELO-A Sorcerer's Dream-Void(U.S., '99)-Never before available follow-up to his Guinn album, has all the inserts. (M-/EX+,WIN) $40. 

MICHAELO-Same-Tomorrow(U.S., '77)-Loner, out-there Van Morrison styled singer/songwriter vibe; electric backing with cool echoed guitar. Vocally not as surly as Van, but almost a mirror-image of pace and inflection. Really rare these days. (M/M-) $400. 

LEE MICHAELS-Carnival of Life-A&M(U.S., '67)-Heavy psych debut; blasting guitars and thundering drums. (M-/M-) $60.

LEE MICHAELS-Tailface-Columbia(U.S., '74,SS) $15.

MICHAELS & HACK-Back to Back-Mellow Magic(U.S., '78)-Begins with rural floating folk/psych and quickly evolves into heavy wah wah/fuzz jams. Comes in obscure looking plain white hand-stamped cover; mighty rare. (M/M,WIN) $350.

MICKY/LOS TONYS-Megaton Ye Ye-Zafiro(Spain, '65)-Actually a soundtrack album from a European beat film. Musically quite good with strong original songs compared to many of the rock soundtracks of the time. Also features an artist named Mochi. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+) $200.  


MIGHTY BABY-Tasting the Life: Live 1971-Sunbeam(U.K., '10)-Although issued on this well known reissue label, this is not an actual reissue but never before released tapes of a live concert from 1971. Oh, to have been there to actually hear this performed live as this 2-LP set is simply amazing. (SS,FO) $60.

THE MIKE GUNN-Hemp for Victory-Anomie(U.S., '91)-Rare 1990's heavy TX guitar psych. Has the inserts. (M/M,SIS,WIN) $150 or (M/M-,SIS,WIN) $145 or (M/M-WIN) $140.

THE MIKE GUNN-Durban Poison-Double Naught(U.S., '92,SS) $50 or (M/M-,SIS) $45.

TONY MILES-Miles from Nowhere-private(Australia, '75)-Ultrarare Aussie private made in heaven for those into Madden & Harris. Beautiful fairy/pixie fantasy cover and 16-page illustrated lyric book. (M-/EX+,WOBC) $250.

MILKWOOD TAPESTRY-Same-Metromedia(U.S., '69,M/EX,FO,RW) $125.

MILL VALLEY BUNCH-Casting Pearls-Verve(U.S., '73)-Rare as a vampire's reflection major-label West Coast super-session jams. Most songs written by Bloomfield and Gravenites. Because of label commitments all credits listed under a last-name "Doe" alias. However, amongst the dignitaries contributing to this master-work are Spencer Dryden (Airplane), Mike Shrieve (Santana), and Dino Valente (Quicksilver). (M/M-,SIS,COH) $300.  

STEVE MILLER BAND-go to Records Around the World section

MILLER/CORBETT-Reflections of a Pioneer-Spin(Australia, '70)-Ultrarare heavy prog/psych with blistering Hendrixy guitar soli. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+,SRW) $750.

MILLIONS-Same-Mustard(Canada, '81)-Killer AOR hardrock; blazing guitar. Shrink partially intact. (SS) $50.

MINDBENDERS-see Wayne Fontana

MINDBENDERS-go to Records Around the World section

MINOTAURUS-Fly Away-private(Germany, '78)-Seldom seen and highly sought after elaborate dual-guitar progressive with six long songs; second press with the airplane cover. (M-/EX) $600. 

MINT TATTOO-see Blue Cheer


MIRACLE LEGION-The Backyard-Incas(U.S., '84)-Hardly ever seen first press of great neo-psych album. (M-/M-,WIS) $50. 

MIRK-Moddan's Bower-Mother Earth(U.K., '79)-Magical folk with femme vocals; amazing unplayed copy. (M/M) $350.

MIS'SIPPI-Same-Copa(U.S., '80)-Typical of the period guitar/keys/synth rock. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-) $30.

LES MISERABLES-Same-Jupiter(Canada, '68)-Fuzz garage beast, amazing beat/punk sung in French. Plays a great M- in spite of visual grade. (S1 EX-,S2 VG++/EX,MO,SRW,SPS) $250.

MISSING LINKS-Same-Philips(Australia, '66)-One of the top 5 snotty savage Neanderthal garage/punk monsters of the '60's beat/punk scene. Other than a couple of light scuffs that do nothing unacceptable whatsover, this puppy's perfect. If you're into this kinda stuff, you know how rare this is in any condition, let alone a copy such as this. (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,MO,SSTNBC,SRWBC) $6000. 

MISSISSIPPI-see White Light

MR. BIG-Sweet Silence-EMI(U.K., '75)-Queen-inspired majestic hardrock; ripping guitars and great harmonies. (M/M-WIS) $50.

MR. BIG-Photographic Smile-Arista(U.S., '76,SS,CON) $10.

MR. FLOOD'S PARTY-Same-Cotillion(U.S., '69)-Dreamy psych with relaxed vocals and some stunning guitar outbursts. (M-/EX+,WIN,SRW) $100. 

MR. INDIAN/TIME-Morning Star-Eagle Chanter Music(U.S., '83)-Offbeat American Indian folk/rock thing. (SS) $50 or (M/M,SIS) $45.

FREDDY MITCHELL-Above and Below-Rockin' Panda(U.S., '84)-Hard rockin' psych with astral guitar leads and cosmic traveller lyrics. (SS) $150.

KIMIO MIZUTANI-A Path Through Haze-Polydor(Japan, '71)-One of the top three or four rarest (and best) heavy wasted prog/psych guitar/organ crunchers from the Far East. Has the rare insert. (M-/M-,WIN) $3000. 

MIZZOURI FOXX-Trapped Live-Brother Studio(U.S., '79)-Missouri transplants playing a more polished yet still barband live LP from California with raunchy guitar. (M-/M-) $250 or (S1 M-,S2 EX/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW) $150.

MOBERLYS-Same-Safety First(U.S., '79)-Northwest neo-garage band with Jim Basnight. (SS) $30.

MOBIUS STRIP-Same-Nervous(U.S., '82)-'70's sounding hardrock; savage guitar attacks. (M/M,SIS) $250. 

MOBY GRAPE-go to Records Around the World section

MODULO 1000-Nao Fale Com Paredes-Top Tape(Brazil, '70)-Impossibly rare in this condition with great triple fold-open cover; amazing heavy psych with loud fuzz and backwards leads and a thunderous driving rhythm section. Spotless, save for a light scuff that transits 1/2 of the first song of the first side and is completely inaudible. This copy (as many are not) is pressed on super-clean vinyl and plays perfectly on side one and with only the most minor surface noise on side two barely noticeable only in the softer parts and between songs due to vinyl quality. (M-/EX+,FO,TOC) $1500.

MODULOS-Plenitud-Hispa Vox(Spain, '73,S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-) $150. 

MOGOLLAR-Dum Tek-Coskun(Turkey, '73)-Half is ethnic folk with snake charmer feel and traditional instruments while the rest has a haunting etherial underground electric vibe with guitar, bass, drums, etc. For more affordable introductions to this genre of music, check out the 45's section near the end of this catalog for a great selection of Turkish singles including non-LP items. (EX/EX-,SSTNC) $800.

MOGOLLAR-Same-Diskotur(Turkey, '74)-In my humble opinion, even better second album. (EX/VG+,HRW,XOBC) $600.

MOIRANA-see Culpeper's Orchard

MOLES-Same-Bandwagon(U.S., '71)-First version of this stoned bluesy psycher; fuzzed guitars and outlaw vibe. Obscure looking paste-on cover. (M-/EX,RW) $600.

MOLKIE COLE-Same-Owl(U.S., '75)-Same band that 2 years later recorded an obscure album on the Janus label. Four-long-song, demo-only album, lotsa guitar and synth, progressive/psych with sometimes rural, sometimes Middle Eastern vibe. I only know of this one copy, never heard of another surfacing. Plain white cover. (S1 EX-,S2 EX) $500.    

MOLLY OLIVER-Same-London(Canada, '79)-Heavy guitar based AOR. (M-/EX-,RW,TIC,WOL) $25.

MOM'S APPLE PIE-Same-Brown Bag(U.S., '72)-The infamous dripping pussy-in-a-pie cover. (SS,COH) $50.

MONA LISA-Le Petit Violon de Mr. Gregoire-Crypto(France, '77)-Third album by progressive legends. (M-/M-,FO) $30.

MONA LISA-Avant Qu'il Ne Soit Trop Tard-Crypto(France, '78)-Includes the booklet. (M-/M-,SIS,WIN) $40.

ZOOT MONEY'S BIG ROLL BAND-...at Klook's Kleek-Epic(U.S., '66)-British r 'n' b giant raw and alive. (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,WLP,MO,RW,STNBC,TIBC) $150.

MONGREL-Get Your Teeth into This-Polydor(U.K., '73)-Fewer copies up for grabs on this than label-mates Fantasy; this is gritty Move-influenced heavy progressive (Rick Price on bass). (M/M-) $400.

MONKEES-go to Records Around the World section

MONO-Sisch Doch Nur As Marli-private(Switzerland, '82)-Homemade appearing both cover and disc punk LP; really scarce. (M/M,WIN) $50.

JOHN MONROE-Same-Earthquake(U.S., '84)-Unknown flash guitar virtuoso hardrock screamer; beautiful fantasy art cover. (M/M,SIS,WIS) $100.

MONTES-Cuando Brille el Tiempo-Philips(Argentina, '74)-One of the rarest heavy psych LP's from So. America, may be the best; and you simply cannot find a better copy of the first one offered here. (M-/M-) $1750 or (EX+/VG+,TIC,TOC,WOBC) $750.

MONUMENT-First...-Beacon(U.K., '71)-Hard progressive psych straight from the bowels of hell; snarling organ/guitar/vocals battles. (M-/FC EX+,BC EX-,SRW,TIBC) $400.

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MOON-see Ray Owen

CHRIS MOON GROUP-Same-Kinetic(U.S., '70)-Slow-rollin'-locomotive hardrock with snakey wah-wah leads and gritty vocals. (M/EX,PSTABC,RW) $50.

EVE MOON-Same-Capitol(U.S., '81)-Good hardrock fronted by femme guitar wiz. (M-/EX+,PH,SRW) $20.

KEITH MOON-go to Records Around the World section

MOONQUAKE-Same-Gamma(Canada, '74)-Heavy barband rock with a West Coast vibe and even some electric sitar. (M-/M-,COH) $40.

MOONQUAKE-Same-Fantasy(U.S., '74)-U.S. release of above Canadian band. (M-/EX+,SRW) $20.

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R. STEVIE MOORE-Phonography-HP Music(U.S., '78)-Demo only white cover with paste-on sticker. Homemade recording by a true eccentric, slightly psychy but more experimental prog which makes for a very interesting LP; and only 100 made. (M-/EX,AUTO,CC,SRW,WOBC) $250.

MOPS-Ijanaika-Liberty(Japan, '70)-Their heaviest hardrock album; guitarist's fingers must be bloody stumps and the vocalist howls like a werewolf. (EX+/EX+,FO,TIBC) $450.

MOPS-Mops & 16 Friends-Liberty(Japan, '72)-Prolific heavy progressive band with fine organ/guitar duels sung in native tongue. Not their best album as far as every song being a killer but not $450-500 either. (M-/M-,FO,OBI,WIN) $300.

MORA TRASK-Same-MTM(Sweden, '74)-Underappreciated guitar psych with an unusual spaced vibe. (M-/M-) $100.

MORA TRASK-Plays Bach-MTM(Sweden, '75,M-/M-) $100.

MORA TRASK-Mestrud-MTM(Sweden, '75,M-/FC EX+,BC M-,TIC) $100.  

PATRICK MORAZ-go to Records Around the World section

MOREY STORE BAND-Cry for the Dreamer-Sound Machine(U.S., '75)-Very obscure booze-soaked rural sounds with mucho fuzz leads and keys. (SS) $400.   

MORNING GLORY-Two Suns Worth-Fontana(U.S., '67)-Lovely melodic psych with beautiful male/female harmonies and stunning acid guitar. (M/M,SIS,COH) $75.

MORNINGLORY-Growing-Toya(U.S., '72)-Stoner Freak Brothers desert outdoors rural vibe. (SS) $150.

MORNINGSONG-Listen to a Sunrise-private(U.S., '74)-Vocal harmonies of folk and soft hippie rock. Nice blend of guitars and other instruments ranging from harpsichord to cello. (M/M-,WIN,SPS) $100 or (M-/EX,STIC,SRW,WOBC) $75.

VAN MORRISON-go to Records Around the World section

MORTIMER-Same-Philips(U.S., '68)-Hardly seen folkrock trio with some psych moves in a Beatles/Hollies groove. (SS,COH) $100.

MANDY MORTON-see Spriguns

MOSES-Live-Red Dirt(U.S., '74)-Mostly covers; couple of good originals with a rural bluesy edge. (M-/M-) $50.  

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MOTHER EARTH-Living with the Animals-Mercury(U.S., '68)-First album by this initial-wave hippie country rock band with the powerful vocals of Tracy Nelson. (SS,FO,SHC) $75.

MOTHER EARTH-Satisfied-Mercury(U.S., '70)-Country rock w/tiny insert booklet. (M-/EX+,FO,WIN,COH,SRW) $30 or (M-/EX,FO,WIN,RW) $22.

MOTHER EARTH-Bring Me Home-Reprise(U.S., '71,SS,CC) $25.

MOTHER EARTH-Tracy Nelson-Reprise(U.S., '72,SS,CC) $25.

(MOTHER EARTH)TRACY NELSON-Sweet Soul Music-MCA(U.S., '75,SS,CC) $8.

MOTHER GOOSE-Stuffed-Mushroom(Australia, '77)-Quirky rock outfit, hot guitar. (M-/EX,FO,RW) $75.    

MOTHER SUPERIOR-Lady Madonna-SMA(Sweden, '75)-All female progressive/psych band, strong guitars and organ. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,TIC) $450. 

MOTHERS OF INVENTION-go to Records Around the World section

MOTHER'S LOVE-Same-Negram(Holland, '67)-Beautiful black and gold flower psych cover gives hint to the pop/psych mixed with ripping fuzz housed within. (M-/M-,MO,SPS) $300.

MOTIONS-Introduction to...-Havoc(Holland, '65)-Absolutely awesome, fantastic originals. This is one of the all-time top 5 beat albums of lesser known artists. The first copy plays perfectly (can be said for probably only one in fifty copies) which makes it a true rarity as this was a big party album and was played over and over by drunk and stoned teens every Friday and Saturday night. The songs on the last copy play M- also with only slight crackle between the songs. (M-/M-,MO) $500 or (EX/EX,MO,RW) $200.

MOTIONS-Their Own Way-Havoc(Holland, '66)-It's hard to duplicate a genuine masterpiece, so this is their follow-up second effort. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,MO,STNBC,WOBC) $300.

MOTIONS-Songbook-Teenbeat(Holland, '67,EX-/EX+,WOBC) $75. 

MOTIONS-Impressions of Wonderful-Negram(Canada, '68,M-/M-) $125.

MOTIONS-Greatest Hits-Job(Italy, '69,S1 EX+,S2 VG+/EX,MO,TIBC) $50. 

MOTIONS-Sensation-Simogram(Holland, '69,S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX,BC EX+,TIC,SRWBC) $50 or (S1 EX+,S2 EX/EX,SRWBC) $35 or (S1 EX,S2 VG++/EX-,TOC,SPS,SRWBC) $25.

MOTT THE HOOPLE-see Deep Feeling

MOTT THE HOOPLE-see Doc Thomas Group

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MOUNTAINBUS-Sundance-Good(U.S., '71)-West Coast Dead-inspired rural psych with long songs sporting awesome jammed-out leads. (EX/VG,HRW,WOBC,WSTNC) $250.

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MU-see Merrell Fankhauser

MUD-It's Better Than Working!-Private Stock(U.K., '76)-AOR converts from the glam scene. (SS) $20.

BILL MUELLER/BRAT-No Place Like Home-Brat(U.S., '79)-Longhair heavy guitar private, not around much these days. (M/M-,SIS) $100.

MUFFINS-Live at Psychedelly-Air(U.S., '79)-Maximum acid freakout, spaced effects, twisted psychotic guitar, not really songs but aural lobotomy experimentations. Plain black cover with sticker; obscure as hell looking ; Not sure so...(M-/M-) $300.


JOHN MUNRO-Look Over Your Shoulder-Salmar(U.S., '69)-No psych, just straight TX folk. (M-/EX+,WIN) $25.

MURARI-Same-Desire Tree(U.S., '79)-Another band doing Grateful Deadish sounds with male and female vocals. (M-/EX-,WIN,HRW,STNBC) $15.

MURASAKI-Doin' Our Thing-Bourbon(Japan, '77)-Double album set by the Japanese group known as the Eastern Deep Purple. (M-/M-/M-,FO,WIS) $60 or (M-/M-/EX,FO,WIS,RW) $40.

MURASAKI-Impact-Bourbon(Japan, '77,M-/M-) $60.

MURASAKI-Why Now...?-Invitation(Japan, '83)-Live LP with obi and inserts. Been told by Japanese dealers this one's quite rare in Japan. (M-/EX+,OBI,WIN,SRW) $50.

MURIETTA-Same-Cherry Red(U.S., '71)-FM style period rock. (EX+/EX,FO,RW,WOBC,SSTNC) $25.

ELLIOTT MURPHY-Lost Generation-RCA(U.S., '75)-Well-crafted songs by shamefully overlooked superior song writer and guitarist. (M-/EX-,HRW,PSTABC) $20.

ELLIOTT MURPHY-Night Lights-RCA(U.S., '76,SS,FO,CON) $30 or (EX+/EX,FO,SRW,PSTABC) $15.

ELLIOTT MURPHY-Just a Story from America-Columbia(U.S., '77,SS,CC) $12 or (M-/EX,SIS) $8.

MUSHROOM-Early One Morning-Hawk(Ireland, '73)-Heavy progressive/folk with blazing guitar leads battling wild fiddle attacks. (M-/M-,FO,WIS) $1250.

MUSHROOM-Freedom, You're a Woman-Vulcan(U.S., '78)-Private hardrock with nice guitar leads and beautiful psych cover. (SS) $150.

MUSIC EXPLOSION-go to Records Around the World section

MUSIC MACHINE-Turn on...-Original Sound(U.S., '66,M-/EX+,SRW) $150 or (M-/EX,RW,XOL) $100 or (SS,MO) $200 or (M/M,SIS,MO) $150.


DIE MUSTANGS-Same-Ariola(Germany, '64)-Strong early beat effort with the majority of the songs being quite good originals. Tough to find this clean. (M-/EX,MO) $350.  

MUSTARD SEED FAITH-Sail on Sailor-Maranatha(U.S., '75)-Soft rural Christian rock. (M-/EX+,WIN,SRW) $25.

OS MUTANTES-...e Seus Cometas No Pais Do Baurets-Polydor(Brazil, '72)-Fifth and rarest of their albums; a wide range of musical styles from psych to prog to folk to blues. (M-/EX,FO,TIC,XOBC) $250.

OS MUTANTES-Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol-Som Livre(Brazil, '74)-Rare small-label issue (M-/M-,FO,STIC) $250.

MUTANTS-Fun Terminal-Quality(Canada, '82)-Good new wave/power pop. (SS) $25.

MYSTERY REVEALED-Same-Creative Sound(U.S., '72)-Christian album with its share of duds, but a couple of nice psychers on side 1 and a crystalline folk piece on side 2 make it worth the price of admission. (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,WIN,RW,TIC) $50. 

MYSTIC NUMBER NATIONAL BANK-Same-Probe(U.S., '69)-Crude, gritty blues/psych in cool gimmix cover. (M-EX,FO,RW,COH,TIL) $60.

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NGC 4594-What Really Means!-Guerssen(U.S., '12)-Previously unreleased lost psychedelic album from 1967, contains a bonus 45 and extensive liner notes. (M/M,SIS,WIN) $50.

NRBQ-go to Records Around the World section

NAHUATL-Same-Raff(Mexico, '74)-Heavier first hardrock LP with angry fuzz leads all around, nice backwards guitar. (M-/M-,SPS) $450 or (M-/ EX,SPS,SRW,TIBC) $350.

NAHUATL-Vol.2-Raff(Mexico, '75)-Incredible conditon for this South-of-the-Border hard rocker sung in Spanish; this one's even harder to come by than their first. (M-/EX) $400.

NAKED ANGELS(soundtrack)-see Jeff Simmons

NAKED LUNCH-Same-Liberty(Germany, '80)-This is a private label release with a pot-leaf logo. Gutsy female vocals lead guitar-driven blues. (M-/M-,WIS) $50.

NASHVILLE TEENS-go to Records Around the World section

NATTURA-Magic Key-private(Iceland, '73)-Keys/guitars prog rock rarity with spooky female vocals and in incredible condition. (M-/M-,WIN) $1750.

NATURAL GAS-Same-Private Stock(U.S., '76)-With ex-Badfinger and ex-Humble Pie members. (SS,FO,CON) $20.

NATURE-Earthmover-Sonet(Sweden, '74)-Bluesy second album. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,SSTNC) $175.

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NAZZ-go to Records Around the World section

NEBULOSA-Same-private(Sweden, '77)-Rare private pressing of only 200 copies. Wild guitars and whirling organ like a doomier Kalevala or Irish Coffee. (M/M-) $500.

NEKTAR-Journey to the Center of the Eye-Bacillus(Germany, '71)-Scarce first from German prog innovators. (M/M,FO) $75.

NEKTAR-...Sounds Like This-UA(U.K., '73)-Double album set. (SS,FO) $125 or (M/M/EX+,FO,SRW) $75.

NEKTAR-Live...Sunday Night at London Roundhouse-Bellaphon(Germany, '74,SS,FO) $50.

NEKTAR-Down to Earth-Passport(U.S., '75,SS,FO,COH) $12 or (M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $8.

BILL NELSON-Northern Dream-Smile(U.K., '71)-Rare private issue of only 250 copies from Be-Bop Deluxe and Astral Navigations axeman; killer progressive folk/psych and an unplayed copy. (M/M-,FO) $200.

MICHAEL NESMITH-go to Records Around the World section

NETHERWORLD-Same-Rem(U.S., '81)-Amphetamine guitars and mellotrons/keys galore create one of the best pure progressive domestic LP's. (M-/EX+,WIN,SRW) $140 or (M-/EX,RW) $100.

NETWORK-Same-Epic(U.S., '77)-AOR outfit. (SS,CC) $15.

NETWORK-Nightwork-Epic(U.S., '78,SS) $15.

NEUTRAL SPIRITS-Same-Regency(U.S., '71)-Garage/psych micro-press with tranced vocals and fuzz guitar outbursts. Has that timeless underground basement vibe. Only 100 copies (from an initial press of 500) survived a 1981 house fire. (M-/FC M,BC EX+,SIS,TIBC) $1500.

NEW COLONY SIX-Breakthrough-Sentar(U.S., '66)-One of the cleanest copies around of garage/psych giant. Dreamy vocals and harmonies, lysergic fuzz leads, tranced Farfisa, and the best part--the songs. Unlike most well-known garage/psych privates of the time that mostly did cover material 10 of the 12 songs are wonderful self-compositions. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-,MO,COH) $900. 

NEW COLONY SIX-Colonization-Sentar(U.S., '67)-Legendary garage band. (SS,MO,COH) $100.

NEW COLONY SIX-Revelations-Mercury(U.S., '68,SS,COH) $50.

NEW COLONY SIX-Attacking a Straw Man-Mercury(U.S., '69,SS,COH) $18.

NEW HEAVENLY BLUE-Educated Homegrown-RCA(U.S., '70)-Quality rural rockers. (SS,CC) $25.

NEW HEAVENLY BLUE-Same-Atlantic(U.S., '72)-Rarer second album. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC M-,BC EX+,PSTIC,SRWBC) $20.

NEW HOBBITS-see Hobbits

NEW LEGION ROCK SPECTACULAR-Wild Ones!-Spectacular(U.S., '77)-Good ol' rock 'n' roll. (M-/M-,CC) $60.

NEW LORDS-see Lords

NEW MIX-Same-UA(U.S., '68)-Finally getting recognition melodic fuzz-laden, dreamy-organ psych with beautiful vocal harmonies. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW) $100 or (M-/EX+) $90 or (M-/EX,SRW,WOC,STNBC) $75.

NEW NADIR-Uncovered-Feathered Apple(Switzerland, '09)-Excellent but short-lived 3-piece band from 1967 with 2 of their members moving on to such diverse bands as the Beach Boys and Uriah Heep. Limited numbered edition of 300 copies, this being copy #12. By the way, this is a split album with another good band Me and the Others on the second side. (M/M-,WIN) $75.

NEW ORLEANS RADIATORS-Work Done on Premises-Croaker(U.S., '80)-2-LP live set of great bayou swampy blues. (SS) $30.

NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE-go to Records Around the World section

NEW TROLLS-Senza Orario, Senza Bandiera-Cetra(Italy, '68)-British sounding all-out psych debut album. (M-/M-,FO) $250.

NEW TROLLS-Senza Orario, Senza Bandiera-Pellicano(Italy, '68)-1980 pressing. (M-/M-) $60.

NEW TROLLS-Same-Cetra(Italy, '70)-Blazing heavy guitar prog. (M-/EX,RWBC,STNBC) $250.

NEW TROLLS-America O.K.-Seven Seas(Japan, '84,M-/M-) $25.


NEW WORLD BAND-Same-Homa(U.S., '76)-Good rural rock. (M-/EX+,SPS,SRWBC) $40.

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OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN-go to Records Around the World section 

NEXT-Dusty Shoes-Warner(Canada, '71)-Rare major label hardrock with razor-wire vocals, vicious buzzsaw guitar lashes, and churning organ. (M-/M-,COH) $200.

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NIAGARA-Same-U.A.(U.K., '71)-Long songs with energetic and highly charged percussion melding rock, jazz, and African culture into some fairly complex music. (M-/M-,FO) $350.

NICE-go to Records Around the World section 

BILLY NICHOLLS-Love Songs-Vertigo(So. Africa, '74,S1 M-,S2 EX/EX,RWBC) $150. 


NIGHT WALKERS-El Gordo-Borinquen(Puerto Rico, '70,M-/FC VG+,BC EX,SPS,TIC,SSTNC,STNBC) $100.

NIGHTCRAWLERS-The Little Black Egg-Kapp(U.S., '67)-Classic garage folk/psych with some amazing jangly guitar work and ultra-cool vocals; first copy is a rare stereo issue. (M-/EX,SRW) $300 or (M-/M-,WLP,MO,PSTABC) $300 or (M-/EX,MO,SRW,TOC) $150.

HARRY NILSSON-go to Records Around the World section

LEONARD NIMOY-Two Sides of...-Dot(U.S., '67)-Great cover picturing a smiling Nimoy and serious Spock; songs pandering to Spock-heads "Highly Illogical", "The Difference Between Us",  "Once I Smiled" and more. (EX/FC EX,BC M-,RW) $35.

NINE DAYS' WONDER-Only the Dancers-Bellaphon/Bacillus(Germany, '74)-Breaking away from the jazz roots of their first album, this album signals the birth of a glam-rock sound with that inimitable Krautrock feel; the disc is in amazing unplayed condition. (M/M,FO) $150.  

NINE DAYS' WONDER-Sonnet to Billy Frost-Bellaphon/Bacillus(Germany, '76)-Similar to the above album, but now with an additional guitarist giving it a great dual guitar sound; once again with a perfect unplayed disc. (M/M-,FO) $150. 

NIRVANA-The Story of Simon Simopath-Bell(U.S., '68)-Very scarce stateside pressing of their classic second album. (M-/M,COH) $200.

NITE CITY-go to Records Around the World section

NITE PEOPLE-P.M.-Page One(U.K., '70)-Popsike blasters mixed with some dreamy bits. To me, rarer than label-mate Apple in this U.K. press; hardly ever seen. This is an amazing copy as it is just short of being in perfect condition. As if all this was not enough, now for the real kicker; this copy contains a fold-out group-pic poster that I have never seen offered in any other listing of this LP. (M-/M-,WIN) $1500.

NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND-go to Records Around the World section

NITZINGER-Live Better Electrically-20th Century(U.S., '76)-TX hardrock. (SS) $20 (SOLD) or (M,WIN) $5, last copy has the insert but is missing the cover.

DON NIX-Living by the Days-Elektra(U.S., '71)-From the Leon Russell school of rock 'n' roll, with the gimmix cover. (SS,FO,CC) $25 or (M-/EX,FO, WIN,SRW,TIC) $12.

DON NIX-Hobos, Heroes and Street Corner Clowns-Enterprise(U.S., '73,SS,FO,CON) $18.

NO GO GI RI-Same-STRB(So. Korea, '79)-Half of this LP is one heavy fuzz bitch; the other half is comprised of melodic prog and folk/psych. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+) $300.

NOI TRE-see Triade

NOMADDS-Same-Radex(U.S., '65)-Super rare garage album; half originals, half covers. Plays really clean in spite of appearance. (EX-/FC EX,BC EX+,MO,SRW,WOC) $550. 

I NOMADI-Per Quando Noi Non Ci Saremo-Columbia(Italy, '67)-Early label press of outstanding Italian garage/beat. (EX/EX,FO) $400.

NOMADS-Hits of...-Point(Canada, '68)-Charming crude garage band. (EX+/EX+,MO,COH,WOL,STIC,STNBC) $500. 

STEVE NOONAN-Same-Elektra(U.S., '68)-Another of Elektra's superb late-sixties folkies; early Jackson Browne material. (EX+/EX-,WLP,RW) $20.

LARRY NORMAN-Only Visiting This Planet-Street Level(U.S., '78)-Former People person does credible Christian rocker ranging from mellow to heavy. (M-/M-,FO,WLP) $30.

LARRY NORMAN-go to Records Around the World section for more listings

NORTHERN CROSS-Some Stories Never Told...-private(France, '78)-Hardly seen anymore soft progressive with pastoral vibe. (M-/M-,WIN) $100 or (M-/FC EX,BC M-,WIN,STIC,SPS) $75.

NORTHERN FRONT-Furniture Store-Kader(U.S., '75)-Versatile LP with styles ranging from Beatlesque to guitar-based rural  rockers. (M-/M-,WIN) $90.

NOSTRADAMOS-see Trojan War

NOSY PARKER-Same-private(U.S., '75)-Psych/folk with progressive leanings, acid guitar, synthesizer, and violin. (SS) $400 or (M-/M,SIS,WIN) $400.

NOSY PARKER-In a Wink-K.P.'s(Belgium, '81)-Scarce privately issued rock. (M-/EX,WIN,SRW,TIC) $75.

NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND-Same-Vanguard(U.S., '68)-Scarce West Coast hippie psych. (M/M-) $200.

NOVA LOCAL-Nova 1-Decca(U.S., '68)-Vanished West Coast heavy psych; wah-wah fuzz leads, feedback, and backwards parts. First copy is an ultra-rare mono press. (M-/EX-,MO,WLP,RW) $400 or (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,STNBC) $300 or (M-/EX,SRW,COH,SPS) $250.

NOVALIS-Same-Brain(Germany, '75)-Tremendous unplayed copy of underground progressive band's classic album on original green Brain label. (M/M-,FO) $125.

NOVALIS-Brandung-Brain(Germany, ,77)-Classic symphonic prog; only a barely noticeable 1cm divot on the top seam. (M-/M-,FO,SPS) $80.

NOVEMBER-En Ny Tid Ar Har...-Sonet(Sweden, '70)-Fabulous unplayed copy of heavy blues/psych classic. (M/M-) $350.

NOVEMBER-2:a-Sonet(Sweden, '71)-Fuzzed bluesy hardrock trio's second mind-frier sung in Nordic tongue. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,WOBC) $425.


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NUCLEUS-Same-Mainstream(U.S., '69)-Future A Foot in Cold Water hard psych blaster; yet another vanishing item on this great label. (M-/M-) $160 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC EX+,BC EX,SRW,STNBC) $100.

NUEVO MEXICO-Hecho en Casa-Orfeon(Mexico, '75)-Heavy psych with Tull-like flute and smokin' guitars. One of the best and rarest from down there and in great condition from that part of the globe. (M-/M-) $600 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX) $375.

NUEVO MEXICO-Vol. 2-Orfeon(Mexico, '79)-Four years later, now into a more Italian complex progressive. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX+,TIL,WOL) $250.

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NUMBERS BAND-Jimmy Bell's Still in Town-Water Brothers(U.S., '76,EX+/EX,SRW,SPS,STNBC,TIL) $100.

NUMBERS BAND-2-Water Brothers(U.S., '82)-Scarcest of the three albums by this unusual Ohio barband with rough guitars, driving rhythm action, and quirky sax squalls. (M-/M-) $100.

NUMBERS BAND-Among the Wandering-Water Bros.(U.S., '87,M-/VG++) $40.

NURT-Same-Muza(Poland, '74)-Poland's best and rarest album; heavy bluesy psych with blazing leads and sitar-lead Eastern parts. Both copies have beautiful M- discs. (M-/EX) $200 or (M-/VG+,SRW,TIC,SPS) $140.

NUTZ-Hard Nutz-A&M(U.K., '77,M/M) $12.

NUTZ-Hard Nutz-A&M(U.S., '77,SS,CON) $8.

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(OASIS)COOKIN' MAMA-New Day-Rock Bottom(U.S., '75)-Rural hippie psych, off-shoot of the really rare Oasis group from a few years earlier. (M-/EX+,SRW) $275.

OBELISK-Conspiracy to Commit Music-Anonymous(U.S., '83)-Don't let the release date put you off, this is hopelessly rare and sounds like late '60's. Trio using sustain fuzz chords throughout with blistering fuzz leads. I'd make this an offers item were it not for the 22 minute side-long song which is mostly drum solo. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SIS) $600 or (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW) $550.

OBSESSED-Live at the Wax Museum-Doom(U.S., '92)-Rare limited press release of a live metal concert recorded ten years earlier. (M/M,SIS,WIN) $50.

OBSESSED-Live at the Wax Museum-Doom(U.S., '92)-Same album as the above, but housed in the scarcer negative image cover. (M/M,SIS,WIN) $50.

OCTOPUS 4-Confluents-RCA(Canada, '69)-Concept psych with fuzz and Farfisa only released in France and Canada. (M-/EX,RW,COH) $175.

OCTOPUS 4-Confluents-RCA(France, '69)-French original of the above album with the laminated gatefold cover. (M-/M-,FO) $600.

ODA-Same-Loud(U.S., '74)-Killer raging wall-of-sound heavy guitar LP. (SS) $650.

ODA-see Tom Fogerty

ODMENN-Same-Sun(Iceland, '79)-Double LP set of heavy fuzz prog jams and softer dreamy parts. (M-/S3 EX,S4 M-/M-,FO,WIN) $300.

OFEGE-Try and Love-EMI(Nigeria, '74)-This is an absolute beast, and ungodly rare. Brutal fuzz/wah wah guitar blended with African rhythms. This is the real thing; no Sly/Family Stone crap here. Hairlines galore, but nothing really deep so plays great. (EX-/EX,SRW,TIBC,WOL) $1000

OFF BROADWAY-Quick Turns-Atlantic(U.S., '80)-Heavy guitar rock. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,PSTABC,SSTNC) $15 or (M-/EX+,PSTAC,DJTS,TIC) $12.

OHO-Okinawa-private(U.S., '76)-Gotten to be hideously rare private acid psych. (M-/M-,SIS) $400.

OKO-Raskorak-Jugoton(Yugoslavia, '74)-Rarest and best heavy progressive piece from this former Iron Curtain land. Long songs, burning leads (some psychy backwards parts and electronic effects). (EX+/EX-,TIC) $300.  

OLA/JANGLERS-Patterns-Gazell(Sweden, '66)-Scandinavian beat icons. (EX+/FC EX+,BC M-,MO) $125.

OLA/JANGLERS-Pictures & Sounds-Stone(Canada, '67,M-/M-,FO,SIS) $75.

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MIKE OLDFIELD-Hergest Ridge-Virgin(U.S., '74)-"Tubular Bells" synthesizer mastermind. (SS,CON) $10.

MIKE OLDFIELD-Boxed-Virgin(U.K., '76)-Box set of rare tracks, four discs, and M- booklet. (M/M/M/M/EX,WIN,SSTNC,TOBC) $45 or (M/M/M/M/FC VG++,BC EX,WIN,STIC,TIC,TOBC) $35.

OLDHAM, ANDREW--see Rolling Stones, click here for Rolling Stones

OLIVER KLAUS-Same-Capt. Moze(Canada, '70)-Backwoods garagey dual-guitar psych jammer. (M/M,SIS) $1000.

OLYMPIC-Ptak Rosomak-Supraphon(Czechoslovakia, '69)-Along with "Zelva" the best and rarest from this prolific band. This is a psychedelic diamond with trippy effects and buzzsaw fuzz leads. (S1 EX,S2 EX+/EX-,SPS,TIBC) $225.

OLYMPIC-Ptak Rosomak-Supraphon(Czechoslovakia, '69)-Scarce 1990 pressing of the above album with different group-pic cover both front and back. (M-/EX+,SRW,STAL,WOL) $40.

OLYMPIC-Jedeme Jedeme-Supraphon(Czechoslovakia, '71)-Quite accomplished popsike from Eastern Europe sung in native tongue, stunning guitar and bass. (M-/EX,FO,STIC,TIBC) $175.

OMAR/HOWLERS-Big Leg Beat-Amazing(U.S., '80)-Howling harmonica boogie barband. (SS) $15.

OMEGA-Same-Fellowship(U.S., '68)-Forerunner to the better known (only because this is a demo-only issue) below album "Michigan Avenue" which is also incredibly rare; melancholic garage/folk/rock. Plain white demo cover and, to my knowledge, the only known copy. (EX+) $2000.

OMEGA-Michigan Avenue-Fellowship(U.S., '69)-In the same style as the above LP. (M-/M-,WIN) $1400.

OMEGA(RED STAR)-Ejszakai Orszagut-Qualiton(Hungary, '69)-Their first six albums are absolutely essential heavy bluesy psychedelic freakbeat with screaming fuzz guitars all over. (M-/EX,FO,COH,SRW,STAL,SSTNC,SSTNL) $200.

OMEGA(RED STAR)-Ole-Pepita(Hungary, '72)-This copy has the totally unique aluminum cover with an absolute minimum of creases for its fragility. (M-/EX+) $275.

OMEGA(RED STAR)-5-Pepita(Hungary, '73)-Actually their sixth album. (M-/M-,FO) $190.

ON THE SEVENTH DAY-Same-Mercury(U.S., '70)-Thematic funk/rock LP about how from day-one man has done his damnedest to screw up the planet, but for the first time since creation, the hip counter-culture has the formula to save it all. It was a beautiful impractical dream that has now screwed up the planet even more. (M-/EX,SPS,TIC,TSTNC,SRW) $50.

ONE-Same-Grunt(U.S., '72)-Drifting soft psych with floating, heavenly vocals, fuzz leads, and sitar excursions. (SS,FO,CON) $40.

ONE-Live "One"-Back Door Sound, Co.(U.S., '75)-I bet these guys are still playing clubs like Joe's Fishmarket & Saloon where this was recorded. Trio of lusty losers joke with the crowd (20 friends, the bartender, and 2 waitresses) while knocking out covers of Beatles, Beach Boys, Righteous Bros., Buffalo Springfield, and so much more. Charmingly inept. (EX+/M-) $90.  

100% UNKNOWN FIBERS-Smoke It-private(U.S., '70)-Heavy psych album apparently recorded live at an event called the Laguna Beach Christmas Festival according to 3001 Record Collector Dreams. This album has baffled collectors and dealers for years. Comes in a plain white cover that is hand-stamped in one corner with one hand-stamped label. Fully split top seam has been discretely repaired from the inside. (M-/EX-,SRW,FSPS) $4000.   

ONE ST. STEPHEN-Same-private(U.S., '75)-Ultrarare raw psych. (M-/FC EX,BC M-,SRW,STNC) $1500.

1 2 6-Curtains Falling-RCA(Germany, '67)-Killer beat/psych band from Norway whose only LP was exclusively released in Germany. (M-/EX+) $400 (SOLD) or (M-/VG+,TIC,SRW,SSTNC,STIL) $220.

ONE WAY TICKET-Time Is Right-President(U.K., '78)-Only 50 copies made and originally recorded in the late '60's like the Things to Come scenario. Heavy psych in the best Chocolate Soup mold covering 3 songs by the legendary Five Day Rain. (M/M) $1000.  

YOKO ONO-see Beatles, click here for Beatles

OPUS ALFA-Same-Discos de la Planta(Uruguay, '72)-Maniacal fuzzed blues/psych monsterpiece; this is actually Dias de Blues first album and even rarer. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX+,BC M-) $1250.

OPUS AVANTRA-Same-Trident(Italy, '74)-Perfect blending of progressive rock and opera; baroque classical structure. (M-/EX-,FO,TIC,RW) $250. 

(ORA)BYZANTIUM-Live and Studio-private(U.K., '72)-Whilst these progsters were awaiting the landing of a major label contract, they pressed this super rare (99 copies only) rural progressive masterpiece to stimulate interest in acquiring said contract. It worked. (M-/M-) $750.

ORANG-UTAN-Same-Bell(U.S., '71)-Bluesy hardrock British band releasing their album only in the states. (SS) $350.

ORANGE-Madbringer-RTB(Yugoslavia, '81)-Sabbath/Purple style hardrock with English vocals. (M-/EX+) $50. 


ORION'S BEETHOVEN-Superangel-Polydor(Argentina, '73,M-/M-) $500 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX+) $450.

ORION'S BEETHOVEN-Tercer Milenio-Polydor(Argentina, '77)-Second album by these heavy fuzz/psych hardrock rippers. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,TIBC) $400.

ORION'S(BEETHOVEN)-Asfalto Caliente-V.B.(Argentina, '83)-Years pass, the style evolves into a more straight-forward, brutal hardrock, and their name is shortened to simply Orion's. (M-/EX+) $75. 

ORPHAN EGG-Same-Carole(U.S., '68)-Jangly folkrock to powerful fuzz/psych; charmingly garagey. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,WLP,PSTAC,SRW,SPS,TIBC) $250. 

ORPHANN-Up for Adoption-OMI(U.S., '77)-Blistering heavy guitar rock for those who like their guitars hard and raunchy, mean and evil; rarer first album. (M-/EX,RW,WOBC) $150.

ORPHANN-Don't Say No-OMI(U.S., '80,S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX-,HRW) $50.

ORPHEUS-Same-private(Japan, '83)-Privately issued ultra-rarity of only 100 pieces. Five long heavy progressive underground tracks with powerful guitar leads, weaving keys, and wasted vocals. Paste on front and back cover with equally as crude looking insert. (M/M,WIN) $800.

ORSI LUCILLE-Canzoni-Inisheer(Italy, '89)-Very rare first album in ultra-flimsy cover of soft folk/psych with a spacey meditative vibe. (M-/FC EX,BC M-,TIC) $150.

OSANNA-Palepoli-Fonit(Italy, '73)-Psych underground with an Eastern feel. (M-/EX+,WIS,FO,SRW) $200 or (M-/EX,FO,WIS,RW) $150.

OSANNA-see Uno

OSCAR-Same-Buk(Germany, '74)-Eccentric British heavy/glam/rock with quirky vocals and acidy guitar. (M-/EX+,COH,STIC) $50.

OSCAR-Same-BASF(U.S., '75)U.K. heavy rockers' scarce U.S. release. (EX-/EX,CC) $25.

OSCAR-Twilight Asylum-DJM(U.K., '76,M-/M-,FO) $50.

OTHERS-Collectors Item-Custom(Australia, '81)-Obscure guitar driven straight rock. (M-/EX+,SRW) $75 or (M-/EX,RW) $70.

OTIS WAYGOOD BLUES BAND-Same-Parlophone(So. Africa, '70)-Blues/rock first album. (M-/M-,FO,STIBC) $400. 

OUBA-Same-A1(Canada, '68)-Underground West Coast one-song-taking-up-both-sides psych jam; surging organ, stoned vocals, lysergic leads. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX-,RW,COH) $600.

OUT CAST-Kimi Mo Boku Mo Tomodachi Ni Naro-Teichiku(Japan, '67)-Incredible Japanese beat. Most songs are originals ranging from melodic beat to fuzz ravers with 3 cool covers. One of Sony-land's best and rarest. (M-/M-,WIN) $1250. 

OUT OF DARKNESS-see Various "Sound Vision in Concert"

OUTER LIMITS-A Boy Playing the Magical Bugle Horn-Made in Japan(Japan, '86)-Second album by the band that ushered in a whole new era and changed the direction of progressive music in Japan. Housed in a gorgeous gimmix fantasy art cover. (M/M-,FO) $75.

OUTLAW BLUES BAND-Same-Bluesway(U.S., '68)-Psychedelic blues, a tad jazzy in a few parts, with great inventive guitar. Unfortunately overlooked by most, but you can remedy that now. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $75.

OUTSIDERS-Story 16-Imperial(Holland, '73)-Early '70's compilation of mostly their garage/punk singles. (M-/EX+) $150.

OUTSIDERS-You Mistreat Me EP-Pseudonym(Holland, '10)-Super little 10-inch pressing of 5 of the band's earliest songs and limited to a run of only 500 copies. (SS) $40.

OUTSIDERS-see Subterraneans

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OUTSKIRTS OF INFINITY-Lord of the Dark Skies-Woronzow(U.S., '87)-Disappeared debut album by heavy neo-psych band with loads of wah-wah, fuzz leads. (SS) $60.

OX-First Album-Victor(Japan, '68)-In Japan, known as the Oriental Zombies. (M-/M-,FO,RLP,WIN) $150.

OZ' MASTER MAGNUS LTD.-Same-Tickle(Italy, '72)-Melancholy late '60's English sound dominates plus a couple of heavier parts; rare and never offered. (M-/EX-,TIC, SRW,STIBC,WOBC) $750.

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P.J. ORION/MAGNATES-Same-Magnate(U.S., '66)-Super rare garage cover band; plays solid EX in spite of visual grade which follows. (S1 VG+,S2 VG++/FC M-,BC EX,MO,SPS,STNBC) $225.

PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC-see All Saved Freak Band 

PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC-go to Records Around the World section

PAGAN ALTAR-Same-private(U.S., '91)-Recorded in 1980, this is one of the doomiest of NWOBHM bands. Only 100 pressed with well-written songs and scorching leads. (M/M) $100.

LARRY PAGE ORCHESTRA-go to Records Around the World section

PAGLIARO-Same-Much(Canada, '71)-One of the early ones by prolific Canadian rocker. (M-/EX+,FO) $40.

PAISLEYS-Cosmic Mind at Play-Peace(U.S., '70)-This one's been a rare collectible for 30+ years. Real acid drenched masterpiece with stoned vocals and dreamy fuzz leads. (M-/EX+,SHC) $550.

RONNIE PAISLEY'S BAND-Smoking Mirror-Pye(U.K., '78)-Obscure heavy progressive with High Tide members. (M-/M-,WIN) $150.

ROBERT PALMER-go to Records Around the World section

PAN-Same-Sonet(Denmark, '70)-Lucky to score another unusually clean copy of guitar-fuelled/long-tracks heavy progressive gem; great songs and expert musicianship with dazzling guitar moves; covers this clean are just not around for this LP. (M-/EX+,FO,STAL,SRWBC) $1100.

PANAMA LIMITED JUG BAND-Same-Harvest(U.K., '69)-Outstanding British rock outfit; this offering has no EMI logo on the labels and the earliest possible matrix numbers in the trail-off vinyl. (M-/M-,FO) $400.

FELIX PAPPALARDI-go to Records Around the World section

PAPPO'S BLUES-Vol. 3-Music Hall(Argentina, '72)-The ultimate bang for your buck when your musical fix demands heavy So. American blues/psych. (EX+/EX,FO) $250.

PAPPO'S BLUES-Vol. 4-Music Hall(Argentina, '73,S1 M-,S2 EX+/VG++,WLP,SPS,SRW) $240.

PAPPO'S BLUES-Triangulo-Music Hall(Argentina, '74)-Volume 5. (M-/M-) $325.

PAPPO'S BLUES-Vol. 6-Music Hall(Argentina, '75,M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,WLP,RW,TIC,PSTABC,WSTNL) $250.   

PAPPO'S BLUES-see Aeroblus

PARADISE EXPRESS-Same-RGH(U.S., '73)-Test pressing of unknown folk album with male/female voices and a variety of acoustic string instruments. Must be very rare and has the sound folk fans salivate over. Comes in plain white cover with group name written on it. (S1 EX+,S2 EX) $200.

PARIS-go to Records Around the World section

PARISH HALL-Same-Fantasy(U.S., '69)-Totally killer hard guitar psych work of art. (M-/M-) $200 or (M-/M-,WLP,PSTABC) $200.

PARK-November Lady-private(Germany, '81)-Lovely symphonic/progressive LP with superb guitar/keys interplay. (M/M-) $125. 

GRAHAM PARKER-go to Records Around the World section

PARLIAMENT-Osmium-Invictus(U.S., '70)-The undisputed godfathers of funk/psych. These black dudes can really play. Also, check out their amazing back-up role on the Ruth Copeland albums. First copy includes the rare insert. (M-/M-,WIN,PH) $390 or (M-/EX+,COH,SRW,SPS) $290.

PARLIAMENT-see Funkadelic

PAUL PARRISH-The Forest of my Mind-Music Factory(U.S., '68)-Promo-only mono press of great atmospheric psych with Dennis Coffey on guitar. (M-/EX,MO,PL,SRW,PSTIC) $60.

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PASSENGER-Jail Notes-private(U.K., '77)-Rare (only 100 made) of West Coast styled jammer with acid leads galore; sounds early '70's. (M-/M-) $1000.

A PASSING FANCY-Same-Boo(Canada, '68)-Magical punk/garage/psych loaded with fuzz and Farfisa; haven't seen one this nice up for grabs in ages. (M/M-) $600.

(PATRON SAINTS)ERIC BERGMAN-Modern Phonography-Patron Saint(U.S., '78)-Plain cover. (M-,WIN) $200.

PATTERSON-Beautiful Alternative-Laser(Australia, '77)-Obscure album with a mix of straight rock, melodic prog, and rural sounds. (M-/EX+,SRW) $50.

PAU RIBA-Dioptria-Edigsa(Spain, '78)-Double album set (third effort, I believe) from pretty damn good Iberian psychsters. (M-/M-/M-,FO,WIN) $90.

PAU RIBA-Same-Movie Play(Spain, '81)-I'm not positive, but I think this is a re-issue of their first two albums. (M-/M-/M-) $50.  

PAUPERS-Ellis Island-Verve Forecast(U.S., '68,SS,COH) $60.

PAVLOV'S DOG-Pampered Menial-ABC(U.S., '75)-Strong heavy guitar prog featuring the somebody-just-crushed-my-balls wailing vocals of David Surkamp. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX-,FO,SPS,RW) $30.

PAVLOV'S DOG-Pampered Menial-Columbia(U.S., '76,M/M,FO,WLP,CC) $40.

PAVLOV'S DOG-At the Sound of the Bell-Columbia(U.S., '76,SS,CC) $40.

(PAVLOV'S DOG)ST. LOUIS HOUNDS-Same-private(U.S., '77)-Rare third. (SS) $250.

DAVE PEACE QUARTET-Good Morning Mr. Blues-Saga(U.K., '69)-Organ/guitar based white-boy blues group. (EX/EX) $90.

JOE PEACE-Finding Peace of Mind-private(U.S., '72)-Perfect unplayed copy of lysergic folk/psych. (M/M-,FO,SPS) $900.

PEACE, BREAD & LAND BAND-Liberation Music-private(U.S., '71)-Rare as hell West Coast politico psych/folkrocker with warbling Irish songbird-like femme vox; 10" disc in envelope sleeve with proceeds of sales going to the likes of the Angela Davis Defense Fund and the Black Panthers. (M-/M,WIN) was $800--now $650.

PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY-For Children of All Ages-Challenge(U.S., '69)-Their rarest. (M/EX,PSTABC,SRW,STNBC) $85.

PEARLS BEFORE SWINE-One Nation Underground-ESP(U.S., '67)-Debut album of Tom Rapp-led soft psych. All their albums are magical moments of American psychedelia. This one has the black and white cover. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,WOBC) $110.

PEARLS BEFORE SWINE-Balaklava-ESP(U.S., '68,M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC) $110.

PEARLS BEFORE SWINE-These Things Too-Reprise(U.S., '69,M-/M-) $65 or (M-/M-,CC) $60. 

PEARLS BEFORE SWINE-The Use of Ashes-Reprise(U.S., '70,M-/FC EX,BC M-,RW) $40.

PEBBLES-Same-Pilgrim(U.K., '68)-Interesting beat/pop Christian rock from Scotland. (S1 EX+,S2 EX/EX,MO) $40.

PEDDLERS-Birthday-Epic(U.S., '70)-Light organ-dominated bluesy scat jazz with a psych edge. (SS,CC) $30.

PEGASUS-see Deirdre

PELICAN-see Icecross

PELOMA BOKIU-Same-Lyra(Greece, '73)-Original gatefold cover aqua-label press of this incredibly rare musical blockbuster of an LP; fabulous heavy progressive/psych. (VG++/M-,FO) $600.

PELOMA BOKIU-Same-Lyra(Greece, '73)-Single pocket silver-label 1980 pressing of the above LP with 3 different tracks. (M-/EX+) $350.

PELOMA BOKIU-see Trojan War

PENTAGRAM-Presenting...-Peace(U.S., '92)-Excellent heavy rock album recorded between 1972 and 1979 by band that went on to become a notorious doom metal outfit; only 500 made. (M/M,WIN) $60.

PEOPLE-see Larry Norman

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PEOPLE'S VICTORY ORCHESTRA & CHORUS-The School-The People's Music Works(U.S., '72)-Divided between "boys side" and "girls side", mostly good rural hippie boogie/blues. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX,SPS,SRW) $90.

BILLY PEPPER/PEPPERPOTS-More Merseymania-Allegro(U.K., '64)-Merseybeat. (S1 M-,S2 EX/EX,MO,STABC,SRW) $60.

PEPS & BLUES QUALITY-Sweet Mary Jane-Sonet(Sweden, '69)-Rare and raw heavy blues/psych with killer guitar leads in the withdrawn pot-plant cover. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,FO) $325.

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OS PESCADORES-Sound of Lonelyness-Kuhstall Studio(Germany, '75)-Heavy progressive/psych with scorching acid leads sung in both English and German. (M/M,FO) $600.

PETARDS-A Deeper Blue-Europa(Germany, '72,S1 M-,S2 EX/FC EX-,BC EX,SRW,TIC) $38.

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JOHN PETERSON-Where Does It Go From Here-T.J. Phoenix(U.S., '76)-Absolutely mesmerizing acid folk monster; vocals emote a reckless despair and the hallucinogenic guitar leads beg listening to again and again. Trades welcome immediately on this item as I have a couple to let go of. (SS) $500 or (M/M,SIS) $450.

OTA PETRINA-Super Robot-Supraphon(Czechoslovakia, '78)-Beautiful Eastern European progressive gem containing seven long songs in a dramatic vibe with acidy guitar, harmonica, multi-layered keys. (M-/M-) $250.

PEZBAND-Same-Passport(U.S., '77)-Purveyors of first-class power pop. (SS,CC) $12 or (M/M-,CC,WIS) $10.

PEZBAND-Cover to Cover-Passport(U.S., '79,SS,CON) $12.

PEZBAND-Thirty Seconds over Schaumburg-PVC(U.S., '78,M/M,red wax) $15.

PHANTASIA-see Trizo 50

PHANTOMS-Same-Metronome(Germany, '66)-Dutch purveyors of wild, raw '60's garage/beat. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,TIC,SPS) $175 or (EX-/FC EX-,BC EX,STIC,SPS) $40. 

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PHILL DIRT/MOUND BUILDERS-It's Pretty Much A Private Goober-private(U.S., '71)-Here's one for all you 1000's of Jim Kweskin fans out there, ultrarare acid jugband madness. (M-/EX-,STNC,RWBC) $50.

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PHILOSOPHERS-After Sundown-Philo Spectrum(U.S., '70)-Heavy organ/guitar blues/psych with crazed vocals. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SPS) $625.

PHINX-Sometimes-Crazy Cajun(U.S., '78)-Sixties garage cover band only unleashed from the vault of Huey Meaux some 12 years after the time of the recording sessions. (M/M) $100.

PHLUPH-Same-Verve(U.S., '68)-Superb trippy melodic psych. (SS,COH) $200 (SOLD) or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+,COH,SRW) $90.

PHOENIX-Mugur de Fluier-Electrecord(Romania, '71)-Original press of second album by Eastern European progressive greats. (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,TIBC,WOBC) $250.

PHOENIX-Cantofabule-Electrecord(Romania, '72)-Rare double album of menacing, on-the-edge heavy complex progressive with folky episodes; sinister vocals, spacey guitar and flute parts. This copy is in amazing condition compared to what you usually see when this album is so infrequently offered.  (S1 EX+,S2 M-/S3 M-,S4 EX+/EX+,FO,STAC) $500.

PHOENIX-Rising-private(U.K., '81)-Heavy progressive mini-album with a '70's feel. (M-/M-) $50. 

LOS PICAPIEDRAS-Excitante-Philips(Chile, '66)-Rare So. American garage/beat. (M-/EX-,MO,STIBC) $300 (SOLD) or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/VG+,MO, PSTIL, TOBC,STIBC,WOBC,TIBC) $225.

PIEL DE PUEBLO-Rock de las Heridas-Disc Jockey(Argentina, '72)-First pressing of South American heavy guitar psych in unheard-of condition. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,WLP,RWBC) $1000.


PILOT-see Blue Cheer

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PINK FAIRIES-What a Bunch of Sweeties-Polydor(U.K., '72)-Outstanding unplayed disc of second album by well-known heavy underground crew. (M/M,FO) $75.

PINK FLOYD-The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn-Columbia(U.K., '67)-Laminated flip-back cover, silver and black labels. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,XOL,TIBC) $125.

PINK FLOYD-The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn-Columbia(Italy, '67)-Rare Italian press with AMAZING different cover released in 1971, years after the first U.K. issue. The group pic cover erroneously features Gilmour instead of Barrett. (M-/EX+) $700.  

PINK FLOYD-The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn-Tower(U.S., '67)-Brown labels. (M-/EX+,COH,SRW,STNBC) $125 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,RW,SPS) $90 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX-,SRW,SPS,TSTNC) $70.

PINK FLOYD-A Saucerful Of Secrets-Capitol(Canada, '68, ST 6279)-Scarce green labels. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW) $100.

PINK FLOYD-A Saucerful Of Secrets-Tower(U.S., '68)-Brown labels. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW) $125.

PINK FLOYD-A Saucerful Of Secrets-Tower(U.S., '68)-Both copies have the striped labels, first copy is an amazing unplayed disc. (M/M-) $150 or (M-/EX-,SPS,RW) $60.

PINK FLOYD-Relics-Starline(U.K., '71)-Textured Garrod & Lofthouse cover; I believe this is a first pressing. (SS) $200.

PINK FLOYD-A Nice Pair-Harvest(U.K., '73,SS,FO) $150.

PINK FLOYD-The Dark Side Of The Moon-Harvest(Holland, '78)-White vinyl, great unplayed disc. (M/M,FO) $90.

PINK FLOYD-The Dark Side Of The Moon-Capitol(U.S., '78)- SEAX-11902)-Picture disc in die-cut cover. (SS) $150.

PINK FLOYD-Wish You Were Here-Harvest(Holland, '78)-Blue vinyl, super unplayed disc. (M/M) $90.

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PINTURA FRESCA-Same-CRC(Chile, '69)-Garage/beat with dominant Farfisa and some fuzz leads. (M-/EX+,WSTNC,PSTAL) $250.

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PLAINSONG-Same-Elektra(U.S., '72)-Outstanding rural folk/rock with Ian Matthews and Andy Roberts. (M-/EX,FO,WLP,WIN,PSTIC,STIC,TIBC,XOL) $40.

PLASTIC ONO BAND-see Beatles, click here for Beatles

PLASTIC PENNY-Two Sides of a Penny-Page One(U.K., '68)-Unbelievable unplayed disc and rarer mono press of seldom unearthed swinging popsike winner with some movement in an early prog direction and heavier mod/psych. (M/M-,MO) $600.

PLASTIC PENNY-Currency-Page One(U.K., '68)-Rarer album than their first effort; this is their most powerful work combining popsike and hardrock. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-) $475.

PLAYBOYS-Same-Electrecord(Romania, '65)-Megarare 10" Eastern European beat. Eight songs in a beautiful color sleeve. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX+,BC EX,SRWBC,STIBC) $400.

PLEASE FEED THE ANIMALS-Same-Arc(Canada, '66)-Companion piece to "Let's Spend the Night Together"; second copy playing much better than it looks. Here they cover 7 Animals' tunes and one each of Sir Doug, Yardbirds, Cream, and Small Faces. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX+,BC M-,MO,SRW,COH) $200 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX-,MO,HRW,SPS) $125 or (VG+/VG+,MO,HRW,TIC,WOBC) $50.

PLEASE FEED THE ANIMALS-see Let's Spend the Night Together

PLUS-Melancolica Muchacha-RCA(Argentina, '78)-Heavy psych LP with blistering leads and thunderous stampeding rhythm section. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,RWBC) $150.

POCO-see Illinois Speed Press

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POINT-Same-Radlab(U.S., '81)-Rare private pressed power pop with paper insert sleeve in its original re-sealable plastic bag and pressed on 10 inches of lily white vinyl. One of my guilty pleasures here. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-) $50.

POINT-Magic Circle-Warf Rat(U.S., '83)-Full LP sequel to the above. (SS) $20. 

POINT BLANK-Same-Arista(U.S., '76)-Heavy Southern rockers in the same style as and guided and produced by the same people who did ZZ Top. (SS,CON) $30.

POINT BLANK-Second Season-Arista(U.S., '77,SS,CON) $40.

POKER FLATTS-Same-Stacked Deck(U.S., '77,SS) $75.

POLICE-see Frolk Haven

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POLIFEMO-Same-EMI(Argentina, '77)-Second and much rarer of their two albums of progressive heavy wailing guitar rock; long tracks and tons of fun. (M-/M-) $400.

POLL-Anthrope...-Polydor(Greece, '71)-Very rare (and I believe never-before offered) first progressive folk/rock LP. Comes in a plain cover housed in a burlap bag with rope handle. (M-/M-) $1000.

POLLUTION-Heir: Pollution-Capitol(U.S., '70)-Funky fuzz, wah-wah, organ-based psych, not seen much; only thing prevents this from being one of those Capitol label elite albums is occasionally too many horns. (S1 M-,S2 EX/M-) $35.

POLYPHONY-Without Introduction-Eleventh Hour(U.S., '71)-Long tracks of guitar/organ dominated heavy prog. (M/M-,SIS) $500.

POOBAH-U.S. Rock-A.E.I.(U.S., '76)-Their last two albums are aggressive heavy power rock sans the psych edge. Contains the rare poster. (M-/VG+,SRW,TIC,WIN) $375.

POOBAH-Steamroller-Peppermint(U.S., '79,SS) $400.

(POOBAH)THE RECORDING WORKSHOP-private(U.S., '85)-Actually a various artists album with side 1 being throw-away synth drivel. Side 2, on the other hand, is outstanding. "Cold Blooded Lover" is an amazing hardrocker featuring Jim Gustafson (Poobah axeman). "Guilty" is an outstanding bluesy rocker with gutsy soulish femme vocals. The other songs on side 2 do better than hold their own. (M/M,SIS) $100.  

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POOR BOYS-Ain't Nothin' in Our Pocket but Love-Rare Earth(U.S., '70)-Flower pop. (M-/EX-,HRW,PSTABC) $12.

POP MASINA-Kiselina-RTB(Yugoslavia, '73)-Rarest and first album by one of the better Eastern European heavy prog/psych bands. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,STABC) $250. 

PORTER-China Disco-Pronit(Poland, '82)-Eastern Euro progressive. First song on side two has some skips through first 1/3 of the song, otherwise the disc is perfect. (S1 M-,S2 VG+/XOC,TIC,SRW,STNBC) $10.

PEPPER PORTER BAND-Invasion-First American(U.S., '80)-Bluesy barband progressive hard rockers with some killer guitar. (M/M,SIS) $90.

POTTER ST. CLOUD-see St. Cloud, Endle

POUND-see Down From Nothing

COZY POWELL-Over the Top-Polydor(U.S., '79)-One of the all-time hard rockin' fossils here joined by Jack Bruce and Gary Moore. (M/M-,CC) $15.

POWER-Same-Briand(France, '72)-West Coast/bluesy psych/melodic progressive/hardrock and more in sinister cover. (M-/M-) $250. 

POWERHOUSE-Same-Express(Japan, '69)-Red wax first press of extinct (even in Japan) raw bluesy psych monster, a must for the fuzz freaks out there. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,STNBC) $1250 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC M-,BC EX,SPS,TSTNC) $1100.

POWERS OF BLUE-Flipout-MTA(U.S., '68)-Exploito '60's fuzz flipout. (M/M-,COH) $90.

PRALINS-Beat Beat Beat-Popular(Germany, '66)-Good garage rocker. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SSTNC) $100.

PRALINS-Beat with the...-Popular(Germany, '66,EX/FC EX,BC M-,WOC) $75.

PRELUDE-Voyage-Europroduction(Belgium, '79)-Complex symphonic progressive, another one that's seemingly retreated into the cave of extinction. (M-/M,FO) $80.

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DON PRESTON/SOUTH-Hot Air Through a Straw...-A&M(U.S., '69)-Leon Russell protege. (M-/EX-,RW,TOC,SPS) $15.

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PRIMEVIL-Smokin' Bats at Comptons-700 West(U.S., '74)-Fuzz drenched heavy psych, non-stop fret work. (M-/M-) $700.

PRIMEVIL-see Buccaneer

PRIMITIVES-Blow Up-Arc(Italy, '67)-Great British freakbeat only released in Italy. (M-/M-,MO,PSTAL) $600.

PRINCIPAL EDWARDS MAGIC THEATRE-Soundtrack-Dandelion(U.S., '70)-U.K. communal hippie troupe with psych elements ranging from femme folk vox to fuzz jams. (M-/EX,SRW,CC) $20.

PRIVATE EYE-Same-Capitol(U.S., '79)-Good hardrock with excellent axework. (M-/M-,PH,WIS) $20.

PROBE-Direction-Eborp(U.S., '69)-So rare (200 copies pressed), this beastly psych monster is still unknown to most, even with the release of a reissue. Stoned dreamy vocals, swirling organ, wah-wah fuzz leads, garage vibe. This copy, although visually grading M-, has a heat warp that causes a subdued WHOOSH that is inaudible for the major duration of the heat warp. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW) $1500.  


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PROFESSOR FUDDLE'S FANTASTIC FAIRY TALE MACHINE-Same-Periwinkle(Canada, '74)-Male/female vocals and loads of synthesizers, not boring or experimental, but melodic dreamy folk/psych. (SS) $250.

PROGRESIV TM-Puterea Muzicii-Electrecord(Romania, '77)-Much rarer than their more sought after and better known first album. On this album, they've moved away from the complex Italian style progressive (which to my musical taste is fine with me) and on to a progressive hardrock. (M-/EX+, SRW,STABC) $350.

PROJECTION-Beats and Ballads-Programme Music(U.K., '73)-Instrumental feel-good swinging London psych with nice acid leads. (M-/M-) $250.

PROJECTION-Shades of Rock-Programme Music(U.K., '74)-A year later and great fuzz/wah-wah exploito psych. (M-/M-) $600.

PROOF-Same-private(U.S., '70)-Crude, raw West Coast heavy psych/blues monster. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,WIN) $1400.

PROOF-5th Anniversary Phonograph Record-private(U.S., '71)-Super rare second album, unknown by most. (S1 EX,S2 M-/FC EX-,BC EX,SPS,RW,XOC,STNC) $1500.


 PROVIDENCE-Ever Sense the Dawn-Threshold(U.S., '72)-Pastoral progressive folk. (S1 M-,S2 EX/EX+,FO,PH,SRW) $20.

PSIGLO-Ideacion-Clave(Uruguay, '73)-Heavy progressive with blasting fuzz leads roaring Deep Purple-like organ. (M-/EX+,FO) $1100.

PSIGLO-II-Clave(Uruguay, '82)-Much rarer second and last LP. (M-/FC EX,BC M-) $1300. 

PUFF-Same-MGM(U.S., '69)-Another one of those over-looked melodic Boston psych bands, jangle and fuzz. (EX+/EX,COH,RW) $30.

PULSAR-The Strands of the Future-Decca(U.K., '77)-Rare British press of beautiful second album by French progressive group. (M/M,FO) $90.

PULSE-Same-Thimble(U.S., '72)-No relation to the above band; this is heavy psych with strong guitar/organ interplay and charged vocals. (M-/FC EX,BC M-,RW,SPS) $80.

PUPILS-see Eyes

PURE FOOD & DRUG ACT-see Harvey Mandell

PURPLE FOX-Tribute to Jimi Hendrix-Summit(Canada, '70)-Exploitation heavy psych Hendrix tribute band. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+) $75.

PURPLE IMAGE-Same-Map City(U.S., '69)-Heavy guitar drenched phased/fuzz/wah-wah psych by black band on same label as Yesterday's Children. Killer album with a couple of soul/funk duds thrown in. (M-/M,SIS) $300.

PUSSYCATS-Psst!-Polydor(Germany, '66)-Norwegian garage/beat raver; songs with great hooks. (M-/M-) $200.  

PUZZLE-Same-ABC(U.S., '69)-Scarce major label psych in cool die-cut cover. A little bluesy, a little funky, a heavy psych with an abundance of fuzz and phasing. (M-/EX-,FO,COH,RW) $60.  

PYG-Free with ...-Polydor(Japan, '72)-Heavy live double LP in nice triple fold-open cover. (M-/M-/M-,FO,WIN) $500.

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Q65-Revival-Decca(Holland, '69)-Their rarest by far is a compilation of non-LP 45's along with heretofore unissued psychedelic tracks. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+) $800.

Q65-Afghanistan-Negram(Holland, '70)-Classic heavy blues psychrock; great songs accentuated by the vocals of a demented raver. First copy is near perfect with only the slightest of lamination peel along the spine. Second copy is in perfect-play condition. (M-/M-,FO) $750 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX-,BC EX,FO,SPS) $450.

Q65-Greatest Hits-Decca(Holland, '78,M/M-) $75.

Q65-see Subterraneans

(Q65)RAINMAN-Same-Negram(Holland, '71)-Great acid folk album from the leader of Q65. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC) $250.

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MICHAEL QUATRO-Paintings-Evolution(U.S., '72)-Keyboard wizard's symphonic progressive creations with help from Ted Nugent on the first two; not bad albums at all. (SS) $30 or (M-/FC M-,BC EX,RW) $15.

MICHAEL QUATRO-In Collaboration with the Gods-UA(U.S., '75,SS,CC) $25.

MICHAEL QUATRO-Dancers, Romancers, Dreamers, & Schemers-UA(U.S., '76,SS,COH) $20.

SUZI QUATRO-Quatro-Bell(U.S., '74,M/VG++,RW) $18.

SUZI QUATRO-Your Mama Won't Like Me-Arista(U.S., '75,M/EX,SRW) $22.

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QUIET RIOT-II-CBS(Japan, '79)-Japan-only heavy rockin' second; final one with the late Randy Rhoads. (EX+/EX-,TIC) $40.

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(RDM)IL ROVESCIO DELLA MEDAGLIA-Contamination-Peters(U.S., '75)-Symphonic Italo-prog with multi-layered keys and flashy guitar interludes. (M/M-,SIS) $75 or  (M-/EX,SRW,TOC,WOBC,WOL) $50.

(RDM)IL ROVESCIO DELLA MEDAGLIA-Same-Il Rock(Italy, '90)-Split album shared with Il Balletto Di Bronzo features music from 1972 and 1973 by these 2 great Italian prog bands. (M-/FC M-,BC EX) $40.

RA CAN ROW-Same-Eye(U.S., '82)-Long-song format of "rock instrumentation and free jazz improvisation"; textured/stickered cover with postcard and insert. (M/M-,WIN) $250.

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RABBLE-Same-Roulette(U.S., '68)-Canadian garage/psych; third best album on the label. (M/M,SIS) $250.

RABBLE-Give Us Back Elaine!-Trans World(Canada, '69,M-/FC EX,BC EX+,RW) $250. 

RACKET SQUAD-Same-Jubilee(U.S., '68)-Organ driven psych. (M-/EX,RW) $35.

RADIUS-Che Cosa Sei-CBS(Italy, ’76)-Wow, CBS really gave this guy a chill-pill to bring him down from his wild guitar-crazed Numero Uno label effort. This LP more progressive/funk. (M-/EX+,FO,WIS) $75.

(RADIUS)FORMULA 3-La Grande Casa-Numero Uno(Italy, '73)-Symphonic prog rock with guitar genius Alberto Radius (see his solo album). (M-/EX,TIC,SRW,CON) $150.

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RAGNAROK-Nooks-Polydor(New Zealand, ’76)-Outstanding guitar/keys progressive. (M-/EX,WIN,SPS,SRW) $200.

RAGNAROK-3 Signs-Silence(Sweden, '83)-Later album of new-wave progressive from a band whose beginnings go back to the mid-'70's. (M-/EX+) $30.

RAILROAD GIN-A Matter of Time-Polydor(Australia, '75)-Gritty blues/rock with gutsy female vocals. (S1 EX+,S2 EX/EX+,FO,TIC) $150.

RAIN-Same-Axe(Canada, '72)-Breezy and bluesy West Coast psych with gutsy male/female vocals and stinging guitar parts. (M-/M-,COH) $150 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-,COH) $120.

RAIN-Live, Christmas Night-Wazoo(U.S., '74)-Rare private heavy blues/psych Stones clones. Plain white cover with artist and title sticker. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX-,SPS,SRW,TOC) $250.

RAIN PARADE-EmergencyThird Rail Power Trip-Enigma(U.S., '83)-The Byrds of the 1980's. Personally I love this band. (SS) $30.

(RAIN PARADE)FELL FROM THE SUN-Same-Serpent(U.S., '84)-Rare 4-song 12-inch EP featuring Rain Parade's Dave Roback. (M-/M-) $50.

RAINBOW BRIDGE BAND-A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix-private(U.S., '88)-Trio doing excellent covers by the axe diety along with a couple of killer originals. (SS) $100 or (M/M,SIS) $95 or (M-/M) $90.

RAINBOW PROMISE-Same-Wine Skin(U.S., '70)-Christian psych; acid guitar, dreamy vocals. (EX+/FC EX+,BC EX,WIS,SRW) $500.

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RAM-Where? (In Conclusion)-Polydor(U.S., '72)-Scarce major label heavy prog/psych. (M-/M-,WLP,PSTIC) $150 or (M-/EX+,CON,SRW,WSTNBC) $120.

RAM JAM-see Lemon Pipers

RAMLOC-Same-private(U.S., '79)-Piano/harmonica centered folky progressive psych rock. (SS) $60 or (M/M-,SIS) $50.

RAMONCIN Y WC?-Same-MFP(Spain, '83)-Unknown heavy fuzz psych cranker recorded in 1978 and produced by Eduardo Bort. Very rare and the only copy I've ever seen offered. This is a tremendous album and destined for immortality once it gets heard. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-) $350

RAMONES-see Dust

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RARE AMBER-Same-Polydor(U.K., '69)-Rare blues boom stunner in the early style of Fleetwood Mac and John Mayall (but no horns) with great guitar and a nice interplay of harmonica and keyboards. Laid back groove with mix of slower and up-tempo numbers but no crunching fuzz chording. There is what looks to be a sliver of white paper embedded in the vinyl during the pressing of the album that causes about 8 clicks on the last song on side 1. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX) $400.

RARE BIRD-Same-Probe(U.S., '70)-Great British progressive. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $25.

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RATIONALS-Same-Crewe(U.S., '68)-R'n'B with overt psych moves. (SS) $100 or (M-/EX+,SRW) $75.

RATTLES-Twist I'm Star Club Hamburg-Philips(Germany, '64,VG+/EX+,MO,SPS,TOC) $90.

RATTLES-Greatest Hits-Mercury(U.S., '67,M-/M-,PSTABC) $75.

RATTLES-Same-Help!(Italy, '70,M-/M-) $75.

RATTLES-see Propeller

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GENYA RAVAN-see Ten Wheel Drive 

RAVEN-Live at 'The Inferno'-Discovery(U.S., '67)-White-boy blues with wailin' harp and stinging guitar. (M-/M-) $100.

RAVEN-Rock Until You Drop-Neat(U.K., '81)-N.W.O.B.H.M. (M/M) $15.

RAW-Raw Holly-Coral(U.S., '71)-Well done Buddy Holly covers. (SS,COH) $35 or (M-/EX+) $28 or (M-/EX,RW,XOL) $25.

RAW MATERIAL-Same-Vogue(Germany, '71)-German press of first U.K. hard psych LP with two different songs from the British press and great group picture cover. (M-/M-) $700. 

TONY RAY-4 DB Hot-Polaris(Canada, '75)-Superb backwoods, rural gem with some smokin' guitar. (M-/M-,WIN) $150.

JERRY RAYE/FENWYCK-The Many Sides of…-De Ville(U.S., ’69)-Musical stew of jangly folk/rock to fuzzy garage/punk, served on red wax. “Mindrocker” is worth the price of admission alone. (M/M-,SIS) $400.  

REAL AX BAND-Move Your Ass in Time-April(Germany, '77)-Canterbury-style progressive tinged with jazz; crazed guitar/organ interplay and high-flying airy female vocals. (M-/M-,FO,WIS) $200.

REBELS-see Larry's Rebels

RED CRAYOLA-Parable of the Arable Land-IA(U.S., '68)-Rare mono issue of crazed psychedelic effects and madness. (M-/EX+,MO,SPS,STNC) $125.

RED SQUARES-Same-Columbia(Denmark, '66)-U.K. group living, loving, working, and making their music in Denmark. Cool beat/pop with great harmonies and their mod pop-art classic "You Can Be My Baby". (M-/EX+) $250.

RED SQUARES-It's Happening-Columbia(Denmark, '67,M-/EX,COH,TIC,STIBC,STIL) $225.

RED TEMPLE SPIRITS-Dancing to Restore an Eclipsed Moon-private(U.S., '84)-Double album '80's private of dreamy, aerial psych which covers a long, knockout version of Floyd's "Nile Song". (M/M/M/FO) $100. 

NOEL REDDING-go to Records Around the World section

OTIS REDDING-go to Records Around the World section

REDDY TEDDY-Same-Spoonfed(U.S., '76)-Ballzy power/pop. (M/EX,SRW) $18.

REDEYE-Same-Pentagram(U.S., '70)-Accomplished swamp rock lead by some smokin' guitar and nice vocal harmonies. (SS) $70 or (SS,COH) $65.

LOU REED-go to Records Around the World section

REELS PSYCHADELIQUES-Volume 1-Revolution(Canada, '69)-Bizarreviolin fronted instrumentals with cascading organ, jamming feel, stoned incantations and a couple of wasted garage/psych cuts. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+,SRW) $150.

TERRY REID-go to Records Around the World section

REIGN GHOST-see Christmas

RELAX-Padre...-Vedette(Argentina, '75)-Heavy progressive psych; one of South America's rarest (a 5-disc rarity in Pokora's guide) and best. This copy is in amazing condition. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,WOL,WOBC) $1500.

RELAYER-Same-HSR(U.S., '79)-Houstonian symphonic prog reminiscent of Yes. (SS) $75 or (SS,COH) $65 or (M/M,WIS) $55 or (M/M-,WIS,COH) $50.

REMAINS-Same-Transco(U.S., '66)-Beyond rare acetate recorded in the studio, but when fake applause was added, used to release the Eva "Live in Boston" LP. Probably a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get this unreleased material (free from the crowd clutter) of the best U.S. garage punk band to ever make it to a major label. Contains "Hang on Sloopy", "All Day and All of the Night", "Why Do I Cry", "Like a Rolling Stone", "Johnny B. Good", "Gonna Move", and "I'm a Man". As often with acetates, plays stronger than its visual grade of... (VG+) $5000.  

REMAINS-Same-Epic(U.S., '66)-Bostonian punky folkrock classic. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,MO,TIBC,STIL) $550.

REMO FOUR-Smile!-Star Club(Germany, ’67)-Wild, raucous garage r ‘n’ b and rare as a sweatless James Brown concert. (EX+/FC EX+,BC EX-,SPS,WOBC) $500.

REMO FOUR-Attention!-Fontana(Germany, '75,M/EX+,TOC) $30.

RENAISSANCE-Same-Raff(Mexico, ’71)-Demented heavy psych; messed-up vocals, searing guitar, housed in superb tripped-out cover. (M/M-,FO,WIN) $750.

RENAISSANCE (U.K.)-go to Records Around the World section

RENATO/BLUE CAPS-Um Embalo com...-CBS(Brazil, '66)-12-string Byrds' sound with five of the twelve songs being originals. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,MO,STNBC) $450 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,MO,SPS,SRW) $300.

RENEGADES-Cadillac-Artone(Holland, '66)-Dutch beat. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-,MO) $300 or (S1 EX,S2 M-/FC EX+,BC M-,MO) $250.

RENEGADES-Take a Heart-Artone(Holland, '66,S1 EX+,S2 EX/EX,MO,STNBC,TIBC) $200.

RESAN-Same-Epic(Sweden, '73)-Rarest major-label release from Sweden; post-Life progressive psychedelia. (M-/EX+,WIS,STIBC) $1500.

RESISTENCIA-DaCapo-Color(Venezuela, '84)-Never seen offered wild trash guitar burner wrapped around long cookin' jams; reminds me of Pappo's Blues. (M-/M-) $250. 

RESURRECTION BAND-Rainbow's End-Star Song(U.S., '79)-Straight hardrock with killer guitar and Christian message. Beautiful die-cut cover. (M-/M-,WIS,WIN) $75 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX+,WIS,WIN,SRWBC) $60.

RESURRECTION BAND-Colours-Light(U.S., '80,M-/M-,FO) $50 or (M-/EX+,FO,TIC,SRWBC) $40.

RESURRECTION BAND-The Best of Rez-Light(U.S., '83,M/EX+,SIS) $25.

PAUL REVERE/RAIDERS-go to Records Around the World section

LA REVOLUTION FRANCAISE-Same-Vogue(France, '73)-Rock opera double album set with the theme being, what else but, the French Revolution. Guest appearances by Antoine, Martin Circus, and Systeme Crapoutchick. The giant cartoon booklet is intact. (M-/M-/M-,FO,WIN) $50. 

RHINOCEROS-Satin Chickens-Elektra(U.S., '69,M-/EX,RW,CC) $12.

RHINOCEROS-Better Times Are Coming-Elektra(U.S., '70,EX+/EX,FO,SRW,STNBC,CC) $10.

EMITT RHODES-see Merry-Go-Round

RHUBARB’S REVENGE-Same-Pink Grass(U.S., ’72)-Totally twisted psych private, comes in plain white cover. (M-) $2000.


RIATS-Greatest Evergreens-Iris(Holland, '66)-Dutch folkrock/beat. (M-/M-) $100.

RICH MOUNTAIN TOWER-Can't You Feel It?-Ovation(U.S., '76)-Overlooked rural hippie rock; strong vox and guitar. (M-/EX,RW,COH) $25.

CLIFF RICHARD-go to Records Around the World section

WARREN S. RICHARDSON, JR.-Same-Cotillion(U.S., '70)-Finally getting some just recognition; long tracks of killer progressive/psych; wailing vox, pounding drums, bluesy riffing guitar. (SS,CON) $225 or (SS/FC EX+,BC M-,CON,SRW) $200 or (M-/EX+,CON,SRW) $140.

RICTUS-Christelle...-private(France, '81)-'80's progressive/psych in micro-press. Cascading keys, ripping guitar and seemingly never offered. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+) $1100.  

RIGHTEOUS BROS.-go to Records Around the World section

TERRY RILEY-go to Records Around the World section

RIP CHORDS-go to Records Around the World section

RIPPERS-Honesty-Saga(U.K., '68)-Saga album unknown by most, even to those into collecting this obscure U.K. label. German band only released in England playing garagey/blues, soulful beat, and even a bit of Eastern psych. Mostly organ based beat/psych with Beatlesque harmonies in strong self-penned songs. In my opinion, because of cuts such as the Animals sounding title track and a slow-burning Eastern psych churner, this album outshines any other album on the label.  (M-/M-) $500.

EL RITUAL-Same-Raff(Mexico, ’71)-In this condition, impossibly rare first press of Mexican heavy psych with English vocals. (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,FO,SRW,SPS,TOBC) $600.

JOHNNY RIVERS-go to Records Around the World section

ROAD-Same-Kama Sutra(U.S., '69)-First album of mostly covers from Buffalo Springfield to the Troggs. (SS,COH) $20.

ROAD-Cognition-Kama Sutra(U.S., '71)-2-LP set of cool poprock. (EX/EX/EX,FO,RW,PSTIC) $12 or (EX/EX/VG,FO,WOC,STAC,TIC,CON,STAL,RW) $6.

ROAD-Same-Natural Resources(U.S., '72)-Heavy acid power trio with Experience bass player Noel Redding; killer guitar riffing. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $60. 

ROADHOUSE BAND-Let it Shine-private(U.S., '82)-Surly looking hard playing lot of cut-throat highwaymen boozy bar rockers doing badass dual guitar boogie originals. (EX+/EX,RW) $50.

ROADMASTER-Sweet Music-Mercury(U.S., '78)-AOR outfit. (SS,CC) $8.

ROADMASTER-Hey World-Mercury(U.S., '79,SS,CC) $10.

ANDY ROBERTS/EVERYONE-Same-Ampex(U.S., '71)-Lilting progressive with violin, harmonica, and mellotron. (S1 EX,S2 M-/FC VG++,BC EX,WLP,SPS,SRW,SSTNC) $15.

ANDY ROBERTS-see Plainsong

AUSTIN ROBERTS/ADVENT-Eight Days-Newpax(U.S., '76)-Progressive Christian concept album with psych overtones; about 40% of the songs are hardrock. Last copy EX- only because of heat warp which barely affects play. (M/M,SIS) $75 or (M/M-,CON) $70 or (M-/EX-,RW,WOC) $50.

RICK ROBERTS-go to Records Around the World section

ROBIN-Legend of a Fool-Sherwood(U.S., '81)-Pretty straight forward rock with some nice twisted guitar soloing; great electrified cover. (M-/EX,FO,RW) $50.

FENTON ROBINSON-Monday Morning Boogie and Blues-Seventy 7(U.S., '77)-Great blues as the title attests with slide and fuzz guitar, wailin' harp, piano, and organ. (M-/EX,RW) $75.

JOHN ROBINSON-see Blackfeather

ROCK CANDY-Same-MGM(U.S., '70)-Competent club rockers strutting some flashy guitars. (S1 M-,S2 EX/EX+,COH,SRW) $40.

ROCK ON-Same-KPM(U.K., '77,M-/M-) $300 or (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC) $275.

ROCKADROME-Royal American 20th Century Blues-Sound Canada(Canada, ’69)-Great acid-laced garage/psych with lysergic leads and stoned vox. (M-/EX+,SRW,STAL) $2000.


ROCKERS-Same-RCA(Canada, '74)-Project covering rock 'n' roll standards like "Not Fade Away", "Little Queenie", and "It's All Over Now" produced and played by Mike Pagliaro and pals; some kickass versions mostly sung in French. (SS) $40.

ROCKETS-Same-White Whale(U.S., '68)-Cool folkrock from the band that would become Neil Young's Crazy Horse. (SS/EX,COH) $80 or (M-/VG++,RW,SSTNC,COH) $40.

ROCKETS-Same-Guinness(U.S., '77)-Heavy blues rocker with Jim McCarty, ex-Cactus and Mitch Ryder. (EX-/EX,RW,CC) $40.

ROCKIN' BERRIES-Life Is Just a Bowl of Berries-Piccadilly (U.K., '65,S1 M-,S2 EX/EX-,MO,TIC,WOBC,STABC,STNBC) $50.

ROCKIN' BERRIES-In Town-Astor(Australia, '66)-Flaps back cover. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,MO,STIC,SSTNC) $150.

ROCKIN' HORSE-Same-RCA(U.S., '75)-Funky rock with cool guitar. (SS,CON) $15.

ROCKINGHORSE-Thoroughbred-Polydor(Australia, '75,M-/M-) $75.

ROCKPORT-Born to Be Free-New Blood(Germany, '78)-Their first two albums offer up that charmingly crude, borderline inept style of garage/psych of which many of us cannot seem to get our fill. Raw hard underground psych with a basement edge and grungy guitars. 99 copies pressed with a plain white paper sleeve for a cover on which the group name and album title are spray painted. (M/EX-,SPS,STNBC) $750.

ROCKPORT-Waiting for Love-Sound(Germany, '79)-See description of album immediately above; this is their second album; same sound, same amount pressed, same type of cover. (M/M-) $750.

ROCKPORT-Same-New Blood(Germany, '79)-Unknown third album; same amount pressed, now more polished, a heavier edge with crushing fuzz chords and blasting leads, no cover ever existed. (M) $750. 

ROCKSPURS-Getting Off-DJM(U.S., '79)-Catchy guitar-driven rock. (SS,COH) $8.

RODE MOR-Ta Hva Der er Dit-Demos(Denmark, '72)-BIZARRE. Although I can't understand the lyrics, sounds like the Scandinavian Bonzo Dog/Dr. Hook with a psychedelic flair. Has the giant poster and lyric sheet. (M-/M-,WIN) $75

RODE MOR-Linie 3-Demos(Denmark, '75)-Heavier, more guitar oriented. (M-/EX,WIS,WOC,TIBC,TOBC) $50.

ROKES-Che Mondo Strano-RCA(U.S., '68)-Superb British beat rockers. Rare U.S. release of their third Italian album, can’t believe these guys weren’t big at home. ((M-/EX+,MO,SRW,STNBC) $100 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,MO,COH,RW,XOBC) $75.

ROKES-These Were...-RCA(Italy, '77,M-/M-) $40. 


GEORGE ROMANOS-Two Small Blue Horses-Zodiac(Greece, ’70)-Divinely inspired psych masterpiece with backwards guitars, tranced vocals, guitar blasts, psych effects, and even Eastern raga bits. (M-/M-) $2000. 

I ROMANS-Gene Qui Gente La-Style(Italy, ’70)-I’m not yankin’ your chain here, but this is one killer, unknown progressive album. On the same rare little label that issued the Bad Boys beat icons. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+) $1500.

MICK RONSON-go to Records Around the World section

LINDA RONSTADT-go to Records Around the World section

ROSE GARDEN-Same-Atco(U.S., '68)-Jangly West Coast folkrock with airy, hypnotic female vocals. (SS,COH) $25.

ROSS-Pit and the Pendulum-RSO(U.S., '74)-Little known but exceptional hardrock guitarist. (SS,CON) $30.

ALAN ROSS BAND-Restless Nights-Ebony(U.K., '78)-Same guy as above. (M/M,WIN) $50.

WALTER ROSSI-One Foot in Heaven, One Foot in Hell-Image(Canada, '84)-Solo effort by former guitarist for Charlee. (M-/M-,PSTABC) $40. 

WALTER ROSSI-see Charlee, see Influence 

T. ROTH/ANOTHER PRETTY FACE-Face Facts-Reflection(U.S., '80)-Pop rock originals with nice guitar and one interesting cover of the Beatles' "She's a Woman". (M-/EX-,WSTNC) $18.

ROUGH DIAMOND-go to Records Around the World section

IL ROVESCIO DELLA MEDAGLIA-see RDM (at the top of the "R" section)

NORMIE ROWE-So Much Love from...-Sunshine(Australia, '66)-Beat/pop with a soulish bent. (EX+/EX+,STIC,SRWBC) $75.

ROXX-Get Your Roxx Off-Sit on it and Spin(U.S., '76)-Boozy barband hard rockers. (SS) $100.

ROXY-Same-Elektra(U.S., '69)-All three of these bands feature the superb axemanship and song-writing ability of Bob Segarini. (M-/EX+,WIN,SPS) $18.

(ROXY)DUDES-We're No Angels-Columbia(Canada, '75,SS,COH) $8.

(ROXY)BOB SEGARINI-Gotta Have Pop-Bomb(Canada, '78,M-/M-,WIS,WIN) $12.

(ROXY)WACKERS-Shredder-Elektra(U.S., '72,M-/M,WIN,FO,CC) $15.

ROXY MUSIC-go to Records Around the World section

ROYAL GUARDSMEN-go to Records Around the World section

ROYALS-Live-Love(Finland, '78)-Good heavy guitar progressive from Scandinavia; can't understand why their albums are not more in demand; killer 2-LP set. (SS) $200.

ROZE-Shine a Light-Vain(U.S., '82)-Seldom seen strong AOR hard rocker. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,RW,WOL) $100.

RUMPLESTILTSKIN-Same-Bell(U.S., '70)-Totally heavy effort by a group of U.K. studio musicians, killer fuzz/organ battles. (M-/EX,XOL,SPS,SRW,TIC) $40.

RUMPLESTILTSKIN-Same-Pink Elephant(Holland, '73)-Different band members to above (not one remaining member from the above line-up of musicians). The only commonalities are that both albums were produced by Shel Talmy and both line-ups are comprised of accomplished studio musicians; same style, quite scarce. (M-/M-) $200.

RUN WAY-Same-Jigu(S. Korea, '79)-Actually, title is written in Korean and unknown. Very rare prog/psych with tremeloed echoplex guitars and spooky organs all sung in native tongue. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX-) $300. 

TODD RUNDGREN-go to Records Around the World section


RUPHUS-Inner Voice-Brain(Germany, '77)-Heavy symphonic prog. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX-) $30.

RUSH-go to Records Around the World section

LEON RUSSELL-go to Records Around the World section

RUSTY-Same-private(U.K., '70)-Only known copy with mixture of heavy gutty bluesy boogie numbers and Iveys/Badfinger style popsike. Great obscure looking handmade cover with paste-on back; hand-written labels. (M-/M-) $1000.  

RUTLES-see Beatles, click here for Beatles

MITCH RYDER/DETROIT WHEELS-go to Records Around the World section


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S VREMENA NA VREME-Same-RTV(Yugoslavia, '75)-Scarce, unappreciated folkrock; scant prog leanings. (M-/EX+,FO) $140.

SRC-Same-Capitol(U.S., '68)-Irresistible heavy psych with mind-expanding, spiraling lysergic fuzz leads; luckily for all acid heads these albums sold slightly better than label mates Gandalf, Euphoria, and the second Stained Glass or these would be high-ticket items, too. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-) $135 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX+,SRW) $110.

SRC-Milestones-Capitol(U.S., '69)-Why weren't bands like this popular? (M-/M-,SIS,PH) $120.

SABRAS-Jerusalem of Gold-Tikva(U.S., '68)-Sounds ranging from folk/psych brilliance conjuring images of an Israeli Damon to what is the closest thing imaginable to a Jewish surf band; a real treat. (M-/EX+,SRW,WOBC) $500.

(SABRAS)BEZALEL/SABRAS-Same-Tikva(U.S., '69)-1/2 and 1/2 album of vocals and instrumentals from this Israeli band with loads of twangy tremelo guitar, Middle Eastern to the max. (M/M,SIS) $200.

SACRED MUSHROOM-Same-Parallax(U.S., '69)-Rare heavy blues/psych; one of the real chased-after American baby monsters. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW) $500.

SAGA-Same-Sonet(Sweden, '74)-Awesome hard progressive guitar-drenched group with former members of November. (M-/M-) $350.

SAGE-...by Sage-Illusion(U.S., '77)-Rare album of Allmans/Dregs sounds of the South; pot-smoking rural loner vibe. (SS) $250 or (M-/M-, SIS) $225

SAGE-Freeport-Illusion(U.S., '78,M/M-,SIS) $250. 

SAGE-Rock It Out-Illusion(U.S., '78)-More kickass guitar. (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,HRW) $190.

SAGE-Skyscraper-Illusion(U.S., '78,M-/M-) $225.

SAGE-Don't Look Back-Illusion(U.S., '78,M-/M,SIS) $250.

GREG SAGE-see Wipers and Beauregarde

DOUG SAHM-go to Records Around the World section

DOUG SAHM-see Freda & the Firedogs

(ENDLE ST. CLOUD)POTTER ST. CLOUD-Same-Mediarts(U.S., '70)-Light hippie folkrock. (SS,CC) $50.

ST. ELMO'S FIRE-Live at the Cleveland Agora-Corposant(U.S., '80)-Live set of heavy progressive; four long songs of blasting fuzz attacks. (SS) $175 or (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,WIS,WSTNC) $125.

JOHN ST. FIELD-Control-Movieplay(Spain, '75)-Simply the best acid folk/psych album ever. Smooth as cream vocals and superb guitar and flute parts with magical progressive moves. (M/M,FO) $900.     

CRISPIAN ST. PETERS-go to Records Around the World section

SAINT ROCK-Second Coming-CER(U.S., '84)-Christian music hard to fit into any particular musical niche; if pressed, I'd call it electric acid folk/rock; nice fuzz leads. (M/M,FO,SIS,WIS) $200.

SAINT STEVEN-Over the Hills-Probe(Canada, '70)-Great psych LP with lysergic leads and effects rivaling Morgen for hottest piece on the label. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,RWBC) $110.

ST. THOMAS PEPPER SMELTER-Soul and Pepper-Virrey(Peru, '69)-Mixture of heavy psych covers and originals; totally acid-fried and side 1 plays perfectly, (side 2 a few ticks) not a small accomplishment for this usually-butchered album. (S1 EX+,S2 EX/VG+,WOBC) $750.

SAKRE-Bizitako Gauzak-Elkar(Spain, '78)-Organ/guitar soaked heavy progressive. (M/M-,FO,WIN) $125.

SALVAJES-Lo Mejor de los...-Regal(Spain, '67)-One of the rarest and best Euro-freakbeat albums. (S1 EX,S2 EX+/VG,TOC,TIBC) $600.

MICHAEL SALVATORI-Waiting for Autumn-Nightshade(U.S., '82)-Breezy progressive in a long-song format with bombastic keyboards and ripping guitars. (M/M,SIS) $100.

SAM THE SHAM/PHARAOHS-go to Records Around the World section

SAMAIN-Vibrations of Doom-Roadrunner(Holland, '84)-Doomy metal muthas. (M/EX,TIC,SSTNC,STIBC) $35.

SAMSON-go to Records Around the World section

DON SANDERS-Extended Play-Mean 'n Low(U.S., '73)-Rural psych squall on one-sided disc (musically-blank side has beautiful etched artwork surrounding the geographical image of the great state of Texas). Plain white cover stamped with the album title and die-cut to expose the label. (EX+/EX-,WIS, STNC,RW) $30.


SANDROSE-see Supra Pop Impressions 

SANDY COAST-And Their Name Is...-Marble Arch(Holland, '67)-Jangly folkrock to beat, this disc plays flawlessly. (EX+/FC M-,BC EX,RWBC) $250.

SANDY COAST-Stone Wall-Polydor(U.K., '73,M-/EX) $100.

SANDY COAST-Subjects of Our Thoughts-Kux(Holland, '07)-Recent 16-song comp of their beat-era tunes issued in 10-inch format. (M-/M-) $30.

SANTANA-go to Records Around the World section

SANTERS-Shot Down in Flames-Ready(Canada, '81)-Rarest by this heavy rockin' band. (SS) $30.

SANTORO II-Land of the Pharao!-ANS(Holland, '81)-Instrumental album with a garage/surf twang to Middle Eastern edge. (M-/M-) $30.

SANULLIM-1-SRB(S. Korea, '77)-Masterpiece, rarest first album; a real fuzz-fest. (M-/VG++) $250.

SANULLIM-2-SRB(S. Korea, '78)-Devastating garage/psych (how strange using that term for a 1978 release, but this sounds 12 years earlier) with swirling organ and zither wah-wah fuzz guitar. (M-/EX+) $100 or (S1 M-,S2 EX/VG++,STNC) $60.

SANULLIM-3-SRB(S. Korea, '78)-More of the same but has an amazing side-long fuzz-phased jammer. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX+,BC M-) $100 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX+,BC EX) $90.

SANULLIM-4-SRB(S. Korea, '79,EX/VG+,TIC,TOC,SRW) $40.

SANULLIM-5-SRB(S. Korea, '79,M-/M-) $125.

SARCOFAGUS-Cycle of Life-JP(Finland, '80)-Scarce heavy psych. (M-/M-) $75.

RICK SAUCEDO-Heaven Was Blue-Reality(U.S., '74)-Magical folk/psych with long tracks, altered-state-of-consciousness wispy vocals, and acid guitar leads, some 12-string, some backwards bits. (M-/EX,SRW) $1400.

SAUTERELLES-Same-Columbia(Switzerland, '66)-Total rave-up beat with some folkrock throw in. The disc is in super condition; so hard to find anywhere near this clean. (M-/EX,SRW) $1000.

SAVAGE RESURRECTION-Same-Mercury(U.S., '68)-Only recently getting its long awaited just recognition, magnificent heavy wah-wah fuzz guitar psych masterpiece. (M-/M-,COH) $350 or (M-/EX,SPS,COH,RW) $250.

JULIAN JAY SAVARIN-see Julian's Treatment

SAVOY BROWN-see Sweet Pain

SAVOY BROWN-go to Records Around the World section

PHIL SAWYER-Childhood's End-Sweet Peach(Australia, '74)-The only other album I know of on this label besides (and just as rare as) Extradition. Amazing acid folk/psych with spaced, phased vocals and unbelievable fuzz, phased guitar. A must for anyone into this kind of music. (M-/EX+) $1250.

SKY SAXON-go to Records Around the World section

SAXONS-Meet the...-Ace of Clubs(New Zealand, '64)-Strong early U.K. beat band. (M-/M-,MO) $300.

SCAFFOLD-see Mike McGear under Beatles

UVE SCHIKORA-Das Gewitter-Amiga(East Germany, '73)-A couple of dud tracks but, for the most part, excellent melodic progressive. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX-,BC EX,TIC,STAL) $250.

SCHLOSS-Same-Oasis(U.S., '75)-Hard rockin' power trio with some excellent axe work. (SS,CC) $40.


BRINSLEY SCHWARZ-go to Records Around the World section


SCORPIONS-Hello Josephine-Polydor(Germany, '65)-Prolific Brit beat band released in Germany with the rare locomotive cover. (EX/M-) $225.

SCORPIONS-Sweet and Lovely-CNR(Holland, '65,M-/EX+,MO,TOC) $300.

SCORPIONS('70'sGerman band)-go to Records Around the World section

SCOTLAND-Money May Help-TSB(Germany, '85)-Awesome hardrock with brutal guitar soli. (M-/M-) $125.

SCRAMBLED EGGS-Different Times-private(Switzerland, '81)-Versatile Swiss band with sounds bordering on reggae to boogie/rural/folk blues. (M-/M-,WIN) $50 (M-/M-) $40.

SCRATCH BAND-Same-Big Sound(U.S., '77)-Ace guitar cooker featuring G.E. Smith of Saturday Night Live fame and femme vocals that rocket into the stratosphere. (SS) $50.

EARL SCRUGGS REVUE-go to Records Around the World section

SEA STONE-Mirrored Dreams-Plankton(U.K., '78)-Totally disappeared micro-press of guitar driven prog/psych. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-,WIN) $260.

SEARCHERS-go to Records Around the World section

OSH SEBROW-Angels Are Falling-Osty Music(U.S., '82)-Scarce private press of '60's style folk/rock. (M/M-,SIS,WIN) $75.

SECOND LIFE-Same-Metronome (Germany, '71)-Underground heavy progressive; this cover usually has massive lamination separation, but on this copy it is at a minimum. (M-/EX+) $400.

SECOND LIFE-Who Cares...-Fleet(Holland, '81)-Good straight heavy rock, no relation to the German band. (M-/M-) $50.

SECRET SYDE-Hidden Secrets-Mutha(U.S., '83)-Scarce acid guitar rock. (M-/EX+) $250.

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SELAH-Sweet William of the West-private(U.S., '72)-Rare private press folk/psych in appropriately obscure looking paste-on cover. (M-/FC VG+,BC EX-,SPS,STNC,SRW,,WOC) $600.

SELMI'S-Beginning-Fidsound(France, '73)-Hard guitar psych trio with the Hendrix sound totally nailed down; wild wah-wah fuzz leads from start to finish. (M-/EX,SRWBC,TIBC) $1000.

SELMI'S-see Fremont's Group

SERENITY-Piece of Mind-Down Under(New Zealand, '72)-Pinnacle realms of electric acid folk/rock; beautifully written songs with electric leads spinning webs of intricate soundscapes and gentle vocals weaving hallucinogenic tapestries. Fragile, die-cut cover is in nice shape. (M-/EX+,FO,TOBC,TIC) $1250.

SERPENT POWER-see Tina Meltzer

1776-Same-Palladium(U.S., '71)-Scarce hard AOR with a rural lean. (M/M,SIS) $90.

SEX-Same-Trans-Canada(Canada, '71)-Blazing hardrock/psych. (M-/M-,COH) $300.

SEX-The End of My Life-Trans-Canada(Canada, '72)-Second and final album by hard psych threesome; a jazzier feel than their first but still there's that scorching guitar. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+,WIN,SRWBC) $225.

SFINX-Zalmoxe-Electrecord(Romania, '79)-Nice progressive album with folky bits; guitars and synthesizers abound. (M-/EX+) $100.

SHADOW FOX-Same-private(U.S., '82)-Practiced in the trailer parks of Illinois then sky-rocketed to fame playing before throngs of up to 75 drunken, puking fans in the local suds salons; this is maxed-out guitar barroom swagger rock. (M/M) $50.

SHADOW MANN-Come Live with Me-Tomorrow's Productions(U.S., '72)-Certainly not the multi-hundred dollar album it was hyped to be a decade ago, but worth the price of admission for the wah-wah and fuzz leads in the title track and "You Gotta Be Me". (SS) $100.

SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-Same-Super K(U.S., '69)-Top-five all-time garage/punk band's final album evolving into garage/psych. (SS,COH) $200 or (M-/M-) $150 or (M-/FC EX,BC M-,RW) $110.

SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-go to Records Around the World section for more listings

SHADRACK-Chameleon-IGL(U.S., '71)-Magical psychedelic folk, thoughtfully woven tunes around jangly and fuzz guitars. (M/M,SIS) $1000. 

SHAFTSBURY-We Are the Boys-OK(U.K., '81,M/M-) $75.

LOS SHAINS-Segundo Volumen-Lider(Peru, '67)-Rare garage/beat with tremelo and distorted fuzz guitar and rugged vocals. (EX+/EX+,MO,STNBC) $500.

LOS SHAKERS-Same-Odeon(Argentina, '66)-Rare first album from one of the top five beat bands ever; the So. American Beatles. Simply put, THEY ARE the best beat band to come out of So. America. This band is from Uruguay, but most of their albums to surface have come from Argentina. (EX+/VG+,MO,TIC,TSTNBC) $300.

LOS SHAKERS-Same-Odeon(Venezuela, '66)-Same album as the above self-titled Argentinian issue, plays perfectly. (EX+/FC EX+,BC EX,MO,TIBC,STABC) $375.

LOS SHAKERS-En el Estudio Otra Vez-Parlophone(Argentina, '71)-This copy comes with a promo-only non-LP single from 1967 which is M-. (S1 M-,S2 EX/EX+,STIC) $250.

LOS SHAKERS-La Vigencia de...-EMI(Argentina, '75)-"Best of" compilation. (M-/EX-,RW,SPS,STIC,TIBC) $90.

LOS SHAKERS-Otroshakers-Sazam(Argentina, '81,S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-) $75.

LOS SHAKERS-Grandes Exitos-EMI(Argentina, '86,M/M,MO) $75.

SHAMROCK-Same-Blake Co.(U.S., '77)-Instrumental guitar/sax jammer; long tracks with some mindbending episodes. (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,WOC,HRW) $30.

SHANES-The Best of...-Odeon(Germany, '67)-German-only comp of great Swedish beat group. (M-/M-,COH) $100.  

DEL SHANNON-The Further Adventures of Charles Westover-Liberty(U.K., '68)-Freakin' rare Brit press of below described album. Different cover from the U.S. issue. (M-/M-) $300.

DEL SHANNON-The Further Adventures of Charles Westover-Liberty(U.S., '68)-Early '60's falsetto rocker trips into the world of Pepperish psychedelia and Eastern influences. (SS) $250 or (M-/EX+,SPS) $140.

SHARKEY-Signposts-Fireworks Discorporation(U.S., '75)-Breezy rural West Coast psych jammer with totally smokin' guitar parts. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,WIN,RWBC) $500.

SHARKS-see Spedding, Chris

JOHN E. SHARPE/SQUIRES-Maybelline-CBS(S. Africa, '66)-Screamin' garage freakbeat. This is a white label test pressing with catalog number, artist, and title hand-written on the labels and is housed in a plain white flip-back cover indicating the cover is probably the one that originally came with this disc. Included are photo-copies of the front and back stock copy cover. (M-,MO) $500.

SHEEP-Same-Myrrh Gold(U.K., '73)-Getting scarce price-rising Christian guitar rocker. (M-/M-,WIN) $150. 

PHYL SHERIDAN-Simple Things-Morning Glory(U.S., '75)-A man and his guitar; songs about the simple pleasures; too sappy for me. (M-/M-) $20.

SHERIDAN & RICK PRICE-go to Records Around the World section

BRUSH SHIELS-Same-Hawk(Ireland, '77)-Rural rock with some fine harmonica and slide guitar. (M-/EX,STIBC,SRW) $50.

SHIN JUNG HYUN/YUP JUNS-Same-Jigu(S. Korea, '74)-Garage/psych sounding 6-7 years earlier; cool fuzz interventions. Eastern influences--what am I saying, these guys are Eastern. (M-/M-) $400 or (EX+/VG++,HRW,TSTNC,WOBC,TIBC) $200.

LOS SHIPPYS-Te Amo-Discos Torre(U.S., '68)-U.S. Capitol press export to Mexico of more than competent beat cover band do- ing among others "Your Mother Should Know", "GreenTambourine", "I Love You", and "It's Only Love". (M/M,SIS) $100

SHIVA-Firedance-Heavy Metal(U.K., '82)-N.W.O.B.H.M. rarity. (M/M-) $40 or (M-/M-,WIS) $38.

SHIVA'S HEADBAND-Coming to a Head-Armadillo(U.S., '69)-Legendary Texas hippie psych, rarely ever seen. (M-/EX,TIC,STNC) $400.

SHIVER-see Deaf

SHOCKING BLUE-Beat with Us-Karussell(Germany, '67)-Very rare beat album, their first and without Mariska Veres; post-Motions. (M-/M-) $400.

SHOCKING BLUE-Same-Pink Elephant(Holland, '71,S1 EX,S2 EX+/M-) $90.

SHOCKING BLUE-Sensational-Discofoon(Holland, '73,M-/M-) $75 or (M-/EX+,STNBC)-$60.

SHOCKING BLUE-Fantastic-Polydor(Germany, '73,SS) $50.

SHOCKING BLUE-Dream on Dreamer-Polydor(Germany, '73)-Shrink wrap is split at 90% of opening but still sealed at the very top and very bottom making it impossible for the record to have ever been removed from the cover. (SS) $90.

SHOCKING BLUE-Greatest Hits-Mercury(Greece, '81)-For the Shocking Blue completists, this obscure Greek issue to my knowledge is the only source for their version of "Tell it Like it Is". (M-/EX+,TIBC) $125.

SHOCKING BLUE-go to Records Around the World section for more listings

SHOES-One in Versailles-private(U.S., '75)-Highly regarded melodic power pop and impossibly rare; only 100 pressed. Info update; recently I've heard between 300 and 500 pressed, so who knows. Still mighty rare. (M-/M,SIS,WIN) $800. 

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SHORE OF EVENING-Same-Blood(U.S., '85)-Metal looking cover(warrior and naked chick)and label name, but in reality a quality melodic hard rocker with some very tasteful guitar. (SS) $150.

SHOUTERS-Beat Party-Eurocord(Germany, '66)-Quality garage/beat cover band. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,STNBC) $250

SHOWCASEMEN-Live at Mickeys Back Door-Showspin(U.S., '72)-The loungiest of all the lounge acts doing the theme from "Cabaret" along with a '50's and Beatles medley. You must see them in their matching plaid suits. (M-/M-,SIS) $30.

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LOS SICODELICOS-Sicodelirium-Orpal(Chile, '67)-Rare garage/beat with jangly guitars and mournful angst-filled vocals sung in English; half are cool originals like the raucus "I'm a Beast" and half covers like "For Your Love" and "Hi Ho, Silver Lining"; plays virtually perfect. (EX-/EX,MO,STNC) $200.

SIEGEL-SCHWALL BAND-Same-Wooden Nickel(U.S., '72)-Cool rural blues. (M/EX,FO,RW) $15.

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SILK N SATIN-Request-Grand Illusion(U.S., '81)-Oddball TX private with a couple of pretty good originals, goofy covers like "Lion Sleeps Tonight" and the Texas dance anthem "Cotton Eyed Joe(bullshit)", but then a couple of killer covers of Santana's "Europa" and 7:36 minutes of J.J. Cale's "Cocaine". For anyone into wonderfully schmaltzy covers. (M-/M-) $50 or  (EX/EX,SPS) $30.

SILVER-Children of the Lord-Grammi Fonics(U.S., '75)-Heavy progressive demo-only release featuring gushing organ and psyched leads. Comes in the original die-cut "advance reviewer" stamped cover. (M-/M-) $200 or (S1 EX+,S2 EX/VG+,RW,SSTNC,SPS,STAC) $100.  

SILVER APPLES-Contact-Kapp(U.S., '69)-Rare chance to grab a copy by these crazed synth innovators. (M-/EX,RW,SPS) $150.

SILVER METRE-see Blue Cheer

JEFF SIMMONS-Naked Angels(soundtrack)-Straight(U.S., '69,M-/EX,FO,CC,TIC,RW) $200.

JEFF SIMMONS-Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up-Straight(U.S., '69)-Wacked hard blues guitar psych; what else would one expect of a  protege and former leader of the West Coast psych band Easy Chair? (M/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,SRWBC) $175.

JEFF SIMMONS-see Easy Chair

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SIMONES-Enchanted Forest-Purple Phrogg(U.S., '94)-Original press of his second album limited to 350 pieces; one of the top 5 guitar/psych albums of the '90's; a freakin' masterpiece. Great color-tinted die-cut cover ala Fraction; these babies are long gone. (M/M-,FO,SIS) $400.

SINNERS-Sinerisme-Rusticana(Canada, '66)-This is their great one of killer fuzz punk with stinging guitar leads and 4 of the 10 songs sung in English. (M-/M-,MO,COH,TSTNL) $400.

SINNERS-Sinnerismes-Jupiter(Canada, '67,M-/M-,MO) $250 or (S1 EX,S2 M-/EX+,MO,SRW) $200.

SINNERS-?-Chelsea(U.S., '75)-Same band as above but in a more mass-appeal direction; pretty much middle-of-the-road rock with a couple of heavy fuzz guitar pieces. (M-/EX,WLP,CON,SRW) $15 or (S1 EX+,S2,M-/VG+,PSTIC,HRW) $10. 

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SIR HENRY/HIS BUTLERS-Camp-Columbia(Germany, '66)-Danish beat band mostly known for the insipid single used to title this album. The rest is real killer stuff. (EX+/EX+) $90.

SIR LORD BALTIMORE-Same-Mercury(Holland, '71)-Second album by super heavy fuzz-chord trio with piercing leads, earthquake bass, and buffalo-stampede percussion; totally unique Dutch-only cover. (M-/EX,TIC,SRWBC) $150.

SIRIUS-see Bubble Puppy

THE '69ERS-...Album-DuMonde(Australia, '71)-Good-timey sounds like being in a 1930's music hall. (M-/EX-,RW,TIC) $30.

SKATIN'-Takin' Time to Listen-Sound Trax(U.S., '78)-Rural Poco types. (M-/EX-,SSTNC,RW) $25.

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SKIN ALLEY-Two Quid Deal-Stax(U.S., '73)-Raunchy wasted bar rockers in a party-till-dawn zone or until their fret fingers bleed, connections to the U.K. band Andromeda. (SS) $90 or (M/M-) $75.

SKIN ALLEY-Skin Tight-Daffodil(Canada, '73)-Same cover as U.K. release. (SS) $80 or (M-/M-,COH) $60 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX-,RW) $25.

SKIN ALLEY-Skin Tight-Stax(U.S., '74,M-/M-,COH) $60.

(SKIP BIFFERTY)BELL & ARC-Same-Charisma(U.K., '71,M-/EX,FO,PSTAC,TIBC) $90 or (S1 EX,S2 M-/EX-,TIC,RW, in U.S. cover) $25.

(SKIP BIFFERTY)BELL & ARC-Same-Columbia(U.S., '71,SS,CC) $30.

SKIP/CREATIONS-Mobam-Justice(U.S., '66)-Excellent garage cover band. As with most of the copies you will see, has the photocopied cover slicks. (M/M-,MO) $250.

SKORPIO-Unnepnap-Pepita(Hungary, '76)-Eastern European heavy prog LP. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,TIBC) $40.

SKRYVANIA-Same-D.M.R.(Belgium, '78)-Only 200 pressed of this loud symphonic prog guitar monster so it was a mega-rarity the day it left the factory. The ultra-fragile cover is in unheard-of M- condition. The usual poor vinyl used in the pressing of most of these Euro-privates yields the expected background noise in the softer parts (there is even a short repetitive click on side one), but the disc appears to have been played no more than a dozen times. Also, more good news is that there are only a very few softer parts to this killer crushing progressive album. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-) $1800.

SKUNKS-Gettin' Started-Teen Town(U.S., '68)-Teen poprock; amazingly evolved into the Corporation. (SS) $100 or (M-/M-) $85.

SKUNKS-see Corporation

SKUNKS-Same-Republic(U.S., '82)-Guitar centered new wave from deep in the heart of Texas; killer version of Yardbirds' "For Your Love" plus well-crafted originals. (M/M-) $75 or (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SPS) $50.

SKY-Same-RCA(U.S., '70)-Good Faces-style rockers with a rural lean, pre-Knack. (SS,WIN,CON) $150.

PATRICK SKY-A Harvest of Gentle Clang-Vanguard(U.K., '69)-Nice laminated cover U.K. press by Delta blues white boy with appropriate (minor) assistance from Mississippi John Hurt. (M-/M-) $50.

SKYBAND-Same-RCA(U.S., '75)-Harder edged AOR band who, on the cover, look like they just stepped out of a Las Vegas chorus line. (SS,CON) $10.

SKYEROS-Same-private(U.S., '75)-Rare rural prog/psych private. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,RW,SSTNBC) $500.

SKYWALKER-Made in Flight-Phax(U.S., '82)-Kick ass hardrock private; one of the '80's best and really rare. Has a small heat warp only barely noticeable on side 2. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,SRW,CC) $100.

SLACK ALICE-Same-Philips(U.K., '74)-Gritty pub rocker with ace guitar slinger and down 'n' dirty female screamer. Been told group name refers to slang for a lose, over-used part of the female anatomy. (M-/M-) $50.

PAUL SLADE-Life of a Man-Epic(U.S., '72)-Loosely done concept piece in a Harry Chapin style. (M-/EX-,DJTS,TIC,SRW,WOC,STIBC) $12 or (S1 EX,S2 M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,RW,SSTNC) $10.

SLAM CREEPERS-Dedicated to Sweet Ruth-Bill(Sweden, '68)-Excellent R'n'B/beat band with flower power leanings. (M-/EX+) $100 or (S1 EX+,S2 EX-/EX-,TOC, XOBC,SSTNC) $70.

GRACE SLICK-go to Records Around the World section

SLIGHTEST IDEA-Bring Your Own-Pit(U.S., '73)-Low-fi garage band covering songs usually thought of as hard rockers. (M/M, SIS) $200 (SOLD) or (M-/M-) $175 (SOLD)

SMAK-Black Lady-Music-box(Greece, '79)-Greek release by Yugoslav heavy progressive band; I think this is their fifth album. Their guitarist R.M. Tocak is one of Eastern Europe's best. (M-/EX-,RW,STIBC) $75.


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SMASH-Vanguardia y Pureza de Flamenco-Chapa(Spain, '78)-Split album with one side being Smash at their best; the other side by flamenco guitarist Agujetas. (M-/EX+,FO) $150.

BOB SMITH-The Visit-Kent(U.S., '69)-Psychedelic 2-LP set with phased vox and fuzz guitar all over; PERFECT COPY. Contains the rare cosmic poster. (M/M/M,FO,WIN) $800.

JOHN SMITH/NEW SOUND-Rock 'n' Roll Party-Mode(France, '68)-Ditto as described below. (M-/EX+,STIC,SRWBC,XOL) $100.

JOHN SMITH/NEW SOUND-Rock 'n' Roll Again...-Pop(Germany, '68)-Killer soulful R'n'B/beat album. (EX/FC EX,BC EX-,RWBC,STNBC) $40

TIGER B. SMITH-see Tiger B. Smith in the "T" section

SMITHFIELD FREEMAN-see Freeman, Smithfield

SMOKE HOUSE BAND-Same-Box(U.S., '78)-Good timin' rural tunes and rag time sounds; originals and covers of three Beatles songs and "Down by the River". (M-/FC EX-BC EX,SRW,WSTNC,SSTNC) $25.

SMOKE RISE-The Survival of St. Joan-Paramount(U.S., '71)-West Coast progressive hardrock/poprock concept double LP set about Joan of Arc. (SS,FO,CON) $60.

SMOKESTACK LIGHTNING-Don't Nobody Know-EMS(Australia, '74)-True Oz rarity here; tremendous Savoy Brown/Mayall Bluebreakers-styled blues/rock with blistering leads and Wailing harp. (M/FC EX+,BC EX,TOC,RWBC) $225 or (M-/FC EX,BC EX-,STIBC,RWBC) $200.

SMOKEY-Same-MCA(U.S., '75)-Mild to heavier mostly straight rock with some tasty psych touches. (SS,COH) $25.

SMOKIN' WILLIE-Same-private(U.S., '69)-Handful of known copies (probably less than 10) of this primitive hard psych trio; neanderthal fuzz guitar riffing and vocals like a caveman hinged within the jaws of a T-rex (we all know this is a geological impossibility). (M/M,SIS) $1000.

SMUBBS-This Is the End of the Night!-Monument(U.S., '69)-Shamefully overlooked rural (not country) fuzz psych. (SS) $75.

SMYLE-Same-Columbia(Canada, '71)-From the impressive stable of artists compiled by CBS Canada in the late '60's early '70's comes this overlooked rural progressive LP. Fine guitar and vocals; lost amongst the giants of Souls of Inspyration, It's All Meat, and Jarvis St. Revue. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,COH,SRW,SSTNC) $160.

SNAKE IN THE GRASS-Hot und Sweet mit Beat-Opp(Germany, '69)-Obscure perky beat/popsike piece. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC) $90.

SNEAKERS-In the Red-Car(U.S., '78)-Guitar oriented wave rock led by the now legendary Chris Stamey. (SS) $100.

SNIPS-Video King-Jet(U.K., '78)-More good guitar based new wave on blue vinyl. (M/EX,WIS,RW) $20.

SIGMUND SNOPEK III-Virginia Wolf-Water Street(U.S., '72,M-/M-) $250.

SO IT GOES-Same-private(U.S., '73)-Obscure mix of folk/psych and hardrock with catchy hooks, stoned groove, and stinging guitar parts. (SS) $250 or (M-/EX,WIN,SRW,WOC) $175.

SO WHAT-Same-Muza(Poland, '69)-Mostly original songs sung in English (amazing extended cover of "Gimme Some Lovin") running the gamut from garage/beat, to strong popsike, to Scottish folk, and a little West Coast rural vibe; lotsa nice fuzz guitar injections. (EX-/VG++,WOC,STIC) $175.

SOCRATES-On the Wings-P.I.(U.S., '73)-Fantastic heavy psych sung in English with fuzz guitar on almost every groove. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,COH,SPS) $300.

SOCRATES-Waiting for Something-Minos(Greece, '80)-Complex symphonic heavy prog; still the killer guitar. (M-/EX+,FO,WOBC) $175.

SOCRATES-Breaking Through-Minos(Greece, '81,M-/M-) $175. 

SOCRATES-Plaza-Virgin(Greece, '83,M-/M-,WIS) $90 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC EX,BC EX+,COH,SSTNC,TIC) $60.

SOFT MACHINE-Same-Probe(U.S., '68)-Rare gimmix wheel cover. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX,BC EX+,FO,COH,SRW,TIC) $150.

SOFT SHOE-For Those Alone-Aardvark(U.K., '78)-Shamefully overlooked or just simply unknown late '70's British psych private with soaring guitar leads. (M/FC M-,BC EX,WIN) $600.

SOM IMAGINARIO-Same-Odeon(Brazil, '70)-First album. (M-/M-) $400.

SOM IMAGINARIO-Same-Odeon(Brazil, '71)-Second album from one of the two best heavy progressive/psych bands from this large musically underrepresented country; cookin', fuzzy leads, wasted groove. The first copy listed comes in either a rare alternate or promo only cover. (M-/EX+,PSTAL,SRW) $350 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX,BC M-,STIC,TIC,STAL) $250.

SOM IMAGINARIO-Matanca Do Porco-Odeon(Brazil, '73)-Third and last. (M-/EX,TIC,SRW) $125.

BERT SOMMER-Inside...-Eleuthera(U.S., '68)-Basically your typical singer-songwriter style but with full band production on about 60% of the songs. (SS,FO) $35 or (S1 M-,S2 EX-/EX-,COH,PSTIC,HRW) $10.

SONG GOL MEH-Same-Jigu(S. Korea, '79)-Super rare first album. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-) $500.

SONG GOL MEH-Same-Jigu(S. Korea, '82)-In this their second album, the first song is what I believe to be their throw-away attempt at whatever passes for top 40 airplay in Korea. Then the fun begins; this is a truly hardrock/psych feast with wah-wah fuzz firing from all angles, some prog and folk/psych elements. Rare never before offered jewel from this far away land. (M-/EX,WIN) $350 or (M-/EX,WIN,SPS) $350.

SONICS-Original Northwest Punk-First American(U.S., '77)-Same as "Introducing" album on Jerden. (SS) $25 or (M-/EX) $18.

SONICS-Unreleased-First American(U.S., '80,M/M) $25.

SONICS-Sinderella-Bomp(U.S., '80)-Reunion album. (SS) $15 or (M-/VG+,TIC,SPS) $8.

SOPWITH CAMEL-go to Records Around the World section

SORCERY-Sinister Soldiers-Century(U.S., '78)-Dare I go out on a limb and describe this as the heaviest, most hard rocking album ever. Well I'm sure it is, at least in the 2-LP set private press category; long tracks, mind-frying guitar, outta control rhythm section. Absolute original (no counterfeit here), ask for description and verification. (M-/M-/EX,FO,SPS) $1250.

SORCERY-Stuntrock-Groovy(Holland, '78,M/M,FO) $125.

SOUL SURVIVORS-go to Records Around the World section

SOULS OF INSPYRATION-Same-Columbia(Canada, '72)-Rare guitar/keyboard progressive/psych group sometimes sounding like Procol Harum. (M-/M,SIS) $700 or (M-/M-) $650.

SOUND BARRIER-Total Control-MCA(U.S., '83)-Four black guys doing an incredible brand of hardrock. (SS,CON) $15.

SOUND CEREMONY-Precious as England-Celestial Sound(France, '81)-Demented, stoned British acid psych; weird one here. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,TIBC) $75.


SOUNDTRACK-"The Minx"-see Cyrkle

SOUNDTRACK-"Naked Angels"-see Jeff Simmons

SOUTH 40-Live at Someplace Else-Metrobeat(U.S., '68)-Garage/psych, mix of covers and originals; pre-Crow. (SS) $125.

SOUTH PAW-Same-Bad Man(U.S., '80)-Southern barroom boogie sounds. (SS) $200.

J. D. SOUTHER-go to Records Around the World section

SOUTHWEST F.O.B.-Smell of Incense-Hip(U.S., '69)-Getting scarce ethereal garage/popsike in a real mystical groove. (M-/M-) $125 or (M-/EX+,SRW) $90.

SOUTHWIND-What a Place to Land-Blue Thumb(U.S., '70,M-/EX,FO,PL,PSTIC,RW) $12.

SPACE-Music to the People-Hand(U.S., '69)-Issued on poorly distributed Capitol sub-label this album may never have been released commercially. One side has two long Latin acid/psych tracks with swirling organ and fuzz leads while the other side has a shorter song popsike format. (M-/FC EX,BC M-,PSTABC,PL) $150 or (M-/FC VG+,BC EX,STAC,HRW,PL,WOBC,SPS) $120.

SPACE BAND-Same-Eastern(U.S., '84)-Privately pressed hardrocker with polished, well-written songs and a bit of a psych edge on the perimeter. (SS) $100 or (M-/M,SIS) $90.

SPACE FARM-Going Home to Eternity-Zodiac(New Zealand, '72)-Leads inspired by Jimi Hendrix, lyrics inspired by Timothy Leary. (M-/M-) $1500.

SPACIOUS MIND-Garden of a Well Fed Head-Lone Starfighter(U.S., '96)-Limited press of 600 melodic drifting floating ebbing flowing Texas acid psych in nifty die-cut cover. (M/M,FO) $50.

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SPARE CHANGE BAND-Same-Tribute(U.S., '77)-Three former members of Tea Company venture forth into the realm of bluesy garage folk/psych. (M/M,SIS) $550 or (M-/EX,WSTNC) $375.

LES SPARKLES-Same-private(France, '69)-Exotic instrumental exploitation psych; relies mainly on flute, harpsichord, and stinging fuzz guitar leads. (M-/EX,XOC,SRW,WOBC) $300.

SPARKLINGS-...and the Sparklings-Kritos(Holland, '67)-Near the top of the Dutch beat heap. Cool version of the Electric Prunes' "Get Me to the World on Time". Exceptional condition and seldom offered. (EX+/FC EX+,BC EX,WOBC,SRWBC,SSTNL) $250.

SPARKS-A Woofer in Tweeter's Clothing-Bearsville(U.S., '72,SS,CON) $75.

SPARKS-Indiscreet-Island(U.S., '75,SS,FO,CC) $25.

SPARKS-No. 1 in Heaven-Virgin(U.K., '79,M/M,WIS,yellow wax) $40.

SPARROW-Same-Columbia(Canada, '70)-John Kay-led stepping stone to Steppenwolf. (S1 EX,S2 M-/EX+,SRW,STABC) $65.

SPARROW-Same-Columbia(U.S., '70)-Pre-Steppenwolf blues/psych. (M-/EX+,SRW,CC) $100.

SPARROW-Hatching Out-Spark(U.S., '73)-Unknown or underestimated U.K. band of two males and two females plus backing musicians with good songs, good instrumentation, and good vocals. (M-/EX-,PL,SPS,SRW,TIBC) $25 or (S1 M-,S2 EX/VG,PL,FSPS,TOC,RW) $15.

SPEAKERS-La Casa del Sol Naciente-Bambuco(Columbia, '66)-Their second album and killer garage/beat. (S1 EX+,S2 EX-/EX,FO,MO, STIC,WOBC,WOL,STNBC,STIL) $400.

SPEAKERS-En el Maravilloso Mundo de Ingeson-Polydor(Mexico, '69)-After 4 dynamite beat albums, their one foray into totally twisted psychedelia. Rare Mexican pressing of this Columbian group. Has the insert booklet completely intact. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-,FO,WIN) $1500.

SPECTRUM-Geracao Bendita-Todamerica(Brazil, '71)-Impossibly rare psych soundtrack to South American movie titled in this album. (EX-/EX-, TOC,SPS,STNBC) $2000. 

(CHRIS SPEDDING)SHARKS-Jab it in Yore Eye-MCA(U.S., '74,SS,CC) $15 or (M-/M-,CC) $10.

SPEED, GLUE & SHINKI-see Golden Cups

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SPHINX-Burning Lights-Mausoleum(Switzerland, '85)-Quality hardrock in striking nude fantasy cover. (M-/M-) $30.

SPIDERS-'69-Philips(Japan, '69)-Seventh album by these Japanese garage icons; beat/blues/soft rock. (M-/M-,FO,WIN) $200.

SPIDERS-Back-RCA(Mexico, '70)-Raw hard psych, gutsy English vocals, nasty fuzz intrusions, and swirling omni-present organ. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-,SPS) $450.

SPIDERS-Back-RCA(Mexico, '85)-Fifteen year later repress of above album. (M-/EX,SRW,SPS) $150.

SPIDERS-Nuevas Rutas en Sonido-RCA(Mexico, '73)-Not quite as good as their killer first LP, but this second folkrock/psych effort doesn't fall too far short. And this little sonuva gun's really rare. (EX/EX,RW,XOBC,PSTAL) $350.

SPIFFYS-Same-private(U.S., '67,EX/FC M-,BC EX,MO,STNBC) $250.

SPIFFYS-1968-private(U.S., '68)-Five garage/frat rockers who moonlight as U.S. Naval Academy cadets, or would it be the other way around? Whichever, smokin' versions of "Light My Fire", "The Letter", "99 1/2", etc. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC EX,BC EX+,SRW,SPS) $300.

SPILVERK PJADANNA-Same-private(Iceland, '75)-Gentle Icelandic folk/psych. (EX/EX,STNC) $250.

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SPIRITS & WORM-Same-A&M(U.S., '69)-Fabulous West Coast psych, and one of the rarest major label albums around. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,STABC) $1200.

SPLITCROW-Rockstorm-Guardian(U.K., '84)-Excellent heavy blues/rock. (M-/M-) $50.

SPOKESMEN-The Dawn of Correction-Decca(U.S., '65)-Cool folkrock band known primarily for the title cut answer to "Eve of Destruction". (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+,SIS,MO,WOC) $40.

SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION-Same-Harvest(U.K., '72)-Heavy progressive; scarce British press. Has one skip for unknown reasons, otherwise... (M-/M-,FO,STIL,STIC) $250.


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SPOT-Same-Evasion(France, '71)-Heavy progressive Swiss ultra-rarity with a maniac on guitar. (M-/M-,FO) $1200. 

SPOTS-Beat Beat Beat-Europa(Germany, '67)-Good beat rocker featuring, I believe, all original numbers. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SIS) $150.

SPREADEAGLE-The Piece of Paper-Famous Charisma(U.S., '72)-Rarest release on this label in the states, heavy rural long-song dual-guitar progressive, well-crafted tunes. (M/M-,PH,PL) $75.

SPRING-Same-U.A.(U.S., '72)-Beach Boys' wives. (SS,FO,CC) $100.


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SPUR-Spur of the Moment-Cinema(U.S, '69)-Musically ranging from Byrdsy "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" to folkrock with beautiful fuzz leads to a '50's medley. (SS) $300 or (M-/M-)-$250.

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STACCATOS-Initially-Capitol(Canada, '65)-Excellent jangly beat album of mostly originals. (EX+/EX+,MO,TIC) $175.

STACCATOS/GUESS WHO-A Wild Pair-Nimbus(Canada, '68)-Very scarce 50-50 split album by these two great bands. (M-/M,SIS) $200 or (S1 EX+,S2 EX/FC EX,BC EX+,RW,SPS) $80.

STACK-Above All-Charisma(U.S., '69)-Out of California comes one of earliest truly brilliant heavy psych rarities, dosed-up guitar all over these grooves. (M-/M-,SIS) $7500.  

STACKRIDGE-Pinafore Days-Sire(U.S., '74)-Baroque progressive/folk. (SS,FO,CON) $20.

STACKRIDGE-Extravaganza-Sire(U.S., '75,SS,FO,CON) $20.

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STAINED GLASS-Aurora-Capitol(U.S., '69)-West Coast rural folk/psych finally getting some much deserved attention; much rarer second offering. (M-/FC EX,BC M-,RW) $250 or (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,COH,HRW,WSTNBC) $215.

STAMATIS SPANOUDAKIS-Maran Atha-Seagull(Greece, '77)-Lovely instrumental folk/psych/progressive from former members of Aphrodite's Child. (M-/M-,WIN) $150.

STAMPEDERS-Hit the Road-Quality(U.S., '76)-A tad less heavy BTO types. (SS,CON) $10.

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MICHAEL STANLEY BAND-Ladies' Choice-Epic(U.S., '76)-Good breezy West Coast rock with some nice hard rockers throw in; not rare but good. Hey people, I'm not saying this is one of them, but there are $10 albums out there as good or better than the $500 ones. (SS) $10.

STARCASTLE-Same-Epic(U.S., '76)-All four of their albums contain some of the best U.S. symphonic prog ever made. (SS) $18.

STARCASTLE-Fountains of Light-Epic(U.S., '77,SS) $18.

STARCASTLE-Citadel-Epic(U.S., '77,SS) $18 or (M-/EX,SIS,WIS,TIC) $12.

STARCASTLE-Real to Reel-Epic(U.S., '78,SS) $18.

STARDUST-Live-Stardust(U.S., '78)-Private Texas release recorded live in some seedy San Antonio nightclub; primarily performing medleys by the Beatles, Kinks, Beach Boys, and others. (M-/M-) $75.

STARFIRE-Same-Crimson(U.S., '74)-Wild and furious guitar hardrock with five no-nonsense-looking, we'll-kick-your-teeth-out longhairs. (M-/M-,XOL) $750.

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RUBY STARR-Scene Stealer-Capitol(U.S., '76)-The female Jim Dandy of Black Oak Arkansas fame. (SS) $15.

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STARZ-Live at Municipal Auditorium, Louisville...-Capitol(U.S., '78)-Promo-only item by this hard rockin' crew. (SS) $50.

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STEAMROLLER-Same-Kendun(U.S., '73)-Unknown acetate of ten originals of mostly gutsy, ballsy hardrock. You can be the only kid on your block (and most likely your continent) with this little ditty if you grab this guitar-laced jewel. (EX+/EX+) $1500. 

STEEL MILL-Green Eyed God-Penny Farthing(Canada, '75)-Raging heavy underground psych; steamin' guitar and thunderous rhythm section. (M-/EX,WLP,RW) $400.

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ROD STEWART-An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down-Vertigo(Germany, '69)-Nice original German swirl label. (M-/M-,FO) $75

ROD STEWART-Gasoline Alley-Vertigo(U.K., '70)-Original British swirl inner sleeve and label. (M-/EX+,FO,TOC) $100 

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TED STILLES-Bhang-Telewbar(U.S., '80)-Haven't seen this heavy psych monster up for grabs in ages; gut wrenching bass and amazing fuzz distortion, wah-wah, backwards acid guitar. (SS) $300 or (M/M,SIS) $300.

TED STILLES-When Music Becomes a Tool-Telewbar(U.S., '89,SS) $100.

JADE STONE/LUV-Mosaics-Jade(U.S., '77)-Hip progressive to folk/psych with a roadhouse/lounge vibe but never wimpy. Stunning wah-wah fuzz guitar with male/female vocals; has that real our-music-is-our-life feel. A good friend once said, "Imagine Sonny & Cher but from a Kentucky trailer park". I'm sorry, but this has 200 times the balls Sonny and his space cadet significant other ever had. Both copies have the promo sticker on the cover advertising the" full size poster" included within the album which is always promised but never delivered. This is no longer the case. The first copy has the poster; and what a poster it is with the couple holding hands strolling along in all their sleazily attired magnificent glory. I've seen 40 or 50 of these offered in lists and on eBay over the years, and this is the first I have ever seen with the poster. (M/EX+,WIN,PSTIC,SHC,CC) $600 (SOLD) or (M-/EX+,SRW,PSTIC,CC) $350.

STONE HARBOUR-Emerges-Stone Harbour(U.S., '74)-Emotions run high through this true psychedelic artifact. Sporadic fuzz laces together songs of intimate, lost sadness. A real other worldly state of consciousness or sub consciousness or unconsciousness (I haven't really figured which). (M-/M-) $1250.

STONE MOSES-Skunk Creek-Red Rock(U.S., '74)-Good rural whirlie-girlie album from a band who obviously was tuned into the Dead and New Riders. (M-/EX,SPS,SSTNC) $50.

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STONEFIELD TRAMP-see Friend, Terry

STONEGROUND-Flat Out-Flat Out(U.S., '76)-Soulful R 'n' B rocker with powerful female vocals. (SS) $25.

STONEPILLOW-Eleazar's Circus-London(U.S., '69)-Melodic popsike with a sometimes funky edge. (M-/M-,FO)-$25 or (M-/EX+,FO)-$20.

STONEWALL-Same-private(U.S., '93)-You say this should go in the re-issue section, well wait a minute. This is a test pressing of the re-issue of that ultrarare hardrock mind-fryer with jagged glass greasy acid leads, screaming harmonica, and wacked-out vocals; plain white cover. (M) $150.

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STORM-Be My Friend-private(U.K., '74)-There was once this five-man group from the isle of Cyprus. When the revolutionary evacuations occurred, they lost their lead guitarist and drummer, and then there were three. This stylish album of mostly covers (yet amazingly performed as if originals) is the timeless tribute to their two lost members. Plain white cover with historical insert. Totally different "Storm" from the two bands below. (S1 M-,S2 EX,MO,WIN) $1500.   

STORM-Same-Carosello(Italy, '74)-Heavy psych from Spain with churning organ and stunning leads. Rare Italian issue with a far superior back cover to that of the Spanish and Swiss pressings. (M-/FC EX,BC M-,SRW,TIC) $600. 

STORM-El Dia de la Tormenta-Alba(Spain, '79,M-/M-,WIN) $125.

STORM-Stormvarning-Harvest(Sweden, '74)-Different band from above, loud prog/psych with burning wasted guitar leads. (M-/M-,WIS,WIN) $100.

STORYTELLER-Same-Transatlantic(U.K., '70)-Outstanding electric folk, much underrated, and compared to Pentangle by some. (M/EX,FO,SRW) $120.

STORYTELLER-More Pages-Transatlantic(U.K., '71)-Rarer second LP. (M/FC EX-,BC EX+,TIC) $120.

STRANGELOVES-I Want Candy-Bang(Canada, '65,M-/M-,MO) $150.

STRANGELOVES-I Want Candy-Bang(U.S., '65)-Super '60's garage punk. (M-/EX+,MO,SRW,STIC,XOL) $150 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX+,BC EX,MO,SRW,STIC,XOBC) $120.

STRANGERS-Soul Dances for Twens-Layola(Switzerland, '66)-R 'n' B with a beat feel. (M/M-) $75.

STRANGLERS-The Raven-UA(U.K., '79)-Raw new wave punkers in fabulous 3-D cover. (M/M-,WIS) $40.

STRANGLERS-IV-UA(U.S., '80)-Includes 4-track EP. (SS) $25.

STRAPPS-Secret Damage-Harvest(U.K., '77)-Hard rockers. (SS,CC) $15.

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STRAWBERRY PATH-When the Raven Has Come to the Earth-Philips(Japan, '71)-Heavy progressive/psych with acid wah-wah leads and gritty vocals. (M-/M-,FO) $600.

STRAWBS-Nomadness-A&M(U.S., '75,SS,CON) $10.

STRAY-Same-Transatlantic(U.K., '70)-Rare first pressing of monster heavy progressive in the great die-cut cover (cover is sooooooo close to M- as the mentioned sticker stain is almost unnoticeable). (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,FO,XOL,SSTNC) $350.

STRAY-Suicide-Transatlantic(U.K., '71)-Second album. (S1 EX,S2 M-/EX+) $125.

STRAY-Suicide-Mercury(U.S., '71,M-/EX+,SRW) $40.

STRAY-Tracks-Transatlantic(U.K., '75)-Mistakenly housed in the die-cut cover from their first LP. (M/EX,FO,TIC) $50.

STRAY DOG-While You're Down There-Manticore(U.S., '74)-Hard rockin' power trio. (M-/EX+,SRW,WOBC) $20.

STREAPLERS-Same-HMV(Sweden, '67)-Prolific Scandinavian garage/beat. (S1 M-,S2 EX/M-) $175.

STREET-Same-Verve Forecast(U.S., '68)-Overlooked blues/psych winner; cool guitar licks, some horns, ballsy female vocalist with warbly vox. (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,SRW,TIBC,COH) $20.

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STREETWALKERS-Red Card-Mercury(U.S., '76)-Ace British hardrock with Roger Chapman on vocals. (SS,CC) $15.

STREETWALKERS-Vicious but Fair-Mercury(U.S., '77,SS,CC) $15.

STRETCH-see Elmer Gantry

STRIFE-Rush-Chrysalis(U.K., '74)-Scarce first album by much better than average guitar-driven hardrock trio. (M/M) $90.

STRIFE-Back to Thunder-Gull(U.K., '78)-Second album pressed on beautiful solid green vinyl. (M/M) $40.

STROKE BAND-Green and Yellow-Abacus(U.S., '78)-Rare one here, 60% of this album is 'normal' acid guitar psych; the rest gets weird, soft synthesizer psych with bizarre vocals and unusual musical patterns. (M-/M-) $400.

STROLLERS-Same-Fanfare(Malaysia, '69)-Rare first locally released LP, sought after eastern soft psychedelic rock. Low quality vinyl private pressing as one would expect from this era and region of the world causing surface noise. (EX/VG++,SPS,HRWBC) $375.

STROLLERS-Captain of My Ship-Low Impact(Sweden, '00)-Second album by Sweden's current premier garage band; from what I hear, they are currently today's best live act in Scandinavia. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,WIN)-$50.

C.K. STRONG-see Mama Lion

ALICE STUART-Full Time Woman-Fantasy(U.S., '70)-Biker babe truckstop queen rural bluesy guitarist/vocalist. (M-/EX,SRW,SSTNC) $15.

ALICE STUART/SNAKE-Believing-Fantasy(U.S., '72,M-/EX,WIN,RW) $15.

STUD-September-BASF(Germany, '72)-Long jammin' songs of heavy bluesrock; former members of Rory Gallagher's Taste. (M/EX+,FO,STIBC) $150.

STUDIO G-Beat Group-Studio G(U.K., '70)-One side is instrumental, one side is with vocals, all is superb organ/guitar acid-drenched heavy psych. (M-/EX+,MO,TIBC) $900.

MICHAEL STYERS-Bearing a Gentle Message-private(U.S., '80)-Haunting acid folk, only 500 pressed, so rare from day one. (M/M,WIN) $250.

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SUB ZERO BAND-Same-private(U.S., '72)-Beautiful West Coast acid psych limited to 200 pressed with twin gender vocals, extended jams, guitars, and violins. Comes in plain white cover with autographed paste-on. (M-/M-,AUTO) $400.

SUGAR CREEK-Please Tell a Friend-Metromedia(U.S., '69)-Bluesy rural West Coast psych; songs with strong hooks and snakey acid guitar leads. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-) $375 or (M-/EX,RW,PSTIBC) $300.

SUGARCREEK-Fortune-Beaver(U.S., '82)-Second album by this hard rockin' AOR outfit; no relation to the above band. Second copy has a barely noticeable heat warp. (M/M,WIN,WIS,PL,SIS,CON) $50 or (EX+/EX+,WIS,SRW) $25.

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LES SULTANS-Same-Teledisc(Canada, '65)-Cool garage/punk and jangly folkrock sung in French. (EX-/EX,MO,FO,SRW,SPS) $90.

LES SULTANS-En Personne...-DSP(Canada, '67,EX+/EX-) $80.

JIMI SUMEN-Key West-Love(Finland, '78)-Rarely seen guitar wiz; a real scorcher. (M-/EX+,WIS) $250.

SUNDANCE-Rain Steam Speed-Decca(U.K., '73)-Pastoral prog with well-written tunes and infectious guitar licks; getting hard to find. (M-/M,FO,WIN) $90 or (M-/M,FO) $75.

SUNFIELD-Cosmic Rock-Hotfudge(U.S., '81)-Heavy AOR with that distinct R.E.O. Midwestern feel. (M/M,SIS,WIS) $40 or (M-/EX,RW) $25.

LES SUNLIGHTS-Same-Disc AZ(France, '65)-Megarare beat album with great gimmix cover and all the insert pages. I don't think I've ever seen this offered before. (M-/FC EX,BC M-,FO,WIN,TIC) $750.

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SUNTREADER-Zin-Zin-Help(U.K., '73)-Long tracks jazzy progressive. (SS) $75.

SUPERNAUT-Same-Polydor(Australia, '76)-Quirky hardrock. (M-/EX+,FO) $75.

SUPERSISTER-To the Highe$t Bidder-Dandelion(U.K., '71)-Perfect unplayed copy, rare British press of Dutch progressive. (M/FC EX-,BC EX+,FO,TIC,SRWBC) $150.

SUPPLY DEMAND & CURVE-Same-Mulligan(Ireland, '76)-Gentle Giant-ish Canterbury progressive/rock. (M-/VG++,STIL,SPS,SSTNC,SRW) $85.

SUPRA POP IMPRESSIONS-Same-MP 2000(France, '74)-Sandrose related. (M-/M-) $250.

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SURPRISE-Assault on Merryland-private(U.S., '77)-Heavy loud guitar progressive with assistance from keys, synthesizers, and flutes. (M/M,WIN) $150 or (M-/M-,WIN) $140.

SURPRIZE-Keep on Truckin'-East Coast(U.S., '74)-Has rare organ/guitar bluesy psych with long tracks and twisted guitar leads. (M-/M-) $300.

SURPRIZE (different band from above)-see This Oneness

SUTHERLAND BROTHERS/QUIVER-Reach for the Sky-Columbia(U.S., '75)-Guitar drenched rural progressive; some of those really good $10 albums I mentioned earlier. (SS) $10.

SUTHERLAND BROTHERS/QUIVER-Slipstream-Columbia(U.S., '76,SS,CC) $8.

SUTHERLAND BROTHERS-Down to Earth-Columbia(U.S., '77,SS) $8.

SVANFRIDUR-What's Hidden There?-private(Iceland, '73)-Former members of Icecross playing heavy prog with flashing leads and melodic vocals; spectacular unplayed disc with the fragile cover in amazingly clean condition. (M/M-,FO) $1500.

SWEATHOG-Same-Columbia(U.S., '71)-Tough Southern style organ/guitar rock with Frosty, the great drummer from Lee Michaels' first albums. (M-/M,XOL,CC) $40.

SWEET-see London Beats

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SWEET AIR-see Euphoria Brothers

SWEET CHARIOT & FRIENDS-Same-De Wolfe(U.K., '72)-Good popsike with some occasional tasty guitar licks. As with most of these De Wolfe pieces, one side has vocals and the other side is instrumental. (M-/M-) $300.

SWEET FREEDOM-Remembers-private(U.S., '80)-Greaser/biker burnouts rockin' through old standards like "Runaway", "Just Like Me", "Little Honda", amongst others and originals. (M-/EX,SPS,STNBC,WOBC) $40.

SWEET MARIE-One-Yard Bird(U.S., '70)-Rare album by Hendrix-styled guitar power trio. (SS) $200 or (M-M-) $175.

SWEET MARIE-Stuck in Paradise-Yard Bird(U.S., '71,M-/M-,FO) $200.

SWEET PAIN-Same-Mercury(U.S., '69)-The cover says it all proclaiming this "England's heavy blues super session" with players like John O'Leary (Savoy Brown and John Dummer Blues Band), Keith Tilman (Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation and Mayall's Bluesbreakers), Dick Heckstall-Smith (Alexis Korner, Graham Bond, and Mayall), and Annette Brox (Aynsley Dunbar). (M-/EX+,SRW,XOL,COH) $90.

SWEET PANTS-Fat Peter Presents-Barclay(U.S., '72)-Wacky psych with Farfisa, fuzz, and effects. (M-/M,SIS) $450.

SWEET PIE-Mama's Finest-private(U.S., '71)-Impossibly rare test-press-only rural psych recorded in low-fi with totally homemade feel and look. Up-front guitars and paste-on cover. An undiscovered jewel. (S1 EX+,S2 VG++/EX-,FSPS,TIC,TSTNC) $500.

SWEET TOOTH-Testing-Dominion(U.S., '75)-Fuzz saturated heavy psych with guitar continually coming atcha and earthquake rhythms; killer and rare. (M/M,SIS,WIN) $700 or (S1 EX,S2 EX-/FC EX-,BC EX,WIN,TIC,TOC,WOC) $250.  

SWIFT-see T. Swift/Electric Bag

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SWOONERS-see D'Swooners

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ALYN SYMS GROUP-The Offering-Sunburst(U.S., '81)-Sinister hardrock; blazing leads psyched enough to make all the acid heads happy, contained in spooky gatefold cover. (M-/EX,FO,RW) $150.

SYN-Cast the First Stone-Cheap Plastic(U.S., '80)-AOR hardrock with killer female vocals. (M-/M-,WIS) $40.

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SYNERGY-Sequencer-Passport(U.S., '76)-Electronics, limited clear wax press. (M/M,FO) $8.

SYNERGY-Cords-Passport(U.S., '78)-Also limited clear wax issue. (M/M,FO) $8.

BILLY SYNTH/TURN UPS-Off the Deep End-Cracked(U.S., '80)-Very private release of revved-up new wave power punk; good originals and too-cool covers of the Stooges, Nightcrawlers, Kinks, and even the Beach Boys. Plain cover with insert sleeve. (M-/M-) $100. Limited to 300 copies.

SYRINX-Long Lost Relatives-True North(Canada, '71)-Progressive synthesizer soundscapes. (M-/M-,FO) $50.

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T.C. ATLANTIC-Recorded Live at the Bel Rae Ballroom-Dove(U.S., '66)-Legendary wild garage album in unbelievable condition. (M-/M-,SIS,MO,COH) $400 (SOLD) or (EX/FC EX,BC M-,MO,COH,RW) $150. 

TCB-Open for Business-Traffic(Canada, '69)-Psychy vibe, blues jams, and jazz fusion with fuzz action, organ, dual sax, and male/female vocals. (M-/EX,RW,COH) $90.

TCB-Open for Business-Traffic(U.S., '69,M-/M-,SIS) $100.

(T.I.M.E.)TRUST IN MEN EVERYWHERE-Same-Liberty(U.K., '68)-Rare U.K. MONO press of pre-Steppenwolf heavy progressive/psych. (M-/EX-,MO) $225.

(T.I.M.E.)TRUST IN MEN EVERYWHERE-Smooth Ball-Liberty(U.S., '69,M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $65 or (M-/EX,FO,RW,SPS) $60.

T KAIL-Somewhere, Sometime-Jade(U.S., '80)-Early '70's (even late '60's) sounding femme-vocal driven West Coast styled guitar psych. Tremendously underrated and now getting rare. (M-/M-) $400.

T.N.T.-Gigante-private(Mexico, '82)-Raucous fuzz-drenched heavy private pressing. (M-/M-) $200.

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T. SWIFT/ELECTRIC BAG-Are You Experienced-Custom(U.S., '68)-Exploitation psych band with excellent garage-styled cover of the titled track and more cool guitar psych originals. (M-/EX+,SRW) $75. 

TABACO-Desintegracion-Spiral(Spain, '71)-Spain's rarest and (in my opinion) best psych LP. I see 5 of the first Atila LP for every one of these. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC) $2000.  

TAGES-Same-Platina(Sweden, '65)-To my ears, the best garage/beat LP by the "Swedish Beatles" as they were called by some. (M-/EX+,MO,SPS) $300 (SOLD) or (EX/EX,MO) $150.

TAGES-2-Platina(Sweden, '66)-Cool rave-up, Merseybeat, ballad LP, great album. (M-/EX+,MO) $300.

TAGES-Favoritter-EMI(Denmark, '74)-Nice early hits compilation. (M-/EX+,MO) $75.

(TAGES)BLOND-The Lilac Years-Fontana(So. Africa, '69)-Very rare and with a beautiful psychedelic full color group cover. (M-/EX+) $150.

(TAGES)BLOND-Same-Fontana(U.S., '69,M/EX,FO,STNC,SRWBC) $20 or (M/FC EX-,FO,SRW,TIC) $18.

TAGGETT-Same-UA(U.S., '75)-Breezy outdoors rural rock contains former member of Greatest Show on Earth. (SS,COH) $15.

TAKO-U Vreci Za Spavanje-RTB(Yugoslavia, '80)-Organ dominated, extended tracks complex progressive. (M-/EX+) $75.

TAMAM SHUD-see Albatross

TAMAM SHUD-see Lindsay Blue 

TANGERINE-The Peeling of...-Stephen(U.S., '71)-Rare and raw loose jammed-out fuzz psych with garagey barroom vibe and use of congas in spots giving an occasional Latin twist. (SS) $650.

TANGERINE ZOO-Same-Mainstream(U.S., '68)-First slab o' vinyl by legendary guitar psych crew. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,PSTABC,WSTNBC) $350.

TANNED LEATHER-Saddle Soap-EMI(Germany, '76)-Progressive rock with a rural edge. (M/M-,FO) $100.

TAOS-Same-Mercury(U.S., '70)-Communal hippie folk/country/blues with a Buffalo Springfield sound in parts. (SS,FO) $90.

TARANTULA-Same-A&M(U.S., '69)-Styles ranging from guitar psych to jazz. (M-/EX,RW) $100.

TARANTULA-Same-Novola(Spain, '76)-Killer symphonic/hard progressive, guitars and keyboards galore. (M-/M-,FO) $250. 

TARBABY-February-Newsouth(U.S., '73)-Ultra-rare private white-boy blues, R'n'B stoner. Mostly original material with the feel of real Southern trailer park Americana sucking you into their world of backyard beer busts followed by the obligatory trip to the neighborhood watering hole. Paste-on sticker cover. One RARE son-uva-gun. (M-/M-,SIS) $700.

JEM TARGAL-Luckey Guy-Sheavy(U.S., '78)-Super gimmix fold-open cover holds one of the most innovative psych albums of all time. Mega-rare private from ex-Third Power bassman/vocalist. (M-/M-,FO,WIN) $900.  

TARGET-Same-A&M(U.S., '76)-Hardrock. (SS,CON) $12.

TARGET-Captured-A&M(U.S., '77,SS,CON) $12.

BANASTRE TARLETON-Electric Women-private(U.S., '79)-Cool guitar album, claims to be "Cutthroat Rock 'n' Roll", not a poor description. (M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,RW,SSTNC) $90.

BANASTRE TARLETON-No Fixed Destination-Green Horse(U.S., '85)-Hard guitar rock with progressive moves. (M/M,SIS) $100.

TARRA-Hard Nipples-Platerie(Holland, '77)-Gritty progressive hardrock with loud, solid guitar action all over. (M-/M-) $250.

TASTE-Tickle Your Fancy-Bootleg(Australia, '76)-Rarer and slightly heavier first album by ripping guitar quartet; not the same band fronted by Rory Gallagher. (M-/M-,FO) $150.

TASTE-Knights of Love-Philips(Australia, '77)-Second effort by above band. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX+,BC EX,WIN) $100.

TASTE OF BLUES-Schizophrenia-SSR(Denmark, '69)-Heavy blues/psych; blazing leads galore. (M-/EX+) $1000 or (M-/EX-,SPS,TIBC,STNBC) $750.

TAYLES-Who Are Those Guys-Cinevista(U.S., '72)-Grateful Dead influenced rural guitar psych. (SS) $250 or (M/M,WIN) $250. 


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TEA COMPANY-Come Have Some Tea with the...-Smash(U.S., '68)-Drugged-out garage fuzz psych guitar freakout with some swingin' London moves. (SS,COH) $190 or (M-/FC EX,BC M-) $110.

TEA COMPANY-see Frankie Carr's All Natural Band

TEA COMPANY-see Spare Change Band

TEAR GAS-see Harvey Band, The Sensational Alex

TEAZE-Tour of Japan-Aquarius(Canada, '78)-Totally in-your-face live hardrock LP, borders metal but not quite. (M/M,FO) $25.

TEAZE-Body Shots-Aquarius(Canada, '80,M-/EX,PH,WIS,WOC) $15.

TEDDY/PANDAS-Basic Magnetism-Tower(U.S., '68)-Melodic beat/pop. (SS) $90 or (M-/EX+) $50.

TEE SET-Emotion-Delta(Holland, '67)-First album in immaculate condition by this Dutch garage/beat/psych band. (M-/M-,MO) $100.

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TEMPEST-Same-Earth(U.S., '76)-Heavy progressive with the wailing vocals of Barbara Pennington. (M/M-,COH) $300.

TEMPTERS-First Album-Philips(Japan, '68)-Cool garage/beat; 4-page booklet with lots of pics intact. (M-/EX+,FO,WIN,SPS,TSTNBC) $200.

TEMPTERS-5-1=0-Philips(Japan, '69)-The nice 6-page picture insert booklet is intact. (EX+/M-,FO,WIN)-$160.

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TEN WHEEL DRIVE-Peculiar Friends-Polydor(U.S., '71)-Hot, heavy R 'n' B big band sound with pop/jazz leanings. If you like gutsy female vocalists and have yet to hear Genya Ravan, you need this album. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW,STNC) $15 or (EX/EX-,FO,RW,STNBC) $8.

(TEN WHEEL DRIVE)GENYA RAVAN-They Love Me-Dunhill(U.S., '73,M-/EX,FO,RW) $18.

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TENNESSEE FARM BAND-Communion-Farm(U.S., '77,SS) $100.

TERCO-Same-Continental(Brazil, '73)-Heavy progressive/psychedelia with trip-inducing effects and scorching fuzz leads. (M-/EX+,FO,STIBC) $500.

TERRENO BALDIO-Same-Pirata(Brazil, '76)-Probably the rarest Brazilian prog piece; Italian time changes and complex keys. (M-/M-,FO) $250 or (EX+/EX+,FO,STIL,SSTNBC) $190.

TEST-Same-Pronit(Poland, '71)-Heavy underground bluesy progressive fuzz dominated rarity. (EX+/EX) $75.

TETES BLANCHES-Voici les...-Meteor(Canada, '65,EX+/EX,MO,RW) $100.

THEATRE OF SHEEP-A Quiet Crusade-Sheepish(U.S., '83)-Private release of long-song, 4-cut, 12-inch EP with oversized flimsy Manila cover with front and back paste-ons. (M-FC EX+,BC M-,WIN) $50.    

THEE MIDNITERS-Same-Chattahoochie(U.S., '64)-Garage jewel with swirling go-go organ, punked vocals, cool guitar. (M-/M-,MO) $150.

THEE MIDNITERS-Unlimited-Whittier(U.S., '66)-Latino garage band's third album; eight of twelve songs are originals. (M-/M-,MO) $100 or (M-/EX-,MO, RW,TIC,WOL,TIL,STABC,WOBC) $70.

THEE MUFFINS-Pop Up!-private(U.S., '67)-Fan club only garage/soul/beat LP. (VG+/VG+,MO,SPS,RW,WOBC) $125.

THEE PROPHETS-Playgirl-Kapp(U.S., '69)-Teen pop. (M/EX,COH,SPS,TIBC) $30.

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THEM-Same-Decca (U.K., '65)-Both copies have red labels & boxed logos. (M-/M-,MO) $150 or (M-/FC M-,BC EX,MO,STNBC,WOBC,SRWBC) $100.

THEM-Same-Decca(Holland, '65)-1978 repress of first U.K. LP. (M/M,MO) $25.

THEM-Them Again-Decca(U.K., '66)-Red label with boxed logo. (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,MO,TIC,STABC,SRWBC) $80.

THEM-Belfast Gypsies-Injection/Grand Prix(Holland, '67,S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC M-,BC EX,MO,TIBC,STNBC,STIBC) $475.

THEM-Belfast Gypsies-Grand Prix(Sweden, '67,M-/M-) $350.

THEM-The World of...-Decca(U.K., '70,M-/EX,WOBC) $50.

THEM-In Reality-Happy Tiger(U.S., '71,S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,PL,RW) $225.

THEM-Rock Roots-Decca(U.K., '76,M/FC M,BC EX+,MO,SRWBC) $75.

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THEM-see Peter Bardens

THERE-Same-Peace(U.S., '94)-Real '70's sounding devastatingly loud heavy rock trio with absolute madman guitarist, only 300 made. (M/M) $100.

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THIN LIZZY-see Wild Horses

THIRD EAR BAND-Alchemy-Harvest(U.S., '69)-Scarce stateside pressing of great trippy album. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $60.

THIRD EAR BAND-Music from Macbeth-Harvest(U.K., '72,S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX+,BC M-) $90.

THIRD EAR BAND-see Magic Muscle

THIRD EDITION-Take 1-Rapture(U.S., '73)-What's this--garage/punk from the '70's. These guys are like the Japanese soldier discovered on the South Pacific island in the '60's who didn't know World War II was over. Organ and fuzz guitar straight from 1965-66; very rare. (M-/M-) $500.

THIRD EYE-Brother-Polydor(So. Africa, '70)-By this their third album and in the short span of a year or so, they have become a superb heavy organ/guitar driven progressive unit. (M-/FC EX,BC EX-,TIBC) $750.

THIRD POWER-see Targal, Jem

THIRD RAIL-Id Music-Epic(U.S., '66)-Outstanding major-label garage/popsike classic. (M/EX,MO,COH,SHC,TOC) $100.

THIRTEENTH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Psychedelic Sounds-IA(U.S., '67)-This copy has a second press "Masterfonics" disc in an original cover. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,RW) $150.

THIRTEENTH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Psychedelic Sounds-IA(U.S., '67)-Here we have a rare MONO copy, but what is more enticing about this piece is that it has been autographed by the legend himself, Mr. Roky Erickson. (S1 EX-,S2 EX/EX-,MO,AUTO,SPS,HRW) $600.

THIRTEENTH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Easter Everywhere-IA(U.S., '67)-This is an unplayed later-press Masterfonics disc of this (to me) best psych album of all time with an original cover in the shrink and containing the original lyrics inner sleeve. (M/M,SIS,WIS) $200.

THIRTEENTH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Live-IA(U.S., '68)-The sealed copy has a vintage $3.97 store price tag. (SS) $200 or (M-/M-) $150.

THIRTEENTH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Live-IA(U.S., '68)-I'm listing this one again and separately as it's a rare white label promo. (M-/EX,WLP,SRW,SPS) $300.

THIRTEENTH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Bull of the Woods-IA(U.S., '68)-The sealed copy has a vintage $3.88 store price tag. (SS) $300 or (M-/M-,SIS) $250 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX,TIC,SRW,WOBC) $125.

THIRTEENTH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Live S.F. '66-Lysergic(U.S., '78)-Hear their amazing extended version of the Kinks' "You Really Got Me". (SS,MO) $50 or (M-/M-,MO) $40.


(THIRTEENTH FLOOR ELEVATORS)ROCKY ERICKSON-Gremlins Have Pictures-Pink Dust(U.S., '86,SS,CC) $50.

THIRTY DAYS OUT-Same-Reprise(U.S., '71)-West Coast great-outdoors rural vibe. (M-/EX+,WIN,SRWBC) $25.

THIS ONENESS-Surprize-Oz(U.S., '75)-Excellent private press complex progressive with a keyboard-based Euro-sound. Some think the band's name is Surprize, but it's not. (M-/EX,SRW,SPS) $250.

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DON THOMPSON-Jupiter-Sunday(U.S., '75)-Original first press (I've heard only 100 made) of delicate acid folk/psych with electric and acoustic guitar sojourns, mystical vibe, stoned effects, flute, the works. (M/M-,FO,WIN) $275.

JEFF THORNLEY-Locked Inside-Unique(U.S., '83)-Totally vanished '70's sounding guitar psych, great album. (M/M-,SIS) $300.

BILLY THORPE/AZTECS-The Best of...-Parlophone(Australia, '66)-Oz' most prolific garage/beat legend. (M-/EX+,MO,SRWBC) $250.

BILLY THORPE/AZTECS-I Got a Woman-MFP(Australia, '68)-Rockin' beat. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,RWBC) $190.

BILLY THORPE/AZTECS-Steaming at the Opera House-Atlantic(Australia, '74)-Smokin' live double-album set after his beast years were discarded for the hardrock stage. (M-/M-/FC EX,BC EX+,FO,RW) $190.

BILLY THORPE/AZTECS-More Arse Than Class-Atlantic(Australia, '74,M-/M-,FO,WIS) $225.

BILLY THORPE/AZTECS-Million Dollar Bill-Infinity(Australia, '75,M-/M-FO,WIS) $125.

BILLY THORPE-Children of the Sun-Capricorn(U.S., '79)-Scarce original label of heavy progressive guitar psych. (SS,CC) $15.

(BILLY THORPE)THUMP'N PIG & PUFF'N BILLY-Same-Atlantic(Australia, '73)-Billy pairs up with Chain members on this heavy bluesrock effort. (M-/M-,FO) $200.

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THREE MAN ARMY-A Third of a Lifetime-Kama Sutra(U.S., '72)-British hardrock crew. (SS) $12.

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THREE SOULS IN MY MIND-Same-Raff(Mexico, '75)-Scarce second press of second album with single pocket cover (first press is usually an offers item on most lists); top level savage heavy blues/psych. (VG/VG++,HRWBC,TOC,WSTNC) $25.

THREE SOULS IN MY MIND-Chavo de Onda-Raff(Mexico, '76)-Loud South-of-the-Border heavy psych. (M-/M-,SIS) $300 or (M-/EX+) $225.

THREE SOULS IN MY MIND-La Devaluacion-Raff(Mexico, '78)-This is a rare one. (M-/M-) $300.

THREE SOULS IN MY MIND-Grabado en 1968!-Raff(Mexico, '79,M-/M-) $300 or (M-/EX,SPS,SRW) $175.

THREE SOULS IN MY MIND-Que Rico Diablo...!-Raff(Mexico, '79,EX+/EX+) $175 or (S1 EX,S2 EX+/EX-,RW,TOC) $75.

THREE SOULS IN MY MIND-Viejas Rolas de Rock-Denver(Mexico, '82,M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SIS,COH,STAC) $80.

THREE SOULS IN MY MIND-15 Exitos-Aquila Dorada(Mexico, '86,M-/EX+) $60.

THREE SOULS IN MY MIND-Renovacion Moral-Carnaval(Mexico, '86,EX/FC EX-,BC EX,RW,TIC) $30.

THREE SOULS IN MY MIND-Fuimos Somos y Seremos-Peerless(Mexico, '87,M-/EX+) $60.

THREE SOULS IN MY MIND-Dos Decadas-Peerless(Mexico, '89,M-/EX,TIC) $50.

THULE-Ultima-private(Norway, '87)-Totally vanished first album by purveyors of dark progressive sounds. (M-/EX+) $150.

THUMBS-Same-Ramona(U.S., '79)-First class power pop. (M-/EX,SRW,XOBC) $30.

THUMP'N PIG & PUFF'N BILLY-see Billy Thorpe

THUNDER AND ROSES-King of the Black Sunrise-UA(U.S., '69)-Heavy psych power trio with Hendrix moves. (SS,CC) $300.

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THUNDERDUK-Same-private(U.S., '72)-Only known copy of acetate-only Rockadelic release. For some reason, not the most sought-after piece on the Rockadelic label. Granted, not the best music they ever dug up, but when you've unearthed B.F.Trike, Cold Sun, and Phafner, acts like those are damn near impossible to measure up to. To my ears better-than-average guitar oriented psych/rock. Obviously rare as a Hollywood elitist in touch with the realities of life. (EX+/M-) $1750.

THUNDERTREE-Same-Roulette(U.S., '70)-Charming combination of heavy guitar psych and dreamy cosmic folk journeys. (M/M-,WLP.PSTABC) $275.

TICKET-Let Sleeping Dogs Lie-Atlantic(New Zealand, '72)-Killer heavy psych from downunder. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW,XOL) $500.

TIDE-Almost Live-Mouth Music(U.S., '70)-Rare Midwestern prog, loud guitar blasts, some similarities to Traffic. (M-/M-,SIS) $150 or (M-/EX,SRW,TIC,WOBC) $90.

TIDELINE-The Crowded Room-Fields(Belgium, '79)-Scarce melodic full-bodied progressive; acoustic guitar/keyboards interplay. (M-/M-,SIS,WIN) $50.

TIFFANY SHADE-Same-Mainstream(U.S., '68)-Great toy-town flower psych with wonderful garagey guitar leads. First copy listed here is the super-rare mono press. (M-/M-,MO,PSTABC) $500 or (M-/EX,TOC,SPS,STNBC) $200.

TIGERS-On Stage-Polydor(Japan, '68)-Sixties Japanese pop legends; as with most live sets, this is their rawest, wildest, most raucous effort. This album contains the attached 8-page booklet, a hard glossy 12x12 pic insert of the band, and the obi is torn. (M-/M-,FO,OBI,WIN,SPS) $200.

TIGERS-Story, Vol. 1-Polydor(Japan, '74)-Double album best-of compilation of one of Japan's most well known garage outfits. Contains the group poster. (M-/M-/M-,OBI,FO,WIN) $100.

TIMBER-Bring America Home-Elektra(U.S., '71)-Good rural rocker. (SS,CC) $15.

TIMBERCREEK-Hellbound Highway-Renegade(U.S., '75)-Booze guzzling pothead rural psych with steaming twin guitars. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,WSTNC) $200 or (M-/EX,WSTNC,TIBC) $150.

TIME-2-RTB(Yugoslavia, '75)-Eastern European top-o'-the-heap progressive outfit. (M-/M-,FO) $200.

TIME-see Spontaneous Combustion

TIN HOUSE-Same-Epic(U.S., '71)-Loud hard psych power trio; bullish guitar leads. (M-/M-) $200.

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TINO/REVLONS-By Request at the Sway-zee-Dearborn(U.S., '66)-One of the best garage cover bands doing a couple of Stones' covers among others. (SS) $250 or (M/M) $240.

ARMANDO TIRELLI-El Profeta-SEM(Uruguay, '78)-Exquisite symphonic progressive concept gem  based on the writings of Khalil Gibran with cascading fuzz leads, omnipresent keys, and lilting flutes. (M-/EX,FO) $600.

TITANIC-Macumba!-Columbia(Canada, '73,M/M) $25.

TITANIC-Return of Drakkar-Barclay(France, '77,M-/M-) $18.

TITUS OATES-Jungle Lady-Lips(U.S., '74)-West Coast weed-burner rural psych monster; outlaw barroom vibe with dual bluesy guitars and cosmic lyrics. (M/M-,FO) $600.

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TOAD-Vic Vea Band-Vertigo(Switzerland, '78)-Basically a Toad "best of" compilation. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,STIBC) $120.

TOAD HALL-Same-Liberty(U.S., '68)-Underrated garage/psych folkrock; good vocals and cool jangly guitar. (SS) $60.

TOBRUK-Ad Lib-Cash Box(Brazil, '72)-Heavy acid psych with gritty fuzz leads, cool underground vibe. Strange thing about this album is the band is made up mostly of U.S. musicians, but the LP was only released in Brazil. Maybe a band of diplomats' brats. I have subsequently been informed by a good Brazilian friend that all the musicians in this band were actually Brazilians with fictitious Anglo names. (M-/EX-,TOC,SPS) $800.

TOBY JUG & WASHBOARD BAND-Greasy Quiff-Toby Toons(U.K., '69)-Insanely rare psychedelic/underground acid blues with some good-timey jugband renderings thrown in just enough to bring you back to reality (M-/EX,MO,STNC) $1500

R.M. TOCAK-see Smak

TOE FAT-Same-Rare Earth(U.S., '70)-Pre-Uriah Heep gritty hardrock. Saw this band in Dallas with Derek/Dominos and, other than Cactus, is the loudest band I ever heard live. (SS,CON,CC) $90.

TOE FAT-Two-Parlophone(Singapore, '70)-This has the uncensored nudes cover. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,STNC) $100.

TOE FAT-Two-Rare Earth(U.S., '71,SS,CON) $125 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-,CON,COH) $50.

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TOLLHOUSE-Same-Nova(Germany, '78)-Hard rockin' long tracks with guitarist Dirk Steffens of Birth Control. (M/M) $100.

JUKKA TOLONEN-A Passenger to Paramaribo-Sonet(Sweden, '77)-Heavy jazzy guitar progressive by former fret-wizard of Tasavallan Presidenti. (M-/M-) $30.

TOMITA-The Bermuda Triangle-RCA(U.S., '79)-Eastern synthesizer maestro on blue or coral wax, your choice. (M/M,FO) $10.


TONCHO PILATOS-Same-Polydor(Mexico, '73)-Megarare tripped-out psych with long cuts of phased flute, fuzz, and harmonica; the sound that drives us all crazy. (M-/FC EX,BC EX-,FO,RW) $700 or (M-/VG+,FO,RW,SPS,TOC,COH) $500.

TONCHO PILATOS-Segunda Vez-Cronos(Mexico, '80)-Long-time-coming second album in a straighter style overall, but with that flashing, slashing guitar, and more than just a reminder of their masterpiece of seven years before. Even rarer than their first. (M-/M-,FO) $300.

TONGUES-Same-Zodiac(New Zealand, '69)-Rare second by band originally known as Chris Parfitt/Hi Revving Tongues; rural groove greatly influenced by and doing several covers of the Band. (EX+/M-) $200.

TOPPER-At Last-Scot(U.S., '77)-Quite rare heavy prog with a special cheesiness induced by the perfect mix of fuzz guitar, mellotron, and synthesizer. (M-/M-) $200.

TORMENTORS-Hanging 'Round-Royal(U.S., '66)-From jangly folk/rock to garage fuzz, these guys had it nailed. The real treat here is, that unlike most other albums of this kind from this period, all but 2 songs are originals. Let's see--well written songs, good musicianship, tough vocals, cool album cover, mega-rare--yeah, this album pretty much has it all. The second copy has a minor heat warp that is only barely audible through the music for seven revolutions on side 1 and six revolutions on side 2 and in between the songs on the first half of both sides. (M-/M,SIS) $1250 (SOLD) or (M-/EX,SPS,SRW,TOC) $750.

TORO-Same-Coco(U.S., '75)-Hot Santana-influenced Latin rock. This album ain't no bull. (M-/M-,CC) $250. 

TORQUES-Live-Lemco(U.S., '67)-Super live New Year's Eve gig by these garage icons. (M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,RW,WOC) $250.

RICHARD TORRANCE-Eureka-Shelter(U.S., '74)-Familiar strummin' and hummin' from Leon's label, good bottleneck guitar in fold-open gimmix cover. (M-/M-,FO) $10.

RICHARD TORRANCE-Belle of the Ball-Shelter(U.S., '75,M-/M-,CC) $10.

TORTILLA-Little Heroes-Belter(Spain, '71)-Scarce Spanish press of Dutch rural progressive band. (M-/M-) $250.

TOTAL ISSUE-Same-UA(France, '71)-Mixture of jazz and heavy progressive in parts sounding like Traffic at their best. (M-/EX+,STNC) $250.

TOTEM-Descarga-Discos de la Planta(Argentina, '71)-Unknown guitar driven progressive band on the same label as the legendary Dias de Blues. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-,FO) $250.

(TOUCH)BANDIT-Same-ABC(U.S., '75)-This group contains the above band's guitarist; heavy AOR. Great red foil cover. (M-/EX,SRW,CC) $25.

TOUR DE FORCE-Dreams of Rock and Roll-GDS(U.S., '80)-Heavy symphonic progressive private solidly embedded in the Styx era; pressed on gray splatter vinyl. Has the expected ever-present guitar/keyboard battles. (M-/M-) $200.  

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TRADEWINDS-Excursions-Kama Sutra(U.S., '67)-Melodic '60's style AM radio folkrock/pop. (M/M-,COH) $35.

TRAFFIC-Mr. Fantasy-Island (U.K., '67)-Pink 'eye' label. (EX-/EX-,FO,SPS) $150.

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TRAFFIC-see Deep Feeling

TRAFFIC SOUND-A Bailar Go Go-Mag(Peru, '69)-First and rarest of their albums and virtually impossible to snatch in clean condition. Incredible covers; a prelude to their next couple of original psych masterpieces. (M-/EX+,COH) $1750.

TRAFFIC SOUND-Virgin-Mag(Peru, '70)-Amazing total-package psych LP; has it all from backwards parts to searing wah-wah fuzz leads to crazed English vocals. The disc is in amazing condition coming from this part of the world. (M-/EX,FO,SRW,SPS) $900.

TRAFFIC SOUND-Same-Mag(Peru, '70)-Self-titled third album often called "Tibet's Suzette". More blazing psychedelic rock in amazing triple gatefold cover. Perfect sounding copy. (EX+/VG+,FO) $550.


ALAN TRAJAN-Firm Roots-MCA(U.K., '69)-Quirky folk/psych with a Meic Stevens approach; a definite must-have. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC) $300.

TRAMLINE-Moves of Vegetable Centuries-Island(U.K., '69)-Pink "eye" label original from heavy blues boom group's much rarer second album. (M/FC EX,BC EX+,SSTNC) $290.       

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TRANQUILITY-Same-Epic(U.S., '72)-Melodic, pastoral progressive with beautiful vocals and floating guitar. (SS,CC) $18.

TRANQUILITY-Silver-Epic(U.S., '72)-Rarer second. (SS) $25.

TRAPEZE-Same-Warner(U.S., '75,SS,CON) $20.

TRAPEZE-go to Records Around the World section for more listings

TRAVEL AGENCY-Same-Viva(U.S., '68)-Underrated psych on the folky side with wonderful fuzztone guitar. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-) $75.

TRAVIS-Shine on Me-A&M(U.K., '73)-Rural folky progressive; spacey vocals, nicely structured longer songs with striking electric leads. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+,SSTNC,XOBC) $150.

TRAVIS-To Be as Free as You-Unity(U.S., '75)-Mellow rural C,S,N sounding poetic musical stylings, different group from above. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW) $30.

TREASURE-go to Records Around the World section

TREE FOX-Rough Road-Fraternity(U.S., '79)-Swing into any rural watering hole in the middle of nowhere and park amongst the Harleys, expose your tattoos so you'll feel right at home, and this band will be the one on stage. (M-/M-) $150.

(TREES)TRAINER-Same-BASF(U.K., '72)-Scarce British pressed folk album from former Trees member. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $175.

TREMELOES-go to Records Around the World section

TRES HOMBRES-Gunslinger-Trigger(U.S., '83)-If anyone ever idolized and wanted to carry on the musical tradition of early ZZ Top, these guys are the wanna-be clones of "That Little Ol' Band from Texas". (M/M,SIS,WIS) $150.

TRIADE-1998: La Storia di Sabazio-Nexus(Japan, '73)-1983 repress of Italian keyboard driven complex progressive. (M-/M-,FO,OBI,WIN) $100.

TRIANA-Sombra y Luz-Movie Play(Spain, '79)-Flamenco-style progressive, guitar leads flashing in all directions. (M/M,FO) $100.

TRIANGLE-Homonymie-Pathe(France, '73)-French icons of the progressive music scene. (M/M-) $90.

TRICYCLE-Same-ABC(U.S., '69)-Excellent popsike/bubblerock with some tasty fuzz guitar soli. (M/EX+,FO,SRW,PSTIC,STABC) $60.

TRIGGER-Same-Casablanca(U.S., '78)-Hardrock guitar cruncher. (SS,CC) $20.

VIC TRIGGER BAND-Electronic Wizard-Sanctuary(U.S., '77)-Wah-wah, fuzz guitar psych madness, long songs allow some top-notch fret exploration. (SS) $250 or (M/M,SIS) $250.

TRILLION-Same-Epic(U.S, '78)-AOR hardrock, promo-only blue vinyl. (M/M,PL,WIS,PSTABC) $15.

TRILOGY-I'm Beginning to Feel It-Mercury(U.S. '70)-Guitar centered psychy rural rocker. (SS,COH) $100.

BOBB TRIMBLE-Iron Curtain Innocence-Vengeance(U.S., '80)-Impossibly rare first album by mystical acid folkie; seriously haunting soft vocals and spooky fuzz scatterings.  (M-/M,SIS) $4000.

TRIUMPH-Same-Attic(Canada, '76)-Canada-only first LP. (M/M) $50.

TRIUMPH-Rock & Roll Machine-Attic(Canada, '77)-Half the tracks on this Canadian issue are on the U.S. press and half are unique to this album. (M/M) $35.

TRIXX-Same-private(U.S., '79)-Little known but massively awesome heavy beast. (M-/FC VG++,BC EX,SPS,RW,SSTNC) $400.

TRIZO 50-Same-Cavern Custom(U.S., '69)-Demo-only released garage/psych with plenty-o-fuzz and growling vocals. Heard this was related to Phantasia. (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,SRW,SPS,XOBC) $2500.

(TRIZO 50)STEVE, BOB & RICH-Same-Bat(U.S., '84)-Fifteen years later and they've still got their heavy on. (M-/EX,SRW,SSTNC,STNBC) $100.

TROGGS-see Chris Britton

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TROLL-Animated Music-Smash(U.S., '69)-Major label psych; fabulous acid guitar. (M-/M-,WIS,COH) $250.

TROLL-Turned to Stone-Intersound(Germany, '78)-British progressive only released in Germany with excellent dual guitarists Ray Russell (ex-Running Man) and Alan Parker (ex-Hungry Wolf). (M-/M,SIS) $90.

TROLL-see Running Man, see Ugly Custard, see Hungry Wolf

TROUT-Same-MGM(U.S., '68)-Melodic folk/pop. (SS/EX,COH) $15.

ROBIN TROWER-go to Records Around the World section

TROYKA-Same-Cotillion(U.S., '70)-Heavy guitar psych with surly vocals and vicious guitar riffing attacking relentlessly from all angles; becoming a well-known favorite. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,XOL,SRWBC,STABC) $120.

TRUE MYTH-Same-Warner(Canada, '79)-Spacey progressive with a rockin' edge; from songs with a searing beat to mellow acoustics. (M-/EX+, FO,WIN,SRW) $75.

TRUE SOUNDS OF LIBERTY-Dance with Me-Frontier(U.S., '81)-Doomy loud hardcore punk; future of despair attitude. (SS) $25.

TRUE VINE-First Fruits-private(U.S., '78)-Rural Christian rockers, nice harmonies. (EX+/VG+,HRW,FSPS,TOC,TIC) $10. 

TRUTH-Same-Roulette(U.S., '75)-Funky prog/psych with tough guitar interludes in a sea of keyboards. Perfect copy except for scratch on last half of last song on side two which makes some non-distracting ticks. (S1 M-,S2 EX/EX,RW) $30.

TRUTH & JANEY-Just a Little Bit of Magic-Bee Bee(U.S., '79)-Second album by guitar-charged heavy rockers more progressive than their first. (SS) $150. 

TUCKY BUZZARD-Allright on the Night-Passport(U.S., '73)-Former End heavy rockers. (SS,COH) $25.

TUCKY BUZZARD-Buzzard!-Passport(U.S., '73,SS,COH) $25.

TURID-Bilder-Silence(Sweden, '73)-Absolutely essential piece for any lovers of fragile, crystalline female-vocal folk. (M/FC M-,BC EX+,WIN) $400.   

IKE & TINA TURNER-go to Records Around the World section

JOHN TURNER-Jewel-private(U.S., '86)-Moody, edgy progressive/psych/folk/rock obscurity; one of the '80's masterpieces. (M-/M-,WIN) $400.

TURTLES-go to Records Around the World section

TWELFTH NIGHT-Fact and Fiction-private(U.K., '82,M-/M-,FO) $35.

TWELFTH NIGHT-Live and Let Live-Music for Nations(U.K., '83)-Live set by symphonic heavy rockers with slashing guitars and whirling synthesizers. (M/M-,FO,COH) $30.

TWENTIETH CENTURY ZOO-Thunder on a Clear Day-Vault(U.S., '68)-Necessary cornerstone piece of any U.S. psych collection; trancy organ, floating vocals, and like a different album when the mind-frying fuzz leads start to explode. (M-/M-,SIS,WOL) $300.

25TH REGIMENT-Same-Lero(Canada, '69)-First album by this band in their beat/pop phase. Plays great in spite of visual grade. (VG++/FC EX+,BC EX,SRW,TIBC) $80. 

25TH REGIMENT-Ecology-Trans-Canada(Canada, '71)-Dreamy, breezy folk/psych with fuzz breaks, gushing organ, flute--the works. (M-/FC EX,BC M-, SRW,TIC) $200.

TWILIGHTS-Same-MFP(Australia, '69)-Later issue by 3 years of their first great garage/beat LP on Columbia. All the same songs but with a more up-to-date group photo cover. (M-/EX+) $125.

TWILIGHTS-The Way They Played-EMI(Australia, '77)-16-song beat/psych "best of" package. (M/M-,MO,FO,CC) $30.



JANUARY TYME-First Time from Memphis-Enterprise(U.S., '70)-Jefferson Airplane sound with Frisco-style guitar and male/female vocals. (M/M-,STABC) $125 or (M-/M-,SIS,COH) $120.

TYMEPIECE-Sweet Release-Infinity(Australia, '71)-Heavy psych mixed with rural rock; acid guitar with laid-back vocals. (M-/EX+,SRW) $650.

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U.F.O.-Flying-Beacon(U.K., '71)-Both copies have A-1, B-1 matrix; first copy contains the RARE inner sleeve. (M/M-,WIS) $450 (SOLD) or (M-/EX) $200.

U.F.O.-go to Records Around the World section for more listings

U.S. 69-Yesterday's Folks-Buddah(U.S., '69)-Mostly jazzy, funky horn/psych with a killer sitar dominated opening cut that leaves you salivating for more. Unfortunately you're still thirsty when the album's over. (M/M-) $30.

U-TURN-Living in the City-Laser(Australia, '77)-Scarce hard AOR with scorching dual guitars. (M-/EX,RWBC) $100.

UC HUREL-Same-Diskotur(Turkey, '72)-Middle Eastern echoed folk/psych in a lysergic stew of ethnic instruments mixed with acid guitar leads, bass, and drums. Only a precursor to their mind-frying second album listed below. For more affordable introductions to this genre, see the selection of Turkish singles in the prog/psych 45's section. Some non-LP items available. (EX/EX,SRW) $350.

UC HUREL-Hurel Arsivi-Diskotur(Turkey, '75)-Second, last and far rarer than their first. This has got to be in the top three thus-far discovered Turkish heavy progressive/psych monsters with the much-needed incorporation of Middle Eastern snakecharmer allure. Disc has a mass of hairlines thus the following visual grade but plays entirely strong EX to M-. For more affordable introductions to this genre, see the selection of Turkish singles in the prog/psych 45's section. Some non-LP items available. (VG++/EX,STIBC) $1750.


UGLY DUCKLINGS-Somewhere Outside-Yorktown(Canada, '66)-The ultimate in fuzz-loaded, snotty garage/punk; nine of the eleven songs are killer originals. (M/M-,MO) $1000 or (M-/EX+,MO,SRW,SPS) $750 or (EX/EX+,MO,SPS,TOC) $400 or (EX-/EX-,MO,SRW,TOC) $200.

UGLY DUCKLINGS-Off the Wall-Razor(Canada, '80)-Reunion LP. (M/M-) $20.

ULTIMATE SPINACH-Same-MGM(U.S., '68)-Another great psych band from Boston. (M-/EX+,FO,SSTNC) $100.

ULTIMATE SPINACH-Behold & See-MGM(U.S., '68,M/M-,COH) $125.

ULTIMATE SPINACH-Same-MGM(U.S., '69)-Third and final album. (M-/M-,XOL) $120.

UNCLE-Up Against the Wall-SSS(U.S., '79)-Rural Southern guitar piercing burners. (M-/M-,SIS) $200.

UNDERDOGS-Wasting Our Time-Pye(New Zealand, '70)-One of my favorite heavy psych efforts with screaming guitar, booming rhythms, and growling vocals. (M-/M-) $750 or (EX+/M-) $550.  

UNDERDOGS-see Headband

UNDERGROUND-Psychedelic Visions-Mercury Wing(U.S., '67)-Excellent fuzz exploito-psych LP. (M-/EX+,COH,SRW,SPS) $75.

UNDERGROUND ALL STARS-Extremely Heavy-Dot(U.S., '69)-Kim Fowley produced super-session of unnamed musical giants released around the same time as the great Masked Marauders' LP. Unlike the Marauders, songs are all covers, done quite well however. Spooky skull cover that over-kills V.U.'s second album cover. (M-/M-,SIS) $60 or (M-/FC EX,BC M-,RW) $40.

UNDERGROUND MOOD-Same-Flirt(Italy, '72)-Like Braen's Machine, another rare Italian exploitation psych instrumental fuzz guitar monster. (M-/FC EX,BC EX-,SPS,SRW,WOBC) $1250.

UNDERGROUND SET-go back to homepage and click onto the re-issue section

UNFOLDING-How to Blow Your Mind and Have a Freak Out Party-Audio Fidelity(U.S., '67)-Seriously rare psych oddity with one side tranced meditation weirdness and the other side being electric-sugar-cube fuzz guitar madness. This little psych-sploitation ditty is as good as Deep and the first copy here even has the near-impossible-to-find insert. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC M-,BC EX,WOBC,SSTNBC) $300.     

UNGAVA-Same-36(Canada, '76)-Rare, primarily instrumental guitar prog. (M-/EX,RW) $160.

UNICORN-Uphill All the Way-Transatlantic(U.K., '71)-Soothing floating pastoral progressive. (M-/M-,FO) $250.

UNICORN-Blue Pine Trees-Capitol(Canada, '74)-Beautiful progressive/folkrock with a partial rural feel. All three Capitol albums produced and assisted instrumentally by David Gilmour. (SS,COH) $18.

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UNIVERSAL IGNORANTS-Transitions-WFB(U.S., '68)-Unfortunately a split album with 2/3 of the vinyl taken up by the 'Up With People' clone Hilltones. Rest is superb West Coast sounding Airplane-school psych. Were the whole album Universal Ignorants (what a name!), this would be in the Mariani/first W.C.P.A.E.B. price realm. One of the rarest things on this list. For the completist or simply prep school music fan, I'll throw in the complete album by the Hilltones "Rebirth" with the M- copy. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,RW) $3500 or (EX/VG++,RW,FSPS,TIC) $1500.

UNO-Same-Fonit(Italy, '74)-Remnants of Osanna in the same complex progressive vein with rhythm changes galore and tons of guitars and keys. (M-/M-,FO) $250.

L'UOVO di COLOMBO-see L'UOVO di COLOMBO near the end of the "L" section

UPP-Same-Epic(U.S., '75)-Fusion/rock produced and helped out instrumentally by Jeff Beck. (SS,CC) $15.

UPP-This Way Upp-Epic(U.S., '76)-Also with Jeff Beck. (SS,CC) $15.

URIAH HEEP-see Harimau

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URSA MAJOR-Same-RCA(U.S., '72)-Heavy power trio featuring Alice Cooper's Dick Wagner. (M/M-,CON) $175.

UTOPIA-Same-Kent(U.S., '69)-Seldom ever seen down 'n' dirty heavy guitar psych; this is not the Todd Rundgren band. (M/EX+,FO,SRW) $300.

UTOPIA-Same-U.A.(Germany, '73)-Unplayed copy by this ex-Amon Duul Krautrock group, also obviously not the Todd Rundgren band. (M/M-,FO) $150.

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LOS V.I.P.'S-Same-Alanicky(Argentina, '65)-Good solid South American beat album. (EX-/FC EX+,BC EX,SRW,PSTABC,XOBC) $150.

V.I.P.'s-see Art

V.I.P.'s-see Spooky Tooth

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STEVE VAI-Flexable-Akashic(U.K., '84)-Guitar virtuoso. (M/M) $25.

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VAMPIRES-We're on the Road Again-Nitribitt(Switzerland, '78)-Killer hardrock band recorded live on tour. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,RW) $170.

LON & DERREK VAN EATON-Brother-Apple(U.S., '72)-Rural progressive/folk, and unsurprisingly being an Apple act, some Badfinger influences. (SS,FO) $50.

TOWNES VAN ZANDT-For the Sake of the Song-Poppy(U.S., '68)-Legendary rural folk story spinner. (M-/FC M-,BC EX,COH,RWBC) $150 or (M-/FC EX,BC EX-,COH,RW) $100.

TOWNES VAN ZANDT-Our Mother the Mountain-Poppy(U.S., '69,M-/M-,FO) $175.

TOWNES VAN ZANDT-Same-Poppy(U.S., '69)-Beautiful unplayed copy in shrink. (M/M,SIS) $200.

TOWNES VAN ZANDT-Delta Momma Blues-Poppy(U.S., '70)-This time we have a great unplayed copy in a less-than-perfect promo-stamped cover. (M/FC EX-,BC EX+,PSTABC,SRW,TIC) $150.

TOWNES VAN ZANDT-High, Low and In Between-Poppy(U.S., '71,SS,CC) $175.

TOWNES VAN ZANDT-The Late Great T.V.Z.-Poppy(U.S., '72,M-/EX,FO,RW) $150.

VANEXA-Same-Disco In(Italy, '82)-At the same time of the popularity height of N.W.O.B.H.M. came this Italian speed metal outfit; rare. (M-/FC EX,BC M-,AUTO,STIC,SSTNC) $60.


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VANILLA FUDGE-see Boomerang

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LES VARIATIONS-Moroccan Roll-Buddah(U.S., '74)-One of the first bands from the French music scene to plunge into the world of hardrock; this album with a Middle Eastern flavour sung in English. (SS,CON) $25.

LES VARIATIONS-Cafe de Paris-Buddah(U.S., '75,SS,FO,CON) $20.

VARIOUS-A Pot of Flowers-Mainstream(U.S., '67)-Wildflower, Harbinger Complex, Euphoria, Other Side. (M-/M-,SIS,COH) $200.

VARIOUS-A Psychedelic Six-Pack of Sound-Summit(U.S., '68)-One of America's rarest and best '60's comps featuring Coming Generation, Sounds of Us, Sound of Fury, Mavricks, Eighth Day, and Rising Tide. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-) $1500.

VARIOUS-Ain't it Hard!-Sundazed(U.S., '07)-Originally recorded on the hip Viva label, '60's sounds from L.A.'s happening Sunset Strip; Sound Sandwich, Second Helping, Leathercoated Minds, Wailers, Gypsy Trips, Shindogs. (SS) $30.

VARIOUS-Albert Archives-Albert(Australia, '79)-Missing Links, Easybeats, etc. (M/M,FO,MO) $40.

VARIOUS-Altin Mikrofon-Devir(Turkey, '68)-Erkin Koray, Mogollar, Haramiler, etc. (EX+/EX+) $1250.

VARIOUS-Baltimore's Teen Beat A Go Go-Dome(U.S., '66)-One of the best and rarest original '60's "battle of the bands" LP's. Songs by 24 Karat Five, Night Walkers, Del Prixs, Road Runners, Executioners, Amoebas, Rysing Suns, Chadwicks, Destination, and more. (M-/EX-,RW,SPS,TOC) $1250. 

VARIOUS-Battle of the Garages-Voxx(U.S., '81)-Chesterfield Kings, Crawdaddys, Plasticland, etc. (M/M) $15.

VARIOUS-Beyond the Calico Wall-Voxx(U.S., '90)-Park Avenue Playground, Afterglow, Bohemian Vendetta, Hooterville Trolley, Greek Fountains, Duffy, Pebble Episode, Cosmic Rock Show, Spontaneous Generation, Alva Starr, Pulse, Flower Power, Rasputin & the Mad Monks; scarce BLUE WAX pressing. (M/EX+,STIC) $40.

VARIOUS-The Big Freeze, Vol. 1-Dodecaphone(Belgium, '??)-Limited numbered 500 press of rare Belgian garage comp featuring the Snap Shots, Black Sharks, Tony & the Mule Station, Four Rockets, Picknicks, Dayaks, and more. (M-/M-) $75.

VARIOUS-Broken Dreams, Vol. 2-Line/Outline(Germany, '83)-St. Louis Union, Fairies, Birds, New Breed, Loose Ends, Blue Stars, Cops 'n' Robbers, Blues by Five, and more. (M-/M-) $40.

VARIOUS-Capitol Young Festival-Capitol(Japan, '68)-Happenings Four, Golden Cups, Wild Ones, Sherrys, and more great Nippon group sounds. Original RED WAX first pressing. (M-/M-,FO,WIN) $75.

VARIOUS-Chocolate Soup for Diabetics, Vol. 3-Relics(U.K., '83)-Felius Andromeda, Factory, Wimple Winch, Fleur de Lys, Poets, Graded Grains, and so much more. One of the first series of the great British garage/psych comps. (M-/EX+,MO,SRWBC) $100.

VARIOUS-Cool Aid Benefit Album, Vol. 1-Arthfor Special Products(Canada, '70)-Beautiful unplayed copy of psych comp featuring bands such as Mock Duck,  Papa Bear's Medicine Show, Black Snake, Route Nine, and more. (M/M,SIS) $225.

VARIOUS-Ear-Piercing Punk-Trash(U.S., '79)-Groupies, Herde, Mistic Tide, 12 more. (SS,MO) $30.

VARIOUS-Endless Journey, Phase 2-Psycho(U.K., '83)-Paisleys, Finchley Boys, Creme Soda, Flat Earth Society, Mint, Help, C.A. Quintet, Hunger, Faine Jade, Kak. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX+,MO) $50. 

VARIOUS-Epitaph for a Legend-IA(U.S., '78)-Bubble Puppy, 13th Floor Elevators, rare outtakes and unreleased rarities of many International Artists' acts, 2-LP set. (SS,FO) $90.

VARIOUS-Extremes: Excerpts from the Soundtrack-Deram(U.K., '72)-So you think you're hip to all the English Decca monsters? Read on: 4 great tracks by Arc (gorgeous folk to ultra-heavy), 3 way early cuts by Supertramp, 2 folk/spacers by Mark McCann, and 4 songs by Crucible whose Deram/Decca/Nova LP people would invade a small country for if it actually existed. "Hit It" is heaven on the turntable for guitar freaks. The entire LP flows smoothly despite the various artists angle. Inconceivable to me any fan of U.K. sounds not craving this secret monster. (M-/M-) $750.   

VARIOUS-First Vibration-Do It Now(U.S., '69)-Compilation LP with a "Speed Kills" message. Major artists (Beatles, Hendrix, Airplane, etc.) and the 45 only brain-blaster "Dancer" by Things to Come (worth the price of admission alone) along with nice Pepperland cover. (S1 VG++,S2 EX+/EX,SRW,SPS) $60.

VARIOUS-Flight to Lowlands' Paradise, Pt. 2-Moxie(U.S., '86)-Contains great Dutch garage/punk bands such as the Zipps, Tykes, Mods, Centaurs, Fallouts, Driftin' Five, Outsiders, and more. (SS) $90.

VARIOUS-Heavy Christmas-Pilz(Germany, '71)-Super Christmas compilation LP by artists signed with this respectable cult label; Virus, Ardo Dombec, Joy Unlimited, Dies Irae, Flute & Voice, etc. (M-/M-,FO) $200.  

VARIOUS-Heavy Metal Heroes-Heavy Metal(U.K., '81)-Buffalo, Split Beaver, Witchfinder General, etc. (M/M) $25.

VARIOUS-The History of Northwest Rock, Volume 1-Great Northwest Music Company(U.S., '76)-Frantics, Sonics, Bards, etc. (SS) $30.

VARIOUS-The History of Northwest Rock, Volume 2-Great Northwest Music Company(U.S., '78)-New Yorkers, Sonics, Springfield Rifle, etc. (SS) $30.

VARIOUS-The History of Northwest Rock, Volume 3-Great Northwest Music Company(U.S., '80)-Bumps, Breakers, Magic Fern, etc. (SS) $50.

VARIOUS-Hoosier Hotshots-Epilogue(U.S., '82)-Tikis, Dukes, Cirkit, plus 11 more. (M-/M-,WIN,MO) $25.

VARIOUS-I Love You Gorgo-Suemi(U.S., '68)-Never recorded bands (except for this beyond rare LP); Lode Star, Intruders, Truth. They do 3 or 4 songs each; all are originals and all are incredible garage fuzz punk/psych rippers or magical jangly folkrock. (SS) $700.

VARIOUS-Instrumental Madness!-Ostrich(U.S., '81)-Jades, Genteels, Shades, plus 13 more. (SS,MO) $30.

VARIOUS-Mod Meeting, Vol. 1-Style(U.K., '10)-Great split album featuring 8 songs by St. Louis Union on one side and another 8 songs by Richard Kent Style on the other. (M/M-) $40.

VARIOUS-Nuggets-Sire(U.S., '76)-Rare reissue of the Elektra press which was the initial garage/psych compilation, double album. (SS,FO) $25.

VARIOUS-Outsiders or Insiders-CNR(Holland, '65)-The best of the Dutch punk/beat/psych bands; Outsiders, Zipps, Cuby & the Blizzards, and Bintangs. Every track is a lost non-LP jewel; plays near perfect. (EX/FC EX,BC EX-,STIC,TSTNBC,RWBC,TIBC) $350.   

VARIOUS-Pebbles, Vol. 1-BFD(U.S., '79,SS,MO) $50.

VARIOUS-Pebbles, Vol. 2-BFD(U.S., '79,SS,MO) $50.

VARIOUS-Pebbles, Vol. 5-BFD(U.S., '79,SS,MO) $50 or (M/M,SIS,MO) $30.

VARIOUS-Pebbles, Vol. 6-BFD(U.S., '79,SS,MO) $50 or (M/M,SIS,MO) $30.

VARIOUS-Pebbles, Vol. 7-BFD(U.S., '79,SS,MO) $50 or (M/M,SIS,MO) $30.

VARIOUS-Pebbles, Vol. 8-BFD(U.S., '79,SS,MO) $50 or (M/M,SIS,MO) $30.

VARIOUS-Pebbles, Vol. 9-BFD(U.S., '80,SS,MO) $50 or (M/M,SIS,MO) $30.

VARIOUS-Pebbles, Vol. 10-BFD(U.S., '80,SS,MO) $50 or (M/M,SIS,MO) $30.

VARIOUS-Petal Pushers-Chess(U.S., '67)-Pinkerton's Colours, Bystanders, Pennsylvania Sixpence, etc. (SS,MO,COH) $60 or (M-/EX+,SRW) $30.

VARIOUS-Pop Coctail-Polydor(Greece, '71)-Killer compilation of heavy psych and prog bands; non-LP Socrates Drank the Conium, Poll, Charms, Morca, Blue Birds, and more. (EX+/FC M-,BC EX,RWBC) $250.

VARIOUS-Pop Festival Ljubljana '72-Slovenijakoncert(Yugoslavia, '72)-Great album to sample the plentiful but little known of (until the collapse of communism) Eastern European rock scene. Double album features 11 different bands (Time, Indexi, Alarm, etc.), a couple only available here. First and rarest of the "Boom" series. (M-/M-/EX+,FO,SRW) $250.

VARIOUS-Prae Kraut Pandaemonium, Vol. 15(Germany, '04)-Super Deutsch comp featuring the Dukes, Strangers, Johah & the Whales, Beethovens, Monks, Joint, Dynamites, and many more. (M-/M-,WIN) $40.

VARIOUS-Proven Blooms-Daffodil(Canada, '72)-Contains a nowhere-else-available song by Christmas and songs by Fludd, Crowbar, A Foot in Cold Water, etc. (SS) $75.

VARIOUS-Psychedelic Disaster Whirl-Frantic(U.S., '86)-Plague, Strange Fate, Perpetual Motion Workshop, Scorpio Tube, Caretakers of Deception, Last Knight, Inexpensive Handmade Look, Quiet Jungle, and more. (SS,MO) $150.

VARIOUS-Railroad (Blues, Rock & Jazz...)-Musikfolke(Sweden, '78)-Armada, Pax Romana, and Georg Haard Jazzgrupp; three bands playing the hell outta all three styles from the title. (M-/FC EX,BC M-,STIC,SRW) $75.

VARIOUS-The Recording Workshop-see Poobah  

VARIOUS-Samantha Promotions, Vol. 1-Transworld(U.K., '70)-Both volumes were pressed in less than 50 copies each and are in the Dark/Forever Amber rarity realms. Produced originally to help local underground talent get recording contracts. It didn't help (they were too good for major labels). No schlock here and all the music is in the heavy rock to psych veins. Bands include Vybes, Juganaut, Cloudburst, Odd Fox, Arandora's Life, Site Fade, The Ox, Flesh, and Damascas. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,XOBC) $3500.

VARIOUS-Samantha Promotions, Vol. 2-Transworld(U.K., '70)-Bands on this volume include Fringe Benefit, Amalgamation, Harold's Pipe, Lord Ruben, Black Thorn Winter, Free Expression, Spectromatic, Kat, and Smokey Bacon. Second copy of Vol. 2 listed here has no cover which is no great loss as there is no artwork or group pics, just information of which I will supply a photocopy. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,XOBC) $3500 or (M-) $1750.   

VARIOUS-Simla Beat '71-private(India, '71)-Second garage/fuzz explosion compilation from, of all places, India. Bands with names like Hipnotic Eye, Brood of Vipers, and Velvette Fogg and in a once-in-a-lifetime condition. (M-/EX+,SRWBC,SPS,STIBC) $1750.

VARIOUS-Sound Vision in Concert-Key(U.K., '70)-Compilation of live recordings with 2 cuts by the mighty Out of Darkness and various Christian folk artists. The Out of Darkness songs are exclusive to this vinyl. (M-/M-) $100 or (EX+/EX) $65.

VARIOUS-A Tribute to Woody Guthrie-Warner(U.S., '72)-Double album with Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie and more. (SS,FO,COH) $20.

VARIOUS-The V-Lips Greatest Hits-Frizzbee(Holland, '85)-Original first press of great Dutch '60's comp featuring Cuby/Blizzards, Scarlets, Skope, Heralds, Groep 1850, Falcons, Sound of Imker, Tykes, Q65, and more. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-) $60.

STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN-see Various artists "A New Hi"

VELVET NIGHT-Same-Metromedia(U.S., '70)-Heavy psych with that West Coast feel; fuzz guitar, throbbing organ, and beautiful female vocals. Probably now as rare as Christopher on the same label and with the same propensity to ring wear; however, this copy has NO ring wear unlike most others you see offered. (M-/M-) $750.

VELVET NIGHT-see Would  

VELVET OPERA-see Elmer Gantry

VELVET UNDERGROUND-...& Nico-Verve(U.S., '67)-Torso cover with no banana peel. (M-/EX-,FO,HRW) $250.

VELVET UNDERGROUND-...& Nico-Verve(U.S., '67)-Airbrushed cover with banana sticker, 1/2" missing at stem. (M-/EX+,FO,SRW,SPS) $190.

(VELVET UNDERGROUND)John Cale-Paris 1919-Reprise(U.S., '73,M/M-,WIN) $60.

VELVET UNDERGROUND-go to Records Around the World section for more listings

VENUS-Same-private(Germany, '75)-Since only 19 of these were purportedly pressed, you can do the math on the rarity quotient. Killer underground progressive/psych with wasted vocals and lysergic guitar flashes. Came in a plain cover with a paste-on inner sleeve (graded here as the cover). (M-/M-) $2000.

VERTO-Reel 1936-Fleau(France, '78)-Rarer second album of progressive Heldon-like heavy guitar. (M-/M-,WIN) $75.

VICE HUMAN-Same-Polyavlos(Greece, '84)-Early '70's sounding hardrock with English vocals; you can spend a lot more for a good ear-pounding and get less. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,SRW,STNBC) $125.

VICTIMS OF CHANCE-see Crazy People

LA VIDA-Same-Aristos(Mexico, '72)-What can I say? The ultimate south of the border garage/psych. Magical songs with lotsa fuzz; Mexico's best. (M-/M-,SIS,WSTNC) $3000.

VIGRASS & OSBORNE-Queues-Uni(U.S., '71)-Neat triple fold-open cover from former European Chocolate Watch Band member. (M-/M-,FO,WIN) $30 or (M-/M-,FO,WIN,PSTIBC) $30 or (M-/EX,FO,WIN,TIC) $20 or (EX/EX,FO,WIN,STIC) $12.

VIGRASS & OSBORNE-Steppin' Out-Epic(U.S., '75,EX+/EX-,DJTS,HRW) $15.

LOS VIKINGS-La Inmensidad-Dicesa(U.S., '67)-El Salvadoran garage/fuzz band apparently with its only releases in the States; nice fuzz and Farfisa breaks. (M-/M-,SIS) $400.

LOS VIKINGS-Same-Dicesa(U.S., '69,M-/M-) $400.

VIKINGS INVASION-Vol. 1-Penthouse(U.K., '70)-Heavy blues/rock band from Switzerland. Basement approach with snotty, howling vocals and piercing fuzz guitar blasts. (M-/EX+,SRW,SSTNC) $1750.

VILDKAKTUS-Vindarnas Vagar-Polydor(Sweden, '71)-If memory serves correctly, these are the second and third albums by excellent key/guitar oriented progressive group. (M-/M-) $300.

VILDKAKTUS-Natten-Ljudspar(Sweden, '73)-Fragile cover in as nice a condition as can be expected. (M-/EX+,FO) $275. 

VILLE EMARD BLUES BAND-Same-Funkebec(Canada, '75)-Surprisingly good blues effort with the occasional jazzy/funky touch. Mostly English vocals. (M-/EX+,FO,COH,SRW) $75.

VINNIE VINCENT-go to Records Around the World section

VINEGAR JOE-go to Records Around the World section

V.I.P.'S-go to Records Around the World section

VISITOR-Take It-Visitor(U.S., '83)-Another big one from the early '80's, this is heavy blitzkrieg progressive/rock and getting sooo rare. Raw ruthless guitar muggings and earthquake rhythm section; hardrock Disneyland. (SS) $200.

VISITORS-Same-Decca(France, '74)-Dark heavy prog with doomy vocals, crazed fuzz guitar, and roaring organ. (M-/M-,FO,PSTIC,PSTIL) $1000.

VIZION-Rock for Your Life-Future(U.S., '80)-Cookin' hardrock private with wild-ass female vocalist and ripping fuzz leads. (SS) $200.

TON VLASMAN-White Rooms with Disintegrating Walls-Flame(Holland, '70)-Wasted acid folk/psych showcasing shimmering acoustic guitar, weird effects, and Robert Zimmerman styled vocals. (EX+/EX,SPS) $600.

VODKA COLLINS-Tokyo/New York-Express(Japan, '73)-Parts are heavy progressive/psych much like the better cuts on the Swiss Spot album while other parts that are more straight forward remind me of T-Rex. Great guitar throughout with some backwards bits and mostly English vocals. (M/M-,OBI,WLP,FO,WIN,SPS) $750 or (M-/FC EX,BC M-,FO, WIN,TIC,SPS) $400 or (EX+/EX-,FO,WIN,WOC,WOL,SPS,SRWBC) $300.

VOIZ-Boanerges-Grapevine(U.K., '77)-Dutch band releasing their album only in England; Christian hardrock with explosive leads. (M-/M-) $200.

VOLCANIA-L'Agression-Dream Music(France, '78)-Sticker on the cover says, "The Leading French Punk Group", I say DOG POOP!! I don't know whether this claim was just a scam on the buying public trying to capitalize on the popularity of the punk movement, or if the instigator of that sticker was terminally deaf under the influence of belladonna, but THIS IS NOT PUNK. It IS aggressive hardrock with scorching fuzz guitar, and I never see it in a list. (M-/M-,STIC) was $150--now $90 or (M-/FC M-,BC EX,SPS,WOBC) was $125--now $75 or (M-/FC EX+,BC EX-,STIC,CON,SRWBC,TIBC) was $100--now $60 or (M-/FC EX+,BC EX-,STIC,SRWBC) was $100--now $60.

MARK VOLLMAN-go to Records Around the World section

VOO LIVRE-Same-CGC(Brazil, '81)-Incredibly rare and incredibly brilliant heavy guitar psych sounding 10 years earlier. (M-/EX,STNC,TIBC,STIBC) was $1250--now $500.

VOX DEI-La Biblia-Disc Jockey(Argentina, '71)-Double album set and by far the best effort by these blues-based heavy guitar psych rippers. Long songs and these are hard-to-find perfect-play copies; first copy listed here may be among the best condition of this title on the planet. (M-/M-/M-,FO) $500 or (EX+/EX+/EX,FO,TOC) was $325--now $275.

VOX DEI-Jeremias, Pies de Plomo-Disc Jockey(Argentina, '72,EX+/FC EX-,BC EX+,TOC,RW,WOL,STIL) was $140--now $100.

VOX DEI-Cuero Caliente-Disc Jockey(Argentina, '73)-Heavy fuzz rippers with an underlying blues base. (M-/EX+) was $200--now $160.

VOX DEI-La Nave Infernal-Disc Jockey(Argentina, '73)-Killer live album, gold cover version. (M-/EX) was $160--now $130.     

VOX DEI-Para...-CBS(Argentina, '74,EX+/FC EX,BC M-,FO,TIC) was $140--now $100.

VOX DEI-La Biblia en Vivo 1986-B.B.(Argentina, '86)-Classic music from 1971's double album masterpiece recorded in its entirety on one disc 15 years later. (M/M-,WIS) was $80--now $60

VULCAN-Meet Your Ghost-13(U.S., '85)-Private press of 200 copies recorded in the late '70's with homemade sound and look; distorted guitar jams from a true Hendrix worshipper. EX+ copy plays perfectly. (M/M) $500 or (EX+/EX+,TIC) was $325--now $275.

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WABASH RESURRECTION-Get it Off!-Pepperhead(U.S., '75)-Heavy stoned backwoods boogie psych with ferocious guitar out-bursts, soooo rare now. (SS) $400.

RICHARD WAGNER-Same-Atlantic(U.S., '78)-Symphonic guitar rock by Alice Cooper sideman. (SS/EX+,CON,WSTNC) $20.

WAILERS-Fabulous...-Golden Crest(U.S., '62)-Second press of 1959 LP with b&w cover pic and title in blue print. This and their next album are quality Northwest frat/punk. (M/M-,MO) $150.

WAILERS-Wailers & Company-Etiquette(U.S., '63,VG++/FC EX,BC EX-,MO,SRW,WOBC,TIBC) $50.

WAILERS-...Everywhere-Etiquette(U.S., '65)-This album and the "Out of our Tree" album are just as good as the Sonics (on the same label) and just as rare if not rarer. (M-/EX+,COH) was $425--now $375.

WAILERS-Out of our Tree-Etiquette(U.S., '66,M-/M-) $500.

WALFLOWER COMPLEXTION-Same-Daro(Colombia, '67)-First album from young U.S. North American ex-patriots living in Colombia (actually probably a bunch of diplomats' brats) laying down some absolutely killer garage grunge; pretty clean copy from this part of the world. (S1 EX,S2 EX+/EX-,SPS,TIC) $1500.

WALI/AFRO CARAVAN-Home Lost and Found-Sonobeat(U.S., '69)-Rare label-mate to Mariani in 180 degrees different style; unleashing a litany of tribal chants and percussive rhythms with flute accompaniment, issued in the usual plain white hand-stamped Sonobeat cover. A good deal if you are a label completist trying to acquire the third and final issue on Austin's iconic Sonobeat label along with the aforementioned Mariani and the first Johnny Winter album. (M-/VG++,RW,SPS) was $400--now $200.

WALKER BROS.-go to Records Around the World section

WALNUT BAND-Go Nuts-Appaloosa(U.S., '76)-West Coast Dead-head/Allmans proteges, quite rare private issue. (M/M,SIS) $300.

WANKA-The Orange Album-Axe(Canada, '77)-Obscure hardrock with over-the-top guitar riffs. (SS,COH) $190 or (M/EX+,SRW) was $160--now $140

WARLOCK-Same-Music Merchant(U.S., '72)-Scarce bluesy underground psych with good guitar, flute, and swirling organ. (M/M-,SIS,CON) $200 or

WASTED RANGERS-Same-private(U.S., '79)-2-LP set in plain cover, another Dead-style rural West Coast psycher. First copy listed has the insert and bonus single. (M/M/M,WIN) $125 or (M/M/M) $75.

ROGER WATERS-go to Records Around the World section

WAY WE LIVE-see Tractor


CARL WAYNE-go to Records Around the World section

KENNY WAYNE/KAMOTIONS-In Motion-Candy(U.S., '69)-Rare Texas album of 1/2 R'n'B covers and 1/2 psych originals with cool organ and tremelo/wah-wah guitar. (M-/M-,SIS) $300 or (S1 EX,S2 M-/M-) was $225--now $150.

KENNY WAYNE-Borned with the Blues & Raised on Rock 'n' Roll-Candy(U.S., '84)-Transition to blues and boogie rock 'n' roll. (M/EX+,CC,SSTNC) $35.

DARRYL WAY'S WOLF-see Curved Air

WE ALL TOGETHER-Same-Mag(Peru, '71)-Strong popsike w/fuzz and backwards parts. A great album in the style of the Beatles and Left Banke, even doing a marvelous job of covering Badfinger's "Carry on Till Tomorrow". (M-/M-) $300.

WE ALL TOGETHER-Volumen II-Mag(Peru, '72)-Second, much rarer, and even better than their great first album. This one never surfaces in anywhere near this condition. (M-/EX,FO) $400.

WE FIVE-go to Records Around the World section

WE THE PEOPLE-Too Much Noise-Sundazed(U.S., '08)-Comp of this Florida group's great singles; "One would be hard-pressed to name a single garage-rock era American group with more solid in-house songwriting than We the People." (M-/M-,SIS) $25.

WEASLES-see Beatles, click here for Beatles

WEB-see Samurai

MAX WEBSTER-go to Records Around the World section

WEED-see Virus

WEIGHT-Music Is the Message-Bertram International(U.S., '72)-Trio of club musicians rocking thru the hits of the era and taking themselves all too seriously, a fun album for all who will listen. (SS) $125.

BOB WEIR-go to Records Around the World section

C.L. WELDON-see Houston's Natural Gass

WENDY & BONNIE-Genesis-Skye(U.S., '68)-Angelic female vocal duo with drifty, ethereal, magical organ-based psych. (M-/M-,SIS,CON,SSTNL) $250.

WERWOLF-Creation-private(Germany, '82)-Long tunes of guitar/organ dominated decade-earlier-sounding progressive with haunting female vox. (M-/M-) $400.

WEST-Bridges-Epic(U.S., '69)-All plays M- except for gouges on the first song on side one which render it unplayable (M- grade on S1 reflects the condition of all other tracks other than the first song). (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-,SIS,COH) $25.

LESLIE WEST-go to Records Around the World section

MAE WEST-Way out West-Tower(U.S., '66)-Sex queen of the '30's becomes the rock 'n' roll diva of the '60's. Well not quite, but she is backed by a pretty good band and her covers of "Day Tripper", "Boom Boom", and "Shakin' All Over" are interesting to say the least. If you can't have fun listening to this, you're as dead as she is. First copy has the rare insert. (M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,WIN,SRW,TIC) was $90--now $60 or (EX/EX+,MO,SRW,SPS) was $40--now $25.

WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND-Part One-Reprise(U.S., '67)-All three Reprise albums contain some of the best, most essential major label psych laid down on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. This copy is a rare pristine MONO. (M-/M-,MO,XOL) $500.


WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND-A Child's Guide to Good & Evil-Reprise(U.S., '68)-Last copy is a rare MONO that plays with some surface noise. (M-/M-) $350 (SOLD) or (EX/VG+,HRW,TIBC) $75 or (EX/EX,MO,WLP,RW,PSTIC) $225.

WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND-Where's My Daddy?-Amos(U.S., '69,SS,CC) $250.


WET WILLIE-Same-Capricorn(U.S., '72)-One of the best Southern rock bands. (SS,FO,CC) $40.

WET WILLIE-Keep on Smilin'-Capricorn(U.S., '74,SS,CON) $20.

WET WILLIE-Dixie Rock-Capricorn(U.S., '75,SS,CC) $10 or (M/M-,PL,SIS,CON) $20.

WET WILLIE-The Wetter the Better-Capricorn(U.S., '76,SS,CON) $20.

WET WILLIE-Left Coast Live-Capricorn(U.S., '77,SS,CC) $20.

WHAT'S IT TO YA-Same-Huh(U.S., '75)-Breezy pastoral private press with nice vocal harmonies and strong guitar; showing up in want lists of late. (M-/M-) $200.

WHEATSTONE BRIDGE-Bad Connection-San Ron(U.S., '76)-Hard guitar rocker with a psych edge. (M-/M-,SIS) $250.

WHIPPING POST-So We Are-Musk Project(Switzerland, '80)-Wild key/guitar symphonic progressive. (M/M-) $150.

WHISKEY HOWL-Same-Warner(Canada, '72)-Flip, flop, and fly/shake, shimmy, and shout harp-blowin' boogie rock. (EX+/EX+,SRW,COH) was $90--now $75.

ALAN WHITE-go to Records Around the World section

CHRIS WHITE-go to Records Around the World section

WHITE DUCK-Same-UNI(U.S., '71)-Rural rock with harmonies, gritty vocals, shrieking leads; pre-John Hiatt. (M-/EX+,COH,SPS,XOBC) $50.

WHITE LIGHT-Same-Century(U.S., '70)-Wasted bluesy acid garage psych; plenty-o-fuzz. This is version with eleven songs including "Heartbreak Hotel". Absolutely flawless unplayed copy. (M/M-) $800.

WHITE LIGHT-Same-Century(U.S., '70)-Second and much rarer pressing with four different songs; nine songs total. (M-/M-) $1000.

(WHITE LIGHT)MISSISSIPPI-Velvet Sandpaper-Taurus Scorpio(U.S., '73)-Essentially the second White Light album. One side is laid-back West Coast style folk/rock while the other side rattles your turntable with heavy guitar blues/psych. Comes with a set of singles containing six songs not on the album. (M/M,SIS) $1000.  


(WHITE WITCH)RON GOEDERT-Breaking All the Rules-Polydor(U.S., '80)-Hard rockin' guitar. (M-/EX,SSTNC,SRW,WLP,PSTABC) $20.

WHITESNAKE-go to Records Around the World section

BOBBY WHITLOCK-go to Records Around the World section

WHO-see I Am

WHO-go to Records Around the World section

WICKED KITCHEN STAFF-Debbie Grills Pulls Her Socks Up-Shout(U.K., '83)-Percussion, effects, and general weirdness power this acid-inspired cult favorite. (M-/M,COH,SPS) $50.

WIDOWMAKER-Same-UA(U.S., '76)-With Ariel Bender ex- of Mott the Hoople. (SS,COH) $20.

WIDOWMAKER-Too Late to Cry-UA(U.S., '77,SS,COH) $20.

WILD FANG-The Promised Airwaves-Mugician(U.S., '80)-Good late garagey sounds. (M-/EX,SRW,SSTNC,SSTNL) $75.

WILD GENTLEMEN-Same-Exlibris(Switzerland, '67)-Excellent Euro-beat. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,XOL,XOBC) was $250--now $200.

WILD HORSES-Same-EMI(U.K., '80)-Ex-Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson struts his stuff with a new herd of heavy rockin' stallions. (M/M-,WIS) $25.

WILD OATS-Same-Clouds(U.S., '77)-Breezy rural rockers helped out by the legendary Rick Roberts of the Burrito Bros. (M-/EX+,WIS,CON,SRW,TOC) $25.

WILD ONES-The Arthur Sound-UA(U.S., '65)-Beat band doing mix of covers and originals recorded live at some nightclub named Arthur (like we should be impressed). Good set, though. (EX/EX+,MO,WOBC) $25.

WILD THINGS-Suddenly...-Date(U.K., '69)-R 'n' B/pop. (M-/EX-,TIC,HRWBC) $60.

WILD TURKEY-go to Records Around the World section

WILDEBEEST-Bushrock-Rap(So. Africa, '80)-Sounding more early '70's; tribal folk/psych with mystical femme vocals, barbaric guitar assaults, ethnic percussion, and screeching violin. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,TSTNBC) $1400.

WILDERNESS ROAD-Sold for Prevention of Disease Only-Reprise(U.S., '73)-Rural boogie rockers with cookin' guitar leads(even Middle Eastern sounding in parts). Contains one of the best parody songs ever; "The Gospel" has a radio evangelist exhorting his listeners to feel the power by putting "your hands on the radio, put your hands in the light socket". (SS,FO,CC) $40 or (M-/EX,FO,RW) $20.

WILDMARKEN-Same-EMI(Sweden, '76)-Loud guitar-blasting hardrock like fellow Swedes November. (M-/M-) $175.

WILDWEEDS-Same-Vanguard(U.S., '70)-Rural folk/psych with future member of NRBQ. (M-/M) $90.

WILKINSON TRICYCLE-Same-Date(U.S., '69)-Heavy psych threesome; ripping bluesy fuzz leads and aerial vocals. (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,WIN,SRW) was $225--now $175.

BO WILSON BAND-Same-The Record Company(Sweden, '83)-Raw and rare heavy bluesrock sung in English with ferocious guitar/harmonica battles. (M-/M-) $250.

DENNIS WILSON-see Beach Boys

JOEY WILSON-Modern Records-Specialty(U.S., '80)-Test pressing (no commercial release) of pretty straight guitar rock. Track listing and info sheet taped on back cover. (M-/EX,RW) $50.

WILSON McKINLEY-Heaven's Gonna Be a Blast!-Voice of Elijah(U.S., '68)-Rare first by West Coast Christian psych crew. (M-/M-) was $500--now $450.

WILSON McKINLEY-On Stage-Voice of Elijah(U.S., '68)-First copy listed has red labels and an orange cover with abstract images of their faces. Second copy has yellow labels with a taped together cardboard cover with silk screened graphics. (M-/EX+,SRW,TIC) was $450--now $350 or (M-/EX+) was $450--now $350

WILSON McKINLEY-Spirit of Elijah-private(U.S., '70)-West Coast Christian acid psych with ringing heavy folkrock style guitars. (S1 M-,S2 EX/EX,RW,TIC) was $450--now $275.

(WILSON McKINLEY)FRANK STARR-You Can't Disguise Religion-Starr(U.S., '71)-This Elvis-like rocker becomes an ordained minister and teams up with the "Wilson McKinley Jesus Rock Band" as they are called on the cover. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX,RW,SSTNC) was $150--now $125.

JESSE WINCHESTER-Same-Ampex(U.S., '70)-First press first album of southern-fried rural rock. (M-/M-,FO,COH) $35.

(WIND)CORPORAL GANDER'S FIRE DOG BRIGADE-On the Rocks-Europa(Italy, '70)-The opening shrink is split about 90% along the edge, but the extreme top and bottom ends are still sealed making it impossible for the record to have ever been removed and played. (SS) was $75--now $60.

WIND-Make Believe-Life(U.S., '69)-Orchestrated easy rock with a great mirrored silver cover. (SS) $50.

WIND IN THE WILLOWS-go to Records Around the World section

LESZEK WINDER-Blues Forever-Polskie Nagrania(Poland, '85)-You guessed it, Eastern European blues with long, extended songs. (M-/M-) $50.

LESZEK WINDER-Bezdommne Psy-Polskie Nagrania(Poland, '88,M-/EX,SRW,TIBC) $35.

WINDFLOWER-Dreams-McKee(U.S., '76)-Credit to W.G. for saying in his list about Windflower, "Monstertime here! Still undiscovered awesome U.S. guitar drenched hard psych with tons of fuzz-tone leads and strong, out-there vocals. If tapes fly around, this album's gonna get a huge reputation!" This album has sold for $500+. Refer to the DALLAS LP listing for details on how to win a copy of this album. (SS) was $300--now $250.

WINDWORDS-Shootin' the Breeze-private(U.S., '79)-Left coast sounding acid folk/psych with amazing fuzz guitar interludes. (M-/M-) $250.

WINGED STALLION-Journey's Long-private(U.S., '84)-San Francisco area band that undoubtedly had listened to one or two Jefferson Airplane and It's A Beautiful Day albums. Recorded 15 years after their major musical influences, and now almost 30 years old itself. (M-/M-,WIN) was $225--now $175.

WINGS-Same-Dunhill(U.S., '68)-Gentle folkrock with male/female vocals and jangly guitars, occasional fuzz intrusions. (SS,COH) $90.

WINGS-see Beatles, click here for Beatles

WINKIES-Same-Chrysalis(U.K., '75)-Overlooked rural hardrock with some twisted psych guitar parts, unplayed disc. (M/M) $50.

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JOHNNY WINTER-go to Records Around the World section

WINTERHAWK-Dog Soldier-Mother Earth(U.S., '80)-Vanished loud hard guitar rock in the Midnight, Amulet, and Sorcery realms. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,RW) was $250--now $200.

WISHBONE ASH-go to Records Around the World section

WISHFUL THINKING-Live Vol. 1-Decca(U.K., '68)-Live set of great cover versions such as "Walk Away Renee", "California Girls", "Reach Out" and more. (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC) $100.

WITCHFYNDE-Give 'em Hell-Rondelet(U.K., '80)-Satanic heavy Black Sabbath proteges; both titles offered here are immaculate unplayed copies. (M/M-) $50.

WITCHFYNDE-Stagefright-Rondelet(U.K., '80,M/M-,WIS) $40.

WIZARD-see Gandalf the Grey

WIZARD-The Original...-Peon(U.S., '71)-Thoroughly wasted heavy psych trio; wailing banshee-like vocals, brain-splintering fuzz guitar lashings, and that hallowed totally private look and feel. (M-/M-,XOL) $1000.

WIZARD'S CONVENTION-go to Records Around the World section

WIZZARD (w/Roy Wood)-go to Records Around the World section

RON WOOD-see Rolling Stones, click here for Rolling Stones