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Wants List:  Singles & EP's


This is my wants list of 45's with picture sleeves from the countries listed. I already have about 80% of these sleeves but am looking to get perfect copies. Please be sure that any sleeves offered are in at least strictly STRONG M- condition. Thanks for any help you can give me in finding these sleeves. By the way, I have about 3 times as many picture sleeves as those listed on my website. These are being held back as trade and/or auction items. If you have anything in particular that you are looking for, and you have items from my wants list you would only be willing to trade for something you want more, please let me know. I might just have what you want.


Argentine 45's want list

Rolling Stones--DLM/E 5567--Paint it Black + 3

Rolling Stones--DLM/M 6002--Honky Tonk Women + 2

Rolling Stones--DLM/M 6003--Street Fighting Man + 2

Rolling Stones--60387--Happy + 3

Shakers--DTOA 8331--When I'm 64/Adorable Lola


Australian 45's want list

Allusions--GEPO 70038--The Dancer EP*

Animals--DFEA 7530--See See Rider EP*

Big Brother/Holding Co.--EZA 7595--Featuring Janis Joplin EP*

Bobby & Laurie--GEP 1001--I Belong With You EP*

Cherokees--GEP 1005--That's If You Want Me To EP* 

Fabulous Blue Jays--QX 10974--Pathfinder EP

Fabulous Flies--RCA ???--Doin' the Mod/Ain't That Just Like Me

Groop--BG 225162--Woman You're Breaking Me EP*

Groove--SEGO 70166--Soothe Me EP*

Junior's Eyes--FX-11,694--Star Child EP*

Moody Blues--DFE 4017--Ride My See-Saw EP*

Somebody's Image--WGE.2766--Hush EP*

Twilights--DO 5030--The Way They Play/Cathy, Come Home*

World of Oz--Deram ???--Jack/King Croesus/Peter's Birthday/Muffin Man


Austrian 45's want list

Art Boys Collection--L 1905--Jesus Said/Station Nowhere*

Elegy--238 005--No Direction/Pain


Golem--5029--Your Time Is Over/The Pun

The Heart--11 252--Mushroom/From Slatery to Freedom*

Hide & Seek--AVRS 21561--The Beggar of St. Pair/Riven Street*

Hide & Seek--AVRS 21594--In the Park/Song

Isaiah--3502--Jericho/Summer Farewell

Magic 69--AVRS 21578--Sky Break/Life Is Only a Game

Maybe Hair--5021--War/Get No Money

I Nuovi Angeli--6025 103--Anna da Dimenticare/Il Cuscino Bianco

Red Devils--12199--Looking for a Girl/Going up to Europe*


Belgian 45's want list

Ace--4C006-96008--How Long/Sniffin About

Apocalypse--???--Que Reste-t'il/Esclave de Mon Temps

BZN--C-3240--Bad Bad Woman/Sir John*

BZN--423--Sweet Silver Anny/Searching (same pic as Love Me Like a Lion)

BZN--615--Love Me Like a Lion/Walk Walk*

Bats--74-16097--Highway, Sweet Home/The Time Goes By

Blackfoot Sue--S. 527--Standing in the Road/Celestial Plain*

Blue Masks--54.4077--Black Pudding/What's Wrong

Blue Rock--4C006-23622--Rockin' the Blues/My Way

Carriage Company--4847--Sunday Morning/'Cause I Love You*

Creative Craniums--H 74020--In This Time/You're on Your Way

Keith Dangerfield--1001--She's a Witch/No Life Child*

Desperated Company--F 4535026--Higher/Can Somebody Tell Me*

Devil's Power--R 1059--Le Monde Etrange/Poussiere*

Dragons--PB 27053--Hello I Love Maria/Heart

ELO--2001 622--Evil Woman/Nightrider*

Eyes of Blue--MCF 127385--Largo/Yesterday*

Flying Condors--C 6002--Bei Mir Bist du Schon/For Jeane*

Foottappers--RR 821--Blue Boy/Don't You Cry

Irish Coffee--BE 61766--Down Down Down/I'm Alive*

Jinx--PE 22.809Y--I Saw Your Face/I Love You

Kenneth John/Dimmed Lights--7002--No, Baby, No/Believe Me* 

Kinks--4C006-60283--Father Christmas/Prince of the Punks

Layabouts--105--The World You Created/La-Lalalala-La

Layabouts--106--The Song of the Broken Heart/It's All Along of Me

Layabouts--120--Make Whoopee/So Bring Some Flowers

Layabouts--RR 830--Dear One/When I'm Lookin' to the Sky

Lee--VB.287--Come on Back to Me/From L.A. to Chicago

Love Affair--CBS 3366--Rainbow Valley/Someone Like Me

Morning Dew--MCS 5396--Happiness Maybe/Here Comes the Rainbow*

Nashville Teens--26.120--I'm Coming Home/Searching

Paul Nicholas--56374--Freedom City/Run Shaker Life

Les Ombres--LPQ 500--Merci Quand-Meme/Faineant

Once More--4B006-23739--Blondie/Wild Man Jockey*

Once More--4B006-23826--Zig Zag/Chung-O-Rock*

Pazop--CBS 1566--Merry Jungo/Honey Honey*

Plastic Penny--POF 079--Your Way to Tell Me Go/Baby You're Not to Blame

Pluto--VP 010--She Rolls/Allright Part Two

Quick--DM 20--I Can't Sleep/Soul Full of Sorrow

Quick Boys--F. 707--Terug Naar Hawaii/Als Op Capri*

Rockets--6012 423--Rock and Roll Drummer (Pts. 1 & 2)*

Roestvrij--P 3001--I Do Believe/Fur Elise*

Rolling Stones--457.036--Carol + 3

Rolling Stones--457.043--If You Need Me + 3*

Rolling Stones--457.092--Get off of My Cloud + 3 ("hallway" front cover but great rear cover with different catalog # SDE 7503)

Crispian St. Peters--26 209--The Pied Piper/You Were on My Mind*

Shakes--R 1401--Shoot Me Baby/You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

Snakes--F 731--No One Cares/That's the Way it Is

Sonny Boys--142--Someone Like Me, Someone Like You/Baby, Please Don't Cry*

Space--6844--Each and Every Day/Black Dressed Girl*

Spray--BMP--To Ibiza/Here Comes Spray

Strap--74 16248--Are You Ready Lazy People/Love Is Dead*

Streak--???--Bang Bang Bullet/Black Jack Man

T.S.E. Formation--1623--Isabelle/Haya Paya

Tenderfoot Kids--BE 61072--The Bird and the Hunter/Tomorrow, the Moon*

Tenderfoot Kids--BE 61382--Stop the Music/Just a Little Bit More

Wards of Court--DM. 18--All Night Girl/How Could You Say One Thing

We--NT 728--O Baby/Put a Little Love in Your Heart

We--PE 22.836-Y--I Don't Want to Leave You/Winny Winny


Brazilian 45's want list

Beatniks--3.145--Alligator Hat + 3*

Beatniks--???--Outside Chance/Ra um Rapaz

Big Star--2241 004--Feel + 3

Guess Who--102.4021--These Eyes + 3*

Janis Joplin--???--Me & Bobby McGee + 3

Manfred Mann--FB 3394--Sha La La/John Hardy

Zakiel '60--1223--Eleanor Rigby/Eu Vivor So, Nao Sei*


Canadian 45's want list

Jack London/Sparrows--72229--Our Love Has Passed/Sparrows and Daisies*

Lords of London--77068--The Popcorn Man/21000 Dreams


Chilean 45's want list

Rolling Stones--7 LD 7028--Get off of My Cloud + 3


Czech 45's want list

Beatings--03 0224--Silence Is Golden + 3*


Danish 45's want list

Action--R 5610--Shadows and Reflections/Something Has Hit Me*

Animals--DB 7539--Bring it on Home to Me/For Miss Caulker*

George Baker Selection--T-7858--Tonight/Suzanna

Baronets--T 7236--Hold On, I'm Coming/Please Do Something

Baronets--T 7249--You Won't Believe Me/Little Boy*

Beefeaters--EST 105--L.S.D./Big City

Beethovens--DD 762--Farmer John/Hey Pretty Baby*

Beethovens--DD 785--Aeh Baeh Buh!/Ones

Black Beats--DK 1632--Please Don't Feel Too Bad/Beautiful Delilah

Bootjacks--KFF 600--Route 66/I've Got My Mojo Working*

Bootjacks--T 7239--The Circle/My Bass Guitar*

Bubble Gum--BF 1677--Little Red Bucket/With the Sun in your Hair

Buckinghams--SS 588--Kind of a Drag/You Make Me Feel So Good*

Burglars--DK 1652--I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door/Jumbo

Canned Heat--56097--Low Down/Time Was

Clidows--T 8247--Det' Mig Det Samme Hvor Jeg Havner/Det Er Sa Synd For Farmand*

Coins--V.I.F. 1--Sadness/Vanlose

Creedence Clearwater Revival--UP 35261--Sweet Hitch Hiker/Door to Door

Culpepers Orchard--2054 086--Roger and Out/Alone in Pain

Daizy--DD 869--Lord of the Dance/Money Man Monster

Danny/Royal Strings--EST 106--Why Should I Fall in Love/Get Away*

Danny/Royal Strings--EST 115--Wish Me Luck/She'll Never Be True

Days--T 7265--Live Your Life/The News

Deep Purple--6E 006 93557--Child in Time (Pts.1 & 2)

Difference--NA 1348--Where Does the Eagle Fly/The Sweetest Girl in Town

Fourways--ST 41412--Silence Is Golden/I Hear Trumpets Blow

Fourways--ST 41435--Time to Be Going/Walk Away Renee

Gnags--BR 1082--I Can't Talk about it Now/Eyes and Ears

Gods--DB 8544-Hey Bulldog/Real Love Guaranteed

Granny's Intentions--DM293--Take Me Back/Maybe

George Harrison--1828--What Is Life/Apple Scruffs

Jackpots--T 7235--Dancing in the Streets/Younger Girl

Casey Jones/Governors--TF 269 751--Jack the Ripper/So Long Baby*

Kids--ST 41432--Plastic Phantastic/Wonderland

Klaus/Servants--45-1194--Soley, Soley/Hvis Du Har Tid Pa Naeste Sondag

Klaus/Servants--45-1205--Ring! Ring!/Har Du Glemt?

Klaus/Servants--45-1225--Cherie/Mod Mig Ved Indgangen

Lions--TD 254--Gone, Gone, Gone/Fire Ball Mail*

Lions--TD 325--Something You Got/Oh No!*

Mabel--2054 258--The Look in Her Eyes/For You and Me

Maniacs--DK 1645--Who's Been Talkin'/300 Pounds of Joy*

John Mayall's Bluesbreakers--F 12 621--Double Trouble/It Hurts Me Too*

McCoys--IM 037--So Good/Everyday I Have to Cry

Members Blues Band--BR 1056--One Night/P.S. Elic

Moirana--2054 109--Break it Up/A Theme for Loners and Lovers

Move--HAR 5043--Chinatown/Down on the Bay

Passport--05-5163-2--Tomorrow/Everything's Wrong

Paxx--RS 2059--All the Way to Memphis/Baby I Love You

Pipp--F 23 030--Otaki/Which Way Did She Go?

Poisons--BR 1051--Call My Name/Reach out I'll Be There

Pretty Things--TF 267 717--Children/My Time*

Red Squares--DD 781--Pity Me/Any Other Girl*

Red Squares--DD 789--Big Girls Don't Cry/Mountains High*

Red Squares--DS 2372--Down and Out/Tell Me I'm Dreaming*

Red Squares--DK 1669--Five Times I've Said Goodbye/Good News*

Seven Nine Thirteen--NP 1536--Red Sails in the Sunset/Out of Sight*

Shakers--TF 271 268--Family Way/Hold On, I'm Coming

Small Faces--F 12 208--Whatcha Gonna Do About It/What's a Matter Baby*

Someones--T 7242--The Creep/Don't Stay out Late

Speers--2054 171--B.C.R./You

Spooky Tooth--WIP 6022--Sunshine Help Me/Weird

Stoke Sect--XM 62 080--No Fun at the Fair/Flower Children

Teenmakers--B 1649--A Taste of Honey/Baby Don't Cry*

Teenmakers--T 7247--Angela/Runaway

Teenmakers--TD 357--La La La/Games We Play*

Teenmakers--TD 363--Mo'reen/Dream World*

Teenmakers--TD 367--Let it Be Me/Don't Take it So Hard

Teenmakers--TD 399--Hvor er den Sommer?/Guantanamera*

Teenmakers--DK 1715--It's Not Fair/Southern Man*

Telstars--ST 41374--Hey Sola Nego/Linin' Track

Telstars--ST 41402--True Love Has Gone Forever/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Ten Years After--DM 191--Rock Your Mama/Spider in My Web*

31st of February--???--Sandcastles/Pick a Gripe

Toby Twirl--F 12 867--Movin' On/Utopia Daydream*

Trapeze--TH 2--Send Me No More Letters/Another Day

Vocations--ST 41438--Lightning Strikes/See You in the Sunlight

Yes Indeed--TD 347--I Dig Rock and Roll Music/Sad Movies

Zombies--F 11940--She's Not There/You Make Me Feel Good


Dutch 45's want list


Abacus--22.853--Indian Dancer/Be That Way

After Tea--NG 227--I'm Here/Let's All Come Together

After Tea--Eagle 1--Sunshine Eyes/Joint House Blues

Apollo's Wing--22.054-G--Together/Change of Living

Argent--EPC 7120--Celebration/Kingdom*

Attention--AT 10 277--I Can't Help Myself/Picture Me Fool

Audience--6073 304--Indian Summer/Priestess

Kevin Ayers--5C 006-06 124--Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes/Fake Mexican Tourist Blues


BZN--NG 248--Bad Bad Woman/Sir John*

BZN--NG 272--I Can't See/The Train*

BZN--NG 299--Riding On/Superman

BZN--NG 435--Love Me Like a Lion/ Walk Walk

BZN--S 1316--Gonna Take My Mind off Maria/I'm Gonna Be Your Man

BZN--S 1332--Mother Can You See Me/Spring Is in the Air*

BZN--2050 042--This Is What I Feel/Far East Traveller*

Balance, Bull & Fish--NG 276--The World Said No/Endless Roads*

Banzai--74-16166--Get out of Bed/No One Can Do It*

Les Baroques--P 5004--Silky/My Lost Love

Bats--5335--Daddy Don't Go/Pretty Man

Beach Boys--???--Help Me, Rhonda/Kiss Me, Baby

Jeff Beck--5C006.90346--Plynth/Hangman's Knee*

Jeff Beck--657756 7--People Get Ready/Train Kept a-Rollin'*

Bintangs--6100 057--The Bride/Hold it Susie/Juvenile Junkie*

Blackfoot Sue--6102 319--Sing Don't Speak/2 B Free*

Blow Ball--2050 115--Spectacles/View

Brainbox--5C 006-24 414--Virgin/Mobilae*

Brainbox--5C 006-24 429--A Part of Me Is a Part of You/When I Was Poor*

Brainbox--???--Sea of Delight/Amsterdam the First Days

Buckinghams--2859--Mercy, Mercy, Mercy/You Are Gone*

Buffalo Springfield--2091 137--Expecting to Fly/Everydays*


Candymen--HSS 1258--Ways/Sentimental Lady

Carriage Company--4144--The Beasts/Come Along*

Casuals--AT 15 137--Sunflower Eyes/Never My Love*

Casuals--F 23 027--My Name Is Love/I Can't Say*

Centaurs--S 1231--Kicks/Be Happy*

Charlie Woolfe--3675--Dance, Dance, Dance/Home*

Cinderella--???--From Town to Town/The Love That We've Got

Clouds--6014 017--Take Me to Your Leader/Old Man

Cobra--2050 171--I'm in Love/I Feel Down

Joe Cocker--5C 006-91012M--She Came in Through the Bathroom Window/That's Your Business

Corporation--NG-232--Wild Time/Let's Try to Put Him Down

Cosmic Dealer--NG 223--The Scene/Children of the Golden Sun*

Country Fair--NG 250--Baby/Texas Johnny*

Counts--S 1240--It's Allright/I Can't Go On

Les Cruches--2278--I'm Gonna Be a Father/Walking and Strolling

Les Cruches--2766--Will You Always Love Me/Mum and Dad*

Cuby/Blizzards--JF 333 684--Just for Fun/Things I Remember*

Cuby/Blizzards--113 381 W--Another Land/Somebody Will Know Someday*

Cuby/Blizzards--JF 334 650--Nostalgic Toilet/116A Queensway*

Cuby/Blizzards--6012 214--Sometimes/Everytime


David Copperfield Style--SH 158--I'm Climbing a Mountain/Can the Leopard Change*

Spencer Davis--25.710--Mr. Second Class/Sanity Inspector

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich--TE 465 358--Save me + 3*

Deep Purple--R 5763--Emmaretta/Wring That Neck

Deep Purple--5C006-95 246--Might Just Take Your Life/Coronarias Redig

Deep Purple--45239--Child in Time/Woman from Tokyo (1989 press)

Dirty--AT 10323--Bad Merchandise/John the Rainmaker

Disillusion '21--???--Think of the Goodtimes/Distance

Doors--45685--You Make Me Real/Road House Blues*

Doors--12.058--Roadhouse Blues/You're Lost Little Girl

Dragons--PB S-27.053--Hello I Love Maria/Heart Transplantation*

Drama--6012 228--Mary's Mamma/Mademoiselle*

Dream--SH 165--Rebellion/Can I Ask You One More Question

Dream Police--AT 15 152--I'll Be Home/Living Is Easy

John Dummer--6059 074--Obleedooblee Jubilee/The Monkey Speaks His Mind*

Simon Dupree--R5646--Kites/Like the Sun Like the Fire

E & F

Eddysons--SH 166--Cousin Pretty/Sad Old Song*

Esprit de Corps--S 904--You've Taken All That I Can Give You/My Loving You Days

Exception--PTF 181--Rub it Down/It's Snowing in the Desert*

Fairy Tale--6075 101--A Reason to Stay/Oh Boy*

Falcons--JF 333 527--Louie Louie/I'm That Man

Ferrari's--SH 04--Walk Like a Man/If You Need Me

Ferrari's--DS 1313--The Birds They Understand/Miss Kathy Jones

Free--WIP 6054--Broad Daylight/The Worm

Free--WIP 6062--I'll Be Creeping/Sugar for Mr. Morrison (same pic as Swedish issue)*

Barry Freeman/Strange Power--74-16055--That's the Way/Turn Me Loose

Barry Freeman/Strange Power--74-16057--Mary in the Morning/Future*

Fungus--NG 373--The White Hare/Farewell to Tarwathie

Funky Family--22.563-H--Good Dancer/I Make it Real*

Funky Family--22.574-H--Little Girl/Rita*


Gamblers--UH 9863--Dead/Fighting and Crying

Gee Bros--NG 302--Canta Canta Libre/The World Said No*

Gee Bros--35.834--Let Me Find the Sun/She

Gods--DB 8544--Hey Bulldog/Real Love Guaranteed

Golden Earrings--421 036--If You Leave Me/Waiting for You*

Golden Earrings--S 1250--Together We Live, Together We Love/I Wonder...*

Golden Earrings--S 1263--I've Just Lost Somebody/The Truth about Arthur*

Golden Earrings--2001 237--She Flies on Strange Wings, Pts. 1 & 2*

Golden Earrings--2050 184--Buddy Joe/Avalanche of Love*

Grateful Dead--7410--Uncle John's Band/New Speedway Boogie*

Bobby Green Selection--AT 10 328--What's That Sound/I Never Saw the Love So Clear*

Greenhorn--6100 067--Pappi da Doo/Ply the Rhythm

Grisby Dyke--DM 232--The Adventures of Miss Rosemary La Page/Mary Ann She*

Groep 1850--Y1013--Misty Night/Look Around*

Groep 1850--JF 333 973--Zero/Frozen Mind

Groep 1850--2102 004--Don't Let it Be/Sun Is Coming*

Group Therapy--304 186--Remember What You Said/River Deep Mountain High


Haigs--S 1220--From Now On/Hey Baby*

Haigs--S 1230--Saturday Night/You've Got It*

Heaven--???--Hangin' On/Funny Lines

Herd--267 704--I Can Fly/Diary of a Narcissist*

Herd--267 832 TF--I Don't Want our Loving to Die/Our Fairy Tale*

Hermits--74-16122--She's a Lady/Gold Mandela*

Het--YF 278 133--I Got You/She'll Stay*

Het--TE 643 318--Kejje Nagaan + 3

High Tide Formation--35914--Fluffy/White Walls*

Rob Hoeke--JF 333 990--Try to Realize/It Won't Be Long

Holland--NG 2066--Conversation/Place of Isolation*

Honestmen--???--Big Boy Bud's Body/Am I Losing My Touch

Human Orchestra--6012 038--Rainy Day Women.../Bad You're Better

Humble Pie--10 031 AT--Shine On/Mister Ring*

I & J

Island--5C006-24077--Running Round/Northside Westly Bound

James Gang--5C006-90539--I Don't Have the Time/Fred

Jasmin-T--PE 22.022--Some Other Guy/Evening

Jason Crest--BF 1633--Turquoise Tandem Cycle/Good Life

Jay-Jays--JF 333 615--Are You a Woman/'Cause Your're Mine, Babe*

Jay-Jays--JF 334 523--You Know You Ain't Right/In My Mind

Jellybread--57-3169--Comment/Funky Wasp

Jethro Tull--WIP 6048--Love Story/A Christmas Song

Jethro Tull--10 187 AT--Locomotive Breath/Hymn 43

Jethro Tull--6155 032--Bungle in the Jungle/Back Door Angels

Jumping Pop In--AT 10 252--If You Like/The Silly Chap

Justice--MCS 5223--Shoot Shoot/You Came to See Me*


Kaleidoscope--267 754 TF--Flight from Ashiya/Holiday Maker*

Kaleidoscope--267 906 TF--Flight from Ashiya/Further Reflections in the Room of Percussion*

King's Road--GM 932--Why They Let Me Down/Mister Ziman

Kjoe--2050 181--Hoonana/Troubles*

Koobas--DB 8419--The First Cut Is the Deepest/Walking Out*

Kraaijeveld--6100 062--Jambalaya/Lunatic*

(Circus)Kraaijeveld--12 395 AT--Do-Dad/Sir Wilfer*


Led Zeppelin--10374--D'yer Maker/Gallows Pole*

Left Side--IH 857--Welcome to My House/This Little Village

Left Side--5C 006-24 138--Johnny/Silly Girl*

Left Side--5C 006-24 249--Woman in My Life/I Need You

Leviathan--EKS 45655--Remember the Times/Second Production

Livin Blues--6075 111--Wang Dang Doodle/Crazy Woman*

Livin Blues--JF 334 683--Sonny Boy/One Night Blues

Locomotion--TAR 61025--What a Day/For a Hero

Jackie Lomax--5C 006-91115 M--How the Web Was Woven/Thumbing a Ride

Lost and Found--SH 1510--No, No, No, No/The First Cut Is the Deepest

Love Affair--3366--Rainbow Valley/Someone Like Me*


Neil Macarthur--DM 20016--Don't Try to Explain/Without Her

Neil Macarthur--DM 225--She's Not There/World of Glass*

Majority One--PE 22.634 H--Game/I See Her Everywhere*

Marmalade--2948--I See the Rain/Laughing Man*

Marshmallow--CBS 7193--Hey Man/Have You Ever Heard

Maskers--DJ 25.715--Heat Wave/Death!!!

Mayfly--13 581 AT--Johnny/From Now On

Merseybeats--YF 278 703--Don't Turn Around/Really Mystified*

Merseys--267 612 TF--So Sad about Us/Love Will Come*

Merseys--267 732 TF--The Cat/Change of Heart*

Milk 'n' Cookies--???--Little Lost and Innocent/Just Friends

Mirage--JF 333 810--The Wedding of Ramona Blair/Lazy Man

Mirage--POF 078--Mystery Lady/Chicago Cottage*

Missing Link--14 733 AT--Flying/Walking Alone

Moan--JF 333 895--Flowers Everywhere/Every Day Is Just the Same

Moan--JF 336 038--Chocolate Sue/Drinking Too Much Beer*

Moby Dick--NG-189--Clear Days/Hold on Me*

Modesty Blaise--S 1330--Mingus/Your Way*

Mokum Beat Five--DS 1197--Trouw Nooit/Wat Scheelt Je Nou*

Moody Blues--DM 247--Never Comes the Day/So Deep Within You

Moody Blues--TH 21000--Watching and Waiting/Out and In

Motions--SH 146--Take Your Time/Make it Legal

Motions--NG 292--Wasted Words + 2

Motowns--???--Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye/In the Morning

Mountain--2008 067--Never in my Life/Silver Paper

Mountain--5C 006.90580 M--Dreams of Milk and Honey/This Wheel's on Fire*

Mud--???--Flower Power/You're My Mother

N & O

N.V. Groep '65--DS 1162--Dank Zij De Heer/Tanger

N.V. Groep '65--DS 1214--Pipe and You Like It/Lost

No Name--Eagle 3--Are You Satisfied Now Girl/No One's Brave Enough

Nou &--S 1243--Like My Dear Cigarette/So Nice

O.P.M.C.--22046 G--Big Stage Actress/Song for Marjolijn

O.P.M.C.--???--Communication Breakdown Blues/Firechild

Orange Bicycle--5C006-04351--Take Me to the Pilot/It's Not My World*

Outer Limits--DM. 125--Just One More Chance/Help Me Please*


Painting House--2050 137--It's So Fine/It's Alright*

Phoenix--FL 003--Ode to Jimi Hendrix/Reborn

Playboys--6100 027--Fill My Life with Your Love/I'm the Looser

Playground--4019--I Could Be So Good/The Girl Behind the Smile*

Poco--7138--C'mon/I Guess You Made It*


Q65--AT 10 383--Sundance/World of Birds*

Q65--NG 230--I Just Can't Wait/We're Gonna Make It*


Rise and Shine--6100 052--The Difference/Angela

Ro-d-ys--JF 334 690--Winter Woman/Looking for Something Better


Scarlets--AT 10 195--Now I Know/Please Come Home*

Sect--PS 010--Mrs. Lovesick/Pick a Bale o' Cotton*

Sharaton--VP-7483--Caught in the Act/Spotlight

Sharons--AT 10347--I Can't Believe/Mother, Buy Me a Gun

Shoes--S 1219--Na Na Na/Listen to the Lyrics of This Song

Shoes--S 1301--Emptiness/End of the Line

Shoes--2050 035--Adios Corazon/I'm on my Way*

Shoes--NG 403--Face to Face/No one Knows*

Shoes--NG 454--Make Up Your Make Up/Good Morning Everyone*

Silenus--???--Lady Fantasy/The Price Paid

Smoke--DEX 07--Jack Is Back/That's What I Want

Soft Machine--65 151--Love Makes Sweet Music/Fellin' Reelin' Squeelin'

Soul Serenade--AT 10 411--Face to Face with Heartaches/You've Lost That Smile*

Sound Magics--JF 333 658--Whatever You Do/Just for You*

Spirit of St. Louis--NG 210--Something Lazy/See Me Go*

Spooky Tooth--11001 AT--I Am the Walrus + 2*

Status Quo--7N 17665--Make Me Stay a Bit Longer/Auntie Nellie*

Status Quo--6059 101--Break the Rules/Lonely Night

Stephen Stills/Manassas--2091 212--The Treeasure + 2 

Streak--6101 016--Bang Bang Bullet/Black Jack Man

Sugar--4226--It Was Yesterday Today/11 A.M. Tuesday Morning Taxi*


Tee Set--NG 279--Shotguns/Horizon

Ten Years After--5C006-93975--Rock and Roll Music to the World/Choo Choo Mama

Them--F12094--Here Comes the Night/All for Myself (both sleeves)*

Them--F12281--Mystic Eyes/If You and I Could Be as Two (same pic as Hello Josephine)*

Them--AT 15075--Friday's Child/Time's Gettin' Tougher than Tough*

Them--AT 15097--Hello Josephine/Something You Got*

Timebox--DM 219--Girl Don't Make Me Wait/Gone Is the Sad Man* (same pic as below sleeve)

Timebox--DM 246--Baked Jam Roll in Your Eye/Poor Little Heartbreaker* (same pic as above sleeve)

Tower--AT 10364--In Your Life/Slow Motion Mind*  

Tremblers--EPC 8900--I'll Be Taking Her out Tonight/I Screamed Anne

Tremors--DS 1180--Don't You Fret/Put Me Down

Triffits--DS 1175--Monkey Business/Stay

Triks/Paramounts--DS 1189--Doe Maar Net Zoals Ik/Kan Ik Op Je Bouwen

Turquoise--NG 175--Who Knows/The Daughter of Johnny Ray

Twelve O'Clock--5C006-24642--Easy Come, Easy Go/Baby, Baby, Baby*  


Ugly Duck--NG 355--Sorry Dorry/Nights of Violence

Unit 4+2--267 729 TF--Butterfly/A Place to Go

Weather--334 702 BF--Jamboree Special/Two Peculiar People

Who--O 5944--My Generation/Shout and Shimmy

Who--O 55 006--Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere/I Canít Explain*

Who--OE 59001--A Legal Matter + 3*

Wild Turkey--5C 006-93872--Good Old Days/Life Is a Symphony

Windmill--SH 40 030--Lelia/Rainy Days

Wishbone Ash--MCS 6634--Blind Eye + 2*

Wislanie '69--5C 006-24405--Maybe She, Maybe You/Clear Sun*


Yes--2091 178--Roundabout/Long Distance Runaround*

Yes--2091 199--Something Is Coming/Dear Father*

Yes--ATL 10226--America/Total Mass Retain*

Yes--2019 018--Sweet Dream/Dear Father

Ypsilon--NG 285--Vector/Chemical

Zen--6012 018--Take Me Down to the Riverside/Let Me Try to Try*

Zombies--AT 15 106--I Love You/The Way I Feel Inside*


U.K. 45's want list

Amazing Friendly Apple--F 12887--Water Woman/Magician

Blonde on Blonde--EMB S 279--Castles in the Sky/Circles (picture of the group walking)

Fleetwood Mac--IM 080--Man of the World/Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight

Fleetwood Mac--RS 27007--The Green Manalishi/World in Harmony*

Jethro Tull--WIP 6077--Witch's Promise/Teacher*

John's Children--DB 8030--The Love I Thought I'd Found/Strange Affair (with promo pic sleeve)

Paul Layton--PAR 45901--Mister, Mister/Sing, Sadman, Sing

Max Baer/Seconds--MM 624--Come Do the Reggae/I Don't Care*

Mellow Candle--DM 357--Dan the Wing/Silversong

Nice--IM 068--America/The Diamond Hard Blue Apples of the Moon

Three Man Army--PGS 1--What's Your Name?/Travelin'


French 45's want list 

Les Abranis--102202--El Mossika/Thalithe

Affinity--6059 018--Eli's Coming/United States of Mind*

Amon Duul II--LBF 15 355--Archangel's Thunderbird/Burning Sister

Les Anonymes--22 010--Pourquoi + 3*

Atomic Heart--LF 180.000--Who Died in Vain/A Strange Woman Stairs

Autumn--15367--My Little Girl/Sun Sunshine*

Balthazar--INT. 80 247--Samantha/Le Monde en Papier*

Barclay James Harvest--2058 904--Hymn/Our Kid's Kid

Ronnie Bird--370.601--Le Pivert/De L'autre Cote Du Miroir*

Ronnie Bird--370.768--Rain in the City/Sad Soul

Blackfoot Sue--17620--Bye Bye Birmingham/Messiah*

Blow Mind--18 P. 11.07--We Won't Go Back to the Past/They're Coming*

Les Bowlers--70 975--Il Est Trop Tard + 3*

Brainbox--2C006 24238--Doomday Train/Good Morning, Day

Pete Brown/Piblokto--2C006-04361--Walk for Charity, Run for Money/Then I Must Go and Can I Keep*

Les Capitals--71134--L'arme D'amour + 3

Les Caves--I'm a King Bee  EP 

Classics IV--2C006-90984--Midnight/The Comic

Coeur Magique--BYG 129026--Le Cocotier (Pts. 1 & 2)*

Coeur Magique--129033--Wakan Tanka/Ellocia*

Deejays--27773--Blackeyed Woman EP

Eyes of Blue--127.435 MCF--Largo/Crossroads of Time*

Fairport Convention--WIP 6064--Si Tu Dois Partir/If You Gotta Go, Go Now

Falcons--PL-6701.04--Please Understand Me EP*

Flash--2C006-93559--Small Beginnings/Morning Haze*

Fleurs de Pavot--154 166 MCF--Le Train de Oh13/Dans Ma Garconniere*

Flypop's--79--Let Me Stay in the Sunshine/Sorrow

John Fred/Playboy Band--FSS 632--What Is Happiness/We Play Games

Chris Gallbert--79.573--Sing Sing/Paillasse

Gentilhommes--JBP 433--Prayer/Tales*

Golden Earrings--421 189--I've Just Lost Somebody/The Truth about Arthur*

Golden Earrings--421 406--Dong Dong Di Ki Di Gi Dong/Wake Up-Breakfast!*

Hard Horse--INT.80287--Let it Ride/Hang on Freddy

Keef Hartley Band--DM 316--Roundabout/Roundabout, Pt. 2

Holocauste--001--Hard Life/Newcomer*

House of Lilly--12.805--Turn Around/Situations

Impact--16771--I Need You Annie/After My Shade*

Influenza--45-1103--Astral Plane/Trick*

Les Irresistibles--4515--Girl I Loved You/Universe of Love*

James Gang--2C 006-93889--Had Enough/Kick Back Man*

Les Jelly Roll--???--Ces Maudits Personnages/Les Verites Sur le Police

Judas Jump--2C006-92117 M--I Have the Right/Beer Drinking Woman*

Kingbees--86521--On Your Way Down the Drain EP

Krews--121087--Somebody Stole My Girl/Everything Is Alright

Ronnie Lane--6078 103--How Come/Done This One Before

Love--INT. 80 132--Alone Again Or/A House Is Not a Motel*

Lucifer's Friend--6127 001--Ride the Sky/Baby You're a Liar

Manfred Mann--267 753 MF--So Long, Dad/Funniest Gig*

Marathon--154.644 MCF--Dee Duck/Au Coeur de la Nuit*

Dany Mario--???--She's Looking Good + 3

Maya--INT.80242--Endless Road/Blind Man's Bluff

McCoys--670 019--Say Those Magic Words/I Wonder if She Remembers Me

David McNeil--319909 BF--Visions + 1

Merry-Go-Round--???--She Laughed Loud/Had to Run Around

Mogul--5372--Hitchin'/Behind the Dark

Monument--AFA--Computer Love/Infarctus

Mother Nature--KV.5001--Orange Days and Purple Night/Where Did She Go

9:30 Fly--6010 063--September/Brooklyn Thoughts*

November--2C006-92842--Mount Everest/Nobody's Hand to Hold*

I Nuovi Angeli--J 6025 044--Donna Felicita

Ola/Janglers--VSM EGF 975--Alex  Is the Man EP

Opus--2C006-24136 M--Baby, Come On/Angela Grey*

Papoose--6011 029--Cabaret Rouge/One Two

Presence--V 45 1824--Le Jour S'est Leve/La Lumiere et la Folie*

Pretty Things--2C006-04420--The Good Mr. Square/Blue Serge Blues*

Prologue--EPC 7150--J'ai Peur/L'Hirondelle

Proud Mary--PE 22.536--I Want to Talk about Myself/We'll Make it Alright*

Sandwich--CBS 7544--For I Know/Silly Milly

Santa Maria--85.065--J'aime/Pour Etre Heureux

Shake Spears--070 981--The Saint EP

Shoreline--4404--I Like Rock 'n' Roll/All Your Love

Silver Apples--KV.533--Whirlybird/Oscillations

Smoke--SR 13--Jack Is Back/That's What I Want

Sonny & Cher--ATCO 114--Have I Stayed Too Long + 3

Sparkles--DMF--Tell Me EP

Cat Stevens--15.006 M--A Bad Night + 3

String Driven Thing--6073328--Circus/Hooked on the Road

Substance--PPN 4443--Viens, Saute Ce Fleuve/Armes et Fleurs

Them--79.091--Gloria/Baby Please Don't Go (same pic as Italian "Richard Cory")

Timebox--17.010--Come on Up/Woman What's Waiting

Travert & Cie--141301--Charter Sous la Mer/World's Going Mad*

UFO--CHA 121--Doctor Doctor/Lipstick Traces

Who--12.968--My Generation/I'm a Man

World of Oz--17.030--Willows' Harp/Like a Tear

Zoom--???--Bye Bye Honey Bee/Reve Anglais


German 45's want list


Acid--2139--Six to Seven/Midnight Queen

The All--TF-269 374--You Don't Have to Say/I Don't Go Back*

Andromeda--DV 11161--Galaxy/Andromeda*

Argent--5-9979--Schoolgirl/Like Honey

Udo Arndt/Safebreakers--D 19827--Hey Girl/Patsy Girl*

Atomic Rooster--501--Stand by Me/Never to Lose*

Atomic Rooster--504--Save Me/Close Your Eyes*


Barracuda--47-9660--The Dance at St. Francis/Lady Fingers*

Beatmen--GVES 13 573--Stand up and Go/As You Love Me*

Big Wheel--M 25238--Curly Girl/Upside Down*

Birth Control--M 25 304--No Drugs/All I Want Is You

Blackfoot Sue--12 703 AT--Summer/Glittery Obituary

Boots--U-55964--Alexander/I Don't Want to Go...*

Boston, The--3153--The Swingin' Creeper/Hitch-Hike*

Boston, The--5019--My Crazy Family/Cornflakes*

Alan Bown--61 170--Toyland/Technicolour Dream*

Alan Bown--61 205--We Can Help You/Magic Handkerchief*

Brainbox--1C006-24 027--Sea of Delight/Amsterdam, the First Days

Brainbox--1C006-24 034--Down Man/Woman's Gone

Brainbox--1C006-24 238--Doomsday Train/Good Morning, Day*

Buoys--DL 24020--Timothy/It Feels Good

Byrds--CBS-4590 U--I Wasn't Born to Follow/Ballad of Easy Rider

Byrds--1C006-94474--Things Will Be Better/For Free*


C.O.B.--2058 260--Blue Morning/Bones*

Caleidoscope--???--Kind of Sadness/I'm Waiting for You

Can--15 465--Turtles Have Short Legs/???

Champagne--AD 1098--Mr. Sunshine/The Loser*

Chin--AD 1138--The Smile on Her Face/Bookstore Blues

Neil Christian--DV 14 657--You're All Things Bright and Beautiful/I'm Gonna Love You Baby

Neil Christian--DV 14 685--Bit by Bit/Let Me Hear You Laugh*

Neil Christian--M 25.644--She's Got the Power/Someone's Following Me Around

Dave Clark Five--C-23721--No One Can Break a Heart.../You Don't Want

Dave Clark Five--1C 006-91 619--Here Comes Summer/Break Down and Cry*

Clover Leaf--BMB 2004--Time Will Show/Girl Where Are You Going To

Clover Leaf--BMB 2007--Don't Spoil My Day/Sweeter Better

Cracker Jack--M 25 368--Susann Cherie/Oh My Darling Helena

Cravinkel--6003 158--Keep on Running/Mr. Cooley*

Crow--DL 20 911--Slow Down/Cottage Cheese*


Damnation of Adam Blessing--35159--Back to the River/Driver

Darwin's Theory--19 596 AT--All the Time Clementine/A Long Long Long Long Way

Dave Dee--6007 003--My Woman's Man/Gotta Make You Part of Me

Johnny Deen/Deacons--52 801--It's Allright/Shotgun*

Deep Purple--1C006-95246--Might Just Take Your Life/Coronarias Redig

Demon Thor--35470--East & West/Ant Hill*

Donovan--DV 14486--Universal Soldier/Oh Deed I Do


Dave Edmunds--SS 19419--Queen of Hearts/Creature from the Black Lagoon

Eire Apparent--201 039--Rock 'n Roll Band/Yes, I Need Someone*


Exception--14002 AT--Rub it Down/It's Snowing in the Desert*

Exceptions--19 498 AT--The Eagle Flies on Friday/Girl Trouble


Fairfield Parlour--6059 008--Just Another Day/Caraminda...

Falcons--10 295 AT--Fever/Don't Let me Be Misunderstood*

Falcons--14 598 AT--Speedy Jack/Jeannie*

Flamin' Groovies--35 392 A--Slow Death/Tallahassee Lassie*

Wayne Fontana/Mindbenders--148 533 STF--It's Just a Little Bit Too Late/Long Time Comin'*

Foremost Authority--HT 300231--Childhood Friends/Woe Is Me*

John Fred/Playboy Band--DV 14769--Little Dum Dum/Tissue Paper

Fynn McCool--49.641--U.S. Thumbstyle/Diamond Lil


Gabriel--AK 7956--Pibroch/Steh' Auf, Meine Freundin

David Garrick--DV 14840--Maypole Mews/Like to Get to Know You Better

Glorious Five--CCA 5041--Cherylin/The Snowdrops*

Golden Earring--421-036--If You Leave Me/Waiting for You

Grail--M 25.266--Sunday Morning/Grail*

Grapefruit--45-15 050--Dear Delilah/Dead Boot (color sleeve)*  

Grisby Dyke--DM 232--The Adventures of Miss Rosemary La Page/Mary Ann She*

Guardians--60030--We've Got a Good Thing Going/Love Minus Zero

Gypsy--35 272--Changes Coming/Don't Cry on Me*


Hammers--AD 1094--Baby and Me/Little Butterfly*  

Hammers--AD 1119--Sugar Baby/Power of Love*

Hawkwind--35 566--Urban Guerilla/Brainbox Pollution

Holland--1C 006-97 525--Conversation/Place of Isolation

Hollies--14 093 AT--Do the Best You Can/Like Any Time Before

Hookfoot--12 112 AT--Sweet Sweet Funky Music/The Opener 

Humble Pie--10 031 AT--Shine On/Mister Ring


Idle Race--A-15 010--Here We Go Around.../My Father's Son*

Idle Race--15 237--Come with Me/The Skeleton and the Roundabout*

If--35356--You in Your Small Corner/Waterfall*

Information--DV 11105--Lovely to See You/Face to the Sun*

Irish Coffee--14 870 AT--Masterpiece/The Show*


Jackpots--19 488 AT--Walk Like a Man/Funny How Love Can Be

Jet Blacks--60 048--Black Tomorrow/Don't They Remember

July--14 203 AT--Hello Who's There?/The Way*


Kings Road--CBS S 1113--Lolly Sue/Good Morning Sunshine

Kinks--DV-14285--Tired of Waiting/Come on Now*

Kinks--DV-14941--Shangri La/This Man He Weeps Tonight*

Klaus and Servants--PPBO-7004--Maryann/Sweet Sweet Lady*

Krokodil--15270--You're Still a Part of Me/All Alone

Krokodil--15396--Tell Me What You Want/Blue Flashing Circle*


Left Side--1C006-24 138--Johnny/Silly Girl

Londoners--148 530 STF--Bring it on Home to Me/That's My Desire*

Lord Ulli--1C006-29 953--Sierra Nevada/Du Bist Mein Zuhaus

Lord Ulli--1C006-30 478--Danke Dem.../Eintagsfliege

Lord Ulli--1C006-45 028--Die Zahne von dem Zahn/Locker Vom Hocker

Lord Ulli & Co.--1C 006-31 356--I've Seen Your Face Again/Heaven Helps the Man*

Love--J 27055--August/Good Times*

Love Affair--1C006-04768--Wake Me I Am Dreaming/That's My Home

Lovin' Spoonful--M 27.003--Summer in the City/Daydream*


Neil Macarthur--DM 225--She's Not There/World of Glass*

Machine--M 25.229--Lonesome Tree/Mohammed Street*

Manfred Mann--TF-267 610--Just Like a Woman/I Wanna Be Rich (both sleeves)*

Masks--19030--Baby Blue/Danny Boy

Matchmakers--DV 11094--Thank You Baby/Sandy*

John Mayall--2066 118--Prisons on the Road/Marriage Madness*

Lee Michaels--10 881 AT--Can I Get a Witness/You Are What You Do

Steve Miller Band--80538--Going to the Country/Never Kill Another Man

$ (Money) Music--RC 1006--No One Knows the Day/Goodtime*

Moody Blues--DM 247--Never Comes the Day/So Deep Within You*

Motions--18 542 AT--For Another Man/I've Waited So Long

Motions--19 470 AT--I Want You, I Need You/Suzie, Baby

N & O

Nerve--19 970 AT--Magic Spectacles/Come the Day

New England--ELK 12544--Get it Up/Holdin' Out

New Inspiration--6003 136--Judy Please/Lonesome Way

Newcomers--CBS 3282--You and Me/Have You Seen My Baby Comin'*

Next One--1C006-25 390--Little Spanish Sailor/Sweet Surrender

Nyrvana Pancake--???--Open Your Eyes/Lonesome Boy

Ohio Express--2011 032--Hot Dog/Ooh La La

Ola/Janglers--14 447 AT--Um Um Um/Hold on to What You See

Omega--BL 11261--Perlen im Haar, Pts. 1 & 2

Outer Limits--DM 125--Just One More Chance/Help Me Please*

Outsiders--AT-19 680--Touch/Ballad of John B.*


Penny Wonder--6003 197--Come On/Angela

Peppermint Circus--2015 001--Let Me Go/School Days

Petards--15 343--Baby Man/On the Road Drinking Wine*

Petards--15 399--Don't You Feel Like Me/Rainy Day

Petards--S 1007--Lazy Moon/Shoot Me up to the Moon

Pop Drive Ltd.--???--Maxwell's Silver Hammer/Wild Jam

Potliquor--1C006-92486--You're No Good/Price 20c a Copy

Jim Powell--DV 14924--I Can Go Down/Captain Man*

Pretty Things--TF-267 388--Don't Bring Me Down/We'll Be Together*

Pretty Things--1C006-04 812--Stone-Hearted Mama + 2*

Q & R

Rackers--Sch 5--Love Is Lavish/Please Be Mine

Rats--BF 18282--Turtle Dove/Oxford Donna*

Remo Four--STF-148 552--Peter Gunn/Mickey's Monkey*

Rhinoceros--J.27034--I Need Love/Belbuekus*

Ringleaders--FU 1012--This World Could Be a Beauty/I Want You My Baby Every Day

Rivets--STF-148 561--L.O.V.E./Yum Yum*

Rivets--STF-148 574--Wade in the Water/She Hardly Ever Calls Me Honey*

Rolling Stones--DL 25 222--19th Nervous Breakdown/As Tears Go By (color group photo in front of white iron fence)


Sahara--16 615 AT--Flying Dancer/For all the Clowns*

Sandwich--CBS 7544--For I Know/Silly Milly

Sandwich--1C006-30.368--Family Mama/I Need Love*

Santana--CBS 5323--Black Magic Woman/Hope You're Feeling Better

Satin Whale--6.12533 AC--Die Kundigung/Double Up Your Hands

Savage Grace--RA 0952--All Along the Watchtower/Come on Down

Shaggys--Bi 7--I'm Shy/O.K.*

Shakane--BF 18149--Love Machine/Mr. Jackson

Shamrocks (U.K.)--AT-18138--Shame, Shame, Shame/Down Home Special*

Shocking Blue--2001 477--Let Me Carry Your Bag/I Saw You in June

Shorty--2088 023--Hey Baby, What's Your Name/Judy Run Run

Shy Limbs--4190--Reputation/Love

Silver Strings--345 736--Shake the Last Dance with Me/Oh, Lonesome Me!*

Sir Douglas Quintet--127 463 MCF--Dynamite Woman/Too Many Dociled Minds*

Skin Alley--M 25.457--You Got Me Danglin'/Skin Valley Serenade*

Slyboots--Bi 330--I Feel So Good/Here's a Heart

Sonics--SCH 2--Hitch Hike/Gypsy

Sonics--19 956 AT--Hey Baby/Heartbreak City

Sound Machine--1190--Black Sugar Honey/Women

Sovereigns--CCA 5014--Hm Baby/You'll Understand*

Spectrum--47-15149--Free/The Tale of Wally Toft*


Spirit--4565--Dark Eyed Woman/New Dope in Town*

Spirit--4773--1984/Sweet Stella Baby*

Spirit of St. Louis--14 829 AT--Something Lazy/See Me Go*

Steppenwolf--1C006-92 323--Snow Blind Friend/Hippo Stomp*

Cat Stevens--DM 118--I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun/School Is Out*

Rod Stewart--6052 116--I'm Losing You/Mandolin Wind*

Rod Stewart--6052 171--You Wear it Well/Lost Paraguayos

Rod Stewart--6167 033--Farewell/Bring it on Home to Me/You Send Me

Stories--2013 044--I'm Coming Home/You Told Me*

Streak--376--Bang Bang Bullet/Black Jack Man

Summer Set--52 961--Overnight Changes/It's a Dream*

Swinging London--???--Space Cowboy/Linda


10 CC--6008 014--I'm Not in Love/Good News

Thanes--FU 11015--Nonsense Is Better/Beginning Word*

Timebox--DM. 153--Don't Make Promises/Walking Thorghu the Streets of My Mind

Toby Twirl--DL 25 361--Movin' In/Utopia Daydream

Together--14 416 AT--Memories of Melinda/Good Morning World*

Ton Steine Scherben--TP 1001--Macht Kaputt/Was Euch Kaputt Macht (group cover)

Trademark--1010--Watch the Garden/Find Your Way

Troggs--AT-14 155--Hip Hip Hooray/Say Darlin'*

Troggs--AT-14 418--Jingle Jangle/No. 10 Downing Street*

Tucky Buzzard--1C 006-80 864--She's a Striker/Heartbreaker

Twangy Gang--14 112 AT--Girl's Love/Real Good Love*

Twangy Gang--4250--Vampire/Crystal Glas

Tyrannousaurus Rex--59 236--One Inch Rock/Salamanda Palaganda*

(Tyrannousaurus Rex)T-Rex--13 565 AT--Light of Love/Venus Loon*

U & V

Uniques--DV 14788--How Lucky/You Don't Miss Your Water

Uriah Heep--10 429 AT--Look at Yourself/What Should Be Done*

Nils van Hill/Gem--5018--Bulldog/Please Read Me*


Walkers--6019 140--I Do the Show Just for You/Face the Reality*

Wards of Court--DM 127--All Night Girl/How Could You Say One Thing

Washington D.C.'s--CBS-2226--32nd Floor/Whole Lot More*

Wild Uncertainty--M 979--A Man with Money/Broken Truth*

Wind--S 9168--The Princess and the Minstrel/Schlittenfahrt*

Windmill--MC 2386--Wilbur's Thing/Two's Company, Three's a Crowd

Winy--AD 1120--Step by Step/My Son John

World of Oz--DM 187--The Muffin Man/Peter's Birthday

World of Oz--DM 205--King Croesus/Jack*

Neil Young--RA 0911--Cinnamon Girl/Sugar Mountain


Irish 45's want list

Kingbees--TPO 103--I'm a Kingbee/My Little Red Book


Israeli 45's want list

Explosive--S 12001--Miss Alice's Garden + 3*

Fallen Angels--EP-4741--Don't Want to Fall + 3*

Guess Who--74-0325--American Woman/No Sugar Tonight*

Jimi Hendrix Experience--EP-IP 1011--Purple Haze + 3

Lions of Juda--8150--Made Me Cry/Give Me

Lions of Juda--74035--Mary Cries Help + 3

Spiders--B-45-687--Cool It/Pass Away  the Days*

Uzi/Styles--45-672--Daytime Nightime/I've Got Sunshine


Italian 45's want list

Animals--F 12502--Help Me Girl/See See Rider*

Apostoli--SPS 216--Robinson/Chi Mai Lo Sa

Beatles--QMSP 16389--Run for Your Life/Michelle*

Beau Brummels--WB 1024--Bang Bang/Monday, Monday*

Black Birds--A 7572--Dolce Delilah/Torna Verso IlSole

Bushmen--LEN 130--La Linea Verde/Pioggia

Bushmen--MG 02--Uomo/Jezebel

Camaleonti--DM 1005--Sha... La La La La/Tu Credi In Me

Camaleonti--DM 1016--La Liberta.../Non C'e' Piu' Nessuno

Camaleonti--DM 1025--Portami Tante Rose/Una Risposta

Camaleonti--DM 1029--Il Mare Non Racconta Mai/Alla Nostra Eta

Camaleonti--DM 1046--Credo/Ci Vuole Poco

Camaleonti--DM 1061--Punto Bianco/Non Cade Il Mondo

Camaleonti--7478--Oggi Il Cielo E' Rosa/Vanessa

Camaleonti--4038--Cuore Di Vetro/Amico Di Ieri, Amico Perduto

Camaleonti--???--Perche Ti Amo/Vado in Bianco

Capsicum Red--BBR 1306--Ocean/She's a Stranger*

Casuals--2368--Il Sole Non Tramontera + 2*

Children--1045--Maypole/I'll Be Your Sunshine*

De De Lind--6027 001--Mille Anni/Ti Devo Lasciare

Gli Angeli--417--Butta la Corda/I'm a Boy (DoveVuoi)

Heavyweights--BF/ES 96--Utterly Funky/Shambala

Herman's Hermits--SCMQ 7086--I Can Take or Leave Your Loving/London Look*

Hollies--QMSP 16375--Yes I Will/Nobody

Hollies--QMSP 16395--Bus Stop/Don't Run and Hide*

Hunter--PEN 935--Rock On/Real Life Game

Jethro Tull--CHN 2075--Minstrel in the Gallery/Summerday Sands

Jethro Tull--CHN 2086--Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll.../Rainbow Blues

Kinks--3C006-98911--Sleepwalker/Full Moon

Knocker Jungle--???--I Don't Know Why/Reality

Lions--CE 20165--These Boots Are Made for Walkin'/I Want You*

Neil Macarthur--DM. 230--She's Not There/World of Glass*

Manfred Mann--7MQ 1917--Do Wah Diddy Diddy/What You Gonna Do?

Mat 65--NP 16209--Io Suono/La Bestia Nera*

Motowns--PM45 3414--Prendi La Chitarra e Vai/Una Come Lei*

Motowns--PM45 3420--Sagamafina/Mister Jones

Motowns--Ld A 7629--Sogno, Sogno, Sogno/Hello to Mary*

Motowns--Ld A 7667--Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye/In the Morning*

New Trolls--1392--Io Che Ho Te/Lei Midiceva*

New Trolls--1415--Una Miniera/Sole Nascera

Night Birds--SCMQ 7043--Ha Vinto L'amore/Tra Le Mie Cose

Night Birds--SCMQ 7079--Alla Resa Dei Conti/Richard Cory*

I Nuovi Angeli--QCA 1377--I Can't Control Myself/Sunny Afternoon

I Nuovi Angeli--Ld A 7517--Happy Together/Lonely Street

I Nuovi Angeli--SC 1111--Non Piange Ringo Starr/Nonna Papera*

I Pooh--VVN 33148--In Silenzio/Piccola Katy*

Quelli--SRL 10.590--Dietro Al Sole/Quattro Pazzi

Quick--DM 155--I Can't Sleep/Soul Full of Sorrow*

I Ribelli--ACC 24034--A la Buena de Dios/Sanremo 66*

I Ribelli--ACC 24039--Per Una Lira/Ehi...Voi!*

Rogers--BE-NP-5021--Chiedimi Tutto/Canta Franky*

Roky's Fily--CB 002--Ingrid/Lospetro

Rolling Stones--F 11845--Not Fade Away/Little by Little*

Rolling Stones--RS 19301--It's only Rock 'n' Roll/Through the Lonely Nights*

Thane Russal--2049--Security/Your Love Is Burning Me*

Patrick Samson Group--AN 4093--Shibidibibbi/Midnight Hour*

Samurai--UA 3136--Fresh Hot Breeze of Summer/Shu-Shu

I Satelliti--SRL 10.429--Perche Non Scegli Me/La Vita e Come un Giorno

I Satelliti--SRL 10.442--Bababa-Ba/Quando Sei Con Me

I Satelliti--SRL 10.455--Mondo Mio/Che Ore Sono*

Sauterelles--SCMQ 7001--Janet/I Love How You Love Me*

Shoes--DE.2694--Farewell in the Rain/???

Nick Simper's Dynamite--CBS 3052--St. Louis/Soul Rider*

Young Rascals--90173x45--Slow Down/Baby Let's Wait*

Zombies--F 12125--She's Coming Home/I Must Move*

Zombies--F 12798--I Love You/The Way I Feel Inside


Japanese 45's want list


Amen Corner--LS 168--Bend Me Shape Me + 3* 

Andwella--HR-2921--Mississippi Water/People's People*

Animals--DM-1174--House of the Rising Sun/Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Axiom--P-1063--My Baby's Gone/Hold the Phone


Skip Battin--ISR-10282--Central Park/The St. Louis Browns 

Beach Boys--CR-1482--Barbara Ann/Girl Don't Tell Me*

Beach Boys--CR-1746--Caroline No/Summer Means New Love

Bedlam--CH-5--I Believe in You/Whiskey and Wine 

Black Stones--CP-1002--Mr. Bluebird/When You Love Me

Blackjack--SG-62262--Love Me Tonight/Heart of Mine

Pete Brown/Battered Ornaments--OR-2649--Dark Lady/Morning Call 

Byrds--Sone-70114--Ballad of the Easy Rider + 3 


Casuals--TOP-1437--Love Me Tonight/Never My Love*

Chicory--ECPB-234--Good Grief Christina/Move On*

Dave Clark Five--OR-1521--All Night Long/Try Too Hard*

Joe Cocker--AM104--She Came in Thru the Bathroom Window/Give Peace a Chance

Creedence Clearwater Revival--LR-2442--Cotton Fields/It Came out of the Sky*

D & E

Dave Dee--SFL-1297--Annabella/Kelly

Dee Jays--DP-1501--Coming on Strong/Dimples

Deep Feeling--XR-2703--Skyline Pidgeon/We've Thrown it All Away

Donovan--45S-238-Y--Donna Donna/Catch the Wind

D'Swooners--FS 3024--Hold On + 3

Dynamites--VP-17--Bara To Akuma/Yume-Demo Iisa

Eyes of Blue--SM-1072--Largo/Crossroads of Time


Fairport Convention--FON-1060--Genesis Hall/Si Tu Dois Partir

Marianne Faithful--LS 83--As Tears Go By + 3*

Flying Machine--LL-2368-Y--The Flying Machine/Hanging on the Edge of Sadness*

Free--PRP1010--Wishing Well/All Right Now

G & H

Happenings Four--CP-1010--I Want You/Why?*

Hard Stuff--EOR-10124--Jay Time/The Orchestrator

Keef Hartley Band--D-1098--Plain Talkin'/We Are All the Same

Mike Harrison/Junkyard Angel--HIT-5010--Pain/Mother Nature  

Hep Stars--DP-1518--Bald Headed Woman/Lonesome Town


Jerusalem--D-1109--Kamakazi Moth/Frustration

July--LL-2193-M--My Clown/Dandelion Seeds*

Led Zeppelin--DT-1180--Immigrant Song/Out on the Tiles

Litter--HIT-1671--Silly People/Feeling

Love Affair--82016--Bring on Back the Good Times/Another Day

Lovin' Spoonful--DK-1005--You Didn't Have to Be So Nice/My Gal

Lovin' Spoonful--DK-1013--Six O'Clock/The Finale*


Mamas & Papas--HR 2180--Do You Wanna Dance/My Girl

Marmalade--TOP-1610--My Little One/Is Your Life Your Own?*

Matthews' Southern Comfort--D-1133--Tell Me Why/To Love*

Moody Blues--TOP-1101--Boulevard de la Madeleine/This Is My House

Mops--LP-1203--Jenny Jenny '70/Participation

Mops--LTP-4342--Tadori Tsuitara Itsumo Amefuri + 3*

Mott the Hoople--ECPB-242--Honaloochie Boogie/Rose*

Move--DP-1584--Fire Brigade/Walk Upon the Water* 

Move--DP-1594--The Girl Outside/Cherry Blossom Clinic*

Nashville Teens--TOP-1005--I Know How it Feels to Be Loved/Soon Forgotten

P & Q

PG&E--5204--Father Come on Home/Elvira

Painter--P-1276E--West Coast Woman/Space Truck*

Peter & Gordon--OR-1989--You've Had Better Times/Sipping My Wine

Peter & Gordon--OP-4227--Lady Godiva + 3*

Plastic Penny--SFL-1157--Everything I Am/No Pleasure...

Poco--YK-818-AB--Rose of Cimarron/Too Many Nights Too Long

Poets--HIT-436--Now We're Thru/There Are Some

Procol Harum--DP-1654--A Salty Dog/Long Gone Geek*

Pyg--DR 1649--Nothing Free/The Days Already Past*

R & S

Todd Rundgren--P-38W--Good Vibrations/When I Pray

Savoy Brown--TOP-1434--Stay with Me Baby/Getting to the Point

Sharp Hawks--HIT-721--Let Me Go!/Lonely Love*

Smubbs--UP-146-T--The Murder of a Child/The Shadows of a Dream*

Soft Machine--HIT-1647--Why Are We Sleeping/Joy of a Toy

Sonny & Cher--DAT-1013--A Beautiful Story/Podunk

Ringo Starr--EAR-10529--Oh My My/Step Lightly

Status Quo--LL-2249-Y--Make Me Stay a Bit Longer/Technicolor Dreams

Status Quo--LL-2396-Y--Down the Dustpipe/Face Without a Soul

Status Quo--UP-445-Y--Mean Girl/Everything

Status Quo--SFL-1792--Paper Plane/Don't Waste My Time

Status Quo--SFL-1834--Caroline/Joanne

Sunshine Company--LR-1831--Happy/Back on the Street Again*

Sunshine Company--LR-2204--On a Beautiful Day/Bolero

Swinging Blue Jeans--OR-1249--It Isn't There/Tutti Frutti


Taxman--P-26--Sorrow of the King/Morgen Bist Du Nicht Mehr Allein

Taxman--P-38--The Yacht and the Boy/Girl Like a Canary

Taxman--P-64--Choo Choo Love/Teach Me Love

Them--OH-101--Gloria + 3*

Ultimate Spinach--DM-1169--Ego Trip/Your Head Is Reeling

Voltage--US-587J--Amy My Amy/Shakin' My Soul

Voltage--US-605J--Today/Nancy I Love


Malaysian 45's want list

Fallen Angels--112 701 BE--Most Children Do + 3*

Gun--CBS 2605--Hobo/Don't Look Back

PG&E--CBS 2625--Are You Ready?/Staggolee

Shakane--UR-28--I (Who Have Nothing) + 3*


Mexican 45's want list

Animals--EX 45593--House of the Rising Sun + 3*

Cryan' Shames--???--Sugar and Spice/Heat Wave/I Wanna Meet You/We Could Be Happy

Jimi Hendrix/Curtis Knight--2204--Satisfaction + 3*

Status Quo--Pye/Orfeon EPI-205--In My Chair + 3*

Yardbirds--EPEM-10195--Little Games + 3*


New Zealand

Challenge--IR 1047--Gone, Gone, Gone/Reflections of Charles Brown*


Norwegian 45's want list

Beatles--R 5655--Hello, Goodbye/I Am the Walrus

Beatnicks--TN 482--I'm Not Sorry/I've Never Let You Down*

Dave Davies--7N 17514--Lincoln County/There Is No Life Without Love

Difference--NA 1331--Ballad of a Broken Heart/Outside

Difference--6084 208--There's a Light/Dead Man's World

Firebeats, Inc.--AL 6132--Let Me Tell You/Little Girl

Firebeats, Inc.--AL 6141--Alone Again/Trying to Make You See

Wayne Fontana/Mindbenders--267.523 TF--It Was Easier to Hurt Her/You Made Me What I Am Today*

Humble Pie--AMS 862--I Don't Need No Doctor/A Song for Jennie*

Iveys--Apple 5--Maybe Tomorrow/And Her Daddy's a Millionaire*

Limeys--JD 7118--You I Do/Got to Get Home

Manfred Mann--POP 1466--If You Gotta Go, Go Now/Stay Around*

Peter & Gordon--DB 8198--The Jokers/Red, Cream and Velvet

Public Enemies--T 9525--Sunny/We're Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town

Public Enemies--TN 441--Shotgun/Pride and Joy*

Pussycats--NH 66800--A Night of Life/Rain

Saints--NA 45-1317--Problems/Tried to Tell You

Scavers--???--Love Minus Zero/Take it or Leave It

Status Quo--7N 17998--In My Chair/Gerdundula (same pic as Dutch "Make Me...")*

Tages--SD 6024--There's a Blind Man.../Like a Woman

Vanguards--TN 455--Min Barndoms By/Pass Deg Selv

Yardbirds--DB 7594--Heart Full of Soul/Steeled Blues (same pic as below)

Yardbirds--DB 7706--Evil Hearted You/Still I'm Sad

Yardbirds--DB 7848--Shapes of Things/You're a Better Man Than I (same pic as Swedish "Over Under...")*

Yardbirds--DB 7928--Over Under Sideways Down/Jeff's Boogie (same pic as Swedish "Over Under...")*

Zoom--NA 1334--Coloured Rain/Ticket to Ride


Portuguese 45's want list

Amen Corner--IM 081--Hello Susie/Evil Man's Gonna Win

Animals--SLEM 2180--The House of the Rising Sun + 3*

Animals--PEP 1151--Inside Looking Out + 3 (laminated cover)*

BZN--N-S-28-141--Sweet Silver Anny/Searching*

BZN--N-S-28-146--Barber's Rock/Home Where I'm Going

Beatles--LMEP 1248--Eleanor Rigby + 3*

Beatles--8E016-05 892--Hey Jude + 2*

Beatniks--TE 1077--Sing it Along + 2

Beckett--N-S-66-35--Little Girl/My Lady*

Birth Control--3677--Gamma Ray, Pts. 1 & 2*

Black Sabbath--6059 050--Children of the Grave/Solitude

Black Sabbath--6059 061--Tomorrow's Dream/Laguna Sunrise

Blind Faith--59 318--Sea of Joy/Can't Find My Way Home

Bones--8E006-93871--Roberta/The Bust Song*

Box Tops--PSE 528--I Shall Be Released + 3

Paul Brett Sage--PATS 7012--Reason for Your Asking/The Sun Died*

Chicory Tip--CBS 1258--Good Grief Christina + 1

Chicory Tip--S 8021--What's Your Name/Memory

Joe Cocker--N-35-24--Cry Me a River/Give Peace a Chance

Joe Cocker--2016 082--You Are So Beautiful/I Get Mad

Creedence Clearwater Revival--N-55-2--Bad Moon Rising/Lodi

Dave Davies--PAT 54002--Death of a Clown + 3

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich--P 65 014 TE--Last Night in Soho + 3*

Deep Purple--8E006-95246--Might Just Take Your Life/Coronarias Redig*

Delirium--CET 4.004--Jasahel/King's Road

Eagles--8E 006-94 552--Tequila Sunrise/Twenty-One

Faces--N-63-11--Stay with Me/You're So Rude

Free--6068 013--All Right Now/Mouth Full of Grass

Free--6014 033--Stealer/Lying in the Sunshine

Free--6014 040--Fire and Water/Oh I Wept

Gee Bros--N-S-66-19--Canta Canta Libre/The World Said No

Ghost--GMS 007--When You're Dead/Indian Maid*

Harmony Grass--TP544--Cecilia + 3

Hawkwind--N-S-14-53--Silver Machine/Seven By Seven

Herman's Hermits--20054--She's a Lady/Gold Mandela

Hollies--LMEP 1285--King Midas in Reverse + 3

Holy Mackerel--CBS S 8447--Rock 'a' Bye/New Black Shoes*

Hookfoot--8E006 95216 MF--So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star/Mr. Money*

Humble Pie--IM 082--Natural Born Boogie/Wrist Job*

Jefferson Airplane--TP-349--The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil + 3

Janis Joplin--4655--Kozmic Blues/Little Girl Blue

Looking Glass--EPC 8213--Brandy/One by One

Macarthur Park--6006 086--Lotti, Lotti/Love Is Coming

John Mayall--59351--Don't Waste My Time/Don't Pick a Flower

Moody Blues--PF 13809--Driftwood/I Am Your Man*

Off Broadway--11584--Automatic/So Long

Queen--8E006.96 255--Now I'm Here/Sheer Heart Attack

Rolling Stones--PEP 1092--The Last Time + 3*

Santana--7046--Oye Como Va/Samba Pa Ti

Santana--7546--Everybody's Everything/Guajira

Santana--5671--She's Not There/Zulu

Sharaton--RS 443 RODA--Day and Night/Rainbow

Sonny & Cher--EP-02-18--Plastic Man + 3

Status Quo--PATS 7032--Mean Girl/Everything

Status Quo--6059 114--Down Down/Night Ride

Steeleye Span--6155 024--Thomas the Rhymer/The Mooncoin Jig

Rod Stewart--6052097--Reason to Believe/Maggie May

Rod Stewart--6052371--`Oh No! Not My Baby/Jodie

Rod Stewart--NS-63-123--You're in My Heart/You Got a Nere

Strawbs--8E006 94 284--Part of the Union/???

Tee Set--SAT 821--In Your Eyes/You Keep Me Rockin'

Tee Set--SAT 838--Shotguns/Horizon

Troggs--6015 038--Hip Hip Hooray + 3

Turtles--LES 572--She'd Rather Be with Me + 3

Xarhanga--30.043--Acid Nightmare/Wish Me Luck

Xarhanga--30.047--Smashing Life/Great Goat

Yes--N-28-115--Your Move/Clap*

Neil Young--NS-66-31--Time Fades Away/Last Trip to Tulsa


Singapore 45's want list

Black Sabbath--6059 010--Paranoid/The Wizard

Choise--POF 168--Cecilia/She's a Man

Mindbenders--TE 436 515--Schoolgirl + 3


South African 45's

Aerophone--357--Sweet Sweet Suzie/Of Tomorrow

Birds of a Feather--TRS-E-9094--Come on Up/Down in the Valley*

Birds of a Feather--TRS-E9099--Love Is a Beautiful Thing/Dream Baby

Hedgehoppers Anonymous--???--Don't Push Me/Please Don't Hurt Your Heart

Hobos--SCE 712--If I Never Saw/What Can I Do

Hoochie Coochies--A 312--I'm a Boy/I'm Sorry about That

Kynd--SPD 392--Shy Girl/Looking for You*

Pretty Things--TF 712--Rosalyn/Big Boss Man*

Pretty Things--FEP 105--Road Runner + 3*

Sonny & Cher--PD 9058--What Now My Love/I Look for You

Troggs--TOS 508--Evil Woman/Sweet Madeleine*


Spanish 45's want list 

A & B

Abel--M 20-213--Please World/Lost Control

Aerosmith--5842--Draw the Line/Bright Light Fright

After Life--S-5303--Try People Try/Really Love You

Agua de Regaliz--SN.20368--Waiting in the Munster's Garden + 3

Alice Cooper--853--School's Out/Under My Wheels*

Argosy--NOX 114--Imagine/Mr. Boyd

Bad Company--13 860-A--Good Lovin' Gone Bad/Whisky Bottle*

Bad Company--16 586-A--Run with the Pack/Young Blood*

Jeff Beck Group--EPC-7720--Got the Feeling + 1

Big Wheel--MO 780--If I Stay Too Long/Little Woman

Blackfoot Sue--1J006-93.780--Standing in the Road/Celestial Pain*

Blue Moons--07.864--Ha-Lee-Loo-Ya/Mary Mary*

Bones--1J006-93 871--Roberta/The Bust Song*

Edgar Broughton Band--1J006-04.685--Apache Drop Out/Freedom*

Los Buenos--AC7--Hola Hi Hello/Groovy Woovy

Los Buenos--AC9--My Baby/Summer Talk*


Cerebrum--4004--Time's Door/It's So Hard

Los Chorbos--3681--Tendras una Nueva Ilusion/Sones del Chicharro

Circus--???--Hay Que Luchar/Stop It

Dave Clark Five--103--Red Balloon/Maze of Love*

Dave Clark Five--106--Live in the Sky/Children*

Clock--4007-B--Hang On/Your Smile

Cupid's Inspiration--CBS-3500--Yesterday Has Gone + 1


Deep Purple--92.301--Strange Kind of Woman/I'm Alone*

Donovan--PYEP-2080--Catch the Wind + 3

Donovan--HPY-337-18--Turquoise + 3


Elephant's Memory--MO-1127--Mongoose/Comando*

The End--SN-20.002--You'd Better Believe Me, Baby/You Must Do Something*

Equipe 84--360 164 PF--Nel Cuore Nell Anima/Ladro*

Equipe 84--360 262 PF--Tutta Mia la Citta/Cominciava Cosi*

Exitos de Locomocion--9.249/50--Mentirosa + 3

F & G

Flame--1J-006-92.063--See the Light + 1

Free--60 14 038--Stealer/Songs of Yesterday*

Furia--06.004--Hermosa Vida/Furia

Galaxia--MO 1105--La Noticia/Caminando

Grand Funk--1J006-81.115--Upsetter/No Lies

Grand Funk--1J006-81.270--Rock 'n' Roll Soul/Flight of the Phoenix

Grand Funk--1J006-81.879--Bad Time/Good & Evil*


Hector--1J006-95746--Bye Bye Bad Days/Lady

Hep Stars--B-2.506--Malaika/It's Nice to Be Back*

Hep Stars--B-2.514--Wedding + 1

Herd--TF-267-892--Sunshine Cottage/Miss Jones*

Herman's Hermits--63.185-- I Can Take or Leave Your Loving + 1

Honest Men--1J006-24.412--Help!/Who You Got to Love

Human Beinz--2.198--The Face/Every Time Woman*

I, J, K, L

Los Iberos--MO 788--Back in Time/Fantastic Girl

Los Iberos--MO 1308--Manana/Isabel

Jo Jo Gunne--1J006-93.692--Shake that Fat/I Make Love*

Janis Joplin--8241--Down on Me + 1

Kincade--06.047--Do You Remember Marilyn?/The Love of a Lady*

Paul King--MO 639--So Right/Walk on and On

Kinks--231--Autumn Almanac/David Watts*

Livin Blues--13.703--Boogie Woogie Woman/Ricochet*

Lone Star--1J 006.20175--No Not My Baby/Lyla

Long Story--9267/8--Words from Your Heart + 3


Neil Macarthur--MO 641--She's Not There/World of Glass*

March Hare--ME 444--Cry My Heart/With My Eyes Closed*

Marmalade--CBS-3708--Wait for Me Mary-Anne/Mess Around*

Marmalade--1J-006 97.528--Falling Apart at the Seams + 1

Marmalade--10C 006-98381--What You Need Is a Miracle/Rusty Hands of Time*

Me & Them--2062--Tell Me Why + 3*


Los Mil-lers--FM 68.172--Busca el Camino + 3

Mode--20.007--What You Been Doing/Love Is to Blame, Not You

Modificacion--J 006-20.644--Llegara el Dia Que Me Quieras/Annelie

La Mosca--SN 20.461--Turn Around + 1

Motivos--20 62 027--Busca un Amigo/Alarma!

N, O, P, Q    

New Trolls--45.349-A--Duemila/Signore Io Sono Irish*

New Trolls--10C 006-061944--It's Downtown/I Can See the Rain*

Pebbles--07-605--Huma La La La La/Geneveve

Peter & Gordon--PL 63.152--Knight in Rusty Armour/The Flower Lady*

Primer Wagon--SN-20.386--Rosa Maria/Cuba-Libre*

Queen--1J006-97.944--You're My Best Friend/'39*

Queen--1J006-98.819--Tie Your Mother Down/You and I


(Rolling Stones) Mick Jagger--1051--Memo from Turner + 1

Rubys--2.610--Stay with Me + 1 

Rusty Harness--S-5166--Ain't Gonna Get Married/Goodbye*


Los Salvajes--PL 63.176--Massachusetts/El Don Juan

Shock--20.706--I Want to Laugh/No Se Puede Ser Superman

Simon K/Meantimers--TT 2018--Bring Your Love Back to Me/You Know I Do

Slam Creepers--2.507-B--It's Saturday/Hold It Baby*

Slam's (Slam Creepers)--2.609-B--Hold it Baby/We Are Happy People


Los Sonadores--???--Judy in Disguise + 1

Spectrum--3-10257--Samantha/Saturday's Child

Steppenwolf--1J 006-90.964--Monster + 1

Steppenwolf--91.994--Who Needs Ya/Earschplittenloudenboomer*

Steppenwolf--92.706--Ride with Me/For Madmen Only*

Cat Stevens--ME 293--Matthew and Son/Granny*

Cat Stevens--ME 370--Kitty/I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun

Strawberry Alarm Clock-LSS 618--Incense and Peppermints/The Birdman of Alkatraz

T, U, V

Los Talismanes--S-1011--Salta a la Combo/East Side Story

Ten Years After--61 55 031--Stone Me/Look into my Life*

Tenderfoot Kids--???--Time Is Up/Intoxication*

Tomcats--436 388--A Tu Vera + 3*   

Tower--MO 778--Captain Decker/Steps into Space*

Tremeloes--3234--Suddenly You Love Me/As You Are*

The True--T-23--Let Me Love + 2

W, X, Y, Z

Warhorse--60 59 027--St. Louis/No Chance* 

Yes--871--America/Total Mass Retain*

Young Rascals--511--Carry Me Back + 1


Swedish 45's want list

Bates--S 4505--She's Gone/The Times Have Changed*

Beathovens--TD-284--I Need Someone/About the Sun*

Cads--R 45-2015--Get out of My Life Woman/Call My Name*

Candle--MAL 5013--In a Vision/Matthew, Little Man

Caretakers--SWES 1178--Unchained Melody/All You Got to Do

Casuals--F 22784--Jesamine/I've Got Something Too

Celest--XH 5003--Black and Red/Sweet Wine*

Cherry Stones--19701/19702--What's the Matter Baby?/The Things She Says*

Clan of Society--NH 59749--I (Who Have Nothing)/You Ain't Goin' Nowhere

Coachmen--DB 8057--Gabrielle/Seasons in the Sun

Collectors--HL 10304--4The Beginning/I Must Have Been Blind

Los Comancheros--TD 250--Jane/Santa Claus Is Coming Back to Town

C, S, N & Y--ATL 70.446--Ohio/Find the Cost of Freedom*

Daimlers--DS-19--That's How Strong My Love Is/The Great Pretender

Daimlers--R 45-2039--Born a Woman/Don't Fight It

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich--267 625 TF--Bend It/She's So Good

Deejays--NH 10996--You Must Be Joking/Loneliness

Deejays--SWES 1226--Incrowd Hangout/Please Don't Criticize  

Dream Police--F 12998--I'll Be Home/Living Is Easy

Simon Dupree--R 5727--Thinking About My Life/Velvet and Lace

Bob Dylan--3360--Just Like a Woman/Obviously 5 Believers

Easybeats--UP 2243--Good Times/Lay Me Down and Die

Fabulous Four--MRS 102--Sitting on a Fence/230 South Michigan Ave.*

Few--HS 29--Hey Girl/Roselie

Few--HS 30--The Lincoln Song/You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby

Gaggas--SO 28--Feelin' Low/Keep On Runnin'

Grand Funk Railroad--???--Inside Looking Out/Paranoid

Greyhounds--SC 1089--Do You Tell The Truth, Baby?/Springtime Serenade

Greyhounds--SC 1106--Theme From The Wild Angels/I (Who Have Nothing)

Hi-Balls--KFF 658--Cause I Want to Know/Look at Me

Hounds--U 5439--Very Last Day/The Same Again*

Hounds--C-199--The Lion Sleeps Tonight/I Like the Rhythm (sleeve with the larger group pic)

Jackie Fountains--DS-7--You Better Look Around/Let's Make A Love

Jackwave--PL 19--King of the Sea/I'll Be There

Jokers--SWES 1147--Broken Engagement/I Won't Untie You

Paul Jones--4E006-04518 M--I'm a Young Boy/I Don't Believe You

Klaus/Servants--45-1190--Herstedvester/Sode Mona*

Lollipops--NH 59724--Naked When You Come/Little Cat Lost

Look Around--AL 21--Monstergubben/Tankar I Host

Mad Comics--NS 849--I'm Free/So Down*

Mades--TONEP 101--Wine + 3

Madmen--DS 1--Alfred E Gous Surfin'/Last Kiss*

Manfred Mann--271 266 TF--You're My Girl/Box Office Draw*

Mascots--F 44434--A Sad Boy/When I Return*

Mojo Blues--269.066 TF--Lady Jane/It's a Hard Time*

Mojo Blues--269.068 TF--Land of a 1000 Dances/Let it Be Me*

Monx--R 45-2012--I (Who Have Nothing)/Believe Me*

Moonjacks--F 44513--You Don't Love Me at All/It Ain't Me Babe

Nameless--NS 0388--You Better Move On + 1

Nashmen--SWES 1215--Try to Understand/In the Midnight Hour

Nirvana--WIP 6029--Rainbow Chaser/Flashbulb

Ocean--T Bone--See Everybody/Bad Things

Quiet Five--SD 6002--Ain't it Funny What Some Loving Can Do/When the Morning Sun Dries the Dew

Rowing Gamblers--SD 6071--A World of Roses/My Very Special Dream

Rowing Gamblers--TONS 104--A Present for Tonight/Taken for a Ride*

St. Michael Sect--SSR 2--Something You Got/Why Not Tonight

Screamers--FS 1103--Sven/The Earnishment of Leadoc

Shakane--T-7882--Down Down Down/Comes the Night

Shakemakers--M-45 1008--You're So Good to Me/If I Needed Someone*

Shakers--PA 124--Now We're Thru/Don't Just Look at Me

Shakers--PA 140--Sweet Little Sixteen/All I Want Is My Baby

Shanes--DS 2397--Friday Kind of Monday/Bound for Nowhere*

Shanes--S-001--Kasta Dina Sorger/Hej FrokenSommar

Shanes--NH 59777--Doktor E. Munk/Ozi McDozi

Sheephouse--F 13229--Ladder/Juicy Luicy

Sound Ltd. Set--FS 1102--Sally/Confessin' the Blues

Steppenwolf--4E 006-91371--Hey Lawdy Mama/Twisted

Teenagers--DS 2313--I Can Hear Them Play/Stay

Tintacs--AMS 129--I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door/There's an Old Man...*

Travelers--SSRS 1--Let's Twist Again/Let's Live for Today

Trolls--350 317 PF--Alone/To My Second Home*

Troublemakers--TPS 5--Always Something There to Remind Me/Together Anyhow

Tyrannosaurus Rex--59 236--One Inch Rock/Salamanda Palaganda

Tyrannosaurus Rex--59 331--King of the Rumbling Spires/Do You Remember

Union Jack--DS-53--I Won't Leave You/Morning Dew*

Vat 66--SO 24--Morning Comes after Night/Vat 66 Theme

Vildkaktus--2053 056--Limu, LImu, Lima/Moralens Mjuka Mobler

Vocations--45-ST 41438--Lightning Strikes/See You in the Sunlight

Why Not--PA 114--Cathy's Clown/Sweet and Lovely*

Wizards--271 259 TF--Sha-La-La-La-Lee/I'll Never Go Again

Yardbirds--DB 7928--Over Under Sideways Down/Jeff's Boogie*


Swiss 45's want list

BG System--MS 207--I Never Learn/Say Goodbye

Exception--4644 AG--The Precious Time/From a Distance

Grunspan--S 751--Barner Rock/Texas Jimmy

House of Lilly--???--Situations/Turn Around

Monroe--6028 978--Right On/A Day Without You 

Mother Sunday--MR 17 217--Midnight Graveyard/You Don't Understand

Night Birds--CDS 1--Someone's Call/Said Reviewing*

Red Devils--L 17-212--Wooly Bully/Jenny Jenny

Sauterelles--SCMZ 3038--Hey Girl/Routine*

Sauterelles--103 678--Heavenly Club/Montgolfier (1981 pressing)


Thai 45's want list

Alice Cooper--FT.910--No More Mister Nice Guy + 3

Alice Cooper--TK-771--No More Mr. Nice Guy + 3

Beatles--MT 001--Help + 3 (5" record)

Beatles--MTR-60--Love Me Do + 5

Beatles--MTR-241--The Inner Light + 3

Beatles--MTR-337--Ballad of John & Yoko + 3

Beatles--TK 306--The Ballad of John and Yoko + 3

Black Sabbath--FT-201--Sabbath Bloody Sabbath + 3

Black Sabbath--FT 955--Paranoid + 3

Black Sabbath--IT-013--Cornucopia + 3

Black Sabbath--KS 190--Changes + 2

Black Sabbath--M.036--Into the Void/Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath--M.106--Wheels of Confusion/Under the Sun

Black Sabbath--P.129--Changes + 3

Black Sabbath--SN.134--Rockin' Chair + 3 (no songs by Sabbath)*

Bloodrock--M.048--American Burn + 3

Blue Mink--TK-437--Our World + 3 (Poco pic)

Daniel Boone--KS-009--Beautiful Sunday + 3 (has unique Yes pic)

Deep Purple--BR.003--Fool + 1

Deep Purple--FT.914--Child in Time + 2

Deep Purple--FT.915--Fireball + 2

Deep Purple--KS.208--Hard Road/Kentucky Woman

Deep Purple--M.033--Smoke on the Water/Maybe I'm a Leo

Deep Purple--M.143--Into the Fire + 2*

ELP--FT.918--Holdown + 2

Grand Funk--ST-18--Bad Time + 3

Guess Who--KS 028--No Time + 3

Jethro Tull--M.098--Living in the Past + 3

Kiss--TKR 157--Nothin' to Lose + 3 (great Todd Rundgren pic but no songs by him)

Led Zeppelin--FT-112--Stairway to Heaven + 2

Marmalade--TK-422--Baby Make it Soon + 3

Paul McCartney--629--Uncle Albert + 3

Paul McCartney--KS.218--Helen Wheels + 3

Paper Lace--TKR 168--Billy Don't Be a Hero + 3

Pink Floyd--KS.249--Money/Time

Rare Earth--FT 972--Get Ready + 1

Rolling Stones--EXP.0323--Miss You + 3

Rolling Stones--FT.143--It's Only Rock 'n' Roll + 3

Rolling Stones--L-T--19th Nervous Breakdown + 3 (also has unique McCoys, Elvis, & Searchers)

Rolling Stones---M.029--Stop Breaking Down + 3

Rolling Stones--TK-55--Paint it Black + 3

Rolling Stones--TK-362--Live with Me + 3

Rod Stewart/Faces--KS 153--Cindy Incidentally + 3

Sugarloaf--TK-443--Green Eyed Lady + 3

T-Rex--TK-707--Metal Guru + 3

10 CC--FT.956--Rubber Bullets + 3 (has unique Pink Floyd pic)

Uriah Heep--FT.130--We Got We + 3

Uriah Heep--FT 907--Walking in Your Shadow + 3

Uriah Heep--FT.916--Bird of Prey + 3

Uriah Heep--FT 978--Circle of Hands + 2

Uriah Heep--M.053--All My Life + 3

Uriah Heep--M.138--Gypsy + 2

Who--KS 135--Relay + 3

Who--P.118--The Relay + 3

Wishbone Ash--FT.993--Rock 'n' Roll Widow + 2


U.S. 45's want list

Benders--306--Can't Tame Me/Got Me Down

Boy Blues--CR-2132--Coming Down/Living Child

Countdown 5--T 1--Uncle Kirby/Speculation*

Creatures--4-43480--Turn out the Light/It Must Be Love (group member in the center is wearing glasses)*

Flesyn Tog--1367--Got Myself a Grizzly Bear/Raeb Ylzzirg a Flesym Tog*

Gordian Knot--VK-10595 SS--If Only I Could Fly/Year of the Sun

Hullaballoos--R4622--I Won't Turn Away Now/My Heart Keeps Telling Me*

Indiana--T 178--You're a Part of Me/Can't You See*

Intruders--IT-2312--Now That You Know/She's Mine

Johnny/Blue Beats--???--No Me Llames Chicano/Carol

Jude--BRST 5070--I Love You/I Want You Sherry

Last Draft--711--It's Been a Long Long Time/Lovely to See You

Legends--12003--High Towers/Fever Games

Lime--12367--Love A Go-Go/Soul Kitchen

Little Boy Blues--6939--I Can Only Give You Everything/You Don't Love Me You Don't Care

Livin' End--KB 3008--Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood/But I'll Live

Michael--C-007--Will you Ever Change/Love Is Just Around the Corner

Millennium--4-44546--It's You/I Just Want to Be Your Friend

Mishaps--Hemphill Records--Spicks & Specks/Till the End of the Day

Quicksilver--2320--Stand by Me/Bears

Robin Hoods--72445--Wait for the Dawn/Love You So*

Seeds--383--Mr. Farmer/Up in Her Room*

Skeptics--1002--I Told Her Goodbye/For My Own

Skeptics--K-813--Apple Candy/Ride Child*

Skeptics--K-815--Stripes/Certain Kind of Girl*

Smith--D-4238--What Am I Gonna Do?

Soothsayers--6612--Do You Need Me?/Black Nor Blue

Sound Barrier--5014--I Can't Explain/Greasy Heart

Tino/Revlons--D-525--Little Girl, Little Girl/Rave On

Truth (and Janey)--Driving Wheel Records--Straight Eight Pontiac/Around and Around

Unit Gloria--45678--The Last Seven Days/The Merry Dance*

Us--UA 9-31167--Somewhere in the Morning/You Say

Vacels--KA 204--Can You Please Crawl out Your Window?/I'm Just a Poor Boy*

Vectors--1003--What in the World/It's Been a Day or Two

White Fluff--45-1112--Vegetable Binge/Stoned Slowly


Uruguayan 45's want list

Rolling Stones--DL 059--Bye Bye Johnny + 3*

Rolling Stones--DL 068--Satisfaction + 3*

Rolling Stones--DL 073--Come On + 3*


Yugoslavian 45's want list

Deep Purple--SPUR 88739--Might Just Take Your Life/Coronarias Redig*

Jethro Tull--SCH 88866--Minstrel in the Gallery/Summerday Sands*

Korni Grupa--S 51 513--Bube/Neko Spava Pored Mene

Led Zeppelin--ATL 26076--Dancing Days/Over the Hills and Far Away*

Roboti--EPY-3837--Taste of Honey + 3