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Remember grading is disc/cover.


         GRADING: I grade disc first/cover second. I use M, EX, and VG with (+) or (-) indicating slightly better or worse for each grade. For most of the singles and EP's in this section, the main items of interest will be the picture sleeve. About 90% of the European sleeves graded EX in this list were purchased through major European sellers as M-. So if you are satisfied with the grading of M- by most European sellers, you will have no problems with my EX grade. Because I use a wider range of grading than some European dealers who do not use the EX grade, their VG+ may be better than mine in some cases. If only one grade appears, this refers to an item which is disc only unless sleeve only is indicated. The following abbreviations are used to list either label variations, special features making the item more collectible, or specific imperfections in an item.

B = 'back' in any of the following abbreviations

CO(N/H) = cut-out (notch/hole)

(P)STI(C/L) = (promo) sticker on (cover/label)

SHC = staple hole in cover

(P)STA(C/L) = (promo) stamp on (cover/label)             

W(IS/IN) = with (inner sleeve/insert)

(W/Y/G/GR/P/B/R)LP = (white/yellow/gold/green/pink/blue/red) label promo

(T/W/S)STNC = (tape/water/sticker) stain on cover

(H/S)RW = (heavy/slight) ring wear

PL = promo label

SIS = still in shrink

PH = promo hole

SS = still sealed

(F)SPS = (fully) split seam

FO = gatefold cover

TO(C/L) = tape on (cover/label)

IS = insert sleeve

TI(C/L) = tear in (cover/label)

MO = mono

PIH = pin hole in cover

S1/S2 = side 1/side 2

DJTS = disc jockey timing strip

FC/BC = front cover/back cover

XO(C/L) = marks on (cover/label)

OBI = with obi on Japanese pressed items

WO(C/L) = writing on (cover/label)

TS = title sleeve

AUTO = autographed

AS = art sleeve

CC = cut corner

NC = center plug removed


BIDDING: All initial bids must be sent by email or snail mail in writing. This is an open auction which to me means you have the right to know the top bid on any item after you have made your initial bid on that item. If you did not register the highest bid and wish to register a bid higher than the previous top bid, you may do so with an increase of at least 10%. That is fair not only to me but most importantly to the person whose bid you are topping. A higher bid of less than 10% is accepted ONLY if you have no knowledge of the previous high bid. During the last week of the auction, I may begin posting the high bids on the website. If I do so, from that time on, all bid increases must be 10% or greater. If you win some of your bids, I expect you to honor those bids. Payment is required within two weeks after the auctionís end unless previous arrangements have been made. AUCTION ENDS AT 16:00 (4:00PM) U.S. Central time SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9TH. This is 23:00 (11:00PM) Central European time, 14:00 (2:00PM) U.S. Pacific time, 17:00 (5:00PM) U.S. Eastern time, and 07:00 (7:00AM) MONDAY OCTOBER 10TH Japanese time.

POSTAGE IN THE U.S.A.: For EP's and singles, first class rate is $3.00 for the first two discs; each additional disc $.25. Priority is $5.50 for the first two discs; each additional disc $.50. Insurance is optional but recommended; $1.75 up to $50 coverage, $2.25 to $100, $2.75 to $200, $4.70 to $300, and an additional $1.00 for each $100 after that. I cannot be responsible for uninsured items. 

POSTAGE TO CANADA: For singles and EP's, $4.00 for the first disc and $.50 each additional disc. 

FOREIGN POSTAGE: If you wish express mail, I will quote rates with your order. For EP's and singles, airmail is usually $6 for the first disc and $1 each for additional discs. To Japan and Australia it is usually $7 for the first disc and $1 each for additional discs. I've done record deals in Europe, Asia, So. America, and Australia and have had few problems with the mail. However, when a problem with lost or damaged merchandise arises, it can be devastating. I will send your records exactly as you instruct. If you want them registered, I will do so for an additional $12 postal fee. Or, if you want them fully insured, I will do so. REGISTERING IS NOT THE SAME AS INSURING. Your records will always be packed with great care, but if you choose not to insure your items, once they leave my possession, I can take no responsibility for what our or your postal service may do to them. All custom's declarations must be the same as the insurance value; postal rules.

PAYMENT: Do not send any payment until notified of what is being held for you. Payment made by money order, foreign draft, international postal money order, or personal or cashierís check must be made to ASHLEY JOHNSON and NOT to Records Around the World. If you have PayPal, my PayPal account is records@webzone.net. I am charged approximately 4.5% for all PayPal transactions I receive. I will absorb half (2.25%) of that fee because receiving payments by PayPal allows me to receive payments quicker. However, for you the payer, it allows you to pay more safely and securely and receive your items more quickly. Therefore I think it only fair that you pay 2.25% of your total purchase for that extra speed and security. If you wish to avoid this fee, I have a friend who has a PayPal account where this can be accomplished. If you wish to pay into my friend's account via instant transfer from your bank account or via a PayPal cash balance, there is no problem and there is no additional fee. When sending payment to my friend's PayPal account to avoid the PayPal fees, you MUST make your payment as follows: After logging into your PayPal account page, please click onto the "SEND MONEY" option. Then type in mojo44@webzone.net and the amount you are sending. Finally on this page, you MUST click onto the "PERSONAL" payment option and be sure that the "GIFT" option is high-lighted and then click the "CONTINUE" icon. If paying as a gift YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT mention in the comments or message section the payment being for either merchandise or records. All PayPal funded orders over $100 must be shipped by either registered or express mail or by insured mail or with delivery confirmation. In the U.S., postal money order is second best to PayPal. Personal checks and, in some cases, cashier's checks and non-postal money orders may delay delivery of your order at least 14 days. Foreign payments other than PayPal can be by either international postal money order or a foreign draft made out in U.S. dollars and drawn on a U.S. bank. All international money orders must also be in U.S. dollars and have a 9-digit routing number for a U.S. bank or an additional $20 per money order must be included. Foreign payments can also be made by Western Union or Moneygram wire transfers. I can also take direct bank wire transfers (swifts). However, these usually arrive with deductions taken by large intermediary banks en route to my bank. I require an additional $25 for swifts, and if the fees taken before your money reaches my bank do not amount to $25, I will refund the difference. If the fees are more than $25, I will absorb the loss. I do not recommend sending any cash in the mail, not even by registered mail. A Spanish gentleman lost cash in a registered letter paying for records. I have had a few bad experiences personally, one in which I lost $1200 by registered mail several years ago. If this had happened to you, I guarantee you would not forget it. Even though it was registered, the postal authorities here and overseas did almost nothing to help me locate the letter containing the cash. Send cash at your own risk! 

TRADING: I am always looking for records I need for my collection. I have a personal wants list of picture sleeves on my website you may view by clicking the ďWants List: Singles & EPísĒ link.

Auction List : Minimum Bid $12.00 

Top bids as of October 6th are posted in this colors.

1.          ACTION (Holland-67,Parlophone R 5610)-Shadows And Reflections/Something Has Hit Me (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,FO,IS,SPS,TIBC)-by far their rarest Dutch single $1500


2.          AEROSMITH (Spain-76,CBS 4000)-Dream On/Somebody (M/FC M-,BC EX,STIBC,WOBC) $28


3.          AMEN CORNER (So. Africa-68,Deram FM 7415)-High In The Sky/Run, Run, Run (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-quite scarce $15


4.          ANDWELLA (Japan-70,Stateside HR-2742)-I Got A Woman/Hold On To Your Mind (M/EX+,FO,IS)-very scarce $60


5.          ANIMALS (Denmark-66,Decca F 12332)-Inside Looking Out/Outcast (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC M-,BC EX,STNBC)-very scarce $39


6.          ANIMALS (France-65,Columbia ESRF 1717)-EP: It's My Life/I Believe To My Soul/I'm Going To Change The World/Let The Good Times Roll (M-/M-) $20


7.          ANIMALS (Norway-66,Columbia DS 2293)-I Ainít Got You/Dimples (M-/M-)-rare $121


8.          ANIMALS (US-65,MGM K-13298)-Boom Boom/Blue Feeling (M-/M-) $15


9.          ATTACK (Holland-67,Decca F 12631)-Created By Clive/Colour Of My Mind (M-/EX+,SRW,STIBC)-ultra rare $560


10.       BRIAN AUGER/TRINITY, with Julie Driscoll (France-67,Marmalade 421 168)-Tramp/Break It Up (M-/M-) $20


11.       BAD COMPANY (Italy-75,Island WIP 26223)-Good Loviní Gone Bad/Whisky Bottle (M-/EX)-scarce $22


12.       BADFINGER (Paraguay-72,Apple 42)-Baby Blue/Flying (M-/M-)-very scarce, pressed in Brazil for export to and sale in Paraguay $44


13.       BAND (Japan-68,Capitol ECR-10054)-I Shall Be Released/The Weight (M/M-,FO,IS)-rare $177


        PETER BARDENS-see Shotgun Express


        PETER BARDENS-see Them


14.       BARRIER (Norway-68,Philips 346.900 BF)-The Tide Is Turning/A Place In Your Heart (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-quite rare $165


15.       BEACH BOYS (Japan-65,Capitol CR-1304)-Surf Jam/Surfiní (EX-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,IS,STNBC)-very scarce $50


16.       BEACH BOYS (Japan-67,Capitol CR-1782)-Heroes And Villains/Youíre Welcome (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite rare $150


17.       BEACH BOYS (Japan-69,Capitol CR-2317)-Break Away/Celebrate The News (M-/EX,FO,IS,WSTNC)-very rare $150


18.       BEACH BOYS (Japan-80,Caribou 06SP 475)-Some Of Your Love/Endless Harmony (M/M,IS)


19.       BEATLES (Argentina-71,Odeon 2823)-EP: Ticket To Ride/No Reply/Words Of Love/Iím A Loser (M-/M-)-very scarce, actually the TIBC is a small rectangle cut out of the back cover $150


20.       BEATLES (Brazil-68,Odeon 7-BT-09)-Lady Madonna/The Inner Light (VG/M-)-scarce


21.       BEATLES (Brazil-69,Apple 7-BT-26)-Something/Come Together (EX/M-)-scarce $18


22.       BEATLES (Denmark-65,Parlophone GEOS 234)-EP: Help!/Every Little Thing/I'm Down/No Reply (M-/M-)-quite rare $50


23.       BEATLES (UK-63,Parlophone GEP 8880)-EP: From Me To You/Thank You Girl/Please Please Me/Love Me Do (M-/M-,SSTNL)-quite rare, ďSold in U.K. Subject toÖĒ first press label $20


24.       BEATLES (France-65,Odeon SOE 3775)-EP: Tell Me What You See/It's Only Love/Act Naturally/I've Just Seen A Face (M-/M-)-very scarce $25


25.       BEATLES (France-65,Odeon SOE 3776)-EP: Kansas City/Words Of Love/What You're Doing/Every Little Thing (M-/M-)-rare $25


26.       BEATLES (Germany-67,Odeon O 23 436)-Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane (EX+/M-)


27.       BEATLES (Holland-65,Parlophone HHR 135)-Eight Days A Week/Babyís In Black (M-/M-,FO,IS)-rare $121


29.       BEATLES (Italy-65,Parlophon QMSP 16385)-I Need You/Dizzy Miss Lizzy (M-/M-)-very rare, first press sleeve $250


30.       BEATLES (Japan-64,Polydor DP-1351)-My Bonnie/The Saints (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very rare first press with this sleeve, number & label with the old Polydor logo $25


31.       BEATLES (Japan-64,Odeon OR-1119)-A Hard Day's Night/Things We Said Today (M-/M-,FO,IS)-rare, RED WAX $20


32.       BEATLES (Japan-69,Apple AR-1155)-Long Tall Sally/I Call Your Name (M-/M-,FO,IS) $15


33.       BEATLES (Paraguay-69,Apple 7 BT-21)-The Ballad Of John And Yoko/Old Brown Shoe (M-/M-,STIL)-very scarce, pressed in Brazil for release in Paraguay $25


34.       BEATLES (Portugal-63,Parlophone LMEP 1169)-EP: I Want To Hold Your Hand/This Boy/I Saw Her Standing There/Chains (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC M-,BC EX+,STAL)-rare $55


35.       BEATLES (Spain-67,Odeon DSOL 66.080)-All You Need Is Love/Baby You're A Rich Man (M-/M-)-rare condition $166


36.       BEATLES (Spain-63,Odeon DSOE 16.560)-EP: Twist And Shout/A Taste Of Honey/Do You Want To Know A Secret/There's A Place (EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC)-quite scarce $22


37.       BEATLES (Sweden-67,Parlophone R 5655)-Hello, Goodbye/I Am The Walrus (M/M-) $50


38.       BEATLES (US-77,Capitol 4506)-Girl/Youíre Going To Lose That Girl (M-/M-)-clear wax


39.       BEATLES (US-64,Capitol EAP 1-2121)-EP: Roll Over Beethoven/This Boy/All My Loving/Please, Mr. Postman (M/M-)-super rare especially this clean $400


40.       (BEATLES)George Harrison (Spain-82,Dark Horse 92 9864-7)-Wake Up My Love/Greece (M-/M-,PL)


41.       (BEATLES)John Lennon (Belgium-73,Apple 4C006-05494)-Mind Games/Meat City (M/M)


42.       (BEATLES)John Lennon (Japan-74,Apple EAR-10650)-Whatever Gets You Thru The Night/Beef Jerky (M/M-,IS)-first press $15


43.       (BEATLES)Paul McCartney/Wings (Belgium-75,Capitol 4C006-97263)-Venus And Mars/Rock Show/Magneto & Titanium Man (M-/M)


44.       (BEATLES)Paul McCartney/Wings (Germany-73,Apple 1C006-05 361)-Live And Let Die/I Lie Around (M-/M-)


45.       (BEATLES)Paul McCartney/Wings (Italy-79,Parlophone 3C006-62579)-Goodnight Tonight/Daytime Nightime Suffering (M-/EX+,SRW) $20


46.       JEFF BECK (Holland-68,Columbia DB 8359)-Love Is Blue/I've Been Drinking (M-/M-)-quite rare in this condition $22


47.       JEFF BECK (Japan-72,Odeon EOR-10225)-Hi Ho Silver Lining/Rock My Plimsoul (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,FO,IS,SHC)-quite scarce $25


48.       BEE GEES (Norway-67,Polydor 59 131)-World/Sir Geoffrey Saved The World (M-/M-,FO,IS)-scarce


49.       BEETHOVENS (Germany-65,KerSton 600 09)-She Is My Love/I Want A Dog (M-/M-,FO,IS)-super rare $100


50.       BIG BROTHER/HOLDING COMAPANY (Japan-69,CBS SONG 80075)-Piece Of My Heart/Turtle Blues (M-/M-,IS)-very rare $33


51.       BINTANGS (Holland-67,CNR TAR 61003)-Pile Works/See Me Waitiní (M-/EX+,FO,IS,TIC,XOBC)-rare $25


52.       RONNIE BIRD (France-66,Philips 437 220 BE)-EP: I Can Only Give You Everything/A Legal Matter/So Sad/Lies (M-/M-)-very scarce $55


53.       BLACK SABBATH (Japan-70,Philips SFL-1300)-Paranoid/The Wizard (VG++/M-,IS,NC) $30


54.       BLACKFOOT SUE (Japan-72,DJM IFR-10188)-Standing In The Road/Celestial Plain (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-quite scarce $50


55.       BLODWYN PIG (Sweden-69,Island WIP-6059)-Dear Jill/Sweet Caroline (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite scarce $75


56.       BLOND (Norway-69,Fontana 262 023 TF)-I Wake Up And Call/(I Will Bring You)Flowers In The Morning (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite scarce $20


57.       BLOODROCK (Japan-71,Capitol CR-2741)-D. O. A./Lucky In The Morning (M-/M-,FO,IS) $40


58.       BLUE CHEER (Japan-68,Mercury SM-1056)-Just A Little Bit/Gypsy Ball (M-/M-,IS)-quite rare $183


59.       BLUES PROJECT (Japan-73,MCA D-1236)-Fly Away/Louisiana Blues (M-/M-,IS)-very scarce $77


        BONNIWELL MUSIC MACHINE-see Music Machine


60.       ALAN BOWN (Japan-69,Deram D-1060)-Still As Stone/Wrong Idea (M-/M-,FO,IS)-super rare $500


61.       BOX TOPS (Japan-68,Bell BELL-88012)-Cry Like A Baby/Iím Your Puppet (M-/M-,IS,YLP)-quite scarce $50


62.       BRAINBOX (Holland-71,Imperial 5C006-24 454)-Dilemma/If You Could Only Feel It (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,NC) $16


63.       EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND (Japan-71,Odeon OR-2907)-Evening Over Rooftops/Apache Drop Out (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-rare $120


64.       BUOYS (Japan-71,Scepter UP-351-S)-Castles/Absent Friend (M-/M-,IS)


65.       BYRDS (France-67,CBS 2910)-Lady Friend/Old John Robertson (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-very scarce $15


66.       BYRDS (Holland-67,CBS 2789)-Have You Seen Her Face/Donít Make Waves (M-/M-)-rare $150


67.       BYRDS (Japan-73,Asylum IAR-10417)-Cowgirl In The Sand/Long Live The King (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-quite rare $165


68.       CANNED HEAT (France-69,Liberty 2C006-90089)-Time Was/Low Down (M-/M-)-inventory tag intact $25


69.       CANNED HEAT (Japan-69,Liberty LR-2368)-Poor Man/Sic ĎEm Pigs (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-very scarce $90


70.       CASUALS (Belgium-68,Decca 26 188)-Jesamine/Iíve Got Something Too (EX+/M-,FO,IS)


71.       CASUALS (Yugoslavia-68,Decca SDC-8217)-Jesamine/Iíve Got Something Too (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,IS,WOBC)-very scarce $85


72.       CATS (Japan-68,Odeon OR-2209)-Lea/I Gotta Know Whatís Going On (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite scarce $75


73.       CATS (Japan-74,Odeon EOR-10538)-Be My Day/If Youíll Be My Woman (M-/M-,FO,IS)-scarce $50


74.       CHEROKEE (Japan-70,Probe IPR-2976)-Rosianna/Lady On My Mind (M-/M-,FO,IS)


75.       CHICAGO (Japan-71,CBS CBSA 82115)-Beginnings/Colour My World (M-/M-,FO,IS) $12


76.       CHICAGO (Japan-71,CBS CBSA 82126)-Questions Ď67 And Ď68/Iím A Man (M-/M-,FO,IS) $12


77.       CHICKEN SHACK (Norway-70,CBS 3168)-Maudie/Andalucian Blues (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite scarce $77


CHILLIWACK - see Collectors


78.       CHRISTIE (Japan-74,Epic ECPB-219)-Yellow River/San Bernadino (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+,FO,IS)


79.       CHURLS (Japan-70,A&M AM-25)-She Needs A Man/Send Me No Flowers (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very rare $333


        ERIC CLAPTON-see Mayall, John


80.       DAVE CLARK FIVE (Holland-67,Columbia DB 8152)-You Got What It Takes/Sitting Here Baby (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,IS,WOBC) $20


81.       DAVE CLARK FIVE (Japan-64,Odeon OR-1212)-Any Way You Want It/Everybody Knows (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite scarce $12


82.       DAVE CLARK FIVE (Japan-67,Odeon OR-1823)-Everybody Knows/Concentration Baby (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very scarce, RED WAX $100


83.       CLIMAX CHICAGO BLUES BAND (Japan-71,Odeon OR-2724)-Cubano Chant/Little Girl (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-very rare $201


84.       CLOVER (Belgium-69,Liberty 4C006-91690 M)-Shotgun/Stealiní (M-/EX+,IS)


85.       JOE COCKER (Japan-71,A&M AM-75)-With A Little Help From My Friends/Donít Let Me Be Misunderstood (M-/M-,FO,IS) $12


86.       (COLLECTORS)Chilliwack (Japan-81,RCA RPS-68)-I Believe/Living In Stereo (M-/M-,IS,WLP)-former members of the Collectors $12


87.       COUNTRY FAIR (Belgium-71,Pink Elephant PE 22.596 Y)-Baby/Texas Johnny (M-/M-,FO,IS,STIL)


88.       COUNTRY JOE/FISH (Denmark-68,Vanguard STU 42309)-Who Am I/Thursday (EX/M-,FO,IS)-scarce $44


89.       CRABBY APPLETON (Japan-70,Elektra JET-1996)-Go Back/Try (M-/M-,IS)-very scarce $25


90.       CRAZY HORSE (Japan-72,Epic ECPA-51)-Rock And Roll Band/Love Is Gone (M-/M-,FO,IS) $18


91.       CREATION (Germany-68,Hit-ton HT 300210)-Bonney Moroney/Mercy Mercy Mercy (M-/M-,STAL)-quite rare $50


92.       CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL (Portugal-69,Fantasy N-55-1)-Proud Mary/I Put A Spell On You (M/M-)-very scarce $80


93.       CROSBY, STILLS & NASH (France-69,Atlantic 650 178)-Suite Judy Blue Eyes/Long Time Gone (M-/M-) $37


        DAVE DAVIES-see Kinks


94.       SPENCER DAVIS GROUP (Australia-66,Festival FX-11166)-EP: Somebody Help Me/Stevieís Theme/I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water/Strong Love (M-/M-)-very scarce $75


95.       SPENCER DAVIS GROUP (Sweden-65,Sonet T-9523)-This Hammer/Let Me Down Easy (S1 M-,S2 EX/M-,FO,IS)-quite scarce $500


96.       DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICH (Germany-69,Fontana 267 921 TF)-Don Juan/Margareta Lidman (M-/M-) $18


97.       DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICH (Spain-69,Fontana 267 921 TF)-Don Juan/Margareta Lidman (M-/M-) $18


98.       DEE-JAYS (Sweden-66,Polydor Int. NH 59 723)-Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah/Bama-Lama-Lou (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-,FO,IS)-very scarce $12


99.       DEEP PURPLE (France-71,Harvest 2C006-92 301 M)-Strange Kind Of Woman/Iím Alone (M-/EX+,SRW)-quite scarce $40


100.    (DEEP PURPLE)Ian Gillan Band (Japan-77,Island ILR-20329)-Country Lights/Poor Boy Hero (M-/M-,IS)-scarce


101.    DELANEY & BONNIE/FRIENDS (Sweden-70,Atlantic Atl 70.440)-Free The People/Soul Shake (M-/M-,FO,IS) $12


102.    DELIRIUM (Japan-72,Seven Seas HIT-2006)-Un Diadema Di Ciliege/Jesahel (M-/M-,IS,PSTAL)-very scarce $100


        DOG SOLDIER-see Hartley, Keef


103.    DONOVAN (Holland-65,Pye 7N 15984)-Turquoise/Hey Gyp (EX+/EX+,FO,IS) $15


104.    DONOVAN (Japan-70,CBS CBSA 82071)-Celtic Rock/Riki Tiki Tavi (M-/M-,FO,IS) $15


105.    DOORS (Japan-69,Elektra SJET-528)-EP: Touch Me/Wild Child/Horse Latitudes/My Wild Love (M-/M-)-rare $165


106.    DOORS (Mexico-69,Gamma GX 07-721)-EP: Break On Through/The Unknown Soldier/Love Me Two Times/Touch Me (M-/M-,FO,IS) $25


107.    DOORS (Sweden-69,Metronome J27.056)-Roadhouse Blues/You Make Me Real (EX/FC M-,BC EX,FO,IS)-rare $125


        JULIE DRISCOLL- see Auger, Brian


108.    DUG DUGíS (Mexico-78,RCA SP-5095)-You Better Think Twice/I Have Got To Run Away From Here (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-scarce $28


109.    SIMON DUPREE/BIG SOUND (Japan-68,Odeon OR-1862)-Kites/Like The Sun Like The Fire (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite rare $250


110.    BOB DYLAN (Japan-76,CBS SOPB-360)-Mozambique/Oh, Sister (M-/M-,IS)-quite scarce $66


111.    BOB DYLAN (Sweden-65,CBS 1893)-Positively 4th Street/From A Buick 6 (M-/M-,FO,IS,NC)-rare $12


112.    EASYBEATS (Germany-69,Polydor 2001 031)-Rock & Roll Boogie/Woman, Youíre On My Mind (M-/M-)-quite scarce $41


113.    EASYBEATS (Japan-69,UA HIT-1607)-Gonna Have A Good Time/What In The World (M-/M-,FO,IS,PSTAL)-ultra rare, worldís rarest Easybeats sleeve $750


114.    EDDYSONS (Sweden-68,Olga SO 61)-Ups And Downs/Sweet Memories (M-/M-,FO,IS)-rare $12


115.    EDISON LIGHTHOUSE (Japan-71,Bell BELL-88058)-Whatís Happening/Take A Little Time (M-/M-,IS)


116.    DAVE EDMUNDS (Belgium-70,MAM 1-Y)-I Hear You Knocking/Black Bill (M-/M-,FO,IS)-scarce $12  


117.    EQUALS (Japan-67,RCA SS-1845)-Police On My Back/Laurel And Hardy (M-/M-,IS,PL) $12


118.    EYES OF BLUE (Belgium-69,Mercury MCF 127385)-Largo/Yesterday (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,FO,IS,WOC,STIBC)-very scarce $72


119.    FABULOUS FOUR (Sweden-66,Fontana TF 271 257)-Rotten Rats/Goodbye My Love (M/M,FO,IS)-quite rare $58


        FACES-see Small Faces


        FACES-see Stewart, Rod


120.    FAIRYTALE (Belgium-67,Decca 26.141)-Lovely People/Listen To Mary Cry (S1 EX,S2 EX+/EX+,FO,IS)-quite rare $125


121.    FALLEN ANGELS (Japan-67,Roulette RF-1008)-Room At The Top/Most Children Do (M-/M-,IS,NC)-very rare $400


122.    FATHERíS BROWN (Holland-70,Pink Elephant P.E. 22.522-P)-Maybe Baby/The Yellow Moon Is High (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,IS,STIBC)


123.    FIVE BY FIVE (Japan-68,Seven Seas HIT-1558)-Fire/Hang Up (M-/M-,FO,IS)-rare $90


124.    FLEETWOOD MAC (Japan-70,Reprise JET-1979)-Coming Your Way/Rattlesnake Shake (M-/M-,IS,WLP)-mega-rare $505


125.    FLEETWOOD MAC (Singapore-68,CBS 2-562)-Albatross/Jigsaw Puzzle Blues (EX+/EX+,FO,IS)-rare $100


126.    FLOATING BRIDGE (Sweden-69,Metronome J 27.026)-Brought Up Wrong/Watch Your Step (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-very scarce $88


127.    FLOWER POT MEN (Belgium-68,Deram DM 29)-Man Without A Woman/You Can Never Be Wrong (M-/M-,FO,IS,STIL) $12


128.    FLOWER TRAVELLINí BAND (Japan-71,Atlantic P-1035A)-Satori, Part 1/Satori, Part 2 (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very scarce $30


129.    FLYING BURRITO BROS. (Japan-69,A&M TOP-1444)-Dark End Of The Street/Wheels (M-/M-,IS)-quite scarce $75


130.    WAYNE FONTANA/MINDBENDERS (Norway-66,Fontana 267.523 TF)-It Was Easier To Hurt Her/You Made Me What I Am Today (M-/FC EX,BC M-,IS,SSTNC)-rare $110


131.    ď14Ē (Sweden-66,Olga SO 30)-Displeasing Message/Little Down-Hearted Arthur (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-quite scarce $100


132.    KIM FOWLEY (Sweden-70,Sonet T-7808)-Born To Make You Cry/Thunder Road (M-/EX+,FO,IS) $28


133.    FREE (Japan-69,Philips SFL-1242)-Walk In My Shadow/The Hunter (M-/M-,IS)-super rare $555


134.    GARY OíSHANNON BAND (Belgium-68,Injection TAR 61031)-The Barrel Organ/All We Need Is Time, My Love (M-/M-,FO,IS) $18


        IAN GILLAN BAND-see Deep Purple


136.    GOLDEN EARRING (Belgium-71,Polydor 2001 135)-Holy Holy Life/Jessica (M-/M-,FO,IS) $30  


137.    GOLDEN EARRING (Japan-74,Polydor DP 1951)-Radar Love/Just Like Vince Taylor (M-/EX+,IS)-mega rare, by far their rarest Japanese single thus making it one of the rarest Golden Earring sleeves in the world $400


138.    GOSPEL OAK (Japan-70,MCA D-1086)-O.K. Sam/Go Talk To Rachel (M-/M-,IS,WLP,NC)-very rare $200


139.    GRAND FUNK RAILROAD (Japan-69,Capitol CR-2413)-Time Machine/High On A Horse (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite scarce $50


140.    GRAPEFRUIT (Japan-69,Stateside HR-2276)-Round Going Round/This Little Man (M-/M-,FO,IS)-rare, RED WAX $165


141.    GRATEFUL DEAD (Japan-69,WB BR-2227)-Good Morning Little School Girl/The Golden Road (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very rare $385


142.    GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH (Mexico-72,Capitol EPEM-10583)-Horizons, Part 1/Horizons, Part 2 (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite scarce


143.    GROEP 1850 (Holland-66,YEP Y1013)-Misty Night/Look Around (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-rare $121


144.    GROUNDHOGS (Japan-72,Liberty LLR-10095)-Amazing Grace/Bog Roll Blues (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-very rare $300


145.    GROUP THERAPY (Norway-69,Philips 304.186 BF)-Remember What You Said/River Deep, Mountain High (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very scarce $120


146.    GYPSY (Japan-72,Liberty LLR-10263)-Brand New Car/You Know Better Than Me (M-/M-,FO,IS)-RED WAX $30 


147.    HAPPENINGS FOUR (Japan-70,Express EP-1241)-Thereís No Place For Us/The Way To Paradise (M-/M-,IS)-rare $12


148.    (KEEF HARTLEY)Dog Soldier (Japan-75,Liberty LLR-10757)-Pillar To Post/Several People (M-/M-,IS,WLP)-very rare $25


149.    HEADS HANDS & FEET (Japan-72,Capitol ECR-10112)-Safety In Numbers/Hot Property (M-/M-,FO,IS) $47


150.    JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE (Spain-68,Polydor 60 041)-All Along The Watchtower/Can You See Me (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-)-very scarce $18


151.    HEP STARS (Spain-68,Olga 2.506-B)-Malaika/Itís Nice To Be Back (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,PL)-very scarce $60


152.    HERMANíS HERMITS (Denmark-70,Columbia DB 8656)-Years May Come, Years May Go/Smile Please (M-/M-,NC) $20


153.    HERMANíS HERMITS (Israel-67,Columbia EPOC 40014)-EP: No Milk Today//My Reservation Has Been Confirmed/Thereís A Kind Of Hush/Gaslight Street (M/M-)-quite scarce $55


154.    HERMANíS HERMITS (Norway-68,Columbia DB 8446)-Sunshine Girl/Nobody Needs To Know (M-/M-), quite scarce $75


155.    HOLLIES (Brazil-65,Odeon 7I 3106)-Weíre Through/Come On Back (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,IS,TIC,STIL,TIL)-rare $100


156.    HOLLIES (Denmark-67,Parlophone SD 6021)-Dear Eloise/When Your Lights Turned On (M-/EX+)-scarce $18


157.    HOLLIES (Germany-67,Hansa 19 702 AT)-King Midas In Reverse/Everything Is Sunshine (M-/M-) $12


158.    HOLLIES (Holland-72,Polydor 2058 289)-Magic Woman Touch/Indian Girl (M-/M-)


159.    HOLLIES (Italy-69,Parlophone QMSP 16460)-He Ainít HeavyÖHeís My Brother/íCos You Like To Love Me (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,TIBC) $18


160.    HOLLIES (Japan-71,Odeon OR-2827)-Hey Willy/Row The Boat Together (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-very scarce $66


161.    HOLLIES (Norway-65,Parlophone R 5287)-Iím Alive/You Know He Did (M-/EX,SRWBC)-rare $90


162.    HOLLIES (Spain-67,Odeon DSOE 16.713)-EP: On A Carousel/What Went Wrong/All The World Is Love/Pay You Back With Interest (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC M-,BC EX,TIBC,STABC)-very scarce $12


163.    HOLLIES (Sweden-68,Parlophone SD 6050)-Listen To Me/Blowiní In The Wind (M-/M-) $18


164.    MARY HOPKIN (Italy-68,Apple 2)-Quelli Erano Giorni/Turn Turn Turn (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,STIL,WOC) $25


165.    HUMBLE PIE (Spain-72,A&M HS 849)-Hot 'N' Nasty/You're So Good For Me (M-/M-) $40


166.    LOS IBEROS (Italy-69,Decca C 16657)-Liar, Liar/Mary Ann She (M-/M-)-quite scarce $20


167.    LES IRRESISTIBLES (France-73,CBS SSP 12002)-My Year Is A Day/Baby I Need You Back Again (M-/M-)


168.    JACKEROO (Belgium-70,TAI 1001)-Down Town/Feeling Rock (M-/EX+,FO,IS,SSTNC)-still Ď60ís sounding as the beat boom in Belgium extended into the early Ď70ís $25


169.    JAMES GANG (Norway-71,Stateside 7E 006 92510 M)-Yadig?/Walk Away (M-/M-)-scarce $68


170.    JEFFERSON AIRPLANE (France-68,RCA 49.547)-Greasy Heart/Share A Little Joke (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,STIL,STABC)- scarce $45


171.    JETHRO TULL (Germany-78,Chrysalis 6155 231)-Sweet Dream/A Stitch In Time (M-/FC EX+,BC M-) $17


172.    JETHRO TULL (Italy-69,Island SIR-IL 20.102)-Living In The Past/Driving Song (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,WOC)-rare, same pic on both sides of sleeve $68


173.    CASEY JONES/HIS ENGINEERS (Switzerland-65,Layola L 17-208)-Donít Ha Ha/Long Gone Train (M-/M-) $15


        PAUL JONES-see Manfred Mann


174.    JANIS JOPLIN (Mexico-70,CBS EPC-1048)-EP: Work Me Lord/To Love Somebody/One Good Man (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite scarce $12


        JANIS JOPLIN-see Big Brother


175.    KILLING FLOOR (Japan-71,Penny Farthing Y-6-P)-Call For The Politicians/Acid Bean (M-/M-,IS)-mega rare $500


176.    KINKS (France-65,Pye PNV 24 140)-EP: Dancing In The Street/Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy/I Need You/Set Me Free (M-/M-)-quite scarce, inventory tag intact $22


177.    KINKS (Germany-66,Pye HT 300006 P)-Sunny Afternoon/I'm Not Like Everybody Else (M-/M-)-quite scarce $12


178.    KINKS (Holland-66,Pye 7N 17064)-Dedicated Follower Of Fashion/Sittin' On My Sofa (M-/M-,FO,IS)-scarce $25


179.    KINKS (Holland-67,Pye 7N 17321)-Waterloo Sunset/Act Nice And Gentle (M-/M-,FO,IS,WOL)-scarce $25


180.    KINKS (Japan-66,Pye LL-970-Y)-Sunny Afternoon/Iím Not Like Everybody Else (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very rare $220


181.    KINKS (Japan-71,Pye LL-2424-Y)-Ape Man/Rats (M-/M-,FO,IS)-rare $20


182.    KINKS (Japan-74,RCA SS-2346)-Sitting In The Midday Sun/Sweet Lady Genevieve (M-/M-,IS)-very rare $188


183.    KINKS (Sweden-65,Pye 7N 304)-Cadillac/Iím A Lover Not A Fighter (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite rare $200


184.    KINKS (Sweden-65,Pye 7N 15854)-Set Me Free/I Need You (M-/M-,FO,IS)-rare $125


185.    KINKS (Sweden-66,Pye 7N 17222)-Dead End Street/Big Black Smoke (M-/M-,FO,IS)-scarce $50


186.    KINKS (Sweden-68,Pye 7N 17573)-Dayís/Sheís Got Everything (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-,FO,IS,NC)-rare $50


187.    (KINKS)Dave Davies (Sweden-67,Pye 7N 17356)-Death Of A Clown/Love Me Till The Sun Shines (M-/M-,FO,IS) $12


188.    KOOBAS (Germany-68,Hit-ton HT 300212)-The First Cut Is The Deepest/Walking Out (M-/EX+,SRW)-very rare $190


189.    LAZY BONES (Holland-66,private RC 166)-Iím Driftiní/Big Boss Man (EX+/M-,FO,IS)-rare $32


190.    LEA RIDERS GROUP (Sweden-67,Philips PF 350318)-The Situationís Rare/Key To The Riddle (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very rare $75


191.    LED ZEPPELIN (Sweden-69,Atlantic ATL. 70.369)-Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown (M-/M-,FO,IS)-super rare $388


192.    LED ZEPPELIN (Sweden-70,Atlantic ATL 70.460)-Immigrant Song/Hey, Hey (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite rare $60


        LEE KINGS-see Lenne


193.    LEFT BANKE (Holland-67,Philips 320 230 BF)-Walk Away Renee/I Havenít Got The Nerve (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,IS,PSTIL,WOBC,STABC)-rare $12


194.    LEMON PIPERS (Japan-68,Columbia LL-2175-DA)-Jelly Jungle/Shoeshine Boy (M-/M-,FO,IS) $12


195.    LENNE/LEE KINGS (Sweden-65,Gazell C-173)-Itís Raininí/L.O.D. (M-/M-,FO,IS)-scarce $25


196.  LEWIS & CLARKE EXPEDITION (Japan-68,Victor SS-1794)-Freedom Bird/Destination Unknown (M-/M-,IS)-rare $100


197.    LINDISFARNE (Japan-73,Famous Charisma SFL-1798)-We Can Swing Together/Fog On The Tyne (M-/M-,IS,WLP)-scarce $22


198.    LIONCEAUX (France-65,Mercury 154 038 MCF)-Le Vrai Google Eye/Mourir Un Peu (VG/EX-,IS,WOL)-very scarce $23


199.    LOADING ZONE (Japan-68,Victor SS-1831)-Donít Loose Control/Shop Around (M-/M-,IS)-very scarce $80


200.    LOOT (Germany-68,Palette HT 300 173)-Don't Turn Around/You Are My Sunshine Girl (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW)-super rare in this condition; M-/M- copy sold on eBay recently for $750 $275


201.    LOVE (Holland-66,Vogue HV 2068)-7 And 7 Is/No. Fourteen (M-/M-,FO,IS)-super rare $177


        LOVE SCULPTURE-see Edmunds, Dave


202.    LOVINí SPOONFUL (Sweden-66 Kama Sutra 618 011)-Rain On The Roof/Philís Love Theme (M-/M-,FO,IS) $25


203.    LOVIN' SPOONFUL (Sweden-66,Kama Sutra 617001)-EP: Respoken/Unconscious Minuet/Pow/End Title (M-/M-) $25


        NEIL MacARTHUR-see Zombies


204.    MAJORITY (Holland-69,Pink Elephant 22.027)-Charlotte Rose/Time Is On Your Side (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite scarce


205.    MAMAS/PAPAS (Japan-67,Victor SS-1751)-Creeque Alley/Did You Ever Want To Cry (M-/EX+,IS,RLP)


206.    MANFRED MANN (Belgium-67,Fontana 267753 TF)-So Long Dad/Funniest Gig (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-scarce $50


207.    MANFRED MANN (Japan-68,Philips SFL-1207)-Fox On The Run/Too Many People (M-/M-,IS)-rare $165


208.    MANFRED MANN (Spain-65,HMV EPL 14.237)-EP: Thereís No Living Without Your Loving/Tired Of Trying, Bored With Lying, Scared Of Dying/Letís Go Get Stoned/I Put A Spell On You (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,XOBC,PSTIL)-very scarce $12


209.    (MANFRED MANN)Paul Jones (Spain-67,HMV PL 63.159)-Iíve Been A Bad, Bad Boy/Sonny Boy Williamson (M-/M-) $25


210.    MARMALADE (Japan-71,London TOP-1610)-My Little One/Is Your Life Your Own? (EX+/FC EX+,BC EX,IS,SRW,TSTNBC,STABC,STAL,STIL)-scarce $25


211.    DE MASKERS (Holland-65,Artone OS 25.317)-Brand New Cadillac/Because Iím In Love (M-/M-,FO,IS,WOL,STAL) $12


212.    JOHN MAYALL/BLUESBREAKERS WITH ERIC CLAPTON (Japan-69,London TOP-1343)-All Your Love/Parchman Farm (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very rare $241


213.    McCOYS (Sweden-66,Atlantic ATL 70.163)-Up And Down/If You Tell A Lie (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite scarce $69


214.   (MERRY-GO-ROUND)Emitt Rhodes (Japan-71,Stateside HR-2806)-With My Face On The Floor/Sheís Such A Beauty (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-very  scarce $12


215.    MERSEYBEATS (Holland-65,Fontana 267 526 TF)-I Stand Accused/All My Life (M-/M-,FO,IS,NC)-rare $175


216.    MERSEYS (Holland-66,Fontana 267 612 TF)-So Sad About Us/Love Will Continue (EX+/EX+,FO,IS)-scarce $18


217.    STEVE MILLER BAND (Japan-68,Capitol CR-2176)-Living In The U.S.A./Quicksilver Girl (M-/M-,FO,IS)-super rare $250


218.    MOBY GRAPE (Japan-67,CBS LL-2085-C)-Omaha/8:05 (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very rare $320


219.    MONKEES (France-66,RCA 86.950 M)-EP: Last Train To Clarksville/Take A Giant Step/The Monkees/Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day (M-/M-) $28


220.    MOODY BLUES (France-71,Deram 333.002)-Tuesday Afternoon/Another Morning (M-/M-) $30


221.    MOODY BLUES (Germany-68,Deram DM 196)-Voices In The Sky/Dr. Livingstone, I Presume (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-quite scarce $66


222.    MOODY BLUES (Holland-68,Deram DM 213)-Ride My See-Saw/A Simple Game (M-/EX+,SRW) $35


223.    MOODY BLUES (Italy-70,Decca 2001)-Fly Me High/Really Havenít Got The Time (M/M-,PL)-promo only cover $28


224.    MOODY BLUES (Japan-68,Deram D-1040)-Ride My See-Saw/A Simple Game (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very scarce $150


225.    MOODY BLUES (Japan-69,Deram D-1051)-Never Comes The Day/So Deep Within You (M-/M-,FO,IS)-rare $273


226.    MOTIONS (Holland-65,Havoc SH 110)-Love Wonít Stop/No Matter Where You Run (M-/EX+,FO,IS,STABC)-quite scarce $50


227.    MOTIONS (Spain-67,Marfer MN 679)-EP: I Want You, I Need You/Suzie Baby/It's The Same Old Song/Someday Child (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-very rare $100


228.    MOTIONS (Sweden-65,Reprise RS 200)-Wasted Words/Iíll Follow The Sun (M-/EX,FO,IS)-rare $175


229.    MOTT THE HOOPLE (France-73,CBS 1820)-All The Way From Memphis/Honaloochie Boogie (M-/M-) $17


230.    MOVE (Australia-67,Festival FX-11457)-EP: Flowers In The Rain/Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree/Mist On A Sunday Morning/Kilroy Was Here (S1 M-,S2 EX/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC,TSTNL)-very rare $50


231.    MOVE (Belgium-68,Stateside RSS 123)-Fire Brigade/Walk Upon The Water (EX+/EX+,FO,IS)-very scarce $50


232.    MOVE (Portugal-71,Stateside 8E 006-05 045)-EP: California Man/Do Ya/Ella James (M-/EX+)-very scarce $107


233.    MUSIC MACHINE (US-67,WB 7093)-Bottom Of The Soul/Astrologically Incompatible (M-/EX+,SRW)-rare $30


234.    NATURE (Sweden-74,Sonet T-7921)-This Wheelís On Fire/Meating (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite rare $182


235.    NEW INSPIRATION (Holland-68,Injection TAR 61021)-I See No Reason Why/Grey Hair, Wrinkled Skin (M-/EX+,FO,IS) $27


236.    NICE (Holland-70,Philips 6000 007)-Country Pie/Brandenburg Concerto No. 6/One Of Those People (M-/M-) $23


237.    NICE (Japan-69,Immediate IR-2441)-Hang On To A Dream/Diary Of An Empty Day (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite rare $18


238.    OLA/JANGLERS (Brazil-69,Epic 22031)-EP: Letís Dance/Tracks Of My Tears/What A Way To Die/Oh What A Lovely Day (S1 EX,S2 EX+/M-,FO,IS)-very scarce $75


239.    OLA/JANGLERS (Sweden-66,Gazell C-175)-Love Was On Your Mind/Stop Your Sobbing (M-/M-,FO,IS) $30


240.    OLA/JANGLERS (Sweden-68,Gazell C-219)-Tracks Of My Tears/Farewell My Love (M-/M-,FO,IS) $12


241.    OUTSIDERS (Holland-67,Relax 45.048)-Teach Me To Forget You/Summer Is Here (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,IS,STIBC)-quite rare $40


242.    OUTSIDERS (Japan-67,Capitol CR-1705)-Iíll Give You Time/Iím Not Tryiní To Hurt You (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very scarce, U.S. band $110


243.    PEACE AND LOVE (Mexico-72,Raff EPR-625)-EP: Latin Feeling/Memories For Those Who Are Gone/Until (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very scarce


244.    PETER & GORDON (Holland-67,Columbia DB 8198)-The Jokers/Red, Cream And Velvet (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite scarce $15


245.    PETER/BLIZZARDS (Holland-65,Muziek Expres ME 1005)-Sittiní In My Room/All I Want (EX-/EX+,FO,IS)-very rare $25


247.    PINK FLOYD (Japan-67,Odeon OR-1785)-See Emily Play/Scarecrow (M-/M-,FO,IS)-uber-rare $1500


248.    PINK FLOYD (Japan-71,Odeon OR-2935)-One Of These Days/Seamus (M/FC EX+,BC M-,IS,STIC)-quite rare, RED WAX $38


249.    PINKERTONíS ASSORTED COLOURS (Belgium-65,Decca 26.038)-Mirror Mirror/She Donít Care (EX/M-,FO,IS)


250.    POCO (Japan-77,ABC YK-830-AB)-Downfall/Me And You (M-/M-,IS)-very scarce $50


        POETS-see Them


251.    PRETTY THINGS (Holland-65,Fontana 267 469 TF)-Judgement Day/Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (S1 M-, S2 EX/FC M-,BC EX,FO,IS,WOBC,WOL)-rare $25


252.    PRETTY THINGS (Sweden-67,Fontana 267 717 TF)-Children/My Time (M-/M-,FO,IS)-super rare $313


253.    PROCOL HARUM (Mexico-73,A&M AME-84)-Pilgrims Progress/Boredom (M-/M-,FO,IS) $12


254.    PROJECTION (Sweden-69,Polydor 2053 016)-Freewheel Uphill/The Maze Of Yesterday (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite scarce $15


255.    PUSSY CATS (Norway-66,Teen Beat TBP 05)-Why Have We To Wait/Regret (M-/M-,FO,IS)-rare $160


256.    RATTLES (Belgium-71,Decca 26.272-Y)-You Canít Have Sunshine Everyday/Where Is The Friend? (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,IS) $15


257.    RED SQUARES (Belgium-67,Columbia DCB 72)-Mr. Lonely/True Love Story (M-/M-,FO,IS)-rare $82


258.    REDWING (Japan-73,Fantasy LFR-10510)-Here I Go Again/Our Day (M-/M-,IS)


259.    RENEGADES (Sweden-65,Polar POS 1007)-Cadillac/Bad Bad Baby (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite scarce $75


260.    PAUL REVERE/RAIDERS (Sweden-69,CBS 4260)-Let Me/I Donít Know (EX/EX-,FO,IS,NC,WOL)


261.    LA REVOLUCION DE EMILIANO ZAPATA (Mexico-71,Polydor 2144)-Melynda/Si Tu Lo Quieres (EX+/EX,FO,IS,TIC,TSTNC)-very scarce $12


262.    RHINOCEROS (Japan-69,Elektra JET-1895)-Apricot Brandy/I Will Serenade You (M-/M-,IS,RLP)-very scarce $68


        EMITT RHODES-see Merry Go Round


263.    ROLLING STONES (Belgium-66,Decca 26.037)-19th Nervous Breakdown/As Tears Go By (M-/EX+,FO,IS,WOL)-uber-rare, sleeve and disc manufactured for export-only to the Congo $470        


264.    ROLLING STONES (Belgium-66,Decca 450.206)-EP: 19th Nervous Breakdown/Gotta Get Away/As Tears Go By/Surprise, Surprise (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,SRW,STIBC)-ultra-rare $111


265.    ROLLING STONES (Denmark-67,Decca F 12546)-Let's Spend The Night Together/Ruby Tuesday (M-/M-)-quite scarce $70


266.    ROLLING STONES (France-65,Decca 457.026)-EP: I Wanna Be Your Man/Money/Bye Bye Johnny/You Better Move On (EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC)-rare $40


267.    ROLLING STONES (Germany-74,Rolling Stones RS 19 114)-It's Only Rock 'n' Roll/Through The Lonely Nights (M/M-) $18


268.    ROLLING STONES (Holland-64,Decca AT 15 040)-Little Red Rooster/Off The Hook (M/EX+,FO,IS)-rare $125


269.    ROLLING STONES (Israel-67,Pax ISEP 2026)-EP: Let's Spend The Night Together/Susie-Q/Ruby Tuesday/Under The Boardwalk (EX/FC EX+,BC EX-,STNBC)-super rare $220


270.    ROLLING STONES (Italy-66,Decca F22270)-Con Le Mie Lacrime/Heart Of Stone (M-/M-)-quite rare unboxed logo $180


271.    ROLLING STONES (Japan-65,London HIT-511)-Satisfaction/The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man (EX-/M-,FO,IS) $44


272.    ROLLING STONES (Japan-69,London TOP-1357)-Sympathy For The Devil/Prodigal Son (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-very rare $299


273.    ROLLING STONE (Japan-71,Rolling Stones P-1062S)-Gimme Shelter/Wild Horses (M-/M-,IS)-insanely rare $1750


274.    ROLLING STONES (Japan-78,London FMS-75)-Ruby Tuesday/Sympathy For The Devil (M-/M-)-very scarce $100


275.    ROLLING STONES (Japan-67,London LS 120)-EP: We Love You/Dandelion/Ruby Tuesday/Let's Spend The Night Together (M-/M-,WIN)-very scarce $100


276.    ROLLING STONES (Spain-65,Decca ME 247)-Get Off Of My Cloud/I'm Free (M/FC EX+,BC M-,STNC)-rare $27


277.    ROLLING STONES (Sweden-65,Decca F 22265)-Get Off Of My Cloud/I'm Free (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC)-very scarce $100


278.    MICK RONSON (Japan-74,RCA SS-2366)-Love Me Tender/Only After Dark (M-/M-,IS,WLP)-very scarce $88


279.    RUTLES (Japan-78,WB P-298W)-I Must Be In Love/Doubleback Alley (M-/M-,IS)-very scarce $110


280.    ST. LOUIS UNION (Belgium-66,Decca 26.040)-Girl/Respect (EX/M-,FO,IS)-quite rare $210


281.    CRISPIAN ST. PETERS (Belgium-66,Decca 26.209)-You Were On My Mind/The Pied Piper (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+,FO,IS,XOL) $15


282.    SAMURAI (Japan-71,Philips FS-1190)-Vision Of Tomorrow/Same Old Reason (S1 EX,S2 M-/M-,IS)-quite rare $20


283.    SANDY COAST (Holland-66,Delta DS 1192)-Weíll Meet Again/Cominí Home (M-/M-,FO,IS) $40


284.    SANDY COAST (Holland-67,Delta DS 1227)-Sing Before Breakfast/A Girl Like You (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-,FO,IS,NC) $23


285.    SANTANA (Japan-70,CBS CBSA 82101)-Oye Como Va/Samba Pa Ti (M-/M-,FO,IS)-great different black & white group pic inside gatefold $20


286.    SAVOY BROWN (Belgium-70,Decca 26 260-Y)-Poor Girl/Master Hare (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-quite scarce $55 


287.    SCAVERS (Norway-66,Troll TR 185)-Donít Come Back/Peteís Blues (M-/FC M-,BC EX,FO,IS)-very rare $25


288.    SEARCHERS (UK-63,Pye NEP 24177)-EP: Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya/Farmer John/Love Potion Number Nine/Alright (M-/M-) $12


289.    SEARCHERS (Holland-67,Pye 7N 17225)-Popcorn, Double Feature/Lovers (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite scarce $12


290.    SEATRAIN (Japan-72,Capitol CR-2931)-Marblehead Messenger/Despair Tire (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)


291.    SECRETS (Sweden-66,Gazell C-176)-Michelle/If You Hear Me Knockiní (M-/M-,FO,IS)-rare $183


292.    SEEDS (Sweden-67,Sonet T-7694)-Canít Seem To Make You Mine/Mr. Farmer (M-/EX+,FO,IS,TIBC)-quite rare $500


293.    SHADDERHANDS (Denmark-66,Teener ST 41399)-Down The Road/A Man With A Gun (M-/M-)-quite rare $143


294.    SHAMROCKS (Sweden-66,Karusell KFF 727)-Travelliní Man/Gypsy Lullaby (M-/M-,FO,IS,PSTABC,PSTAL)-rare $125


295.    SHOCKING BLUE (Japan-73,Polydor DP 1899)-Eve And The Apple/When I Was A Girl (M-/M-,IS)-quite scarce


296.    SHOCKING BLUE (Sweden-71,Metronome M 25.289)-Shocking You/Waterloo (M-/M-,FO,IS)-rare $12


297.    SHOTGUN EXPRESS (France-66,Columbia ESRF 1864)-EP: I Could Feel The Whole World Turn Around/Curtains/Funny ĎCos Neither Could I/Indian Thing (M-/M-)-beyond rare $2000


298.    SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET (Belgium-69,Mercury 127 463 MCF)-Dynamite Woman/Too Many Dociled Minds (M-/M-,FO,IS) $13


299.    SLADE (Japan-74,Polydor DP 1922)-My Friend Stan/My Town (M-/M-,IS)-quite scarce $50


300.    SLAM CREEPERS (Sweden-67,Bill BT 118)-Big Black Piano/Too Good To Be Real (M-/M-,FO,IS)-rare $80


301.    SLAM CREEPERS (Sweden-66,Bill BTE 105)-EP: Nobody/Good To Me/Go On Home Baby/Gotta Take The First Plane Home (S1 EX,S2 M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite rare $185


302.    SMALL FACES (Belgium-66,Decca 26.039)-Sha La La La Lee/Grown Your Own (M-/M-,FO,IS)-rare, misspelled cover $150


303.    SMALL FACES (So. Africa-66,Decca FM 7292)-My Mindís Eye/I Canít Dance With You (M-/M-,FO,IS)-Iíll go out on a limb and call this the rarest Small Faces item in the world $90


304.    (SMALL)FACES (Japan-73,WB P-1231 W)-Ooh La La/Borstal Boys (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very scarce $90


306.    SONNY & CHER (France-66,Atco 23)-Little Man/Summertime (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,IS,TIBC) $25


307.    SONNY & CHER (Sweden-67,Atlantic ATL 70.200)-The Beat Goes On/Turn Around (M-/M-,FO,IS) $25


308.    SOPWITH CAMEL (US-67,Kama Sutra KA-236)-Saga Of The Low Down Let Down/The Great Morpheum (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW)-quite scarce $57


309.    SORROWS (Spain-65,Hispa Vox HPY 337-16)-EP: Take A Heart/Teenage Letter/Baby/We Should Get Along Fine (M-/M-)-super rare $40


310.    SPIKE DRIVERS (Japan-67,Reprise JET-1736)-Baby Wonít You Let Me Tell You How I Lost My Mind/High Time (M-/M-,IS)-very rare $20


311.    SPOOKY TOOTH (Japan-67,Philips SFL-1231)-Sunshine Help Me/Tobacco Road (M-/M-,IS)-quite rare $175


312.    STANDELLS (Holland-66,Capitol HF 293)-Dirty Water/Rari (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very rare $220


313.    STATUS QUO (Germany-68,Pye HT 300161)-Pictures Of Matchstick Men/Gentleman Joeís Sidewalk Cafť (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-quite scarce $35


314.    STATUS QUO (Japan-77,Vertigo SFL-2151)-Wild Side Of Life/All Through The Night (M-/M-,IS)-rare $121


315.    STATUS QUO (Mexico-68,Pye GX 07-537)-EP: Pictures Of Matchstick Men/Gentleman Joeís Sidewalk Cafť/Ice In The Sun/When My Mind Is Not Live (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-very rare, sleeve is perfect except for color bleed-thru from label $180


316.    STEELEYE SPAN (Japan-71,Liberty LLR-10002)-Lovely On The Water/Cold, Haily, Windy Night (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-very rare $150


317.    STEELY DAN (Japan-73,Probe IPR-10425)-Razor Boy/Show Biz Kids (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-rare $90


318.    STEPPENWOLF (Brazil-69,Odeon 7 ID 14.001)-EP: Magic Carpet Ride/Born To Be Wild/Sookie Sookie/Move Over (M-/M-,IS)-scarce $45


319.    CAT STEVENS (Belgium-67,Deram DM. 7)-Iím Gonna Get Me A Gun/School Is Out (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,IS,WOBC)


320.    CAT STEVENS (France-66,Deram 15.000 M)-EP: Matthew And Son/Granny/I Love My Dog/Portobello Road (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-quite scarce, ďPortobello RoadĒ is seldom seen $66


321.    AL STEWART (Japan-70,Epic ECPA-35)-Electric Los Angeles Sunset/A Small Fruit Song (M-/M-,FO,IS)-rare, nice different black & white pic inside gatefold $132


322.    ROD STEWART (Japan-71,Mercury SFL-1393)-I Know Iím Losing You/Reason To Believe (M-/M-,IS)-very scarce $12


        ROD STEWART-see Beck, Jeff


        ROD STEWART-see Shotgun Express


        ROD STEWART-see Small Faces


323.    STRANGERS (Sweden-64,Philips PF 350 241)-Trust Me/You Can Hear Me Calling (M-/M-)-very scarce $80


324.    SWEET (Germany-72,RCA 74-16209)-Wig Wam Bam/New York Connection (M-/M-) $25


        T-REX-see Tyrannosaurus Rex


325.    TAGES (Holland-66,Delta DS 1198)-In My Dreams/Leaving Here (M-/EX+,FO,IS,NC)-super rare, much rarer than the Dutch Lions sleeve $220


326.    TAGES (Norway-67,Parlophone SD 6005)-Iím Going Out/Fuzzy Patterns (M-/FC EX,BC M-,TIC,SRW,XOC)-rare $111


327.    TAGES (Sweden-65,Platina PA 104)-Donít Turn Your Back/Hound Dog (M-/FC M-,BC EX,SRWBC)-rare red lettering $71


328.    TEE-SET (Holland-66,Delta DS 1194)-Early In The Morning/Nothing Can Ever Change This Love (M-/M-,FO,IS)


329.    TEN YEARS AFTER (Japan-68,Deram D-1036)-Rock Your Mama/Spider In Your Web (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite rare $200


330.    TETES BLANCHES (Belgium-65,Ronnex 1346)-Itís So Right/Your Love Was Mine (M-/EX,FO,IS,WOC) $27


331.    THEM (France-65,Decca 457.073 M)-EP: Gloria/Baby, Please Don't Go/Here Comes The Night/All For Myself (M-/M-)-very scarce $32


332.    THEM (France-67,Vogue INT 18 135)-EP: Portland Town/It's All Over Now Baby Blue/Midnight Train/The Gorilla (EX+/FC M-,BC EX,SRWBC,WOBC,WIN)-very rare, inventory tag intact $307


333.    THEM (Holland-66,Decca AT 15 068)-Itís All Over Now, Baby Blue/Iím Gonna Dress In Black (EX+/FC EX-,BC EX,SRW,NC)-very rare $225


334.    THEM (Japan-65,London HIT-523)-One More Time/How Long Baby (EX+/EX+,FO,IS,WOL)-mega rare, Japanese sleeve mistakenly picturing the British Poets on the sleeve instead of Them $750


335.    THEM (Sweden-67,Sonet T-7669)-Gloriaís Dream/Secret Police (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX+,FO,IS)-very rare yellow sleeve picturing the original group line-up; contains a promo glossy showing the correct group members $300


336.    THIN LIZZY (Japan-77,Vertigo SFL-2150)-Donít Believe A Word/Rocky (M-/M-,IS)-quite rare $43


337.    TRAFFIC (Japan-68,Philips SFL-1162)-Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush/No Face No Name No Number (M-/M-,FO,IS)-rarest Japanese single and possibly the rarest Traffic sleeve in the world $500


338.    TRAFFIC (Sweden-68,Island WIP-5002)-You Can All Join In/Withering Tree (M-/M-,FO,IS)-scarce $25


339.    TREMELOES (Denmark-67,CBS 2519)-Here Comes My Baby/Gentlemen Of Pleasure (EX+/EX+,FO,IS)-scarce


        T-REX-see Tyrannosaurus Rex


340.    TROGGS (Belgium-67,Fontana YF 278135)-I Canít Control Myself/Gonna Make You (M-/EX+,FO,IS,STIL) $28


341.    TROGGS (Belgium-68,Fontana 260111 TF)-Love Is All Around/When Will The Rain Come (M-/EX+,FO,IS) $28


342.    TROGGS (Japan-68,Philips SFL-1167)-Surprise, Surprise/Marbles And Some Gum (M-/M-,IS)-rare $150


343.    TROGGS (So. Africa-68,Fontana TF 828)-Surprise, Surprise/Marbles And Some Gum (EX/EX-,FO,IS,TSTNC,TIBC,WOBC) $12


344.    TROGGS (So. Africa-69,Page One TOS 508)-Evil Woman/Sweet Madeleine (EX+/EX,FO,IS) $12


345.    TURTLES (Belgium-68,London 5.626)-Sound Asleep/Umbassa The Dragon (M-/M-,FO,IS)-scarce


346.    TURTLES (Japan-68,London TOP-1222)-Sheís My Girl/Chicken Little Was Right (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite rare $202


347.    (TYRANNOSAURUS REX)T-Rex (Japan-72,Odeon OR-2762)-EP: Ride A White Swan/Is It Love/Summertime Blues (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very rare $20


348.    UFO (Japan-77,Chrysalis WWR-20304)-Too Hot To Handle/Lights Out (M-/M-,IS,WLP)-quite scarce $68  


349.    VANILLA FUDGE (France-69,Atco 84)-Season Of The Witch, Part 1/Season Of The Witch, Part 2 (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-inventory tag intact $23


350.    VANILLA FUDGE (Germany-68,Atlantic ATL 70.258)-Where Is My Mind/The Look Of Love (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,TIC,XOBC) $15


351.    VODKA COLLINS (Japan-73,Express ETP-2857)-Sands Of Time/Automatic Pilot (M-/M-,IS,STIL)-rare


354.    WE 4 (Sweden-66,Nashville NS 847)-Youíre The One For Me/I Couldnít Stay (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-,FO,IS)-rare $182


355.    WHO (Belgium-71,Polydor 2121 069)-Baba OíRiley/My Wife (M-/M-,FO,IS) $12


356.    WHO (France-67,Polydor 27 799)-EP: Happy Jack/I've Been Away/Whiskey Man/Boris The Spider (S1 M-,S2 EX/FC M-,BC EX,SSTNBC,WOBC,STABC)-very scarce, inventory tag intact $75


357.    WHO (Japan-68,Polydor DP-1558)-I Can See For Miles/Someone's Coming (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC)-super rare $290


358.    WHO (Norway-66,Polydor NH 59064)-Bucket ďTĒ/Run Run Run (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very rare $300


359.    WHO (Sweden-70,Polydor 2094 002)-Summertime Blues/Heaven And Hell (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite rare $44


360.    WISHBONE ASH (Japan-71,MCA D-1145)-Vas Dis/Jail Bait (M-/M-,IS)-rare $130


361.    ROY WOOD (Japan-73,Odeon EOR-10494)-Forever/Music To Commit Suicide By (M-/M-,IS)-quite rare $20


362.    JOHN WOOLLEY/JUST BORN (Holland-71,Killroy 1719)-Moving/The Times They Flew Away (M-/M-,FO,IS)-quite scarce $77


363.    WORRYING KYNDE (Holland-67,Pye 7N 35370)-Call Out My Name/Got The Blame (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very rare $440


364.    YARDBIRDS (France-66,Riviera 231 196)-EP: Over Under Sideways Down/Jeff's Boogie/Mr. Zero/Knowing (M-/FC M-,BC EX,RWBC,WOBC)-very scarce, inventory tag intact $90


365.    YARDBIRDS (Italy-65,Int. SIR 20.001)-For Your Love/Got To Hurry (M-/M-)-rare $90


366.    YARDBIRDS (Japan-67,Odeon OR-1724)-Little Games/Puzzles (M-/M-,FO,IS)-rarest Yardbirds single in the world, never released on red wax $990


        YARDBIRDS-see Beck, Jeff


        YARDBIRDS-see Mayall & Clapton


367.    YES (Spain-72,Atlantic HS 826)-Carrusel/Long Distance Runaround (M-/M-) $75


368.    NEIL YOUNG (Japan-71,Reprise P-1037R)-When You Dance I Can Really Love/Sugar Mountain (M-/M-,IS,BLP)-quite rare $39


        NEIL YOUNG-see Crazy Horse


369.    YOUNG RASCALS (Holland-66,Atlantic A 2321)-Good Loviní/Mustang Sally (M-/M-,FO,IS) $50


370.    (YOUNG)RASCALS (Sweden-69,Atlantic ATL 70.382)-See/Away, Away (M-/M-,FO,IS) $25


371.    ZZ TOP (Japan-78,London CM-1081)-Heard It On The X/Blue Jean Blues (M-/M-,IS)-rare $22


372.    ZIPPS (Holland-66,Muziek Expres ME 1007)-Roll The Cotton Down/High-Way Gambler (M-/M-,FO,IS)-mega rare $68


373.    ZOMBIES (US-65,Parrot 45-PAR 9747)-She's Coming Home/I Must Move (M-/EX+,SRW,TIC) $38


374.   (ZOMBIES)Neil MacArthur (Belgium-69,Deram DM 44)-Sheís Not There/World Of Glass (M-/M-,FO,IS)-very scarce $40






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