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Prog & Psych Re-Issue LP's List

Grading: Disc/Cover

A-CADS-Same-Thorns(So. Africa, '66)-World class freakbeat. (M/M-) $75.

A TO AUSTR-Same-Holyground(U.K., '70)-Eccentric progressive folk/psych weirdness; orange colored slip-cover. (M-/M-,MO) $60.

A TO AUSTR-Same-Holyground(U.K., '70)-Same album as above but with the more authentic-looking wrap-around bronze colored cover. (M/M-,MO,FO) $80.

MIGUEL ABUELO/NADA-Same-private(France, '73)-French only LP of Argentinian prog/psych beast; this is the early re-issue with the single-pocket negative-color-image cover. I have included full color lazer-Xerox copies of the original front and back covers. (M/M-) $40.

ACTION-The Ultimate Action-Edsel(U.K., '80)-Iconic freakbeat band's compilation of their great singles, future Mighty Baby. (M-/EX+,MO) $45.

AFFINITY-Same-Akarma(U.S., '70)-Top-notch U.K. progressive band; Linda Hoyle's magical vocals. (SS,FO) $50.**

AFTER SHAVE-Skin Deep-Bullshit(France, '72)-First re-issue of heavy prog/psych masterpierce pressed on opaque brown vinyl and housed in a single-pocket paste-on cover. (M/M-) $100.

AGAPE-Gospel Hard Rock-Habla(U.S., '71)-Californian heavy blues/psych, Christian lyrics, some great fuzz parts. (M/M-) $50.

AGITATION FREE-Malesch-I.R.I.(Germany, '72)-Outstanding effects and wild guitar flowing in and out of ethereal soundscapes; blue vinyl first re-issue of this classic Krautrock LP. (M/M-) $90.

AGUATURBIA-Volumen 2-Mezcal(Chile, '70)-First re-issue of amazing heavy psych LP featuring backwards fuzz leads and baneful femme vocals. (M-/M-) $60.

ALBERO MOTORE-Il Grande Gioco-Akarma(Italy, '74)-Blend of Italian progressive and classic rock. (SS,FO) $35.

ALL OF THUS-Same-Rockadelic(U.S., '66)-New York state raw basement garage fuzz punk. (M/M) $125.

AMBROSE SLADE-Beginnings-Fontana(U.K., '69)-Musically in no way like their later Slade incarnation, but great psych on a level with the amazing Open Mind and Pussy; old re-issue with white Fontana label. (M/FC M-,BC EX+,SSTNBC) $75. 

AME SON-Catalyse-Wah Wah(Germany, '69)-French progressive band with the German cover. (M/M,FO,WIN) $25.

AMERICAN BLUES-Is Here-Akarma(U.S., '67)-Heavy psych band from Texas; pre-ZZ Top with Frank Beard and Dusty Hill. This is a 10" album. (SS) $40.

AMERICAN BLUES EXCHANGE-Blueprints-Void(U.S., '69)-Bluesy stoned garage/psych; loads of fun for fuzz guitar lovers. This is the rare blue/white splash vinyl re-issue. (M/M-,WIS) $75.***

ANALOGY-Same-Ohrwaschl(Italy, '72)-Doomy psych monster German band with lysergic leads and stoned female vocals abounding. This is the reissue with the nude poster and not the "foot" poster. (M/FC EX+,BC M-,WIN) $50.

ANCIENT GREASE-Women and Children First-private(U.K., '70)-Wonderful and totally underrated heavy bluesy underground LP. (M/M-) $50.

ANDWELLAS DREAM-Love and Poetry-Thorns(U.K., '69)-Heavy swingin' London ultra-rare popsike like Koobas and Apple. (M/M-) $50.

ANONYMOUS-Inside the Shadow-OR(U.S., '76)-Wondeful psych with superb fuzz leads and alternating male/female vocals. This is the superior early reissue with the paste-on cover and two inserts;  limited to 375 numbered copies. (M/M-,WIN) $225.

(ANONYMOUS)J. RIDER-Anonymous No Longer-Akarma(U.S., '96)-Musically the equal of the above LP. (SS) $35.

APPLE-An Apple a Day...-Page One(U.K., '69)-One of the top 3 in British popsike; this is the white label Page One reissue. (M/M-) $75.

APPLE-An Apple a Day...-Acme Gramophone(U.K., '69)-Another reissue of this popsike classic with better print resolution on the back cover showing the group member's faces much more distinctly. (M/M-) $90.

ARCADIUM-Breathe Awhile-Middle Earth(U.K., '69)-Heavy downer psych dominated by fuzz-drenched distorted guitar, tortured vocals, and cathedral-like organ; this is the old blue label Middle Earth reissue. (M/EX+) $150.

ARCADIUM-Breathe Awhile-Middle Earth(U.K., '69)-This is the later blue label Middle Earth reissue. (M/M-)-$50.

ARCADIUM-Breathe Awhile-Middle Earth(U.K., '69)-This reissue has a white label with the original Middle Earth catalog number (MDLS 302) but no Middle Earth logo. (M/M-) $80.

ARCADIUM-Breathe Awhile-Akarma(U.K., '69,SS) $75.

ART-Supernatural Fairy Tales-Thorns(U.K., '67)-Legendary British prog/psych; ex-V.I.P.'s and pre-Spooky Tooth. (M/M-,MO) $40.

ARZACHEL-Same-Akarma(U.K., '69)-Whirling keys and guitar highlight this classic British psych rarity featuring Steve Hillage on guitar. (SS) $50.

AU GO-GO SINGERS-They Call Us the...-Roulette(U.S., '64)-Unheralded folk group with pre-Buffalo Springfield Steve Stills and Richie Furay. (SS) $40.

AUGUST-Same-Shadoks(U.S., '67)-Call me crazy, but this is as good to me as the similarly-styled Bachs LP. (SS) $75.

BACHS-Out of the...-Del Val(U.S., '68)-Fantastic garage psych/folkrock with snakey fuzz guitar and spacey vocals. (M/M) $100.

IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO-Sirio 2222-Profondo Nero(Italy, '70)-One of the top five Italian heavy progressive/psych pieces. Screeching loud fuzz attacks with crazed vocals. (M/M) $75.

BARBARIANS-Same-Rhino(U.S., '79)-Same songs as the original LP but with the bonus song "Moulty"; totally unique cover to the Laurie issue. (SS) $60 or (SS/FC M-,BC EX,WSTNBC) $50 or (M/FC M-,BC EX,SPS,TIBC) $40.***

BARDS-The Moses' Lake Recordings-Gear Fab(U.S., '02)-Superb garage punk from 1969. (SS) $30.

SYD BARRETT-The Madcap Laughs-Harvest(U.K., '70)-Premier solo album by insane Pink Floyd genius; pressed on green vinyl. (M/M) $50.

BENT WIND-Sussex-Del Val(Canada, '68)-Holy Grail of North American heavy psych. (M/M-) $75.

BENT WIND-Sussex-Acme(Canada, '68)-Limited to 500 numbered copies. (M/M-) $60.

BETTY-Handful-Shadoks(U.S., '71)-Monster heavy psych. (SS) $75.***

BIG BROTHER/ERNIE JOSEPH-Confusion-Akarma(U.S., '70)-West Coast heavy psych/rock. (M/M,SIS) $30.

BIG STAR-# 1 Record-Big Beat(U.S., '72)-Holy Grail of U.S. power pop. (M/M-) $40.

BIG STAR-Radio City-Ardent(U.S., '74)-Their second album. (M/M-) $40.

BIRMINGHAM SUNDAY-A Message from...-Akarma(U.S., '68)-Monster U.S. psych. (SS) $50.***

BLACK WIDOW-Sacrifice-Get Back(U.K., '70)-Demonic progressive rock. (M/M,FO) $40. 

BLACKWATER PARK-Dirt Box-Second Battle(Germany, '71)-Hard guitar progressive rock. (M/M-,FO,WIN) $125.

BLESSED END-Movin' On-Akarma(U.S., '71)-Doorsy garage psych; second sealed copy is more than 90% shrink split at the opening. (SS) $75 or (SS) $60.

BLO-Chapter One-private(Nigeria, '73)-African heavy psych; rare first reissue limited to 375 numbered copies. (M/M,SIS) $75.

BLO-Step Three-Hot Casa(Nigeria, '75)-Reissue of third LP from this heavy psych/funk troupe. (M/M,FO) $40.

BLOSSOM TOES-We Are Ever So Clean-Astrozombie(U.K., '67)-All-time classic pop/psych. (M/M) $50.

BLOSSOM TOES-If Only for a Moment-NTS(U.K., '69)-In their heavier prog/psych phase; I believe this is the first ever reissue of this LP. (M/EX+,SSTNC) $75.

BLOSSOM TOES-If Only for a Moment-Marmalade(U.K., '69)-Later reissue. (M/M) $50.

BLOSSOM TOES-The Psychedelic Sound of Blossom Toes-private(Sweden, '67)-Incredible live performance captured in 1967 at a Swedish nightclub; amazing sound quality for an audience effort. This cover has the same picture of the band as the rare Italian "Psychedelic Sound..." LP, but instead of full color, it is an orange tinted sleeve. This copy is the first pressing in the super fragile cover and limited to 200 numbered copies. (M/M-) $100. 

BLUES ADDICTS-Same-Shadoks(Denmark, '70)-Brutal, crude heavy psychedelic blues. (SS) $75.

BODKIN-Same-Sonic Underground(U.K., '72)-Monster rare British heavy psych; green cover reissue with paste-on back cover and limited to 250 numbered copies. (M/M-) $100 or (M-/EX+) $75.

BODKIN-Same-Akarma(U.K., '72)-Issued in an amazing gimmix 6-panel cross-shaped cover. (M/M,FO) $60.

BOHEMIAN VENDETTA-Same-Mainstream(U.S., '68)-Pure psychedelia; flagship piece of the Mainstream label. This is the blue vinyl reissue. (M-/EX+) $40.

BOLDER DAMN-Mourning-Rockadelic(U.S., '71)-Ultimate all-time heavy rocker. (M/M,WIN) $60.

BOREALIS-Sons of the Sea-Audat(Canada, '72)-Super rare progressive/psych with great keyboards/fuzz guitar interplay. (M-/M) $50.

BOREALIS-Sons of the Sea-Void(Canada, '72,M/M,WIN) $35.

BOW STREET RUNNERS-Same-Sundazed(U.S., '69)-Magical realm of charming holy grail acid monsters; mystic male/female vocals, ear-piercing fuzz, spooky organ, the total perfect psychedelic package. (SS) $30.

BRAIN POLICE-Same-Rockadelic(U.S., '68)-Psych monster from San Diego in wonderful die-cut cover; this is the green vinyl press of which only 50 exist. (M/M,WIN) $100.

BRAIN POLICE-Same-Rockadelic(U.S., '68)-Same as above but the commercial black vinyl issue. (M/M,WIN) $50.

BRAIN POLICE-Same-Akarma(U.S., '68)-Same as above in a different gatefold cover. (SS,FO) $50.***

BRIGADE-Last Laugh-Shadoks(U.S., '70)-Beyond rare psych with stoned vocals, fuzz leads, and churning organ. (SS) $75.

BRINCOS-Mundo Demonio Carne (World Devil Body)-SiWan(Spain, '70)-Initial prog/psych effort from previous beat band. (SS) $30.

BRITISH MODBEATS-Mod Is...-Flash(Canada, '67)-Great Merseybeat and freak beat sounds from this wild Canadian bunch; cover of them in their flowered over-exaggerated bell-bottom trousers is a must see; limited to 500 copies. (M/M,MO) $50.

BRITISH NORTH-AMERICAN ACT-In the Beginning...-Antar(Canada, '68)-Dreamy baroque garage/psych with acid guitar and floating keys; rare early reissue with black & white negative pic of the band on the front cover. (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SSTNBC) $60.

BRITISH NORTH-AMERICAN ACT-In the Beginning...-Now(Canada, '68)-Exact cover reissue. (M/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC) $60.

BUBBLES-Raw and Unreleased-Groovie(U.S., '10)-Beat band from Brazil that went on to form the legendary psych group A Bolha. This album contains their only released single from 1966, unreleased studio tracks recorded from 1966 to 1969, and the rare and fantastic first single recorded as A Bolha from 1971. (SS,WIN) $40.

BUFFALO-Only Want You for Your Body-Creation Kawi(Australia, '74)-Legendary over-the-top blistering hard rock; early first reissue. (M/M) $40.


BUMP-Same-Pioneer(U.S., '70)-Dreamy melodic to intensely powerful organ/guitar psych; old first reissue with built-in ring wear and sticker stain on the cover from the original coy that was used to reproduce the image. (M/M-) $50.

BUTTERFINGERS-Same-Little Indians/Shadoks(U.S., '72)-Instrumentally mind-frying heavy fuzz psych and vocally like a Vegas lounge act; limited to 450 numbered copies. (SS) $200.

C.O.B.-Moyshe McStiff and the Tartan Lancers of the Sacred Heart-St. George(U.K., '72)-Superb British psychedelic/folk; early single-pocket reissue. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+) $40.

CANAMII CONCEPT-Same-Missing Vinyl(So. Africa, '80)-Progressive folk/rock with excellent female vocals in the same league with Spriguns. (M/M,SIS,WIN) $50. 

CAPITOLO 6-Frutti Per Kagua-Akarma(Italy, '72)-Monster heavy prog/psych; more than 90% of the shrink is split at the opening. (SS,FO) $75.

CARGO-Same-Harvest(Holland, '72)-Killer Dutch prog/psych; old reissue (early '90's) with black and white front cover, Harvest logo on the cover, and blank yellow labels. (M/M) $100.

CARGO-Same-Pseudonym(Holland, '72)-Color cover 180 gram reissue from 1999. (M/M-) $90.

CAROL OF HARVEST-Same-Guerssen(Germany, '78)-The best of German progressive folk/psych. (M/M) $60.

CATAPILLA-Changes-Akarma(U.K., '72)-Long tracks jazzy progressive/psych in the neat die-cut gimmix cover. (SS) $75.**


CHAPLIN HARNESS-Same-Void(U.S., '70)-As an original a monster rare psych album with a couple of prog instrumentals. (M/M) $$40.

SHINKI CHEN-...and His Friends-private(Japan, '71)-Early black & white cover reissue of heavy psych with Speed, Glue & Shinki member. (M-/M-) $50.

SHINKI CHEN-...and His Friends-Shadoks(Japan, '71)-Top quality Shadoks gatefold pressing with insert. (M/M,FO,WIN) $90.

CHICKEN BONES-Hardrock in Concert-Second Battle(Germany, '72)-Vitriolic hardrock with blazing over-the-top guitar leads and a singer that spews venom. (M-/M-) $75.

CHIRCO-Visitation-Akarma(U.S., '72)-Hard progressive/psych. (SS) $35.**

CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND-No Way Out-private(U.S., '67)-To me the Holy Grail of West Coast psychedelia, all three albums are masterpieces. (M-/M-) $50.

CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND-The Inner Mystique-Tower(U.S., '68)-White label Tower reissue. (M/M) $50.

CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND-The Inner Mystique-Raven(U.S., '68)-Early '80's reissue. (M-/M-) $60.

CHRISTMAS-Same-Paragon(Canada, '69)-Northern monster psych; early reissue with the white Paragon label. (M/M-) $90.***

CHRISTMAS-Heritage-Akarma(Canada, '70)-Hard guitar psych, heaviest of their three albums. (M/M,FO,WIN) $40.

CHRISTMAS-Heritage-private(Canada, '70)-Early single-pocket white-label reissue. (M/M-) $30.

(SPIRIT OF)CHRISTMAS-Lies to Live By-Daffodil(Canada, '74)-Hard guitar psych; early reissue with built-in slight ring wear taken from the original cover off which this reissue cover was reproduced. (M/M-) $50.

CHRISTOPHER-What'cha Gonna Do?-Atlas(U.S., '68)-West Coast somewhat bluesy hard guitar psych with furious fuzz attacks. (M/M-) $90.

CHRISTOPHER-Same-private(U.S., '69)-Vicious fuzz leads abound in superbly written songs with great vocals and smatterings of dreamy flute on this true psych icon; early reissue of album initially released on Metromedia with built-in slight ring wear taken from the original cover off which this reissue cover was reproduced. (M-/M-) $90.

CHURCHILL'S-Same-Hed Arzi(Israel, '69)-Heavy psych monster, Israel's rarest as an original; legitimate early first reissue. (M-/EX+) $90.

CHURCHILL'S-Same-Fantazia(Israel, '69,M/FC EX+,BC M-) $50.

CIRCUS 2000-Same-private(Italy, '70)-See below description; early late '80's reissue. (M/M-) $75.

CIRCUS 2000-An Escape from a Box-private(Italy, '72)-Prog/psych with wonderful female vocals and West Coast guitar sound; also the early late '80's reissue. (M/EX+,FO) $75.

C.O.B.-see start of 'C' section

COLD SUN-see Dark Shadows

COMMON PEOPLE-Of the People...-Mr. G(U.S., '69)-Wonderful soft psych; early reissue with substantial built-in  ring wear and cut-out hole images  taken from the original cover off which this reissue cover was reproduced. I will include a front color cover slick taken from a near-perfect original cover with no ring wear. (M-/M-) $50.   

COMPLEX-Same-Swank(U.K., '70)-The perfect blend of British psychedelia and playful American acid pop; early '90's reissue of their first LP. (M/M) $90. 

CORPUS-Creation a Child-Akarma(U.S., '72)-Totally out of control blues/psych terror with ripping leads and locomotive bass. (SS) $50.

COSMIC DEALER-Crystalization-private(Holland, '71)-Underground psychedelia with acid fuzz leads, stoned vocals, and Tull-like flute weaving in and out; old white label reissue. (M/FC M-,BC EX+,SSTNBC) $75.

COSMIC DEALER-Crystalization-Pseudonum(Holland, '71,M/M) $40.

CRESSIDA-Same-Vertigo(U.K., '70)-Early Vertigo swirl reissue from Bristish prog icons. (M-/EX+,WIN) $80.

CRESSIDA-Same-Akarma(U.K., '70,SS,FO) $40.

CZAR-Same-private(U.K., '70)-Legendary heavy prog British masterpiece; early white label reissue with the Fontana original release catalog number. (M/EX) $75.

DA CAPO-Same-Little Wing(Germany, '72)-Monster rarity as an original; top-notch West Coast styled progressive/psych. (M/M-,WIN) $50.

DA CAPO-Same-Amber Soundroom(Germany, '72,MM,WIN) $50.

DAMIN EIH-Never Mind-Demelot(U.S., '74)-Spacey vocals, tripped-out percussion effects, and blasting fuzz leads; one of the best U.S. psych LP's. (M/M-) $50.**

DAMON-Song of a Gypsy-private(U.S., '70)-Holy Grail of spooky acid psych; textured gatefold cover test pressing with the bonus single (LP has blank black labels and single has blank white labels). (M/M,FO,WIN) $300.**

DANNY & LYNDA-First Revelation-private(U.S., '72)-Soft Christian psych; limited edition of 500 numbered copies. (M/M) $40.

DARIUS-Same-Breeder(U.S., '69)-Essential example of real people electric folk psychedelia backed by Goldenrod; early reissue. (M/M-,XOL) $60.

DARK-Round the Edges-Akarma(U.K., '72)-Deity-status British heavy psych of which only around 50-60 copies were pressed as an original. (SS,FO) $80.***       

DARK SHADOWS-Cold Sun-Atlas(U.S., '69)-Psychedelic heaven, 13th Floor Elevators meet the Doors. To make this a much more desirable copy, I have included the original Rockadelic front and back cover slicks along with the color postcard-sized photo of the band. (M/M-) $250.  

DAYS-Same-Shadoks(Denmark, '70)-Monster Scandinavian psych LP. (M/M,SIS) $40.

DEEP FEELING-Pretty Colours-Sunbeam(U.K., '09)-From the infancy of psychedelia blooms this collection of tunes previously unreleased on vinyl featuring future players  from Traffic (Jim Capaldi), Family (Poli Palmer), and Spooky Tooth and Mott the Hoople (Luther Grosvenor). (SS,FO)-$30.

DELIRIUM-3-Cetra(Italy, '74)-Their best album (and rarest in original issue) from this great Italoprog band for the first time using electric guitar; tons of flute. (M/M,FO) $40.

DEVIANTS-Disposable-Get Back(U.K., '69)-Iconic British underground/psych. (M-/M-,WIN) $35.

DEVIANTS-No. 3-Logo(U.K., '69)-The nun cover. (M-/M-) $35.

DR. Z-Three Parts to My Soul-Si Wan(U.K., '71)-Doomy prog with strange vocals in great gimmix cover; large Vertigo swirl label on one side of the disc. (M/M-,FO,WIN) $100.

DRAGONFLY-Same-Eroe Progressivo(U.S., '70)-Custom made for hard psych heads abounding in blitzkrieg fuzz attacks; early single pocket reissue on 180 gram vinyl. (M/M) $50.

DRAGONFLY-Same-Guerssen(Spain, '70,SS,FO) $40.

I DRIVE-see 'I' Drive

DRUGI NACIN-Same-Still Looking (Yugoslavia, '75)-Blistering fuzz leads, soaring flute, and tough vocals crown this Eastern European prog beast. (M/M) $25.

FREE POP ELECTRONIC CONCEPT-A New Exciting Experience-Electronic(Holland, '69)-Screaming fuzz leads, insane go-go organ, mind-altering electronic psych effects. (M/M) $25. 

GINHOUSE-Same-Inferno(U.K., '71)-Loud, gritty hardrock; early reissue. (M/M-) $40.

HAIR-Hairpiece-Pip and Pop(Germany, '70)-Heavy psych from Denmark sounding like Open Mind in parts, nice textured cover. (M/M) $40.

HEARTS AND FLOWERS-Now Is the Time for...-4 Men with Beards(U.S., '67)-First album by superb country folk/rockers. (SS) $25.

STEVE HILLAGE-see Arzachel

I DRIVE-Same-Metronome(Germany, '72)-British heavy rockers only getting released in Germany. Powerful vocals, supersonic guitar leads, churning organs; this has it all. (M/M,FO) $35.

I DRIVE-Same-Second Battle(Germany, '72)-This is a 2-LP set of the same album listed above but also including a second disc of bonus material and a 12-page booklet. (M/M/M,FO,WIN) $60.

IMMIGRANTS-'66-Starburst(U.S., '66)-East Coast garage/punk. (M-/M-) $50.

INCREDIBLE HOG-Same-Caroll(France, '73)-Blistering hard psych; this is the reissue with the German cover. (M-/M-) $60.

J. RIDER-see Anonymous

JOSEPH-Stoned Age Man-Still Looking(U.S., '70)-Loud organ/guitar psych LP. (M/M) $50.

CEM KARACA-Kardaslar-Turkofon(Turkey, '71)-One of the innovators in mixing Western psych along with Turkish folk, amazing first album. (M/M-) $35.

KLUBS-Midnight Love Cycle-Tenth Planet(U.K., '99)-Rare 12-song comp of British beat band's 1967-1969 songs; #60 of 1000 limited copies. (M-/M-) $75.

LYD-Same-Fanny(U.S., '70)-Here's a rare reissue of only 400 pieces from 1992 on the Belgian Fanny label, and unless you are lucky enough to own the one-of-a-kind acetate-only original, you must settle for one of these babies. Recorded in the U.S. at Pat Boone's studio in Hollywood 1970, this is a totally killer drugged out piece of wax loaded with fuzzy, crunchy guitars. The packaging is a generic white sleeve with unglued front and rear cover slicks on the first copy (#203 of 400), glued front and rear cover slicks on the second copy (#328 of 400), and an unglued front cover slick with the Fanny Isolation LP cover on the third copy. (M/M-) $150 or (M/M-) $130 or (M/M-) $85.

MAGIC MIXTURE-This is...-Bat(U.K., '68)-Classic swinging London popsike with killer guitar leads; early reissue. (M/EX+) $30.

MAGIC MIXTURE-This is...-Wah Wah(Spain, '68,SS) $30.

WIL MALONE-Death Line-Spinney(U.K., '72)-Great soundtrack album to the movie "Death Line" by legendary psych musician who played with bands such as Orange Bicycle and Motherlight; reissued in 2001. (M/M-) $75.

MAMMUT-Same-Little Wing(Germany, '71)-Long songs with howling vocals and furious twin guitar psych fuzz leads. (M/M,WIN,WIS) $90.

McDONALD & SHERBY-Catharsis-Rockadelic (U.S., '70)-Rare heavy progressive/psych classic with styles ranging all the way from Jimi Hendrix to the Allman Brothers; beautiful unplayed copy. (M/M-) $100.

MIGHTY BABY-see Action

NGC 4594-What Really Means!-Guerssen(U.S., '67)-Previously unreleased lost psychedelic album, contains a bonus 45 and extensive liner notes. (M/M,SIS,WIN) $35.

NEW TROLLS-Senza Orario, Senza Bandiera-Pellicano(Italy, '68)-British sounding all-out psych debut album; not really a reissue but a legitimate 1980 pressing. (M-/M-) $60.

PAUL NGOZI-The Ghetto-Shadoks(Germany, '76)-Released only in Kenya, this Zambian fuses rock, garage/psych, funk, and African sounds. (M/M,SIS) $60.

(NGOZI FAMILY)Chrissy Zebby Tembo-My Ancestors-Shadoks(Germany, '74)-More awesome Afro/psych/funk from Zambia with loads of fuzz and feeling. (M/M,SIS) $60. 

PARZIVAL-Legend-Sireena(Germany, '71)-Mixture of folk, classic rock, and Krautrock; (no lie) one of Ringo's and George's favorite albums. (SS,FO) $35.

PELL MELL-Marburg-Long Hair(Germany, '72)-Excellent Krautrock band. (M/EX+,SIS,WIN) $30.

PEOPLE-Ceremony~Buddha Meet Rock-Shadoks(Japan, '71)-Hiro Yanagida's early vision of Japanese progressive/psych. (SS) $125.

PINK FLOYD-see Syd Barrett

I POOH-Per Quelli Come Noi-Vedette(Italy, '66)-Great Italian mod garage beat psych pressed on blue vinyl. (M/M) $40.

(Q65)RAINMAN-Same-Negram(Holland, '71)-Great acid folk album from the leader of Q65; early reissue with white labels and black and white back cover. (M/M-) $50.

RAINBOW FFOLLY-Sallies Fforth-Parlophone(U.K., '68)-British Pepperland flower psych with acid guitars, backwards parts, and stoned vocals; early reissue with white Parlophone labels. (M/EX+,SRW) $125.

RAINBOW FFOLLY-Sallies Fforth-Guerssen(Spain, '68,SS) $45.


RAVERS-Bad, Bad World-Wah Wah(Germany, '69)-Heavy freakbeat psych. (M/M,SIS) $30.

RAW MATERIAL-Same-Evolution(U.K., '71)-Their first U.K. hard psych LP; early reissue long before Akarma. (M/FC M-,BC EX+,SSTNBC) $90.

RAW MATERIAL-Same-Zel(Spain, '71)-Spanish press of first U.K. hard psych LP with totally different cover. (M/M) $50.

J. RIDER-see Anonymous

SANDY COAST-Subjects of Our Thoughts-Kux(Holland, '07)-Recent 16-song comp of their beat-era tunes pressed on a 10-inch format. (M-/M-) $30.

SMACK-Same-Shadoks(U.S., '68)-I don't usually consider cover bands as among my favorites, but this band doing Hendrix and Cream covers with blazing fuzz leads abounding has to be heard to be believed. (M/M,WIN,SIS,MO) $50.



SVANFRIDUR-What's Hidden There?-Amber Soundroom(Iceland, '72)-Heavy progressive with flashing leads and melodic vocals. (M/M,FO) $40.

TEA & SYMPHONY-An Asylum for the Musically Insane-Tuesday Productions(U.K., '69)-Early single-pocket reissue of British progressive rarity. (M/M-) $60.


BOB THEIL-...So Far-Golden Pavilion(U.K., '82)-"A delicate blend of acid folk/rock with dark tinges and an epic feel with Floydian guitar leads. Features Jimmy Litherland (ex Colosseum/Jade) and Mark Brezicki(now with Procol Harum). This 180 gram vinyl release comes in a gatefold cover with newly designed artwork & also includes an exact replica of the rare 5-track EP with picture sleeve." (M/M,SIS,FO) $40.

THIRTEENTH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Psychedelic Sounds-Sundazed(U.S., '67)-Here we have the MONO reissue. (M/M,MO,SIS) $25.

TIN HOUSE-Same-Original Music(Germany, '71)-Loud hard psych power trio; bullish guitar leads. (SS/FC EX+,BC M-) $30.

TOP DRAWER-Solid Oak-Still Looking(U.S., '72)-Heavy underground guitar psych; one of the best U.S. privates. (M/M) $75.

UNDERGROUND SET-Same-Wah Wah(Spain, '70)-Good instrumental Italian exploitation progressive/psych. (SS) $40.

V.I.P.'s-see Art

WE THE PEOPLE-Too Much Noise-Sundazed(U.S., '08)-Comp of this Florida group's great singles; "One would be hard-pressed to name a single garage-rock era American group with more solid in-house songwriting than We the People." (M-/M-,SIS) $25.



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