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Remember grading is disc/cover. 


  B.B. BLUNDER (Germany-71,UA 35 203)-Sticky Living/Rocky Yagbatee Yagbag (M-/EX,SRW)-$40, scarce

  BZN (Belgium-73,Supreme S.402)-Rolling Around The Band/Superman (M-/EX,IS)-$28

  BZN (Belgium-73,Supreme 423)-Sweet Silver Anny/Searching (M-/EX-,IS,STIBC,XOL)-was $32--now $20

  BZN (Belgium-74,Supreme 602)-Barber's Rock/Home Where I'm Going (M-/EX-,IS)-was $32--now $20 or (EX/VG+,IS,SSTNC)-was $12--now $8

  BZN (Holland-69,Polydor S 1304)-Coming To My Dreams/Every Day I Have To Cry (M-/EX,SRWBC)-$60, quite scarce

  BZN (Holland-72,Negram NG 316)-Rolling Around The Band/Superman (M-/EX,SRW,STABC)-was $32--now $25

  BZN (Holland-75,Negram NG 2008)-Goodbye Blue/Mr. Morning (M-/EX,TIC)-was $32--now $25

  BABYS (Holland-79,Chrysalis 100 231)-Everytime I Think Of You/Head First (M-/M-)-$20

  BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVE (Germany-77,Mercury 6167 503)-Down, Down/Freeways (M-/M-)-$20

  BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVE (Holland-73,Mercury 6052 312)-Gimme Your Money Please/Little Gandy Dancer (M-/M-)-$20

  BAD BOYS (Italy-66,Style STMS 634)-Finche T'Incontrero/Balliamo Il Jerk (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,RWBC)-$110, rare

  BAD BOYS (Italy-67,Style STMS 643)-Il Mio Amore E Un Capellone/Runnin' And Hidin' (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-$150, quite rare

  BAD BOYS (Italy-68,City C 6215)-Da, Da, Da/Nasco Da Oggi (M-/EX+,AS,SHC,TIC)-$90, very scarce

  BAD COMPANY (Thailand-72,4 Track FT.213)-EP: Bad Company-The Way I Choose/Manfred Mann's Earth Band-Pluto The Dog/Johnny Winter-My World Turns All Around Her/Chicago-Colour My World (M-/EX+,STNC)-$45, scarce

  BAD COMPANY (US-79,Swan Song SS 70119)-Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy/Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy (M/FC EX,BC EX+,WLP,SRW,SSTNC)-$10

  BADFINGER (Argentina-72,Apple 3049)-EP: Without You/Baby Blue/Flying/Day After Day (M-/EX,TIC,WOL,SRWBC,SSTNBC)-$175, very rare

  BADFINGER (Australia-72,Apple AEP 3002)-EP: Day After Day/Come And Get It/No Matter What/Baby Blue (M-/M-)-$100, very scarce

  BADFINGER (Denmark-70,Apple 31)-No Matter What/Better Days (M-/EX,STNC)-was $75--now $60, very scarce

  BADFINGER (France-70,Apple 2C006-90916)-Rock Of All Ages/Come And Get It (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,TIBC)-$45, inventory tag intact  

  BADFINGER (Germany-71,Apple 1C006-93159)-Day After Day/Sweet Tuesday Morning (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW)-$40

  BADFINGER (Germany-71,Apple 1C006-93391)-Baby Blue/Flying (M-/M-)-$50 or (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC)-$48 or (M-/EX-,TIC,RW,STABC)-was $20--now $10, fairly common piece but almost impossible to find in a perfect state with no ring wear on the front cover, so here's that illusive super-clean copy you've been searching for

  BADFINGER (Holland-74,Apple 5C006-95190)-Apple Of My Eye/Blind Owl (M-/EX-,TIBC,SRW)-was $50--now $38, very scarce

  BADFINGER (Holland-91,Apple 006 20 4652 7)-Come And Get It/Rock Of All Ages (M-/M-)-$20  

  BADFINGER (Japan-71,Apple AR-2899)-Maybe Tomorrow/And Her Daddy's A Millionaire (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$500 super rare, their rarest Japanese single & therefore one of the rarest Badfinger sleeves in the world, two great pics of the band, b-side credits the Iveys on the label

  BADFINGER (Japan-71,Apple AR-2953)-Day After Day/Sweet Tuesday Morning (M-/M-,IS)-$40 or (M-/EX+,IS)-was $35--now $25 or (M-/EX,IS,RWBC)-was $20--now $15

  BADFINGER (Japan-72,Apple EAR-10046)-Baby Blue/Flying (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$200 or (M-/EX-,FO,IS,SPS)-was $100--now $60, quite rare

  BADFINGER (Japan-72,Apple EAR-10151)-Carry On Till Tomorrow/Without You (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$50 or (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-was $40--now $30 or (EX+/EX+,FO,IS,STNBC)-was $35--now $25, scarce

  BADFINGER (Mexico-72,Apple EPEM-10598)-EP: Day After Day/Sweet Tuesday Morning/Flying/Suitcase (EX/EX,FO,IS)-$100, rare

  BADFINGER (Mexico-72,Apple EPEM-10612)-EP: Without You/Believe Me/We're For The Dark/Better Days (EX+/EX,FO,IS,TIL)-$100, rare 

  BADFINGER (New Zealand-72,Apple APEP 3002)-EP: Day After Day/Come And Get It/No Matter What/Baby Blue (EX+/M-)-$160, rare, unlike the Oz issue with the same gorgeous pic, the Kiwi press comes in a beautiful laminated cover

  BADFINGER (Portugal-72,Apple N-38-27)-Day After Day/Sweet Tuesday Morning (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SSTNBC)-$50, scarce

  BADFINGER (Singapore-70,Apple EPEA 1010)-EP: No Matter What/Rock Of All Ages/Come And Get It/Blodwyn (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,TIC,TIL)-was $125--now $100, rare

BADFINGER (US-72,Apple 1844)-Baby Blue/Flying (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX+,SRW)-was $22--now $15 or (EX/EX-,RW,SPS)-was $5--now $2, same pic as Portuguese "Day After Day" as seen in this listing 


BADFINGER-see Gary Walker/Rain

  GINGER BAKER'S AIR FORCE (Germany-70,Polydor 2058015)-Man Of Constant Sorrow/Doin' It (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,TIC,STNBC)-was $30--now $22

  GINGER BAKER/BAKER-GURVITZ ARMY (Germany-75,Vertigo 6078 224)-The Gambler/Time (M-/FC EX,BC M-,TIC)-$28

  BAND (Japan-76,Capitol ECR-20196)-Georgia On My Mind/The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (M/M-,WLP,IS)-$125, very scarce

  BANGLES (Japan-87,Def Jam 04SP1077)-Hazy Shade Of Winter (M/M)-$15, one-sided disc

  BANNED (US-68,Fontana F 1616)-It Couldn't Happen Here-mono & stereo versions (M-/EX+,PLP,WOC,WOL)-$50

  BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST (Italy-77,Polydor 2058 970)-Hymn/Love Is Like A Violin (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,TIBC)-$20

  LES BAROQUES (Holland-66,Whamm PS 006)-She's Mine/I Know (M-/EX,FO,IS,NC)-was $30--now $22

  I BARRITTAS (Italy-66,Ariel NF 562)-Gloria/Agnus Dei (M-/EX+,SRW)-$85, very scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Australia-67,Capitol EPOC 40027)-EP: Wild Honey/Then I Kissed Her/Heroes & Villains/You're Welcome (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC)-$80, very scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Belgium-67,Capitol 1001)-Heroes And Villains/You're Welcome (M-/FC EX,BC EX-,FO,IS,WOBC)-$28, scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Denmark-68,Capitol CL 15545)-Friends/Little Bird (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,TIC,SSTNBC)-$38, scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Denmark-70,Stateside SS 2181)-Tears In The Morning/It's About Time (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,SRW)-$30

  BEACH BOYS (UK-64,Capitol EAP4 2198)-EP: The Little Old Lady From Pasadena/Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow/Let's Go Trippin'/Johnny B. Goode (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-$70, quite scarce  

  BEACH BOYS (UK-65,Capitol EAP-1 20781)-EP: Help Me Rhonda/California Girls/The Little Girl I Once Knew/Barbara Ann (M-/EX)-$40

  BEACH BOYS (France-66,Capitol EAP 1-20762)-EP: Barbara Ann/Girl Don't Tell Me/The Little Girl I Once Knew/There's No Other (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,XOBC)-$75, quite scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Germany-76,Reprise REP 14 440)-Rock 'n' Roll Music/The TM Song (M-/EX+)-$15

  BEACH BOYS (Germany-76,Reprise REP 14 462)-Susie Cincinnati/Everyone's In Love With You (M-/M-)-$30

  BEACH BOYS (Holland-75,Capitol 1A006-80704)-Good Vibrations/Barbara Ann (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,SSTNC,SRWBC,TIBC)-$12

  BEACH BOYS (Holland-78,Caribou A-2015)-Come Go With Me/Don't Go Near The Water (M-/M-)-$20

  BEACH BOYS (Holland-85,Caribou A-6506)-It's Getting Late/It's OK (M/M)-$20

  BEACH BOYS (Italy-66,Capitol F 5706)-God Only Knows/Wouldn't It Be Nice (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,SRWBC)-was $60--now $45, quite scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Italy-66,Capitol QCL 192)-Little Honda/I'm Waiting For The Day (M-/EX+,SRW)-$45, scarce 

  BEACH BOYS (Italy-68,Capitol F 2239)-Do It Again/Wake The World (M-/EX)-$32, scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Japan-65,Capitol CR-1304)-Surf Jam/Surfin' (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$100, very scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Japan-66,Capitol CR-1482)-Barbara Ann/Girl Don't Tell Me (M-/EX,IS)-$83 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce, RED WAX or (EX/EX-,IS,SHC)-$40, very scarce, RED WAX or (EX/EX-,IS)-$15, scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Japan-66,Capitol CR-1512)-Sloop John B/You're So Good To Me (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$50 (SOLD) or (EX/EX+,FO,IS)-was $25--now $18

  BEACH BOYS (Japan-66,Capitol CR-1621)-Good Vibrations/Let's Go Away For Awhile (EX+/FC EX+,BC EX,FO,IS,STNBC)-$30

  BEACH BOYS (Japan-79,Caribou 06SP 331)-Sumahama/Good Timin' (M-/M-,IS)-$50, scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Japan-67,Capitol CP-4214)-EP: Good Vibrations/Let's Go Away For Awhile/Wouldn't It Be Nice/God Only Knows (M-/EX+,WIN,WOBC)-$50, quite scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Norway-70,Capitol CL15640)-Cottonfields/Nearest Faraway Place (EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,XOBC)-$40, scarce

  BEACH BOYS (US-66,Capitol 5676)-Good Vibrations/Let's Go Away For Awhile (M-/M-)-$40

  BEACH BOYS (US-67,Capitol 2068)-Darlin'/Here Today (M-/EX+,AS)-$18, juke box label included

  BEACH BOYS (US-64,Capitol R 5267)-EP: Little Honda/Wendy/Don't Back Down/Hushabye (M-/EX+,SRW)-$120, rare

  BEACON STREET UNION (Germany-68,MGM 61191)-Blue Suede Shoes/Four Hundred And Five (M-/EX,SRW)-$70, very scarce

  BEACON STREET UNION (Japan-68,MGM DM-1154)-South End Incident/Speed Kills (M-/EX-,WLP,TOC,SRWBC)-$150, very rare

BEATLES - Click here

  BEAU BRUMMELS (Germany-83,Line OLS 1000 AC)-EP: Just A Little/Laugh Laugh/You Tell Me Why (M-/FC EX,BC M-,TIC)-$5

  JEFF BECK (Denmark-68,Columbia DB 8359)-Love Is Blue/I've Been Drinking (M-/EX,TIC)-was $100--now $75, rare, great unique group pic, top is creased but bottom 90% of sleeve near perfect

  JEFF BECK (UK-81,Epic EPC A 1009)-EP: The Final Peace/Scatterbrain/Too Much To Lose/Led Boots (M/M-)-$20

  JEFF BECK (France-69,Columbia 2C006-04059 M)-Blues De Luxe/Ol' Man River (M-/EX,TSTNC,TSTNL,WOC)-$100, rare, inventory tag intact

  JEFF BECK (Israel-68,EMI EBLF 40046)-EP: Love Is Blue/I've Been Drinking/Rosie/Going Back To London (M-/EX,TSTNC,WOBC)-was $75--now $60 or (EX/EX-,TIBC,SRWBC)-was $60--now $40, very scarce, last 2 songs on EP by Don Partridge

  JEFF BECK (Japan-85,Epic 07-5P-380)-Gets Us All In The End/You Know, We Know (M-/EX+,IS)-$25

  JEFF BECK (Japan-70,Odeon OP-4568)-EP: Jailhouse Rock/Hangman's Knee/Rice Pudding (M-/M-,WIN)-$200, much scarcer and rarely seen second Japanese EP

  JEFF BECK (Thailand-74,Diamond Sound 2081)-EP: Banana Rock-The Wombles/The Night Chicago Died-Paper Lace/Love Me For A Reason-The Osmonds/Come And Get Your Love-Redbone (M-/EX-,RWBC,STNBC)-was $60--now $40, very scarce, no Beck songs on this EP, this one's for the picture sleeve and what a great one it is

JEFF BECK-see (Manfred Mann)Paul Jones

  BEE GEES (Germany-67,Polydor 59065)-Spicks & Specks/I Am The World (M-/EX)-$50, quite scarce

  BEE GEES (Germany-67,Polydor 59131)-World/Sir Geoffrey Saved The World (M-/FC EX,BC EX+)-$25, same pic on both sides of sleeve

  BEE GEES (Germany-70,Polydor 2058009)-I.O. I.O./Sweetheart (M/M-)-$20

  BEE GEES (Germany-75,Polydor 885 871-7)-Words/Sinking Ships (M/M)-$15

  BEE GEES (Italy-68,Polydor NH 59169)-Words/Sinking Ships (M-/EX+)-$18

  BEE GEES (Italy-69,Polydor 59253)-I Started A Joke/Kilburn Towers (M-/M-)-$25

  BEE GEES (Japan-67,Polydor DP-1545)-To Love Somebody/Close Another Door (M-/EX+,WIN,STIC)-$25

  BEE GEES (Japan-68,Polydor DP-1563)-World/Sir Geoffrey Saved The World (M-/EX+)-$25 or (EX+/EX,TIC)-was $15--now $12

  BEE GEES (Japan-68,Polydor DP-1590)-I've Gotta Get A Message To You/Kitty Can (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,TSTNBC,WOBC)-$25

  BEE GEES (Japan-69,Polydor DP-1620)-I Started A Joke/Kilburn Tower (M-/EX+,WIN)-$25

  BEE GEES (Japan-72,Polydor DP-1845)-My World/On Time (M-/M-)-$30

  BEE GEES (Japan-68,Polydor SLKP-1137)-EP: Massachusetts/New York Mining Disaster/Holiday/World (M-/M-,WIN,STIBC)-$50

  BEE GEES (Spain-68,Polydor 60 014)-World/Holiday (EX/EX,WOL,TIBC,SRWBC)-$15

BEE GEES (Spain-69,Polydor 60 049)-First Of May/Lamplight (M-/EX+,WOBC,TS)-was $18--now $12

  BEES MAKE HONEY (UK-77,Charly CEP 117)-EP: Sylvie/Namalee/Boogie Queen/Don't Stop Now (M/M)-$30, laminated flaps cover

  BEGGARS OPERA (Germany-75,Jupiter 17 163 AT)-I'm A Roadie/Bar Room Pearl (M-/EX+)-$28

BELOVED ONES-see Irresistibles

  PAT BENATAR (UK-83,Chrysalis SP 2662)-EP: Shadows Of The Night/Heart Breaker/Get Nervous/Treat Me Right (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,SRW)-$8 

  PAT BENATAR (Holland-79,Ariola 101.184)-I Need A Lover/Rated X (M/M-)-$15

  PAT BENATAR (Japan-84,Chrysalis WWS-17544)-Temporary Heroes/Diamond Field (M/M-,IS)-$12

  BETTERDAYS (UK-91,N.T.B. 1001)-EP: Honey What's Wrong/Don't Want That/Here 'Tis/Aw Shucks Hush Your Mouth (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-$25, recorded in 1964

  BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY (Holland-68,CBS 3683)-Piece Of My Heart/Turtle Blues (M-/EX)-$70, very scarce 

  BIG THREE (France-91,Eva 710 M)-EP: What'd I Say/Don't Start Running Away/Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah/Reelin' And Rockin' (M/M)-$30, green wax reish of 1963 U.K. EP  

  BIG WHEEL (Holland-69,Decca AT 10 387)-If I Stay Too Long/Little Woman (EX+/EX+,NC)--$40 or (VG+/FC EX-,BC EX,XOC,STABC)-was $20--now $10, scarce, ex-Q65 bass player

  BINTANGS (Belgium-69,Decca AT 10.402-Y)-Ridin' On The L & N/Down South Blues (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,FO,IS,TIC,TOC)-$35, scarce

  BINTANGS (Germany-69,Decca DL 25406)-He Didn't Wanna Go Home/The Dying Of Mr. Fernandez (M-/EX+)-$28

  BINTANGS (Germany-72,Decca DL 25436)-Liontamer/Too Much (M-/EX,TOC,STABC)-was $28--now $22

  BINTANGS (Holland-69,Decca AT 10 402)-Ridin' On The L&N/Down South Blues (M-/EX,STIBC)-$25

  BINTANGS (Holland-70,Decca AT 10 416)-Travelling In The U.S.A./Hound Is On The Run (M-/EX+)-$40

  BINTANGS (Holland-71,Decca 6100 033)-I'm On My Own Again/Demons (M-/EX-,RW,WOC,STIBC,NC)-$15

  BINTANGS (Holland-79,Ariola 100.502)-Snake In The Grass/Floating (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,TIC,SSTNC,STABC)-$20

  BINTANGS (Holland-79,Ariola 100.743)-Let Me Pass/Tequila (M-/EX)-$15

  BINTANGS (Holland-82,Lark INS-1475)-Bayou Woman/Handmade High-Heeled Flesh-Coloured Boots (M-/EX-,SRW)-$18, scarce

  RONNIE BIRD (France-64,Decca 460.889)-EP: L'Amour Nous Rend Fou/Pour Toi/Tout Seul/Je Ne Mens Pas (EX+/M-)-$90 or (EX/EX+,TIC)-$50 or (EX-/EX+,SPS,WOBC)-$35, very scarce

  RONNIE BIRD (France-67,Philips 437.403 BE)-EP: Le Pivert/De L'Autre Cote Du Miroir/S.O.S. Mesdemoiselles/Aimez-Moi (EX/EX+,SRWBC)-$100, rare, likely the second hardest to score Ronnie Bird EP 

  BIRTH CONTROL (Thailand-72,Cash Box KS-106)-EP: Hot Chocolate-You'll Always Be A Friend/Dandy Livingstone-Suzanne, Beware Of The Devil/Jimmy Druiett-It Was Always, Always You/Spinners-I'll Be Around (M-/EX,STNC)-$20, EP contains no songs by Birth Control, but the sleeve has a pic of the band

  BIRTH CONTROL (Thailand-72,IT IT-004)-EP: Rick Springfield-Speak To The Sky/Gillbert O'Sullivan-Ooh Wakka Doo Wakka Day/Nilsson-Spaceman/Mel And Tim/It Hurts To Want It So Bad (M-/FC EX,BC VG++,TIC,STNBC)-$35, EP contains no songs by Birth Control, but the sleeve has a pic of the band

BISHOPS-see Count Bishops

  I BISONTI (Italy-67,City C. 6190)-Occhi Di Sole/Crudele (M-/M-)-$90, very scarce

  I BISONTI (Italy-68,City C. 6199)-Viso Di Luce/Richiamo D'Amore (EX/FC EX,BC,M-,TIC)-$40, quite scarce, same pic on both sides of sleeve

  TERRY BLACK (Japan-65,Vee-Jay LL-730-VE)-Unless You Care/Can't We Go Somewhere? (EX/M-,FO,IS)-$100, rare, great jangly beat/folk

  BLACK SABBATH (Holland-73,Vertigo 6165 001)-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/Changes (M-/EX,RW)-$70, very scarce

  BLACK SABBATH (Japan-70,Philips SFL-1282)-Evil Woman, Don't Play Your Garmes With Me/Black Sabbath (M-/M-,IS)-$350, super rare first single, 'Games' misspelled on both sleeve and label

BLACK SABBATH-see Miller, Steve

  BLACK STARS (Italy-66,Equipe EQ 0106)-Shakin' All Over/Remember (M-/M-)-$90 or (M-/EX+)-$70, very scarce

  BLACK STARS (Italy-66,Equipe EQ 0107)-Scrivo Sui Muri/Ci Fermiamo Due Minuti (M-/M-)-$140, rare 

  BLACKFOOT (Portugal-80,Atlantic ATL 11642)-Spendin' Cabbage/Street Fighter (M-/EX,SRWBC,STIBC)-$20

  BLACKFOOT SUE (Holland-72,DJM 6102 316)-Standing In The Road/Celestial Pain (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,STIC,PIH)-$40, scarce

  BLIND FAITH (Japan-70,Polydor DP 1667)-Presence Of The Lord/Can't Find My Way Home (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,WIN,STNBC)-$140, rare

  BLODWYN PIG (Germany-70,Island 388 857 UF)-Walk On The Water/Summer Day (M-/EX,AS)-$25

  BLODWYN PIG (Spain-70,Philips 60 68 012)-Same Old Story/Slow Down (M-/M-)-$60, scarce

  BLONDE ON BLONDE (Portugal-70,Ember EMZ 004)-EP: Castles In The Sky/November/Time Is Passing/Circles (M/EX-,RW,STABC)-$85 or (M-/FC EX-,BC VG++,RW,TIBC,WOBC,SSTNBC)-was $100--now $70 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC VG++,BC EX-,STIC,STAC,WOBC)-was $80--now $50, quite rare

  BLONDE ON BLONDE (Spain-70,Ember 45.391-A)-Castles In The Sky/Circles (M-/M-)-$75, quite scarce

  BLONDIE (France-79,Chrysalis CHS 2400)-Union City Blue/Living In The Real World (M/M-)-$15

  BLONDIE (Japan-77,Chrysalis WWR-20369)-EP: Rip Her To Shreds/In The Flesh/X Offender (M/M,IS)-$40, scarce

  BLONDIE (Japan-77,Chrysalis WWR-20373)-Kidnapper/Cautious Lip (M/M,IS)-$30

  BLONDIE (Japan-77,Chrysalis WWR-20436)-Denis/No Imagination (M/M,IS)-$30

  BLONDIE (Japan-80,Chrysalis WWS-17081)-The Tide Is High/Suzy And Jeffrey (M/M,IS)-$25

  BLOODROCK (Japan-72,Capitol ECR-10204)-Help Is On The Way/Thank You Daniel Ellsberg (M-/EX,IS,WLP)-$60, very scarce

  BLOOMFIELD/HAMMOND/DR. JOHN (Holland-73,CBS 1731)-I Yi Yi/Pretty Thing (M-/FC EX,BC EX+)-$20

  BLOSSOM TOES (Germany-67,Polydor 59 134)-What On Earth/Mrs. Murphy's Budgerigar (M-/EX-,PSTIL,RW)-$60, very scarce

  BLOSSOM TOES (Germany-68,Polydor 59 180)-I'll Be Your Baby Tonight/Love Is (M-/EX,SRW)-was $100--now $80, rare

  BLOSSOM TOES (Germany-68,Polydor 59 243)-Postcard/Everyone's Leaving Me Now (EX/EX)-was $60--now $50, very scarce

  BLOSSOM TOES (Germany-69,Polydor 59 291)-Peace Loving Man/Just Above My Hobby Horse's Head (M-/EX+)-$80, very scarce

  BLOSSOM TOES (Italy-70,Marmalade SIR-MA 20.110)-Listen To The Silence/Love Bomb (M-/EX)-$90, rarest of their 45's especially with the sleeve

BLOSSOM TOES-see B.B. Blunder (at top of "B" section)


  BLUE IMPULSE (Japan-68,RCA JRT-1003)-Taiyo No Tsurugi/Yoake Ni Kieta Koi (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-was $75--now $50, very scarce, Farfisa/fuzz stomper backed with average Sino-pop

BLUE IMPULSE (Japan-68,RCA JRT-1003)-Taiyo No Tsurugi/Yoake Ni Kieta Koi (M/M,FO,IS)-$25, re-issue, same sleeve as above 

  BLUE OYSTER CULT (UK-79,CBS 7783)-Mirrors/Lonely Teardrops (M-/EX,TS,SRW)-$25

  BLUE OYSTER CULT (Germany-77,CBS 5889)-Goin' Through The Motions/Searchin' For Celine (M-/M-,WLP)-$28

  BLUE PLANET (Belgium-69,Philips 6075 105)-I’m Going Man I’m Going/Nothing In The World (M-/EX,FO,IS)-$25

  BLUE PLANET (Holland-70,Philips 6075 105)-I'm Going Man I'm Going/Nothing In The World (M-/FC EX+,BC EX-,SRW,STABC)-$25 or (M-/EX,WOC,SRWBC)-$18

  BLUE THINGS (US-68,RCA 47-8692)-I Must Be Doing Something Wrong/La Do Da Da (M-/EX,RW)-$150, very rare

  BLUES IMAGE (Italy-70,Atlantic ATL-NP 03165)-Ride Captain Ride/Pay My Dues (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,PSTIL,SSTNBC,TIBC)-$50

  BLUES MAGOOS (Japan-67,Mercury SM-3079)-EP: Tobacco Road/Gotta Get Away/(We Ain't Got)Nothing Yet/Pipe Dream (M-/M-,WIN)-$160, rare

  BLUES MAGOOS (Spain-67,Mercury 126 226 MCE)-EP: Pipe Dream/There's A Chance We Can Make It/Albert Common Is Dead/Summer Is The Man (EX+/FC EX+,BC M-)-$175, quite rare

  BLUES PROJECT (France-72,Philips 6061 426)-Easy Lady/Crazy Girl (M-/FC M-,BC EX,SRWBC,SSTNBC)-$50

  BLUES PROJECT (US-66,Verve Folkways KF-5019)-Where There's Smoke There's Fire!/Louisiana (M-/EX+,COH,SRW)-$50, quite scarce

  BLUESMEN (Czechoslovakia-68,Panton 03 0123)-EP: Zpivej Mi Dal/Nevidoma Divka/Kdo Pod Oknem Stava/Story O Velke Lasce (EX+/EX,FO,SPS,TIC)-$75, rare

  BOBBY & LAURIE (Australia-65,Go!! GEP 1001)-EP: I Belong With You/The Glory Of Love/Hold Me/Goodnight Irene (S1 EX-,S2 EX/FC EX-,BC EX+,WOC,SRW,STIL)-$75, rare first EP on the Go Label 

MARC BOLAN-see Tyrannosaurus Rex

  BOLD (Italy-02,Misty Lane 063)-EP: Gotta Get Some/Train Kept A Rollin'/Robin Hood/Found What I Was Looking For (M/M,WIN)-$20

  BOOTS (France-65,Polydor 27 254)-Laissez Briller Le Soleil/Le Cerf Volant/Trop Tard/Demain (M-/EX,WOBC,WOL)-$400, super rare, for those of you who do not know this band, along with Les Goths & Les Gypsys, about the best the French had to offer in this style, stunning fuzz guitar/harmonica driven freakbeat and moody, sullen folk/rock; different band from the one listed below

  BOOTS (Germany-65,Telefunken U 55 892)-Gloria/Walkin' In The Sand (M-/EX+,PIH)-$110 (SOLD) or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC EX,BC EX+,STAC)-$85, very scarce 

  BOSS (Japan-85,RCA RPS-161)-Dancin' Queen/Kick Ass (M/M-,IS,WLP)-$25 

  BOSTON (Japan-78,Epic 06-5P-54)-Feelin Satisfied/Party (M/M-,IS)-$30

  DAVID BOWIE (Japan-80,RCA SS-3270)-Crystal Japan/Alabama Song (M/M,IS)-$40, scarce

  DAVID BOWIE (US-82,Backstreet BSR-52024)-Cat People, Putting Out Fire/Paul’s Theme, Jogging Chase (M/M-)-$10

  ALAN BOWN (Germany-68,MGM 61205)-We Can Help You/Magic Handkerchief (M-/EX)-$60 (SOLD) or (S1 EX+,S2 EX/EX)-was $50--now $40, quite scarce

BOX TOPS-see Various artists

  TOMMY BOYCE & BOBBY HART (US-68,A&M 948)-Alice Long/P.O.Box 9847 (M-/EX,SRW,TIC)-$10, different pic on each side

  BOYS (US-79,Titan 1421)-Baby It's You/Bad Little Girl (M/M-)-$25

  BRAINBOX (Belgium-70,Imperial/Columbia 4C006-24 258)-The Smile/The Flight (S1 EX,S2 M-/EX+,FO,IS)-$35, scarce

  BRAINBOX (France-70,Pathe 2C006-24135)-To You/So Helpless (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,STIL,STABC,SRW,SSTNBC)-$38

  BRAINBOX (Germany-70,Columbia 1C006-24 238)-Doomsday Train/Good Morning Day (M-/EX,RW)-$30

  LOS BRAVOS (France-66,Barclay 71 050M)-EP: Black Is Black/Cutting Out/Will You Always Love Me/I Want A Name  (EX+/FC M-,BC EX,SRWBC,STNBC)-$50, scarce, with inventory tag intact

BREAD-see John Lennon in Beatles section

BREAD-see Various artists

  BRITISH WALKERS (Spain-67,Cameo SN 20 032)-Shake/That Was Yesterday (M-/EX-,STIC,STIL,WOBC,STABC)-was $75--now $50, rare

  CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN (Japan-69,Polydor SKP-1151)-EP: Fire/Rest Cure/Nightmare/What's Happening (M-/M-,WIN)-$218 (SOLD AT AUCTION) or (M-/EX,WIN)-$125, quite rare, great pic of a young Carl Palmer on the cover

JAMES BROWN/FAMOUS FLAMES (Germany-68,Polydor 59 209)-Licking Stick-Pts. 1 & 2 (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,STAC)-was $8--now $6

  RAY BROWN/WHISPERS (Australia-66,Leedon LX 11080)-EP: Jambalaya/Fool Fool Fool/He’ll Never Love You Like I Do/Go To Him (EX+/FC EX,BC EX+)-$50

  LES BRUMMELLS (France-66,Vogue EPL 8465)-EP: Mama/Schisme Diplomatique 7/Abandon/Des Lendemains (EX+/FC M-,BC EX,TIBC)-$60, quite scarce

  BUCKINGHAMS (Portugal-68,CBS 6520)-EP: Back In Love Again/You Misunderstand Me/I'll Be Back/Remember (M-/EX+,SRW)-$35

  LOS BUENOS (Spain-69,Accion AC-1)-Cancion/Oh, Pretty Woman (M-/EX,SRW)-$70, very scarce

  BUFFOONS (Holland-71,Imperial IH 816)-Lovely Loretta/Here We Go Again (M-/M-)-$40

  BUMBLE BEES (Holland-99,Op Art 011)-EP: Maybe Someday/Girl Of My Kind/Day By Day/You (M/M-,FO,IS)-$30, re-issue

  BUNCH (Belgium-70,Belgaphone B 1011)-Mister Roadie/Sneaky Woman (EX/EX,IS,TIC,XOC)-$15

  BUSH (US-66,Hiback 102)-Feeling Sad And Lonely/Got Love If You Want It (M-/EX+)-$300, extremely rare

KATE BUSH (UK-80,EMI 5121)-December Will Be Magic Again/Warm And Soothing (M/EX+,AS)-$8

  BYRDS (UK-66,CBS EP 6077)-EP: Eight Miles High/Turn, Turn, Turn/Mr. Tambourine Man/All I Really Want To Do (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,STNBC)-$80, very scarce

  BYRDS (France-65,CBS EP 6251)-EP: Turn! Turn! Turn!/Spanish Harlem Incident/Don't Doubt Yourself, Babe/She Don't Care About Time (M-/M-)-$110 or (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-)-$95, very scarce

  BYRDS (Germany-65,CBS 1897)-Turn! Turn! Turn!/She Don't Care About Time (EX+/EX-,WOC,TIL)-was $18--now $12

  BYRDS (Germany-71,CBS S 7712)-America's Great National Pastime/Farther Along (M-/M-)-$50, scarce this nice

  BYRDS (Holland-65,CBS 1.922)-Mr. Tambourine Man/I Knew I'd Want You (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$40

  BYRDS (Holland-66,CBS 2.037)-Set You Free This Time/It Won't Be Wrong (EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,TIBC,SSTNL)-$150, their rarest Dutch sleeve

  BYRDS (Holland-70,CBS 5322)-Chestnut Mare/Just A Season (EX+/EX,TSTNBC,SRWBC)-was $35--now $28, very scarce

  BYRDS (Holland-71,CBS 7253)-I Trust/This Is My Destiny (M-/FC EX,BC M-,SSTNC)-was $42--now $35, very scarce

  BYRDS (Japan-65,CBS LL-787-C)-Mr. Tambourine Man/I Knew I'd Want You (EX-/FC EX-,BC EX,FO,IS,SRWBC)-$40, very scarce

  BYRDS (Japan-65,CBS LL-855-C)-Turn! Turn! Turn!/She Don't Care About Time (EX/M-,FO,IS)-$125, rare

  BYRDS (Japan-66,CBS LL-927-C)-Eight Miles High/Why (M/M-,FO,IS)-$400 (SOLD AT AUCTION) or (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$300, very rare

  BYRDS (Japan-65,CBS LSS-352-C)-EP: Mr. Tambourine Man/I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better/All I Really Want To Do/I Knew I'd Want You (EX/FC EX+,BC M-)-$100, rare

  BYRDS (Portugal-69,CBS 4284)-Lay Lady Lay/Old Blue (M/EX+,SRW,SSTNC)-$90, very scarce

  BYRDS (Portugal-66,CBS 6264)-EP: Turn! Turn! Turn!/She Don't Care About Time/Spanish Harlem Incident/All I Really Want To Do (M/M)-$175, rare, virtually a  perfect copy

  BYRDS (Singapore-66,CBS CE 4019)-EP: Turn! Turn! Turn!/It Won't Be Wrong/The World Turns All Around Her/The Times They Are A-Changin' (EX+/EX+,WOL,WSTNBC)-$125, rare



  BZN (Belgium-75,Supreme 631)-Goodbye Sue/Mr. Morning (M-/M-)-$42 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BACK STREET BAND (Germany-69,Ember 14 507 AT)-This Ain't The Road/Daybreak (M-/M-)-$90 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  BAD BOYS (Italy-66,Style STMS 635)-Kicks/She's A Breakaway (M-/M-)-$184 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare, jukebox sticker on label

  BAD COMPANY (Japan-74,Island ILR-10646)-Can't Get Enough/Little Miss Fortune (M/M-,IS)-$18 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BAD COMPANY (Japan-75,Island ILR-10680)-Good Lovin' Gone Bad/Whisky Bottle (M-/M-,IS)-$2(SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BAD COMPANY (Japan-76,Island ILR-10923)-Run With The Pack/Do Right By Your Woman (M-/M-,IS)-$23 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BAD COMPANY (Spain-74,Island 13 379 A)-Can't Get Enough/Little Miss Fortune (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC)-$38 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BAD COMPANY (Thailand-75,4 Track TKR 223)-EP: Ready For Love/Movin' On/Can't Get Enough/Rock Steady (EX+/FC EX,BC EX-,TIC,TSTNBC,WOBC)-$12 (SOLD)

  BADFINGER (France-72,Apple 2C006-93159)-Day After Day/Sweet Tuesday Morning (M-/M-)-$48 (SOLD AT AUCTION), inventory tag intact

  BADFINGER (France-72,Apple 2C006-93391)-Baby Blue/Flying (EX/FC M-,BC EX+,SSTNBC)-$75 (SOLD), very scarce

  BADFINGER (Germany-73,WB 16 323)-Love Is Easy/My Heart Goes Out (M-/M-,WLP)-$75 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  BADFINGER (Italy-72,Apple 3C006-93159)-Day After Day/Sweet Tuesday Morning (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,STABC)-$43 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BADFINGER (Sweden-72,Apple 4E006-93159)-Sweet Tuesday Morning/Day After Day (M-/M-)-$55 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce

  BADFINGER (Sweden-72,Apple 4E006-93391)-Baby Blue/Flying (M-/FC M-,BC EX+)-$90 (SOLD), very scarce

BAIN DIDONC (France-66,Riviera 231.177 M)-EP: Marcelle/4 Cheveux Dans Le Vent/Achetez Notre Disque/Tare...Zon (EX/M-)-$450 (SOLD), super rare, with inventory tag intact

  BAND (Japan-75,Capitol ECR-10955)-Ophelia/Hobo Jungle (M/M-,IS)-$210 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  BAND (Norway-71,Capitol 7E 006-80975)-Life Is A Carnival/The Moon Struck One (M-/EX+)-$66 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  BAND (Spain-68,Capitol CSL 2269)-I Shall Be Released/The Weight (M-/M-,PSTIL,PSTABC)-$77 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BAND OF LIGHT (Australia-73,WB EPW261)-EP: The Destiny Song/If/Moonstruck/Free Them From Hunger (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC)-$250 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite rare, non-LP cuts

  BANG (Japan-72,Capitol ECR-10075)-Questions/Future Shock (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-$75 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  BARBARIANS (France-66,Vogue INT. 18027)-EP: Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl/Susy Q/What The New Breed Say/I've Got A Woman (EX/EX+)-$600 (SOLD), ultra-rare 

  BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST (Spain-71,Belter 08.025)-Mocking Bird/Vanessa Simmons (M-/FC M-,BC EX,WOBC,STABC)-$39 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BARDS (US-68,Capitol 2148)-The Owl And The Pussy Cat/The Light Of Love (M-/FC M-,BC EX,TIBC,WOBC)-$66 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  LES BAROQUES (Holland-66,Whamm PS 011)-Working On A Tsjing Tsjang/Dreammaker (EX+/EX,FO,IS,TIL,NC)-$25 (SOLD)

  BEACH BOYS (Australia-66,Capitol EAP-1 20866)-EP: God Only Knows/Wouldn't It Be Nice/Let's Go Away For Awhile/Good Vibrations (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-,SSTNL)-$87 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BEACH BOYS (Belgium-68,Capitol CLF 2068)-Darlin'/Here Today (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$7(SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Belgium-68,Capitol RCL 11)-Friends/Little Bird (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$82 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Belgium-68,Capitol RCL 15)-Wake The World/Do It Again (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$64 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce

  BEACH BOYS (France-64,Capitol EAP 1-20648)-EP: Dance,Dance,Dance/Little Honda/When I Grow Up/The Man With All The Toys (M-/FC M-,BC EX,WOBC,STNBC)-$77 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  BEACH BOYS (France-65,Capitol EAP 4-2269)-EP: Help Me Ronda/Don't Hurt My Little Sister/Do You Wanna Dance?/Please Let Me Wonder (S1 M-,S2 EX/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC,TIL)-$88 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Germany-69,Capitol 1C006-80015)-I Can Hear Music/All I Want To Do (EX/EX,SRW)-$10 (SOLD)

  BEACH BOYS (Holland-80,Caribou CRB 8663)-Keepin' The Summer Alive/When Girls Get Together (M-/M-)-$10 (SOLD)

  BEACH BOYS (Israel-70,Capitol CT 40016)-EP: Cotton Fields/Do You Wanna Dance/God Only Knows/I Was Made To Love Her (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-)-$97 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Japan-66,Capitol CR-1579)-Wouldn't It Be Nice/God Only Knows (M/M-,FO,IS)-$166 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  BEACH BOYS (Japan-68,Capitol CR-1928)-Friends/Little Bird (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$150 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  BEACH BOYS (Japan-68,Capitol CR-2102)-Do It Again/Wake The World (M/M,FO,IS)-$251 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite rare, RED WAX

  BEACH BOYS (Portugal-68,Capitol EAP 21124)-EP: Do It Again/When A Man Needs A Woman/Wake The World/Be Here In The Mornin' (EX+/EX)-$45 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Portugal-69,Capitol EAP 21386)-EP: Break Away/Here Comes The Night//Celebrate The News/A Thing Or Two (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,PSTIBC,PSTIL,WOBC)-$110 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Spain-67,Capitol EAP 5-2164)-EP: White Christmas/Christmas Day/Frosty The Snowman/Little Saint Nick (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,PSTIL,PSTABC,STNBC)-$79 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  BEACH BOYS (Sweden-68,Capitol F 2160)-Friends/Little Bird (M-/M)-$47 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BEACH BOYS (Sweden-68,Capitol F 2239)-Do It Again/Wake The World (M-/M-)-$43 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BEACH BOYS (US-64,Capitol 5174)-I Get Around/Don't Worry Baby (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-)-$25 (SOLD) or (EX+/EX+)-$18 (SOLD)

  BEACH BOYS (US-65,Capitol 5395)-Help Me, Rhonda/Kiss Me, Baby (M-/M-)-$28 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BEACH BOYS (US-66,Capitol 5602)-Sloop John B/You're So Good To Me (EX+/EX+,SRW)-$15 (SOLD)

  BEACH BOYS (US-66,Capitol 5676)-Good Vibrations/Let's Go Away For Awhile (M-/EX+,SRW)-$20 (SOLD) or (VG-/EX+,WOL,SRW)-$8 (SOLD)

  BEACH BOYS (US-73,Brother MS 2118)-EP: I'm The Pied Piper/Radio King Dom/Mt. Vernon And Fairway/I'm The Pied Piper (instrumental)/Better Get Back In Bed/Magic Transister Radio (M-/FC EX+,BC VG,WLP,AS,TIBC)-$10 (SOLD)

  BEATHOVENS (Germany-67,Somerset S 1002)-Blowing Up Machine/Sweet Music (EX/EX,WOBC,WOL)-$60 (SOLD), very scarce

  BEATHOVENS (Sweden-65,Triola TD 268)-Let Me Go/Where Do You Hide (M-/M-)-$200 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite rare

  BEAU BRUMMELS (France-65,Vogue INT 18010)-EP: Just A Little/That's If You Want Me To/Stick Like Glue/Not Too Long Ago (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-$517 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare 

  BEAU BRUMMELS (Japan-66,WB BR-1550)-One Too Many Mornings/She Reigns (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$220 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare, RED WAX

  BEAVERS (Japan-67,Seven Seas HIT-712)-Hatsukoi No Oka/Hello! Coffee Girl! (M-/M-,IS)-$100 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce, known in the East as the Japanese Yardbirds

  BEAVERS (Japan-67,Seven Seas HIT-720)-Kiminaki Sekai/Why, Baby, Why? (M-/M-,IS)-$121 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare, excellent fuzz 2-sider

  BEAVERS (Japan-68,Seven Seas HIT-740)-Nakanaide Nakanaide/Nights In White Satin (M/M,IS)-$30 (SOLD), re-issue

  JEFF BECK (Holland-68,Columbia DB 8359)-Love Is Blue/I've Been Drinking (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,TIC,STABC)-$250 (SOLD), quite rare

  JEFF BECK (Japan-68,Odeon OR-2233)-Beck's Bolero/Shapes Of Things (M/M-,FO,IS)-$250 (SOLD), very rare

  JEFF BECK (Japan-69,Odeon OR-2423)-Jailhouse Rock/Plynth (M-/M-,FO,IS) $60 (SOLD), scarce

  JEFF BECK (Portugal-69,Columbia 8E006-93925)-EP: Hi Ho Silver Lining/Beck's Bolero/Rock My Plimsoul (M-/EX+,TIC)-$52 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

Beck.jpg (22479 bytes)  JEFF BECK (Sweden-68,Columbia DB 8359)-Love Is Blue/I've Been Drinking (M-/M-,NC)-$40 (SOLD)

  BECK, BOGERT & APPICE (Japan-73,Epic ECPB-227)-Superstition/Sweet Sweet Surrender (M/M,FO,IS)-$40 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BEE GEES (France-68,Polydor 421 182)-Jumbo/The Singer Sang His Song (M-/M-)-$33 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BEE GEES (Germany-69,Polydor 59253)-I Started A Joke/Kilburn Towers (M-/M-)-$20 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BEE GEES (Japan-68,Polydor DP-1554)-Massachusetts/Holiday (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-$21 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BEE GEES (Japan-68,Polydor DP-1580)-Jumbo/The Singer Sang His Song (M-/EX+)-$31 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BEETHOVENS (Denmark-65,Columbia DD 772)-Boogie Woogie Flu/No Reason To Cry (M-/M-)-$315 (SOLD AT AUCTION) or (M-/EX,SSTNC)-$150 (SOLD), quite rare

  PETER BELLI/RIVALS (Denmark-65,Triola TD 258)-Roll Over Beatles/Should I Ever Love Again (EX-/EX-,TIC,STIBC,NC)-was $40--now $25 (SOLD), scarce

  PETER BELLI/RIVALS (Italy-65,Carosello CE 20157)-Should I Ever Love Again/Roll Over Beatles (M-/FC M-,BC EX,RWBC,WOBC)-$73 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  DAVE BERRY (Belgium-66,Decca 26.041)-If You Wait For Love/Hidden (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$28 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BIG BROTHER/HOLDING COMPANY (Japan-69,Mainstream LL-2231-MS)-Coo Coo/The Last Time (M/M-,FO,IS)-$442 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare

  BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY (Mexico-69,CBS EPC 924)-EP: I Need A Man To Love/Turtle Blues/Piece Of My Heart/Summertime (M-M-,FO,IS,STAL)-$125 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY (Spain-71,CBS 7079)-Keep On/Home On The Strange (M-/FC EX+,BC EX-,TIBC)-$28 (SOLD)

  BIG JOHN'S ROCK 'N' ROLL CIRCUS (Japan-74,DJM IFR-10607)-Put The Light On Me/Love (M-/M-FO,IS,WLP)-$75 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  BIG THREE (UK-63,Decca DFE 8552)-EP: What'd I Say/Don't Start Running Away/Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah/Reelin' & Rockin' (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-$75 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  BINTANGS (Holland-66,Muziek Expres ME 1008)-Walkin' The Boogie/Groovin' (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$132 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  RONNIE BIRD (France-65,Decca 460.918)-EP: The Last Time/Don't Bring Me Down/Find My Way Back Home/Down Home Girl (EX-/FC M-,BC EX,RWBC)-$70 (SOLD), very scarce, sung in French

  RONNIE BIRD (France-65,Decca 460.946)-EP: Ou Va-T-Elle/Ma Vie S'enfuit/Je Voudrais Dire/Ce Maudit Journal (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC)-$87 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  RONNIE BIRD (France-66,Philips 437 220 BE)-EP: I Can Only Give You Everything/A Legal Matter/So Sad/Lies (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX,RWBC)-$60 (SOLD), very scarce

  RONNIE BIRD (France-66,Philips 437 239 BE)-EP: N'ecoute Pas Ton Coeur/Seul Dans La Nuit/Hey Girl!/Ca N'est Pas Vrai (M-/M-)-$145 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  BIRDS (France-66,Decca 457.114)-EP: No Good Without You Baby/How Can It Be/Leaving Here/Next In Line (M-/FC M-,BC EX,WOBC)-$750 (SOLD), ultra-rare

  BIRDS (France-03,Decca 457.114)-EP: No Good Without You Baby/How Can It Be/Leaving Here/Next In Line (M/M,FO,IS)- $25 (SOLD), reissue

  BIRDS OF A FEATHER (So. Africa-67,Troubadour TRS-E-9094)-Come On Up/Down In The Valley (M-/EX-,FO,IS)-$300 (SOLD AT AUCTION), mega rare

  BIRTH CONTROL (Spain-75,CBS 3327)-Gamma Ray, Part 1/Gamma Ray, Part 2 (M-/EX+,SRW)-$25 (SOLD) 

  BLACK CROWES (Germany-92,Def American 866 838-7)-Remedy/Darling Of The Underground Press (M-/M-)-$10 (SOLD)

  BLACK PEARL (Japan-69,Atlantic DT-1123)-Crazy Chicken/Mr. Soul Satisfaction (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,WLP,WIN,STNL)-$111 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  BLACK POOLES (Denmark-65,Music Corner P 114)-All Right/I'll Go Crazy (M-/M-,IS)-$400 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare

  BLACK SABBATH (Belgium-70,Vertigo 6059 014)-Paranoid/Rat Salad (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$89 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  BLACK SABBATH (Holland-77,Nems SRS 510.044)-Paranoid/Tomorrow's Dream (M-/M-)-$18 (SOLD)

  BLACK SABBATH (Italy-70,Vertigo 6059 010)-Paranoid/The Wizard (M-/M-)-$88 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  BLACK SABBATH (Japan-70,Philips SFL-1300)-Paranoid/The Wizard (M-/EX+,IS)-$50 (SOLD)

  BLACK SABBATH (Japan-72,Vertigo SFL-1345)-Wicked World/Iron Man (M-/EX,IS)-$125 (SOLD), quite rare

  BLACK SABBATH (Portugal-74,Vertigo 6165 001)-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/Changes (M-/EX+,PSTABC)-$193 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite rare and even scarcer version with white instead of blue lettering

  BLACK SABBATH (Spain-86,Vertigo 884 532-7)-No Stranger To Love/Angry Heart (M/M-)-$12 (SOLD)

  BLACK SABBATH (Yugoslavia-73,Vertigo S 53726)-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/Changes (EX-/EX-)-was $65--now $50 (SOLD), rare

  BLACK SABBATH (Yugoslavia-76,Vertigo 6079 102)-Gypsy/She's Gone (M-/EX+)-$75 (SOLD), very scarce, bought as a guaranteed M- sleeve, no way

  BLACK WIDOW (Japan-70,CBS CBSA 82068)-Come To The Sabbat/Way To Power (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$400 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare nude sacrifice sleeve

  BLACKBIRDS (Germany-74,Metronome M25.560)-Hey, Hey, What A Wonderful World/Sunny Days (M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,TIC,COH)-$12 (SOLD), same pic on both sides of sleeve

  BLIND FAITH (Italy-69,Polydor NH 59371)-Presence Of The Lord/Sea Of Joy (M-/EX+)-$90 (SOLD), rare, this pairing only offered in Italy

  BLIND FAITH (Japan-70,Polydor DP 1686)-Well All Right/Sea Of Joy (M-/M-)-$341 (SOLD AT AUCTION), ultra-rare

  BLODWYN PIG (Sweden-69,Island WIP 6069)-Walk On The Water/Summer Day (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-,FO,IS,NC)-$90 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  BLOND (Sweden-69,Fontana TF 271 282)-The Lilac Years/White Horses (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$66 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce

  BLONDE ON BLONDE (France-69,Pye PV 15325)-I Need My Friends/Conversationally Making The Grade (M-/M-)-$141 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare, inventory tag intact

  BLONDIE (France-78,Chrysalis 6172 676)-Heart Of Glass/Fade Away (M-/EX+,TIBC)-$15 (SOLD)

  BLONDIE (Japan-78,Chrysalis WWR-20565)-Heart Of Glass/Rifle Range (M/M,IS)-$15 (SOLD)

  BLONDIE (Japan-78,Chrysalis WWR-20607)-Sunday Girl/I Know But I Don't Know (M/M,IS)-$15 (SOLD)

  BLONDIE (Japan-79,Chrysalis WWR-20631)-Dreaming/Living In The Real World (M/M,IS)-$15 (SOLD)

  BLONDIE (Japan-79,Chrysalis WWR-20670)-Atomic/Die Young Stay Pretty (M/M,IS)-$15 (SOLD)

  BLOODROCK (Japan-72,Capitol ECR-10111)-Castle Of Thoughts/Erosion (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$94 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BLOSSOM TOES (France-68,Polydor 421410)-Postcard/Everyones Leaving Me Now (M/M-)-$121 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  BLUE BANANA (US-67,Kanwic HFCS-152)-Spicks And Specks/My Luv (M-/EX+)-$80 (SOLD), tons of fuzz on the B-side

  BLUE CHEER (Germany-68,Philips 304 162 BF)-Summertime Blues/Out Of Focus (M-/EX,STABC)-$20 (SOLD)

  BLUE CHEER (Germany-70,Philips 6051 004)-Fool/Ain't That The Way (M-/M-)-$38 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce

  BLUE CHEER (Holland-68,Philips 304 162 BF)-Summertime Blues/Out Of Focus (M-/M-)-$38 (SOLD)

  BLUE CHEER (Holland-68,Philips 304 170 BF)-Just A Little Bit/Gypsy Ball (M-/EX,SRWBC)-$25 (SOLD)

  BLUE CHEER (Norway-68,Philips 304.170 BF)-Just A Little Bit/Gipsy Ball (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-$100 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  BLUES MAGOOS (France-66,Mercury 126 221 MCE)-EP: (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet/Tobacco Road/Love Seems Doomed/I'll Go Crazy (EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,TIBC)-$140 (SOLD), rare

  BLUES MAGOOS (Japan-67,Mercury SM-1032)-Pipe Dream/There's A Chance We Can Make It (M-/M-,IS)-$109 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  BLUES PROJECT (Japan-69,Verve DV-1020)-I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes/Cheryl's Going Home (M-/M-,WIN)-$62 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BON JOVI (Australia-87,Mercury 888 820-7)-EP: Breakout/Runaway/Tokyo Road/Wanted Dead Or Alive (M/M/M-,FO)-$20 (SOLD), two-disc set, gorgeous live color pics inside the gatefold cover

  BON JOVI (Japan-84,Mercury 7PP-158)-Burning For Love/Break Out (M/M-,IS)-$20 (SOLD)

  BON JOVI (Japan-86,Mercury 7PP-230)-Wanted Dead Or Alive/I'd Die For You (M/M,IS)-$18 (SOLD)

  BONDS (Spain-66,Concentric 6025 XC)-EP: Wooly Bully/Shame And Scandal In The Family/Satisfaction/Yesterday (M-/FC M-,BC EX)-$75 (SOLD), very scarce

  BONZO DOG BAND (Japan-69,Liberty LR-2309)-Mr. Apollo/Ready-Mades (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-$325 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare, RED WAX

  BOOTJACKS (Sweden-65,Karusell KFF 599)-Tell Me/Red Big Car (M-/FC VG,BC EX,TIC)-$200 (SOLD), super rare

  BOOTJACKS (Sweden-65,Sonet T 7210)-Stoned/Summertime (EX+/EX+,FO,IS,SPS)-$190 (SOLD), very rare

  BOOTS (Germany-65,Telefunken U 55 881)-But You Never Do It, Babe/Dimples (M-/EX,SRW)-$125 (SOLD), rare

  BOOTS (Germany-66,Telefunken U 55 947)-Gaby/Another Tear Falls (EX+/FC EX+,BC M-,STAC,STAL)-$165 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite rare

  BOOTS (Germany-66,Telefunken U 55 964)-Alexander/I Don’t Want To Go On Without You (M-/EX-,STAC,SRW,STIBC)-$140 (SOLD), quite rare  

  BOOTS (Holland-68,Philips JF 334 647)-In The Beginning/No Part Of It (M-/M-)-$52 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BOSTON (Japan-76,Epic 06-5P-19)-More Than A Feeling/Long Time (M/M-,IS)-$30 (SOLD)

  BOSTON (Japan-76,Epic 06SP 139)-Long Time/Let Me Take You Home Tonight (M/M-,IS)-$30 (SOLD)

  ALAN BOWN (France-71,Island 6014.043)-Loosen Up/Wanted Man (M-/M-)-$53 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce, inventory tag intact

  ALAN BOWN SET (Holland-67,Pye 7N 17256)-Gonna Fix You Good/I Really Really Care (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$145 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare

  BOX TOPS (Portugal-69,Stateside PSE 524)-EP: Sandman/Weeping Analeah/Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March/You Keep Me Hanging On (M-/M-)-$107 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  BRAINCANCER (Belgium-69,Columbia 4C 006-23 120 M)-Far Away/All My Money (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$172 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  LOS BRAVOS (Italy-66,Tiffany TIF 509)-Trapped/Cutting Out (M-/M-)-$50 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN (Japan-69,Polydor DP-1615)-Nightmare/What's Happening (M-/EX+)-$125 (SOLD), rare

  PETE BROWN/PIBLOKTO (France-70,Harvest 2C006-04498 M)-Can't Get Off The Planet/Broken Magic (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,TIC,RW)-$25 (SOLD)

  BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD (UK-72,Atlantic K 10237)-EP: Bluebird/Mr. Soul/Rock 'N' Roll Woman/Expecting To Fly (S1 M-,S2 EX/FC EX-,BC EX+,PL,TIC)-$50 (SOLD), A-label promo

BufSp.FR.55.jpg (41349 bytes)  BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD (France-67,Atco 55)-Bluebird/Mr. Soul (M-/M-)-$90 (SOLD), very scarce

  BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD (France-68,Atco 103.196 L)-Rock 'n' Roll Woman/For What It's Worth (M-/M-)-$90 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

Buf.f.jpg (32901 bytes) Buf.b.jpg (23999 bytes)  BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD (Japan-67,Atlantic DAT-1007)-For What It's Worth/Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,WIN,WOC,SPS,TIC)-$150 (SOLD), very rare

  BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD (Sweden-67,Atlantic ATL 70.225)-Bluebird/Mr. Soul (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$150 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  BUMBLE BEES (Holland-66,Muziek Expres ME 1009)-Day By Day/You (M/M-,FO,IS)-$221 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare

  BUOYS (Japan-71,Scepter UP-286-S)-Give Up Your Guns/The Prince Of Thieves (M-/M-,IS)-$62 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  BUOYS (Japan-71,Scepter UP-309-S)-Bloodknot/Tomorrow (M/M-,IS,RLP)-$71 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BYRDS (Australia-66,CBS BG 225176)-EP: Turn! Turn! Turn!/Mr. Spaceman/Eight Miles High/Fifth Dimension (M-/EX+,SRW)-$83 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  BYRDS (Denmark-65,CBS 1897)-Turn! Turn! Turn!/She Don't Care About Time (EX/EX,STNC)-$95 (SOLD), quite rare, second rarest Danish Byrds sleeve

  BYRDS (Denmark-66,CBS 2295)-Mr. Spaceman/What's Happening? (M-/M-)-$175 (SOLD), rare

  BYRDS (Denmark-67,CBS 2559)-So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star/Everybody's Been Burned (M-/M-)-$175 (SOLD), rare

  BYRDS (UK-66,CBS EP 6069)-EP: The Times They Are A Changin'/The Bells Of Rhymney/It's No Use/We'll Meet Again (M-/EX+,STNBC)-$63 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BYRDS (France-65,CBS 2149)-Turn! Turn! Turn!/Don't Doubt Yourself, Babe (VG+/M)-$40 (SOLD), disc is actually the EP which contains the 2 songs from the single, the cover is perfect

  BYRDS (France-66,CBS 2067)-Eight Miles High/Why? (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SSTNBC)-$150 (SOLD), rare 

  BYRDS (France-66,CBS 2295)-Mr. Spaceman/What's Happening?!?! (EX+/FC M-,BC EX,TIBC,SRWBC)-$75 (SOLD), very scarce, nice laminated cover 

  BYRDS (France-66,CBS EP 5668)-EP: It Won't Be Wrong/Set You Free This Time/The Times They Are A-Changin'/Oh! Susannah (M-/EX,RWBC)-$140 (SOLD), quite rare

  BYRDS (Germany-66,CBS 2037)-Set You Free This Time/It Won't Be Wrong (EX+/FC EX,BC EX+)-$60 (SOLD), very scarce, same pic on both sides of sleeve

  BYRDS (Germany-67,CBS 2559)-So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star/Everybody's Been Burned (M-/M-)-$150 (SOLD), rare

  BYRDS (Germany-67,CBS 2910)-Lady Friend/Old John Robertson (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,WOC)-$35 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce

  BYRDS (Germany-66,CBS EP 6257)-EP: Turn! Turn! Turn!/The Times They Are A-Changin'/The World Turns All Around Her/Wait And See (EX/EX+)-$200 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare

  BYRDS (Germany-66,CBS 5781)-EP: Fifth Dimension/Wild Mountain Thyme/Mr. Spaceman/Hey Joe (M-/M-)-$600 (SOLD), super rare

  BYRDS (Holland-65,CBS 1.947)-All I Really Want To Do/I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (M-/FC M-,BC EX,FO,IS,TOBC,WOBC)-$40 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BYRDS (Holland-66,CBS 2.067)-Eight Miles High/Why (M-/M-)-$185 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  BYRDS (Holland-66,CBS 2295)-Mr. Spaceman/What's Happening?! (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SSTNBC)-$75 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  BYRDS (Holland-67,CBS 2648)-My Back Pages/Renaissance Fair (M-/EX-,XOC,TIC,TSTNC,WOBC)-was $40--now $32 (SOLD), very scarce

  BYRDS (Holland-67,CBS 2910)-Lady Friend/Old John Robertson (M-/M-)-$46 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce

  BYRDS (Holland-68,CBS 3411)-You Ain't Going Nowhere/Artificial Energy (M-/EX,SPS,TIC,STIBC)-$28 (SOLD), scarce

  BYRDS (Japan-65,CBS LL-798-C)-All I Really Want To Do/I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (M-/M,FO,IS)-$291 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare

  BYRDS (Japan-66,CBS LSS-438-C)-EP: Turn! Turn! Turn!/All I Really Want To Do/It Won't Be Wrong/Mr. Tambourine Man (M-/M-,WIN)-$160 (SOLD), rare

  BYRDS (Mexico-73,CBS EPC-1225)-EP: Turn, Turn, Turn/Mr. Tambourine Man/My Back Pages/So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$28 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  BYRDS (Norway-65,CBS 1947)-All I Really Want To Do/I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (M-/M-,IS)-$152 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  BYRDS (Portugal-66,CBS 6249)-EP: It Won't Be Wrong/Set You Free This Time/Lay Down Your Weary Tune/He Was A Friend Of Mine (M/EX+,SRWBC)-$111 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  BYRDS (Portugal-67,CBS 6346)-EP: Mr. Spaceman/What's Happening/So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star/Fifth Dimension (M-/FC M-,BC EX,TIBC)-$220 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite rare

  BYRDS (Singapore-65,CBS CE 4011)-EP: Mr. Tambourine Man/I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better/All I Really Want To Do/Spanish Harlem Incident (M-/EX,STABC)-$99 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  BYRDS (Sweden-65,CBS 1947)-All I Really Want To Do/I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$88 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  BYRDS (Thailand-71,TK 496)-EP: T-Rex-Hot Love/Dawn-Carolina In My Mind/Rare Bird-Hammerhead/McGuinness Flint-When I'm Dead And Gone (M-/M-)-$90 (SOLD), rare Byrds picture sleeve, but as so often in Thailand, the artist pictured on the sleeve has nothing to do with the music on the disc   






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