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Remember grading is disc/cover. 


  LABYRINTHE (France-70,AZ SG 166)-Les Moustiques/Icare (M-/EX+,COH,TIBC,STNBC)-$100, very scarce

  BOB LACKMAN (France-66,Riviera 231.218 M)-EP: Laughing Boy/Town Of Sorrow/I Cry For You/Sad Day For Doc Shades (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-)-$100, very scarce, Dylan-styled folk/rock 

GREG LAKE-see Emerson, Lake & Palmer 

  LARRY'S REBELS (New Zealand-66,Impact I.E.P. 102)-EP: I Believe/Mary's Boy Child/Silent Night/Deck The Halls (S1 EX+,S2 EX-/FC M-,BC EX+,STIL)-$160, quite rare

  LEA RIDERS GROUP (Sweden-68,Philips PF 350334)-The Forgotten Generation/Dom Kallar Oss Mods (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC EX+,BC M-,FO,IS,STAC)-$400, super rare, contains a mimeographed  copy of the lyrics to "Dom Kallar..." and signed by Per Nilsson

  LEAD (Japan-68,RCA JRT-1001)-Devil Baby/Silence Of The Sea (EX+/EX,FO,IS,WIN,NC)-$90, rare, 3 of the 4 members are young American guys living in Japan with their diplomat parents, contains a bonus sticker of the cover

  LEAVES (Holland-66,Fontana 272 256 TF)-Hey Joe/Funny Little World (M/M-,FO,IS)-$404 (SOLD AT AUCTION) or (M-/EX+,FO,IS,TIC,NC)-$250, very rare

  LED ZEPPELIN (Germany-72,Atlantic 10156)-Rock And Roll/Four Sticks (M-/M-)-$60, scarce

  LED ZEPPELIN (Italy-87,Kaleidoscopic Music KM FREE EP 1)-EP: How Many More Times/I Fought My Way.../I Can't Quit You Babe/Dazed And Confused (SS)-$90, promo only magazine give-away, all live songs

  LED ZEPPELIN (Japan-69,Atlantic DT 1105)-Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,SSTNC,STIBC)-was $100--now $80, quite rare, disc looks clean but has a bad warp

  LED ZEPPELIN (Japan-69,Atlantic DT 1139)-Whole Lotta Love/Thank You (M-/M-)-$125 (SOLD) or (M-/EX+)-$90, very scarce

  LED ZEPPELIN (Japan-75,Swan Song P-108N)-Trampled Under Foot/Black Country Woman (M/M,IS)-$20

  LED ZEPPELIN (Japan-76,Atlantic P-105A)-Rock And Roll/Four Sticks (M/M,IS)-$20

  LED ZEPPELIN (Japan-76,Atlantic P-116A)-Whole Lotta Love/Living Loving Maid (M/M,IS)-$20

  LED ZEPPELIN (Japan-76,Atlantic P-117A)-Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown (M/M,IS)-$20

  LED ZEPPELIN (Japan-76,Atlantic P-136A)-Black Dog/Misty Mountain Hop (M/M,FO,IS)-$20

  LED ZEPPELIN (Japan-76,Atlantic P-139A)-D'yer Mak'er/The Crunge (M/M,IS)-$25

  LED ZEPPELIN (Portugal-70,Atlantic N-28-101)-Immigrant Song/Hey, Hey, What Can I Do (M-/EX,PSTABC,SRWBC)-$135, quite rare

  LED ZEPPELIN (Spain-69,Atlantic H 523)-Whole Lotta Love/Communication Breakdown (EX/EX+,WOL)-$70 (SOLD) or (EX-/EX)-$45, very scarce

  LED ZEPPELIN (Spain-71,Atlantic HS-775)-Black Dog/Misty Mountain Hop (M-/M-,AS)-$250, very rare in such beautiful condition

  LED ZEPPELIN (Yugoslavia-73,Atlantic ATL 26076)-Dancing Days/Over The Hills And Far Away (S1 EX+,S2 EX-/VG++,TIC)-$150, super rare

  LED ZEPPELIN (Yugoslavia-73,Atlantic ATL 26077)-D'yer Mak'er/The Crunge (EX/FC EX-,BC M-,TIC)-$250, mega-rare, the bottom 90% of the front of  this sleeve is at least EX+, the tears along the top front are its only problems 

  (LED ZEPPELIN)Lord Sutch/Heavy Friends (Japan-70,Atlantic DT 1159)-'Cause I Love You/Thumping Beat (M-/EX+)-was $350--now $250, super rare, with Jimmy Page, John Bonham, and Noel Redding

  LEFT BANKE (US-69,Mercury S-2243)-Pedestal/Myra (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,TIC,TSTNBC,WLP)-$50, rare, non-LP

  LEFT SIDE (Belgium-74,Philips 6012 422)-Gold In New Orleans/Mamma Mia (M-/EX,SRW,TIC,SSTNC)-$20

  LEFT SIDE (Holland-68,Derny 45-078)-Feeling So Lonely And Blue/Confusion In My Mind (EX+/FC EX,BC EX-,FO,IS,TIC,WOBC)-was $70--now $50, very scarce, strong psychedelic mod freakbeat with fuzz guitar throughout

  LEMON PIPERS (Japan-69,Buddah YSS-101-DA)-EP: Rice Is Nice/Jelly Jungle/Green Tambourine/Turn Around Take A Look (M-/FC M-,BC EX,STNBC)-$60, quite scarce



  LEW LEWIS (UK-78,Stiff LEW 1)-Lucky Seven/Night Talk (M/M-)-$12

  LEW LEWIS (UK-79,Stiff BUY 48)-Win Or Lose/Photo-Finish (M/M-)-$12 (SOLD) or (M/FC M-,BC EX,SRWBC,TIBC)-$8

LEW LEWIS (UK-80,Stiff BUY 68)-The Mood I'm In/1-30 2-30 3-35 (M/M-,AS)-$12

  MIKE LIDDELL/GLI ATOMI (Italy-67,Parade PRC 5037)-Dammi Una Mano/Lavoro Per Difendere (EX+/FC EX+,BC EX)-$70, very scarce

  LIME SPIDERS (Australia-83,Green BTS-972)-EP: 25th Hour/That's How It Will Be/Can't Wait Long/I-2-5 (M/M/M-)-$25, two-disc set 

  LIND/LINDERS (Japan-68,Philips FS-1036)-Gin No Kusari/Koi Ni Shibirete (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-,IS)-$50

  LINDISFARNE (Germany-72,Charisma 6073 319)-All Fall Down/We Can Swing Together (M-/EX,WOC)-$18

  LINDISFARNE (Germany-72,Charisma 6073 327)-Wake Up Little Sister/Court In The Act (M-/EX,XOC,COH)-$18

  LIONHART (US-75,Hutch 0675)-There's A Way/Find Your Own Way Home (M-/M-)-$75, quite scarce

  LIONS (Spain-66,Discophon 27.468)-EP: You Don't Love Me/Baby/If You Gotta Go, Go Now/You're The Reason (M-/FC M-,BC VG+,HRWBC,SSTNBC,STNBC,STIL)-$200 (SOLD) or (M-/FC EX+,BC VG+,RWBC,WOBC)-was $190--now $150, very rare 

  LIONS OF JUDA (Holland-69,Fontana 262 019 TF)-Our Love's A Growin' Thing/Katja (M-/EX+,SRW)-$110, rare

  LITTLE BOB STORY (UK-76,Chiswick SW7)-EP: I'm Crying/Come On Home/I Need Money/Baby Don't Cry (M/M)-$40 or (EX+/EX+)-was $30--now $18, scarce 

  LITTLE ROOSTERS (France-81,Polydor 2056 909)-People Break Down/Ain't Proud (M-/EX,STABC)-$18

  LIVERBIRDS (Germany-65,Star-Club 148 508 STF)-Shop Around/It's Got To Be You (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,SRW,PSTAC,PSTAL)-$70, very scarce

  LIVIN' BLUES (Holland-69,Philips 6075 111)-Wang Dang Doodle/Crazy Woman (M-/FC EX,BC EX-,SRW,WOC)-$30

  LIVIN' BLUES (Holland-69,Philips 6075 135)-L.B. Boogie/Johnny W. (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,SRW,COH,STIL)-$30, scarce

  LOCOMOTIVE (Spain-68,Odeon OSL 202)-Rudi's In Love/Never Set Me Free (M-/FC EX,BC M-,TIC)-$75, very scarce

  NILS LOFGREN (Germany-79,A&M AMS 7615)-Shine Silently/Kool Skool (M-/EX+)-$12


  LOLLIPOP SHOPPE (US-68,Uni 55050)-You Must Be A Witch/Don't Close The Door (M-/EX+,COH,SRW)-$225, very rare


  LONE STAR (Spain-70,Odeon 1J 006 20.624)-Quiero Besar Otra Vez Tus Labios/Lazy Train (EX/EX,SRW)-was $15--now $10

ROY A. LONEY-see Flamin' Groovies

  LONG TALL ERNIE/SHAKERS (Portugal-77,Polydor 2121341)-Do You Remember/Cocktails At Midnight (M-/EX+,SRW)-was $25--now $18

  LOOT (Germany-67,Palette HT 300 120)-I Got What You Want/Whenever You're Ready (M-/M-)-$350, quite rare, nearly impossible to find this sleeve in this condition

  LORD SUTCH/HEAVY FRIENDS (Japan-70,Atlantic DT 1159)-'Cause I Love You/Thumping Beat (M-/EX+)-was $350--now $250 or (EX+/FC EX,BC EX-,TIBC)-$120, very rare, with Jimmy Page, John Bonham, and Noel Redding

  LORD ULLI (Germany-71,Columbia 1C006-29 870)-Tambour Major/Ich Bin Da Fur Dich (EX+/EX,SRW)-$20

  LORDS (Germany-65,Columbia C 22 949)-Poor Boy/Poison Ivy (M-/M-)-$40 or (EX+/EX+,SRW,TIBC)-$25 or (EX/EX,SRW,TIC)-$15

  LORDS (Germany-66,Columbia C 23 352)-Have A Drink On Me/Late Last Sunday Evening (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC)-$40

  LORDS (Germany-68,Columbia C 23 775)-And At Night/Fire (M-/EX,STIL,SRW,TIC)-was $28--now $20

  LORDS (Germany-68,Columbia C 23 892)-Good Time Music/Somethin' Else (EX+/FC EX,BC M-,TIC,SRW)-was $28--now $20

  LORDS (Germany-69,Columbia 1C006-28 009)-People World/Four O'Clock In New York (M-/EX+)-$35

  LORDS (Germany-70,Columbia C 28 718)-Shakin' All Over '70/Blue Horizon (M-/FC VG++,BC EX-,RW,STAC,STAL)-was $18--now $10

  LORDS (Germany-70,Columbia 1C006-28738)-Talk About Love/When I Was Young (M-/EX+,PIH)-$30 or (M-/EX,RW)-$20

  LORDS (Germany-88,Dino S 106)-Michael/Greensleeves (M/M-,STIBC)-$15 or (M/EX+,STIBC)-$8

  LOST (US-98,Stanton Park SRE-004)-Who Do You Love/It Is I (M/M-,FO,IS)-$20, previously unreleased from 1966

  LOST AND FOUND (Denmark-68,Triola TD 368)-No, No, No, No/The First Cut Is The Deepest (M-/EX-,STNC,TIBC)-$40 

  LOST SOULS (Australia-85,Kavern 7 K7-002)-EP: What'cha Gonna Do/Everything Is Black/In This World/It's Gonna Be Alright (M-/M-)-$20, recorded in 1967

  LOVE (Japan-66,Elektra JET-1715)-7 And 7 Is/My Little Red Book (EX-/M-,IS)-$450, super rare

  LOVE AFFAIR (Germany-68,CBS 3366)-Rainbow Valley/Someone Like Me (EX-/FC VG++,BC EX-,SPS,STNC,RWBC)-was $8--now $4

  LOVE AFFAIR (Germany-69,CBS 3994)-One Road/Let Me Know (EX/FC VG+,BC EX,RW,XOC,WOL)-was $8--now $4

  LOVE AFFAIR (Germany-69,CBS 4631 U)-Baby I Know/Accept Me For What I Am (M-/EX,SRWBC)-$20

  LOVE AFFAIR (Norway-68,CBS 3125)-Everlasting Love/Gone Are The Songs Of Yesterday (EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,IS,NC)-$25

  LOVE AFFAIR (Sweden-69,CBS 4631)-Baby I Know/Accept Me For What I Am (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$30

  LOVE SCULPTURE (Japan-68,Odeon OR-2197)-Sabre Dance/Think Of Love (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-$300, very rare

  LOVE SOCIETY (France-69,Vogue INT. 80 162)-Tobacco Road/Drops Of Rain (EX/EX+)-$90, rare, inventory tag intact, wild fuzz cover by this obscure U.S. band; unknown killer freakbeat single

  LOVIN' SPOONFUL (France-68,Kama Sutra 718 113)-Never Going Back/Forever (M-/M-)-$50, inventory tag intact

  LOVIN' SPOONFUL (France-66,Kama Sutra 617 103)-EP: Summer In The City/Warm Baby/Bald Headed Lena/Jug Band Music (EX/FC EX+,BC M-,TIC)-$30

  LOVIN' SPOONFUL (Germany-66,Kama Sutra 618007)-Summer In The City/Fishin' Blues (M-/EX+,SRW)-was $25--now $18

  LOVIN' SPOONFUL (Japan-70,Kama Sutra LL-2365-KS)-Summer In The City/You & Me & Rain On The Roof (M-/EX+,FO,IS,WLP,WOL,PSTAL,PSTAC,TOBC)-$40

  LOVIN' SPOONFUL (Norway-66,Kama Sutra 618 004)-Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind/Bald Headed Lena (EX+/EX,FO,IS)-$75, rare

  LOVIN' SPOONFUL (Spain-67,Kama Sutra ME 328)-Six O' Clock/The Finale (M-/EX,PL,SRW,SSTNC,STIC,STABC)-$50

  LOVIN' SPOONFUL (Sweden-66,Kama Sutra 618 006)-Baldheaded Lena/On The Road Again (M-/FC EX,BC M-,TIC)-was $25--now $18

  NICK LOWE (UK-78,Radar ADA 12)-Little Hitler/Cruel To Be Kind (M/M-)-$8

  NICK LOWE (UK-78,Radar ADA 26)-American Squirm/What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, And Understanding (M/M-)-$8

NICK LOWE (UK-79,Radar ADA 34)-Cracking Up/Basing Street (M/M-,AS)-$5

  NICK LOWE (UK-79,Radar ADA 43)-Cruel To Be Kind/Endless Grey Ribbon (M/M-)-$8

  NICK LOWE (UK-77,Stiff LAST 1)-EP: Born A Woman/Shake That Rat/Marie Provost/Endless Sleep (M/M-)-$12

  LUCIFER'S FRIEND (Germany-74,Vertigo 6147 005)-Our World Is A Rock 'N' Roll Band/Alpenrosen (M-/M-)-$40

  LULU/MINDBENDERS (Indonesia-66,Pilana TKE 80-436/80-6365)-EP: To Sir With Love/Stealing My Love From Me/It's Getting Harder All The Time/Off And Running (EX+/EX,SRW)-$90, rare

  LYNYRD SKYNYRD (UK-78,MCA MCEP 101)-EP: Down South Jukin'/That Smell/Lend A Helpin' Hand/Call Me The Breeze (M/M)-$30

  LYNYRD SKYNYRD (Japan-74,MCA D-1258)-Sweet Home Alabama/Workin' For MCA (M-/EX+,IS)-$225, very rare, one of the rarest worldwide Skynyrd sleeves




  LARRY’S REBELS (New Zealand-66,Impact I.E.P.-101)-EP: Painter Man/What Now My Love/Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Skye Boat Song (M-/M-)-$330 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare

  LAUNCHERS (Japan-66,Toshiba TP-2002)-Japanese titles (EX+/EX,FO,IS)-was $35--now $25 (SOLD), RED WAX, baroque Japanese beat with twangy guitars

  LEA RIDERS GROUP (Sweden-66,Philips PF 350 297)-Got No Woman!/But I Am, And Who Cares? (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,IS,STABC)-$387 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare

  LEA RIDERS GROUP (Sweden-67,Philips PF 350318)-The Situation's Rare/Key To The Riddle (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$250 (SOLD), very rare

  LEAVES (France-67,Festival SPX 143)-Too Many People/Girl From The East (M-/M-)-$150 (SOLD), rare

  LED ZEPPELIN (Australia-69,Atlantic AX-11,695)-EP: Whole Lotta Love/Black Mountain Side/Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown (EX+/M-)-$475 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare

  LED ZEPPELIN (Australia-70,Atlantic EPA 220)-EP: Whole Lotta Love/Good Times, Bad Times/Immigrant Song/Hey Hey What Can I Do (M-/M)-$169 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  LED ZEPPELIN (Belgium-69,Atlantic BE 650186)-Whole Lotta Love/Livin' Lovin' Maid (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$46 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  LED ZEPPELIN (Belgium-79,Atlantic ATL 10.236)-Whole Lotta Love/Immigrant Song (M-/M-)-$15 (SOLD)

  LED ZEPPELIN (Brazil-70,Atco ACS 205025)-Whole Lotta Love/Whole Lotta Love (EX+/M-)-$350 (SOLD), super rare, promo-only sleeve and disc

  LED ZEPPELIN (France-72,Atlantic 10103)-Black Dog/Misty Mountain Hop (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC)-$70 (SOLD), quite scarce

  LED ZEPPELIN (France-73,Atlantic 10328)-Dancing Days/Over The Hills And Far Away (M-/M-)-$50 (SOLD)

  LED ZEPPELIN (France-75,Swan Song 19 402)-Trampled Under Foot/Black Country Woman (M-/EX)-$35 (SOLD) 

  LED ZEPPELIN (Germany-70,Atlantic 70460)-Immigrant Song/Hey, Hey, What Can I Do (M-/EX+,SSTNBC)-$40 (SOLD) 

  LED ZEPPELIN (Germany-73,Atlantic ATL 10 316)-The Ocean/Over The Hills And Far Away (M-/EX-,TIC)-$35 (SOLD), comes with record company jukebox strip

  LED ZEPPELIN (Germany-73,Atlantic ATL 10 377)-D'yer Mak'er/The Crunge (EX+/EX+,WOBC)-$40 (SOLD)

  LED ZEPPELIN (Germany-75,Swan Song SSK 19 402)-Trampled Under Foot/Black Country Woman (M/M-)-$60 (SOLD), scarce

  LED ZEPPELIN (Germany-76,Swan Song SSK 19 407)-Candy Store Rock/Royal Orleans (M-/M-)-$62 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  LED ZEPPELIN (Holland-70,Atlantic 2091 043)-Immigrant Song/Hey, Hey What Can I Do (M-/M-)-$60 (SOLD), scarce

  LED ZEPPELIN (Italy-70,Atlantic ATL NP 03145)-Whole Lotta Love/Living Loving Maid (EX+/FC EX+,BC EX,XOBC,TIL)-$60 (SOLD), quite scarce

  LED ZEPPELIN (Italy-80,Swan Song W 19421)-Fool In The Rain/Hot Dog (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,WLP,AS,TIBC)-$90 (SOLD)

  LED ZEPPELIN (Japan-70,Atlantic DT 1146)-Living Loving Maid/Bring It On Home (M-/M-)-$225 (SOLD), quite rare

  LED ZEPPELIN (Japan-71,Atlantic P-2550A)-Whole Lotta Love/Living Loving Maid (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,TIC)-$30 (SOLD)

  LED ZEPPELIN (Japan-71,Atlantic P-2576A)-Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown (M-/M-)-$68 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce

  LED ZEPPELIN (Portugal-69,Atlantic ATL 10058)-Whole Lotta Love/Living Loving Maid (M/M-)-$232 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite rare

  LED ZEPPELIN (Portugal-71,Atlantic N-28-118)-Black Dog/Misty Mountain Hop (M-/EX+,XOC)-$90 (SOLD), very scarce

  LED ZEPPELIN (Portugal-76,Atlantic N-S-28-176)-Candy Store Rock/Royal Orleans (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,TIC,SSTNBC)-$125 (SOLD), quite rare

  LED ZEPPELIN (Spain-70,Atlantic H 671)-Immigrant Song/Hey, Hey, What Can I Do (EX/FC EX+,BC EX,SRWBC,SSTNBC)-$70 (SOLD), very scarce

  LED ZEPPELIN (Spain-72,Atlantic HS 823)-Rock And Roll/Four Sticks (EX+/EX+,STNC)-$100 (SOLD), rare

  LED ZEPPELIN (Spain-76,Swan Song 45-1381)-Candy Store Rock/Royal Orleans (M-/M-,AS)-$275 (SOLD), inventory tag intact, very rare

  LED ZEPPELIN (Sweden-70,Atlantic ATL 70. 460)-Immigrant Song/Hey, Hey (M-/EX,FO,IS)-$175 (SOLD), very rare

  LED ZEPPELIN (Thailand-71,Cash Box KS-244)-EP: Black Dog/Rock And Roll/Stairway To Heaven (M-/EX+)-$297 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare

  LEE KINGS (Germany-65,Metronome M 884)-It's Raining/L.O.D. (EX/FC EX,BC VG++,STAC,TSTNC,WOBC)-$50 (SOLD), very scarce

  LEE KINGS, LENNE & (Sweden-65,Gazell C-158)-Stop The Music/Always And Ever (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$175 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare, RED WAX

  LEE KINGS, LENNE & (Japan-65,Union US-176)-Stop The Music/Always And Ever (M-/M-,IS)-$68 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  LEE KINGS, LENNE & (Sweden-65,Gazell C-173)-It's Rainin'/L.O.D. (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$71 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce green sleeve

  LEE KINGS (Sweden-66,RCA FAS 768)-Gonna Keep Searchin'/Smile For Me (M-/M-,STIL)-$80 (SOLD), quite scarce

  LEE KINGS (Sweden-66,Grace)-EP: Stop The Music/High Heel Sneakers/Rock 'n' Roll Music/Lonesome Town/Always And Ever/Flickor Bak I Bilen (EX-/M-,NC)-$60 (SOLD), quite scarce EP issued as a promotional item for a soap company

  LEE KINGS (Sweden-66,Gazell GEP-68)-EP: Stop The Music/It's Rainin'/L.O.D./Like A Rolling Stone (M-/EX+)-rare$125 (SOLD AT AUCTION), great glossy laminated sleeve

LeftB.JP.1028.jpg (24399 bytes)  LEFT BANKE (Japan-67,Mercury SM-1028)-Pretty Ballerina/Lazy Day (M/M-,IS)-$250 (SOLD), much rarer than "Walk Away Renee"  

LeftB.SWE.320230.jpg (22587 bytes)  LEFT BANKE (Sweden-67,Philips BF 320 230)-Walk Away Renee/I Haven't Got The Nerve (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,IS)-$75 (SOLD), scarce

  LEMMING (Holland-74,Polydor 2050 329)-Father John/Crazy Again (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,SRW,WOC)-$18 (SOLD)

  LEMMING (Holland-74,Polydor 2050 346)-Queen Jacula/Fun With Me (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,STAC,SRW,STAL)-$38 (SOLD AT AUCTION), same group pic on both sides of sleeve

LemonP.JP.2192.jpg (32070 bytes)  LEMON PIPERS (Japan-68,Buddah LL-2192-DA)-Green Tambourine/Turn Around Take A Look (S1 EX-,S2 EX+/EX,FO,IS)-$25 (SOLD)

  LEMON PIPERS (Norway-68,Buddah 201.010)-Rice Is Nice/Blueberry Blue (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$26 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  LIGHT FIRE (Belgium-69,Pink Elephant PE 22 534-X)-Love Is Outside/Heavy Chain (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,FO,IS)-$50 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  LIONS (Denmark-65,Triola TD 254)-Gone, Gone, Gone/Fire Ball Mail (EX-/FC EX,BC VG++,TIC,STNBC)-$40 (SOLD), very scarce

  LIONS (Denmark-65,Triola TD 263)-Hit House Shake/Maybe Tomorrow (M-/M-)-$80 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce

  LIONS (Germany-65,Triola TD 277)-Teenage Letter/It's Gonna Work Out Fine (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC)-$126 (SOLD AT AUCTION) or (M-/EX+,STNC,TIC,WOBC)-$90, (SOLD) very scarce, same pic on both sides of sleeve

  LIONS (Japan-68,Capitol CP-1019)-Lovely Elsa/Believe Me (M/M,FO,IS)-$228 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  LIONS OF JUDA (Israel-69,Phonodor 72007)-Our Love's A Growin' Thing/Katja (M-/EX,FO,IS)-$164 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare

  LIONS OF JUDA (Spain-69,Fontana 262 019 TF)-Our Love's A Growin' Thing/Katja (M-/M-)-$150 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  (LIVERPOOL FIVE)5 Liverpools (Germany-64,CBS 1623)-Tokio/Skinny Minny (M-/M-)-$215 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite rare, braille-like perforations

  LIVIN' BLUES (Holland-74,Ariola 13703 AT)-Boogie Woogie Woman/Ricochet (M-/M-)-$18 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  LIVIN' BLUES (Holland-75,6802.084)-Choice/Selection (S1 EX,S2 EX+/VG+,FO,TOC,TIC)-was $50--now $32 (SOLD), rare and gorgeous over-sized sleeve

  LOOT (Germany-68,Palette HT 300 173)-Don't Turn Around/You Are My Sunshine Girl (M-/EX-,RW,TIC)-$75 (SOLD), quite rare

  LOOT (Sweden-67,Sonet T-7700)-Whenever You're Ready/I Got What You Want (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$350 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  LORD SUTCH (France-66,CBS EP 6104)-EP: The Train Kept A'Rollin'/Come Back Baby/Honey Hush/Bye Bye Baby (S1 EX,S2 EX+/EX,TIBC)-$200 (SOLD), quite rare 

  LORDS (Germany-66,Columbia C 23 278)-Don't Mince Matter/No One Knows (M/EX,SRW,TIBC)-$40 (SOLD), scarce    

  LORDS (Germany-69,Columbia 1C 006-28 359)-Three-Five-Zero-Zero/Manchester England (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW)-$42 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  LOVE (France-70,Blue Thumb 2C006-91524)-Stand Out/Listen To My Song (M-/EX+)-$90 (SOLD), very scarce

   LOVE (France-66,Vogue INT 18095)-EP: 7 And 7 Is/And More/No. Fourteen/You I'll Be Following (M/M-)-$1000 (SOLD), super rare

  LOVE (Holland-67,Elektra EKS 45700)-Alone Again Or/Good Times (EX+/EX,SRW,STAC)-$60 (SOLD), very scarce

  LOVE (Italy-66,Vedette VRN 34074)-My Little Red Book/A Message To Pretty (M-/EX,STIBC)-$177 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite rare

  (LOVE)Arthur Lee (Germany-72,A&M 12 273 AT)-Everybody's Gotta Live/Love Jumped Through My Window (M-/M-)-$50 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  LOVE)Arthur Lee (Italy-72,A&M 45036)-Everybody's Gotta Live/Love Jumped Through My Window (M-/EX+,STAC,WOBC)-$90 (SOLD) 

  LOVE AFFAIR (Holland-70,CBS 4780)-Lincoln County/Sea Of Tranquility (M-/M-)-$39 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  LOVE AFFAIR (Norway-68,CBS 3366)-Rainbow Valley/Someone Like Me (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$52 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  LOVE CHILDREN (Denmark-69,Deram DM 268)-Easy Squeezy/Every Little Step (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,TIBC)-$39 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  LOVE SCULPTURE (Germany-69,Odeon 1C006-90 631)-Seagull/Farandole (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,TIC)-$90 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce

  LOVE SCULPTURE (Spain-68,Odeon OSL 204)-Sabre Dance/Think Of Love (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,PSTABC,PSTIL)-$127 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  LOVE SCULPTURE (Sweden-68,Parlophone R 5744)-Sabre Dance/Think Of Love (EX/EX+)-$50 (SOLD), quite scarce

  LOVIN' SPOONFUL (UK-66,Kama Sutra KEP 301)-EP: Jug Band Music/Warm Baby/Bald Headed Lena/Let The Boy Rock And Roll (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-)-$60 (SOLD), scarce

  LOVIN' SPOONFUL (Germany-67,Kama Sutra 618018)-6 O'Clock/You're A Big Boy Now (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC M-,BC EX-,PSTIL,TIBC,XOBC)-$42 (SOLD)

  LOVIN' SPOONFUL (Italy-66,Kama Sutra KA 75001)-Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind/Do You Believe In Magic (M-/M-)-$80 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  LOVIN' SPOONFUL (New Zealand-67,Kama Sutra KEP 306)-EP: Voodoo In My Basement/Cocoanut Grove/Do You Believe In Magic/Night Owl Blues (EX/M-)-$85 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  LOVIN' SPOONFUL (Spain-66,Kama Sutra ME 295)-Nashville Cats/Full Measure (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,WOBC)-$25 (SOLD)

  LOVIN' SPOONFUL (Sweden-66,Kama Sutra 618 007)-Summer In The City/Fishin' Blues (M-/M-)-$34 (SOLD AT AUCTION), with German sleeve as all have

  LOVIN' SPOONFUL (Sweden-66,Kama Sutra 617001)-EP: Respoken/Unconscious Minuet/Pow/End Title (M-/EX+)-$30 (SOLD)

  LOVIN' SPOONFUL (US-66,Kama Sutra KA-208)-Daydream/Night Owl Blues (EX+/EX+,WOBC,STIL)-$15 (SOLD)

  LOVIN' SPOONFUL (US-66,Kama Sutra KA-216)-Rain On The Roof/Pow (M-/EX+,COH)-$18 (SOLD)

  LOVIN' SPOONFUL (US-66,Kama Sutra KA-219)-Nashville Cats/Full Measure (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-)-$25 (SOLD)

  LUCAS (Sweden-67,Polar POS 1046)-Antisocial Season/Hymn To The Sun (M-/EX+,FO,IS,WOBC)-$90 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  LUV MACHINE (Belgium-71,Polydor 2058 082)-Witches Wand/Happy Children (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$135 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare, mistakenly spelled Lov Machine on both the sleeve and the label

  LYNYRD SKYNYRD (Germany-75,MCA MCS 7997)-Saturday Night Special/Made In The Shade (M-/M-)-$40 (SOLD)


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