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Remember grading is disc/cover. 


  Y & T (Japan-85,A&M AMP-241)-All American Boy/Go For The Throat (M/M,IS)-$20

  YARDBIRDS (Denmark-65,Columbia DB 7706)-Evil Hearted You/Still I'm Sad (S1 EX,S2 M-/EX-,TSTNBC,SRWBC)-$95, quite rare

  YARDBIRDS (Denmark-66,Columbia DB 7848)-Shapes Of Things/You're A Better Man Than I (M-/EX-)-$125, quite rare, deadbeat bidder's unpaid auction item

  YARDBIRDS (France-66,Riviera 121079)-Over Under Sideways Down/Jeff's Boogie (EX+/EX,SRW)-$125, quite rare

  YARDBIRDS (France-66,Riviera 231 220)-EP: Happenings Ten Years Time Ago/Lost Woman/Rack My Mind/Psycho Daisies (S1 M-,S2 EX+/FC M-,BC EX,SRWBC,WOBC)-$100 (SOLD) or (EX+/FC EX,BC VG+,TIBC,TOBC,WOBC,RWBC,STIBC)-$60, very scarce 

  YARDBIRDS (Germany-65,Epic 9823)-Heart Full Of Soul/Steeled Blues (EX/M-)-$70, quite scarce

  YARDBIRDS (Germany-65,Epic 5-9908)-I'm A Man/The Train Kept A-Rollin' (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,SSTNC,STIL)-$125 or (EX+/FC EX,BC EX-,XOBC)-$60, rare, same pic on both sides of sleeve

  YARDBIRDS (Germany-66,Epic 5-9910)-Shapes Of Things/Pafff....Bum (S1 M-,S2 EX/M-)-$80, very scarce

  YARDBIRDS (Germany-66,Epic 5-9918)-Over Under Sideways Down/Jeff's Boogie (M-/EX+,TIC)-$120 or (EX/FC EX,BC EX-,TIC,WOL,TSTNBC)-was $50--now $38, rare

  YARDBIRDS (Germany-66,Epic 5-9922)-Happenings Ten Years Time Ago/Psycho Daisies (M-/M-)-$200, quite rare

YARDBIRDS (Germany-80,Charly 10 07 005)-For Your Love/Evil Hearted You (M/M-,TS)-$10

  YARDBIRDS (Germany-65,Epic 5855)-EP: Heart Full Of Soul/Honey In Your Hips/For Your Love/Boom Boom (EX+/EX)-$450, ultra-rare

  YARDBIRDS (Holland-66,Riviera 121065)-Shapes Of Things/You’re A Better Man Than I (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC EX+,BC EX,FO,IS,WOBC,STNBC)-$160, quite rare

  YARDBIRDS (Holland-66,Riviera 121079)-Over Under Sideways Down/Jeff's Boogie (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,FO,IS,TIBC)-$300 or (EX/EX+,FO,IS)-$125, very rare

  YARDBIRDS (Italy-66,Ricordi SIR 20 010)-Questa Volta/Pafff...Bum (M/M-)-$20, '70's counterfeit issue

  YARDBIRDS (Italy-66,Ricordi SIR 20 012)-Shapes Of Things/You're A Better Man Than I (M-/M-)-$100, very scarce

  YARDBIRDS (Italy-66,Ricordi SIR 20 032)-Over Under Sideways Down/Jeff's Boogie (M-/M-)-$160, rare

  YARDBIRDS (Japan-69,Odeon OR-2291)-Happening's Ten Years Time Ago/For Your Love (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$400, very rare

  YARDBIRDS (Mexico-67,Capitol EPEM-10195)-EP: Little Games/Puzzles/Shapes Of Things/Heart Full Of Soul (M-/EX,TIBC)-$250 or (M-/EX-,WSTNC)-was $225--now $150, very rare

  YARDBIRDS (US-66,Epic 5-10035)-Over Under Sideways Down/Jeff's Boogie (EX/EX)-$50 (SOLD) or (VG/EX,TIC,STABC)-$30

  YARDBIRDS (US-66,Epic5-10094)-Happenings Ten Years Time Ago/The Nazz Are Blue (M-/M-)-$90, very scarce, same pic on both sides

YARDBIRDS-see Various artists

  (YARDBIRDS)Keith Relf (US-66,Epic 5-10110)-Shapes In My Mind/Blue Sands (M-/M-,XOL)-$160, rare stock copy

  YES (UK-78,Atlantic K 11184)-Don't Kill The Whale/Abeline (M/EX+,SRW)-$18

YES (UK-84,Atco B 9787)-Leave It/Same-acappella version (M/M,AS)-$8

  YES (France-71,Atlantic 10037)-Your Move/Clap (M-/M-)-$75, quite scarce, inventory tag intact

  YES (Germany-72,Atlantic ATL 10133)-Roundabout/Long Distance Runaround (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,TIBC)-$70, quite scarce

YES (Germany-77,Atlantic ATL 10999)-Wonderous Stories/Parallels (M/M-,AS)-$8

  YES (Holland-72,Atlantic 2091 178)-Roundabout/Long Distance Runaround (M-/EX,SRW)-$75, very scarce

  YES (Holland-76,Atlantic 2091 214)-EP: Yours Is No Disgrace/Your Move/Sweetdreams (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+,SRW)-$25

YES (Italy-83,Atco 79 9817-7)-Owner Of A Lonely Heart/Our Song (M-/EX+,SPS,CON,AS)-was $8--now $5

  YES (Japan-72,Atlantic P-1119A)-Roundabout/Long Distance Runaround (M-/M-/FO,IS)-$200, quite rare

  YES (Japan-72,Atlantic P-1161A)-America/Total Mass Retain (M-/M-,IS)-$100 or (M-/EX+,IS)-was $100--now $75 or (M-/EX+,IS,TSTNC)-was $100--now $75, very scarce

  YES (Japan-72,Atlantic P-1184A)-And You And I, Pt. 1/And You And I, Pt. 2 (M-/EX+,IS,TSTNC)-$125, rare 

  YES (Spain-80,Atlantic 45-2027)-Into The Lens/Does It Really Happen? (M-/FC EX,BC EX+)-was $40--now $32, scarce

YES-see Wakeman

(YES)Jon Anderson (UK-85,Elektra 969 576-7)-Easier Said Than Done/Three Ships (M/M-,CON,AS)-$5

  NEIL YOUNG (France-77,Reprise 14 485)-Saddle Up The Palomino/Like A Hurricane (M-/EX+,SRWBC)-$90, rare

  NEIL YOUNG (Holland-79,Reprise 14.498)-My My, Hey Hey/Hey Hey, My My (M-/M-)-$20 (SOLD) or (M-/EX+)-$15

  NEIL YOUNG (Holland-82,Geffen A-2781)-Little Thing Called Love/We Are In Control (M/M-)-$15

  NEIL YOUNG (Japan-72,Reprise P-1091 R)-Heart Of Gold/Sugar Mountain (M-/EX,FO,IS,PIH)-was $25--now $18 (SOLD) or (M-/FC EX-,BC EX,FO,IS,SSTNC)-was $18--now $12 

  YOUNG BLOOD (Spain-68,Pye H 303)-Green Light/Don't Leave Me In The Dark (M-/FC M-,BC EX+,XOBC)-$70 or (S1 EX,S2 EX+/EX+,SRW,STABC)-$30, quite scarce, early Cozy Powell who over a long career played drums with the Jeff Beck Group, Blackmore's Rainbow, Bedlam, Michael Schenker Group, Whitesnake, ELP (Emerson, Lake & Powell), and a late '80's incarnation of Black Sabbath

  YOUNG RASCALS (France-67,Atlantic 650.066)-I'm So Happy Now/How Can I Be Sure (M-/FC M-,BC EX,TIBC,STNBC)-$35

  YOUNG RASCALS (France-68,Atlantic 650.096)-A Beautiful Morning/Rainy Day (M-/FC M-,BC EX,WOBC,STABC)-$28

  YOUNG RASCALS (Italy-67,Atlantic NP-03001)-Groovin'/Sueno (M-/FC M-,BC EX,TOBC)-$50, scarce

  (YOUNG)RASCALS (Japan-69,Atlantic DT-1116)-See/Away Away (M-/EX+,WIN,TSTNBC)-$35

  (YOUNG)RASCALS (Portugal-70,Atlantic N-28-93)-Glory Glory/You Don't Know (M-/EX+,SRW,STNBC)-$28

  YOUNG RASCALS (Portugal-67,Atlantic EP 02-7)-EP: What Is the Reason/I've Been Lonely Too Long/No Love To Give/Too Many Fish In The Sea (M/M)-$75, quite scarce

  YOUNG RASCALS (Portugal-67,Atlantic EP-02-14)-EP: How Can I Be Sure/I'm So Happy Now/A Girl Like You/It's Love (M-/M-,AS)-$40

  YOUNG RASCALS (Spain-67,Atlantic H-212)-How Can I Be Sure/A Girl Like You (M-/M-,AS)-$25   

YOUNG RASCALS (Spain-67,Atlantic H-257)-It's Wonderful/Of Course (M-/M-,AS)-$25

  YOUNG RASCALS (Sweden-66,Atlantic ATL 70.167)-Good Lovin'/Mustang Sally (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$40

  YOUNG RASCALS (Sweden-67,Atlantic 70.223)-A Girl Like You/It's Love (EX+/M-,FO,IS,AS)-$25

YOUNG RASCALS-see Various artists

  YOUNGERS (Japan-69,Philips FS-1071)-Koi Wo Oshiete/Nogiku No Yona Anoko (M/M,IS)-$25, re-issue, tremelo guitar rocker backed with bland Japanese ballad crapola




  YARDBIRDS (Australia-65,Columbia SEGO 70105)-EP: For Your Love/Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/I Wish You Would/Heart Full Of Soul (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX+,SRW)-$122 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  YARDBIRDS (Denmark-66,Columbia DB 8024)-Happening's Ten Years Time Ago/Psycho Daisies (M-/EX,TIC)-$165 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare

  YARDBIRDS (UK-65,Columbia SEG 8421)-EP: My Girl Sloopy/I'm Not Talking/I Ain't Done Wrong (M-/EX-,TIC)-$70 (SOLD), rare

  YARDBIRDS (France-66,Riviera 121 101)-Happenings Ten Years Time Ago/Psycho Daisies (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$150 (SOLD), rare

  YARDBIRDS (France-67,Riviera 121 118)-Little Games/Puzzles (S1 EX+,S2 M-/EX,FO,IS,WOC,WOL)-$175 (SOLD), very rare 

  YARDBIRDS (France-65,Riviera 231 074)-EP: For Your Love/Got To Hurry/A Certain Girl/I Wish You Would (S1 EX-,S2 EX/EX+,SRWBC)-$75 (SOLD), very scarce 

  YARDBIRDS (France-65,Riviera 231 099)-EP: Heart Full Of Soul/Steeled Blues/My Girl Sloopy (EX+/EX,SPS,TIBC)-$40 (SOLD), quite scarce

  YARDBIRDS (France-66,Riviera 231 131)-EP: Still I'm Sad/Evil Hearted You/I'm A Man/I'm Not Talking (EX-/FC EX,BC EX-,RWBC,STABC)-was $50--now $32 (SOLD), quite scarce, with inventory tag intact

  YARDBIRDS (France-66,Riviera 231 170)-EP: Shapes Of Things/You're A Better Man Than I/Smokestack Lightning (M-/M-)-$122 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  YARDBIRDS (France-66,Riviera 231 196)-EP: Over Under Sideways Down/Jeff's Boogie/Mr. Zero/Knowing (EX+/FC EX+,BC EX,RWBC,WOBC)-$90 (SOLD), very scarce

  YARDBIRDS (Germany-65,Epic 5-9907)-Evil Hearted You/Still I'm Sad (S1 EX-,S2 EX/EX+)-$38 (SOLD), scarce

  YARDBIRDS (Germany-67,Epic 5-10156)-Little Games/Puzzles (M-/M-)-$400 (SOLD), mega-rare

  YARDBIRDS (Germany-65,Epic 6254)-EP: Evil Hearted You/Heart Full Of Soul/Still I'm Sad/I'm A Man (S1 M-,S2 EX/M-,WOL)-$660 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare

  YARDBIRDS (Germany-66,Epic EP 9049)-EP: Over, Under, Sideways, Down/The Nazz Are Blue/What Do You Want/Hot House Of Omagarashid (S1 EX+,S2 EX/M-)-$871 (SOLD AT AUCTION), mega-rare, rarest German Yardbirds EP

  YARDBIRDS (Germany-83,Line OLS 1091 AC)-EP: For Your Love/Heart Full Of Soul/Evil Hearted You (M/M)-$18 (SOLD)

  YARDBIRDS (Germany-83,Line OLS 1097 AC)-EP: Still I'm Sad/Shapes Of Things/Over Under Sideways Down (M/M)-$18 (SOLD)

  YARDBIRDS (Holland-64,CBS 1.433)-Boom Boom/Honey In Your Hips (S1 M-,S2 EX/FC EX-,BC EX,RW,SSTNC)-was $8--now $5 (SOLD), I believe this is the counterfeit

  YARDBIRDS (Italy-65,Int. SIR 20.001)-For Your Love/Got To Hurry (M-/M-)-$150 (SOLD), rare

  YARDBIRDS (Italy-65,Ricordi SIR 20 002)-Heart Full Of Soul/Steeled Blues (M-/EX+,SHC)-$129 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  YARDBIRDS (Italy-66,Ricordi SIR 20 011)-I'm A Man/Still I'm Sad (M-/FC EX+,BC EX-,WOBC)-$120 (SOLD), rare

  YARDBIRDS (Italy-66,Ricordi EIR 21 001)-EP: For Your Love/Still I'm Sad/I'm A Man/Heart Full Of Soul (EX/EX)-$750 (SOLD), world's rarest Yardbirds EP, the lines that appear on the scan are not creases on the cover but areas where the lamination has drawn up

  YARDBIRDS (Japan-65,Odeon OR-1276)-For Your Love/Got To Hurry (EX-/M-,FO,IS,WLP)-$611 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare test pressing, RED WAX

  YARDBIRDS (Japan-67,Odeon OR-1638)-Happening's Ten Years Time Ago/Psycho Daisies (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$1250 (SOLD), this would be the rarest Yardbirds single in the world if not for the Japanese "Little Games", RED WAX

  YARDBIRDS (Japan-67,Odeon OR-1724)-Little Games/Puzzles (M-/EX+,FO,IS,WOBC)-$900 (SOLD), rarest Yardbirds single in the world, never released on red wax

  YARDBIRDS (Japan-66,Odeon OP-4150)-EP: For Your Love/Heart Full Of Soul/I'm A Man/Shapes Of Things (M-/M-,WIN)-$125 (SOLD), very scarce

  YARDBIRDS (Sweden-65,Columbia DB 7499)-For Your Love/Got To Hurry (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,STNC)-$175 (SOLD), very rare red sleeve, much tougher to find than the blue one

  YARDBIRDS (Sweden-65,Columbia DB 7706)-Still I'm Sad/Evil Hearted You (M-/M-)-$181 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very rare

  YARDBIRDS (Sweden-66,Columbia DB 7848)-Shapes Of Things/You're A Better Man Than I (M-/EX+,STNC)-$109 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  YARDBIRDS (Sweden-67,Columbia DB 8165)-Puzzles/Little Games (M-/M-)-$350 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare

  YARDBIRDS (US-65,Epic 9709)-I Wish You Could/A Certain Girl (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,WLP)-$650 (SOLD), mega-rare promo-only sleeve, much rarer than the Hendrix "Hey Joe" promo-only sleeve

  YARDBIRDS (bootleg)-San Remo (M/M-,FO)-$25 (SOLD), great fold-out concert poster sleeve 

  (YARDBIRDS)Keith Relf (France-66,Riviera 121076)-Mr. Zero/Knowing (M-/VG++,RW,WOC,STIBC)-$140 (SOLD AT AUCTION), super rare, in my opinion, the rarest of the Relf solo issues 

  (YARDBIRDS)Keith Relf (Germany-66,Epic 5-9919)-Mr. Zero/Knowing (M-/M-)-$200 (SOLD), quite rare

  (YARDBIRDS)T-Bones (France-65,Riviera 231 075 M)-EP: I Am Louisiana Red/Indeed I Do/Won't You Give Him (One More Chance)/I'm A Lover Not A Fighter (S1 EX+,S2 M-/FC M-,BC EX,WOBC,SRWBC)-$350 (SOLD), ultra-rare mistake sleeve with the Yardbirds pictured on the front cover and the great freakbeat of the T-Bones on the vinyl

  YES (Germany-70,Atlantic ATL 70425)-Looking Around/Every Little Thing (M-/FC EX+,BC M-,STAC)-$60 (SOLD), quite scarce

  YES (Germany-71,Atlantic ATL 10046)-Your Move/The Clap (EX+/FC VG++,BC EX+,WOC,TIC)-was $50--now $38 (SOLD), rare

  YES (Spain-72,Atlantic HS 826)-Carrusel/Long Distance Runaround (M-/M-)-$100 (SOLD), very scarce

  YES (Spain-72,Atlantic HS 871)-America/Total Mass Retain (M-/FC M-,BC EX,RWBC,STABC)-$101 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  YES (Spain-78,Atlantic 45-1786)-Don't Kill The Whale/Abilene (M-/M-)-$60 (SOLD AT AUCTION), inventory tag intact

  YES (Yugoslavia-74,Atlantic 10407)-And You And I/Roundabout (M-/M-)-$300 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  NEIL YOUNG (France-72,Reprise RV.20242)-Cinnamon Girl/Sugar Mountain (M/M-)-$68 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  NEIL YOUNG (France-73,Reprise 14 307)-Time Fades Away/Last Trip To Tulsa (M-/M-)-$53 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  NEIL YOUNG (Germany-71,Reprise REP 14140)-Heart Of Gold/Sugar Mountain (M-/M-)-$50 (SOLD)

Young.GER.4167.jpg (26510 bytes)  NEIL YOUNG (Germany-72,Reprise REP 14167)-Old Man/The Needle And The Damage Done (M-/FC EX+,BC EX,WOBC)-$28 (SOLD)

  NEIL YOUNG (Germany-72,Reprise REP 14 227)-Cinnamon Girl/Only Love Can Break Your Heart (M-/EX+)-27 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  NEIL YOUNG (Holland-70,Reprise R 0958)-Only Love Can Break Your Heart/Birds (M-/EX+,SRW)-$40 (SOLD), scarce 

  NEIL YOUNG (Japan-74,Reprise P-1275R)-Time Fades Away/The Last Trip To Tulsa (M-/M-,IS)-$150 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare

  NEIL YOUNG (Japan-76,Reprise P-114R)-Heart Of Gold/Only Love Can Break Your Heart (M-/EX+,IS)-$40 (SOLD), scarce

  NEIL YOUNG (Japan-77,Reprise P-202R)-Like A Hurricane, Part 1/Like A Hurricane, Part 2 (M-/M-,IS)-$307 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  NEIL YOUNG (Spain-72,Reprise HS 797)-Heart Of Gold/Sugar Mountain (VG+/FC M-,BC EX,RWBC)-$50 (SOLD), quite scarce

  NEIL YOUNG (Spain-77,Reprise 45-1564)-Hey Babe/Homegrown (M-/M-,PL)-$87 (SOLD AT AUCTION), inventory tag intact

  YOUNG RASCALS (France-67,Atlantic 750 027)-EP: Sueno/What Is The Reason/Groovin'/Mustang Sally (M-/FC EX,BC VG+,HRWBC,WOBC)-$22 (SOLD) 

  YOUNG RASCALS (France-67,Atlantic 750 027 M)-EP: Sueno/What Is The Reason/Groovin'/I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore (M-/FC M-,BC EX,RWBC,WOBC)-$70 (SOLD AT AUCTION), rare copy with "I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out…" instead of "Mustang Sally"

  YOUNG RASCALS (Japan-68,Atlantic DAT-1065)-People Got To Be Free/My World (M-/M-)-$66 (SOLD AT AUCTION)

  YOUNG RASCALS (New Zealand-67,Atlantic AX-11346)-EP: A Girl Like You/It's Love/Love Is A Beautiful Thing/Land Of 1,000 Dances (VG/M-)-$50 (SOLD AT AUCTION), very scarce

  YOUNG RASCALS (Sweden-67,Atlantic 70.249)-It's Wonderful/Of Course (EX+/EX+,FO,IS,SPS)-$30 (SOLD)

  (YOUNG)RASCALS (Sweden-68,Atlantic ATL 70.303)-People Got To Be Free/My World (M-/M-,FO,IS)-$20 (SOLD AT AUCTION)





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