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GRADING: I grade disc first/cover second. I use M, EX, and VG with (+) or (-) indicating slightly better or worse for each grade. M is an unplayed disc, and I have to be 90% sure IT IS unplayed. M- discs may have a blemish or scuff or two (absolutely nothing approximating a scratch) but plays as perfectly as vinyl quality will allow. EX+ would be only slightly less visually than M- but still should play mostly flawless with only a minor tick here and there. EX is starting to show signs of use such as more scuffing and slight scratching but is still a fairly well-cared-for album and may have some slight discernible imperfection in the audio due to the visible flaws. VG+ discs have scratches and noise but are far from unlistenable. VG is getting to be borderline as to whether you may wish to acquire this piece; questions should be asked and only rare to very rare items will be in this condition. I can't play every cut or even every disc, so if something slips by, let me know promptly, and we'll work it out. Sealed records are no guarantee the disc is perfect and without defects such as warps or scratches from packaging. If you wish me to carefully open your sealed purchases before shipping, leaving the shrink intact, I will do so for both our protection. Then I can guarantee the record. The following abbreviations apply mostly to imperfections in the cover:   

(W/Y/G/P/B)LP = (white/yellow/gold/pink/blue) label promo

B = 'back' in any of the following abbreviations

(P)STI(C/L) = (promo) sticker on (cover/label)

(P)STA(C/L) = (promo) stamp on (cover/label)

(T/W/S)STNC = (tape/water/sticker) stain on cover

PL = promo label 

PH = promo hole 

PIH = pin hole in cover 

SHC = staple hole in cover 

DJTS = disc jockey timing strip 

CC = cut corner 

CO(N/H) = cut-out (notch/hole)

TI (C/L) = tear in (cover/label)

TO(C/L) = tape on (cover/label)

WO(C/L) = writing on (cover/label)

XO(C/L) = marks on (cover/label) 

AUTO = autographed

(F)SPS = (fully) split seam

SHC = staple hole in cover 

(H/S)RW = (heavy/slight) ring wear 

FO = gatefold cover

W(IS/IN) = with (inner sleeve/insert) 

SS = still sealed

SIS = still in shrink

IS = insert sleeve 

MO = mono

S1/S2 = side 1/side 2 

FC/BC = front cover/back cover

AS = art sleeve 

TS = title sleeve

NC = center plug removed 

OBI = with obi on Japanese pressed items

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