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This list is dedicated to the worst of the worst people to deal with in record collecting. Below are the habitual time-wasters, deadbeats, and outright thieves that are the kiss of death to this great hobby. The excuses and outright lies for being flakes by most of these people run from the ridiculous to the priceless (my dog ate my payment).


?????????--This Greek collector never gave his name (small wonder why not), but after expressing extreme excitement at the prospect of being able to score the Dalton's Family album, I never heard from him again; beware of this email address...--broxopoios@akrovates.com      

?????????--Once again another loser who most likely intentionally never leaves his name on his email enquiries. Orders German Steel Mill 45, and now after 5 months and 4 emails from me has never bothered to reply to any. This guy's email address makes the outrageous claim that he is a "great dad". If his children learn courtesy and behavior lessons from dear ol' dad, then the claim made in his email address is greatly exaggerated. One thing for sure, he sucks as a potential customer.--greatdad@web.de  

Ace Adams (Frans)--Swedish collector--Emailed that he wanted to buy a Swe. Outsiders single, sent payment reminder after a month, then informs me he has purchased it elsewhere, wonder when he was planning on telling me that???--mojorising13@hotmail.com

Heinz Aepli--Swiss seller on eBay as starsoundmusik, BEWARE--You know, I believe record and sleeve grading is a very subjective art in most grades such as M-, EX, VG, etc.; there is always room for honest disagreement. However, there is only one grade that is not subjective, but by the very nature of its definition is always the same. This grade is MINT. Mint means that a picture sleeve looks as it did within the first second after its manufacture. I was excited to see listed on eBay item #290103887270 the Swiss issue of the Sauterelles "Hey Girl" single with what this dufus claimed to be a MINT cover (see above eBay listing). I already own 3 copies of this single all with EX sleeves. I have looked for years to find the perfect sleeve, so you can understand my joy upon seeing this offered in its claimed condition. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was when I opened the parcel and saw the actual condition. The sleeve is not even M- but I would call it EX+ at best. The front of the cover has the impression of the disc visible around the top of the sleeve. There is a 6.5cm crease in the upper left corner and a 2.5 cm crease in the lower right corner. The back of the sleeve is only slightly better but still no better than EX+. The sleeve I am currently using as my keeper copy with what I call an EX sleeve is only slightly less desirable than the sleeve I received from this guy, and I only paid $150.00 for it postage included. I sent this jerk $468.00 for this piece of crap that in no way approximates a MINT sleeve. And, you guessed it, he refuses to allow me to return it. This embarrassment to the hobby of record collecting is a common fraudulent thief. He fraudulently misrepresented the condition of the cover, and knowing he sent me no MINT sleeve, is now a thief because he is keeping my money. The bottom of an Alpine avalanche would be too good for this despicable crook.--heinz.aepli@gmx.ch    

Vito Antenozio???--Unsure of last name; placed an order (wrote ORDER in the subject line of his email) then claimed it was not an order (only an enquiry) after months of holding his record, total deadbeat--s.antenozio@email.it  

Eliane Auclair--Seller on eBay, goes by user ID of ildiscotto30. I won the George Martin "A Hard Day's Night" picture sleeve single on UA from this creep on eBay, sent payment, then never received my item and never heard back after repeated emails. If anyone would like to pay this BOZO a visit, the address is 85 Quai Pierre Scize, 69005 Lyon, France. TOTAL THIEF--kalamite30@free.fr

Marc Beard--Black Sabbath collector--Ordered Japanese single, then after several months claimed he was buying so much at record shows and on the internet that he must have forgotten his order with me and bought it somewhere else--YEAH, RIGHT--postmaster@bongobeardy.demon.co.uk

Sofia Berry--Orders a stinkin' $10 Japanese Beatles single, but asks me to hold it for a couple of weeks. OK, the couple of weeks go by and no-hear-from. So finally, almost two months later, I hear back from her asking for another two weeks until she can put all that money together. Guess who I've never heard from since?--sophiaberry@hotmail.com

Martin Breidahl--Orders records and does not reply to email for months. Then when I do receive a reply from him, he no longer can afford the records--martinbreidahl@hotmail.com

Marc Burger--Says he is "very interested in ordering" the U.S. press of the first David Bowie LP on Deram, then after 3 subsequent emails from me imploring that any kind of reply would be appreciated out of common courtesy, I never hear from him; another consummate time waster--marc.burger@freenet.de

Denis Charron--Enquires about Stones LP's, asks questions and expects answers, then never has the courtesy to reply after 3 unanswered emails--denischarron@videotron.ca 

Martin Joseph Christoph--German prog/psych seller--Ripped me off on eBay for over $500 worth of items won on his auctions (user ID dixigas), may not be his real name but may be Miguel Rodriguez--Martin.Christoph@uibk.ac.at

Ivano Comida--After one successful transaction, this Italian prog/psych collector places another order for $1000+ worth of records. After 9 months of holding the albums for him and no answers to my emails, guess who still has not paid for the records--ivcomida@tin.it

Jeff Crimaldi--Stones collector--Ordered a $20 Australian Stones album, never paid. Hey buddy, why waste your time and mine sending emails back and forth for a lousy $20 piece and then never completing the transaction?--Cjibun@aol.com

Petre Dange--sells on eBay as rare_records_0--After doing a small trade in which I sent 2 records supposedly for 1 record plus $30 cash from him, I received the record, but after repeated requests, I have never received the $30 cash as originally agreed upon. Not a big deal, but goes to this dealer's basic honesty or lack thereof.--auctionrecords@gmail.com   

Arnaud Durieux--Beatles collector--Ordered 4 UK Beatles EP's (I know it was an order because he wrote ORDER in the subject line of his email), then sends me the following email four months later, "frankly i have been swamped with orders & lost track of what i had ordered everywhere... i have been out of the country for weeks now and had to put a hold on ordering records until things cool down workwise... Didn't realize you had put these on hold, sorry about that."; what does he think I do with an order instead of putting them on hold, juggle them?; why didn't he just tell me his dog ate my emails?--arno2@pipeline.com   

Alan Durkin--Orders two $600 albums, waits almost a month to send second email, in the meantime one has been sold, then after four more emails from me over several months never replies, how inconsiderate and borderline dishonest--alandurkin2003@hotmail.com

Erik--Wish I knew this guy's last name, orders a $20 album, A 20-FREAKIN'-DOLLAR-ALBUM, and after many promises to pay and many reminders from me, finally tells me that his payment is in the mail, that has now been over two months as I write this ode to a deadbeat--dialogue80@aol.com

Roberto Ferrat--Mexican prog collector--Blah, blah, blah, same old crap, ordered Atomic Rooster album, never paid--roberto_ferrat@hotmail.com

Alex Ferreira--Places order to buy and asks if merchandise can be sent via a specific method, after being informed all is doable, he never has the courtesy to reply, another inconsiderate time-waster--alferreira73@hotmail.com   

Florian--German collector asks to buy Roland Kovacs album, then after wasting my time sending him three emails over a four month span and receiving no reply from him, I assume I have another deadbeat on my hands--dessertrock@web.de

Peter Frank--I send him $206 for a M-/M- German Renegades "Thirteen Women" to be sent registered airmail; for months nothing shows and he mysteriously cannot give me the registered number (wonder why); total rip-off--pfrank@mnet-online.de

Jose Vicente Rios Gutierrez--Ordered a 20-stinking-dollar Judas Priest picture disc, and after numerous payment reminders and 10 months later, has still not sent payment for this $20 album, a damn $20 album. He must be friends with Erik above--jriosgutierrez@hotmail.com

Stephen Hammett--Stones collector, places order, I send four reminder emails, no reply, where have I seen this before--stephen.hammett@btinternet.com 

Arthur Helbers--Dutch Doors collector--Paid almost 4 times the value for a common Japanese Doors single on eBay, then asks me how much I want for a rare Doors club LP, and when I quote him a reasonable price, asks me why my price is so high; shows interest in items, then after a price is quoted for less than my website's listed value, never responds; complete time-waster--artilot@chello.nl

Neil Horgan--Blondie collector--Made a deal and then reneged after keeping me hanging for weeks--NHorgan@abbeytravel.ie 

Patrick Houssin--French Doors collector, ordered records, never paid, simple as that--Patrick.HOUSSIN@vewa.groupve.com

J.H. (John) Jansen--Here he is making a triumphant return visit to my Bozo's list after about a year's absence (the only person to have the distinction of being a 2-time loser). In his initial appearance, he broke the record buyer's law that states thou shalt not order a record, allow the seller (that would be me) to hold it forever, and then never pay. After much apologizing on his part and swearing such an egregious occurrence would never happen again, he finally was able to beg his way off the Bozo's list. Guess what, he ordered another record and he's baaaack. I suppose it's in his nature, but in the end, it only shows how stupid I was to fall for it a second time--j.jansen211@upcmail.nl

Amanda Johansson--Another time waster and ignorer of emails--amandajohansson@mac.com

Eva Jonk--Same ol' story, Stones collector emails with a myriad of questions, I courteously take the time to answer them all, then not even a "kiss my ass" reply--evatius@msn.com 

G. J. Joosen--Ordered a Duane & Gregg Allman album, never paid, simple as that--sunnyspells@wanadoo.nl

Dr. Martin Kolb--This just proves deadbeats come from all stations in life, orders album, he is sent all postage and payment information, then several emails later I give up ever hearing from him again--martin.kolb@laufen-bl.ch  

Laura ???--big dollar beat/garage collector--After dozens of emails and requests for many pictures and scans, finally places a $4500 order, then never pays--laura@eravamofamosi.com 

Keith Loesch--Stones collector--Ordered records by email, have not heard from him after months of email requests for payment--PooksM@aol.com   

Alessandro Luparini--Orders a Beach Boys album and then after not one or two but three email payment reminders, NOTHING--luparini1967@yahoo.it 

Kim Sang Man--Korean prog/psych collector--After one successful deal, he then ordered several more albums, and after repeated emails, has refused to reply and of course has not paid--kindtoxicant@yahoo.co.kr

Barrett Matthews--Attorney and world's most accomplished time-waster; an old, dear friend who is only on here because I believe he secretly wants to be--email address withheld because he probably doesn't pay his webserver regularly and it has possibly been disabled

Neil McCallum--Aussie prog/psych collector orders a $600 Aussie prog/psych album from me, and now 10 months later and with no email responses, I guess I've gotten the royal Aussie screw-over 'cause I haven't seen any money, email cancellations, or apologies for leaving me hanging for so long, MATE--neil@milliondollarsalon.com

Giovan Morales--Spanish lyrics collector--Emails and asks questions about Mexican LP's and lyrics sung in Spanish then never responds to emails, time waster--odnavozil_03@yahoo.com

Andy Morten--On March 5th told me payment would be sent for Knocker Jungle single, and now a couple of days before the end of 2008, still no payment received--andymorten@mac.com

K. O'Brien--ELP collector-- Places order, answers a few reminders to pay, and then blows you off completely--kbobrien@mail.planetkc.com

Stephanie Persephone--Gotta love it. I don't know if this is her real name, but if not, this Massachusetts earth-mama must be a real throw-back to the good old drug-addled days of yore. And maybe I should be a little more tolerant of her most-likely altered-conscience confused state of mind and just assume she may have misplaced her computer under those 10,000 hits of purple micro-dot and not been able to send a reply to my 3 emails after stating she would like to purchase the Dutch Dragonfly single (once again take a look at these guys--she must have really flipped upon checking out the psychedelic make-up on their late-1960's pre-Kiss mugs). Yes, I should be more understanding of her fragile mental/emotional condition.  Naaaaah, she's probably just another consideration-challenged Bozo like most of the others herein enshrined who have no regard for someone else's time and effort.--stee.vee.lee@gmail.com

Bob Pizzitola--Orders an album of which I have two copies, asks for details in the differences between the two copies, asks for postage rates, asks how to send payment, then after not hearing from him for over a month, I email to enquire as to whether he is still interested, and he tells me he no longer wants it and is surprised to hear after asking how much to send for postage and how to pay that I have been holding the album for him; AMAZING. I guess he usually deals with people like himself who have no ethics or credibility--bpizzitola@ims-securities.com

Emmanuel Remy--French collector--Almost two years ago (back in 2005) I had my first contact with this person. An order was placed by telephone for 2 French Kinks singles and a French Them EP. I provided all the payment information along with postage costs and then heard nothing for about another 6 to 8 months. Then I received another phone call from this same person ordering the same items plus another Kinks single. Same story--I ask why the previous transaction ended in no response, apologies are made, I give the revised payment information, and I hear nothing for months. Another 6 to 8 months pass, and now I get an email only wanting 2 of the Kinks singles. I send a reply asking once again why our previously agreed-upon deal was never completed. I also state that the only way I will ever sell this person anything is if they buy all the previously reserved items that I had held on several occasions. I receive a reply stating only 2 of the Kinks singles are now needed but no answer to my question of why I had been left holding these records for so long. I ask again why the previous deals were never completed. No response. Now another 6 months or so later within the last couple of weeks, I receive another email once again asking for only the 2 Kinks singles (one of which is now sold). Does this person think I have the memory span of a lab rat? The only thing I can't figure out (because I knew within the first 6 months that this person is an unscrupulous time-wasting deadbeat) is why it has taken me 2 years to add this name to my Bozos list.--e-remy@hotmail.fr

Juan Manuel Rojas--Spanish collector--Emails and says he wants to purchase the Spanish Lions EP. I send 3 emails over the next week, and he finally replies a week  later apologizing profusely for his delayed reply and states he will buy it when he returns home in about 1 week. Now finally 10 months and 7 more emails later, and no reply from this douche. Welcome to Bozoland.--jmrvinilio@yahoo.es  

Rosalynn ???--Seller of rock magazines, offers them as in "great vintage condition with no bent or ripped pages", yeah only missing pages and cut-outs, does not answer emails when a return is requested, sells on eBay as icerose_21814, apparently employed by the University of Wisconsin and a disgrace to that institution of higher learning--rcscianna@wisc.edu

Raven Slaughter--He/she sends me an email stating he/she wants "any/all 45rpms from/by Richard and The Young Lions" and lists all three singles for which he/she is looking; after I go to the trouble of sending him/her scans of the one 45 from his/her list of three that I have by this band, he/she tells me he/she is only interested in one of the other titles; after questioning him/her why only six hours after my email confirming availability of one of his/her requested titles that he/she now only wants one specific title, he/she launches into a series of rude emails telling me how stupid I am, and that he/she never asked for the title I offered him/her (I have the emails to prove that he/she did request it); has to be one of the most insane acting, verbally challenged dolts I have ever encountered through all these years in the record peddling biz--rslaughter@myway.com

Stephanie ???--French collector of either Genesis or picture discs--Asks for scans then never replies after I email several times to ask if she received the scans OK, time waster--manie_fr@yahoo.fr 

Michael Stephenson--Canadian Stones collector--In January, 2004 ordered 3 Stones 45's, in mid-February, 2004 cancelled two of these on-hold items, and now to the present, I have received no payment for the remaining item--grand.fromage@sympatico.ca   

Tomas Svensson--Swedish seller--Ripped me off on eBay (user ID collectoruppsala) for a Status Quo/Kinks split EP--tomas.kjell.sv@telia.com

Jeremy Thompson--Same ol' story, orders record, I send several emails instructing how to complete payment, then I never hear from him--jthompson@earthboundllc.com 

Karen Tilghman--Orders record, asks several questions, gets answers, never responds, consummate time-waster--karen.tilghman@lmco.com

William Tong--picture sleeve & prog/psych collector--This guy is notorious, places large dollar values of albums or picture sleeve 45's on hold then ignores all correspondence and never pays--tong29@optonline.net 

Chris Vannoy--Another one of those time wasters who make enquiries and are responded to quickly and courteously, but in return do not have the courtesy to take the time to reply to my emails. UPDATE--my email notice of his induction into our little wall-of-shame here has finally coaxed him into accessing his email abilities and solicited a response from our little time-wasting friend; foul-mouthed little cretin he is--luckyvannoy@gmail.com      

X1 X2--This coward didn't even have the courage to leave his name after anonymously sending me this email, "FUCK YOUR SITE and Your BOZOS list. Never Buy something from a shithole like you!!!!!". My reply to him, "How nice of you to email with your kind comments. However, you may want to bone up on your English and realize there are other ways to express your opinion rather than strictly using gutter vulgarities. Constructive criticism offered politely usually receives consideration because it is offered by an apparently intelligent, credible person. When one only resorts to name calling, their comments and opinions come off as no more than the rantings of a lunatic and are not taken seriously. I only tell the truth about the way I have been treated by certain people, and I can back up everything that I say with emails that I have saved from corresponding with Bozos. All I ask is that those who come to me with requests and orders treat me with the same respect and common courtesy as I treat them." He could not help but leave his email address. Any comments to either him or me are welcome.--x-1100@live.nl    

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