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Remember grading is disc/cover. 


  SAFT (Germany-71,Polydor 2121 093)-People In Motion/Albertine Hall (M-/EX,TIC,STIC)-$25

  ST. LOUIS UNION (Belgium-66,Decca 26.060)-Behind The Door/English Tea (EX-/EX,FO,IS)-$400, mega-rare

  LOS SALVAJES (Spain-65,Regal SEDL 19.481)-EP: Se Llama Maria/Wooly Bully/Satisfaction/I Got You Babe (EX-/FC EX+,BC EX-,HRWBC,SSTNL)-$50, very scarce

  LOS SALVAJES (Spain-66,Regal SEDL 19.522)-EP: Paint It Black/With A Girl Like You/Es La Edad/Somebody Help Me (M-/FC M-,BC EX,PSTIL,STNBC,SRWBC)-$100, very scarce

  SAM THE SHAM/PHARAOHS (Germany-65,MGM 61 115)-Ju Ju Hand/Big City Lights (M-/EX+,STIL)-$30

  SAM THE SHAM/PHARAOHS (Japan-69,MGM DMQ6902)-Lil' Red Riding Hood/Wooly Bully (M-/M-,IS,WLP)-$25

  SANDS (Japan-69,Major Minor RR-2561)-Cara Mia/Venus (M-/EX+,FO,IS,WLP)-$40, scarce, RED WAX 

  SANDY COAST (Belgium-74,Polydor 2050 187)-Summer Train/The Place Near The Sea (EX/M-,FO,IS)-$28

  SANDY COAST (Germany-71,Polydor 2050 127)-Just A Friend/Sorry (M/EX)-$18

  SANDY COAST (Holland-67,Relax 45065)-And Her Name Is…/Anyway You Want Me (EX/FC EX+,BC EX,FO,IS,TIBC)-was $50--now $35, quite scarce

  SANDY COAST (Holland-71,Polydor 2050 083)-True Love That's A Wonder/If (EX/EX,WOL)-$15

  SANDY COAST (Holland-74,Polydor 2050 168)-Just Two Little Creatures/What Kind Of Freedom (M-/M-)-$18 or (M-/EX+,SRW)-was $12--now $8 or (M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,TIC,SRW,STAC)-was $8--now $3

  SANDY COAST (Italy-71,Polydor 2121 046)-True Love, That's A Wonder/If (M-/EX,PSTIL,TIBC)-$20

  SANDY COAST (Japan-71,Polydor DP-1809)-True Love, That's A Wonder/If (M-/M-,WIN)-$40 or (M-/EX-,WIN,STIBC)-was $20--now $8 or (EX-/EX-,WIN,TOC)-was $15--now $4

  SANTANA (France-69,CBS 4612)-Jingo/Persuasion (EX-/EX,TIC,WOBC)-$15

  SANTANA (Germany-69,CBS 4612)-Jingo/Persuasion (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-was $25--now $20 or (M-/EX,WOL,WOC)-was $12--now $8

  SANTANA (Germany-70,CBS 4800)-Evil Ways/Waiting (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX+,WOL)-$25

  SANTANA (Germany-70,CBS 7046)-Oye Como Va/Samba Pa Ti (EX+/EX+,TIC)-$25

  SANTANA (Germany-71,CBS S 7812)-No One To Depend On/Taboo (M-/FC EX+,BC EX)-$15

  SANTANA (Holland-72,CBS S 1137)-All The Love Of The Universe/Look Up To See What's Coming Down (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-$25

  SANTANA (Holland-79,CBS 7309)-Open Invitation/Move On (M-/M-)-$20

  SANTANA (Japan-71,CBS CBSA 82128)-Everybody's Everything/Guajira (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$40

  SANTANA (Japan-72,CBS)-No One To Depend On/Relations (M-/-)-$20, acetate, no sleeve

SANTANA (Japan-85,CBS 07SP 872)-Say It Again/Touchdown Raiders (EX+/EX+,IS,TS,TSTNC)-$5

  SANTANA (Spain-71,CBS 7046)-Oye Como Va/Samba Pa Ti (M/EX+)-$25

  SAROFEEN & SMOKE (Japan-71,GWP UP-274-P)-Susan Jane/It''s Love (M-/M-,FO,IS,GRLP)-$300, extremely rare, tremendous spooky guitar psych

  LES SAUTERELLES (Germany-68,Decca D 19 973)-Montgolfier/Big Old Sun (M-/FC EX,BC M-,PSTIL,SSTNC)-$90 or (VG/EX)-$30, very scarce, same pic on both sides of sleeve

  LES SAUTERELLES (Germany-69,CBS 4366)-Be Crazy And Dance (The Rock Steady)/Part 1-Part 2 (EX/EX-,SRW,TIC)-$50, very scarce

  SAVAGE (Japan-66,Philips SFL-1058)-Itsumademo Itsumademo/Koi No Sanpomichi (S1 EX,S2 M-/EX+,IS)-$18

  SAVOY BROWN (Belgium-70,Decca 26.236-Y)-A Hard Way To Go/Waiting In The Bamboo Grove (M-/EX+,FO,IS,STIL)-$60, quite scarce

  SAVOY BROWN (France-73,Decca 84.187)-Coming Down Your Way/I Can't Find You (M-/FC EX-,BC M-,TIC)-$25, quite scarce, sleeve is virtually perfect except for sticker tear

  SAVOY BROWN (Germany-69,Decca DL 25 389)-I’m Tired/Stay With Me Baby (M-/EX,WOC,SSTNC)-$50, quite scarce

  SAVOY BROWN (Germany-70,Decca DL 25 409)-A Hard Way To Go/The Incredible Gnome Meets Jaxman (M-/EX,WOC)-$30, scarce

  SAVOY BROWN (Japan-72,London TOP-1737)-If I Could See An End/Troubled By These Days And Times (M-/FC EX+,BC EX-,IS,WLP,TIBC)-$90, rare

  SAVOY BROWN (Spain-68,Decca M0 459)-Taste And Try, Before You Buy/Someday People (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,STNBC,SRWBC,XOBC)-$90 (SOLD) or (EX+/EX-,SSTNC,SRWBC,XOBC,STIL,PSTAL)-$40, rare; both sides are non-LP; I haven't even seen either side on any reissue; non-PS U.K. issue seen selling for more

  SAVOY BROWN (Spain-69,Decca MO 730)-I'm Tired/Stay With Me Baby (M-/M-)-$60, scarce

  SAVOY BROWN (Thailand-71,TK-665)-EP: She's A Lady-Hermits/Right On Mother-Peter Noone/Jeepster-T Rex/Fireball-Deep Purple (EX+/FC EX,BC EX-,WOC,RWBC)-$40, no songs on this EP by Savoy Brown but great pics of Lonesome Dave and Kim Simmonds

SAVOY BROWN (US-81,Town House 1054)-Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone/Don't Tell Me I Told You (M/M-,TS)-$8


  BRINSLEY SCHWARZ (Germany-71,Liberty 15 419)-Country Girl/Funk Angel (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-$40

  SCORPIONS (Japan-84,RCA RPS-144)-Still Loving You/Bad Boys Running Wild (M-/M-,WLP,IS)-$40 or (M-/EX+,IS)-was $20--now $15  

  SCORPIONS (Spain-85,Harvest 006 20 0643 7)-No One Like You/The Zoo (M/M)-$18


  SEARCHERS (UK-79,Pye FBEP 105)-EP: When You Walk In The Room/Some Day We're Gonna Love Again/Don't Throw Your Love Away/Take Me For What I'm Worth (M/M)-$8

  SEARCHERS (France-64,Vogue PNV. 24.123)-EP: Some Day We're Gonna Love Again/No One Else Could Love Me/When You Walk In The Room/I'll Be Missing You (S1 EX-,S2 VG++/M-,WOL)-$50, very scarce

  SEARCHERS (Germany-71,RCA 74-16084)-Desdemona/The World Is Waiting For Tomorrow (M-/FC EX,BC M-,WSTNC)-$25, same pic on both sides of sleeve 

  SEARCHERS (Japan-64,Pye LL-646-Y)-Love Potion Number Nine/Some Day We're Gonna Love Again (EX/EX+,IS)-was $30--now $18

  SEARCHERS (Spain-64,Pye PYEP-2050)-EP: Sweets For My Sweet/Stand By Me/Twist And Shout/Da Doo Ron Ron (EX+/FC EX,BC EX+,RW)-was $60--now $48, very scarce

  SEARCHERS (Spain-64,Pye PYEP 2053)-EP: Needles And Pins/Saturday Night Out/Sugar And Spice/Saints And Searchers (EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC)-$95, very scarce

  SEARCHERS (Spain-65,Hispa Vox HPY 337-20)-EP: Take Me For What I'm Worth/I'm Ready/Don't You Know Why/You Can't Lie To A Liar (M-/EX+)-$60

  SEEDS (US-66,Crescendo GNP 354)-Can't Seem To Make You Mine/I Tell Myself (M/M-)-$90, quite scarce

  SEEDS (US-67,Crescendo GNP 383)-Mr. Farmer/Up In Her Room (M/EX,RW)-$100, their most obscure U.S. sleeve

  SEEDS (US-67,Crescendo GNP 394)-A Thousand Shadows/The March Of The Flower Children (M-/M-)-$125, very scarce

  SEGARINI (Canada-77,A&M AM 452)-EP: Wanna Get To Know You Better/Starlight/I Want You To Stay/I'm Not Your Fool (M/M)-$8

  BOB SEGER (Spain-81,Capitol 10C 006-086415)-Nine Tonight/Brave Strangers (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,PSTABC,WOBC)-$20

  SELOFANE (Holland-68,CBS 3413)-Girl Called Fantasy/Happiness Is Love (EX+/FC EX-,BC EX,TIC,WOC)-$30

  SHADOWS OF KNIGHT (France-69,Atco 81)-Gloria '69/Spaniard At My Door (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC EX,BC M-,STNC,STIL)-$60, very scarce, inventory tag intact

  SHADOWS OF KNIGHT (France-69,Buddah 610 020)-Shake/From Way Out To Way Under (M-/M-,STIL)-$50, scarce

  SHADOWS OF KNIGHT (France-66,ATCO-113)-EP: Oh, Yea/It Always Happens That Way/Gloria/Dark Side (EX-/FC M-, BC EX-,WOBC,TIBC)-$175 or (EX-/FC EX+,BC EX,WOBC,WOL)-was $160--now $125, quite rare

  SHADOWS OF KNIGHT (Italy-99,Peace&Love no #)-Gloria/Dark Side (M/M-)-$20, re-issue

  SHADOWS OF KNIGHT (Spain-66,Belter 51.667)-EP: Gloria/Light Bulb Blues/Oh, Yea/It Always Happens That Way (EX-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC)-$150, quite rare 

  SHAMROCKS (France-65,Polydor 421 107)-Cadillac/Easy Rider (EX-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC)-$60, quite scarce

  SHAMROCK5 (France-66,Polydor Int. 60 122)-EP: Cadillac/Easy Rider/Thing Will Turn Out Right Tomorrow/Balla Balla (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,RWBC,WOBC)-$50

  SHAMROCKS (France-66,Polydor Int. 60 124)-EP: Don't Say/Days/Smoke Rings/How The Time Flies (M-/M-)-$250, very rare

  SHAMROCKS (Germany-65,Polydor 52 941)-Cadillac/A Mountain Of Silver (M-/EX+)-$75 or (M-/EX)-$55, very scarce

  SHAMROCKS (Japan-65,Polydor DP-1462)-Cadillac/Mountain Of Silver (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,WIN,WOC,STNBC)-$50 (SOLD) or (VG/FC VG++,BC EX,WOC,STIC,SSTNBC)-was $18--now $8, very scarce  

  SHAMROCKS (Japan-68,Polydor SLKP-1136)-EP: La La La/Balla Balla/Cadillac/Don't You Know She's Mine (M-/EX+,STNC)-$120, rare

  SHAMROCKS (Sweden-65,Karusell KFF 626)-La La La/And I Need You (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,TIC)-$70, very scarce

  SHANES (Spain-66,EMI EPL 14.302)-EP: Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo/Dreamgirl/I Won't Untie You/People Don't Like Me (M-/EX+,TIC,STNBC)-$175, quite rare

  SHAPE OF THINGS (US-72,Mega 615-0016)-You've Got To Make It/You Were So Unkind (EX-/EX,WLP,TIC,STNBC)-$20

  SHARATON (Holland-72,Pink Elephant PE 22.630-H)-Walking Down The Road/Blacky (M-/FC M-,BC EX,WOBC)-$30

  SHOCKING BLUE (France-69,Disc AZ SG 112)-Venus/Hot Sand (M-/FC M-,BC EX+)-$28

  SHOCKING BLUE (France-70,Disc AZ SG 145)-Mighty Joe/Wild Wind (EX+/FC EX+,BC EX-,WOBC,STNBC)-$18

  SHOCKING BLUE (France-72,Disc AZ SG 372)-Ink Pot/Give My Love To The Sunrise (M-/EX+)-$20

  SHOCKING BLUE (France-74,Pink Elephant PE 85.057 B)-This America/I Won't Be Lonely Long (M-/FC M-,BC EX,PSTIC,STABC,SSTNBC,STIL)-$35

  SHOCKING BLUE (Germany-69,Metronome M 25.140)-Long And Lonesome Road/Fireball Of Love (EX+/FC EX,BC EX-,TIBC)-$18

  SHOCKING BLUE (Germany-73,Polydor 2001 358)-Rock In The Sea/Broken Heart (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,WOC,WOL)-$20, same pic on both sides of sleeve

  SHOCKING BLUE (Holland-69,Pink Elephant 22.029)-Mighty Joe/Wild Wind (EX/FC EX-,BC VG++,FO,IS,TOC,STAC)-was $8--now $5

  SHOCKING BLUE (Holland-71,Pink Elephant 22.053)-Blossom Lady/Is This A Dream (EX/VG++,TIC)-was $8--now $5

  SHOCKING BLUE (Holland-71,Pink Elephant 22.604)-Ink Pot/Give My Love To The Sunrise (VG++/EX-,XOBC,XOL)-was $8--now $5

  SHOCKING BLUE (Holland-72,Pink Elephant PE 22.055G)-Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind/I Like You (M-/VG+,TOC,TIC)-was $8--now $5

  SHOCKING BLUE (Holland-73,Pink Elephant PE 22.059-G)-Rock In The Sea/Broken Heart (M-/EX-,STNC)-was $12--now $8

  SHOCKING BLUE (Holland-73,Pink Elephant 22.068)-Let Me Carry Your Bag/I Saw You In June (M-/VG++,TOC,STAL)-was $8--now $5

  SHOCKING BLUE (Holland-74,Pink Elephant PE 22.066-G)-Eve And The Apple/When I Was A Girl (M-/EX,XOL)-was $18--now $12

  SHOCKING BLUE (Japan-70,Polydor DP-1694)-Venus/Hot Sand (M-/EX,WIN,SHC)-was $18--now $10, warp not affecting play

  SHOCKING BLUE (Japan-71,Polydor DP-1761)-Sally Was A Good Old Girl/Alaska Country (M-/EX+,WIN)-was $25--now $18 or (M-/EX,WIN,STNC,STIBC)-was $18--now $10

  SHOCKING BLUE (Japan-71,Polydor DP-1786)-Shocking You/Waterloo (M-/M-)-$35

  SHOCKING BLUE (Japan-71,Polydor DP-1814)-Blossom Lady/Is This A Dream? (M-/M-)-$35

  SHOCKING BLUE (Japan-72,Polydor DP-1835)-I'll Follow The Sun/Serenade (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SSTNBC)-$32

  SHOCKING BLUE (Japan-71,Polydor KP 2012)-EP: Blossom Lady/Shocking You/Sally Was A Good Old Girl/Never Marry A Railroad Man/I'll Write Down Your Name Through The Fire/Venus (M-/EX,WIN)-was $32--now $25 or (M-/EX,WIN,STNBC)-was $32--now $25

  SHOCKING BLUE (Mexico-72,Polydor 2199)-EP: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind/Shocking You/Waterloo/I Like You (M-/EX-,FO,IS,TIC)-was $18--now $12, quite scarce

SHOCKING BLUE-see Keith Emerson Thai EP

  SHOES (France-69,Polydor 421 416)-Don't You Cry For A Girl/Shooting Star (M-/EX,SRW)-$30, inventory tag intact

  SHOES (Holland-68,Polydor S 1257)-No Money For Roses/Imagination (M-/EX,RW,STIBC)-$20

  SHOES (Holland-69,Esso LP1)-Tank Esso Mix/He Spoiled The Days (M-/FC M-,BC EX+)-$30 or (EX+/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW)-$22

  SHOES (Japan-79,Elektra P-535E)-Tomorrow Night/Cruel You (M/M,IS)-$40

  SHOES (US-78,Bomp 116)-Okay/Tomorrow Night (M/M)-$15

  SHUFFLES (Germany-70,CBS 5200)-The Way The Music Goes/Believe Now In Tomorrow (M-/EX+,SRW)-was $25--now $18

  FRANK SINATRA (Japan-73,Reprise P-1270R)-Let Me Try Again/Send In The Clowns (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$18

  NANCY & FRANK SINATRA (France-67,Reprise RVEP 60100)-EP: Somethin' Stupid/Somewhere My Love/Coastin'/Love Eyes (EX+/FC EX,BC EX+)-was $25--now $18

  NANCY SINATRA (Germany-66,Reprise RA 0527)-Summer Wine/Sugar Town (M-/EX)-was $15--now $10

  NANCY SINATRA (Japan-68,Reprise JET-1863)-This Little Bird/Nice 'N Easy (EX+/EX+,IS,NC)-$20

  NANCY SINATRA (Spain-66,Reprise HRE 297-48)-EP: Friday's Child/The Shadow Of Your Smile/Bang Bang/It Ain't Me Babe (S1 EX-,S2 EX+/EX,SSTNBC)-was $30--now $20, scarce

  RAY SINGER (France-66,HMV EGF 955)-EP: What's Done Has Been Done/A Dreamer Of The Past/Won't It Be Fine/Little Words (M/M-,PSTAL,PSTABC)-$150, first cut is tough raving mod beat, next two are good folk rock with a moody ballad to end things

  SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET (UK-81,Chrysalis CHS 2504)-EP: Wooly Bully/She's About A Mover/Sheila Tequila/Who'll Be The Next In Line (M/M)-$12

  SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET (France-68,Mercury 127 421)-Mendocino/I Wanna Be Your Mama Again (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,SRW,STAC)-was $25--now $18

  SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET (Germany-70,Philips 6051 006)-Catch The Man On The Rise/Pretty Flower (M-/M-)-$40

  SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET (Germany-70,Mercury 6052 023)-What About Tomorrow/A Nice Song (EX+/M-)-$35

  SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET (Holland-70,Mercury 127 494 MCF)-Nuevo Laredo/Texas Me (M/M-)-$40

  SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET (Sweden-84,Sonet T-10129)-Viking Girl/Rio Medina (M-/M-)-$12

  SIR HENRY/BUTLERS (Germany-68,Metronome M 25 022)-Camp/Pretty Style (M-/EX)-$15

  LOS SIREX (Spain-65,Vergara 317-XC)-EP: La Escoba/El Tren De La Costa/Que Haces Aqui!!/Cantemos (M-/EX+,SRW)-$95, very scarce

  LOS SIREX (Spain-66,Vergara 409-XC)-EP: Olvidame/Solo En La Playa/Yo Grito/Reprise (EX/FC EX,BC EX+,STAC,SSTNC,STIL)-was $175--now $95, rare, 3 of the 4 songs are great up tempo freakbeat with portions of fuzzed-out leads and Beatles-styled screams

  SIRS (Germany-71,Columbia 1C006-29 849)-Bitte Sag’ Was HabIch Falsch Gemacht/Du Bist Mein Schonster Gedanke (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,SRW,STAC,TIBC)-$18

  SIRS (Germany-75,Bellaphon BL 1166)-Ramona/Elisabeth, Elisabeth (M-/M-)-$5

  SIRS (US-68,Amreco M-103)-Off In A Daydream/Help Me (M-/M-)-$175, rare

  SLADE (Germany-73,Polydor 2058 422)-Merry Xmas Everybody/Don't Blame Me (EX+/M-)-$18

  SLADE (Portugal-75,Polydor 2058 522)-Far Far Away/OK Yesterday Was Yesterday (M-/EX,WOBC)-$35, scarce

  SLADE (Spain-73,Polydor 20 58 407)-My Friend Stan/My Town (M-/M-)-$40

  SLAM CREEPERS (Sweden-68,Bill BT 122)-It's Saturday/Hold It Baby (M-/EX,FO,IS,SPS,STAC,NC)-was $40--now $25, scarce

  SMALL FACES (Belgium-66,Decca 26.082)-All Or Nothing/Understanding (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,FO,IS)-$100, rare

  SMALL FACES (Belgium-68,Immediate IM 064)-Lazy Sunday/Rollin' Over (VG/EX+,FO,IS,PIH)-was $25--now $18

  SMALL FACES (Denmark-68,Immediate IM 064)-Lazy Sunday/Rollin' Over (M-/EX,SPS)-$50, quite scarce

  SMALL FACES (UK-68,Immediate IM 064)-Lazy Sunday/Rollin' Over (M-/EX+,TIC,SRWBC)-$60, quite scarce

  SMALL FACES (France-67,Columbia CF 117)-Itchycoo Park/Green Circles (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC EX+,BC EX,WOC,STABC)-was $90--now $75, very scarce, unique pairing

  SMALL FACES (France-68,Immediate IMF 508)-Lazy Sunday/Rollin' Over (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC)-$75

  SMALL FACES (France-66,Decca 457.106)-EP: Sha-La-La-La-Lee/GrowYour Own/It's Too Late/I've Got Mine (EX+/M-)-$150 (SOLD) or (EX-/EX+,PIH,TIBC)-$90, very scarce

  SMALL FACES (France-66,Decca 457.123 M)-EP: All Or Nothing/Understanding/Hey Girl/Almost Grown (M-/EX+,TIBC)-$140, rare

  SMALL FACES (Germany-66,Decca DL 25 269)-My Mind's Eye/I Can't Dance With You (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,SRW,WOC)-was $60--now $50, rare, same pic on both sides of sleeve

  SMALL FACES (Germany-67,Decca DL 25 297)-Patterns/E Too D (M-/EX,STABC) $100 or (EX+/FC EX,BC EX+,STAC,STAL)-was $125--now $90 or (S1 EX+,S2 EX/EX,STABC,STAL)-$75, rarest German Small Faces single, same great pic on both sides of sleeve 

  SMALL FACES (Germany-67,Columbia C 23 524)-Here Come The Nice/Talk To You (M-/M-)-$95, very scarce

  SMALL FACES (Germany-67,Columbia C 23 586)-Itchycoo Park/I'm Only Dreaming (M-/EX+)-$60, quite scarce

  SMALL FACES (Germany-67,Columbia C 23 672)-Tin Soldier/I Feel Much Better (M-/M-)-$80 or (EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC)-$60 or (EX+/EX+,TOC)-was $55--now $48 or (EX/VG+,TIC,TOC,STNBC,SRW)-was $15--now $10, quite scarce

  SMALL FACES (Germany-69,Immediate 1C 006-90 104)-Afterglow Of Your Love/Wham Bam Thank You Mam (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SRW)-$60, quite scarce

  SMALL FACES (Germany-71,Bellaphon BF 18462)-Lazy Sunday/Rollin' Over (M-/M-)-$30 or (M-/EX+)-$22 or (M-/EX,XOC,TIBC)-$15

  SMALL FACES (Germany-77,Immediate 104 403-100)-Lazy Sunday/Itchycoo Park (M-/M-)-$10

  SMALL FACES (Germany-77,Line/OutLine OLS 1105 AC)-EP: Itchycoo Park/Here Come The Nice/Afterglow (M-/M-)-$25

  SMALL FACES (Holland-65,Decca F 12 208)-Whatcha Gonna Do About It/What’s A Matter Baby (M-/EX,STNBC)-$350 or (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC EX,BC EX-,WSTNBC,SSTNBC,TIBC,TIL,NC)-$250, super rare

  SMALL FACES (Holland-66,Decca F 12 470)-All Or Nothing/Understanding (EX/EX)-$45 (SOLD) or (EX-/EX,SSTNBC)-was $48--now $35, quite scarce

  SMALL FACES (Holland-66,Decca F 12 500)-My Mind’s Eye/I Can’t Dance With You (EX+/FC EX,BC EX+,SRW,STABC)-$80, rare

  SMALL FACES (Holland-67,Immediate HSS 1212)-Itchycoo Park/I'm Only Dreaming (EX-/M-,FO,IS)-$70, quite scarce

  SMALL FACES (Holland-78,GIP 4134)-Lazy Sunday/Here Comes The Nice (M-/EX-,SSTNBC)-$10

  SMALL FACES (Italy-66,Decca F 12317)-Sha La La La Lee/Grow Your Own (EX-/FC EX+,BC M-,WOL)-$90 or (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-$90, rare, second copy has a U. K. disc

  SMALL FACES (Italy-66,Decca F 12470)-All Or Nothing/Understanding (M-/EX+,TIC)-$160, quite rare

  SMALL FACES (Japan-66,London TOP-1078)-All Or Nothing/Understanding (M/M-,FO,IS)-$600, ultra-rare

  SMALL FACES (Portugal-66,Decca PEP 1176)-EP: All Or Nothing/Understanding/Hey Girl/Almost Grown (EX/EX,SRW,SSTNC)-$150, very rare

SMALL FACES-see Jeff Beck, see Rod Stewart

  (SMALL)FACES (France-71,WB 16136)-Stay With Me/Debris (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,STIC)-$35, same pic on both sides of sleeve

  (SMALL)FACES (Germany-73,WB 16 281)-Ooh La La/Borstal Boys (M-/M-)-$40 (SOLD AT AUCTION) or (M-/M-,COH)-$30

  (SMALL)FACES (Holland-73,WB 16247)-Cindy Incidentally/Skewiff (M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,TIC,SRW,XOC)-$18

  (SMALL)FACES (Japan-73,WB P-1207W)-Cindy Incidentally/Skewiff (M/M-,IS)-$150, rare, great picture label with small spindle hole

  (SMALL)FACES (Japan-74,WB P-1363W)-You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything/As Long As You Tell Him (M-/EX,IS)-$85, rare 

  SMASH (Spain-69,Diabolo SN-20.306)-Scouting/Sonetto (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,RW)-$50, quite scarce

  SMASH (Spain-70,Philips 60 29 011)-Decision/Look At The Rainbow (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,SRW,SSTNC)-$150, quite rare, non-LP

  SMOKE (France-67,Impact IMP 200.012 M)-EP: If The Weather Is Sunny/I Would If I Could But I Can't/Wake Up Cherylina/It's Just Your Way Of Lovin' (M-/M-)-$250, very rare

  SMOKE (Germany-67,Metronome B 1662)-My Friend Jack/We Can Take It (EX+/M-,STIL)-$50, scarce, same pic on both sides of sleeve

  SMOKE STACK CRUMBLE (France-70,Pye 45. PV. 15364)-Got A Bad Leg/Whisky Macaroni (M-/EX,SRW,WOC)-$40

  SMOKIE (Japan-77,RAK ERR-20366)-Needles And Pins/No One Could Ever Love You More (M/M-,WLP,IS)-$25 or (M/M-,IS)-$18

  SMYLE (Holland-73,Polydor 2050 254)-The Tandem/I'm So Heavy (M-/EX+)-$25

  SNAPPERS (Germany-66,Decca D 19 838)-Hideaway/Hold Tight (EX-/M-,XOL)-$100, rare

  SNAPPERS (Germany-67,Decca D 19857)-Upside Down-Inside Out/Memories (M-/EX-,XOL,XOBC)-$150, very rare

  SOFTS (Holland-66,Omega 35.481)-Kassie Kijken/Paarse Broek (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$500, ultra rare

SOFTS (Holland-11,Omega 35.481)-Kassie Kijken/Paarse Broek (M/M,FO,IS)-$25, 2011 re-issue of the above 1965 original

  SOMETHING WILD (US-98,Sundazed S 136)-Trippin' Out/She's Kinda Weird (M/M)-$20, GREEN WAX, re-issue from 1966

  SONICS (UK-94,Mousehole F 003)-EP: Money/The Witch/Boss Hoss/Shot Down (M/M)-$20, recorded in 1966

  SONNY & CHER (Australia-65,Atlantic AX 11,076)-EP: I Got You Babe/It's Gonna Rain/You've Really Got A Hold On Me/The Letter (EX-/M-)-$40, scarce

  SONNY & CHER (France-67,Atco 56)-It's The Little Things/Don't Talk To Strangers (EX/EX,SRW)-was $20--now $15

  SONNY & CHER (Holland-66,Atlantic 584 057)-Living For You/Love Don’t Come (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,SRWBC)-$20

  SONNY & CHER (Italy-65,Atco 90158)-I Got You Babe/It's Gonna Rain (M-/EX+,SRWBC)-$35

  SONNY & CHER (Italy-66,Atlantic 90179x45)-Little Man/So Fine (M-/EX+)-$28

  SONNY & CHER (Italy-68,Blue Bell BB 3166)-The Letter/Spring Fever (M-/EX+,CON)-$28

  SONNY & CHER (Japan-66,Atlantic JET-1723)-Little Man/Monday (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$38

  SOPWITH CAMEL (US-67,Kama Sutra KA-224)-Postcard From Jamaica/Little Orphan Annie (M-/EX,SRW,STIC)-$30

  SORROWS (UK-65,Pye 7N 35277)-You've Got What I Want/No No No No (M-/M-)-$150 (SOLD) or (M-/EX)-$90, rare

  SORROWS (France-65,Pye PNV. 24.150)-EP: Take A Heart/We Should Get Along Fine/Baby/Teenage Letter (EX-/FC M-,BC EX+,SSTNBC,WOL)-$400, super rare

  SORROWS (Italy-67,Pye 45NP 5122)-Verde, Rosso, Giallo E Blu/No, No, No, No (M-/M-)-$100 (SOLD) or (M-/M-,TIL)-$100, very scarce, sung in Italian

  SOUNDS UNLIMITED (US-98,Sundazed SEP 104)-EP: You Did It Before/Our Love Is Gone/Gotta Get Away/She (M-/M-)-$20, 1966 recording, RED WAX

  SOUTHWIND (Italy-70,Blue Thumb 3C006-91504)-Boogie Woogie Country Girl/Honky Tonkin' (M-/EX,SRW,WOBC,WOL)-was $18--now $12

  SPARKLES (France-66,Festival SPX 10)-I Want To Be Free/Hipsville 29 B.C. (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,TIL,STNC,TIBC)-$350, very rare, inventory tag intact

  SPARKS (Holland-99,Op Art 017)-EP: Come Back/Don't Be Upset/If You And I Could Be As Two/I'm So Feeling Blue Now (M/M-,FO,IS)-$20, re-issue

  SPECTRUM (Portugal-68,RCA TP-428)-EP: Samantha's Mine/London Bridge Is Coming Down/Saturday's Child/Tables And Chairs (EX/EX,STNC,SRWBC,TIBC)-was
$50--now $38
, very scarce

  SPECTRUM (Spain-68,RCA 3-10.373)-Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da/Comes The Dawn (M-/FC M-,BC EX,PSTIL,STABC,WOBC)-$45, scarce

  SPECTRUM (Spain-69,RCA 3-10399)-Little Red Boat By The River/Forget Me Not (M-/M-)-$50, scarce

  SPECTRUM (Spain-70,RCA 3-10.519)-Glory/Nodnol (M-/M-,PSTIL)-$50, scarce

CHRIS SPEDDING-see Astronaut Alan & His Planets

  SPIKE DRIVERS (Spain-66,Reprise H 138)-Baby Won't You Let Me Tell You How I Lost My Mind/High Time (EX-/EX,WOC)-$120, quite rare

  SPIRIT (UK-78,Illegal IL 007)-Nature's Way/Stone Free (M/EX+)-was $8--now $5

  SPIRIT (Japan-67,CBS SONG 80085)-Mechanical World/Uncle Jack (VG+/FC EX+,BC M-)-$50, very scarce, no scratches but has a hazy film that produces surface noise

  SPIRIT (Malaysia-70,CBS 2-602)-1984/Sweet Stella Baby (M-/EX-,FO,IS)-was $25--now $18

  SPIRIT (Spain-72,Epic EPC 8083)-Cadillac Cowboys/Darkness (M-/EX,SRW,TOC)-$18

SPIRIT-see Jo Jo Gunne

  SPLENDID (Belgium-74,Baltic B.6848)-Shadow/Sham-Bam-Shazam (M-/EX-,FO,IS,STNC)-$75, rare

  SPLIT ENDS (US-95,Spindle SPN-1011)-Endless Sea/Rich With Nothin' (M/M)-$20, re-issue, BLUE WAX

  SPOOKY TOOTH (France-68,Fontana 260.131 MF)-Sunshine Help Me/Weird (M-/EX,SRWBC,TIC,TOC)-$50, quite scarce

  SPOOKY TOOTH (Germany-67,Fontana 269 373 TF)-Sunshine Help Me/Weird (M-/EX+,SRWBC)-$80 or (EX/EX)-was $60--now $45, very scarce

  SPOOKY TOOTH (Germany-68,Fontana 269 386 TF)-The Weight/Bubbles (M-/EX,WOL,WOBC)-$65, very scarce

  SPOOKY TOOTH (Germany-69,Island 388 852 UF)-Son Of Your Father/I've Got Enough Heartache (M-/EX+,TIC)-$50, quite scarce

  SPOOKY TOOTH (Germany-69,Island 388 862 UF)-Waitin' For The Wind/Feelin' Bad  (M-/M-)-$40

  SPOOKY TOOTH (Holland-70,Island 6014 023)-I Am The Walrus/Hangman Hang My Shell On A Tree (M-/EX+)-$40

  SPOOKY TOOTH (Italy-68,Island SIR 20.089)-The Weight/Bubbles(S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC EX+,BC M-,TIC)-$125, rare, same pic on both sides of sleeve

  SPOOKY TOOTH (Italy-70,Island UF 388852)-I've Got Enough Heartache/Son Of Your Father (EX+/EX,AS)-$40, quite scarce 

SPOOKY TOOTH-see Grosvenor

  SPREAD EAGLE (Yugoslavia-72,RTB S 53 635)-Pleasure Feelings/To Tired To See (EX+/EX-,TIC,STNC)-$160, very rare, misspelled title

  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (UK-80,CBS 9309)-Hungry Heart/Held Up Without A Gun (M/M)-$10

  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (UK-81,CBS 9568)-Sherry Darling/Be True (M/M)-$15

  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (Holland-88,CBS 6514427)-One Step Up/Roulette (M-/M-)-$15

  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (Japan-78,CBS O6SP 363)-Born To Run/Badlands (M/M,IS)-$25

  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (Japan-85,CBS 10SP 914)-I'm Goin' Down/Janie, Don't Lose Heart (M/M,FO)-$25

  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (Spain-78,CBS 6838)-Badlands/Streets Of Fire (M/M)-$35

  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (Spain-80,CBS 9568)-Sherry Darling/Be True (M-/EX+)-$18

  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (Spain-84,CBS A-4436)-Dancing In The Dark/Pink Cadillac (M-/M-,WLP,PSTABC)-$50, one-sided promo-only

  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (US-80,Columbia 11-11391)-Hungry Heart/Held Up Without A Gun (M/EX+)-$5

  SQUARE (Belgium-69,Flora 143)-We Want No War/Hurrah And Hurrah! (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$150, rare, B-side is fantastic garage teenbeat

  SQUIRES (France-69,Vega 3.511)-Games People Play/Funky Bayswater (M-/EX+,SSTNC,WOBC)-$60, inventory tag intact

  SQUIRES (Sweden-69,Metronome J 27.015)-Games People Play/Funky Bayswater (M-/EX,FO,IS,WOBC)-$40

  STANDELLS (France-78,Eva 2001)-EP: Barracuda/Get Away From Here/There's A Storm Coming/Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White (M/M)-$15

  STANDELLS (US-67,Tower 310)-Poor Shell Of A Man/Try It (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,TIC,SRW)-$120, quite rare

  STATUS QUO (Australia-75,Vertigo 6276 013)-EP: Roll Over Lay Down/Gerdundula/Junior's Wailing (M/M)-$15

  STATUS QUO/KINKS (Brazil-69,Pye MINI-9)-EP: Technicolor Dreams/Paradise Flat/Pictures Of Matchstick Men/Make Me Stay A Bit Longer/Auntie Nellie/David Watts/Death Of A Clown/Two Sisters/No Return/Harry Rag (EX/FC EX,BC EX+)-$300, ultra-rare

  STATUS QUO (Denmark-68,Pye 7N-17449)-Pictures Of Matchstick Men/Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Café (M-/M-)-$160, rare

  STATUS QUO (UK-75,Vertigo 6059 123)-EP: Roll Over Lay Down/Gerdundula/Junior's Wailing (EX/EX+,SRW)-$5 

  STATUS QUO (UK-82,Vertigo QUO 10)-Caroline/Dirty Water (M-/M-)-$15, both are live cuts

  STATUS QUO (France-70,Pye 45.PV.15348)-In My Chair/Gerdundula (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,WOL,WOBC)-$90, very scarce

  STATUS QUO (France-73,Pye 4251)-Mean Girl/Everything (M-/EX)-$35, scarce

  STATUS QUO (France-75,Vertigo 6059 114)-Down Down/Night Ride (M-/EX+,SRW)-$40

  STATUS QUO (Germany-68,Pye HT 300183)-Black Veils Of Melancholy/To Be Free (M-/EX,SRW)-$50 or (M-/EX-,SRW)-was $35--now $22, quite scarce

  STATUS QUO (Germany-68,Pye HT 300213)-Ice In The Sun/When My Mind Is Not Live (M-/EX+)-$80 or (M-/EX-,SRW,TIC)-was $35--now $22, quite scarce

  STATUS QUO (Germany-68,Pye DV 14821)-Technicolor Dreams/Spicks And Specks (M-/M-)-$160, very scarce, you'll see 100 of any given title of these early German Quo singles before you find a true M-/M- copy

  STATUS QUO (Germany-69,Pye DV 14835)-Make Me Stay A Bit Longer/Auntie Nellie (M-/EX+)-$80 or (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,SSTNC)-was $65--now $50, very scarce

  STATUS QUO (Germany-69,Pye DV 14940)-The Price Of Love/Little Miss Nothing (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-$95, very scarce

  STATUS QUO (Germany-69,Pye DV 11012)-Down The Dustpipe/Face Without A Soul (M-/FC EX,BC M-,SRW)-$50 or (M-/EX,SRW)-was $45--now $38, quite scarce

  STATUS QUO (Germany-70,Pye 14680 AT)-Down The Dustpipe/Face Without A Soul (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,SRWBC)-$80 or (M-/EX)-was $60--now $45, very scarce alternate sleeve

  STATUS QUO (Germany-70,Pye 14739 AT)-In My Chair/Gerdundula (EX+/EX+,SHC)-$45, scarce

  STATUS QUO (Germany-71,Pye 10 277 AT)-Tune To The Music/Good Thinking (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,WOC,PIH)-$35 or (M-/EX,SRW,WOL)-$30, scarce, same pic on both sides of sleeve

  STATUS QUO (Germany-73,Vertigo 6059 071)-Paper Plane/Softer Ride (S1 EX-,S2 EX/FC VG++,BC EX,TIC,WOC,TOC)-was $8--now $5  

  STATUS QUO (Germany-74,Vertigo 6059 114)-Down, Down/Night Ride (M-/M-)-$25

  STATUS QUO (Germany-76,Vertigo 6059 133)-Rain/You Lost The Love (M-/M-)-$25

  STATUS QUO (Holland-82,Vertigo 6000 799)-Dear John/I Want The World To Know (M-/M-)-$18

  STATUS QUO (Holland-86,BR Music 45096)-Mean Girl/Technicolour Dreams (M-/M-)-$12

  STATUS QUO (Portugal-75,Vertigo 6059 123)-EP: Roll Over Lay Down/Gerdundula/Junior's Wailing (M-/EX,STAC)-$100, rare

  STATUS QUO (Spain-68,Pye H 280)-Pictures Of Matchstick Men/Gentleman Joe's Side Walk Cafe (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX,TIBC)-$65 (SOLD) or (S1 EX,S2 M-/EX,SRW)-$55, very scarce

  STATUS QUO (Spain-75,Vertigo 6059 114)-Down, Down/Night Ride (M-/EX)-$40 or (M-/FC VG++,BC EX-,WOC)-was $30--now $18, quite scarce, same pic on both sides of sleeve 

  STATUS QUO (Spain-80,Vertigo 6000 518)-What You're Proposing/A B Blues (M-/M-)-$30

  STATUS QUO (Spain-84,Pye 00X-724)-Gerdundula/Nanana (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,SRW)-$20

  STEALERS WHEEL (Holland-73,A&M 12924 AT)-Everyone's Agreed That Everything Will Turn Out Fine/Next To Me (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,STIC,STIL)-$15

  STEAMHAMMER (France-69,CBS 4496)-Autumn Song/Blues For Passing People (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,TIBC)-$100, very scarce

  STEEL MILL (Germany-74,Bellaphon BF 18063)-Green Eyed God/Zangwill (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,TIC,XOBC)-$25

  STEELEYE SPAN (Germany-74,Chrysalis 6155 024)-Thomas The Rhymer/The Mooncoin Jig (M-/EX+,XOC)-$38, scarce

  STEELEYE SPAN (Holland-75,Chrysalis 6155 055)-All Around My Hat/Black Jack Davy (M-/M-)-$35

  STEELY DAN (France-74,Probe 2C 008-95438)-Rikki Don't Lose That Number/Any Major Dude Will Tell You (M/EX+,TIC)-$25

  STEELY DAN (Holland-74,Probe 5C 006-95 438)-Rikki Don't Lose That Number/Any Major Dude Will Tell You (EX+/EX+,STNC,SRWBC)-$25   

  STEELY DAN (Japan-73,Probe IPR-10231)-Do It Again/Fire In The Hole (M/EX,IS,TSTNC)-was $50--now $35, quite scarce

  STEELY DAN (Japan-74,Probe IPR-10543)-Rikki Don't Lose That Number/Any Major Dude Will Tell You (M/EX+,FO,IS,SHC)-$60, very scarce 

STEELY DAN-see Grateful Dead

  JIM STEINMAN (US-81,Cleveland Int. AE7 1232)-The Storm/Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through (M/M-,WLP)-$15, promo-only giveaway single

  STEPPENWOLF (Germany-69,Columbia 1C006-90 217)-It's Never Too Late/Happy Birthday (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,SRW,TIC)-$28

  STEPPENWOLF (Holland-73,Probe 5C 006-93 864)-Born To Be Wild/Magic Carpet Ride (M-/M-)-$25

  STEPPENWOLF (Japan-70,Stateside HR-2516)-Hey Lawdy Mama/Twisted (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$90, very scarce

  STEPPENWOLF (Japan-70,Stateside HR-2643)-Screaming Night Hog/Spiritual Fantasy (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP,WOL)-$100, very scarce as WLP

  STEPPENWOLF (Japan-70,Stateside HR-2684)-Who Needs Ya/Earschplittenloudenboomer (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$50, scarce 

  STEPPENWOLF (Japan-71,Stateside HR-2870)-Ride With Me/For Madmen Only (M-/EX,FO,IS)-$28, scarce

  STEPPENWOLF (Spain-72,Stateside 1J006-93.031)-For Ladies Only/Sparkle Eyes (M-/FC EX,BC EX-,SRW,STIC,TIBC)-$28

STEPPENWOLF-see Various artists

  STEVE AND THE BOARD (Australia-66,Spin EX 11,134)-EP: The Giggle Eyed Goo/Rosalyn/Margot/Rosemarie (EX/EX,RWBC)-$275, super rare

  CAT STEVENS (Belgium-67,Deram D.M. 4)-Matthew And Son/Granny (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX,FO,IS,WOBC)-$30

  CAT STEVENS (Germany-76,Island 16 703 AT)-Banapple Gas/Ghost Town (M-/EX+)-$18

  CAT STEVENS (Japan-72,A&M AM-120)-Morning Has Broken/Sad Lisa (M-/EX,IS,PSTAL,WOC)-$18

  ROD STEWART (Belgium-75,WB 16659)-This Old Heart Of Mine/All In The Name Of Rock 'N' Roll (M-/EX+,SRWBC)-$18

  ROD STEWART (UK-87,Geffen RODS 1)-Twistin' The Night Away/Let's Get Small (M/M-)-$8

  ROD STEWART (France-72,Mercury 6052 196)-Angel/Lost Paraguayos (M-/FC M-,BC EX,SRWBC,SSTNBC)-$25

  ROD STEWART (France-76,WB 16863)-Get Back/The First Cut Is The Deepest (M-/M-)-$18

  ROD STEWART (Germany-68,Immediate 1C006-93 077 M)-Little Miss Understood/So Much To Say (EX+/EX,SRW,STNBC)-$90, rare

  ROD STEWART (Germany-77,WB 17 026 N)-You're In My Heart/You Really Got A Nerve (M-/M-)-$18

  ROD STEWART (Holland-71,Mercury 6052 116)-I'm Losing You/Mandolin Wind (M-/EX)-was $28--now $20

  ROD STEWART (Holland-75,WB 16.600)-Sailing/Stone Cold Sober (M-/M-)-$20

  ROD STEWART (Holland-77,WB 17.026)-You're In My Heart/You Got A Nerve (M-/M-)-$20

  ROD STEWART (Italy-73,Mercury 6052 198)-What Made Milwaukee Famous/Angel (M-/EX+)-$20 or (M-/EX)-was $18--now $12

  ROD STEWART (Japan-72,Mercury SFL-1743)-Twistin' The Night Away/I'd Rather Go Blind (M-/M-,IS,NC)-$80, very scarce

  ROD STEWART (Japan-73,Mercury SFL-1828)-Oh! No Not My Baby/Jodie (M-/M-,IS)-$90, very scarce

  ROD STEWART (Japan-76,WB P-90W)-Get Back/Trade Winds (M-/EX+,IS,TIC,TSTNBC)-$15

  ROD STEWART (Japan-80,WB P-651W)-Oh God, I Wish I Was Home Tonight/Passion (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,IS,TIC,TOC,TSTNC)-$8

  ROD STEWART (Japan-80,WB P-1596W)-Passion/Better Off Dead (M-/EX+,WLP,IS)-$20 or (M-/FC VG++,BC EX,IS,WOL,TSTNC,TIC,TOBC)-$5

  ROD STEWART (Japan-84,WB P-1888)-Some Guys Have All The Luck/I Was Only Joking (M/M-,IS,WLP)-$25

  ROD STEWART (Japan-84,WB P-2200)-Every Beat Of My Heart/Trouble (M-/FC EX-,BC M-,IS,TIC,TOC)-$5

  ROD STEWART (Japan-86,WB P-2122)-Love Touch (Theme from the Legal Eagles)/Same (M-/FC EX,BC M-,IS,TIC)-$10

  ROD STEWART (Malaysia-72,Mercury 6253 020)-EP: You Wear It Well/I'm Losing You/Lost Paraguayos/Reason To Bellieve (M-/EX)-was $60--now $50, very scarce

  ROD STEWART (US-80,WB WBS 49617)-Passion/Better Off Dead (M/M-)-was $5--now $2

  ROD STEWART (US-81,WB WBS 50051)-How Long, album/edited (M-/M-,PL)-was $8--now $5

ROD STEWART-see Jeff Beck, see Small Faces, see John Lennon in Beatles section

  STEPHEN STILLS/MANASSAS (Holland-72,Atlantic 2091 191)-EP: It Doesn't Matter/The Fallen Eagle/Rock & Roll Crazies Medley (M-/EX+,SRW)-$20

  STEPHEN STILLS (Spain-78,CBS 6662)-Can't Get No Booty/Lowdown (M/M)-$15

  STEVE STILLS (Thailand-74,4 Track FT.261)-EP: Come Tomorrow-Sam Hui/Fallin In Love-Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds/Damn It All-Gene Cotton/Rhinestone Cowboy-Glen Campbell (M-/M-)-$40, no songs by Steve Stills but a great pic nonetheless

  STOKE SECT (Denmark-67,Polydor XM 62 073)-Candy Girl/Glasses (M-/EX+,STIC,WOBC)-$160, quite rare

  STONE THE CROWS (Germany-70,Polydor 2066 069)-Things Are Getting Better/Mad Dogs And Englishmen (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,TIC)-$28

  STORIES (Spain-73,Kama Sutra 20 13 070)-Brother Louie/Changes Have Begun (M-/EX+)-$25

STORIES-see Grateful Dead

  STRANGE FOX (Germany-70,BASF 05 19110-3)-Tamarind Girl/Tiger Woman (M-/FC M-,BC EX,WOBC)-$50, scarce

  STRANGERS (Germany-66,Storz LBC 1006)-Love Me True/For Your Love (M/M,FO,IS)-$500, super rare

  STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK (Mexico-67,Gamma GX 07-526)-EP: Incense And Peppermints/The Birdman Of Alcatraz/Tomorrow/Birds In My Tree (EX+/FC EX+,BC EX,FO,IS,TIBC)-$90, very scarce

  STRAWBERRY JAM (France-69,Pye 45.PV. 15320)-Personally/This Is To A Girl (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-$50, scarce

  STRAWBS (Holland-73,A&M 12 545 AT)-Part Of The Union/Will You Go (M-/EX+,NC)-$20

  STRAY DOG (Spain-73,Manticore 12 677-A)-Chevrolet/You Know (M-/EX)-$28, scarce

  STRETCH (Holland-76,Anchor 16 883 AT)-That's The Way The Wind Blows/Hold On (M-/FC EX,BC EX+)-$20

  STRING DRIVEN THING (Germany-74,Famous Charisma 6073 358)-Mrs. O'Reilly/Keep On Moving (M-/EX,SHC)-$28

  STRINGS (Germany-66,Acondor 45 526)-Don't Go/Hootchie Cookie Man (M/M,FO,IS)-$350, ultra rare

  STROLLERS (Malaysia-69,CBS 5-002)-Big Step/Do What You Gotta Do (M-/FC EX+,BC EX)-$60 (SOLD) or (EX+/EX)-$40, quite scarce, cool popsike much like Plastic Penny

  STROLLERS (Malaysia-71,CBS CES 6001)-Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep/Me And You And A Dog Named Boo (M-/EX,FO,STIL)-was $90--now $50, very scarce

  STYX (Japan-79,A&M AMP-775)-Boat On The River/Babe (M/M-,IS)-$18

  SUGARLOAF (Spain-70,Liberty H 640)-Green-Eyed Lady/West Of Tomorrow (M-/VG++,RWBC)-$20

  SUNFIGHTER (Portugal-76,EMI 8E006-06214 MG)-Drag Race Queen/Riding On Your Star (M-/EX+)-$30

  SUNLIGHTS (Belgium-66,Vogue EPVB. 001)-EP: Le Deserteur/Plus D'Amis/Le Galerien/C'est Fini (S1 EX+,S2 EX/EX+,SRW,STIL)-$50

  LES SUNLIGHTS (France-65,Disc AZ EP 1034)-EP: Le Deserteur/Plus D'Amis/Le Galerien/I'm Lonely (EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC)-$75, very scarce

  SUNSHINE COMPANY (Portugal-67,Liberty EP-27-13)-EP: Happy/I Can't Help But Wonder/Look, Here Comes The Sun/It's Sunday (M-/FC M-,BC EX,SRWBC)-$50

  SUPERSISTER (Holland-73,Polydor 2050 244)-Wow/Drs. D (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,SRW,TSTNC)-$50, quite scarce

  SUPERTRAMP (Japan-79,A&M AMP-1030)-The Logical Song/Just Another Nervous Wreck (M-/M-,IS)-$20

  SUPERTRAMP (US-80,A&M AM 2269)-Dreamer/From Now On (M/M-)-was $5--now $2

SUTCH, (SCREAMIN') LORD--see Lord Sutch


  SWEET (Germany-75,RCA LPBO-5044)-Fox On The Run/Miss Demeanor (M-/M-)-$30

  SWEET (Germany-77,RCA PB 5046)-Stairway To The Stars/Why Don't You Do It To Me (M-/M-)-$30

  SWEET (Holland-72,RCA 74-16136)-Poppa Joe/Jeanie (M-/M-)-$30

  SWEET (Japan-76,Capitol ECR-20065)-The Lies In Your Eyes/White Mice (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,IS,TSTNC)$55, quite scarce

  SWINGING BLUE JEANS (UK-83,EMI 2693)-EP: Hippy Hippy Shake/Good Golly Miss Molly/You're No Good/Don't Make Me Over (M-/M-)-$25

  SWINGING BLUE JEANS (France-64,HMV EGF 707)-EP: Hippy Hippy Shake/Do You Know/Too Late Now/Now I Must Go (EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,STNBC)-$80, very scarce

  SWINGING BLUE JEANS (Japan-63,Odeon OR-1090)-Hippy Hippy Shake/Now I Must Go (S1 EX-,S2 EX/EX-,FO,IS,WOBC)-was $40--now $28, quite scarce, RED WAX

  SYMBOLS (Italy-67,President PT 108)-The Best Part Of Breaking Up/The Things You Do To Me (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,TIBC)-$45

  SYMBOLS (Spain-67,Tempo TP-31001)-EP: The Gentle Art Of Loving/Canadian Sunset/See You In September/To Make You Smile Again (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,WOL)-$70, very scarce U.K. band, nice different pic on both sides

  SYMPATHY (Holland-73,BASF 05 15076-8)-Ain't It Nice/Everyday's Someday (M-/EX-,SRW,TIC,STABC)-$28

  SYNDICATE OF SOUND (Japan-70,Buddah LL-2394-DA)-Brown Paper Bag/Reverb Beat (M-/EX,FO,IS,SHC)-$180, very rare



  SAFT (Portugal-71,Polydor 2121 093)-People In Motion/Albertine Hall (M-/EX+,SRW,WOBC)-$50 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  ST. JOHN/THE CREW (Holland-99,Op Art 007)-I Am A Man/You Belong To Me (M/EX+,FO,IS)-$18 (SOLD), re-issue

  CRISPIAN ST. PETERS (Singapore-66,Decca DFE 4027)-EP: Willingly/Almost Persuaded/You Were On My Mind/The Pied Piper (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-$67 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce

  LOS SALVAJES (Spain-64,Vergara 456-XC)-EP: Hoy Comienza Mi Vida/Nada Ha Cambiado/Boys/Con El Corazon (M-/FC M-,BC EX,SRWBC,STABC)-$97 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  LOS SALVAJES (Spain-66,Regal SEDL 19.490)-EP: You Were On My Mind/Al Capone/Paff... Bum/A La Buena De Dios (EX-/FC EX+,BC EX,SSTNBC,SRWBC)-$50 (SOLD), very scarce

  LOS SALVAJES (Spain-66,Regal SEDL 19.507)-EP: 19th Nervous Breakdown/Soy Asi/Keep On Running/These Boots Are Made For Walking (EX+/FC M-,BC EX,WOBC,STABC)-$95 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  SAM APPLE PIE (Japan-72,DJM IFR-10335)-Call Me Boss/Old Tom (M-/EX+,IS,SSTNC)-$97 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  SAM THE SHAM/PHARAOHS (France-65,MGM 63623)-EP: Wooly Bully/Memphis Beat/Ain't Gonna Move/Mary Lee (VG++/EX)-was $35--now $28 (SOLD), scarce, inventory tag intact, plays great with lots of hairlines

  SAM THE SHAM/PHARAOHS (Spain-66,MGM 63 536)-EP: The Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin/I'm In With The Out Crowd/Every Woman I Know/Long Tall Sally (M-/M-)-$74 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce, inventory tag intact

  SANDY COAST (Holland-66,Delta DS 1158)-Subject Of My Thoughts/I'm A Fool (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$146 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  SANDY COAST (Holland-66,Delta DS 1173)-That Girl Was Mine/I Lost A Dream (M-/EX+,FO,IS,STIL)-$72 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  SANDY COAST (Holland-66,Delta DS 1227)-A Girl Like You/Sing Before Breakfast (M-/EX,FO,IS,WOC,SPS,TIBC)-$30 (SOLD)

  SANTANA (Germany-69,CBS 5070)-Soul Sacrifice, Pts. 1 & 2 (M-/M-)-$30 (SOLD) 

  SANTANA (Japan-70,CBS CBSA 82089)-Black Magic Woman/Hope You're Feeling Better (M-/EX+,FO,IS,AS)-$15 (SOLD)

  SANTANA (Japan-76,CBS 06SP 76)-Samba Pa Ti/Soul Sacrifice (M-/EX+,IS,WOBC)-$15 (SOLD)

  SANTANA (Japan-76,CBS SOPB 351)-Europa/Let Me (M-/EX+,IS)-$10 (SOLD)

  LES SAUTERELLES (Belgium-68,Decca 79.028)-Heavenly Club/Dream Machine (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$74 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  LES SAUTERELLES (Italy-67,Columbia SCMQ 7025)-Routine/Senza Di Te (EX/FC EX-,BC EX,TIC)-$150 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare

  LES SAUTERELLES (Switzerland-66,Columbia SCMZ 3038)-Hey Girl/Routine (M-/EX)-$300 (SOLD), super rare

  LES SAUTERELLES (Switzerland-73,EMI 3E 006-33722)-Hongkong '73/It Was A Long Time Ago (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,STIC,TIC,STAC)-$40 (SOLD), quite scarce

  SAVAGE ROSE (Japan-71,RCA SS-2084)-Sunday Morning/Unfold (S1 M-,S2 EX/M-,IS,WLP)-$131 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  SAVOY BROWN (Belgium-69,Decca 26 216-Y)-I'm Tired/Stay With Me Baby (M-/EX,FO,IS,TIBC)-$50 (SOLD), quite scarce

  SAVOY BROWN (France-70,Decca F 13.098 B)-Poor Girl/Master Hare (M-/EX,SRW)-$50 (SOLD), quite scarce

  SAVOY BROWN (Holland-69,Decca F 13 019)-A Hard Way To Go/Waiting In The Bamboo Grove (M-/EX,SRW,STABC,TIBC)-$50 (SOLD), quite scarce

  SCARLET RIBBONS (Sweden-66,Sono Print)-Pop Tie (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-$212 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite rare, disc is one-sided flexi while rear cover with group pic is near perfect

  SCENERY (Belgium-69,Impact IMP 10004)-To Make A Man Cry/Thread Of Time (M-/M-,FO,IS,PL,WOL)-$770 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare

  BRINSLEY SCHWARZ (Japan-71,Liberty LR-2752)-Country Girl/Funk Angel (M/M,FO,IS)-$400 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare

  SCIENCE POPTION (Belgium-67,Columbia DCB 70)-Buckingham Palace/In My Life (S1 M-,S2 EX+/M-,FO,IS)-$73 (SOLD AT AUCTION) or (EX+/FC EX,BC EX+,FO,IS)-$45 (SOLD), quite scarce

  SCORPIONS (Germany-65,Polydor Int. 421 006)-Hello Josephine/Just Like Me (M-/EX-)-$70 (SOLD), rare

  SCORPIONS (Holland-66,CNR UH 9767)-Greensleeves/Hey Honey (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$57 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce

  SCORPIONS (Japan-77,RCA SS-3082)-Virgin Killer/Hell-Cat (M-/M-,IS)-$50 (SOLD), very scarce

  SEARCHERS (Denmark-66,Pye 7N 17170)-Have You Ever Loved Somebody/It's Just The Way (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,TIC)-$30 (SOLD), quite scarce

  SEARCHERS (UK-63,Pye NEP 24177)-EP: Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya/Farmer John/Love Potion Number Nine/Alright (M-/EX+)-$40 (SOLD) 

  SEARCHERS (UK-63,Pye NEP 24184)-EP: Hungry For Love/Don't Cha Know/Oh My Lover/Ain't That Just Like Me (S1 EX+,S2 EX/FC M-,BC EX-,TOBC,TIBC,TSTNBC)-$40 (SOLD)

  SEARCHERS (UK-65,Pye NEP 24218)-EP: Bumble Bee/Everything You Do/Magic Potion/If I Could Find Someone (EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC)-$25 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  SEARCHERS (UK-65,Pye NEP 24228)-EP: Till You Say You'll Be Mine/I Don't Want To Go On Without You/Everybody Come And Clap Your Hands/You Wanna Make Her Happy (EX+/M-)-$63 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  SEARCHERS (France-64,Vogue PNV. 24.112)-EP: Sugar And Spice/Ain't That Just Like Me/Unhappy Girls/Saints And Searchers (EX+/M-)-$80 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  SEARCHERS (France-64,Vogue PNV. 24.114)-EP: Some Other Guy/Hungry For Love/Since You Broke My Heart/Don't You Know (M-/M-)-$100 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  SEARCHERS (France-64,Vogue PNV. 24.118)-EP: Needles And Pins/Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya/Saturday Night Out/One Of These Days (EX+/EX+)-$60 (SOLD), quite scarce

  SEARCHERS (France-64,Vogue PNV.24 121)-EP: Don't Throw Your Love Away/Sugar And Spice/It's All Been A Dream/Saints And Searchers (M-/M-)-$473 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare, sung in French

  SEARCHERS (France-65,Pye PNV. 24137)-EP: Bumble Bee/'Till I Met You/Goodbye My Love/If I Could Find Someone (M-/M-)-$95 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce, inventory tag intact

  SEARCHERS (Japan-65,Pye LL-743-Y)-It's In Her Kiss/Needles And Pins (EX+/M,FO,IS)-$45 (SOLD)

  SEARCHERS (Japan-65,Pye LL-753-Y)-Bumble Bee/Goodnight Baby (EX+/FC M-,BC EX,FO,IS)-$40 (SOLD)

  SEARCHERS (Japan-65,Pye LSS-302-Y)-EP: Love Potion No. 9/It's In Her Kiss/Bumble Bee/What Have They Done To The Rain (EX/EX,WIN,STNBC)-$50 (SOLD)

  SEARCHERS (Norway-67,Pye 7N 17308)-Western Union/I’ll Cry Tomorrow (M/M-,FO,IS)-$50 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  SEARCHERS (Spain-65,Hispa Vox HPY 337-04)-EP: Bumble Bee/Everything You Do/Magic Potion/If I Could Find Someone (M-/M)-$110 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  SEARCHERS (Sweden-64,Pye NEP 5037)-EP: What Have They Done To The Rain/This Feeling Inside/When You Walk In The Room/Missing You (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-)-$140 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  SEEDS (France-66,Vogue INT 18 022)-EP: No Escape!/Excuse, Excuse/Can't Seem To Make You Mine/Daisy Mae (EX+/EX-,TIC,XOC,WOL,STIC)-$250 (SOLD),
very rare, inventory tag intact

  SEEDS (Holland-67,Crescendo GNP 394)-A Thousand Shadows/The March Of The Flower Children (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP,WOL,NC)-$200 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  SEEDS (Japan-67,London TOP-1181)-A Thousand Shadows/March Of The Flower Children (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$363 (SOLD AT AUCTION), ultra rare

  SEEDS (US-67,Philco HP-26)-Pushin' Too Hard/Can't Seem To Make You Mine (M-/EX+)-$90 (SOLD), very scarce hip-pocket mini-flexi-disc

  BOB SEGER SYSTEM (Italy-70,Ricordi SIR-CP 20122)-Lucifer/Big River (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-)-$127 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  SELFKICK (Holland-66,Delta DS 1167)-Gosh! I'm Your Woman Not Your Wife/Blues For Strawinsky (EX/FC EX+,BC EX,FO,IS,TIBC)-$800 (SOLD), mega-rare

  SENSORY SYSTEM (Denmark-73,EMI X 9067)-Red Man/Winter's Over Now (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-$67 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  SEPTEMBER (Spain-71,Belter 07.973)-Little Sister/Walk On By (M-/FC EX,BC M-,WLP,SRW,STNC)-was $40--now $32 (SOLD)

  SEVENS (Switzerland-65,Layola L 17-221)-Little Girl I Know/My Mother (M-/VG++,TIC,SPS)-$30 (SOLD), rare, the paper is very brittle

  SEVENS (Switzerland-67,Layola L17-231)-I'm Not The Right/Run Me Down (M-/EX+,SRW)-$171 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  SHADDERHANDS (Denmark-66,Teener ST 41399)-Down The Road/A Man With A Gun (M-/M-)-$194 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite rare

  SHADOWS OF KNIGHT (US-66,Dunwich D-128)-Bad Little Woman/Gospel Zone (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,TIC,COH)-$250 (SOLD)

  SHADOWS OF KNIGHT (US-67,Auravision)-Potato Chip (M-)-$172 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce cardboard picture disc

  SHAKE SPEARS(Holland-67,Philips 319 763 PF)-Summertime/What Happened (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,FO,IS,PIH,TOBC,STIL)-$30 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  SHAKEMAKERS (Sweden-65,Polydor NH 10 992)-Searchin' For Shake/Walkin' The Dog (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,WOBC)-$1000 (SOLD), insanely rare

  SHAKERS (Brazil-66,Fermata EPE-550)-EP: It's My Party/Keep Searching/What A Love/But (EX+/FC EX+,BC EX-,TIBC,WOBC)-$222 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare

  SHAKERS (Sweden-65,Odeon SD 5985)-All I Want Is My Baby/The Sun Is Shining (M-/EX+,NC,TIC)-$120 (SOLD), rare red-print cover

  SHAKERS (Sweden-66,Platina PA 123)-Shake/Out Of Time (M-/M-,NC)-$182 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite rare

  SHAKERS (Sweden-68,Mallwax MAL 5002)-Sing This All Together/Summertime Blues (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$209 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite rare

  SHAMROCK (Switzerland-71,Splendid SPS 4005)-Nixy/American Mary (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-$50 (SOLD), scarce

  SHAMROCKS (France-67,Polydor 421 154)-Day Time Night Time/Don't You Know She's Mine (M-/EX,TOC,TIBC)-$65 (SOLD), very scarce

  SHAMROCKS (France-68,Polydor 421 181)-Travellin' Man/The Rich Life (M-/EX+,TIC,SSTNBC,CON)-$80 (SOLD), very scarce

  SHAMROCKS (Germany-66,Polydor Int. 421 018)-Balla Balla/Things Will Turn Out Right Tomorrow (EX-/EX-,STIC,TOC,SRW)-$30 (SOLD), very scarce

  SHAMROCKS (Germany-66,Polydor Int. 421 037)-Don't Say/Oxford Street 43 (M-/M-,WLP,WOL,STAL)-$160 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  SHAMROCKS (Germany-66,Polydor Int. 421 057)-Smoke Rings/How The Time Flies (M-/M-,WLP)-$178 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  SHAMROCKS (Japan-67,Polydor DP-1534)-La La La/And I Need You (M-/M-,WIN)-$60 (SOLD) scarce, unusually clean condition

  SHAMROCKS (Japan-67,Polydor DP-1549)-Don't You Know She's Mine/Day Time, Night Time (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,WLP,WIN,STNBC)-$375 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  SHAMROCKS (Sweden-64,Karusell KFF 568)-We Gonna Make It/A Lonely Man (M-/M-)-$250 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare, BLUE WAX

  SHAMROCKS (Sweden-67,Karusell KFF 723)-Rich Life/The Smiling Kind (M-/M-,FO,IS,PSTABC,PSTAL)-$140 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  SHAMROCKS (Switzerland-66,Layola L-17-234)-Crossbow/Midnight Train (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-$90 (SOLD), rare

  SHANES (Sweden-67,Columbia DS 2359)-Save The Last Dance For Me/Talkin' To Myself (EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,NC,XOBC)-$46 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  SHANES (Sweden-68,Columbia DS 2397)-Friday Kind Of Monday/Bound For Nowhere (M-/EX)-$60 (SOLD), quite scarce

  SHANES (Sweden-67,Gulf 1)-Extra Kick/No-Nox (EX+/EX+)-$50 (SOLD), Gulf gasoline promo

  SHANES (Sweden-66,Columbia SEGS 147)-EP: Let Me Tell Yah/You Gotta Tell Me/Too Much For Me/I Wanna Go Bowlin' (S1 VG,S2 VG+/EX)-$40 (SOLD), very scarce

  SHARKS (Germany-66,Polydor 52 643)-Hey, Komm In Den Club/Baby, Kiss Kiss (M-/EX-,WOC)-was $50--now $40 (SOLD), very scarce

  SHARKS AND ME (Holland-66,Tania BG 6770)-Let The Good Times In/Buses (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$225 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare, fantastic 'B'-side

  SHARP HAWKS (Japan-66,King K06S-432)-Toi Nagisa/Itsumono Tokorode (M-/M-,IS)-was $30--now $20 (SOLD), frantic guitar surf/beat number backed with the typical Japanese ballad, 1970's re-press of rare 1966 single

ShockingBlue.FR.189.jpg (24524 bytes)  SHOCKING BLUE (France-70,Disc AZ SG 189)-Never Marry A Railroad Man/Roll Engine Roll (EX/EX,STNBC)-$10 (SOLD)

  SHOCKING BLUE (Holland-70,Pink Elephant 22.045)-Hello Darkness/Pickin' Tomatoes (M-/EX,FO,IS)-$15 (SOLD)

  SHOCKING BLUE (Holland-71,Pink Elephant 22.050)-Shocking You/Waterloo (M-/EX)-$15 (SOLD)

  SHOCKING BLUE (Holland-75,Pink Elephant PE 22.071)-Gonna Sing My Song/Get It On (M-/EX,SRW)-was $22--now $18 (SOLD), both songs are non-LP

  SHOCKING BLUE (Japan-70,Polydor DP-1711)-Mighty Joe/Acka Ragh (M-/EX+,XOC,STNBC)-$25 (SOLD)

  SHOCKING BLUE (Japan-70,Polydor DP 1722)-Long And Lonesome Road/Send Me A Postcard (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-$23 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

Shocking.JAP.1914.jpg (25376 bytes)  SHOCKING BLUE (Japan-73,Polydor DP-1914)-Oh Lord/In My Time Of Dying (M/EX+,IS)-$25 (SOLD)

  SHOCKING BLUE (Japan-73,Polydor DP 1921)-Let Me Carry Your Bag/I Saw You In June (EX-/M-,IS)-$35 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  SHOCKING BLUE (Spain-71,Poplandia P-30518)-Shocking You/Waterloo (M-/EX)-$20 (SOLD)

  SHOCKING BLUE (Sweden-69,Metronome M 25.161)-Venus/Hot Sand (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$67 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  SHOCKING BLUE (Sweden-69,Metronome M 25.185)-Mighty Joe/Wild Thing (M-/M-,WLP,FO,IS)-$91 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  NANCY SINATRA (France-67,Reprise RVEP 60 106)-EP: Jackson/I Can't Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree/You Only Live Twice/Hard Hearted Hannah (M-/M-)-$57 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  NANCY SINATRA/LEE HAZLEWOOD (Japan-71,Reprise P-2527R)-Summer Wine/Some Velvet Morning (M/M-)-$22 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  NANCY SINATRA (Japan-69,Reprise SJET-542)-EP: Drummer Man/Home/Here We Go Again/Memories (EX/M-)-$43 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  NANCY SINATRA (Spain-67,Reprise HRE 297-60)-EP: Jackson/You Only Live Twice/Get While The Gettin's Good/End Of The World (M-/M)-$52 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce

  SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET (Austria-69,Mercury MCF 127 494)-Nuevo Laredo/Texas Me (EX+/M-)-$43 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET (Spain-69,Mercury 127 494)-Nuevo Laredo/Texas Me (M-/M-)$38 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  SIR HENRY/BUTLERS (Sweden-64,Sonet T 7183)-Let's Go/Johnny B. Goode (EX/VG+,FO,IS,TIC)-was $50--now $38 (SOLD), rare green wax issue

  SLADE (Belgium-71,Polydor 2058 155)-Coz I Luv You/My Life Is Natural (M-/M-,FO,IS,STIL)-$45 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  SLADE (Belgium-73,Polydor 2058 339)-Cum On Feel The Noize/I'm Mee, I'm Now, An' That's Orl (VG-/FC EX,BC VG+,TIBC,SSTNBC,STIBC)-$8 (SOLD)

  SLADE (Belgium-74,Polydor 2058 547)-How Does It Feel?/So Far So Good (M-/M-)-$37 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  SLADE (Germany-75,Polydor 2058 585)-Thanks For The Memory/Raining In My Champagne (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,STAL)-$20 (SOLD), same pic on both sides of sleeve

  SLADE (Italy-71,Polydor 2058 155)-Coz I Luv You/My Life Is Natural (EX/FC VG,BC VG++,SPS,STAC,XOL,STIC,STAL)-was $5--now $2 (SOLD), same pic on both sides of sleeve

  SLADE (Italy-72,Polydor 2058 312)-Gudbuy T' Jane/I Won't Let It 'Appen Agen (EX-/EX+,WOBC)-$20 (SOLD)

  SLADE (Italy-73,Polydor 2058 377)-Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me/Kill 'Em At The Hot Club Tonite (VG+/VG++,TIC,WOL)-was $8--now $5 (SOLD)

  SLADE (Japan-72,Polydor DP 1838)-Coz I Luv You/My Life Is Natural (M-/M-)-$152 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  SLADE (Japan-73,Polydor DP 1896)-Gudbuy T' Jane/I Won't Let It 'Appen Agen (M-/EX,IS)-was $25--now $18 (SOLD)

  SLADE (Japan-74,Polydor DP 1933)-Everyday/Good Time Gals (M-/EX+,IS,WLP,PSTABC,TOC)-$28 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  SLADE (Spain-73,Polydor 20 58 407)-My Friend Stan/My Town (M-/M-)-$40 (SOLD)

  SLAM CREEPERS (Holland-68,Olga SOH 22)-It's Saturday/Hold It Baby (M-/M-,PSTIC,PSTIL)-$95 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  SLAM CREEPERS (Spain-69,Olga 2.520-B)-We Are Happy People/I Just Couldn't Get You Out Of My Mind (M-/EX,PL,WOBC)-$50 (SOLD), inventory tag intact 

  SLAM CREEPERS (Sweden-66,Bill BT 110)-Cross A Million Mountains/I've Got A Way Of My Own (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$166 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  SLAM CREEPERS (Sweden-68,Bill BT 126)-Mister Personality Man/Cash Box Ladies Behaviour (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$110 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  SLAVES (Austria-66,Philips 339416 PF)-Panic/Get Out Of My Way (M-/EX+,IS)-$550 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare

  SMALL FACES (Australia-66,Decca DFEA 7538)-EP: Whatcha Gonna Do About It/I've Got Mine/Hey Girl/Sha La La La Lee (EX+/EX+,SRW)-$150 (SOLD), quite rare

  SMALL FACES (Belgium-65,Decca 23.655)-Watcha Gonna Do About It/What's A Matter Baby (M-/M-,FO,IS,STIL)-$410 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare

  SMALL FACES (Belgium-66,Decca 26.039)-Sha La La La Lee/Grow Your Own (M-/EX+,FO,IS,WOBC)-$108 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  SMALL FACES (Belgium-66,Decca 26.095)-My Mind's Eye/ I Can't Dance With You (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-$121 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  SMALL FACES (Belgium-67,Stateside RSS 110)-Here Come The Nice/Talk To You (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$143 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  SMALL FACES (Denmark-66,Decca F 12317)-Sha La La La Lee/Grow Your Own (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+)-$90 (SOLD), very scarce 

  SMALL FACES (Denmark-66,Decca F 12500)-My Mind's Eye/I Can't Dance With You (M-/M-)-$129 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  SMALL FACES (Denmark-67,Immediate IM 050)-Here Come The Nice/Talk ToYou (M-/EX,WOBC)-$90 (SOLD), very scarce

  SMALL FACES (Denmark-68,Immediate IM 077)-Afterglow Of Your Love/Wham Bam Thank You Man (M-/FC EX,BC M-,TIC)-$50 (SOLD), quite scarce

  SMALL FACES (France-67,Immediate IMF 503)-Tin Soldier/I Feel Much Better (M-/M-)-$88 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce 

  SMALL FACES (France-66,Decca 457.133 M)-EP: My Mind's Eye/I Can't Dance With You/Shake/One Night Stand (M-/FC M-,BC EX,RWBC)-$200 (SOLD), quite rare

  SMALL FACES (France-67,Decca 457.144 M)-EP: Just Passing/You Need Loving/I Can't Make It/You Better Believe It (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC)-$278 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  SMALL FACES (France-67,Columbia ESRF 1876)-EP: Here Come The Nice/Become Like You/Talk To You/Get Yourself Together (M-/FC M-,BC EX,WOL,WOBC,SRWBC,SSTNBC)-$217 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare, inventory tag intact

  SMALL FACES (Germany-66,Decca DL 25 253)-All Or Nothing/Understanding (M-/M-)-$90 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  SMALL FACES (Germany-78,Immediate 1C006-95 199)-Sha La La La Lee/Itchycoo Park (M-/VG+,RW)-was $12--now $8 (SOLD)

  SMALL FACES (Germany-65,Decca DX 2396)-EP; Sha La La La Lee/Grow Your Own/Whatcha Gonna Do About It/What's A Matter Baby (M-/M-)-$1250 (SOLD AT AUCTION), ultra rare, seems these German EP's are hardly ever offered and especially not in this condition

  SMALL FACES (Holland-66,Decca F 12 470)-All Or Nothing/Understanding (M-/M-)-$125 (SOLD), rare yellow sleeve

  SMALL FACES (Holland-69,Immediate IM 077)-Afterglow Of Your Love/Wham Bam Thank You Man (EX+/EX-,RWBC,STIBC)-was $40--now $28 (SOLD), quite scarce

  SMALL FACES (Holland-78,Charly 151.002)-EP: Tin Soldier/Sha La La La Lee/Itchycoo Park/Watcha Gonna Do About It (M-/EX,RW)-$50 (SOLD), quite scarce

  SMALL FACES (Holland-86,Br. Music 45211)-Itchycoo Park/Here Comes The Nice (M/M)-$18 (SOLD)

  SMALL FACES (Italy-67,Decca F 12565)-I Can't Make It/Just Passing (M/M-)-$220 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  SMALL FACES (Italy-68,Immediate IMI 509)-Lazy Sunday/Rollin' Over (M-/EX+,SRW)-$92 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  SMALL FACES (Italy-69,Immediate 3C 006.90104)-Afterglow Of Your Love/Wham Bam Thank You Mam (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC)-$115 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  SMALL FACES (Japan-66,London TOP-1055)-Hey Girl/Almost Grown (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$1000 (SOLD AT AUCTION), ultra-rare

  SMALL FACES (Japan-67,London TOP-1111)-My Mind's Eye/I Can't Dance With You (M/M-,IS)-$900 (SOLD), ultra-rare

  SMALL FACES (Japan-68,Immediate IR-1968)-Lazy Sunday/Rollin' Over (M-/M-,IS)-$700 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare

  SMALL FACES (Spain-66,Decca ME 269)-All Or Nothing/Understanding (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,PL)-$310 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare

  SMALL FACES (Spain-66,Decca ME 292)- My Mind's Eye/I Can't Dance With You (M-/EX+,TIBC)-$126 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  SMALL FACES (Spain-66,Decca SDGE 81 162)-EP: Hey Girl/Almost Grown/It's Too Late/E Too D (M-/EX,PL,NC)-$300 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare

  SMALL FACES (Sweden-66,Decca F 12470)-All Or Nothing/Understanding (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,XOBC,SRWBC)-$222 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare 

  SMALL FACES (Turkey-66,Decca DX 2396)-EP: Sha-La-La-La-Lee/Grow Your Own/Whatcha Gonna Do About It/What's A Matter Baby (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-$333 (SOLD AT AUCTION), ultra rare

  SMALL FACES (US-66,RCA 47-8949)-All Or Nothing/Understanding (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+,SRW,WOC)-$150 (SOLD), quite rare

  SMALL FACES (US-68,Immediate ZS7-5003)-Tin Soldier/I Feel Much Better (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,WLP,SRW)-$105 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  SMALL FACES (bootleg)-EP: Stop Me/If I Were A Carpenter/Every Little Bit Hurts/All Or Nothing/Tin Soldier (M/M)-$10 (SOLD), limited edition of 300 copies recorded live in 1966

  (SMALL)FACES (Germany-71,WB 16 136)-Stay With Me/Debris (M-/EX+,TOC)-$30 (SOLD)

  (SMALL)FACES (Germany-73,WB 16 341)-Pool Hall Richard/I Wish It Would Rain (M-/EX,WOBC)-$20 (SOLD)

  (SMALL)FACES (Germany-74,WB 16 494)-You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything/As Long As You Tell Him (M-/EX+)-$30 (SOLD), scarce

  (SMALL)FACES (Japan-73,WB P-1279W)-Pool Hall Richard/I Wish It Would Rain (M/M-,FO,IS)-$111 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  (SMALL)FACES (Spain-73,WB HS 921)-Cindy Incidentally/Skewiff (M-/EX+)-$60 (SOLD), quite scarce

  (SMALL)FACES (Thailand-72,Cashbox KS-133)-EP: Angel-Rod Stewart/Here I Go Again-Archie Bell & the Drells/How Does It Feel-Medicine Head/You You You-Cilla Black (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,SRW,STNBC,STABC)-$66 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  JOHN SMITH/NEW SOUND (Germany-68,Vogue DV 14819)-Birthday/Just A Loser (EX-/EX+)-$50 (SOLD), very scarce

  SMOKE (Belgium-67,Columbia DB 8252)-If The Weather's Sunny/I Would If I Could But I Can't (M-/M-,FO,IS,NC)-$400 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite rare

  SMOKE (Germany-67,Metronome B 1675)-High In A Room/If The Weather's Sunny (M-/M-)-$100 (SOLD), very scarce

  SMOKE (Germany-67,Metronome B 1679)-Have Some More Tea/Victor Henry's Cool Book (EX/EX-,TIC,STAC)-$50 (SOLD), rare

  SMOKE (Germany-72,BASF 05 19151-0)-Sugar Man/That's What I Want (M-/M-)-$35 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  SOMETHINGS (France-67,Decca 461.103 M)-EP: Oh! Non/Le Monde Infernal/Mister Lincoln/Au Gre Du Vent (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX-)-$350 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare

  SONNY & CHER (France-66,Atco 33)-Living For You/Love Don't Come (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$40 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  SONNY & CHER (France-66,Atco ATCO 117 M)-EP: Petit Homme/Tell Him/Little Man/Summertime (EX/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC)-$117 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce, inventory tag intact, first song is "Little Man" sung in French

  SONNY & CHER (France-67,Atco 125)-EP: Plastic Man/Groovy Kind Of Love/A Beautiful Story/Podunk (EX+/FC EX+,BC EX-,HRWBC)-$28 (SOLD)

  SONNY & CHER (Germany-67,Atlantic ATL 70198)-The Beat Goes On/Monday (EX/M-)-$20 (SOLD)

  SONNY & CHER (Italy-66,Atlantic 90195x45)-Little Man/Set Me Free (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-$61 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce, “Little Man” sung in Italian, same pic on both sides of sleeve

  SONNY & CHER (Sweden-65,Atlantic ATL 70.146)-But You're Mine/Hello (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$50 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  SONNY & CHER (Sweden-66,Atlantic ATL 70.190)-Living For You/Love Don't Come (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$40 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  SONNY & CHER (US-67,Philco HP-8)-I Got You Babe/The Beat Goes On (M/M-)-$30 (SOLD), scarce sealed hip-pocket mini-flexi-disc 

  SOONER OR LATER (Sweden-66,Fontana TF 271 260)-This Hammer/Night Time (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$500 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare

  SORCERERS (Germany-66,Saba SB 3077)-Sweet Love/With You (M-/FC EX-,BC EX+,TIC)-$175 (SOLD), very rare, same pic & graphics on both sides of the sleeve, back side scanned

  SORROWS (Italy-67,Miura PON NP 40083)-Listen To Me/Each And Every Day (M/M)-$40 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  SORROWS (Mexico-65,Pye GX 07-222)-EP:Take A Heart/We Should Get Along Fine/You've Got What I Want/No, No, No, No (EX+/EX+,SRW)-$240 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare, nice hard cardboard cover

  SORROWS (Mexico-67,Pye GX 07-458)-EP: Pink, Purple, Yellow And Red/My Gal/Baby/She's Got The Action (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$415 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare

  SORROWS (Germany-77,Telefunken 6.12020 AC)-C'mon Everybody/Let's Have A Party (M-/FC EX,BC M-,WOC)-$50 (SOLD), same pic on both sides of sleeve, different band from above

  SOUND MAGICS (Holland-66,Philips JF 327 972)-Don't You Remember/When I Meet Her (M-/M-,STIL,STAL)-$301 (SOLD AT AUCTION), mega-rare

  SOUND OF IMKER (Holland-99,Op Art 018)-Train Of Doomsday/See Those Girls (M/EX+,FO,IS)-$15 (SOLD), re-issue

  SOUNDATION (Spain-71,Bocaccio B-32504)-Tricky Dicky/Chu Chu (M/FC EX+,BC M-)$30 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  SOUTHER, HILLMAN, FURAY BAND (Spain-74,Asylum 45-1127)-Fallin' In Love/Heavenly Fire (M-/EX+,SRWBC)-$50 (SOLD AT AUCTION), inventory tag intact

  SPEADERS (Sweden-67,Decca F 44532)-Look Out/Juliet (-/VG+,NC)-$25 (SOLD), sleeve photocopy

  SPECTRES (Germany-67,Pye HT 300 048 P)-Hurdy Gurdy Man/Laticia (M-/EX,TIBC)-$350 (SOLD), super rare  

CHRIS SPEDDING-see Astronaut Alan & His Planets

  SPIDERS (Japan-66,Philips FS-1003)-Sad Sunset/Chibi No Julie (M-/EX,IS)-$12 (SOLD), guitar/organ beat ballads

  SPIDERS (Mexico-70,RCA MKE-1314)-EP: Back/I'm A Man/People Deceive/Movin' Up (EX-/EX,FO,IS,AS,TIBC,SPS,STNC)-$20 (SOLD), different band than above and below bands

  SPIDERS (US-98,Sundazed SEP 141)-EP: Why Don't You Love Me/Hitch Hike/Don't Blow Your Mind/Why Don't You Love Me (M/M-)-$15 (SOLD), Alice Cooper's first band 

  SPIRIT (Germany-69,CBS 3880)-I Got A Line On You/She Smiles (M-/M-,COH)-$77 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce, psychedelic multi-color vinyl

  SPIRIT (Norway/Sweden-69,CBS 4565)-Dark Eyes Woman/New Dope In Town (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$40 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare, double mistake sleeve; not only is the "A"-side title misspelled, but the picture on the sleeve is of the Byrds

  SPIRIT (Sweden-69,CBS 3380)-I Got A Line On You/She Smiles (EX/EX+,FO,IS)-$48 (SOLD), quite scarce

  SPIRIT OF JOHN MORGAN (Japan-70,Carnaby YR-2640)-I Want You/Ride On (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$150 (SOLD), rare

  SPOOKY TOOTH (France-69,Fontana 260.225 MF)-That Was Only Yesterday/Oh, Pretty Woman (M-/M-)-$86 (SOLD AT AUCTION), inventory tag intact

  SPOOKY TOOTH (France-69,Island 6060 WIP)-Son Of Your Father/I've Got Enough Heartache (M-/M-)-$80 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  SPOOKY TOOTH (France-69,Philips 161269 HC)-Have Mercy/It's Five O'clock (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,FO,SRW)-$82 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare, great promo-only item featuring both Spooky Tooth & Aphrodite's Child (It's Five O'clock)

  SPOOKY TOOTH (Japan-70,Philips SFL-1286)-Have Mercy/Offering (M-/M-,IS)-$80 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (UK-81,CBS A 1557)-Cadillac Ranch/Wreck On The Highway (M/M-)-$25 (SOLD)

  BRUCE SPINGSTEEN (UK-85,CBS A 4662)-Cover Me/Jersey Girl-live (M/M-)-$18 (SOLD), poster sleeve

  STANDELLS (France-65,Liberty LEP 2211)-EP: The Shake/I'll Go Crazy/Help Yourself/Bony Moronie (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC M-,BC EX+,STABC)-$220 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare

Standells.JP.1284.jpg (24760 bytes)  STANDELLS (Japan-64,Liberty LR-1284)-Bony Moronie/Help Yourself (M/EX+,IS)-$200 (SOLD), very rare

  STANDELLS (Japan-66,Capitol CR-1604)-Dirty Water/Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-$385 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare, RED WAX

  STANDELLS (US-67,Tower 314)-Riot On Sunset Strip/Black Hearted Woman (EX+/EX+,XOL)-$75 (SOLD), very scarce

  STATE OF MICKY AND TOMMY (France-67,Mercury 154.600 MCF)-With Love From 1 To 5/I Know What I Would Do (M-/M-)-$125 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  STATUS QUO (France-71,Pye PV.15 358)-Tune To The Music/Good Thinking (M-/M-)-$93 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  STATUS QUO (France-71,Pye 45.PY.140 216)-Spinning Wheel Blues/Tune To The Music (M-/M-)-$73 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  STATUS QUO (France-72,Vertigo 6059 071)-Paper Plane/Softer Ride (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,STABC)-$50 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  STATUS QUO (Germany-68,Pye HT 300161)-Pictures Of Matchstick Men/Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Cafe (M-/EX,TIC,TIL)-$50 (SOLD), quite scarce

  STATUS QUO (Holland-68,Pye 7N 17497)-Black Veils Of Melancholy/To Be Free (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC)-$111 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  STATUS QUO (Japan-69,Pye LL-2222-Y)-Ice In The Sun/Pictures Of Matchstick Men (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-$1025 (SOLD AT AUCTION), extremely rare

  STATUS QUO (Japan-76,Vertigo SFL-2072)-Rain/You Lost The Love (M-/EX+,IS)-$116 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  STATUS QUO (Mexico-72,Pye/Orfeon EPI-205)-EP: In My Chair/Face Without Soul/Pictures Of Matchstick Men/Are You Growing Tired Of My Love (EX+/EX,FO,IS)-$55 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  STATUS QUO (Norway-69,Pye 7N 17728)-Are You Growing Tired Of My Love/So Ends Another Life (M-/EX+,FO,IS)-$240 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare

  STATUS QUO (Norway-69,Pye 7N 17825)-The Price Of Love/Little Miss Nothing (M-/M-,FO,IS,XOL)-$300 (SOLD), very rare

  STATUS QUO (Norway-70,Pye 7N 17998)-In My Chair/Gerdundula (M-/EX-,RW,STNBC)-$150 (SOLD), very rare

  STATUS QUO (Spain-68,Pye H 387)-Ice In The Sun/Black Veils Of Melancholy (EX+/FC EX-,BC EX,TIC,STABC,WOL,TSTNL)-$50 (SOLD), very scarce

  STATUS QUO (Spain-70,Pye H 614)-Down The Dustpipe/Face Without A Soul (M-/EX,WOBC)-was $90--now $70 (SOLD), very scarce

  STATUS QUO (Spain-71,Pye 12661 A)-Mean Girl/Tune To The Music (M-/EX+,SRW,STAC,STIL)-$72 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  STEAMHAMMER (Holland-69,CBS 4141)-Juniors Wailing/Windmill (EX-/EX,STIC,TIBC,WOL,TIL)-$60 (SOLD), rare

  STEELY DAN (Japan-75,Probe IPR-10797)-Black Friday/Throw Back The Little Ones (M-/M-,IS,WLP)-$92 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  STEPPENWOLF (Brazil-69,Odeon 7 ID 14.001)-EP: Magic Cardet Ride/Born To Be Wild/Sookie Sookie/Move Over (M-/M-)-$72 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce, misspelled title

  STEPPENWOLF (Denmark-68,Dunhill SS 8017)-Born To Be Wild/Everybody's Next One (M-/M-)-$78 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  STEPPENWOLF (Denmark-71,Probe PRO 544)-For Ladies Only/Sparkle Eyes (M-/M-)-$57 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  STEPPENWOLF (France-69,Stateside 2C 006-90022)-Rock Me/Jupiter Child (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,WOBC)-$50 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  STEPPENWOLF (Holland-69,Stateside HSS 1345)-Rock Me/Jupiter Child (M-/M-,STAL)-$40 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce

  STEPPENWOLF (Japan-68,Stateside HR-2157)-Magic Carpet Ride/Sookie Sookie (M/M,FO,IS)-$91 (SOLD AT AUCTION), RED WAX

  STEPPENWOLF (Japan-69,Stateside HR-2236)-Rock Me/Born To Be Wild (M/M-,FO,IS)-$90 (SOLD), very scarce

  STEPPENWOLF (Japan-69,Stateside HR-2455)-Monster/Berry Rides Again (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-$71 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  STEPPENWOLF (Japan-69,Stateside HP-4591)-EP: Born To Be Wild/Rock Me/Magic Carpet Ride/Monster (M-/M-)-$100 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce 

  STEPPENWOLF (Norway-69,Stateside SS 8027)-Magic Carpet Ride/Sookie Sookie (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC M-,BC EX+,STABC)-$62 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  STEPPENWOLF (Singapore-68,Stateside CSEP 1012)-EP: Sookie Sookie/Move Over/Monster/Hey Lawdy Mama (M-/M-)-$45 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce

  STEPPENWOLF (Spain-68,Stateside SSL 408)-Magic Carpet Ride/Sookie, Sookie (M-/FC EX+,BC M-)-$60 (SOLD), quite scarce

  STEPPENWOLF (Spain-70,Stateside 1J006-91.994)-Who Needs Ya/Earschplittenloudenboomer (M-/EX+,SRW)-$48 (SOLD), quite scarce

  STEPPENWOLF (Sweden-69,Stateside 4E006-90964)-Monster/Berry Rides Again (EX+/M-)-$33 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  STEPSON (Japan-74,Probe IPR-10637)-Rule In The Book/Lil' Bit (M-/EX+,IS)-$61 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  CAT STEVENS (Belgium-67,Deram DM 16)-A Bad Night/The Laughing Apple (EX+/EX+,FO,IS)-$13 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  CAT STEVENS (France-66,Deram 15.000 M)-EP: Matthew And Son/Granny/I Love My Dog/Portobello Road (EX/FC EX+,BC EX,RWBC)-$50 (SOLD), quite scarce

  CAT STEVENS (Portugal-72,Island 11528-A)-Sitting/Crab Dance (M-/EX+)-$15 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  AL STEWART (Japan-79,RCA SS-3201)-Song On The Radio/A Man For All Seasons (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,WLP,IS,WOC)$36 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce

  ROD STEWART (Japan-71,Mercury SFL-1349)-Country Comfort/Only A Hobo (M-/EX,IS,WLP)-$75 (SOLD), very scarce white label promo

  ROD STEWART (Japan-72,Mercury SFL-1701)-Handbags And Gladrags/Man Of Constant Sorrow (M-/M-,IS)-$75 (SOLD), very scarce

  ROD STEWART (Malaysia-71,Mercury 6052 097)-Reason To Believe/Maggie May (EX/EX,FO,IS)-$15 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  STEPHEN STILLS/MANASSAS (Japan-73,Atlantic P-1226A)-Isn't It About Time/So Many Times (M/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-$110 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  STOOGES (Thailand-69,TK 340)-EP: CCR-Down On The Corner/CCR-Fortunate Son/B,S&T-And When I Die/Three Dog Night-Eli's Coming (VG++/EX-,TIC,STNC)-was $150--now $95 (SOLD), super rare, Stooges pictured on the cover although there are no Stooges songs on the disc

  STORIES (Japan-73,Kama Sutra LL-2624-KS)-Mammy Blue/Traveling Underground (M-/M-,IS)-$35 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  STRANGE FOX (Japan-73,Odeon EOR-10322)-Rock And Rool Band/Tamarind Girl (M-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-$144 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare, misspelled title 

  STRANGE FOX (Spain-73,Belter 08.208)-Tiger Woman/Tamerind Girl (M-/M-)-$42 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce

  STRANGELOVES (Sweden-66,Atlantic 70.158)-Night Time/Rhythm Of Love (M-/M-,WLP)-$168 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK (Holland-67,Stateside HSS 1235)-Incense And Peppermints/The Birdman Of Alcatraz (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$111 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  STRAWBERRY PATH (Japan-71,Philips FS-1207)-My Gypsy Woman/Mary Jane On My Mind (M-/EX+,IS,STNC)-$115 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  STRAWBS (Japan-73,A&M AM-180)-Part Of The Union/Heavy Disguise (M-/EX+,WLP,IS,TSTNC)-$50 (SOLD), scarce 

  STRAY (Japan-70,Transatlantic IRR-10402)-Only What You Make It/Around The World In Eighty Days (M/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-$75 (SOLD), quite scarce

  STRAY (Japan-73,Transatlantic IRR-10704)-Come On Over/Soon As You've Grown (M-/FC EX,BC EX+,IS,TOC)-$25 (SOLD), quite scarce

  STREAPLERS (Sweden-63,Odeon GEOS 204)-EP: Diggity Doggety/Waiting For The Robert E. Lee/Happy Piano/Send Me Some Loving (VG/FC M-,BC EX+,WOL)-$30 (SOLD), very scarce

  SUB (Germany-69,Rex 2027)-Ma Marihuana/Off (M-/EX+)-$100 (SOLD)

    SUGARLOAF (Singapore-70,Liberty LES-45048)-Green-Eyed Lady/Things Gonna Change Some (M-/M-)-$46 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce, beautiful fully laminated cover

  LES SUNLIGHTS (Japan-65,Disc AZ LL-2211-AZ)-Le Galerien/Cain (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$121 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  SWEET (France-74,RCA LPBO 5043)-Turn It Down/Someone Else Will (M-/M)-$25 (SOLD)

  SWEET (France-76,RCA 42584)-Lost Angels/Funk It Up (M-/M-)-$25 (SOLD)

  SWEET (Germany-72,RCA 74-16 179)-Little Willy/Man From Mecca (M/M-)-$33 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  SWEET (Germany-72,RCA 74-16 209)-Wig-Wam Bam/New York Connection (M-/M-)-$25 (SOLD)

  SWEET (Germany-73,RCA 74-16 349)-The Ballroom Blitz/Rock & Roll Disgrace (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,TIBC)-$25 (SOLD)

  SWEET (Germany-75,RCA 2578)-Action/Sweet F. A. (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-)-$25 (SOLD)

  SWEET (Germany-76,RCA 2641)-The Lies In Your Eyes/Cockroach (M-/M-)-$25 (SOLD)

  SWEET (Holland-72,RCA 74-16209)-Wig-Wam Bam/New York Connection (S1 M-,S2 EX+/EX-,TIC)-was $15--now $10 (SOLD)

  SWEET (Holland-73,RCA 74-16322)-Hellraiser/Burning (M-/M-)-$25 (SOLD)

  SWEET (Holland-76,RCA 2641)-The Lies In Your Eyes/Cockroach (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,STNBC)-$25 (SOLD)

  SWEET (Italy-73,RCA 2403)-The Ballroom Blitz/Rock & Roll Disgrace (S1 EX+,S2 M-/M-)-$25 (SOLD)

  SWEET (Japan-74,RCA SS-2395)-The Six Teens/Burn On The Flame (M-/M-,IS)-$152 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  SWEET (Japan-76,Capitol ECR-10940)-Action/Medussa (M-/M-,IS)-$30 (SOLD)

  SWEET (Japan-77,Capitol ECR-20260)-Fever Of Love/Lost Angels (M-/M-,IS)-$170 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  SWEET (Spain-71,RCA 3-10588)-Funny, Funny/You're Not Wrong For Loving Me (M-/M-,PSTAL)-$25 (SOLD)

SWEET (Spain-71,RCA 3-10633)-Co Co/Done Me Wrong Or Right (M-/EX+,WLP,TIC)-$30 (SOLD)

  SWEET (Spain-72,RCA 3-10689)-Poppa Joe/Jeanie (M-/EX+,WLP)-$30 (SOLD)

  SWEET (Spain-74,RCA SPBO-9180)-Turn It Down/Breakdown (M-/M-,WLP)-$40 (SOLD)

  SWEET (Spain-75,RCA SPBO-9245)-Action/Sweet F. A. (M-/M-,WLP)-$40 (SOLD)

  SWEET (Spain-76,RCA SPBO-9368)-The Lies In Your Eyes/Cockroach (M-/M-,WLP)-$40 (SOLD) 

  SWEET (Yugoslavia-74,RCA SRCA-88799)-Turn It Down/...Someone Else Will (EX+/FC EX,BC EX+,TIC,WOBC)-$15 (SOLD)

  SWEET (bootleg)-Paperback Writer/Chop Chop (M/M-,IS)-was $18--now $12 (SOLD), live from the BBC

  SWINGING BLUE JEANS (France-66,HMV EGF 950)-EP: Rumors, Gossip, Words Untrue/Now The Summer's Gone/Don't Make Me Over/I'm Gonna Have You
(S1 EX+,S2 EX/FC EX,BC VG+,RWBC,TIBC,WOBC)-was $75--now $60 (SOLD), rare

  SWINGING BLUE JEANS (Germany-68,Electrola E 23 607)-Hippy Hippy Shake/Lawdy Miss Clawdy (EX/M-)-$55 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  SWINGING BLUE JEANS (Japan-69,Odeon OR-2194)-Hippy Hippy Shake/Good Golly Miss Molly (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$116 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  SWINGING BLUE JEANS (Spain-64,RCA 7EPL 14.067)-EP: Hippy Hippy Shake/Now I Must Go/Too Late Now/Think Of Me (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,SRWBC)-$155 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare, has a slight warp that does not affect play

  SWINGING BLUE JEANS (Sweden-65,HMV POP 1409)-Make Me Know You're Mine/I've Got A Girl (M-/M-)-$86 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  SWINGING BLUE JEANS (Sweden-67,HMV POP 1596)-Tremblin'/Something's Coming Along (M-/M-)-$57 (SOLD AT AUCTION), scarce

  SYMBOLS (Sweden-67,Polar POS 1029)-You'd Better Get Used To Missing Her/Hideaway (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$75 (SOLD AT AUCTION), quite scarce

  SYN (France-67,Deram 17.002)-Flowerman/14th Hour Technicolour Dream (M-/EX+,SRW,WOBC)-$175 (SOLD), quite rare

  SYN (Germany-67,Deram DM 145)-Flowerman/14 Hour Technicolour Dream (M-/M-)-$550 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare

  SYNDICATE OF SOUND (France-66,Columbia ESRF 1794)-EP: Little Girl/That Kind Of Man/Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby/You (VG++/EX+,SRWBC)-$225 (SOLD) or (VG++/FC EX+,BC EX,WOL,WOBC,SRWBC)-$200 (SOLD), very rare

  SYNDICATE OF SOUND (Holland-66,Stateside HSS 1148)-Rumors/The Upper Hand (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,IS,PSTAL)-$118 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce







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